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!!Main Characters

[[folder:Detective William Murdoch]]

->'''Played By:''' Yannick Bisson

A detective at Toronto's station house 4, Murdoch investigates and solves crimes by using what were unorthodox and untested methods. Though his methods raise eyebrows, his results are successful.
* TheAce: He's beyond great at his job and everybody either admires him or at least acknowledges the good of his progressive methods and amazing dedication to his work.
* {{Adorkable}}: Detective Murdoch can be endearingly awkward, which is probably a major reason why the likes of Dr. Ogden and Enid Jones fall for him.
* AgentScully: His usual role, as he has to scully Crabtree's outrageous ideas. However, Murdoch is a deeply religious man. In one episode, he had a NearDeathExperience and did not try to deny it.
* AlmightyJanitor: Despite being one of the higher-ranking officers at Station House No. 4, he's nonetheless ''over''qualified for his position due to politics. Murdoch was once up for a promotion to inspector, however he was passed over because of the anti-Catholic sentiment in predominantly Protestant Toronto during the era. As a result it's highly unlikely he'll ever rise higher than detective.
* BadassBookworm: He knows everything modern science has achieved, and he can apply his knowledge on constructing various gadgets that help during his investigation. As a policeman, he can also handle himself in a fight when he's called on to do so.
* BeenThereShapedHistory: Seems to have met every famous person alive at the time and invented several modern inventions, including the lie detector and gear shifts for bicycles.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Murdoch is unambiguously a good, decent human being. He's devout, but wrestles with his faith when unable to cleanly reconcile his belief with his progressive views. He's foremost concerned with justice, and once allowed a criminal to go free by admitting a confession was obtained under physical duress. Ultimately, he's a kind and considerate man. However once he has his suspect cornered Murdoch becomes a very formidable interrogator. And if you push him too far by threatening his friends and loved ones he can be downright ''terrifying'' when he finally does lose his temper.
* ByTheBookCop: He's very honest and actually ahead of his time, for instance, he would never beat a criminal during an interrogation. He's by-the-book almost to a fault. For example, when asked, he admitted that a criminal confessed after beating when the original report claimed it was a voluntary admittance of guilt. Even though he knew said criminal was guilty of rape and murder.
* ChasteHero: Due to his deep-held Catholic beliefs and gentlemanly demeanor, he will not act untoward women or give into temptation no matter how willingly it's offered. When forced to spend a night at a hotel with Julia, in order to give her husband grounds for divorce, he comes prepared with a game of checkers to keep themselves occupied.
* ChickMagnet: Dr. Julia Ogden, Mrs. Enid Jones, Anna Fulford and [[spoiler:Sally Pendrick]] all demonstrate more than a passing interest in Murdoch. Various ladies he encounters during his investigations are interested as well.
* TheComicallySerious: He can easily fall into this, always staying quite serious even in the most bizarre situations. Inspector Brackenreid once asks Crabtree if he'd ever seen him laugh. Constables or Inspector Brackenreid sometimes laugh at him behind his back.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindows: Dark brown hair, dark brown eyes.
* DashinglyDapperDerby: He wears a Homburg. The hat has its level of cool, especially considering the setting.
* DoNotCallMePaul: He doesn't like being called "Bill". He's clearly very annoyed when a {{Jerkass}} hotel detective keeps addressing him as such.
* FairCop: He's a very attractive member of law enforcement.
* FamedInStory: Downplayed example. Several people, usually famous figures themselves, recognize his achievements. In "Murdoch in Toyland", he finds out that he has a fangirl who is fascinated by his work and follows all his cases in the press. And of course the season eight episode "The Murdoch Appreciation Society" introduces an entire ''fan club''. [[spoiler: They even try to stage a murder with a cadaver ''just'' to watch him work, which, much to their surprise, leads to the discovery of an ''actual'' murder when it turns out the cadaver did not actually die of natural causes.]]
* FirstNameBasis:
** Dr. Ogden and he often call each other by their first names, and later in the series they also refer to each other as William and Julia, which reveals their deeper personal relationship.
** He calls Constables Crabtree and Higgins George and Henry frequently. However, they cannot reciprocate as Murdoch is their superior.
** He prefers to be addressed as William and does ''not'' like being called "Bill".
* GadgeteerGenius: Murdoch has invented sonar, a primitive security camera, a gear-changing bicycle, and other gadgets beyond his time.
* GentlemanAndAScholar: Murdoch is a scientific genius, but he's also a perfectly affable and friendly guy.
* HasAType: He's by no means a Casanova or seducer who would pursue women constantly, but if he's ever interested in a woman, she's intelligent and usually blond (his deceased fiancée Liza [[note]]not much is known about her background or personality[[/note]], Dr Ogden, Mrs Jones, Anna Fulford and Mrs Pendrick). Inspector Brackenreid feels an urge to point it out to him in "Evil Eye of Egypt", saying that he should be careful during an investigation because beautiful intelligent ladies are his weak spot. The lady in question, Dr. Iris Bajjali, is highly intelligent, but a dark Arabian beauty.
* HatesSmallTalk: Downplayed, as he doesn't especially despise it, but he prefers useful conversation or talking about science.
-->'''Brackenreid:''' So Murdoch, how's married life treating you? All well at the hotel?\\
'''Murdoch:''' I'm happy to report that it's an excellent arrangement. No-one pays you any particular mind.\\
'''Brackenreid:''' What do you mean?\\
'''Murdoch:''' Well, sir, at my boarding house, the other residents... I was constantly being pulled into conversations of limited merit.\\
'''Brackenreid:''' I can only imagine the difficulty.\\
'''Murdoch:''' [[SarcasmBlind Thank you.]]
* IdealHero: He would be a KnightInShiningArmor if he lived in the Middle Ages. The whole reason Murdoch became a policeman was to work for justice and make Toronto a better place.
* IntelligenceEqualsIsolation: Hinted at in the episode "The Great Wall" when he's let down that not even among police force he can feel as a part of the group. However, he's very much admired and well-liked by everybody at Station House 4.
* TheKnightsWhoSaySquee: Detective Murdoch, our hero, is always delighted or thrilled to meet famous inventors and scientists, but he absolutely fan-boys over some of them, like when he meets Nicola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Alva Edison, or especially Guglielmo Marconi.
* LimitedAdvancementOpportunities: His promotion to Inspector was considered in the very first episode, but his being a Catholic in Protestant Toronto means he has very probably reached his top position.
* LongLostRelative: His younger sister appears for one episode, and he has a brother in the RCMP he never knew existed until they met.
* ManlyTears: He usually holds his emotions hidden, which makes his tears all the more moving. [[spoiler:His eyes were filled with tears when Julia told him her abortion had left her barren and strongly implied she wanted to end their relationship because she knew about his desire to have a family, and he cried when his sister told him she was dying and going to spend the rest of her life in prayer at the convent.]]
* MrImagination: He's a highly rational version of the trope. He often imagines himself to be a part of the crime scene at the time of the murder, and he likes to wander into imagining his future family life. Also, there are all those {{Imagine Spot}}s and {{Daydream Surprise}} sequences involving his fantasies about Dr. Ogden.
* NeatFreak: Murdoch is almost always impeccably dressed and groomed. When he and Terrence Myers go undercover to infiltrate a group of anarchists, Crabtree points out that he looks almost too tidy to look like a common labourer. When James Pendrick tries to make a movie about Murdoch's exploits, he raises a fuss about the fact that his character in the movie isn't wearing his policeman's helmet. His alienation from his job in the Season 5 premiere is symbolized by his PermaStubble, something he would never let grow if he had peace of mind.
* NotSoAboveItAll: Murdoch keeps his playful side very well hidden, but it manifests with the people he's closest to. Julia learned this the hard way at the end of "Keystone Kops".
* OncePerEpisode:
** In keeping with his Catholic faith, he crosses himself whenever he's in the presence of the dead, usually at the start of the episode.
** He typically has one {{Imagine Spot}} per episode, too.
* ParentalAbandonment: His mother died when he was a little boy, and his father found himself inadequate to take care of his family. He was raised in an orphanage/religious school by Catholic priests.
* RaisedCatholic: His deep religious faith often clashes with his scientific mind. In addition, he's really ahead of his time in many ways, but some issues like homosexuality or abortion trouble him and he has a hard time to reconcile his experience and the Church's position.
* ScienceHero: He loves science and knows everything about the current research. He can apply his knowledge and build many devices to help him in his investigation.
* SharedFamilyQuirks: With his half-brother who also works in law enforcement. They meet when they investigate their cases that happen to be connected. They both use science and are extremely particular about details, and they are shown having similar body language. Rather amusingly, Murdoch gets annoyed with him often and doesn't see the similarities. Murdoch wasn't aware of the fact that his father had another family before meeting Murdoch's mother.
* TheStoic: He's very emotionally restrained. He rarely does more than smile when he's happy or raise his voice when angry. He only gets physical when he's '''really''' angry.
* StraightMan: Murdoch frequently becomes this in dealing with the other cast members.
* TallDarkAndHandsome: He's fairly tall, has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and dark-ish complexion. Quite a few women in-universe fancy him.
* TheTeetotaler: He hardly ever touches alcohol as he wants to keep his wits about him (because of his duties), and his father is a drunk.
* TheseHandsHaveKilled: He never killed a man in the line of duty until the day he has to shoot and kill [[spoiler: a Black Hand assassin pursuing Anna Fulford]] in "Walk On The Wild Side Part 2." He doesn't take it particularly well, though he avoids slipping into a HeroicBSOD.
* UnresolvedSexualTension: Between Detective William Murdoch and Dr. Julia Ogden. This is made worse by the Victorian setting and the necessary restraint needed by social standards of the time, as the UST was just as strong (if not stronger) whenever their on/off relationship is actually on.
* WillTheyOrWontThey: He has on-again-off-again relationship with his colleague Julia and intense chemistry with Anna Fulford. Becomes TheyDo with Julia: after ''seven seasons,'' they're ''finally'' getting married.

[[folder:Doctor Julia Ogden]]

->'''Played By:''' Hélène Joy

Julia Ogden is a pathologist who works for the Toronto Constabulary. She's a modern and forward-thinking woman. She's very blunt and enjoys dark morgue humour. She shares Detective Murdoch's fascination with science. She is his intellectual equal and one of his most avid supporters.
* ActionGirl: She invoked this to demonstrate for an actress by clothes-lining a suspect.
* BuriedAlive: [[spoiler:James Gillies buries her alive in "Murdoch in Toyland" because he knows it will hurt Murdoch most.]]
* CombatPragmatist: She is a Combat Pragmatist to a scaring degree.
* TheCoroner: She's way nicer than coroners from fiction tend to be, but she loves her morgue humour which makes gentlemen policemen uncomfortable.
* DudeMagnet: Many, many men are interested in her and compliment her looks, intelligence and accomplishments. Some men are vexed that she's a lady doctor, but most people admire her.
* GoodGirlsAvoidAbortion: [[spoiler:Averted. She went through abortion when she was a medical student. She nearly died and it has left her barren.]]
* HospitalHottie: She's a very attractive doctor performing her duties in {{Gorgeous Period Dress}}es. It's acknowledged in-universe that she's a beauty.
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Julia's reason for breaking off her relationship with William. Because she cannot have children, she leaves him in the hope that he'll find a woman who can give him a family.
* PimpedOutDress: Anytime she's attending a ball or dinner party, she's sure to be wearing gorgeous outfits.
* TheProfiler: [[spoiler:In Season 6, she pursues a career as psychiatrist/psychologist, and she consults Detective Murdoch's team on several cases.]]
* SecondLove: To Murdoch. His fiancée died of consumption and in Season 1, he has to struggle to let his memories go and acknowledge his deep feelings for Julia.
* TheShrink: In "Twentieth Century Murdoch," she decides to become a psychiatrist. [[spoiler:She travels to Vienna to study with Sigmund Freud, and she starts working in mental hospital.]]
* SweetPollyOliver: She cross-dresses as a man in "Victor, Victorian," and she even fools Murdoch and Crabtree when they meet at a gentlemen's club.
* {{Tomboy}}: Her sister Ruby claims she was a tomboy, and she still calls her by her tomboyish nickname Jules.
* UnresolvedSexualTension: With Detective William Murdoch.
* WidowWoman: Her husband Dr. Darcy Garland dies in "Crime & Punishment".
* WillTheyOrWontThey: With Detective Murdoch. They are very cute together, but sometimes it brought too much {{Angst}}. They get engaged in season 7 [[spoiler: and they get married in season 8]].

[[folder:Constable George Crabtree]]

->'''Played By:''' Jonny Harris

Station House 4 constable and often Murdoch's sidekick on investigations.

* {{Adorkable}}: Constable George Crabtree can be very weird but he's always cute. If a lady doesn't like Detective Murdoch, she's almost sure to flirt with George.
* AgentMulder: He is the first one to suggest that vampires, ghosts, werewolves, Martians, Venusians, or an Egyptian curse might be responsible for the crimes they're investigating.
* AgentScully: He and Brackenreid reverse roles in "Loch Ness Murdoch", when Brackenreid is convinced that there's a sea monster in Lake Ontario and Crabree is the skeptical one.
* AlmightyJanitor: A bit straighter case than Murdoch. George is probably the best of the Station House No. 4 constables, and is therefore works most closely with Murdoch. He has also filled in as detective when Murdoch himself was unavailable, and was actually up for permanent promotion at one point. However he's currently stuck as a constable because of a combination of Murdoch's glass ceiling, while George himself was busted down in rank due to his role in [[spoiler:covering up the death of Edna Brooks' husband to protect her stepson]]. He's currently junior in rank to Higgins who, while capable, is nonetheless TheDitz and not up to George's level.
* BetaCouple: Any relationship he's in is this to William and Julia's relationship.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Crabtree is prone to rather bizarre explanations in some episodes, but he's also an ace when it comes to doing legwork and has solved the B-plots of some episodes either on his own or with Brackenreid.
* ButtMonkey: If one of the characters is going to have to do something particularly embarrassing over the course of the investigation, there's a good bet it's going to be Crabtree.
* CartwrightCurse: [[PutOnABus A nonlethal version.]] His longest-lasting relationship (with Emily Grace) ended with her leaving him for Leslie Garland ([[BiTheWay and then for Lillian Moss]]). Subsequent romances have lasted only a few episodes. Averted thus far with Nina Bloom. Though they separated for a while so he could pursue Louise Cherry,[[note]]burlesque dancer Nina broke things off because she believed he deserved a more respectable woman like Cherry[[/note]] they have since gotten back together and their relationship remains stable.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: He can be ''very'' weird. Especially his theories on the paranormal which are extremely far-fetched but he takes them super-seriously. Also, he sometimes presents his perspective on an issue and it starts reasonably enough, but it ends up as something downright insane.
* TheComicallySerious: He can begin with a philosophical remark of intuitive brilliance, then suddenly veers of into science fiction.
* ADayInTheLimelight:
** In the episode "Convalescence", Murdoch falls off a ladder and is bedridden for the rest of the episode. Crabtree takes his place and manages to solve the case.
** "[=CrabtreeMania=]" has him pursuing and solving a murder case with little aid from Murdoch or Brackenreid. [[spoiler:They are equally impressed by both this and the work he's done through the years that they put in a recommendation for a Detective's position that opened at a neighboring station-house.]]
* DoorstopBaby: His biological mother left him near a church, and the pastor's family took him and brought him up as their own child. His biological mother appears in one episode.
* FairCop: He's a cute constable. Several very pretty women find him handsome or interesting.
* FriendToAllLivingThings: He ''loves'' animals.
* HappilyAdopted: He always talks about his happy family that Murdoch is honestly surprised to hear that George is adopted. His father is a priest who took him when he was left at the door of a church. Crabtree is also happily adopted by his extended group of aunts. They finally appear in Season 7, and it turns out [[spoiler:they're a group of prostitutes that Crabtree's preacher father gave housing to, and who helped raise him when he grew up in Newfoundland.]] When Crabtree and Murdoch go to Newfoundland on a case, they stop by to meet his aunts and they're delighted to see little George.
* HiddenDepths: Crabtree is surprisingly sensitive to others and he's also surprisingly open-minded. And he's not just a copper, but a moderately successful writer too. His care and concern for animals such as dogs or horses is very modern and very sweet.
* LoveHurts: He's heart-broken when Dr. Grace breaks off their relationship because she gets interested in young Mr. Garland.
* {{Malaproper}}: He sometimes mispronounces a word or a phrase, especially in the early seasons. Haemo''goblin'' instead of haemoglobin is one of the most endearing.
* MrExposition: Crabtree is typically the one to explain to Murdoch and the audience what the situation is whenever the detective arrives at a crime scene.
* MysteryWriterDetective: He writes a mildly popular novel. Viewers get to know it in a spinoff web-series. The hero of the book is Crabtree's AuthorAvatar who investigates mysterious deaths connected with an Egyptian curse.
* NiceGuy: He is a very sweet and polite young man.
* SavedByCanon: [[spoiler:As he's still alive in 1922 (via a cameo in ''Frankie Drake Mysteries''), he's safe for the rest of the series.]]
* TangledFamilyTree: Over the first six seasons, Crabtree referred to a seemingly endless collection of aunts he had, all of whom were named after flowers (e.g., Daisy, Primrose, etc.) Believe it or not, they're all true --[[spoiler:Crabtree's adoptive father was a priest who moved to Newfoundland and set up a ministry. Father Crabtree allowed a large group of prostitutes to live in the rectory to give them a better life, and the women all served as Crabtree's adoptive aunts.]]
* ThoseTwoGuys: Frequently paired up with Higgins, both during Murdoch's investigations, and his day to day duties as a constable (in fact, he and Higgins have fronting desks). It becomes Those Three Guys when Jackson tags along; including the three of them pitching in together to purchase a motorcar.
* TheWatson: He's Murdoch's sidekick and is often on hand to witness Murdoch's tests and experiments. He's also picked up a few tricks from Murdoch, and is usually the one to solve the B-plot of an episode that has TwoLinesNoWaiting.

[[folder:Inspector Thomas Brackenreid]]

->'''Played By:''' Thomas Craig

Murdoch's superior and the boss of Station House 4. Married with two kids. Likes scotch.

* AgentScully: Brackenreid is typically the one to shoot down Crabtree's ridiculous suggestions whenever he thinks the supernatural is involved.
* AgentMulder: Usually a skeptic. However, he and Crabtree reverse their typical roles in the season 7 episode "Loch Ness Murdoch". He is convinced that there's a sea monster in Lake Ontario, but Crabtree is skeptical.
* TheAlcoholic: Often seen with a glass of scotch in his hand if he's in his office. It troubles his wife a lot as she's worried about him and she actively tries him to stop drinking or get him to practice moderation. However, his drinking never causes him big problems at work (he had problems when he actually tried to stop and was using a powder that contained drugs) and he's never abusive to his family. Played notably straight in Maureen Jennings' original novels, wherein Brackenreid's drinking very much ''has'' undermined his performance as a policeman.
* ArbitrarySkepticism: He dismisses Crabtree's theories of the supernatural, yet in "A Merry Murdoch Christmas" he believes he was visited by the Krampus (an Alpine holiday demon) as a boy and that the same Krampus is the culprit in some recent crimes.
* BadassMustache: A tough Victorian era police guy? A moustache is a must!
* BenevolentBoss: He sure doesn't mind when Murdoch finds a murderer and makes him confesses. Only sometimes does he complain that Murdoch's progress is bloody slow.
* BigDamnHeroes: Arrives just in time to save Murdoch from being beaten by a gang.
* {{Catchphrase}}:
** "Bloody hell!" Or: "Bloody hell, Murdoch!" Or even "Bloody hell, Crabtree!"
** He loves to call people "me old mucker" (meaning "my old pal") with irresistible northern accent.
** He often calls suspects or criminals "sunshine" during interrogations.
** One of his main credoes for investigations is "follow the money". It's paid off on multiple occasions.
%%* DaChief
* DareToBeBadass: [[spoiler:After being brutally beaten up at the end of Season 7, he tries to stay out of police work and starts painting. Then he gets this from his wife.]]
* FieryRedhead: He's very hot-tempered and gets angry easily. But his rage never lasts long. Oftentimes his anger is also quite justified.
* GeniusBruiser: While he doesn't have Murdoch's science smarts, he's still a fine detective in his own right and his suggestions often help point Murdoch in the right direction. He's also a vicious fighter when called on, and is a crack shot with a rifle from his days in the army. Finally he's got quite an affinity for opera.
* HappilyMarried: He often bickers with his wife and would prefer if she didn't meddle in his affairs and didn't try to make him quit drinking. But they care about each other and their sons are raised in a happy household.
* HeroicBSOD: [[spoiler:After being beaten up at the end of Season 7, he went into one of these.]]
* HiddenDepths: He loves theatre, especially William Shakespeare and opera. [[spoiler:After his recovery from being beaten up, he's taken to painting.]]
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: The inspector appears to have a glaring blindspot when the suspects include middle-aged, respectable women.
* HotbloodedSideburns: Though his whiskers are of the time his propensity for shouting, swearing, DrinkingOnDuty, love of theatre and his liberal use of applied PoliceBrutality; make this trope.
* INeedAFreakingDrink: For celebration when he's happy; to calm himself down when he's angry.
* InspectorLestrade: Often presented in a way that evokes the trope at first, but then, refreshingly, his different theories to Murdoch's usually turn out to be related to the case in a different way.
* JackBauerInterrogationTechnique: Unlike Murdoch, he has no scruples to beat criminals up when he needs them to confess.
* NobleBigotWithABadge: In one of the first episodes, Brackenreid admits that the skin color of a black murder suspect initially led him to believe she was guilty. Later on he arrests a caravan of gypsies for a series of break-ins without any proof, although he later lets them go when he tracks down the ''real'' thieves. In the episode "Werewolves", he readily admits that the Native Jimmy [=McCloud=] would make a very good policeman, but refuses Crabtree's request to deputize [=McCloud=] because the racism of Victorian-era Toronto would preclude any "Indian coppers". He's also initially disdainful of a Persian suspect (though he does view the attempt to frame said suspect as evil) and doesn't seem to think much of the Chinese.
* OncePerEpisode: As noted above, pouring himself a drink or drinking while Murdoch or Crabtree update him on the case.
* OopNorth: Inspector Brackenreid is from Yorkshire.
* PapaWolf: He's very protective of his family, and has violent tendencies if anyone tries to mess with his team.
* PoliticallyIncorrectHero: Brackenreid manages to qualify for this both by the standards of our own era and the time the show is set in. His disdain of Francophone people from Quebec and France as "garlic-eating Frenchies" and loathing of the Americans qualify him as such by today's standards. His ranting about how "half the world hates the bloody monarchy" in venting his frustrations after dealing with a particularly annoying royal ObstructiveBureaucrat and his ridiculing the idea of eugenics by pointing to a picture of the {{Gonk}} Queen Victoria as why he wants no part of breeding the "best and brightest" qualify him as this by his own era's standards.
* PromotionToParent: Hinted that he had to take care of his younger siblings.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: He gives Murdoch a lot of leeway in pursuing his investigations, and goes along with Murdoch's scientific plans even when he doesn't really understand them. That said, he ''will'' give Murdoch hell on those rare occasions when the detective does something to deserve them. Even then, he'll put his anger aside and focus on the case at hand when necessary.
* RedOniBlueOni: He's the red to Murdoch and Crabtree's blue. The generally stoic, intellectual Murdoch often has a hard time playing "bad cop" when necessary, and Brackenreid is quite happy to step in.
* ShipperOnDeck: In season 2 Brackenreid makes several moves towards pushing Murdoch and Julia together, on several occasions giving Murdoch tickets to an event and suggesting he invite her.
* TeamDad: His men can depend on him that he will back them up, and he even has PapaWolf tendencies when somebody goes after them.
* TheWatson: Murdoch frequently updates Brackenreid on the progress of his investigation, and Brackenreid often gives suggestions that help point Murdoch in the right direction.
* WhatTheHellHero: Gives this to Murdoch for some of the stunts he pulls at the start of Season 4; Brackenreid has very good reason to be angry.
* WrittenInAbsence: In season 10's "Bend it Like Brackenreid", he travels to St. Louis to coach the Canadian football team at the 1904 Olympics. Though he returns in "Excitable Chap", he leaves again in the same episode to help James Pendrick locate his missing energy drink formula in Panama. He returns in "From Murdoch to Eternity".

!!Station House No. 4

[[folder:Constable Henry Higgins]]

->'''Played By:''' Lachlan Murdoch

Station House 4 constable who often gets paired up with Constable Crabtree.

* AlliterativeName: '''H'''enry '''H'''iggins.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Higgins has shades of this, though is generally more grounded than George.
* TheDitz: Not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, prone to making foolish mistakes, and mishandling evidence.
* FairCop: He's very handsome, though as a minor character he doesn't get too many opportunities to shine.
* HiddenDepths: He understands French, as his mother is from Gaspé.
* TheKlutz: Higgins shows very little aptitude for handling evidence. He means well, but is often clumsy and on many occasions accidentally damages, destroys, or otherwise mishandles whatever he's attempting to help with.
* SayingTooMuch: When a boy asks which criminal they are transporting in "Midnight Train to Kingston", Henry replies, "Just a man who needs to be hanged." The boy then says, "Is it James Gillies?" -- and all the passengers in the car begin to panic. Brackenreid later berates Higgins for his stupidity.
* ThoseTwoGuys: When paired-up with Crabtree. It's probably inevitable for two guys in the very same uniform. It becomes Those Three Guys when Jackson tags along, such as pooling their money to purchase a motorcar.
* TookALevelInJerkass: He's promoted to Constable First Class while [[spoiler: Crabtree is in prison for Archibald Brooks' murder]]. In episode 9x02 he positively lords it over Crabtree, and takes credit for George's finding of the murder weapon.

[[folder:Constable Augustus Jackson]]

->'''Played By:''' Kristian Bruun

Jackson was formerly a constable at Station House No. 5, first introduced as a big and burly slugger Brackenreid poaches with a transfer in an effort to win the annual baseball game between the houses. A good-natured and dependable copper, Jackson fits right in at Station No. 4. [[spoiler:He's shot along with George and Higgins in the ambush at the end of season 10, and it's revealed he ultimately died of his wounds.]]

* TheBigGuy: He's one of the biggest and strongest of the constables, particularly compared to George and Higgins.
* KilledOffForReal: [[spoiler:He's mortally wounded during the ambush at the church in "Hell To Pay." His death is revealed in "Up From Ashes."]]
* ThoseTwoGuys: Jackson forms the third member of the group of friends with George and Higgins, and can often be found hanging out with them. The three even purchase a car together, and he's often partnered with one, the other, or all three when working his beat.


[[folder:Detective Llewelyn Watts]]

->'''Played By:''' Daniel Maslany

A competent, if somewhat quirky, detective who is originally assigned to Station No. 1 Watts worked with Station No. 4 on a number of cases, including filling in as Detective while Murdoch served as acting Inspector during Brackenreid's absence. He officially joins Station 4 at the beginning of season 11.

* AmbiguousDisorder: Watts never maintains eye contact for long, is constantly fidgeting with things, has an unusual method of solving crimes, doesn't have many friends and got forced out of Station House One because he wasn't liked enough, is very smart and accomplished for his age (he was already a detective at age 26), and seems to have underdeveloped motor skills (he can't really hold a fork properly and his handwriting is very messy).
* AmbiguouslyBi: Watts takes an almost immediate shine to both George and Jackson, and insisted on working closely with both. In his introduction episode, he asks Murdoch out to dinner without prompting. He also continually tries to get close to George and keeps complimenting him, eliciting confused looks from Murdoch and Brackenreid. He's the closest thing this show has to a dandy, as he is interested in philosophy, wine, and Broadway, and he wears slightly more stylish suits than the other men on the show. In "Brackenreid Boudoir", he gets his first female love interest; earlier in the same episode he seems either jealous or confused by the sight of Nina kissing George.
* AwesomenessByAnalysis: Watts possesses a sharp analytical mind with superb capacity for deduction, making him a fine detective in his own right.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: He's a competent detective, but with some occasionally off-putting mannerisms and CloudCuckooLander tendencies.
* CloudCuckooLander: Watts often lives in his own world, musing philosophically on the people around him.
* {{Foil}}: Watts' disorganized and active style of police work contrasts with Murdoch's more studious approach.
* GuileHero: Don't let his quirky demeanor fool you, Watts is sharp as a tack. [[spoiler:His efforts to help bring down Graham must be seen to be believed.]]
* InnocentlyInsensitive: Watts is a good man, but he often processes thoughts aloud with little consideration to social mores. As such, he often sticks his foot in his mouth without even realizing it.
* LongLostRelative: After his parents died when he was 12, his 15 year old sister disappeared. [[spoiler:She showed up 15 years later, and it's revealed she ran away because she didn't want to be burdened with raising her younger brother.]]
* NiceJewishBoy: [[spoiler:As he finds out in Murdoch Schmurdoch, his parents were Jewish and changed their name from Wattenberg to Watts.]]
* ThoseTwoGuys: Him and Jackson were this in season 10.


!!Family and Loved Ones

[[folder:Margaret Brackenreid]]

->'''Played By:''' Arwen Humphreys

Mrs Brackenreid is married to Inspector Brackenreid. They have two sons, Johnny and Bobby.

* DryCrusader: She supports temperance and teetotalling, and tries to get Inspector Brackenreid to give up drinking. Nevertheless, she is still put off by Carrie Nation's approach to temperance.
* FeminineWomenCanCook: In "Kung Fu Crabtree", she cooks Chinese dinner for her family. Inspector stays at work becuase he prefers English food (beef or pudding) but she brings him his dinner in a basket to the office. He happens to love it and some of the spices happened to be aphrodisiac...
* {{Hypocrite}}: Despite giving Brackenreid grief over his drinking, she has no problem with participating in illegal gambling. Brackenreid is ''not'' amused when he finds out.
* HappilyMarried: She has issues with her husband's heavy drinking, but they are otherwise a happy couple.
* SocialClimber: She is obsessed with being part of Toronto society, a failing that almost led to the family being ruined by a Ponzi scheme [[spoiler:run by the man himself]].
* StacysMom: A young ''Creator/HPLovecraft'' is briefly infatuated with her.

[[folder:Nina Bloom]]

->'''Played By:''' Erin Agostino

Nina Bloom is a dancer at a Toronto burlesque house, who catches the eye of George when he begins frequenting the establishment.

* {{Burlesque}}: She's a dancer at one of the local burlesque houses.
* HeroicSeductress: [[spoiler:When she believes George was killed after the season 10 finale, she cozies up to Graham, the man whom Murdoch was investigating and arranged both that attack and the murder of her best friend, for which Murdoch was framed. She seduces him with ease, intending to murder him in revenge.]]
* HookerWithAHeartOfGold: ''Technically'' not, but it's implied that Nina, along with the rest of the girls at the burlesque house, may at times sleep with their patrons either at the house or when hired out for private parties. She certainly fills the "Heart of Gold" part, however, as she's a very sweet, kind woman.
* IJustWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: She breaks off her budding relationship with George when she mistakenly believes he's interested in Louise Cherry, as believes he deserves a more respectable woman. [[spoiler:Although George ''does'' begin courting her, by the end of season 10 he realizes that it was really Nina he wanted, and they begin to reconcile in "Hell to Pay."]]
* MsFanservice: Often appears scantily clad (for the standards of the time) whenever the scene is set in the burlesque house.
* OfCorsetsSexy: Given her profession, she's often seen wearing a corset and little else. Nina fills it out quite admirably.
* ViolentlyProtectiveGirlfriend: [[spoiler:When George was reported killed in the ambush to close out season 10, she takes it upon herself in the season 11 premier to exact revenge on the businessman who arranged the hit. She's only prevented from carrying out the killing when George arrives, revealing he was still alive.]][[/folder]]

[[folder:Ruby Ogden]]

->'''Played By:''' Sarah Gadon

Miss Ruby Ogden is Dr. Ogden's younger sister who travels around the world and writes articles for newspapers and magazines.

* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: To Julia. They bicker a bit and she keeps using Julia's tomboyish nickname "Jules".
* IntrepidReporter: She's a journalist. She uses a male pen name, but reconsiders, and Julia is proud when Ruby tells her she's decided to use her real name and publish as a woman journalist.
* LovelyAssistant: She was a gorgeous magician's assistant in her first appearance -- for Harry Houdini.
* ShipperOnDeck: She would be happy if her sister Julia and Detective Murdoch pursued their relationship.[[/folder]]

[[folder:Harry Murdoch]]

->'''Played By:''' Creator/StephenMcHattie

An older drunk bum who happens to be Detective Murdoch's estranged father.

* AbusiveParents: Murdoch's father is an abusive alcoholic [[spoiler: (or so Murdoch thinks, he was actually never actively abusive)]]; after his mother's death, Murdoch spent the rest of his childhood in the custody of a Jesuit order. [[spoiler:Interestingly, his daughter Susanna remembers him as abusive as William, and she sounded quite unforgiving, especially for a Reverend Mother.]]
* TheAlcoholic: He's always drunk or hung over. Poor Murdoch is embarrassed.

[[folder:Susannah Murdoch]]

->'''Played By:''' Michelle Nolden

An abbess who was Detective Murdoch's younger sister.

* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Averted. She's a well-composed and dignified, as is appropriate for Reverend Mother.
* LongLostRelative: She's William Murdoch's younger sister whom he hasn't seen for years. It's not known where she grew up.
* MamaBear: A non-blood relative example. She is fiercely protective of her nuns.
* TakingTheHeat: [[spoiler: Confesses to murder in order to protect another nun, knowing that with her illness she'll die either way.]]
* YourDaysAreNumbered: She's terminally ill and decided to spend her days in convent in prayers.[[/folder]]

!!Toronto Constabulary and Associates

[[folder:Dr. Llewllyn Francis]]

->'''Played By:''' Paul Rhys

A medical examiner who worked shortly for a City Morgue in Toronto.

* TheCoroner: He worked shortly in the morgue for the Toronto Constabulary. He's very grumpy, just as coroners are supposed to be.
* DrJerk: Murdoch's opinion of him, while others more or less agree. He seems to think Murdoch invents murders and discovers bodies just to annoy him personally. He has a great deal of problems to come to see murder scenes and thinks that doing autopsies is more than enough. He justifies it by claiming that work is not everything for him and that he wants to spend time with his family. Much of his attitude can be put down to colonial snobbery, as he originally came from London and worked for the prestigious UsefulNotes/ScotlandYard. However, Murdoch's less than gracious treatment of him makes a lot of his behaviour understandable, if not sympathetic.
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: The reason he's so cranky is because his wife is originally from Toronto, and he took the coroner job so she could be closer to her family and friends. However, Murdoch's treatment of him (breaking into the morgue to take evidence whenever Dr. Francis wasn't working quickly enough for Murdoch's liking, among other things) becomes eventually becomes too much to take.
* PutOnABus: Returns to Wales after Julia decides to come back to Toronto and resume her coronial work.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: Once Murdoch crosses the line one too many times, Dr. Francis angrily quits and moves back to the UK. Brackenreid is quite rightly furious with Murdoch, especially considering the hoops he had to go through to get Dr. Francis to come to Toronto in the first place.[[/folder]]

[[folder: Chief Constable Giles]]

->'''Played By:''' Nigel Bennett

%%* DaChief: Perhaps more so than Brackenreid at times.
%% zero-context examples are not allowed
* [[spoiler:ArmouredClosetGay]]: [[spoiler:He is discovered to be gay and to have had a relationship with a man decades ago. He was able to rise to Chief Constable because he kept it secret his entire life. He has been celibate since that one unfortunate relationship.]]
* ByTheBookCop: Probably the strongest example in the show. He's not willing to bend the rules in the slightest.
* NotSoDifferent: Both he and Murdoch have violated the law and their responsibilities as policemen in the past, [[spoiler:because of his homosexuality]] and Murdoch freeing Ava Moon despite framing him for murder. His antagonizing Murdoch over that is not entirely unjustified, given how Giles's crime harmed no one at all, while Murdoch let a confessed murderer go free.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: A pleasantly surprising example, given how in previous episodes his habit of fixating on one suspect to the exclusion of others is repeatedly mentioned and considered a problem. But when [[spoiler: presented with the potential discrediting of only part of his evidence against Dr Ogden]] he is fully willing to accept the new findings, works with them to uncover more, and is actually willing to ''help them break protocol'' as long as they write a letter apologizing afterwards. His goal is to get the criminal. [[/folder]]

[[folder:Doctor Emily Grace]]

->'''Played By:''' Georgina Reilly

Doctor Grace is a young accomplished woman, a protégée of Doctor Ogden. She replaces her as a City Morgue's pathologist who works with the team. She forms a close friendship with Constable Crabtree.

* AgentMulder: Downplayed, she doesn't believe everything, but she believes in the afterlife and in the existence of ghosts, and she thinks it's possible to scientifically prove it.
* BetaCouple: Shaping up to be in a couple with George Crabtree in season 5, though it could have been a healthy friendship only. They later get together and their relationship is more stable than Detective Murdoch and Dr. Ogden's in season 6, but they break up in season 7 when Dr. Grace starts fancying Mr. Garland.
* BiTheWay: She was romatically pursued by men and was accepting their courtship. In season 8, she befriends a suffragist Lilian Moss. They become involved when Emily comes to visit her and initiates a kiss.
* BrainyBrunette: This pretty brunette is a medical doctor (a woman in the 19th century!) and is very much interested in science -- sometimes a little too much, to the annoyance of others. She's fairly down-to-earth, and a Love Interest to George Crabtree.
* TheCoroner: She said she wasn't able to maintain a cheerful bedside manner, which is why she chose to work in the morgue.
* HospitalHottie: Another gorgeous lady doctor who works for the Constabulary.
* PromotionToOpeningTitles: Georgina Reilly's name appears in the opening titles in Season 7.
* PutOnABus: [[spoiler: After Lillian's murder in "Double Life", she decides to leave Toronto for London to join the suffragette movement there.]]
* RunawayFiancee: Emily ran away from her fiancé, who did not take it too well, and appeared for one episode to harass her and try to get her back.
* UptownGirl: George Crabtree perceives her as such when she starts working at the Station House, and Henry Higgins thinks that a doctor from higher society would consider going to a ball with a common copper. However, in Season 6, it's revealed that women in a club consider her a lowly working woman which is quite odd because doctors were highly respected and she must come from a priviledged and open-minded family.

[[folder:Rebecca James]]

->'''Played By:''' Mouna Traoré

Rebecca James is a coroner-in-training, who started working in the morgue as a cleaner, before Dr. Ogden found evidence of her intelligence and interest in biology.

* BigDamnHeroes: [[spoiler:George was shot in the tenth-season finale, and his body armor saved him from being instantly killed. He ''would'' have died if Rebecca hadn't extracted the bullet and stopped the bleeding, thankfully.]]
* TheCoroner: Julia notices Rebecca's talent when the latter makes some observations while cleaning in the morgue, prompting Julia to take her on as an assistant.
* FriendToAllChildren: Was happy to babysit Baby Rolland, and in the episode "The Missing", she took the time to find out the name of an orphan who had been dead for 20 years.
* HiddenDepths: Rebecca obviously has talent as a physician and coroner, but she also has remarkable aptitude as a detective. If the show were set in the modern age, Rebecca could as easily have been a police detective as a coroner.
* HospitalHottie: In keeping with tradition.
* PutOnABus: She left to become a doctor in another town in the eleventh-season premiere, but she returns later in the episode.

!!Government Officials

[[folder: Terrence Meyers]]

->'''Played By:''' Peter Keleghan

A top-level spy working in Canada's best interests. Terrence Meyers is of course not his real name but he uses it when he interacts with Station House 4.

* CigarChomper: Often seen with a cigar, and he's definitely a tough, no-nonsense guy with power and high status.
* EveryoneHasStandards: Even Amoral Spies Have Standards -- When intervenes during Murdoch's investigation of [[spoiler:the microwave laser gun Sally Pendrick is preparing to sell to a foreign power]], Murdoch remarks that Meyers simply wants to get his hands on [[spoiler:the maser]] so that the Canadian and British governments can use it for themselves. However, in one of the final scenes of the episode [[spoiler:after the maser is destroyed]], Meyers tells Murdoch that he's personally not unhappy about [[spoiler:the weapon's destruction]].
* GoodSmokingEvilSmoking: Meyers' ambiguous nature means he could be (and probably is) both parts of this trope. Whatever the case, he does enjoy a good cigar.
* TheMenInBlack: He's the late 19th-century Canadian equivalent of this trope.
* MyCountryRightOrWrong: His work for the federal government leads him to do some pretty nasty things, but he ''is'' a loyal Canadian. In one case, when he and Murdoch are working undercover with an American agent, Meyers gets visibly angry when the American starts throwing his weight around.
* NiceHat: The top hat he wears suggests his means, motives and methods are beyond the laws represented by Murdoch's shorter, workaday homburg.
* NotSoDifferent: His methods don't differ from much from US agent Clegg's at all.
* ObstructiveBureaucrat: He meddles in Murdoch's cases whenever they involve a matter of national security for Canada or the British Empire as a whole. Their first noticeable encounter ends with Murdoch and company being forced to drop the investigation altogether under penalty of being tried for treason if they don't.
* TheSpymaster: He's a top-level spy who works for British crown and Canadian government, who reports directly to the Prime Minister of Canada (who, during the show's run, is Sir Wilfrid Laurier).

!!Citizens of Toronto

[[folder:Louise Cherry]]

->'''Played By:''' Bea Santos

A woman reporter initially working for the Toronto Gazette, and later the Toronto Telegraph.

* IntrepidReporter: Louise works for the Toronto Gazette, and often reports on the doings of the constabulary.
* KarmaHoudini: When she [[spoiler:fakes letters from a serial killer]] to generate stories, a furious Murdoch arrests her and tells her employers at the Toronto Gazette. Cherry is immediately fired, but she is later released from jail and hired by the Toronto Telegraph, with a pay increase.
* ManipulativeEditing: Louise is unscrupulous in her tactics, with George observing in her first appearance, "she will ask you a question one day and then apply it later in a completely different context."
* RomanticFalseLead: She begins a brief relationship with George, before her uglier traits led him to realize Nina was a much better match.
* SocialClimber: Late in season 10 Louise reveals herself to be an ambitions and arrogant social climber, and she views Murdoch and Julia as bores. She wants to introduce George to "more suitable" friends. She's very firmly The Snob.


[[folder:Doctor Darcy Garland]]

->'''Played By:''' Jonathan Watton

A medical doctor who comes from a prominent and wealthy Buffalo family. He works for a Children's Ward in the Buffalo Hospital, and later gains a similar position in Toronto where he moves in his fiancée's sake. He marries Dr. Ogden.

* AnyoneCanDie: [[spoiler:He's murdered in "Crime & Punishment".]]
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: In "Twentieth Century Murdoch," he seems to realize that Julia doesn't love him and that she will never stop loving Detective Murdoch. He tells her that she should follow her heart. Before this, he also willingly moved to Canada so Dr. Ogden could be closer to her family and friends, taking a job at a Toronto children's hospital.
%% * GenreBlindness
* {{Hypocrite}}: He refuses to grant Julia a divorce and says he wants her back. He accuses her of adultery and calls her a whore while he himself shows off with a lover in hotels. In fact, Julia's relationship with Murdoch has not been consummated.
* RomanticFalseLead: Even though he married the hero's one true love, he is still a Romantic False Lead. He might have been a good match with Julia, but she just belongs with Murdoch, her soulmate and intellectual equal.
* TookALevelInJerkass: He seemed fine with Julia and him going their separate ways. He even agreed with annulment and later with divorce. However, he later realized he still loved Julia and begged her to come back. When she wouldn't, he kept harassing her and wouldn't consent to the divorce as he had promised earlier. He openly had a love affair himself, but called Julia -- who did not commit adultery -- a whore.

[[folder:Leslie Garland]]

->'''Played By:''' Giacomo Gianniotti

He's a younger brother of Dr. Garland's. He moves from Buffalo to Toronto, presumably to study law.

* BitchInSheepsClothing: Seems to be a nice enough guy, enough that Dr. Grace is attracted to him and Dr. Ogden allows him to stay at her house, but [[spoiler: he's secretly stalking Dr. Ogden and sending her threatening letters because he blames her for Darcy's death]].
* DeadPersonImpersonation: [[spoiler:Is the one who sent the threatening letters to Julia, signed with James Gillies' name. Partially subverted in that Gillies was actually still alive, but nobody was aware of that.]]
* {{Love Interest|s}}: He's interested in Dr. Emily Grace and pursues her romantically. She reciprocates.
* PrettyBoy: He's a handsome youth. When Henry tries to console George over his apparent jealousy and hurt feelings, he says that Leslie is almost too pretty for a man.
* TheVillainKnowsWhereYouLive: A photo of Julia and Murdoch kissing in an alley (which she and viewers recognize happened after they attended a recent opera performance) together with a threatening letter that apparently came from James Gillies actually came from him. There's also ''a second photo'' of Murdoch taken inside his office with a second note threatening death if she continues her investigation into the first threat. He knows Julia was still in love with Murdoch when she married his brother, he didn't like the idea of her divorcing Darcy, and once Darcy was dead thanks to Gillies, he wanted to thwart Julia's chance for happiness.

[[folder:Paddy Glynn]]

->'''Played By:''' Ephraim Ellis

Paddy Glynn was a reporter who works for the Toronto Gazette and often crosses paths with Station House 4.

* GentlemanThief: [[spoiler: In his persona as the Kissing Bandit.]]
* IntrepidReporter: He's a journalist who works for the Toronto Gazette. Some of his articles are investigative, but not all, and mostly he bothers Inspector Brackenried to give him information on their fresh cases.

[[folder:David Kingsley aka Sherlock Holmes]]

->'''Played By:''' Andrew Gower

David Kingsley is a young man who believes he is Sherlock Holmes. Eventually he starts a detective agency in Toronto.

* BunnyEarsLawyer: Despite - or because of - his madness, he is actually a good ''detective''.
* IconicOutfit: He wears Sherlock Holmes' iconic deerstalker hat, checkered coat and he smokes a pipe.

[[folder:Enid Jones]]

->'''Played By:''' Sarah Allen

A young widow who lives in Toronto with her small son. She used to work as a telegraphist before her wedding.

* FeminineWomenCanCook: She bakes cake for Detective Murdoch as a thank you gift for helping to find her son, and she brings him some food when he's sick.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: She's very young, beautiful, and generally sweet and kind. She looks very timid and feminine, but she can take a good care of herself and her son. She has curly blond hair.
* MamaBear: She is very protective of her son, and she ultimately breaks her relationship with Murdoch who admits he's not completely over Dr. Ogden because she doesn't want Alwyn to get hurt.
* RomancingTheWidow: She's courted by Detective Murdoch. She likes him a lot, but Alwyn is the most important person in her life.
* RomanticFalseLead: It's too bad for the pretty Enid that even though Murdoch was fascinated by her and got on well with her son, he was not completely over his love for Dr Ogden. He struggled to overcome his feelings for Julia, but deep love is deep love.
* TemporaryLoveInterest: To Murdoch. They lasted for several episodes.

[[folder: Alwyn Jones]]

->'''Played By:''' Dakota Goyo

Alwyn is Enid Jones' son and befriends Detective Murdoch.

* CheerfulChild: He's very cute and enthusiastic about mechanical men, the Moon, telescopes and similar stuff.
* DisappearedDad: His father died. He really likes Detective Murdoch who no doubt would be a great ParentalSubstitute (judging from Murdoch's known desire to have a family, and especially a son).[[/folder]]

[[folder:Doctor Roberts]]

->'''Played By:''' Paul Amos

Doctor Roberts is pioneering in mental health care in Toronto. He's on friendly terms with Detective Murdoch and Doctor Ogden.

* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: He says he's considered a weird one in the medical community, but he's ok with that assessment as long as he's allowed to practise and deal with mental health problems.
* HumanPopsicle: His family helps him to get frozen with the hopes that in the future, people would know how to cure his illness.
* TheProfiler: Murdoch consults him in several cases when he needs to understand what's going on in a suspect's head.
* TheShrink: He's a pioneer in mental health care, but he's still the awesome variety of the trope. He's very understanding and manages to get help to several people. Sometimes he uses hypnosis. Inspector Brackenried refers to him as "Murdoch's favourite head doctor".
* ThereAreNoTherapists: He tries very hard to [[DefiedTrope defy this trope]]. He offers Inspector Brackenried to counsel him after he shot a man while on duty which obviously shattered him. Dr. Roberts recognized that he could use some help and that talking and sense that somebody cares helps. In the episode "Me, Myself and Murdoch", he agrees to provide psychiatric care to [[spoiler:a suspect with multiple personalities who's suspected of murdering her father, but is in fact innocent.]] During the episode "Murdoch In Toyland", he also hypnotizes Murdoch to help the detective remember where he previously heard the voice he's trying to recognize.
* YourDaysAreNumbered: He has Huntington's disease, which is very degenerative. His pain is excruciating.[[/folder]]


[[folder:James Gillies]]

->'''Played By:''' Michael Seater

A young genius, a brilliant student of physics. He becomes Detective Murdoch's arch-nemesis.

* AmbiguouslyGay[=/=]SecretRelationship: As James and his best friend Robert Perry depart from the police station for the first time, he touches Robert's back in a manner which may suggest that there is a greater intimacy between the two of them. Brackenreid wonders out loud, "Just good pals, or something more?" It makes perfect sense that James and Robert would want to keep their romance a secret, as homosexuality was a crime in late 19th-century Canada.
** He then adds to the mystery by [[spoiler:kissing Murdoch during his escape in "Midnight Train to Kingston"]].
* ArbitrarilyLargeBankAccount[=/=]InfiniteSupplies: He comes from a rich family, but it's not clear how he manages to keep funding his schemes despite [[spoiler:being a fugitive.]]
* ArchEnemy: As of "Murdoch in Toyland," he becomesa nemesis to Detective Murdoch.
* AscendedExtra[=/=]EarlyBirdCameo: He's another criminal of the week when Murdoch busts him in "Big Murderer on Campus". Three seasons later, he returns and is considerably more dangerous than in his first appearance.
* BigBad: In his debut episode, he was one of the criminals of the week, although Dr. Ogden was especially horrified that the motive for the professor's murder was just to see if they could carry out their elaborate plan using applied physics. [[spoiler:In Seasons 5 and 6, he appears again and taunts Detective Murdoch with his twisted, criminal mind games.]]
* BondVillainStupidity: Gillies' obsession with outdoing Murdoch is ironically what allows Murdoch to beat him:
** In his original case, it would have been much harder for Murdoch to track him down if he hadn't involved himself with Murdoch's investigation and enabled Murdoch to drive a wedge between him and Robert Perry;
** In "Murdoch In Toyland", he deliberately lures Murdoch to him as part of a larger chess game when he could have walked away a free man, something Murdoch {{Lampshades}} at the end of the episode.
** In "The Murdoch Trap", his luring Murdoch into an elaborate deathtrap, when he could just as easily have had Dr. Ogden be hanged, gives the detective the opportunity to let the Constabulary know where he is.
* BreakThemByTalking: He loves to provoke people, and in "Midnight Train to Kingston," he manages to get under the skin of Murdoch (who was tempted to hit Gillies for pointing out that the detective should thank him for getting rid of [[spoiler:Darcy]], Brackenreid (who puts his hand around Gillies' throat after the young man notes that his officers are incompetent for allowing a murder to take place) and Dr. Ogden (who slaps Gillies ''hard'' for threatening her life).
* CallBack: [[spoiler:His hanging in his final appearance is followed by a GilliganCut to Julia weighing and dissecting his brain, just as she said she would in "Midnight Train to Kingston".]]
* {{Catchphrase}}: He frequently says, "I'm flattered" whenever someone tries to insult or intimidate him. It's his way of showing to his opponent that he cannot be emotionally shaken by verbal means.
* CharacterDeath: Quite undramatic for a Joker level villain. [[spoiler:His body was found and identified in "Kung-Fu Crabtree".Later subverted after it was revealed in "The Devil Inside" that he had faked his death, but played straight when he is executed at the episode's end.]]
* CreepyCrossdresser[=/=]DisguisedInDrag: He cross-dressed as a lady in one episode to confuse the investigators. They were looking for a woman, not for a man, which gave him time. [[spoiler:In Season 6, he disguises himself as Julia, and tells Murdoch that he enjoyed playing her due to the many admiring looks that he received.]]
* CreepyDoll: He used several of these as part of his EvilPlan in "Murdoch in Toyland".
* CriminalMindGames: He frequently plays these on Murdoch. It bothers him deeply that the detective is smart enough to thwart his plans. He knows that Julia is Murdoch's sensitive spot, and he exploits this weakness as much as he can.
* TheDandy: He's always fashionable and immaculately groomed. While most men on the show wear ties, his most distinctive accessory is a flamboyant bow tie.
* DepravedHomosexual: Is strongly hinted to be one. In "Midnight Train to Kingston", he [[spoiler:plants a big TakeThatKiss on Murdoch]]! Moreover, when the detective is physically aggressive towards him in "Murdoch in Toyland", Gillies' enthusiastic response is, "Ha ha! This is fun!" Even when Murdoch is about to punch him, the young man still has a big grin. His joy at being "manhandled" is reserved ''solely'' for Murdoch, however, as James becomes fearful the instant Brackenreid takes over the [[JackBauerInterrogationTechnique violent interrogation]]. Gillies' glee at being subjected to Murdoch's rough treatment in this episode suggests that he is attracted to the detective because he doesn't enjoy being beaten up by anyone else.
* DespairEventHorizon: [[spoiler:Implied in "The Devil Inside" when he talks about watching Murdoch build a happy life with Dr. Ogden, and also mentions the agony he's in from the spinal injury he suffered in "Midnight Train To Kingston". This time, Gillies' scheme involves forcing Murdoch to kill him. Subverted when Murdoch is ready to do so, only to find that Gillies took the bullets out of the gun first. He then seems to be ready to live again, when Murdoch subdues him by shooting him with a rubber bullet.]]
* TheDreaded: Is treated as a massive threat by everyone after his second and third escapades. Julia herself admits that she's scared of him due to the fact he tried to kill her twice and came damn close both times.
* EscapeArtist: He was being transported to be executed at least twice, but managed to escape.
* {{Expy}}: Michael Seater has stated in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gvp7Cq9YUWE this featurette]] that Gillies is the Moriarty to Murdoch's Holmes.
* FakingTheDead: He made a deal with a prison guard who was dying of brain tumour to take his stead in the execution. The two men looked similar when they both grew a moustache.
* FauxAffablyEvil: He tries to appear friendly and charming, and he frequently smiles and laughs, but he's a sick, sick bastard.
* FoeRomanceSubtext: With Murdoch towards the end of "Midnight Train to Kingston".
-->'''Gillies''': For the last time, this is it for us. Doesn't that make you just... a little bit sad?\\
'''Murdoch''': No.\\
'''Gillies''': Not even a teensy bit?\\
'''Murdoch''': ''[shakes his head]''\\
'''Gillies''': Come now, Detective. You and I share something, something... special. I'll miss you, you know that.
* ForTheEvulz: His motive for the first murder was "because I could", and he later torments Detective Murdoch apparently just because. He also really enjoys challenging Murdoch who is his only intellectual equal.
* ISurrenderSuckers: When Brackenreid and Crabtree find his hiding place in "The Murdoch Trap", he extends his hands out as if allowing himself to be handcuffed, but it turns out that he has a small gun concealed beneath his right sleeve. Before he can use it, though, Crabtree shoots him in the shoulder with his rifle.
* JokerImmunity: He manages to escape police custody several times. [[spoiler:It's finally revoked in "The Devil Inside, where Murdoch finally captures him for good and he gets hanged onscreen.]]
* KilledOffForReal: [[spoiler:The final scenes of "The Devil Inside" show Gillies being hanged on-screen for his crimes. The episode ends with a scene of Dr. Ogden in the morgue, opening Gillies' head and taking out his brain, the way she promised in "Midnight Train To Kingston".]]
* LatexPerfection: In "The Murdoch Trap," it's revealed that he had used a latex mask of [[spoiler:Dr. Ogden's face]] to impersonate her.
* MakeSureHesDead: [[spoiler:Murdoch and Julia are on scene for his execution.]]
* ManipulativeBastard: He managed to manipulate his friend into a dangerous game with the first murder of their professor. He later makes a dying guard to take his place in the ''hanging'' for a nice sum of money. He knows a lot about forensic methods and tampers with the evidence to frame other people.
* NeverFoundTheBody: When he's arrested for the second time, the carriage that was transporting him was knocked over on a bridge. The coachman and guards were dead, but his body was not found. He then appeared again in Season 6. [[spoiler:Happens again when he escapes by jumping off a train trestle into a shallow river in Season 7.]]
* NightmareFace: [[spoiler:Half of Gillies' face is heavily scarred, as shown in "The Devil Inside". When he jumped off the bridge in "Midnight Train To Kingston", he hit a rock face-first when he landed in the river. Murdoch and the viewers see it in the penultimate scene of the episode.]]
* NotTheFallThatKillsYou: The river he jumped into at the end of "A Midnight Train to Kingston" didn't seem to agree with him. [[spoiler:Although he didn't survive the fall, his body wasn't found and identified until nearly three months later. Many viewers however suspected that this trope was at play and that Gillies, being the escape artist he is, survived and would appear to torture Murdoch some more. They were later proven right with Season 10's "The Devil Inside".]]
* OlderHeroVsYoungerVillain: He's a university student in his first appearance, so he would be around 20 years old in Season 2, while Murdoch approaches middle age.
* PrettyBoy: He's pretty for a man, which no doubt helps him to pass off as a woman when he chooses to do so.
* PsychopathicManchild: He exudes a childish glee, has a boyish voice, and used dolls in one of his crimes.
* PsychoticSmirk: Smirks at the very end of "The Murdoch Trap" when he was held by the police force. It's creepy and unnerving.
* {{Revenge}}:
** His motivation for wanting to destroy Murdoch; James ''hates'' it when someone manages to outsmart him.
** He gets back at Robert Perry (who betrayed Gillies to avoid the noose and receive a much lighter jail sentence) by [[spoiler:cutting his former accomplice's head off with a fine-tooth saw while Robert ''was still alive'']].
* SissyVillain: He's somewhat effeminate and soft-spoken, and he apparently likes women's clothes and dolls.
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney: [[spoiler:Bribes his way out of prison by hiring a dying guard to be executed in his place in exchange for $3000--which was a ''lot'' of money at the time--which was given to the man's family.]]
* TheSociopath: Heavily implied by Dr. Ogden. In "Midnight Train to Kingston", she tells him that she wants to study his brain after he's been hanged, since she's convinced that there's some sort of aberration in it that makes him what he is. He also fulfills another classic sociopathic trait in that he's a master manipulator.
* TakeThatKiss: He forces a rather passionate kiss to [[spoiler:Murdoch in "Midnight Train to Kingston".]]
* TooCleverByHalf: As noted above under BondVillainStupidity, Gillies' obsession with outsmarting Murdoch leads him to draw the detective into his plans, which also allows Murdoch to ruin them. And then there's [[spoiler:"Midnight Train To Kingston", where his elaborate plan to escape the noose succeeds...but it also involves him getting seriously maimed in the process.]]
* {{Troll}}: With a mocking smile, he greets Crabtree with, "You're the one who shot me, aren't you? Didn't do much of a job of it, did you?"
* VillainousCrush: It's implied that he has one on Murdoch after he [[spoiler:kisses the detective on the mouth for a full three seconds. Although Gillies, who was pinned to the ground, certainly used the unexpected physical contact as a distraction so that he could free himself, it has been hinted throughout the series that he's gay, and it seems natural that he would be attracted to a handsome, intelligent man like Murdoch.]]
* VoiceoverLetter: His voice is heard as [[spoiler: Dr. Ogden]] reads the letters he has sent to her in "Unfinished Business" and "The Murdoch Sting".
* WickedCultured: He is always well-dressed and eloquent.
* WouldHurtAChild: As shown when he [[spoiler:threatens baby Roland with heroin to force Murdoch to kill him.]]
* XanatosGambit: Bordering on a GambitRoulette in Season 6.
* YouMonster: Several characters have called him a monster, as the term psychopath hadn't been coined yet.

[[folder:Sally Pendrick]]

->'''Played By:''' Kate Greenhouse

A beautiful wife of James Pendrick. She's interested in art and science, and she has refreshingly modern opinions.

* BigBad: In Season 3, several cases lead to the Pendrick household. Murdoch becomes sure that it's Mr Pendrick who is responsible for frauds, dangerous scientific experiments used for stealing, or even mysterious murders. It turns out he's quite innocent, and his beautiful wife is the one to be blamed. She would be perfectly fine with him being hanged for her crimes. She says she's doing it for the thrill of it.
* KarmaHoudini: [[spoiler:She's wanted in New York for a long string of frauds, but she escaped scot-free to Canada. She then manages to escape Murdoch with all of James Pendrick's money.]]
* VillainousCrush: [[spoiler:When Murdoch tracks her down, she teasingly invites him to join her and says that they don't have to be enemies. Murdoch, of course, will have none of it.]]


[[folder:Anna Fulford]]

->'''Played By:''' Lisa Faulkner

A young English woman who comes from Bristol. She's an owner of a pub she inherited from her deceased father. She later decides to relocate to Canada.

* TheBusCameBack: She was given a new identity and was sent to live in hiding in Season 4, but she returned to Toronto for two episodes in Season 5.
* BreakTheCutie: She realizes that a man she loves has deep feelings for another woman. Later she gets engaged with another man she could love, but he's murdered by "Black Hand", a sinister organization who her fiancé worked for and stole from them. And it gets worse, as they target Anna as well as a punishment and warning for other members of the Mafia.
* TheCutie: She's a very sweet and very kind young woman. Even Julia, who should be jealous of her, says that she is lovely and seems to mean it.
* DeathFakedForYou: [[spoiler:The police tricks a Mafia organization that has a prize on her head. They prepare an elaborate performance when she appears to have been shot and is sent away with a new identity.]]
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: She's a very young and very beautiful blonde. She intuitively recognized that Detective Murdoch is a good man, even though he was pursued by the police, and she decides to help him. She's a bit livelier that this archetype tends to be but she fits the trope.
* PutOnABus: She was sent away to start a new life under a new identity. Twice.
* RomanticFalseLead: She was wonderful and had great chemistry with Detective Murdoch, but he just belongs to Dr. Odgen.
* TemporaryLoveInterest: Detective Murdoch and Anna appear to be a great romantic match. They have wonderful chemistry and share one or two kisses, but their relationship just was not to be.[[/folder]]

[[folder:James Pendrick]]

->'''Played By:''' Peter Stebbings

A brilliant inventor and businessman from Toronto.

* BigBad: In Season 3, several cases lead to the Pendrick household. Murdoch is sure that it's Mr Pendrick who is responsible for frauds, dangerous scientific experiments, or even mysterious murders. [[spoiler: Subverted, as it turns out he's quite innocent, and his beautiful wife is the one to be blamed. She would be perfectly fine with him being hanged for her crimes. He did truly love her.]]
* BigDamnHeroes: DoubleSubverted in an episode where he saves Murdoch by shooting the criminal that is about to kill the detective. At first it seems like Pendrick only did it to prevent the criminal, who Murdoch suspected was working for him, from ratting him out. [[spoiler:It turns out that Pendrick was in fact innocent, and framed by his wife Sally for the crimes. His claim about simply being in the right place at the right time was quite true.]]
* ButtMonkey: After he loses his original fortune, Pendrick tries several times to rebuild it. While he comes up with some impressive inventions, including [[spoiler:an electric car engine, a flying machine and film sound technology]], the latter of which ties into his becoming a film director, his attempts are ruined by everything from [[CorruptCorporateExecutive corrupt business rivals]] to [[spoiler:American and Canadian government agents]] to his own arrogance and pride. He also keeps [[spoiler: being arrested for murders he didn't commit, eventually reaching the point where Murdoch aknowledges that he's almost certainly innocent, but there's so much evidence to the contrary he can't ''not'' arrest him]].
%%* CampStraight[=/=]AmbiguouslyGay: He's been showing some more flamboyant tendencies.
%%% Which were? Please provide specific examples.
* {{Fallen Prince|ss}}: After [[spoiler:his thieving wife Sally steals his fortune]], Pendrick is forced to try and make his fortune all over again. Murdoch runs into him occasionally with some of the new inventions he's pursuing.
* HonestCorporateExecutive: Murdoch originally suspects him of orchestrating various criminal deeds, but [[spoiler:Pendrick was actually framed by his wife]] and his own corporate dealings are all above board, from what we see in the show.
* HonorBeforeReason:
** He won't let the Government use his inventions for military operations and destruction, even if it means he must demolish his own work and face a trial for high treason. Bashing Terrance Meyers in the process is a bonus.
** There's his encounter with Thomas Edison when he tries his hand at directing films. Edison is impressed enough with Pendrick's skills that he offers Pendrick a role in the movie business he's planning to build in California, but Pendrick arrogantly refuses, saying that he'll make Canada the world's film mecca. An infuriated Edison reminds Pendrick that he owns all the theatres in the United States, and he'll block Pendrick's films from ever being screened in the U.S. Pendrick says that he'll make up for it by screening them in Europe, but Edison just laughs him off.
* InsufferableGenius: He's very confident and satisfied with himself, and he feels superior to everybody. He's also a member of a eugenics society, which wouldn't be seen as a negative thing at the time, but still highlights his inherent arrogance.
* SelfMadeMan: Pendrick made his original fortune through a combination of scientific brilliance and clever business acumen.