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[[folder:Twilight Sparkle]]
* AscendedMeme: The devs have adopted the FanNickname for one of her palettes, Tennis Shoe Twilight.
* CallingYourAttacks: For some reason, Twilight's the only one so far who does this regularly.
** Now Rarity does this, too.
* DeflectorShields: She uses one when blocking.
* EnergyBall, KamehameHadoken: Her Magic Spark attack.
* JackOfAllStats: No surprise, since she's the main character and approximately a {{Shotoclone}}.
* MagicKnight
* {{Shotoclone}}: If one were to classify Twilight, she'd be the closest to this.
** {{Kamehamehadoken}}: Her Hadoken-like [[EnergyBall energy balls]] and one of her specials.
** {{Shoryuken}}: Her failed teleport (teleport & appear again in the same spot) move was described as the closest she has to one.
* SpellBook: Twilight uses one for most of her attacks.
* TeleportSpam
* ThrowTheBookAtThem: Twilight Sparkle's weapon of choice for air combos is her SpellBook.
* TrapMaster: Twilight Sparkle will make page copies from her book, in order to lay them down as traps.
* WaveMotionGun: Twilight Sparkle's level 1 super, Story Arc Climax.

* AscendedMeme: [[ Bionic Farm]] became a minor meme since Applejack's VA for this game said it as a joke at the end of her audition piece. That said, it's now one of the things she says in-game when using Summer Rambo.
* BadassNormal: Compared to the rest of the initial roster (even Pinkie, considering that they put Pinkie's [[RuleOfFunny cartoon]] [[OffscreenTeleportation logic]] in as teleport moves).
** Exaggerated in her "magic" moves, [[CharlesAtlasSuperpower which are basically just stronger versions of her normal moves]], unlike the rest of the cast.
*** Taken even further with her level 2 super, which is just her doing another kick after her level 1 super.
* CloseRangeCombatant
* CuteBruiser
* DynamicEntry: Applejack's "Summer Rambo" super move.
* LightningBruiser: Balanced out by a relative lack of range.
* ShockwaveStomp: Her Applequake, which shakes the ground close to the opponent.
* StealthPun: Applejack has a color scheme similar to her brother. [[spoiler: (AKA, she's an Applemac)]]
* TailSlap: One of her normal attacks.

[[folder:Pinkie Pie]]
* AbnormalAmmo: Pinkie's magic specials involve her party cannon, which can fire cakes, presents, fruits, and her pet alligator, Gummy.
** The presents are part of [[OffscreenTeleportation Be Right Back]]; she's essentially ''shooting herself'' out of her cannon.
* BearHug: She delivers an exceptionally devastating one as her level 3 super; it can take out roughly 3/4ths of an opponent's health!
* CollisionDamage: Gummy hurts the opponent, even though all he does is slowly walk forwards.
* CuteAndPsycho: Her level 3 super is her becoming "Pinkamena".
* EdibleAmmunition: Pinkie Pie's level 1 super has her jump up and fling a barrage of cupcakes, [[PieInTheFace followed by a pie]], at her opponent.
** Her magic specials involve her party cannon, which also fires cupcakes and fruit. The food can actually be eaten by Pinkie Pie to restore health or gain meter, according to the developers.
* FightingClown: Pinkie Pie's attacks include waving a giant foam finger, inflating her body, licking her opponent and raining cupcakes on her opponent for her [[LimitBreak level 1 super]].
* FlowerPotDrop: Her Party Cannon can shoot flower pots.
* FourthWallObserver: Pinkie Pie uses her {{Fanon}} MediumAwareness as one of her win quotes:
--> '''Pinkie Pie''': Lookie, lookie! The screen says I won!
* InstantCostumeChange: Pinkie Pie's launcher has her instantly put on her confetti-shooting saddle and hat from the Party of One episode.
* OffscreenTeleportation: [[InvokedTrope Invoked]] with her "Be Right Back" move and one of her supers. With "Be Right Back", she runs off screen and suddenly appears somewhere else according to the button press. The super version is similar, but is followed by a super-fast combo with onscreen teleportation.
* RandomEffectSpell: Her Party Cannon can shoot a random item for 1 magic point or one of your choice for 2.

[[folder:Rainbow Dash]]
* AnthropomorphicZigZag: Compared to the rest of the mane 6, she fights much more like a human fighting game character. Her idle animation even has her standing on two legs rather than four.
** FurryReminder: She can only stand on two legs by flapping her wings to balance herself, though, and her crouching idle stance is decidedly non-human (but no less aggressive).
* {{Flight}}
* GlassCannon: Rainbow Dash seems to be this, as she hits hard and fast, but is confirmed to have the lowest health of the mane 6.
%%* FragileSpeedster
* GoodOldFisticuffs: The jabs mentioned in HitboxDissonance involve Dash adopting a boxing stance.
* HitboxDissonance: One of her moves, a series of quick jabs, is stated by the developers to have far greater range than the move itself would imply.
* ShockAndAwe: One of Rainbow Dash's specials involves shocking her opponent with a thundercloud.

* ActionFashionista: Rarity, who even uses her ''accessories'' as weapons.
** OfCorsetHurts: Her level 3 Super.
** ParasolOfPrettiness ''and'' [[ParasolOfPain Pain]]: Her parasol/umbrella.
** WhipItGood: Her scarf.
* ButtonMashing: Button mashing during Rarity's level 3 super will cause clothing to fly out from behind the screen and increase the damage of the attack.
* CallingYourAttacks: "Amethyst!"
* DifficultButAwesome: The developers described Rarity as a very technical character when she was introduced. Rarity's specials involve playing keepaway with the opponent and [[ConfusionFu being as unpredictable as possible]], so she takes some practice to execute. With enough of that practice, though, your opponent won't know what to do against her.
* GemstoneAssault: Rarity's special attacks and level 1 and 2 super are various gem-based attacks.
* LadyOfWar
* MagicKnight
* [[MacrossMissileMassacre Macross Mineral Massacre]]: Rarity's level one and two supers are firing a hyper-rapid volley of gems upwards from the ground at her opponent.

* AttackAnimal: Fluttershy's pet rabbit Angel, as well as every other animal in her arsenal.
* TheBeastmaster: Fluttershy's rabbit Angel will assist her for some of her normal attacks, and the rest of her animal friends act as her special attacks.
* DeathGlare: [[ Fluttershy's Stare]] during one of the livestreams is a particularly literal example. It's actual purpose in the final release, however, is to cause an extended period of hitstun to the opponent.
* {{Flight}}
* OhCrap: Her back-walking animation.