!The Guests

Our protagonist, Nan is an electronics technician and repairman. She liked to play arcade games as a kid. She is lazy and lets quite a few work orders stack up before she gets to them. She has the ability to hum showtunes.

* AccidentalPervert: Nan gets a peek of Henry's bare bum from the crack of his door when he went to go change. {{Subverted}} by the fact she [[CovertPervert wanted to do it]].
** And again when she ''barges in on him changing''!
* BuxomIsBetter: (In contrast to [[Roleplay/RubyQuest Ruby]]) Early in the game, one player asked whether Nan was wearing a bra or not, to which Weaver replied:
-->"''Of course Nan's wearing a bra. She needs support when she's on the job.''"
* [[RidiculouslyAverageGuy Ridiculously Average Goat]]: "Nan never really considered herself in terms of traits like that before. But if she had to choose one she'd probably be known for her ABILITY TO HUM SHOWTUNES. Actually come to think of it Nan isn't really sure what makes her special. Maybe nothing."
* StandardizedLeader:
* WeaponOfChoice: Improvised rebar spear, and later a lead pipe.

Henry is a Gazelle or something, [[spoiler:and might be Nan's boyfriend]]. He claimed to have gotten into the hotel quite recently when Nan showed up. He was a travelling on business when he had to stop for the night.

* ChivalrousPervert: He certainly jokes a lot towards Nan.
* {{Keet}}
* PrettyBoy
* TearsOfJoy: When he finds that Nan is not dead.
* WeaponOfChoice: Makeshift club.

Pablo is a more experienced resident of the hotel, he is first seen in possession of a fire axe. He came to the hotel when he was called in to be it's janitor, about ten days before Nan got there. He has been surviving in the hotel since. He is probably a bat.

* [[spoiler:TheAtoner]]: Some sort of variation in Nan's [[spoiler:''{{MIND SCREW}}'' NightmareSequence]].
* [[spoiler: MadArtist: Maybe. A paint splattered canvas is found in his room, and many similar canvas' are seen in Nan's NightmareSequence.]]
* TheMcCoy
* TheSixthRanger
* WeaponOfChoice: Fire axe.


Another guest Pablo found trapped in the hotel, whom had been there far longer. He taught Pablo much about the HellHotel and how to survive it. He was eventually carved apart by the Pilgrim.


* {{Mentors}}
* PostHumousCharacter

Anna is an elevator operator, who came to the hotel in response to a job advert.

* ActionGirl
* TheAtoner: She sees the Hotel as some form of punishment, and definitely believes she deserves to be there, but for what is not known.
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal]]: ...Or was she?
* NiceHat
* WeaponOfChoice: A kitchen knife.

An ex-US Marshall who stopped by to see the recently-constructed hotel. He might be a dog.

* {{Badass}}
* TheBigGuy
* EyesAlwaysClosed: Well, ''almost'' always.
* NiceHat
* NoSenseOfHumor
* OldSoldier
* PapaWolf: To Kim.
* TheStoic: With a hint of [[Main/TheCynic Cynic]].
* WeaponOfChoice: A [[{{Handguns}} revolver]].

A college student who stopped at the hotel overnight on her way home.

* ConspiracyTheorist
* {{Jerkass}}: Sometimes.
* {{Meganekko}}
* WeaponOfChoice: A taser.

A loony, darkness-dwelling fox who honestly believes that the hotel is a free world and a heaven of man's design.

* AboveGoodAndEvil: As he sees it, the Hotel allows everyone to be this.
* AffablyEvil: Well, just as long as you don't piss him off.
* CloudCuckoolander: He's an eerie version of this.
* EvilIsNotWellLit: subverted, since every time he is seen he's in some sort of light. [[spoiler:[[BodyHorror Except when he doesn't.]]]]
* FearlessFool: According to him, it's how he's survived.
* [[TheCorruption Hit by the Corruption]]: This is strongly hinted towards.
* TheIdealist: At least a very twisted version.
* KnifeNut: Carries a switchblade.
* LovesTheSoundOfScreaming: Once defined it as "lovely".
* SlasherSmile: Constantly.
* TerrifyingRescuer
* ThinkNothingOfIt: Actually, more of a BerserkButton, really:
-->"''He didn't do it for HER. He did it because HE wanted to.\\
He tells Nan not to EVER thank him.''"

!The "Uninvited Things"

The name given to the dark creatures that inhabit the hotel and threaten to kill the guests. Despite the fact that they seem like a similar malevolent presence, they are indeed, not on the same side.


* AlwaysChaoticEvil
* ByTheLightsOfTheirEyes: Or alternatively, RedEyesTakeWarning.
* TheDreaded: The three major ones listed below, but ''especially'' the Beast.
* {{Eldritch Abomination}}s
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: The recognizable ones.
* WeakenedByTheLight: Subverted by the ones listed below.

!!The Padre/[[spoiler:Father Velaico]]
Unlike the other creatures in the building, he doesn't seem very afraid of the light, and he seems to be nearly invincible.

* [[spoiler:TheAtoner: A possible explanation for his annotation of the Bible, and his specific interest in Nan. He could be preparing human (sort of) sacrifices.]]
* [[spoiler:FromNobodyToNightmare]]
* HumanoidAbomination
* [[spoiler:SanitySlippage]]: Caused by prolonged exposure to the cold, storms, and vermin, apparently. Worse, those "vermins" were [[spoiler:the indigenous people back in the 19th century]]. And he '''burned them'''.
* SinisterMinister
* TheVoiceless

!!The Pilgrim/[[spoiler:Lorenzo]]
A skeletal equine with a cloak and and severed noose hanging around his neck. He is one of the monsters named by Alan.

* BlackCloak
* DarkMessiah: The Pilgrim wants others to embrace death as if it were a service to God.
* DemBones
* DontFearTheReaper: ''Horribly'' {{subverted}}.
* TheDragon: It is implied he has this sort of connection to the Padre.
* EvilLaugh: The generic dark and hollow "HA HA HA".
* {{Expy}}: It looks like the animal version of {{Death}}.
* [[spoiler:FromNobodyToNightmare]]
* [[spoiler:FutureBadass: Lorenzo is a friendly and nature-loving soul. The Pilgrim is a nightmare made flesh. Subverted in that his future self is seen first.]]
* HumanoidAbomination
* [[spoiler:NiceGuy]]: As [[spoiler:Lorenzo]].
* NighInvulnerable
* WeaponOfChoice: ''BIG, SCARY, '''FUCKING''' KNIFE!!''

!!The Beast
A huge animal, as black as night, feral and vicious. Cold and unthinking. It lives in the hotel's courtyard, which lies just beyond the windows.

* BigBad
* EldritchAbomination:
-->''They stab it with their steely knives,\\
But they just can't kill the beast''
** If the recently seen creature ''is'' the Beast:
*** CatsAreMean: at least it ''resembles'' some kind of feline.
*** EyesDoNotBelongThere
*** LivingShadow.
*** MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily
* LargeAndInCharge: Subverted -- There is no unity within the Uninvited.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast
* OrcusOnHisThrone: Seems content to sit in the courtyard, so far, while only looking through windows to freak Nan out.


!! The [[spoiler:Lightbringer]]

[[folder:Click for portrait]]

[[spoiler: A mysterious hooded man, encountered by Nan in one of her "travels"]].

* [[spoiler:AbusivePrecursors]]: [[spoiler:he refers to his kin as "Anasazi". Which is Navajo for "[[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Enemy Ancestors]]".]]
* BadassBoast:
-->''[[spoiler:I am the not the first. I am not the last. I face the darkness. I walk in death. I welcome it. And in death I will find salvation. I am he who wears the crown. I am he who sparks the cleansing flame. I am the herald of the dawn. I am the lightbringer]]''
* GoodScarsEvilScars: he has what seems a triple scar on his face.
* InTheHood
* [[spoiler:LightIsNotGood]]
* [[spoiler:PaintingTheMedium]]: [[spoiler:the scenes with him are entirely colored]].
* [[spoiler:TomatoInTheMirror]]: [[spoiler:he is a goat too]]. It's not sure what that means for now.
* WalkingSpoiler