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The Akatsuki ("sunrise" or "daybreak" [[note]]Or broken down further, "Aka" and "Tsuki" taken as two words can be translated as "red moon"[[/note]]) is a criminal organization consisting of no more than ten [[RandomPowerRanking S-ranked]] criminal ninja. (Orochimaru was once a member, but defected before the series started. He was never replaced, so the organization has nine members for the series proper.) They all seem to have their own agendas, but the primary group's goal is to TakeOverTheWorld by seeking the nine Tailed Beasts. They work in pairs, with each partner's abilities and temperament complementing the other's. Their signature costume is a dark robe adorned with stylized red clouds, as well as broad-brimmed hats that they discard when discovered. They also wear their original shinobi headbands, but with a deep scratch across the emblem.

They mostly appear in ''Shippuden'' -- only Itachi, Kisame, and Zetsu appeared in the [[{{Naruto}} original series]] at all while the rest appear in silhouettes. Itachi and Kisame appear in an arc that lasts ''ten chapters'' (five episodes in the anime), and Zetsu's case was merely a cameo. They become much more active in the second series as their plan to capture and seal the Tailed Beasts begins to move forward in earnest.

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[[folder:In General]]
!!The organization as a whole provide examples of...
* AntiVillain: Their motives vary, but some of them qualify as this one way or another.
* BackFromTheDead: [[spoiler:The revived Akatsuki members, brought back by Kabuto to fight in the war: Deidara, Sasori, Kakuzu, Itachi, and Nagato/Pain. Also Hidan in the anime.]]
* BadassCrew: Everyone is {{Badass}} to the bone.
* BadassLongcoat: Their standard uniform is a high-collared black coat with red clouds.
* BlackCloak: In addition to the coats, they also have cloaks, although only Tobi is seen wearing one.
* BattleStrip: Once any of them come to their fight's climax, they remove their robe, willfully or from ClothingDamage. [[spoiler:Every single Akatsuki member to do so has died, save for Konan, who died without stripping.]]
* BigBad: They are the main antagonistic force of the entire series.
* BiggerBad: In Part I, they mostly waited in the shadows as Orochimaru rampaged in the Leaf, but their presence and the danger they pose became evident when Itachi and Kisame first appeared.
* CosmopolitanCouncil: They could stand some improvement gender-wise, but when your group contains a SharkMan and a walking venus fly trap you qualify.
* DarkIsEvil: One of the group's distinguishing traits is that each member wears a black cloak.
* EvilDuo: They operate in teams of two, usually complementing each other's skills and personalities. Itachi (stoic, fire-user, illusionist) and Kisame (talkative, water-user, tears people up with his {{BFS}}) set the trend.
* HeroKiller: Each of them is an effective in dominating over the cast with their powers; Hidan and Pain[[spoiler: /Nagato]] are extremely efficient [[spoiler: seeing as they killed Asuma and Jiraiya respectively]].
* HighCollarOfDoom: Their cloaks reach right above their chins, looking rather ominous.
* HumanoidAbomination: They were all originally going to be blatantly non-human. Even with that dropped, the most normal members of the group are the woman who can turn herself into sheets of paper and the man with magic eyes fueled with ThePowerOfHate.
* IAmNotLeftHanded: Just about all of them reveal at least one new ability or special attack.
* KnightOfCerebus: Their appearance was when the series took a darker turn.
* MeaningfulName: [[spoiler:If you read the name as ''[[AssimilationPlot Red Moon]]'', referring to Madara's Infinite Tsukuyomi plan, which would turn the moon into a giant Sharingan able to hypnotize the entire world.]]
* NiceHat: Elaborate straw hats covering their faces during travel. They work for reconaissance.
* OddlySmallOrganization: For one of the most terrifying terrorist organizations in the world, there are never more than ten official members at a time. [[{{Badass}} Quality]] [[PersonOfMassDestruction beats]] [[SuperpowerLottery quantity]], as each member is capable of [[OneManArmy fighting an army]], [[spoiler: as their performance during the Fourth Shinobi World War indicates.]]
* OrderVsChaos: The Order to Orochimaru's Chaos.
* PrivateMilitaryContractors: Subverted - this is what they tell the new guys the plan is. The higher ups have [[DragonWithAnAgenda conflicting]] ideas about what the organization is actually planning.
* RingOfPower: Each member has a ring used to activate the statue which absorbs the Tailed-Beasts from their hosts.
* StandardEvilOrganizationSquad
* VillainousFriendship: Several of the pairs are friends, even if it is a VitriolicBestBuds relationship.


[[folder:Itachi Uchiha]]
-->"''[[ArcWords Your hate is not strong enough.]]''"

->Voiced by: Creator/HideoIshikawa (JP), Creator/SkipStellrecht (EN, original), Creator/CrispinFreeman (EN, current), Roberto Cuenca Rodríguez Jr. (Spain)

Sasuke's AloofBigBrother is the Akatsuki member with the most screen time to date. He was believed to have killed his closest friend in order to gain the Mangekyo Sharingan, a more advanced form of the Sharingan with several unique abilities. He then proceeded to kill the entire Uchiha clan save Sasuke for reasons of his own, then abandoned the village to join Akatsuki.

Onscreen, he rarely moves and rarely speaks, but he's too good a fighter for even high-level ninja to take on. He was a prodigy as a child and has only gotten stronger since. He is an expert at genjutsu, is a master of the Fire-Style Techniques of his clan, and knows most of Konoha's signature jutsu, such as the Shadow Clone Jutsu; Itachi, uniquely, has demonstrated the ability to detonate his clones as an offensive technique when he no longer needs them. In addition, the Mangekyo Sharingan gives Itachi three extremely powerful but draining jutsu with which to fight: Amaterasu, a black flame hotter than the sun which can burn anything, even other flames; Tsukuyomi, a genjutsu which can bring its target to complete mental and physical collapse by [[MindRape tormenting them for what seems like days in just a few seconds]]; and Susano'o, which summons a massive ethereal warrior which can attack and defend on Itachi's behalf. The new abilities the Mangekyo gives come with a price, however. Extended use causes the user's eyesight to fade, eventually resulting in complete blindness. The only way to combat this is to create a permanent Mangekyo Sharingan by replacing the user's eyes with his brother's.

His only appearance in the original series was directly after the Chunin Exam arc, when he appeared in Konoha with his partner Kisame to capture Naruto. He and Kisame easily defeated Kurenai, Asuma, and Kakashi, but retreated rather than become involved in a general melee. When Sasuke heard his brother was in the area, he immediately rushed out to challenge him, but Itachi easily beat him and [[MindRape Mind Raped]] him in the process, further feeding Sasuke's inferiority complex. After Jiraiya chased the Akatsuki off, Itachi was ordered not to attempt to capture Naruto again until after the TimeSkip.

In ''Shippuden'', Pain creates a clone of Itachi to serve as a delaying action during the Rescue Gaara arc. Team 7 beats it, and Itachi doesn't appear again until directly prior to his fight with Sasuke, where he briefly confronts Naruto, force-feeding him a crow containing one of his friend's Sharingan before leaving to duel his brother. He claims that he left Sasuke alive because he wanted to take Sasuke's eyes for himself. However, Itachi dies from a terminal illness before he can kill Sasuke. More about his character and his relationship with Sasuke is revealed after his death.
->His hobby was visiting traditional Japanese cafés.
->Favorite word: "peace"

* TheAce: Itachi is one of the best ninjas the Leaf has ever produced. He was the third strongest shinobi in the Akatsuki Organization (right under Nagato and Tobi). He also understands the essence of what it ''means'' to be a true shinobi. Hiruzen Sarutobi, the third God of Shinobi even claimed he had the mindset of a Hokage when he was just ''seven years old''.
** BrokenAce: And yet, while he's never lost a fight onscreen, we also see that he's sacrificed his family, his happiness, and his honor all for the sake of serving the village. In addition to this, after his death, almost all of his plans backfire horribly in his face, as Sasuke goes completely insane and decides to destroy Konoha. Tobi also heavily implies that the only reason he is so strong and wise is because he was so traumatized by war when he was four years old that he had no choice ''but'' to grow up quickly.
* AffablyEvil: Always polite, offers his opponents the chance to escape (unless they are his target) and never uses more power than needed to disable, without lasting harm if possible. He is also an unrepentant mass murderer with history of mentally torturing several protagonists of the series, especially his little brother (who was 7 years old the first time, 13 the second). [[spoiler: Subverted, since he was really GoodAllAlong]].
* AloofBigBrother: One of the {{Anime}} poster boys for this trope. Even before his family's death, he was always detached. His father remarked that Itachi wasn't good with people.
** JerkassFacade
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: Sasuke develops a massive inferiority complex because Itachi is always leagues ahead of him.
* AndIMustScream: As a genjutsu expert, he's more than capable of pulling this off, particularly with Tsukuyomi.
* AnimalEaredHeadband: Anime only, a flashback shows him wearing cat ears so he could talk to Nekomata. No, [[http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/17600000/Sasuke-s-Paw-Encyclopedia-itachi-uchiha-17639965-1280-720.jpg seriously.]]
* AnimalMotifs: Itachi will often dissolve into a murder of crows which Sasuke remarked was his favorite jutsu.
* AntagonistAbilities: MindRape (3 days in 3 seconds) and InstantArmor with an AbsurdlySharpBlade and a impregnable {{Deflector Shield|s}}
* AntiHero / AntiVillain: He killed his entire clan, including his family, [[spoiler:in order to avoid civil war. While his goals for peace are ultimately noble, his methods, which include torturing his little brother in order to strengthen him, are questionable.]]
* ArcWords: "''Your hate is not strong enough''".
* TheAtoner: After he's [[spoiler:revived by Kabuto, he fights in order to help the Allied Shinobi Forces and save Sasuke.]]
* AwesomenessByAnalysis: Among all his other abilities, Itachi is excellent at analysing his opponents' skills.
* BackFromTheDead: [[spoiler:Kabuto revives him to fight in the war. He manages to undo the technique with Sasuke's help.]]
* {{Badass}}: Kills an entire clan of elite ninja and Becomes an S-rank missing-nin at age 13, while [[spoiler:blackmailing ''Danzo'']]. Wins nearly every fight we've seen him in without breaking a sweat, including [[CurbStompBattle "battles"]] against Part I Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke and ''Orochimaru'' ([[WorfHadTheFlu to be fair, Orochimaru wasn't at his best at either confrontation]]), until he meets Sasuke in Part II. [[spoiler:''Sasuke drives him to the edge, but Itachi still wins the fight despite literally dying in front of him.'']] The only people who he hasn't beaten on his own were Nagato and Kabuto.
** BadassBaritone: Especially in the [[Creator/CrispinFreeman English version]].
** BadassBoast: "Every jutsu has a weakness. That jutsu's weakness... is '''me'''."
** BadassLongcoat: As per usual for Akatsuki.
** HandicappedBadass: Remember his final fight with Sasuke? As it turns out, he was near-blind from overusing the Mangekyo Sharingan, in addition to suffering from a [[IncurableCoughOfDeath terminal illness]] that he only staved off as long as he did thanks to drugs. Even with all of that, Sasuke only beat him because he was ''trying'' to lose.
** HeartbrokenBadass: He actually [[spoiler:doesn't want to do the things he does, mostly he's just following orders and trying to atone for it all.]]
* BashBrothers: He and Kisame make an excellent team, even when they aren't actually fighting alongside each other.
** [[spoiler:He and Sasuke become an official [[SiblingTeam pair of literal bash brothers]] against Kabuto during the 4th war.]]
* BeneathTheMask: During his fight with Sasuke, he [[spoiler:briefly lets his stoic personality slip and psychotically [[MotiveRant gives a speech about stealing Sasuke's eyes]], and claims that this unhinged persona is his true self.]] It's subverted when you learn that [[spoiler:Itachi was merely faking it and never intended to take Sasuke's eyes]]. However, [[spoiler:post-mortem it's revealed that the aloof personality he maintained was indeed an act. What was underneath was a young man torn up by guilt]]. [[spoiler:After he's revived by Kabuto, we get to see how Itachi really is, and he turns out to be a virtuous, wise, and even humorous individual.]]
* BigBrotherMentor: [[spoiler: Seems to be this way to Naruto.]]
* BigBrotherInstinct: The reason [[spoiler:he didn't kill Sasuke and didn't kill him during their final fight]].
** Zigzagged later. [[spoiler:His plan was to make Sasuke a thrall for the rest of his life if he faced Naruto. Sasuke would still be [[AndIMustScream aware]] of what happened after this.]]
* BigDamnHeroes: When he [[spoiler:rescues Naruto and Killer Bee from certain death at the hands of Edo Nagato after Nagato defeated the two Jinchuriki in a CurbStompBattle.]]
* {{Bishonen}}: He inherits the Uchiha's handsome traits.
* BloodbathVillainOrigin: He started on his path to villainy by killing his entire family except for Sasuke. [[spoiler: Turns out it was a sham and he actually killed them to prevent them from staging a coup.]]
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: His acts, goals, and desires are in such contradiction with each other that he not only skirts, but happily jumps to this category.
* BreakTheCutie: He [[spoiler:witnessed and was traumatized by the Third Shinobi World War at just four years old.]]
* CainAndAbel: With Sasuke.
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: Particularly [[ColdBloodedTorture sadistic]] in his first appearance ([[MindRape torturing]] Kakashi, [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown breaking several bones]] of Sasuke and mind-raping him, not objecting Kisame's idea of ''cutting Naruto's legs off''). We later can see [[StartOfDarkness fragments]] of [[AloofBigBrother his]] [[PetTheDog past]], then we learn that [[spoiler:everything he did was for the sake of Konoha and Sasuke]].
* CharacterDevelopment: After [[spoiler: he's revived. He finally acknowledges how disastrous his plans to keep Sasuke safe ended up, and acknowledges that he should have simply been honest with his younger brother.]]
* CharacterShilling: Everybody loves to point out how much of a [[MoralDissonance saint]] he was, even his enemies, characters who would have valid reasons to dislike him, or characters who have only just heard of him.
** This gets especially ridiculous when [[spoiler: the First Hokage]], of all people, says that Itachi's a better shinobi than him, after simply hearing a brief description of his history. [[spoiler: Even though Hashirama didn't seem to be serious, Hiruzen seemed serious that Itachi had 'Hokage-level reasoning skills/wisdom' at age ''[[ImprobableAge seven]]''.]] In context, they are referring to Itachi's willingness to put the village ahead of his clan, but it still rankles.
* TheChessmaster: Played his own game inside Akatsuki for years. Manipulated Sasuke just the same. Subverted in that nearly everything he planned or wanted failed hideously.
* ChewingTheScenery: Made even more awesome by Creator/CrispinFreeman in the dub.
* ChildProdigy: At age 7, Itachi graduated from the Academy at the top of his class after only one year, mastered the Sharingan at age 8, passed the Chūnin Exams at age 10, and enrolled in the Anbu half a year later. He became Anbu Captain at 13.
* ColdBloodedTorture: Itachi mentally tortures his foes with genjutsu; among his victims are Kakashi, Naruto, and ''[[{{Squick}} especially]]'' Sasuke. He does it as a standard fighting technique, apparently without wrath or pleasure.
* CombatCompliment: While Itachi was a powerful shinobi, he showed no arrogance and often commended his opponents on their abilities.
* CombatPragmatist: Itachi tries to end fights as quickly as he can and certainly doesn't shirk away from dirty tactics.
* TheComicallySerious: Despite his [[spoiler:traumatic past and the lifetime of guilt that accompanies it]], he has a sense of humor, believe it or not. Pretty much the ''only'' person never thrown off by Itachi's joking is Sasuke, implying that Itachi used to be like this before the massacre (or possibly that nothing Itachi does throws him off anymore). [[spoiler:He even joins in at one point!]]
-->[[spoiler:''Itachi and Sasuke have just successfully double-teamed Kabuto, using an upgraded version of a move that Sasuke messed up on when he and Itachi took on a giant boar as children'':]]
-->'''Itachi:''' [[{{Understatement}} "You could easily kill that pig now!"]]\\
'''Sasuke:''' [[{{Understatement}} "Rather than the pig, I think this snake is the more pressing priority."]]
* ConsummateLiar: His life in a nutshell. There were only a handful of people who knew the real Itachi. Otherwise he fooled everyone into believing whatever role he fabricated. He acted as TheMole for the Uchiha clan, a member of Akatsuki, was known to the world as a criminal, and had Sasuke believe he was the one dimensional villain that slayed the Uchiha Clan.
* ConvenientTerminalIllness: As it turns out, [[spoiler: Itachi was [[IncurableCoughOfDeath terminally ill]] at the time he battled Sasuke and only managed to stay alive as long as he did thanks to special drugs.]]
* CrazyPrepared: [[spoiler:The number of steps he's taken to protect Sasuke either directly or indirectly definitely qualifies him. He even had a backup plan in case Tobi survived his trap and won Sasuke over]].
** [[spoiler:Subverted in that all of his plans, while fairly thought out, simply didn't work like he wanted and in some cases backfired. In particular, Sasuke ends up doing the EXACT opposite of what he'd wanted, the trap he set for Tobi failed, and the failsafe he left Naruto ended up being used on himself (long story) instead of Sasuke. At this point he's down to his last backup plan which is basically "trust Naruto to fix this somehow".]]
* CreepyChild: When he was younger.
* CreepyMonotone: The whole damn time, save for one instance (see ChewingTheScenery above).
** [[spoiler: In addition to the aforementioned example, he also drops it at the very end of his fight with Sasuke, as he no longer needs to put up the callous, emotionless facade that he's maintained.]]
** [[spoiler: His voice becomes less monotonous after he is revived, since he no longer has to pretend to be emotionless.]]
* CryCute: [[spoiler:He broke down into near-hysterics as he killed his parents.]]
* CrypticConversation: Pretty much everything Itachi has EVER said.
** [[spoiler:After being revived as a zombie and teaming up with Sasuke to defeat Kabuto and undo the jutsu, he finally decides he's done trying to manipulate Sasuke and [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming tells him how he really feels]]. ]]
* CurbStompBattle: Pretty much every fight that he was actually present for, including fights that he had no interest in winning. The only exceptions are Nagato and Kabuto.
* CursedWithAwesome: His Susanoo possesses the Yata Mirror, an supposedly indestructible shield and the Sword of Totsuka, a blade that can seal away any person it pierces. The drawback is [[spoiler:that it pretty much destroyed his eyes and put severe strain in his body]]. Not to mention he can't use it well or to its full extent due to how low his stamina is.
** [[spoiler:After killing off the clan, all he wanted was to die by Sasuke's hands to atone... but he's so damn strong, it took a massive fight with him ''holding back'' and being terminally ill to actually get that done. The man is too good for his own good.]]
* DeadpanSnarker: [[spoiler:Especially after his resurrection, since he doesn't have to pretend to be evil anymore, so his real personality is more apparent.]]
* DefectorFromDecadence: In the Valley-of-the-end flashback, he expresses his disgust at how his fellow clansmen are obsessed with the Uchiha's glory and utterly full of themselves, losing sight of their actual capacities. He then proceeds to throw a kunai into the nearest Uchiha crest, and the rest is history... [[spoiler:We later learn that he turned against them because they were planning a coup d'etat that would've plunged the entire continent into a senseless war.]]
* DeusExMachina: Multiple times he has pulled plot-developing jutsus or items right out of nowhere to advance the plot. Izanami, his sickness and even his backstory seems to come straight out of nowhere.
* DidntThinkThisThrough: [[ZigZaggingTrope Zigzagged]]. He certainly thought through much of his GambitPileup, but in hindsight his methods to implement it were [[GoneHorriblyRight contradictory]] with his goals.
* DirtyBusiness: He took up the mission to eliminate the Uchiha Clan and became a rogue ninja afterwards. In doing so, he prevented Konoha being held accountable and the Uchiha's reputation being damaged because they planned a coup.
* DiscOneFinalBoss: For Sasuke.
* TheDragon/ TheStarscream: For Nagato as one of the Akatsuki [[spoiler:zombies]], and the both of them as CoDragons for [[spoiler:Kabuto]], but Itachi later escapes the latter's control.
* DramaPreservingHandicap: [[spoiler: Is hindered by near blindness, and a terminal illness during his fight with Sasuke, and was seeking to wear his brother down rather than actually kill him. The extent of how weakened he was during the fight is unknown, although Tobi explicitly states that if Itachi were serious, then Sasuke would be dead.]]
* TheDreaded: According to Tobi, Itachi's visit to Konoha early in the series was meant to intimidate the upper echelons of the village simply by reminding them he's still alive. Later, Tobi mentions that [[spoiler: with Itachi's death, Konoha is no longer off limits,]] suggesting even he was scared of Itachi's power.
* EasilyForgiven[=/=]KarmaHoudini: [[spoiler:By Sasuke]] who went from loathing him to protecting his legacy (albeit in a way completely opposite to what Itachi wished) in the matter of a night. Ditto with [[BaseBreaker some of the fandom]]. It helps that he was popular before TheReveal.
** Also by [[spoiler: Naruto]]: even though Itachi can be directly responsible for what happened with Sasuke, [[spoiler: Naruto doesn't give him any crap.]]
* EvilGenius: He's a genius. He's evil. Pretty self-explanatory. May also play this role within Akatsuki, given his MasterOfIllusion powers.
** [[spoiler:Subverted later on, when we learn he was just pretending to be evil. He was certainly willing to ShootTheDog though.]]
* ExcuseMeWhileIMultitask: He was capable of doing ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijitsu, and/or shurikenjutsu ''simultaneously'' against a S-ranked opponent without any strain.
* ExoticEyeDesigns: [[http://images.wikia.com/naruto/images/5/52/Mangeky%C5%8D_Sharingan_Itachi.svg The Mangekyo Sharingan]], of which his was the first revealed.
* FakeDefector: After slaying the Uchiha clan, he joined Akatsuki as a spy for Konoha.
* FallenHero: He was the pride and joy of the Uchiha clan and Sasuke's idol before the massacre.
* FatalFlaw: [[spoiler: Itachi's obsession with keeping Sasuke safe could arguably qualify as this, as it spurs him to constantly deceive and manipulate his younger brother. As a result, a good deal of his plans backfire, and Sasuke's mental state degrades. Itachi himself acknowledges this tendency as a major failing, after he is revived.]]
* FeatherMotif: His genjutsu often include a shower of crow feathers.
* ForTheEvulz: He pretty much confessed to Sasuke that the only reason he killed off the clan was to see if he ''could''. [[spoiler:Subverted later, when it turns out he was ordered to do it.]]
* TheGift: Obviously. He graduates from the Academy at age 7, masters the Sharingan at 8, becomes Chuunin at 10, joins the ANBU at 13, the defects to become an S-ranked criminal and one of the strongest members of Akatsuki. Who thinks this guy is ''normal''?
* GenocideFromTheInside: Killed off his entire clan aside from younger brother Sasuke, [[spoiler:on orders from Konoha, to prevent their plans at a coup]].
* GlassCannon: Very skilled and powerful, but suffers from a lack of stamina.
* GoodAllAlong: He does love Sauske and Konohagakure. Just went the long way around.
* GoneHorriblyRight: He deliberately made Sasuke full of hate and power-obsessed in order to [[spoiler:have him strong enough to kill him and redeem the Uchiha clan]]. The first part worked beyond any expectation, the second... not so much.
* GoOutWithASmile: [[spoiler:"''Sorry, Sasuke. There won't be a next time.''"]]
** [[spoiler:Twice, actually, thanks to being revived through Edo Tensei.]]
--> [[spoiler:"''You never have to forgive me... No matter what happens to you (Sasuke) from here on out, I will always love you.''"]]
* GroundhogDayLoop: [[spoiler:He uses the genjutsu Izanami to place Kabuto in one]].
* HappinessInSlavery: The ultimate fate he prepared for Sasuke, though he [[spoiler:failed to actually implement it. He had to use Shisui's eye on himself instead after Kabuto Edo Tensei.]]
** It is to be mentioned that this was meant as an ultimate last resort in case all his other backup plans failed, and that he is later shown to feel somewhat guilty about it. He outright tells Naruto "I hope you never have to use it." [[spoiler:He just didn't want a genocide to happen because of his personal wish to let his little brother live. ]]
* HeelFaceTurn: A variant in that he [[spoiler:was an AntiVillain all along. He was definitely still wrong, though, and admits it to Naruto later.]]
* HeroWithAnFInGood: Between his {{Mind Rape}}s of Sasuke and Kakashi, general brutality, and a pretty serious lack of social skills, [[spoiler: Itachi ''sucks'' at being the good guy]].
* HeroicSelfDeprecation: Somewhat helps balance out the above CharacterShilling. Itachi recognizes his actions as misguided and largely responsible for what Sasuke has become, and considers himself a failure.
* HiddenAgendaVillain: Since the first act it has been confusing which are his goals or if indeed he ''has'' any beyond messing with Sasuke's life. [[spoiler:We learn of them... by a third party after his death.]].
* IDidWhatIHadToDo: He killed the Uchihas [[spoiler:on the orders of his superiors, in order to prevent his clan from starting a civil war.]]
* ILetYouWin: [[spoiler:What he was intending to do in his last battle with Sasuke.]]
* IllBoy: Some combination of IncurableCoughOfDeath and SoapOperaDisease.
* ImprobableAimingSkills: ''Defense: Counter Shuriken Rain.''
* InformedAttribute: Allegedly at the age of seven, he had Hokage-level skills of reasoning and wisdom. Let's just say that his actions don't lend themselves well to this claim.
* InnocentProdigy: During Kurama's attack on Kononha, Itachi (then five) calmly comforted the crying Sasuke (who was only a few months old) and assured him that he would keep him safe no matter what. His inner-monologue, however, reveals a rather frightened child wishing their parents would hurry and get home.
** He was so advanced during his time in the academy that one teacher mentions having to do very little work with him. He still put off doing his homework in favor of playing games with Sasuke, even with their mother wanting him to study.
* InstantArmor: Susano'o.
* ItsAllAboutMe: While he doesn't display this trope nearly to the extent that other members of his clan might this was basically the reason he let Sasuke live. He mind raped Sasuke by forcing him to repeatedly relive the apparently quite gruesome deaths of their parents, forcing him to grow up into a bitter obsessive lunatic all so that Itachi could [[spoiler: die on his own terms: At the hands of said brother (which he didn't in the end, making all of his efforts totally meaningless).]] Subverted through his secondary and tertiary motives, which were to [[spoiler:make Sasuke a hero for killing him (ensuring his permanent protection against Danzo) and to keep Tobi from manipulating him. Of course, both of these backfired amazingly.]]
* JapaneseMythology: All of his special abilities, like many of the Uchiha Clan's techniques, are named after Japanese gods.
* JustFollowingOrders: His reason for [[spoiler: destroying the Uchiha Clan. Even then, he was so conflicted over it that his own parents, while at his mercy no less, had to encourage him to go through with it.]]
* KickTheDog: His mental torture of Sasuke and Kakashi. He had literally zero reason to do this.
* KnightInSourArmor: [[spoiler:If his comments after Kabuto resurrects him are anything to go by.]]
* KnightTemplarBigBrother: Had decided on his own what was best for Sasuke. Sasuke ''will'' become a great warrior. Sasuke ''will'' avenge the Uchiha. Sasuke ''will'' become a hero, and putting him through horrible torture, forcing him to walk the path of rage and hate, and making him a criminal is just a small price to pay. [[spoiler: And left Shisui's eye to MindRape Sasuke should he try to destroy Konoha. However, subverted in that Itachi realizes he was beyond wrong in his methods and reasoning and unbelievably selfish. He realizes he should have believed in Sasuke and trusted him instead of trying to decide his destiny.]]
* {{Leitmotif}}: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBXrRfcnP98 Many Nights]]". It's very fitting... somehow.
* LockAndLoadMontage: An anime-only scene of him getting ready to [[spoiler:slaughter the Uchiha clan can certainly be viewed this way.]]
%% * LongHairedPrettyBoy
* MagicalEye: The [[RedEyesTakeWarning Sharingan]] and then later the Mangekyou Sharingan. They grant the following abilities:
** AuraVision
** CombatClairvoyance
** GroundhogDayLoop: [[spoiler:Izanami.]]
** InstantArmor: His Susano'o, which wields all 3 of Japan's [[PublicDomainArtifact Three Sacred Treasures]]: the [[CoolSword Totsuka Sword]] (Evidently another version of the Kusanagi) which here is an LaserBlade with [[TailorMadePrison sealing abilities]], the [[MagicMirror Yata Mirror]] which functions as a [[LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe shield]] and the Yasaka Magatama which is a [[FumaShuriken giant shuriken]].
** {{Hellfire}}: [[TechnicolorFire Amaterasu.]]
** HypnoticEyes: Itachi's preferred method of confrontation is through his Sharingan's [[MasterOfIllusion illusions]] and MindRape.
** MegaManning: Averted. The Sharingan gives him this, but we never saw him using this ability, though we don't honestly know if some of his heightened abilities stem from using this power at one point or another. The water technique he uses against Kakashi was more than likely learned this way.
** RealityWarper: Mangekyo Sharingan in general, and the [[spoiler:Izanami.]]
* ManlyTears: As he [[spoiler:left his home behind [[http://images.wikia.com/naruto/images/8/8c/Itachi_crying.png forever.]]]]
* MasterOfIllusion: One of the best genjutsu users in the manga. [[spoiler: The only exceptions are Shisui, Madara Uchiha himself, Tobi, and the Second Mizukage.]]
* MasterSwordsman: We only see him using a sword a few times (deflecting kunai thrown by Sasuke and cutting [[spoiler:off Kabuto's horn]]) but it's clear he's incredibly skilled with the blade, as expected of an ANBU member. It also seems that he used his sword extensively when he killed off the Uchiha Clan. After relinquishing his ANBU gear, his skills carry over to his usage of kunai in close proximity combat. [[spoiler: He also gets to wield Sasuke's sword during the brothers' fight against Kabuto, utilizing it to great effect.]]
* MeaningfulEcho: Throughout their childhood, when Sasuke would ask Itachi to train with him, Itachi would poke his forehead and say something along the lines of "Sorry, Sasuke, next time." [[spoiler:The last thing he does before dying is to poke Sasuke's forehead and say "Sorry, Sasuke, there won't be a next time." It's ''heart wrenching''.]]
** [[spoiler:Then, as he is released by Edo Tensei, he seems poised to poke Sasuke's forehead again... and then he reaches back towards his neck, and their foreheads meet.]]
--> '''Itachi''': [[spoiler:"You never have to forgive me. No matter what happens to you from here on out, I will always love you."]]
* MentalWorld: Tsukuyomi.
** EldritchLocation: It completely warps the perception turning the sky red with black clouds and a monochrome people.
* MindRape: Tsukuyomi. Also, for far too long, his solution to anything involving Sasuke.
* MoralityChain: [[spoiler:Itachi's existence notably keeps Sasuke's sanity anchored to this world. Back when Itachi was alive, Sasuke may have been angsty, but not insane. After he killed Itachi was when he began to lose it, but, now that Itachi is... "alive" again, Sasuke is acting far more sane than he has in 100 chapters.]]
** [[spoiler:And now that he realizes that Itachi is about to go back to being dead (as a result of ending the [[{{Necromancer}} technique that revived him]]), he's right back to talking about destroying Konoha...]]
* MyCountryRightOrWrong: [[spoiler:"The village does have its dark side and inconsistencies. But I'm still the Leaf's Itachi Uchiha."]]
* NecessarilyEvil: [[spoiler:He certainly viewed himself this way, though, and hated himself for it. Then, after his resurrection, he realizes how horribly wrong he was]].
* NervesOfSteel: Itachi lived his life as a spy within Akatsuki and maintained his façade despite not being anything like the other members. He was so good Nagato was surprised how good he was.
* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands: See DeusExMachina above.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: All of his actions seemed to [[spoiler:have been aimed at making Sasuke realize that the village is more important than his family's pride]]. He [[EpicFail couldn't have failed more]] if he had done it on purpose. He at least accepted the possibility of failure and left [[spoiler:Naruto, [[TheReveal Shisui's other eye]], as a safeguard, only for ''that'' to fail, too.]]
** Forcing [[spoiler:Kabuto to release Edo Tensei has become this, since it enabled Madara to completely break out of the technique's control while keeping the insane regeneration and unlimited chakra. In his hurry to dispel the technique, he failed to realize that the technique might have some actual weaknesses and drawbacks.]]
* NiceJobFixingItVillain: Using Tsukuyomi on Sasuke the night of the massacre ultimately made him able to resist Orochimaru's "killing intent" during the Chuunin Exams just enough to break free from the paralysis by stabbing himself.
* NoSocialSkills [[spoiler:Possibly a subversion, as after he's resurrected, he turns out to be good with advice and actually pretty funny. His lack of social skills may have just been a part of his act.]]
* OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: Before [[spoiler:leaving the village]] he managed to [[spoiler:blackmail]] [[MagnificentBastard Danzo]].
** A filler episode taking place in part one has team 7 go through hell fighting their way through a city of ninja cats, then against their leader [[MegaNeko Nekomata]] in order to [[ItMakesSenseInContext get his pawprint]]. At the end of the episode it's revealed that Itachi, when he was about [[CuteBruiser six years old]], decimated the entire ninja-cat army and Nekomata himself with [[PintsizedPowerhouse apparently no difficulty]] whatsoever.
** Once the truth is learned, [[spoiler:the entire Uchiha massacre]] could be seen this way given that we're only shown tiny bits of it.
* OhCrap: [[spoiler:His (fake) reaction to Kirin during his final fight with Sasuke and to Sage Mode Dragon Kabuto]].
* OnlySaneMan: He and Kisame together make up this as part of the Akatsuki. That says ''a lot''.
* PlayingWithFire: The Uchiha specialty is a fireball as big as a house and strong enough to plow a furrow in the ground.
* PowerDegeneration: The Mangekyo Sharingan.
* ProudWarriorRaceGuy: Deconstructed. He annihilates the entire Uchiha Clan, his own family, apparently ForTheEvulz. [[spoiler:His actual reason was because they were about to go forward with their betrayal of Konoha.]] He also antagonises and tortures his pre-teen little brother into hating him, [[spoiler:casts himself as the vile traitor so that one day his brother will be led to kill him, all to tie up everything and making everybody believe that the Uchiha Clan save him were a proud and noble clan devout to Konoha, when he knew full well that he was the only one left in the clan that was actually like that]].
* QuickDraw: Shuriken flavor. Capable of throwing dozens of shuriken with perfect accuracy in milliseconds without any effort.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: His Sharingan, which he almost always has activated.
* SanitySlippage: Displays it during [[spoiler: his fight against Sasuke, when he explains his desire to steal the younger Uchiha's eyes, and surpass Madara. It's later revealed that Itachi was faking it, and intentionally invoked the trope in order to provide Sasuke with further motivation.]]
* SecretlyDying: [[spoiler:He was "plagued" by an unnamed terminal illness for an unspecified amount of time before it finally killed him, meaning he may have been slowly dying since before the series even started.]]
* SelfMadeOrphan: He killed his clan to prevent them from starting a civil war with the village.
* ShellShockedVeteran: After the Third Ninja War. ''At four years old''.
** Although he is said to have witnessed it, not taken part in it. It's already horrible enough.
* SiblingTeam: [[spoiler:He and Sasuke against Kabuto.]]
* SixthRangerTraitor: Was this in Akatsuki all along alongside Orochimaru.
* SoProudOfYou: Right before [[spoiler:his death, Fugaku bluntly told Itachi that no matter what, he was proud of him.]]
* SpannerInTheWorks: Itachi has foiled or complicated the plans of pretty much every single organization or chessmaster he's encountered in the series. Short list: [[spoiler:the Uchiha clan, Danzo, Orochimaru, Team 7's attempts to rehabilitate Sasuke, Tobi, and Kabuto.]] Sadly, this includes a few of his own plans too -- [[spoiler:needlessly pushing an already vengeance-minded Sasuke over the edge and accidentally triggering his own failsafe in Naruto on himself. He further complicates Kabuto's plans by intending to force him to end the Edo Tensei, and seemingly puts a cork in Sasuke's [[KillThemAll Kill Konoha]] plan by promising to finally explain his motivations in exchange for his help in stopping Kabuto.]] He gets [[Pantheon/{{Mentalism}} deified]] for this.
* SpringtimeForHitler: Subverted. [[spoiler:Tried to lose to Sasuke, failed to lose, then dropped dead anyway.]]
* StealthMentor: [[spoiler:Was this to Sasuke, before he died.]]
* StepfordSmiler: Acting like a kind and gentle boy to hide his plan to murder his clan pretty much for the heck of it. Although his mask started to slip quite a bit after Shisui died. [[spoiler:Later revealed that he ''was'' kind and gentle but smiled to hide his despair at knowing he had no choice but to kill the people he loved. His attitude changed after Shisui's death because he was legitimately mourning his best friend.]]
* TheStoic
** StoicWoobie
** NotSoStoic: [[spoiler:During his final fight with Sasuke. Subverted in that it was actually fake]].
*** [[spoiler:Turns out, he was crying hysterically when he killed their parents, so much so that they actually had to [[FaceDeathWithDignity encourage him]] to go through with it.]]
* TheStrategist: So good that all his fights degraded into well-oiled choreographs eventually.
* SuicideByCop: [[spoiler:Subverted. He kept himself alive despite being ''eaten up with disease'' so that 1) Sasuke could kill him, become a hero for Konoha and redeem their clan and 2) to punish himself for his sins. Ultimately, he died from by a combination of his disease and fighting Sasuke]].
* SuperReflexes: So fast with his hand seals that the two other ninja with SuperReflexes can barely see a blur.
* SuperSpeed: Has been noted for making hand signs so fast that Kakashi couldn't keep track.
* SympathyForTheDevil: [[spoiler:Towards Kabuto. He empathized with Kabuto because they both lived their lives as a spy and acted like people they were not. As Kabuto grew more obsessed of becoming like others, Itachi cast Izanami on Kabuto to trap him in a mental loop until he can accept his own identity and stop trying to be someone else. It seems to have worked as Kabuto showed up to help Sasuke later on, giving up on acquiring the Uchiha's power.]]
%% * TallDarkAndHandsome
* TallDarkAndSnarky: Along with Manga/{{Bleach}}'s [[NietzscheWannabe Ulquiorra]] is the anime poster boy of this trope.
* TantrumThrowing: When his father and three other policemen start to lecture him about the importance of the clan (immediately after he's been accused of murdering Shisui) he hurls a kunai at one of the crests painted on a nearby wall, then goes off on a rant about how useless and limiting concepts like clans are.
* TeachHimAnger [[ThePowerOfHate And Hate]]: ''Twice'' to Sasuke with a heavy dose of trauma and encouraging him to develop an obsession with power [[spoiler:so the latter could become a loyal shinobi of Konoha and redeemer of the Uchiha Clan]]... [[GoneHorriblyRight ye]][[SarcasmMode ah]].
* TechnicalPacifist: [[spoiler:After the Third Shinobi World War, he became a pacifist above all else. His slaughter of the Uchiha clan was to prevent them from throwing Konoha into chaos and starting another war]]. He's one of the least violent fighters, only ever using enough power to accomplish his ultimate goals, [[spoiler:of which just victory is a rare one...]]
* ThanatosGambit: [[DeadManSwitch He had an emergency plan]] to stop [[spoiler: Tobi]] from manipulating Sasuke by implanting an Amaterasu in his brother that would be triggered at the sight of [[spoiler:Tobi's Sharingan]]. It failed. However, Itachi had a backup plan since he knew there would inevitably be a confrontation between his brother and Naruto. His backup plan was to [[spoiler: brainwash Sasuke [[AndIMustScream permanently to be loyal to Konoha forever]] with Shisui's eye that implanted in Naruto with the crow, which would activate during their fight. However, the one thing he did not count on was being resurrected and turned into a thrall by Kabuto. The power he gave Naruto is used on ''himself'', which allows him to break Kabuto's geas with another. His Plan C appears to be [[MagneticHero "trust]] [[MessianicArchetype Naruto."]]]]
* ThemeNaming: His Mangekyo Sharingan powers are named after Japanese gods. Of note is that these are the exact same gods who slew {{Orochi}}[[spoiler:maru]] of the legend[[spoiler:ary Sannin of Konoha]].
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: With Kisame, early on. Par for the course for Akatsuki, who generally go about their grim business in pairs. This is given some depth in the two understanding each other, both being men lost without knowledge of their true selves, unable to forgive and acknowledge themselves. Itachi wants nothing more than death, Kisame wants his world of truth. Both live with the pain of having betrayed and killed their comrades and both. [[spoiler:Later on he strikes up quite the rapport with Nagato, whom he helps about the battlefield as they involuntarily serve Kabuto]].
* ToughLove: In the most extreme and twisted way possible. He would come to regret it later.
* UndyingLoyalty: [[spoiler:Uchiha Itachi will ''never'' betray Konoha, not even after death.]]
* TheUnfettered: He will do ''anything'' to [[spoiler:protect]] Sasuke and the Land of Fire.
** Subverted later. Not with the Land of Fire but [[spoiler:he deemed Sasuke's free will an acceptable sacrifice, after realizing that his brother may have fallen too far to save.]]
* VocalDissonance: In the Japanese version, his [[Creator/HideoIshikawa deep voice]] is initially a bit off putting. The English dub gives him a higher-sounding, yet still fairly low voice.
* WarIsHell: [[spoiler:His real motivation for killing off his clan. They were on the verge of starting a civil war (that would likely lead to a world war) and he was unable to convince them to call it off.]]
* WarriorTherapist: In a very odd way to Kabuto. Kabuto's arrogance, unwavering faith in his own abilities and belief he cannot fail and handle everything himself reminds Itachi of himself. Itachi was unable to let go of the selfish belief that he could shoulder every burden, which ended up making things far worse than if he hadn't tried at all. As a result, even though he knows what Kabuto is doing is wrong, Itachi wants to save Kabuto from the lies he tells himself, even if [[MindRape the methods he uses]] [[GroundhogDayLoop are a mite unconventional]].
* WasItAllALie: [[spoiler:Yes and no, depending on which "it" is being referred to. The insane, unrepentant murderer we first meet? Yeah, that's a huge lie. As for the loving (if extreme) brother Sasuke remembers? No, it wasn't]].
* WhatTheHellHero: In chapter 576 [[spoiler:Sasuke tries to do this to him, trying to understand why his brother left him alive. Due to Itachi both being in a hurry to stop Kabuto and feeling he's messed Sasuke up too much already, Itachi keeps shutting Sasuke down with curt yet vague replies. He does at least confess that he wanted Sasuke to kill him so he could find redemption for the clan, but massive miscommunication still seems to be these two's standard.]]
* WhenHeSmiles: Itachi rarely smiles, and most of the time [[PsychoticSmirk it's rather unnerving]]. However, [[spoiler: the few times he cracks a genuine smile are downright heart moving]].
%% * WhiteSheep
* WiseBeyondHisYears: Itachi is incredibly advanced in the mental department. Far more than any teenager has any right to be.
* WorfHadTheFlu: Subverted. He couldn't fight Sasuke at full force for two reasons: [[spoiler:1) he didn't want to; 2) he was terminally ill.]]
** Has a tendency to fight people who are affected by this though, Orochimaru being the most notable mention.
* WouldHitAGirl: Up to and including his own mother.
* YouAreWhatYouHate: Vividly believed this at one point in his life, but then [[spoiler:accepted himself for who he was and acknowledged his mistakes in death.]]


[[folder:Kisame Hoshigaki]]
-->"''[[SocialDarwinist The weak are the meat the strong eat.]]''"

->Voiced by: Creator/TomoyukiDan (JP), Creator/KirkThornton (EN), Pedro Tena (Spain)

A former member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, Kisame is a polite, but a savage warrior who [[BloodKnight loves to fight]]. He is partners and good friends with Itachi, and owns a sentient sword called Samehada ("Sharkskin" in the dub and as a rough translation) which can absorb chakra from anything it shaves, and can fuse with him to transform him into an anthropomorphic shark. He also possesses an enormous amount of chakra that is compared to the level of a tailed beast.

In ''Shippuden'', a clone of his is beaten by Guy, then he doesn't do too much but hang around Itachi. He later gets assigned to go after the Eight-Tailed Ox and seemingly gets killed for his troubles. It is later revealed that was just a clone and Kisame manages to infiltrate Kumogakure by hiding in his sword. His cover ends up blown and he fights Guy again, but rather than give up the information upon losing he commits suicide by having his own shark summons eat him. It was revealed that Kisame was Tobi's PsychoSupporter since before his days as a member of the Seven Swordsmen, and served as the personal bodyguard of the Fourth Mizukage, who was Tobi's puppet.
->His hobby was taking care of his sword, Samehada.
->Favorite phrase: "The weak are meat, the strong eat", a Japanese idiom for survival of the fittest.

* ActuallyADoombot: Happens twice.
* AffablyEvil: Cheerful, polite, and always pleased to make the acquaintance of someone new. Like Itachi, he'll also give opponents the chance to back down, which makes him very different from most of his teammates, who can be anywhere from naturally cruel to just plain genocidal.
%% * AlasPoorVillain
* AntagonistAbilities: EnergyAbsorption, Samehada can absorb anyone's chakra including Tailed Beasts.
* AntiVillain: He was raised to not trust anyone and betray anyone at a second's notice; to the point that he wanted to [[spoiler:accept Tobi's plan of a world of no lies, which Kisame desired]].
* {{Badass}}: Especially [[spoiler:in death. Who else would feed himself to killer sharks to guard a wellspring of dark secrets in his mind?]]
* BecomeYourWeapon: With Samehada, in a very [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Arrancar-esque]] way.
* TheBigGuy: The tallest Akatsuki member, at 195 cm (6'5").
* {{BFS}}: If you can really count that thing as a sword. It is known as the ''Samehada'' ("sharkskin").
* BloodKnight: Kisame is very eager for a fight, [[spoiler: [[{{Irony}} despite his role being an espionage agent]]]]
* TheBrute: Serves this role in the Akatsuki up until [[spoiler:Itachi dies]]. (see the FiveBadBand page)
** TheDragon: Becomes this to Tobi and replaces Pain's postion as the Dragon of Tobi and with Zetsu as CoDragons.
* ChronicBackstabbingDisorder: Inverted. He is loyal enough to his partner Itachi and Akatsuki, and fanatically devoted to [[spoiler:what he thinks is Madara and to protecting valuable information at all costs]]. However, while he was a Mist-nin he had an even more severe case of this, slaughtering his allies at the drop of a hat and murdering his superior who is implied to have been his mentor, although this was out of loyalty to the village.
* CyanidePill: [[spoiler:Instead of getting captured, he opted for suicide so as to not give any information he may hold to the enemy.]]
* DirtyBusiness: Constructed around this. His job in the Mist? Murder of other Mist ninja.
* EmpathicWeapon: Samehada's hilt will sprout spikes if anyone other than Kisame picks it up. It can also return to his hand. [[spoiler:It turns out to be a living, sentient sword with a toothy mouth.]] [[spoiler:When Kisame commits suicide, Samehada begins ''crying out'' for its master in mourning, despite it choosing to side with Killer B because it liked the taste of his powerful chakra to the point it got greedy and selfish enough to betray Kisame and make its master force it back under control until his death.]]
** LivingWeapon.
** LoyalPhlebotinum: [[DoubleSubversion Doubly subverted]].
** ShapeShifterWeapon
* EnergyAbsorption: His sword lets him absorb the chakra of anyone it touches, or of any technique that launches into the air.
* ExactWords: He was ordered to protect an Intel squad carrying important codes, and above all to prevent those codes from falling into enemy hands. [[spoiler:At the first sign of trouble, he massacres the squad, so they can't tell anyone the codes they are protecting. His attitude at the time suggests he was actually ''hoping'' they would be attacked just so he could do this, which would mean he did it ForTheEvulz.]]
* FakingTheDead: After [[spoiler:his original seeming death by decapitation]], it was revealed several months later that [[spoiler:what actually died was a clone created by Zetsu]].
* FusionDance: With his sword.
* GeniusBruiser: Rarely seen, but he is very quick to pick up on weaknesses and has shown a decided knack for quick yet highly successful plans.
* GradualGrinder: His preferred method of taking down powerful foes.
* {{Irony}}: He originally joined [[spoiler: Tobi because he desired a world of no lies, the irony of this being that the Moon's Eye Plan would in fact create a world made up of nothing ''but'' lies]].
** Also his hatred of lies makes his seemingly genuine friendship with [[spoiler: Itachi a little awkward, as Itachi was one of the ''biggest'' liars in Akatsuki.]]
* KlingonPromotion: How he became a member of the Seven Swordsman. Over his mentor's corpse.
* LightningBruiser: Terrifyingly fast, and strong enough to trade blows with Guy without any real difficulty.
* LonersAreFreaks: His backstory has elements of this, such as refusing to have lunch with the Intel group he was protecting.
* MakingASplash: Kisame specializes in flashy water jutsu.
** GiantWallOfWateryDoom / KillItWithWater: His preferred finishing moves.
* MeaningfulName: "Same" means shark in Japanese.
** The "ki" part of his name is written with a kanji character meaning ogre or demon. Therefore, his given name is "demon shark."
* TheMole: Becomes this to infiltrate the Allied Force.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Kisame means "demon shark".
* NotSoSmallRole: For a long time he was just considered as TheBrute and Itachi's sidekick. In the end, he was the last member of Akatsuki (except for [[NonActionGuy Zetsu]]) to be taken down, dying after Itachi and even Nagato and Konan. [[spoiler:He also turned out to be just as close to Tobi as Itachi was before he left Konoha, apparently.]]
* OffWithHisHead: When [[spoiler:the clone of]] Kisame goes up against the Raikage and Killer B, he gets struck with the manliest move ever used in the Naruto universe. His head flies off like a champagne cork.
-->'''Kisame''': Water Release: Super Shark Bo--''(sickening thud)''\\
'''A and Killer B''': ''DOUBLE LARIATOOOOOO!''\\
''(screen flashes white)''\\
'''Kisame's disembodied head''': Well... you guys are just too fast for me.
* OlderSidekick: To Itachi
* OneWingedAngel: [[spoiler:Can fuse with Samehada]].
* OnlySaneMan: With Itachi and Konan, among the Akatsuki.
* SharkMan: For some reason that is never explained. Judging by his mentor, fish people might just be a thing in the Mist.
* StrawNihilist: He believes the world is based on nothing but lies, so he has no particular reason to trust or be loyal to anyone. He only follows [[spoiler:Madara]] because the latter agrees, because he appears to validate his opinions [[spoiler:(for example, by the revelation that he was controlling the 4th Mizukage, thus showing that the Mist was based on a lie and not run by the man everyone was following)]], and because Kisame believes him when he says he can change all that.
* ThanatosGambit / TakingYouWithMe: [[spoiler:The scroll he stole back and made Guy fight so hard for... was booby trapped. As soon as it was opened it sealed everyone within range with the Water Prison Technique, complete with shark summonings in each individual prison, while one of the summonings takes the scroll to Madara]].
* ThreateningShark: His face, attacks [[spoiler:[[OneWingedAngel and more]].]]
* UndyingLoyalty: To Akatsuki and to Tobi.
* UnknownRival: Guy has a hard time remembering just who Kisame is [[spoiler:for Kisame's whole life]].
* VillainousFriendship: Compared to most of Akatsuki's other teams, which involve hostile relationships between partners, Kisame and Itachi get along quite well. While they were hostile when they first met, Kisame displays genuine concern for Itachi. In fact, other than the aforementioned meeting, they are never shown to argue at all, and that argument was quite civilised and only turned nasty when Kisame drew Samahada. Kisame's last words are even directed at Itachi! Their friendship is actually quite sweet.
* WorthyOpponent: To Guy [[spoiler:ironic in that the latter never remembers him till his death.]]


-->"''[[MadArtist Fine art]] is something wonderful that's left long into the future ... [[ImmortalityImmorality eternal beauty]].''"

->Child Voice: Creator/AkikoYajima (JP), Creator/KariWahlgren (EN), Jesús Barreda (Spain
->Adult Voice: Creator/TakahiroSakurai (JP), Creator/JohnnyYongBosch (EN), Jorge García Insúa (Spain)
->Hiruko Voice: Yutaka Aoyama (JP) Creator/JBBlanc (EN)

A MadArtist and MarionetteMaster notable for being very impatient. Before being destroyed by Sakura Haruno, Sasori was usually found maneuvering inside a large, hollow puppet called Hiruko as a means of transportation. It crawled on the ground and featured a scorpion tail that - like most of his weapons - was doused in poison.

His grandmother was Chiyo, who taught him how to master puppets in order to divert his attention away from his absent mother and father (who were killed by The White Fang of Konoha, although Sasori did not know this - he was told by Chiyo that they were on another long mission). He developed a technique to convert living humans into puppets, thus creating puppets who could use jutsu. Kidnapped the Third Kazekage and converted him into one of these puppets, somewhere along the way converted ''himself '' into a puppet, and then fled the village to subsequently join the Akatsuki, where he was partnered with Orochimaru, with whom he worked well together with. After his partner's betrayal of the organization, Sasori sent Kabuto as a spy to infiltrate Orochimaru's ranks and retrieve information.

He was then paired up with Deidara, a fellow art enthusiast. The downside was that they had conflicting views on art, Sasori for "eternal" and Deidara for "fleeting". They frequently argued over this concept, even amidst confrontation with the Leaf ninja sent to retrieve Gaara. Sasori fought his grandmother Chiyo and Sakura, eventually using his own puppet body in battle. He was killed by being pierced in the heart by the first two puppets he ever created: replicas of his Mother and Father.

His body serves as Kankuro's newest puppet, but Kabuto has used Edo Tensei to revive his spirit as well. In the first fight of the Fourth Ninja War, Kankuro defeats Sasori, telling him how he should not be a puppet to Kabuto. Sasori, moved by this speech, dissolves from his temporary body, giving Kankuro his Mother and Father puppets and telling him to take care of them.
->His hobby was remodeling his puppet collection.
->Favorite phrase was "Eternal beauty"

* AbnormalLimbRotationRange: Happens, mixed with PullingThemselvesTogether, when he reattaches his head to his body. In the anime it also happens to his hands when he uses the Water Scroll.
* AlasPoorVillain: His parents were killed by Kakashi's father, leading him to question his beliefs about life in general; even when his grandma Chiyo tried to help him make puppets shaped like his parents, it made the pain more obvious and ultimately led him to his dangerous obsession with {{Immortality}}.
* AnatomyArsenal: See below.
* TheAgeless: Due to being a puppet.
* AnimalMotifs: [[ScaryScorpions Scorpions]], [[MeaningfulName of course]].
* AwesomeButImpractical: His [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin bladed shoulder blades]] allow him to fly via the propeller motion they make and can function as swords or a giant powersaw, but because they're attached to his hips it's hard to fight with them properly due to the angle they're situated at.
* {{Badass}}: Being in Akatsuki automatically qualifies for this, and [[spoiler:[[ILetYouWin he could've defeated Sakura and Chiyo, but chose to die at the hands of his puppets]].]]
** He also personally killed the Third Kazekage, who was apparently the strongest ninja his village had ever produced. This makes Sasori the strongest ninja in Sunagakure´s history.
* BadassBoast: "Since I don't like waiting or making other people wait... I'll end this quickly."
* BewareMyStingerTail: Both his Hiruko puppet and his body have a scorpion-like tail.
%% * {{Bishonen}}
* BodyHorror: If 95% of his body being a CreepyDoll wasn't enough, the 5% that's left is an unnamed part of his original human body that is as purple as his poison.
* ButForMeItWasTuesday: Turning human bodies into puppets is a hobby for him.
* ConservationOfNinjutsu: Applies to his ultimate technique. The less puppets he controls the better he controls each one. {{Justified|Trope}} by having more attention to spare as the numbers dwindle.
* CreepyDoll: After TheReveal of this being why he hadn't aged, the anime wastes no time raising the creep-o-meter a few notches.
* {{Cyborg}}: Kinda.
* DullEyesOfUnhappiness: After the death of his parents.
* EvilGenius: For Akatsuki alongside Orochimaru - who both seem to fit the role - and for [[spoiler:the revived Akatsuki by Kabuto.]]
%% * EvilRedhead
* FreudianExcuse: Suggested to some degree that the death of his parents and his attempting to replace them with puppets caused him to turn evil, but Chiyo suggests that the Sand Village teachings caused it.
* GoOutWithASmile: After his defeat by Kankuro.
* HeartDrive: Has one that functions as his core.
* HiddenWeapons: In each and every puppet.
* HeelRealization: [[spoiler: After being revived, Kankuro's words caused him to renew his faith in humanity again]]
* ImmortalityImmorality: Believes that by becoming a puppet one can attain eternal life, and has some fairly twisted views on human life. He was, rather poetically, the first of the Akatsuki to get taken down in season two.
** ImmortalitySeeker
* InSeriesNickname / AwesomeMcCoolname: Akasuna no Sasori (Sasori of the Red Sand/Scorpion of the Red Sand).
* {{Irony}}: He hates waiting, but because of his puppet body he technically has all the time in the world.
** He claims that emotion is a form of weakness despite having a heart but no brain.
** [[spoiler:Yet thanks to them, Kankuro could set him free of Kabuto´s control.]]
** [[spoiler:His body is now used as a puppet by Kankuro, whom Sasori had [[CurbStompBattle easily defeated]] way earlier.]]
** [[spoiler:And now his soul is a puppet for Kabuto, who was once under his control as a spy.]]
* {{Leitmotif}}: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yA5gg7ETLkE Shitsui]]" Translates as 'Despair'.
* MadArtist: Believes that art lasts forever.
* MakingASplash[=/=]PlayingWithFire: Thanks to fire and water sealed into scrolls, he's able to use the guns in his puppet body's hands for at least those two elemental attacks. First flamethrowers hot enough to melt rock, then water streams intense enough to cut or smash through it (this one is [[AdaptationExpansion Anime only]]).
* MarionetteMaster: He created the puppets used by Kankuro, and was the most skilled puppeteer in the world while he was alive.
* MasterPoisoner: His poisons were nigh incurable to the best of the Sand's medical corps.
** PoisonedWeapons: His weapons (and his puppets' weapons).
** DeadlyGas
* MeaningfulName: "Sasori" means "scorpion". Sasori's Hiruko armor runs on all four and has a bladed tail, Sasori uses PoisonedWeapons, and he uses a scorpion as his symbol on the puppets he created before his defection.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast / RedBaron: He´s known as Akasuna no Sasori, literally "The Scorpion of the Red Sand".
* OlderThanTheyLook: He's 35 years old but his puppet body, which he created 20 years ago, looks like a teenager.
* OneManArmy: Literally. Sasori used his Performance of a Hundred Puppets to bring down a small country.
* PassingTheTorch: To Kankuro.
* PeoplePuppets: [[spoiler:Indulges in this after being revived by Kabuto's Edo Tensei due to a lack of usable puppets at his disposal. He combines this with Deidara's explosive clay to turn an incapacitated ninja from Konoha into a [[FamilyUnfriendlyDeath suicide bomber]].]]
* PullingThemselvesTogether: After Sakura seemingly destroys his puppet body.
%% * TheSpymaster
* TheStoic
** NotSoStoic: After he reveals his puppet body, he becomes considerably less calm.
* ZergRush: His trump card, [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Red Secret Technique: Performance of the 100 Puppets.]]


-->"''[[MadArtist Art]] is a [[MadBomber blast]]!''"

->Voiced by: Katsuhiko Kawamoto (JP), Creator/QuintonFlynn (EN, original), RogerCraigSmith (EN, current), Sergio García Marín (Spain), JesusBarrero (Mexico)

A MadArtist and MadBomber who likes StuffBlowingUp. The former student of the Third Tsuchikage, Deidara has mouths in his palms which shape explosive clay, along with a stitched mouth on his chest. He defected from his village of Iwagakure and worked for various anti-government terrorist groups because they readily supplied him with chances to show off his "art". He was forcibly recruited into Akatsuki by Itachi, and hates him and the Sharingan for his dismal defeat.

His first partner was Sasori, with whom he frequently argued about what "true art" was (Sasori vouching for 'eternal' art in the form of puppets, and Deidara siding with 'fleeting' art in the form of his bombs). He single-handedly captured Gaara during the first arc of Shippuden, but not without having his arm crushed and subsequently ripped off by the Kazekage's sand, while his other arm was sent to another dimension when confronted by Kakashi. He managed to successfully fight against the entirety of Team Guy ''[[WithMyHandsTied with no arms]]''.

After Sasori's death he was paired with Tobi, with whom he assumes the role of a reluctant and impatient elder. With Tobi, he successfully captures the Three-Tailed Beast. After a pitched battle with Sasuke, Deidara tries to defeat him by [[TakingYouWithMe using his own body combined with his clay as a mini-nuke]]. He fails; Sasuke survived by [[DeusExMachina summoning the giant snake Manda]] to block the explosion.

He was later revived by Kabuto's Edo Tensei, joining Kabuto in finding Killer Bee and Naruto, mistakenly believing he killed Sasuke with his final attack. During the Fourth Ninja World War he was teamed with Sasori and Shin, Sai's adopted brother. He was defeated by Sai and imprisoned by Kankuro until the Edo Tensei was ended.
->His hobby was experimenting with explosions.
->Favorite phrase: "Art is an Explosion!"

* AnArmAndALeg: Has one arm ripped off in the battle with Gaara, and the other teleported to another dimension by Kakashi. We see later that he's had both re-sewn back, though they never give an explanation of how they were recovered.
* ArtAttacker: His fighting style.
** ArtInitiatesLife: He brings bombs to life so that they attack people, then explode.
* AxCrazy: Not as much as Hidan, but is obsessed dangerously with art.
* {{Badass}}: He didn't come to Akatsuki. Akatsuki came to HIM.
* BerserkButton: People not giving his "art" the awe he feels it deserves. He can appreciate a fellow artist with a different philosophy, but Itachi and Sasuke drive him insane. The fact that Itachi effortlessly tricked him into near-suicide the day they met doesn't help.
** And same goes for calling his art a rip off... That's a sure way for a blast off [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Pokemon Style]] without the glimmering star in the sky.
* {{Bishounen}}: So much that many fans thought he was a girl at first.
* BlondGuysAreEvil: More SelfishEvil rather than ForTheEvulz, but still counts.
* BrilliantButLazy: Despite his power being instantaneous, he likes to take things slow, something that in itself is conflicting with his ideal of short-lived beauty.
** He does however get defeated in the shortest amount of time compared to the other Akatsuki.
* CatchPhrase: "Art is a blast!" Doubles as his FamousLastWords.
* DarkChick: Serves this role in both Original Flavor and Zombified Akatsuki. He doesn't care about his leaders' cause, nor does he have one of his own besides spreading his "art", and is one of the less serious members overall.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: If everyone didn't keep saying "he", Deidara would be considered the second female member of the Akatsuki. Hell, he could pass off as Ino's evil twin.
* DishingOutDirt: His bombs were made of clay and thus susceptible to the same vulnerabilities as other earth ninjutsu.
* EvilLaugh: Not as often as Hidan, but still frequently.
* FauxAffablyEvil: He's far from a sympathetic character, but he's often entertaining to watch.
* ForTheEvulz: Before being forcefully recruited into Akatsuki, he worked for various anti-government factions for [[TerroristsWithoutACause no reason but the opportunity to blow things up]], and Pain said his reason for fighting is "just because".
* GoMadFromTheRevelation: He gets pretty unhinged when he realizes that Itachi's Sharingan is more artful than his bombs.
%% * HairTriggerTemper
* HavingABlast: A lot of the time, and half of it comprises his CatchPhrase.
* HorseOfADifferentColor: Will perch himself on a variety of different clay birds while he rains hell on his opponents.
* HotBlooded: To the point of having a HairTriggerTemper.
* LargeHam: Not as much as Hidan, but he is proud to be an artist.
* MadArtist: Of the belief that true art fades in an instant.
* MadBomber: His specialty, even before he joined Akatsuki.
* TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou: Felt this way about Orochimaru, partly because his departure resulted in him being forced to join Akatsuki.
** He also wanted to use his most powerful techniques on Itachi and Sasuke, only because he hated the [[SuperpowerLottery Sharingan]].
* PetTheDog: Right before pulling his TakingYouWithMe, he mentally apologizes to Tobi.
* PowerPerversionPotential: He has hands with autonomous ''mouths'' (fully decked with teeth and tongue) in his palms, and another in his chest. FreudWasRight.
* PsychoForHire: Of the TerroristWithoutACause variety.
* ScreamingWarrior: Not as much as Hidan, but still is one due to his pride as an artist.
* ShoutOut: To Japanese artist [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tar%C5%8D_Okamoto Tarô Okamoto]]. Deidara's CatchPhrase is a quote, while his ultimate explosion has the shape of Okamoto's [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tower_of_the_Sun Tower of the Sun]].
* TheSociopath: Not as much as Hidan or Tobi/[[spoiler: Obito]], but it's still safe to say he doesn't care for anything beyond his own art.
* SophisticatedAsHell: Does occasionally happen.
* TakingYouWithMe: Attempted on Sasuke, but it didn't work.
* TerroristWithoutACause: Pain says his reason is "Just Because".
* TooManyMouths: Has mouths on his ''[[BodyHorror palms]]''. [[spoiler:And one over his heart for his SuicideAttack.]]
* {{Ubermensch}}: He believes that his ninjutsu is a work of art that should inspire others for its short lived brilliance, while every other ninja does not put nearly as much pride in their techniques.
* UnknownRival: He can't stand the Uchiha siblings' cooler-than-thou attitude and utter indifference to his "art". To him, ItsPersonal. To them, he's an annoying idiot. He spends his fight with Sasuke trying to provoke some kind of reaction, while Sasuke just wants him to give up Itachi's location. [[spoiler: After his self-destruction and revival, he learns that Sasuke not only survived, but still doesn't think any more of him.]]
* VerbalTic: Adds "hm" to the end of every other sentence, hm.
* VillainousBreakdown: [[spoiler: When Sasuke was getting the better of him]]
* WakeUpCallBoss: He's the first really challenging opponent for Sasuke in Part II.
* WhoWantsToLiveForever: In one filler episode during the Shinobi World War, [[spoiler: he ponders the fact that his [[OurZombiesAreDifferent Edo Tensei body]] will never age or decay, and [[FromASingleCell cannot even be permenently destroyed]]. Played with, as his angst isn't so much about the pains of living forever as much as it is the fact that the concept of his newfound immortality ([[TheUndead such as it is]]) clashes with his view of art.]]


-->"''Hidan, anyone with a brain would know that the world '''revolves''' around [[{{Greed}} money]]!''"

->Voiced by: Creator/TakayaHashi (JP), Creator/FredTatasciore (EN), Fernando Elegido (Spain)

Kakuzu is a NighInvulnerable and almost immortal BountyHunter who cares only about money. He is old enough to have once fought the First Hokage, and can make his body [[MadeOfDiamond as hard as stone]] and extend his body into [[CombatTentacles thred-like tendrils]]. The source of his immortality is his ability to incorporate other peoples' hearts into his body, extending his lifespan and allowing him to use their elements. Paired with Hidan due to his habit of killing his other partners, he captured the Two-Tailed Cat and attempted to go after the Nine-Tailed Fox, but was crippled by Naruto's newest Rasengan variant, and killed by Kakashi. He was revived by Kabuto's Edo Tensei and sent to fight alongside Kinkaku and Ginkaku, but was sealed.
->His hobby was reading old and rare books.
->Favorite phrase: "If you're prepared, there won't be any sorrow"

* AllYourPowersCombined / YouWillBeAssimilated: He can take his opponents' hearts and, at the same time, their [[ElementalPowers elements]]. Therefore, he controls [[DishingOutDirt earth]], [[PlayingWithFire fire]], [[BlowYouAway wind]], [[MakingASplash water]] and [[ShockAndAwe lightning]].
%% * AmbiguouslyBrown
%% * AntiVillain
* AppendageAssimilation: With human hearts.
* AxCrazy: The reason that Hidan is his partner is because he killed his previous partners in fits of blind rage.
* {{Badass}}: One of Akatsuki's more [[LightningBruiser impressive]] [[GeniusBruiser fighters]]. He mentions that he fought the First Hokage and lived ([[AllThereInTheManual although]] BonusMaterial reveals he was more dead than alive), a feat ''Madara Uchiha'' only barely pulled off.
** BadassBaritone: His voice is EXTREMELY deep.
** BadassGrandpa: He's the oldest of the Akatsuki, but keeps his youth due to his extended life-spans of the hearts he's taken.
* BodyHorror: What his body strings do, and create five large beasts that fire powerful elemental attacks from his back that contain one of his five hearts each. Oh, and he has two OneWingedAngel modes by recombining with those beasts.
* TheBrute: He and Hidan fulfill this role for Akatsuki during the early part of the series, although he's more of a GeniusBruiser. [[spoiler:As well as TheBrute for Kabuto's Akatsuki zombies.]]
* ButForMeItWasTuesday: [[spoiler:After meeting up with Izumo and Kotetsu, the two ninja he held helpless while Hidan killed Asuma, Kakuzu merely remarks:]]
--> [[spoiler:"Sorry, pal. I tend to forget about chump-change shinobi when I'm done with them.]]
* ChromeChampion: One of his more frequently used abilities was to turn his skin into stone to protect himself or to give himself a PowerFist.
* CombatTentacles: Can extend his stitches and arms as weapons.
* DeadpanSnarker: Asuma decapitates Hidan and when Hidan tries to talk Kakuzu into bringing him his body, Kakuzu instead takes his head by its hair and carries it over to the body, under loud protests from his partner, stating that Hidan's head "is lighter". He says this with a completely straight face after having just razed a building with his bare fists. Later, when Hidan gloats about having killed Asuma as if it was no big deal, Kakuzu points out that Asuma ''did'' cut his head off. Hidan is not pleased.
* DeathInAllDirections: Many of his attacks do this, which makes Hidan an ideal partner because he doesn't have to worry about accidentally hitting him.
* ElementalPowers: His multiple hearts let him use all of them.
** DishingOutDirt: Earth Style: Iron Skin.
** PlayingWithFire: Fire Style: Searing Migraine.
** BlowYouAway: Wind Style: Pressure Damage.
** ShockAndAwe: Lightning Style: False Darkness.
** MakingASplash: Water Style: Water Wall. (Anime only)
* EtTuBrute: The reason why he turned evil in the first place.
* EvilOldFolks: He's ''91'' years old.
* EvilSoundsDeep: Especially in the Japanese.
* ExoticEyeDesigns: Green iris. Maroon sclera.
* FreudianExcuse: Was once a very loyal shinobi, but after his village locked him away for years after a lifetime of loyal service for failing an impossible task, he stole a forbidden technique, killed some of the elders and left, deciding to believe only in money from now on.
* GeniusBruiser: Collectively, he and Hidan are more or less TheBrute for the Akatsuki. This doesn't stop Kakuzu from being very bright, even outsmarting [[TheStrategist Shikamaru]] on occasion.
* GlasgowGrin: After his mask finally comes off, [[spoiler:seen better much later in chapter 489]].
* {{Greed}}: He's the banker of the Akatsuki and greedily takes his opponents' hearts.
* HairTriggerTemper: Killed all of his partners this way, until he met Hidan.
* HypercompetentSidekick: With a retard like Hidan for a partner, he pretty much has to be this by default. He's very competent in general, but with Hidan, he's essentially thinking for two people because Hidan's too stupid to be allowed to function on his own.
* InformedFlaw: While he is repeatedly described as having a hair-trigger temper, the closest he ever comes to losing his cool on-screen is taking a single swipe at Hidan for his repeated mocking of his love of money, only to immediately shrug him off and go back to being stoic. For someone with such a big chip on their shoulder, he puts up with a surprising amount of annoyance from enemies and allies alike.
* {{Leitmotif}}: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOh2HM-7xuA Kakuzu]]"
* LightningBruiser: Fast even for the series standards.
* LovecraftianSuperpower: His body strings tear his enemies' hearts so he can fuel his black elemental beasts that emerge from his back. Oh, and he has two [[SarcasmMode very nice]] OneWingedAngel forms.
* MaskOfPower: Has 4 stitched to his back which can [[FlunkyBoss split from him to attack]] or fuse with him to go OneWingedAngel.
* MiserAdvisor: His role in the organization.
* MoneyFetish: Admits this, saying that it'll be useful even in hell.
* NothingPersonal: [[spoiler:He doesn't seem to be particularly mad when he runs into Team 10 again after being revived, even playing along with Shikamaru's shogi metaphors.]]
* OhCrap: When he sees Naruto's Rasenshuriken. In his own words: "If I'm getting hit with that, this is over. I'm finished."
* OneWingedAngel: He has two more powerful forms he uses by combining with his mask monsters.
* OnlyInItForTheMoney: His motivation.
* OnlySaneMan: His intermittent fits of berserk rage notwithstanding, he's among the more realistic and collected members of Akatsuki.
* OrganTheft
* OurAngelsAreDifferent: The masks on Kakuzu's back correspond to the four heads of the [[OurAngelsAreDifferent Living Creatures]] of Judeo-Christian Mythology. Likewise, they also correspond to the symbols of the four Evangelists, and are arranged on his back in the same order as the Evangelists were traditionally depicted.
* Really700YearsOld: He's been around since the First Hokage, and at 91 [[spoiler:he's even older than Madara, the true BigBad, before he died and even then he was in a lot better shape than he was at his time of death.]]
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney: When Hidan warns him that killing a priest is a one-way ticket to hell, he simply replies with "Even hell runs on money, I'd be just fine."
* SeriousBusiness: '''money'''.
* ShoutOutThemeNaming: All of his unique techniques are named (and pronounced very similarly in Japanese) after ''MobileSuitGundam'' mecha used by Zeon in the One Year War, with meaningful kanji replacing the phonetic characters. (e.g. MSN-02 Zeong -> Jiongu -> Earth Grudge Fear; this is Kakuzu's forbidden "body of threads" technique, and the Zeong was a mobile suit that could detach its arms on wires for ranged attacks.) Complete list: Jiongu, Domu, Zukokku, Atsugai, Gian = Zeong, Dom, Z'Gok, Acguy, Gyan
* SoulJar: He can't die unless all of his collected hearts are destroyed.
* SuperStrength: Even by Naruto standards. He manages to wreck an entire building in a single blow.
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: With Hidan.
* VitriolicBestBuds: He bickers a lot with Hidan because of their disagreeing viewpoints, but they clearly have some mutual respect for each other.


-->"''As the other dies, their agony radiates through my body, and living through it is [[CombatSadoMasochist pure ecstasy]]!''"

->Voiced by: MasakiTerasoma (JP), Chris Edgerly (EN), Víctor Martínez (Spain)

An immortal ninja who wields a SinisterScythe, Hidan is [[AxCrazy murderously insane]] and follows a ReligionOfEvil. Foul-mouthed and arrogant, he hates [[strike:his partner, Kakuzu]] just about everyone. Fuelling his immortality is a [[BloodMagic gruesome]] ritual that can transfer injuries to his enemies, and being immortal he can survive even [[LosingYourHead losing his head]]. He kills Asuma with this power, and in revenge Shikamaru dismembers him and [[BuriedAlive buries]] the [[AndIMustScream still-speaking pieces alive]]. And it seems that he's still not dead: Kabuto is able to [[OurZombiesAreDifferent bring back to life]] almost every defeated member of Akatsuki EXCEPT him.]] However, Kabuto does create a snake clone of him in the Chikara Arc special by harvesting some of the old Hidan's DNA, but when the snakes composing the clone's body burn out their lifespans, the clone crumbles into oblivion.
->His hobby is "Jashinistic" activities.
->Favorite words: "massacre" and "Jashinism"

* AndIMustScream: Buried alive while being kept living by his immortality.
* AnotherMansTerror: Hidan experiences his victims' final moments. Though he [[CombatSadomasochist doesn't exactly feel terror]] from the experience.
* AxCrazy: The most openly deranged and bloodthirsty member of the group.
* BackFromTheDead: [[spoiler: Played with in one filler arc. His 'real' self is still buried at the Nara shrine, but Kabuto manages to recreate an entire edo Hidan from some of his cells. The fact that even the neo Hidan's personality matches the original is played for laughs.]]
* {{Badass}}: His first reaction to be stabbed through the chest with 2 swords? "Who the hell are you?"
** BadassBaritone
* BladeOnAStick: Carries around several [[RetractableWeapon collapsible spikes]] in order to inflict precise self injury.
* BloodKnight: Fighting is quite literally all he lives for, and the specific reason why he left his village in the first place.
* BloodMagic: Uses his opponent's blood to link his body with theirs, and typically uses his own to draw the circle.
* BloodbathVillainOrigin: Killed his fellow villagers because they made the village into a bathing resort... BECAUSE it meant no more violence.
* TheBrute: He and Kakuzu fulfill this role for Akatsuki early on, although he's more of the traditional DumbMuscle.
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: Hidan is noticeably more level-headed when he debuts fighting Yugito compared to the AxCrazy PsychopathicManchild he is portrayed as later.
* ChewToy: Official Title in Akatsuki. Kakuzu when enraged would kill his partners. Solution: Give him an immortal one. An obnoxious, swearing, religious nut one. A strange amalgamation of stress reliever/punishment apparently.
* ClusterFBomb: In some fan translations.
* CombatSadomasochist: "Let me feel your pain!"
** OrgasmicCombat: It's strongly implied that he [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar jizzed himself]] when he impaled himself to finish off Asuma.
* ConfusionFu: He swings around his scythe on a long cord, making it fly around unpredictably, and thus making it tougher to block.
* CruelAndUnusualDeath: Well, subverted in that he cannot die, but being blown up to pieces and buried while alive certainly is cruel and unusual.
* DumbMuscle: Incredibly stupid, with no sense of tactics or strategy and a penchant for just charging into situations without thinking. Hidan would have been taken out many times over if not for Kakuzu's brains.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: He doesn't condone blasphemy or attacking priests. Although he stil willingly does the latter when he thinks he can get a good fight out of it.
* EvilAlbino: Has white hair and magenta eyes.
* EvilGloating: Kakuzu is really irritated about that to the point of constantly making (useless) death threats.
* EvilIsHammy: Quite possibly the hammiest villain in Naruto.
* EvilLaugh: A particular offender.
* FateWorseThanDeath: WordOfGod states that his head will ''rot'' before his immortality runs out.
* ForTheEvulz: His religion seems to be built around a sadistic god who encourages his followers to murder ForTheEvulz.
* FragileSpeedster: Sorta. He's incredibly quick and agile, but his style doesn't lend itself to close combat and he's physically quite fragile and easy to incapacitate. His immortality and Kakuzu's ability to sew him up prevent him from experiencing any real consequences of this, but it's safe to say that without the latter, he would have been in his [[AndIMustScream current situation]] a ''long'' time ago.
* FromASingleCell[=/=]CloningBlues: [[spoiler:In the Chikara anime filler arc he is brought back by Kabuto. However, he used a cloning method different from the Edo Tensei resurrection. Instead he uses a lake to regenerate the clone.]]
%% * GigglingVillain
* TheGrimReaper: What his ritual does as a type of OneWingedAngel.
* HotBlooded: Never thinks things through, and charges into trouble without a second thought.
* HypocriticalHumor: Once cracks a joke about his enemies attacking clergymen. Of course, his religious dogma is Thou Shalt Massacre Thy Neighbor.
%% * {{Immortality}}
%% * ImmortalityImmorality
* {{Irony}}: That fancy immortality of his? [[spoiler:It's the only thing that's keeping him from being brought back with the other beaten Akatsuki by Kabuto, meaning that [[FateWorseThanDeath he's stuck where Shikamaru buried him until he dies from malnutrition]]]].
* JerkAss: He's a rude, disrespectful, vulgar, and generally repellent jackass on his very best days.
* KickTheDog: [[AdaptationExpansion He takes time during his fight with Team 10 to insult Asuma, who he had killed eariler]]; [[MoodWhiplash then he calls Choji fat]].
* LargeHam: He really hams it up once he starts his ritual, even Shikamaru calls him out for this.
* LaughablyEvil: He is a psychopathic monster, but loves being evil so much, that he becomes enjoyable in his hamminess and crazy antics.
* TheLawOfDiminishingDefensiveEffort: Thanks to his arrogance over being immortal.
* LeeroyJenkins: He's the most impulsive member of the organization.
* {{Leitmotif}}: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpkI_12WKnA Hidan]]"
* LickingTheBlade: It's necessary for his ritual.
* MajorInjuryUnderreaction: Whenever he is injured, though he ''does'' feel the pain. Justified, as he's immortal.
* MrFanservice: Sort of, given he's an almost WalkingShirtlessScene.
* ObligatorySwearing: In many fanlations, less so in Viz translations, to convey his very rude way of talking.
** PrecisionFStrike: The above-mentioned ObligatorySwearing becomes this in the English dub.
* PsychoForHire: The biggest example in the Akatsuki as he's literally there for acting psychotic and killing as many people as possible.
* PsychopathicManchild: Has a tendency to act like a teenager enjoying an adrenaline rush, complete with much smack talk and "woo-hoo"ing.
* ReligionOfEvil: Follows the religion of Jashin, which literally means "[[GodOfEvil evil god]]", and requires killing his opponents.
* ReligiousBruiser: See ReligionOfEvil above.
* SinisterScythe: WeaponOfChoice, more for drawing blood than fatally injuring opponents. Has three blades.
* SmugSnake: Not only is he a loudmouthed psychopath, but he's also an arrogant dick who thinks that he's invincible.
* StupidEvil
* {{Synchronization}}: Once he uses his BloodMagic.
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: With Kakuzu [[spoiler:and apparently with Deidara during the Chikara filler arc. Ironically, the two argue no less than he and Kakuzu did, if not more so since they are more similar than they'd like to think.]]
* VitriolicBestBuds: While they disagree and bicker a lot, him and Kakuzu clearly have some mutual respect for each other.
* WhiteHairBlackHeart


-->"''[[DarkMessiah Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace]].''"

->Deva Path: KenyuuHoriuchi (JP, Pain), Creator/DaveWittenberg (EN, original), Creator/TroyBaker (EN, current)
->Nagato: Junpei Morita (JP), VicMignogna (EN)

The figurehead leader of Akatsuki, Pain possesses the Rinnegan, the predecessor to the Sharingan, which allows the user to use all six elements and learn any jutsu. Orphaned by the Land of Rain's civil war, Nagato was raised by Jiraiya, who believed him to be the prophecized [[TheChosenOne Chosen One]], alongside his friends Konan and Yahiko, with whom he would later found the Akatsuki. When Hanzo, the leader of the Hidden Rain village, and Danzo, set a trap, Yahiko was killed and in his rage Nagato summoned the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, crippling himself in the process. Believing his suffering had caused him to become enlightened and his power caused him to become [[AGodAmI a god]], Nagato took on the alias of Pain and outfitted six corpses, including Yahiko's, with chakra receivers and used them to take over the Hidden Rain village. Pain wanted to use the Tailed Beasts to create a weapon of mass destruction which can be used to [[WellIntentionedExtremist put an end to war]]. Each of his six (actually seven) different bodies possesses a different skill, and can't be defeated unless all of them are killed at once. The bodies are all ninja Jiraiya fought as he wandered the earth. His first physical appearance has him engaging his old master in battle in the Hidden Rain Village until Jiraiya killed one of his bodies and sent it back to Konoha (along with a toad bearing the message "The real one isn't there"), but he was eventually overwhelmed and killed.

He quickly replaced the missing body with a new one, and arrived in Konoha in the hopes of capturing Naruto. After his bodies engage - and in some cases, are defeated by - Konoha's villagers, he rounds them all up and uses Shinra Tensei, an ability which nukes the city. He fights the newly-empowered Naruto in a long drawn out battle that bumped the {{HSQ}} up a few notches. Finally, Nagato is defeated and after accepting Naruto's ideals about peace, uses a jutsu to revive many of the Konoha ninja he killed, dying in the process. However, Kabuto resurrects him later with Edo Tensei and pairs him with a similarly resurrected Itachi, who helps him move around. They engage Naruto and Bee, where it is revealed that he can use all of the Six Paths' jutsu without the bodies, and nearly kills the pair until a liberated Itachi intervenes and seals him with Susano'o. He is eventually revealed to be a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, just like Naruto.
->His hobby was practising ninjutsu.
->Favorite phrase: "The stars are hidden on a rainy night". As a child, it was "Growing up".

* AGodAmI: And he has the power to back it up.
* AGodIAmNot: During his battle with Naruto however, he reveals that this attitude is simply a farce on his part. He actually does ''not'' think that he's a god. In fact, he repeatedly tells Naruto during their battle that he is only a man, and as such, he cannot find a perfect solution to the problem of the 'Cycle of Hatred' in the shinobi world.
* AffablyEvil: If you don´t stand between him and a Jinchuuriki, he won´t harm you. Even then he´s always polite and doesn't kill unnecessarily unless it can lure out Naruto
* AmbitionIsEvil: Surprisingly inverted: Him wanting to change the world is viewed in a ''very'' positive light. ''How'' he wanted to change it is where he gets into trouble.
* AntagonistAbilities:
** AreaOfEffect: Shinra Tensei hits everything in a complete spherical radius around himself. However, the greater he extends the range, the longer it takes for the power to return.
** AttackReflector: Shinra Tensei can reflect any jutsu used against him, as well as people.
** EnergyAbsorption: The Preta Path can absorb any jutsu used against him.
** HydraProblem: The Animal Path can summon hounds that split when cut or struck.
** MindManipulation: Via YourSoulIsMine, the Human Path can absorb all knowledge a target has.
** TheParalyzer: He manages to paralyze Naruto's movements somewhat when he stabs him with multiple control rods.
** PeoplePuppets: His main gimmick. He controls six bodies remotely, while his real one is hiding safe and sound.
** ShootTheMedicFirst: The Naraka Path can infinitely revive the others as long as he's around.
** SummonMagic: The Animal Path can summon creatures and people.
** SuperSenses: All of the Pains can see what each other one sees.
* AntiVillain: VicMignogna's performance manages to drive this home even further than the original seiyuu.
* AttackOfThe50FootWhatever: The purpose of the Animal Path is to invoke this trope.
* AwesomeButImpractical: Pain's interrogation methods. He uses two main abilities to try to find Naruto, one of which can instantly read the mind of those it touches. On it's own, this is perfectly practical. His other, however, can kill anybody who either lies to him or refuses to answer his question. Meaning anybody who actually knows ends up dead... This does spare him the trouble of having to look up misinformation, though.
** His mind reading would be practical if it didn't rip out the person's soul, making it essential that the person had [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness outlived his/her usefulness]].
* AwesomeMcCoolname: '''[[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast PAIN]]'''
* {{Badass}}: The combination of the [[MagicalEye Rinnegan's]] [[SuperpowerLottery powers]] with his [[DarkMessiah attitude]] and [[CurbStompBattle fighting ability]] make him one of, if not the, [[WorldsStrongestMan strongest shinobi of the current generation]].
** The three Sannin couldn't beat Hanzo. Pain completely destroyed him, has never lost a fight (and he´s presumed to be at least 30), easily defeated the ''entirety'' of Konoha and would´ve completely destroyed Naruto if it wasn't for the fact that Deva´s powers were down for a good 10 minutes after the Shinra Tensei and the vast amount of help Naruto had with him. He is easily the most badass character in the entire show. Oh, and he went up against a Six-tailed Naruto with 1 body left... and WON.
** When Kabuto revives him, he shows that he´s even more badass than we could possibly expect by [[CurbStompBattle curbstomping]] Naruto´s [[GoldenSuperMode Chakra Mode]], Killer Bee and ''[[BaseBreaker Itachi]]'' (after all, Itachi had been hit by the blindsiding [=OHKOing=] Shinra Tensei too and spent the time regenerating). He only gets sealed after all three of them destroy the Chibaku Tensei core. And even this arguably only happened due to his controller, Kabuto, being careless, and didn't even know of Nagato's sensing abilities which made up for when his Rinnegan got blinded...
** BadassBaritone: The voices of the 6 Paths of Pain, barring the female Animal Path, are all extremely deep.
** BadassTransplant: His Rinnegan actually belong to Madara, who removed them and ''somehow'' implanted them into Nagato without his awareness.
* BaldOfEvil: The Asura Path is bald. And [[CaptainObvious evil]].
* BerserkButton: He does not like people questioning his ideals as Tsunade learned the hard way.
* BigBad: Seemed to be this for a long time. Subverted when he [[RedHerring turns out to be the right hand man for Tobi]], the real leader from behind the scenes.
* BloodKnight: [[AllThereInTheManual Despite of his ideas of peace, he really wanted to fight Naruto in his Nine-Tailed form according to the databooks]]; [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor unfortunately, it was too much for him]].
** This does explain why he pissed off Naruto once to do so, and complimenting him as a fellow student.
** Not to mention that he briefly shows an uncharacteristic expression of awe ("The nine tailed fox' power... is amazing...") when he fought the six tails, like he was feeling the thrill of fighting a worthy opponent for the first time.
* BreakTheCutie: [[GameBreakingInjury His]] [[DespairEventHorizon entire]] [[AndYourLittleDogToo backstory]].
* CastFromLifespan: The Rinnegan's more powerful techniques take years off his life. He dies from overusing them.
* ComboPlatterPowers: The [[MagicalEye Rinnegan]]'s powers are basically a mish-mash of various powers that are all {{Game Breaker}}s in their own right.
** AuraVision: He can see chakra in a manner similar to the Byakugan.
** ElementalPowers: He can use all five, but unlike Kakuzu it comes naturally.
** HiveMind: The Six Paths of Pain technique which controls six bodies that are in constant communication, and it's justified in that they're being controlled and coordinated by one person. Each path is also granted a different power...
*** [[GravityMaster Deva Path]]: Which has limited control over gravity through pushing and pulling things, as well as the ability to create what is best described as a miniature black hole.
*** [[ShapeShifterWeapon Asura Path]]: Which transforms the body into a cybernetic AnatomyArsenal, including an ArmCannon, BewareMyStingerTail, MultiArmedAndDangerous, MultipleHeadCase, RocketBoots and RocketPunch.
*** [[MindReading Human]] [[YourSoulIsMine Path]]: Which can read the mind and soul as well as tear it from the body.
*** [[SummonMagic Animal]] [[TheBeastmaster Path]]: Which summons BondCreatures controlled by the Rinnengan including a [[DishingOutDirt Stone]] [[PandaingToTheAudience Panda]], [[EverythingsBetterWithCows a Giant Buffalo]], [[BigCreepyCrawlies a giant centipede]], [[GiantEnemyCrab a giant]] [[MakingASplash bubble blowing crayfish]], a HellHound [[MesACrowd that can separate its many heads into new bodies]], a [[GiantFlyer gigantic]] [[ThisIsADrill drill-beaked]] [[FeatheredFiend bird]] and [[InvisibleMonster Giant Chameleon]].
*** [[EnergyAbsorption Preta]] [[PowerNullifier Path]]: Which absorbs and seals chakra and ninjutsu.
*** [[TruthSerum Naraka]] [[HealingHands Path]]: Which summon an entity that tears the tongue from liars and regenerates the other paths.
*** [[{{Necromancer}} Outer Path]]: Which can resurrect the deceased as well as controls the [[SealedEvilInACan Statue of the Outer Path]].
* CosmicPlaything: His entire backstory is him being this; ironically prior to his death, he had enough power to make the entire shinobi world into a literal plaything.
* CurbStompBattle: Every battle Nagato/Pain has participated in to some extent.
** vs. Jiraiya: Though Jiraiya was able to defeat three of his Paths, when Pain brought out all six he lost quickly. Pain does concede that if Jiraiya knew the secrets of his abilities he would have had a sizable chance of beating Pain.
** vs. Konoha: Fighting an entire village and only temporarily losing one expendable Path puts the assault square into this category.
** vs. Sage Naruto: The first time ever that the Six Paths had faced a challenge, and that quickly disappeared after Deva Path's powers returned.
** vs. 9-Tail Naruto, Killer Bee & Edo Itachi: Not so much a CurbStompBattle as a massacre until Itachi unleashed Susanoo and used the one thing that had a chance of beating him in that situation.
* CuteBruiser: The second Animal Path.
* CynicismCatalyst: He and Konan became villains after the death of their best friend Yahiko.
* DarkMessiah: Nagato has the same goal of bringing about peace as Naruto does. His methods, however...
* DarthVaderClone: Grievous injuries? Check, if you count loss of leg use. EvilSoundsDeep? Check. TheDragon to the BigBad (who is ''another'' DarthVaderClone)? Check again. FreudianExcuse? Check check. It even with the extra mile, with Pain battling his former teacher, Jiraiya, and being responsible for the man's death. What he has that the other DarthVaderClone lacks is a HeelRealization shortly before death, an iconic Leitmotif, being related to TheHero, and being able to emotionally crush TheHero while he's on the ropes.
* DefeatingTheUndefeatable: Nagato, or more specifically the Six Paths, had never encountered someone who could fight him on even grounds until Naruto. To be fair though, he did admit that Jiraiya would have kicked his ass if he had known the workings of his techniques.
** Actually, [[HeroicSacrifice Villain Sacrifice]]. Before Naruto came Pain ''fought and defeated'' the entire Hidden Village. And [[NukeEm Nuked It]]. Naruto came with a SuperMode and the strongest warriors of the Frog village, and was ''defeated''. He fought with the Nine-Tails all out and was ''[[RuleofThree technically defeated]]''. Even the last Path needed all the juice Naruto had left to take. And when Nagato met with Naruto face-to-face he could use all the Paths' Powers, had Konan with him, and enough chakra left to revive the entire Village.
*** TalkingTheMonsterToDeath: And all it took was a little sympathy and Jiraiya's terrific Literature.
* DeusAngstMachina: Pretty much Nagato's entire backstory.
* DeusExMachina: Pain pulls a case of RedemptionEqualsDeath and revives [[DeathIsCheap everyone]] that he'd killed in the last thirty chapters or so. Bonus points to him for considering himself a god and sitting in a machine.
* DiscOneFinalBoss: Deva Path to Nagato, Nagato to Tobi.
* TheDragon: For quite a while, ''everyone'' thought this guy would be the BigBad, but he was actually working as a figurehead for Tobi.
** CoDragons: With Itachi for Kabuto, and when he was alive he was with Zetsu for Tobi.
** DragonInChief
** DragonWithAnAgenda
** TheStarscream
* DramaPreservingHandicap: Nagato, using the Six Paths of Pain, gave Naruto the fight of his life. Using his own single body after being resurrected, is an even [[UpToEleven more massive]] {{Badass}} despite his crippled legs, as he managed to overwhelm Naruto (in Nine-Tails Chakra Mode), Killer B (in perfect jinchūriki form), and Itachi (who, this time, lacked the weakness of low chakra reserves and eye side-effects). Who knows what would have happened if this guy could've used his legs?
* DramaticallyMissingThePoint: The portion of the fandom that thinks Naruto should have killed him.
* EvilCounterpart: Naruto's third one. He's even a fellow descendant of the Uzumaki clan.
* EvilCripple: Nagato lost full use of his legs after saving Konan from Hanzo's fire attack.
* EvilRedHead: Yahiko, and all of Pain's bodies (even the ones that weren't in life) except the bald Asura path, have orange hair, while Nagato has dark red hair.
* ExoticEyeDesigns: Has the Rinnegan, after all.
* FatBastard: Preta Path is overweight.
* FallenHero: Nagato was once an idealist, until Tobi sunk his claws into him.
* FreakOut: Nagato after Yahiko's death
* FromNobodyToNightmare: While he is a descendant of the Sage of Six Paths and Uzumaki clan, he was born to a normal family of non-shinobi people, as well as a StreetUrchin who stole food to survive. Who would've thought he'd grow up to be the "leader" of the Akatsuki, killing Hanzo who defeated the Sannin, and reducing the Leaf Village to a crater and creating a mini moon in his acts as a PhysicalGod.
* {{Gonk}}: The Asura Path.
* HandicappedBadass: Even after Kabuto summons him, he is unable to use his legs to do more than stand up, which leads to his sealing by Itachi.
* HeroKiller: Killed Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Shizune, and nearly killed Hinata and Choza. Then he brought them all back to life, except for Jiraiya.
%%* HeWhoFightsMonsters
* HollywoodCyborg: Asura Path's powers allow it to transform and create a variety of cybernetic weapons.
* [[IllGirl Ill Guy]]: He is crippled and confined to a mobile throne. Even after being resurrected he has to rely on Itachi to support him.
* ImplacableMan: Pain's ''modus operandi'' until he faced Naruto.
* KickTheDog: His nearly killing Hinata.
* KickTheSonOfABitch: He's the one who killed Hanzo.
* KnightOfCerebus: Played straight, then subverted. He does not have any quirks to hinder him and is unfettered in his methods. He kills Jiraiya, destroys the Leaf Village, kills off characters like Kakkashi and Shizune, and finally nearly kills Hinata to bring Naruto to almost become the Nine Tails. However, after Naruto's words get to him, he revives the aforementioned except Jiraiya at the cost of his life.
* {{Leitmotif}}: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M65Pcb04dLQ Courtesy]]", which perfectly captures everything about his character.
* LightningBruiser: The Deva Path. When you can [[spoiler:keep up with and beat up on both the Four-Tailed and Six-Tailed manifestations of the Nine-Tailed Fox while simultaneously taking whatever it can dish out]], you deserve the title.
** Nagato himself shows just how broken the Rinnegan is after he gets brought back with Edo Tensei. He [[CurbStompBattle curb-stomps]] Naruto's new SuperMode, Killer Bee, and ''Itachi'' at his peak physical condition '''simultaneously'''. The only reason he lost is Itachi had what is quite possibly the '''one''' ability that could beat him. And even then the only reason said ability even connected was that Nagato was both controlled by an outside influence and seemed to be too busy [=WTFing=] at the fact that someone actually broke out of Chibaku Tensei to dodge it coupled with the fact that he couldn't use his legs properly either, and the fact that the one thing that would compensate, Nagato's sensing, wasn't even known by Kabuto.
* MadnessMantra: "''(Now) Do you understand pain?''"
* MagicalEye: The most powerful ones in the setting. It gives him the powers in the SuperPowerLottery above although due to [[EvilCripple his immobility]] he is forced to divide his abilities between six puppets.
* TheManBehindTheCurtain: The Six Paths of Pain are insanely powerful, but they're just puppets. Nagato is extremely weak physically, extremely skinny, and has difficulties to walk unaided.
* MightyGlacier: Nagato is able to use all abilities of the Pain Rikudo, making his main body one the strongest individuals in the ''Naruto universe''. But due to his almost immobile legs, he cannot dodge by his own; that is one of his greatest weaknesses he has. That's why he let the Pain Rikudo fight.
* MultiArmedAndDangerous: Asura Path can create multiple arms, true to its name.
* MustMakeAmends: After being convinced by Naruto.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Well, duh! Who wants to be friends with a guy called "Pain"?
* NiceJobFixingItVillain: Naruto was down for the count and demoralized... until Pain almost killed Hinata, which resulted in the Nine-Tails coming within a hair's breadth of being completely unsealed.
* NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished: This is a man who's only desire in life was a world of peace and compassion, and he struggled to make life better for everyone. Fate's response was to destroy everything he held dear in the [[BreakTheCutie cruelest possible way]], thus causing his StartOfDarkness.
* OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: His capture of the Six-Tails is expanded on in the anime. It truly goes to show how much of a joke even the most powerful ninjas of the current generation are to him.
* OneManArmy: The Pain Rikudo, but Nagato himself is a OneManArmy.
* OnlySaneEmployee: He seems to be the only member of Akatsuki that cares about the organization itself, and is constantly telling the other members not to piss off each other and not make light of their comrades' deaths. Justified in a way seeing how he was one of the co-founders of the original Akatsuki.
* PeoplePuppets: Uses corpses as hosts/weapons.
* PersonOfMassDestruction: In general, Pain is a one... er, six-man army who can level villages on his own. In particular, his Shinra Tensei technique. It's also been shown that he is perfectly capable of being a one-man army on his own, since he ''is'' the Six Paths, and can use the abilities ''better'' than through PeoplePuppets.
* ThePhilosopher: Easily summed up as "HumansAreBastards" and "WarIsHell".
* PreAssKickingOneLiner: "''Now, the world shall know pain... [[FantasticNuke SHINRA TENSEI]]''"
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: After being impressed by Naruto's conviction, he uses up the last of his power and his life to revive everyone killed during his invasion of the Hidden Leaf.
* SchizoTech: The Asura Path tosses around heat-seeking missiles, rocket-propelled punches, and laser cannons.
* ShipperOnDeck Episode 356 makes him out to be one for Konan and Yahiko during Akatsuki's formative years.
* ShirtlessScene: Deva Path's coat is shredded during his fight with [[DemBones Six-Tailed]] [[OneWingedAngel Version 2 Fox Cloak]] Naruto.
* ShrinkingViolet: As a child.
* SkilledButNaive: He is/was an indomitably powerful ninja, but his ultimate goal was to end all war with the threat of the use of an incredibly powerful weapon. This sentiment has been expressed by many inventors in the past, who believed that the weapon they created would be devastating enough to end war forever (the gatling gun and dynamite to name two) and without exception they have been sadly mistaken.
** His aim wasn't to end war forever, but to a create a lasting peace for several generations, until the weapon will be used again when war breaks out again, creating cycling periods of peace.
* SpannerInTheWorks: His RedemptionEqualsDeath act robbed Madara of Rinne Tensei, which was originally supposed to be used for his ''own'' rebirth.
* SquishyWizard: For all the power the Rinnegan gives him, with his horribly mangled legs he's not going anywhere unaided.
* StartOfDarkness: See NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished.
* StoryBreakerPower: There's a reason fans accuse him of being a GodModeSue: His Rinnegan gives him ridiculous amounts of chakra that rivals the Nine-Tails, a virtually unlimited number of summons, and the ability to use all five elements (in addition to another two), level entire cities, create miniature moons, read minds, rip souls from peoples' bodies, and ''revive the dead'' all while being in a '''wheelchair'''.
* SuperpowerLottery: Of all the superpower lotteries in ''Naruto'', Pain hit the absolute jackpot. In chapter 602 of the manga, it's revealed that he was actually given his eyes by the BigBad, Madara Uchiha. He still hit the jackpot, but more by virtue of being one of the few related to the Senju bloodline that he didn't hate with a passion.
* TookALevelInBadass: Went from a sniveling brat to a godly badass over the course of his {{backstory}}.
* TooPowerfulToLive: The guy levelled an entire village on his own and resurrected hundreds of people. It's implied that had he not expended most of his chakra fighting Naruto he would have survived the usually fatal after-effects of the latter and been able to do it again. Coupled with his HeelFaceTurn thanks to Naruto, and...
* TragicKeepsake: Yahiko's body.
* TragicVillain: He lost his parents because two incompetent Konoha shinobi thought they were combatants and not civilians, his best friend kills himself to save him and Konan, and his dog, Chibi, was killed by a stray explosive when he was a child. Once his past is expanded upon, he becomes a far more sympathetic character.
%%* {{Ubermensch}}
* TheUnfettered: A villainous example, as he's willing to do anything to achieve peace.
* TheUnfought: Subverted. Nobody ever fought Nagato himself during the Pain Arc, but he's revived by Kabuto using Edo Tensei, allowing him to have a proper battle against Naruto.
* UsedToBeASweetKid: Until the world stomped on him and his dreams until there was nothing left. After making peace with Naruto, his good nature returns and he is ActuallyPrettyFunny.
%%* UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans
* VisionaryVillain: Nagato seeks peace just like Naruto does, but his party to getting there is a lot darker and bloodier.
* WalkingSpoiler: The sole fact that Nagato is alive is a huge spoiler.
** Simply showing the 6 paths of Pain is a spoiler, given Jiraiya fights and defeats only 3 bodies.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: His goal is essentially gaining world peace by using the threat of essentially nuclear warfare in order to frighten people enough to fight wars anymore which is almost similar to Schneizel's Plan but embedded with Zechs Merquise/Milliardo Peacecraft style.
* WorldsStrongestMan: The strongest member of Akatsuki, even acknowledged by Tobi as being invincible. His defeat by Naruto, Itachi, and Killer Bee drove Kabuto to [[GodzillaThreshold resurrect the original Madara Uchiha]].
* WouldHitAGirl: Notably, almost killing Hinata and attempting to kill Tsunade when she didn't agree with his opinion.
* WouldHurtAChild: The Hell Path had no reservations about using his jutsu in order to kill Konohamaru.


-->"''[[NothingPersonal I have received the will of God and I must kill you]].''"

->Voiced by: Creator/AtsukoTanaka (JP), Creator/DorothyEliasFahn (EN)

[[TheSmurfettePrinciple The only female in Akatsuki]], and the last to be revealed. Konan [[PaperMaster uses origami-based powers]]. As a child she was orphaned by the Land of Rain's civil war and trained by Jiraiya. She was one of the founding members of Akatsuki, along with Nagato (Pain) and Yahiko, and both [[UnluckyChildhoodFriend Nagato]] and [[KilledOffForReal Yahiko]] had feelings for her. After Yahiko was killed she became Pain's [[TheDragon lieutenant]], calling herself "[[AGodIAm God's]] Angel". She helped Pain kill Jiraiya when her old mentor came searching for intel on Akatsuki's leader, and accompanied him during his invasion of Konoha. After Pain's death, she sided with Naruto and quit the Akatsuki. She tried to prevent Nagato's corpse from ending up in Tobi's hands, but died in the process.
->Her hobbies were origami and flower pressing.
->Favorite word: "Order"

* AntiVillain
* AwesomenessByAnalysis: She's the first person to figure out Tobi's MadeOfAir powers.
* {{Badass}}: Eventually shown to be one of, if not ''the,'' strongest female character in the 'Verse, given that she very nearly kills an enemy that took the 4th Hokage a lot of effort to even land one hit on.
* BrokenBird: Yahiko's death destroyed her emotionally.
%%* BrokeYourArmPunchingOutCthulhu
* ChildhoodFriendRomance: With Yahiko if Chapter 511 is any indicator.
* CloserToEarth: By far the most level-headed and, well, sensible of the whole bunch.
* CrazyPrepared: Disguised ''600 BILLION'' paper bombs as the Hidden Rain Village's lake.
* CreepyMonotone: Except when she's yelling at Nagato for being too reckless.
* CynicismCatalyst: She and Nagato became villains after the death of their best friend Yahiko.
* DarkActionGirl: Although her powers are not over all as strong as some, she still has some ''very'' deadly tricks up her sleeves.
* DarkChick
* DarkMistress
* {{Determinator}}: In her last fight against Tobi.
* DesignatedGirlFight: Thankfully averted, despite everyone's expectations. Instead, she got to face off with the ManipulativeBastard who hijacked their organization and led both her TrueCompanions to their doom, fighting for her ideals.
* EmotionlessGirl: Konan's more or less dead inside, except when it comes to Nagato.
* GrayEyes: In the manga.
* HairDecoration: A flower made of paper.
** FlowerInHerHair: Subverted in that she's anything ''but'' childish.
* HeelFaceTurn: Subverted when examined closely enough. Konan was only ''allied'' with Akatsuki, which is very different from being ''on their side''. She was only ever on Nagato's side and nobody else's. His RedemptionEqualsDeath ''is'' a HeelFaceTurn, but as far as Konan is concerned she never switched sides, since her "side" was Pain. Since Pain chose to throw his support to Naruto, she's supporting Naruto now.
* HeroicSacrifice: God knows she tries. Her first attack against Tobi was an attempted suicide attack. He ended up saving her too. A "thank you" is in order.
* LadyOfWar: Konan finally has the chance to show Tobi just how much ass she can kick.
* LetsGetDangerous: Granted, being in Akatsuki should have been the first clue. But not even Tobi realized how tough she could be when she wanted to. He still beat her, but he had to '''[[RealityWarper warp reality]]''' to SURVIVE.
* OnlySaneMan: Along with Kisame, she is generally the only member who consistently acts in a rational manner.
* PaperMaster: Her main means of attack is transforming into paper.
** ElementalShapeshifter: Can turn herself into paper.
** PaperTalisman: All ninja use paper bombs but she gets a special mention for her Sacred Paper Emissary.
** PowerGivesYouWings: One of her powers is to create paper Angel's Wings.
*** FeatherFlechettes
* PersonOfMassDestruction: Thanks to ''billions'' of explosive tags.
* PrimAndProperBun
* PunnyName: One of her techniques, ''kami no shisha no jutsu'' is a pun off of her "Angel" epithet. Phonetically, it could be read as the "messenger of God technique," but the kanji instead reads "paper-person of God technique."
* SatelliteCharacter: Take away Yahiko and Nagato's influence on her and what do you have left? A near-emotionless woman with paper powers who likes to do origami.
* ShipTease: Chapter 511 heavily implies that she and Yahiko were ''at least'' aware that they were attracted to each other, and episode 346 plays that up for all it's worth.
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: WordOfGod says this was the original intention.
* {{Stripperific}}: Kishimoto's concept art shows that beneath her cloak, she wears a scanty robe that exposes her stomach, part of her breasts and back.
* SugarAndIcePersonality: [[IceQueen Acts and looks very cold]], but genuinely cares for Nagato.
%%* SurvivorGuilt
%%* TokenGoodTeammate
* UndyingLoyalty: To Nagato.
* UsedToBeASweetKid: She was a very sweet little girl... [[BreakTheCutie then shit happened]].
* WeaksauceWeakness: Her powers are nullified by oil.
* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: Her paper abilities.
* HeartIsAnAwesomePower: Her CrowningMomentOfAwesome despite it being a failure.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Known as "Blue" prior to actually being given a name. More like light purple in the anime.


-->"''If war is going to continue - [[AGodAmI I will become the God of the world]]!''"

->Voiced By: Creator/WataruHatano (JP, child); KenyuuHoriuchi (JP), Creator/TroyBaker (EN)

The founder and original leader of Akatsuki, until he sacrificed himself to save Konan from Hanzo. He believed Nagato was the ChosenOne, and so sacrificed himself to spare him from making a SadisticChoice. His body was later used by Nagato to make the Deva Path, the most powerful of the Six Paths of Pain.

Born into the war torn land of Ame, Yahiko was orphaned like so many others. Forced to fend for himself, he soon met Konan and Nagato. They were forced to work together to survive, but became close friends under Jiraya's tutelage.
->His hobby was fishing.

* AGodAmI: For a little while, but he grew out of it.
* ChildhoodFriendRomance: With Konan if Chapter 511 is any indicator.
* DeadAllAlong: After seeing Konan and The Six Paths of Pain, Jiraiya briefly believed that the rumors of their deaths weren't true. It turns out that it was only true of Yahiko. His body was used as the Deva Path by Nagato.
* {{Expy}}: {{Zigzagged}} of Mario, the main character of Kishimoto's one-shot of the same name. See, Kishimoto actually wrote Mario back in 1998 before shelving it for 15 years at the advice of his editor, rewriting it for release in 2013. In the interim, Mario's design and basic motives were reused for Yahiko.
* FieryRedhead
* HeroicSacrifice: Killed himself to satisfy Hanzo and save Konan.
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: Hanzo promised to free Konan in exchange for his sacrifice. Needless to say, that was a lie.
** That said, he saw through [[DeadPersonImpersonation Tobi's]] lies pretty fast.
* IdiotHair
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: He killed himself by running into Nagato's kunai knife.
* LeaderWannabe: Wanted to be leader of Amekagure so that he could reform it.
* MakingASplash: He specialized in water jutsu.
* MessianicArchetype: He's like a mature Naruto.
* PeoplePuppets: His body along with the others were used as the Six Paths of Pain by Nagato.
* PosthumousCharacter: Everything we know of him comes from flashbacks.
* PowerTrio: With Konan and Nagato.
* RedHerring: The manga suggested that he was the villain Pain, but Pain was then revealed to be his friend Nagato.
* ShipTease: He was in love with Konan, according to Chapter 511 and Episode 356.