A list of characters from ''VideoGame/MusashiSamuraiLegend.''

Warning, spoilers ahead.


[[folder: Main Characters]]


!!!Voiced by: Creator/YukiKaida (Japanese), Lenne Hardt (English)

TheHero and main character, Musashi is a wannabe samurai warrior who was summoned by Mycella to save Antheum from the evil clutches of Gandrake Enterprises. Along the way, he rescues the mystics and recovers the elemental swords in order to defeat Gandrake.

* AwesomeByAnalysis: He can learn new techniques by observing them in action, though he risks taking a hit from any attack he's focusing on if he stuffs it up. He actually counters moves he's learning ''with'' the move he's learning.
* BareYourMidriff: A rare male example.
* BerserkButton: [[spoiler: It's best not to kill Mycella in his sight.]]
* {{BFS}}: His signature Great Oar, as well as the five elemental swords.
** Special emphasis on the Oar. It's normally just a sword Musashi's size, but for its special attack, Maelstrom, it can grow to [[UpToEleven three times its size]].
* BridalCarry: He gets to do this to all of the Maidens and Mycella. Amusingly, he can also do this with Master Mew as a part of his training, and most enemies after shocking them with the [[ShockAndAwe Paralyzing Palm]].
* CoolShades: They have red Xs over black lens. Similar to VideoGame/BraveFencerMusashi's L-Goggles, [[TheGogglesDoNothing he never actually wears them over his eyes]] and in fact uses a different pair to see the enemy's HP.
* CharacterDevelopment: At first, he's somewhat reluctant about being taken out of his world to save another. Later on, he becomes a MessianicArchetype after spending time with the Mystics, [[spoiler: and falling in love with Mycella.]]
* ChasteHero: He appears to be clueless after [[spoiler: Clochette]] gives him an ambiguous proposition.
** He's even slightly confused when [[spoiler: Mycella]] decides to cast her "[[IsThatWhatTheyreCallingItNow Spell Of Certain Victory]]" ''[[spoiler: and snogs him.]]''
* CrossdressingVoices: Musashi is voiced by a woman in both the English and Japanese versions. Both of them give Musashi a Manga/{{Naruto}}-sounding voice.
* DeadpanSnarker: Somewhat. Most of what Musashi says is straight-forward, but he gets some good snark in from time to time.
--> '''Musashi:''' I knew you were nuts, but ''[[spoiler: talking rocks!?!?]]'' Do they sing and dance too?
* DiagonalCut: In various flavors.
* DoubleJump: One of his skills.
* DualWielding: His fighting style, echoing that of his [[UsefulNotes/MiyamotoMusashi real life inspiration]].
* ElementalPowers: With the five Elemental Swords. They're usually necessary to solve puzzles along the way.
* HotBlooded: He's a guy that loves to fight anything that stands in his way, and enjoys giving pep talk to those who seem to be down on their luck.
* ImprobableHairstyle: [[UpToEleven Longer than his body]], necessitating that it defy gravity to keep from dragging on the ground.
* KatanasAreJustBetter: His main sword.
* KidSamurai: He's 16 years old.
* LightningBruiser: A pretty fast, durable, and skillful samurai for someone his age.
* MasterSwordsman: By the end of the game, after he finally defeats Gandrake.
* OneHandedZweihander: He dual wields his {{BFS}}s with his katana.
* OneManArmy: The only force that's capable of bringing an end to Gandrake's entire company.
* PowerCopying: How he learns most of his techniques.
* RedOniBlueOni: He's the Red (snarky, dual wields, good, and hot-blooded) while Gandrake is the Blue (serious, single longsword-wielding, evil, and cold). It's even lampshaded in the intro video, where they're cloaked in their respective colors during their duel.
* SkywardScream: One when [[spoiler: Mycella dies.]]
** SayMyName: In the Japanese version, he instead yells [[spoiler: "HIME!" ("princess" in Japanese).]]
* ThisIsGonnaSuck: One at the beginning, after witnessing the sheer number of platforms with relative guard robots that stands between him and the tower where Mycella is kept. He says the exact same thing near the climax of the game, when he's about to fight [[spoiler:Gandrake, who has by then transformed into an EvilTwin MirrorBoss of him.]]
-->'''Musashi:''' "Not good..."
* ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks: The "Karmic Circle" Secret Technique.
* UnstoppableRage: [[spoiler: His mindset of defeating Gandrake changes aggressively once he kills Mycella. It pisses him off so much that he becomes more than willing to give his own life if it meant he can kill Gandrake!]]

!!Princess Mycella

!!!Voiced by: Miwa Kouzuki (Japanese), Jasmine Allen (English)

Antheum's princess, and the one who summoned Musashi in first place. She's kidnapped by Gandrake and must repeatedly be rescued. She develops a crush on Musashi.

* BigGood: She is the one responsible for summoning TheHero for help, as well as being Gandrake's main target for use of her powers for world conquest, which sets off the plot of the game.
* ContrastingSequelMainCharacter: On the TomboyAndGirlyGirl spectrum, Mycella is the [[Franchise/KingdomHearts Kairi]]-esque Girly Girl to the TomboyPrincess that was [[VideoGame/BraveFencerMusashi Fillet]].
* DistressedDamsel: She's kidnapped at the very beginning of the game, and the prologue consists of rescuing her.
** This happens a total of [[RuleOfThree three]] times in the game. To list:
*** 1: The beginning of the game, where she is kidnapped by Rothschild and kept at Nebulium Tower to be saved by Musashi. After the rescue, Musashi and Mycella venture to the peak of the tower, where Mycella gets knocked out and re-kidnapped by Gandrake.
*** 2: During a mission to rescue Maribo from the same tower where Mycella was first kept, [[spoiler:Musashi learns from Maribo that the princess was sent there again along with her. They find and free Mycella again, and all 3 of them successfully return to Antheum]].
*** 3: [[spoiler: Later on, Clochette finds Mycella at Antheum, kidnaps her at gunpoint, and sends her to Rampart Isle, the final stage of the game. This time, it takes beating all of Gandrake's Five Directors and giving up his five elemental swords to free her.]] When Musashi does, Mycella even [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] that this is the third time Musashi had to do so.
* DesignatedLoveInterest: Although Musashi has to save multiple girls, Mycella is by far the most important out of them plotwise, and the one Musashi has the most feelings for, [[EveryoneCanSeeIt even if he doesn't admit it at first]].
** FirstGirlWins: She's also the first main female Musashi rescues after her summoning of him.
* [[spoiler: DisneyDeath: She was killed by Gandrake & the Archnembulus for assisting Musashi in the final battle. Fortunately, the Anthedon being restored to its full power from all 5 elemental swords allowed it to revive her.]]
* EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses: And one that's a MagicalGirl at that.
* IntimateHealing: A rather innocent version: During the battle against [[spoiler:Shadow Musashi,]] she can heal Musashi if he [[BridalCarry carries her.]]
* {{Leitmotif}}: ''"Mystical Princess"''. Comes in a regular version and a more modern "Casual" version.
* PrincessesPreferPink: Not only in her clothes, but also in her magic.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: [[spoiler: She even assists Musashi during the first battle against Gandrake, who has changed into Shadow Musashi.]] This angers Gandrake enough to [[spoiler:[[ShootTheMedicFirst kill her]] before unleashing his OneWingedAngel form.]]

!!Master Mew (Master Mao)

!!!Voiced by: Creator/TakeshiAono (Japanese), Barry Gjerde (English)

An old humanoid cat who knows the Mystics. He finds Musashi who was summoned by Mycella in the beginning and trains him in the "Way of the Stray Cat". He later appears on Antheum in his dojo to give you advice on how to use your elemental attacks and occasionally teach you new techniques.

* BadassGrandpa: Despite his small size & old age, Mew is known to be an extraordinary swordsman by Antheum's people. Musashi training under him will no doubt pay off in the long run.
* DubNameChange: From Mao.
** Note that both names are onomatopoeia for the same sound, but mew is an English one and mao is a Japanese one.
* DudeWheresMyRespect: No one seems to pay him any respect -- Musashi even calls him Whisker Dude -- but he doesn't complain.
** [[spoiler:Ultimately subverted when Musashi refers to him as "Master" at the end of the game.]]
* EyepatchOfPower
** EyesAlwaysShut
* LightningBruiser: He's really fast.
* MasterSwordsman: We never get to see him in action, though.
* OldMaster: To Musashi.
* SwordCane: His weapon.

Mycella's father, he's the leader of the Mystics of Antheum. He can help Musashi during his quest by driving the [[SpaceWhale Anthedon]] to the needed location.

* AccidentalPervert: He makes the big mistake of running into [[spoiler: Clochette]] while she was changing her clothes, haven't yet realized that she truly performed a [[spoiler: HeelFaceTurn.]]
* BigGood: Similar to his daughter. He informs Musashi on the history of Antheum, and uses the Anthedon take Musashi wherever he wants to go.
* NiceGuy
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure


[[folder: Elemental Maidens]]

!!Burrini (Tamie)

!!!Voiced by: Nanri Yuuka (Japanese), Vicki Glass (English)

The Earth Maiden, a kindhearted girl who works at her father Tunnbrod's Bakery. She's very close to animals and enjoys picnics.

* ActionGirl: A very minor example, because we never see her in action, but she was crucial to locking away Gorpus in a giant urn with her Sword of Earth, and she even says that she wouldn't be able to take him head-on if she had to.
* TheChick: Fits the traditional maiden archetype more than the other maidens in the game, on top of being sweet & innocent enough to be {{Moe}}.
* DishingOutDirt: That's her element.
* DistressedDamsel: The first time you meet her in the Wellspring Woods.
* DoesNotUnderstandSarcasm: She thinks "Mayday" is a suitable name for a bluebird...
* DubNameChange: From Tamie.
* ElementalEyeColors: This Maiden of Earth has GreenEyes.
* {{Expy}}: Of Jam from VideoGame/BraveFencerMusashi. Both are cute girls that help run their fathers' bakery.
* FriendToAllLivingThings: As her artwork above shows, she especially loves birds and squirrels.
* {{Gainaxing}}: During her first cutscene, while she was in a panic from being surrounded by Rothschild and a couple of Ninjaroids.
* GreenThumb: Possibly, she also wears a small girdle of flowers.
* {{Leitmotif}}: ''"Gaia Serenade"''
* TheMedic: A side-mission late in the game has Musashi take her back through Manglewood to look for special mushrooms, so she can make a medicine with them that can heal Mayday's broken wing.
* MsFanservice: A rather innocent one. She's one of the more well-endowed maidens, but the only mention of her appeal from certain [=NPCs=] is her [[{{Moe}} kind and warm personality]].
* ShowgirlSkirt

!!Fontina (Ricotta)

!!!Voiced by: Creator/MiyuMatsuki (Japanese), Michele Stayner (English)

The Water Maiden, she was kept prisoner in the Roquefort Mine and used as a power source. At first, she's quite hostile and rude to Musashi, even after he's just rescued her and repaired her glasses, and states that they don't need his help. She eventually mellows down and decides to help Musashi.

* BlindWithoutEm: So much that she falls asleep without her glasses, and they're made from a very rare material to boot.
* DistressedDamsel: She was locked up in a jar similar to Mycella's where her powers were used as a energy source deep within Roquefort Mine.
* DubNameChange: From Ricotta.
* ElementalEyeColors: This Maiden of Water has blue eyes.
* EurekaMoment: [[spoiler: She's the first to discover that the Anthedon can revive Mycella, when the fountain in the middle of Antheum lights up at the end of the game.]]
* {{Expy}}: Of Librarian Brisketta from VideoGame/BraveFencerMusashi. Both are {{Meganekko}} librarians with some kind of quirk in their speech (Brisketta tends to stutter while Fontina has a UsefulNotes/{{British Accent|s}}).
* HotLibrarian: See {{Meganekko}} below.
* {{Leitmotif}}: ''"Aqua Memory"''
* MakingASplash: It is even implied in her argument with Musashi that she has some sort of fighting skill with her Sword of Water, though we never get to see this and Musashi knows that Gandrake would likely [[CurbStompBattle beat her in no time flat]], anyway.
* MeaningfulName[=/=]PunnyName: She's named (in both versions) after an Italian cheese. Furthermore, the ricotta has also a bitter taste, but its very soft.
** Her Japanese name could also be referring to her element. Water can be calm or fierce depending on its mood.
* {{Meganekko}}: One NPC even says her glasses are her biggest appeal. [[spoiler: Said NPC offers her flowers during TheStinger.]]
* RedBaron: Glogg dubbed her ''"The Water Wench"''.
* ThereAreNoTherapists: Eventually she gets over her issues after talking to Musashi.
* {{Tsundere}}: Only at first, but quickly grows out of it.
* [[UngratefulBastard Ungrateful Bitch]]: After Musashi saved her from the mines, bring her back home and bring her new glasses, the first thing she does is to insult him and say that they can beat Gandrake without his help. After getting into an argument with Musashi over this, she eventually breaks and then gets better once he offers her some pep talk.

!!Mirabo and Maribo (Murol and Murolait)

!!![[TalkingToHerself Both voiced]] by: Creator/MisatoFukuen (Japanese), Bianca Allen (English)

The Fire Maidens, a pair of cute young twins with powers over fire. They went to Mount Terroir to calm down its guardian, Moltan, but they're captured by Gandrake's men who are operating in the vicinity.

* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: Mirabo has a pink dress while Maribo has a dark red one.
* {{Cute Witch}}es: Although they're not actually witches, their clothes give off this allusion.
* {{Distressed Damsel}}s: Mirabo was used to (incompletely) power Riesling's pyroclastic modulator in Mt. Terroir, while Maribo was sent to the Nebulium Tower where Mycella was kept [[spoiler: and ''is'' kept at again with her]].
* DubNameChange: From Murol to Mirabo, and Murolait to Maribo.
* ElementalEyeColors: These twin Maidens of Fire both have red eyes.
** CurtainsMatchTheWindow: Likewise, their hair is a vibrant shade of red.
* GirlishPigtails: Mirabo's point upward while Maribo's point downward.
* {{Leitmotif}}: ''"Symphony of Fire I"'' for Mirabo, ''"Symphony of Fire II"'' for Maribo. Together, the contrasting moods of both songs represent the twins' own RedOniBlueOni. See below.
* PlayingWithFire: Although they're Fire Maidens, on their own they each only have half of the full power a different maiden would've had, due to their smaller size & younger age. They must both be present in order to awaken the Sword of Fire's hidden power.
* RedOniBlueOni: Mirabo is spunky and light-hearted, and has an obvious crush on Musashi, while Maribo is calmer and clever, with her crush on Musashi being more subtle.
* {{Token Mini Moe}}s: Mirabo and Maribo are the smallest and youngest of all the ''Maidens'' Musashi has to rescue, whereas all of the other Maidens and even Mycella herself are teenagers.
* TalkingToHerself: Their Japanese & English voice actors are the same.
* WonderTwinPowers: They can only release the power of the Fire Sword if both of them are present.

!!Istara (Maki)

!!!Voiced by: Creator/YukiMatsuoka (Japanese), Gerri Sorrells (English)

The Wind Maiden, a skilled swordswoman who lives in the Picodon Jungle and protects it from the invading forces of Gandrake.

* ActionGirl: Due to her training, she's the most powerful and skilled of all the Maidens, and it shows.
* BadassInDistress: You need to carry her only for a short sequence.
* {{BFS}}: Her Sword of Wind actually averts this until she & Musashi release its power, which transforms its shape and plays this trope straight.
* BlowYouAway: Her element as a maiden, which she can also use for battles.
* [[spoiler: BonusBoss]]: After completing her chapter in the game.
* TheDeterminator: Nothing will stop her from saving Picodon Jungle from Gandrake's forces.
* DubNameChange: From Maki.
* ElementalEyeColors: The Maiden of Wind has gold eyes.
* {{Gainaxing}}: A gratuitous closeup on her chest while she counts down before unleashing a OneHitKO on a Ninjaroid.
* {{Leitmotif}}: ''"Aeolic Guardian"''. It's the longest Maiden theme in the game, and also plays [[spoiler:when you get to fight her for yourself]].
* MeaningfulName: "Maki" can refer to Whirlwinds.
* OddNameOut: She's the only Maiden whose name isn't a cheese pun, and she's also the only one whose eye color (yellow) doesn't match her element at all.
* {{Tsundere}}: Goes into full ''dere dere'' mode when you give her the "Champion Belt" from her master, or compliment how she looks in her ceremonial garb.
* WouldHurtAChild: She was ready to shank Malbec at one point. In her defense, [[KidsAreCruel Malbec is kind of a dick]].

!![[spoiler: Clochette]]

!!!Voiced by: Creator/AiOrikasa (Japanese), Rumiko Varens (English)

The Void Maiden, she left Antheum long ago [[spoiler: and was hired by Gandrake]]. Eventually she's discovered and used for reviving the Mouna Temple where the Void Sword is kept. She's eventually saved by Musashi and brought back to Antheum.

* DarkAndTroubledPast: [[spoiler: Actually parodied, when Musashi ask her to tell a serious reason why she sided with Gandrake, she pulls out several clichèd excuses.]]
* DarkIsNotEvil: [[spoiler: Well, at least not at first.]]
* EasilyForgiven: [[spoiler: Sort of averted. Banon still holds a grudge against her, but Musashi thinks otherwise.]]
* [[spoiler:FaceHeelTurn: She sided with Gandrake and even kidnapped Mycella (the second time). She later pulls a...]]
* [[spoiler:HeelFaceTurn: After Gandrake & his five directors finally identify her as the Maiden of the Void, she gets locked up in Mouna Temple, where Musashi bails her out and eventually leads him to the boss that wields the Sword of the Void.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: She's quick to anger and complains a lot.
* {{Leitmotif}}: ''"Vixen Maiden"''
* MaleGaze: [[spoiler:Implied while she's strapped to a stone lock to revive Mouna Temple. One of the angles she's put in makes it very easy for one of the Ninjaroids working the lock to [[PantyShot look straight up her skirt]]]].
-->'''[[spoiler: Clochette:]]''' What do you think you're looking at?! That's going to cost you!
* MsFanservice: The biggest example in the game. She even makes an ambiguous proposition to Musashi at one point after they finally escape the temple... [[ChasteHero and it flies straight over Musashi's head.]]
-->'''[[spoiler: Clochette:]]''' I'm so grateful, I'd like to express my... ''appreciation''. *giggles*
--> '''Musashi:''' [[IgnoreTheFanservice Well, how about releasing the power of the Sword of the Void?]]
-->'''[[spoiler: Clochette:]]''' [[JustAKid Such a child]]. [[CompletelyMissingThePoint You missed my point entirely!]]
* SlapstickKnowsNoGender: [[spoiler: After being revealed as the Maiden of the Void, the villains revive the temple her sword is in by ''strapping her to a wheel-like stone and spinning her like a combination lock'']]. She doesn't take it well.
* ThePowerOfTheVoid: With the Void being a dark element, this may justify her [[spoiler:FaceHeelTurn and subsequent HeelFaceTurn later on.]]
* WalkingSpoiler: [[spoiler:The sole fact that she was a Maiden that pulled a FaceHeelTurn makes her this. To drive the point home further, she's the only Maiden not labeled as such on other websites, promotional artwork, and even the game's opening, where they all only focused on her being a villain as Gandrake's assistant.]]
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Violet, actually.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Grade A


[[folder: Antagonists]]

!!Gandrake [[spoiler:a.k.a. Ganryu]]

!!!Voiced by: Creator/TakehitoKoyasu (Japanese), Douglas Kirk (English)

The evil president of Gandrake Enterprises, and a powerful swordsman. He's kidnapping the Mystics in order to use their powers to fuel his Nebulite engines and is busy mining as much Nebulite as he can. [[spoiler: He's actually revealed to be [[UsefulNotes/SasakiKojiro Kojiro Ganryu Sasaki]], dragged into this world by the demon Amestris (trapped within the Archnembulus) in order to free her. He gets totally nebulized by the evil goddess but is defeated by Musashi.]]

* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: Of course.
* {{BFS}}: Wields a very long, straight sword, possibly a nodachi. [[spoiler: In his Nebulized form, he gets to use a humongous, multi-pronged sword.]]
* BigBad: His henchmen's invasion of Antheum and kidnapping of Mycella is what sets off the game's plot.
* BlueOniRedOni: See Musashi's section above.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: He may be the president of his own company, but he's nothing short of a ruthless one.
* DullSurprise: He rarely seems fazed by anything at all.
* FinalBoss: [[spoiler:His OneWingedAngel form, where he uses Amestris to transform with Nebulite.]]
* LightningBruiser
* MasterSwordsman: Already known as one long before Musashi is able to reach this level for himself.
* [[spoiler:MirrorBoss: During the first part of his fight, he uses Amestris's powers to turn into a clone of Musashi.]]
* OneHitKill: His Returning Swallow counter attack. [[spoiler: It's an instant GameOver if you fail to counter it in his TrueFinalBoss SingleStrokeBattle]].
* [[spoiler: OneWingedAngel: When Amestris takes over, he turns into a black giant made of Nebulite.]]
* OrcusOnHisThrone: Almost literally during meetings with his Five Directors.
* [[spoiler: TrueFinalBoss: After Musashi beats his Shadow Musashi form, then beats him again in his nebulized form, he later shows up in Antheum as himself for one final SingleStrokeBattle against Musashi.]]
* UltimateLifeForm: He considers himself to be the "Ultimate Form of Life" as [[spoiler: He uses Amestris' powers to nebulize himself.]]
* WorthyOpponent: Sees Musashi as one.
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: [[spoiler:One can assume that this is part of why Gandrake has the Archnembulus kill Mycella in the final battle after spending the entire game keeping her hostage to harness her powers.]]


!!!Voiced by: Creator/RyotaroOkiayu (Japanese), Michael Rhys (English)

The Director of Administration and leader of [[QuirkyMinibossSquad Gandrake's Gonin]] ([[DubNameChange Gandrake's Five Directors]]). He's a cold, calculating man who sports a cultured, polite demeanor. He's the one who initially kidnaps Mycella, and is in charge of the Nebulium Tower in Wellspring Woods. [[spoiler: He's actually planning to take over Gandrake and even suggests that Musashi join forces with him to do so.]]

* BlowYouAway: Can summon annoying whirlwinds and shoot a WaveMotionGun made of air.
* [[spoiler: LesCollaborateurs: Tries to pull one with Musashi, but his offer is refused.]]
* TheDragon: To Gandrake
** [[spoiler: DragonAscendant: He takes over Gandrake's place in TheStinger.]]
* EyesAlwaysShut: Except for one scene near the end, after his defeat by Musashi.
** LetsGetDangerous: [[spoiler: See LoadBearingBoss below to know what he does after this revelation.]]
* {{Jerkass}}: Despite his polite facade, he quickly reveals himself as a full-fledged asshole if he doesn't get what he wants, as seen when he threatens Burrini in the beginning of the game.
* [[spoiler: LoadBearingBoss: He presses a switch that causes the last area Musashi & Mycella need to travel through to reach Gandrake to collapse, creating the first BottomlessPit in the game.]]
* [[spoiler: TheStarscream: To Gandrake.]]
* SwordCane
* WickedCultured: Hell yeah.

!!Glogg (Ducassa)

!!!Voiced by: Creator/KentaMiyake (Japanese), Murray Johnson (English)

Director of Negotiations, he's the (physically) strongest warrior amongst the Gonin. He's in charge of Roquefort Mine and guarding the Water Maiden.

* AnchorsAway: His weapon. Used as an EpicFlail.
* BattleCouple: With Riesling.
* TheBrute: A more clever version, though.
* DubNameChange: From Ducassa.
* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning: How he attacks.
* [[spoiler: HeelFaceTurn: Along with Riesling and Malbec in TheStinger. He's seen at a beach with Riesling fighting over a peek of Clochette's swimsuit.]]
* PunchClockVillain: He prefers to go surfing rather than supervise his underlings. Musashi manages to storm his facility twice while he's off skiving.
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: Actively claims that he seriously hates his partner. They team up, however, because they've never been defeated while fighting alongside each other until Musashi came along. [[spoiler: They seem to have made up by TheStinger though.]]

!!Riesling (Dio)

!!!Voiced by: Creator/HirokiTakahashi (Japanese), Michael Naishtut (English)

Director of Security. He's one of the strongest Gonin, but sadly not the brightest. He's quick to anger and is the butt of many jokes. However, he admits that he and Glogg form an invincible pair. He's in charge of Mount Terroir.

* AnAxeToGrind: And a ''chainsaw'' one to boot!
* TheBrute: Shares this position with Glogg.
* ButtMonkey: Many jokes during meetings are at his expense.
* ConfusingMultipleNegatives: A death variation, as his PreAsskickingOneLiner before he and Glogg face Musashi.
-->'''Riesling:''' "Okay, Musashi! We're gonna kill you so dead, you'll wish you were never born... alive..."
* DualBoss: With Glogg.
* DubNameChange: From Dio.
* DumbMuscle: He's not very bright, but can put up a fight.
* FieryRedHead: He's easy to anger.
* [[spoiler: HeelFaceTurn: Along with Glogg and Malbec in TheStinger. He's seen at a beach with Glogg fighting over a peek of Clochette's swimsuit.]]
* {{Malaproper}}[=/=]{{Metaphorgotten}}: He's largely guilty of this when he tries to sound proper.
-->'''Riesling:''' "We're, uh, demodulating the control systems at Mt. Terroir. We will be, um... operative soon."
* PreAsskickingOneLiner: See ConfusingMultipleNegatives above.
* PunchClockVillain: See also Glogg.
* ReadTheFreakingManual: Failed to do so, not realizing that his pyroclastic modulator needed two Maidens of Fire to work properly instead of one.
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: Glogg does not like him, and the feeling is mutual, but they're so effective as a team that they were never defeated in combat until Musashi came along.
** [[spoiler: They seem to have made up by TheStinger though.]]
* ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks
* TooDumbToLive: He caused a volcanic eruption and awakened a powerful Lava Monster... all because he didn't bother to find the instructions for the machine he was attending to. See ReadTheFreakingManual above.

!!Malbec (Albert)

!!!Voiced by: Creator/YumikoKobayashi (Japanese), Yuko Yunokawa (English)

Director of Research and Development. He's a 10-year old genius working for Gandrake. He created all the robots and machines used by the corporation. He plans to create a new base in Picodon Jungle.

* BerserkButton: Don't call him "Beckles".
* {{BFG}}: The "[=AK4D7=]", which he holds using two special robotic hands from his backpack.
* BrattyHalfPint: For a kid his age and size, he sure loves to talk a lot of smack at [[ButtMonkey Riesling]].
* DubNameChange: From Albert, [[UsefulNotes/AlbertEinstein amusingly...]]
* ChildProdigy[=/=]EvilGenius: A small child that works for Gandrake that creates all of his company's machines.
* FlunkyBoss: He fights alongside several sexy, [[MoreDakka gatling-toting]] female Ninjaroids.
* [[spoiler: HeelFaceTurn: Along with Glogg and Riesling in TheStinger. He's seen being introduced as a new student at the Antheum Academy, with Mirabo & Maribo taking notice.]]
* InsufferableGenius: Hell yeah.
* KidsAreCruel: He's the youngest of Gandrake's directors, and also one of their meanest. [[WouldHurtAChild Doesn't stop Istara from preparing to kick his ass, nor does it stop Musashi from accomplishing that in their fight near the end.]]


!!!Voiced by: Creator/RyuseiNakao (Japanese), Jack Merluzzi (English)

Director of Intelligence, is a disturbing, quiet, cat-like cyborg who works for the Gonin. Despite his calm, polite looks, he's a ruthless, bloody killer, and possibly a cannibal. He tries to revive the Temple of the Ancients where the Sword of Void is kept.

* BewareMyStingerTail
* DeadpanSnarker: He gets a small quip in when Glogg screws up his TheWarHasJustBegun speech after Musashi ruins his operation at Roquefort Mine.
--> '''Glogg:''' "We may have lost the battle, but we won the door!"
--> '''Shiraz:''' "[[SarcasmMode Glogg, the poet laureate.]]"
* [[spoiler: TheDragon: To Rothschild in TheStinger.]]
* IAmAHumanitarian: Implies that he'll eat Musashi if he wins their battle.
--> '''Shiraz:''' "I have no qualms devouring you. The calcium is good for my nails and ''tail''.
* HollywoodCyborg: With a [[CatsAreMean cat]] theme, to boot.
* {{Kitsune}}: Resembles one.
* PsychoForHire: See IAmAHumanitarian above.
* TheQuietOne: He has the least dialogue of Gandrake's Five Directors.
** BewareTheQuietOnes: As seen in his battle, he's also the most sadistic & vicious of the five, which manages to creep Musashi out.
* WolverineClaws

!![[spoiler: Amestris, Goddess of Destruction]]

!!!Voiced by: Creator/IkueOtani (Japanese), Kether Donahue (English)

Alias the [[spoiler: Archnembulus.]] Is an ancient being sealed away in the past. [[spoiler: She manipulated Gandrake into breaking her seal and freeing her.]]

* [[spoiler: BiggerBad]]
* EldritchAbomination: Probably, and she [[spoiler: turns in a giant jellyfish-like monster near the end.]]
* EvilCounterpart: To Anthedon.
* GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere: Indeed. [[spoiler: While the Archnembulus is brought up by Gandrake in the final confrontation, nothing is said about the being, herself.]]
* [[spoiler: [[TheManBehindTheMan The Stone Behind The Man]]: To Ganryuu, who she brainwashed into becoming her vassal Gandrake.]]
* [[GreenRocks Red Rocks]]: [[spoiler: The Nebulite and, specifically, the Archnembulus.]]
* SealedEvilInACan: She was sealed away long ago in the [[spoiler: Archnembulus.]]


[[folder:Swords Guardians]]


A giant scorpion-like monster who rampaged through the Wellspring Woods before being sealed. Sadly, the Sword of Earth is also the lock on his prison.

* BewareMyStingerTail: Although he attacks more with his pincers, and his tail is only used shoot fireballs.
* GoForTheEye: You must remove his helmet and claws first.
* ScaryScorpions: And he also looks like a robot.
* SealedEvilInACan: Banon & Burrini used the Sword of Earth to seal him in a huge stone jar in order to keep him from destroying the forest, and then created a huge stone barrier around that jar to keep it out of harm's reach. The whole area is then hidden deep within Manglewood's maze, and only Burrini knows how to navigate through it to reach the place.

!!Scarlet Kraken

The huge guardian of the Sword of Water, he sleeps in the lowest level of Roquefort Mines. He must be awakened with the Sword of Earth and defeated in order to gain the Sword of Water.

* AttackItsWeakPoint: His "heart", which he expels from his mouth whenever you stun him.
* AttackOfThe50FootWhatever
* CombatTentacles: [[CaptainObvious Of course...]]
* MakingASplash: Can spit a huge stream of water from his mouth.
* MonsterMash: He looks part octopus, part elephant.
* TakenForGranite: When you first meet him, he's a stone statue that you must awaken with the Sword of Earth.
* [[TurnsRed Turns Blue]]: Being already red to begin with...

!!Moltan (Vallord)

A big lava monster and the spirit of Mount Terroir. Mirabo headed there to calm him down, but Riesling kidnapped Mirabo and accidentally used her to drive the beast insane, not reading his instructions or knowing that Maribo was needed, too. Moltan must now be put back to sleep in order to stop the destruction.

* DishingOutDirt: There are several stone spikes in his body -- possibly his "ribs" -- that he can launch at you.
* DubNameChange: From Vallord.
* KillItWithWater: You can turn his paws into solid stone with the Sword of Water's Hydro Blast. You must defeat him by standing on these stones and then aim the Hydro Blast at his face.
* MagmaMan: Or rather, Magma Dragon. Attacking him directly isn't a good idea.
* PlayingWithFire: You'll get burned if you so much as touch his body.

!!Arachnolia (Aracuria)

Queen of the Picodon Jungle, this huge spider used to be kind and gentle, but was turned in a ruthless cyborg by Malbec and now must be stopped at all costs.

* AchillesHeel: That red... thing on her chin.
* CyberneticsEatYourSoul: Malbec, you little bastard.
* GiantSpider: Was this even before her transformation.
* MercyKill: Done by Istara, after Musashi defeats her. She'd rather have her dead and her spirit freed then allow her to live on as a soulless machine under Gandrake's control.

Guardian of Mouna Temple, a large machine-like monster who dwells in the temple's inner sanctum. He's the keeper of the Sword of the Void and awakens when the temple is restored to its ancient glory by [[spoiler:Clochette]].

* {{BFS}}: Turns out his "neck", a massive version of the Sword of the Void, is the largest sword of them all.
* BreathWeapon: Spits fire.
* GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere You have no warning or clue of his presence in the abysses of the temple.
* HumongousMecha: He's probably one, as [[spoiler:Clochette is forced into a cage in his torso, seemingly powering him against her will]].
* MultiArmedAndDangerous: Six arms and six swords.
* [[DualWielding Multiple Wielding]]: Wields a sword in each arm. Specifically, in one arm he holds the real one, while the other five hands hold a ghost copy of the original. The real one must be destroyed before he moves on to a different set.
* OneWingedAngel: After destroying all six of his swords, he removes his head and neck... which itself is a humongous blade: The Sword of Void, itself.