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These are the characters that appear in the game ''VideoGame/LiveALive'', arranged with the scenarios they appear in.


[[folder:Prehistoric Chapter - Contact]]

The protagonist of the Prehistoric chapter, "Contact". A young boy who's just undergone the coming-of-age rites of his tribe, he looks forward to becoming a hunter until he meets a strange young girl named Bel. Events lead to him being exiled, and soon he finds himself falling in love, battling a rival clan out to sacrifice her, kicking a TyrannosaurusRex god's ass, and rejoining his tribe. He is assisted by a gorilla named Gori.

* AnimeHair: Though it's more because he's a caveman and has unkempt hair, it's looking like the trope.
* DeathOrGloryAttack: One of the moves he learns acts like this. It deals about 800 damage on the first time it's used, but it also tends to inflict extreme debuffs, often including Power, which makes Pogo just about worthless if the enemy is still standing afterwards.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: He has to be beaten in a fight before he joins in the final chapter. Unless you're Li, in which case he'll join you for free since he blushes madly over Li being a woman.
* {{Fartillery}}: One of the early attacks he learns is a fart. It can poison the enemy.
* HeroicMime: Justified, as he's from an era where human speech hasn't been developed yet.
* HotBlooded: Has a tendency of rushing into battle without a second thought, and of solving most problems with fists.
* IdiotHero: By how he acts, he probably isn't the most intelligent of the bunch.
* NoYou: Thanks to the trope below, he carries his rivalry with Zaki like this.
* PrecociousCrush: Bel is probably older than Pogo, but he crushes on her so badly. It ends happily. Also, if Li is the finale protagonist, Pogo will join her without a fight, completely smitten with her.
* TheUnintelligible: Since he exists in a time before human speech is discovered. Although, he knows one word in the end: "Love".
* UseYourHead: To crash into the enemy head-first.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Well, green hair actually.

Pogo's sidekick, a gorilla. He has a bad habit of screwing around with Pogo, but he's loyal nonetheless (and usually gets as much crap as he gives).

* TheBigGuy: While his moveset is more limited and he can't wear most equipments, he is physically stronger than Pogo. His basic attack deals almost twice the damage of Pogo's.
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: Pogo's gorilla pal.
* DungFu: He can throw his poo to deal AreaOfEffect damage.
* {{Fartillery}}: Like Pogo, he can weaponize his flatulence.
* NonHumanSidekick: As a gorilla, he is this to Pogo.

A cavewoman meant to be a HumanSacrifice to O-D-O. She escapes and makes it to Pogo's tribe. Ultimately, the two fall in love and she bears his child.

* MagikarpPower: She is excessively weak and squishy so most enemies kill her in two hits at most, making her utterly useless in battle. However, she learns an area of effect heal which also randomly buffs early on, and if you bother leveling her up to 7, she learns [=LaaLaa=], an obscenely powerful area-of-effect spell. [[SoLongAndThanksForAllTheGear She leaves the party shortly]], but she ''does'' rejoin you in time for the O-D-O battle and [=LaaLaa=] turns the tyrannosaur into a complete joke.
* MusicalAssassin: Her ultimate move, [=LaaLaa=], manifests as music notes that attack the enemy.
* SquishyWizard: She is a very useful healer with [=WaveWave=] and her ultimate [=LaaLaa=] hits like a nuclear warhead. However, she also folds like a wet paper towel if hit by an enemy.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Her hair is purple for some reason.

TheRival to Pogo, son of the Kuu tribe chieftain, sent out to retrieve Bel after her escape. Tends to flip his hair and wears a lizard on his crotch. Following his father's death, he aids Pogo and allies against O-D-O, becomes the Kuu tribe chief, and makes peace with Pogo's tribe.

* EvilRedheads: Although he undergoes a HeelFaceTurn eventually.
* GuestStarPartyMember: Against [[spoiler:the FinalBoss]] of Pogo's chapter.
* HairFlip: Despite being a caveman he is absolutely ''fabulous''.
* HeelFaceTurn: Very last minute (getting eaten by a T. rex is low on his list of priorities, it seems), but it looks genuine in the aftermath. Perhaps he was JustFollowingOrders.
* RecurringBoss: Fought no less than thrice over the chapter.


Odio's incarnation for the Prehistoric Chapter. The cavemen of Zaki's tribe worship him, and Bel is intended as a sacrifice to him. It is a TyrannosaurusRex and probably the last dinosaur on earth.

* LastOfHisKind: As the last TyrannosaurusRex and dinosaur on Earth, killing it means the extinction of dinosaurs


[[folder:Kung-Fu Chapter - Inheritance]]

!Master of Xin Shan Quan
Protagonist of the Kung-Fu chapter, "Inheritance". The only living master of Xin Shan Quan, as he feels himself drawing close to death, he descends from his dojo and seeks pupils to pass it on to. He finds three... but only one of them will carry the style onwards, and aid him with a battle against a vicious rival school.

* CantCatchUp: He starts at Level 10, but unlike his pupils, he can't level up or gain experience. Any one of them has the potential to surpass him and master all his techniques.
* CoolOldGuy: He's even older than Sundown!
* DeadStarWalking: Although he appears in the cover, [[spoiler:he'll not make it past his own chapter, and it's his surviving pupil who'll be in the Final chapter.]]
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: Name not known. You do name his style, though.
* EyesAlwaysShut: As part of being the OldMaster.
* HermitGuru: At first. He lives alone in the mountains before deciding to take on pupils to carry on his art.
* MartialPacifist: Would rather perfect his art than smack down a school of punks.
* MentorOccupationalHazard: [[spoiler:He passes away at the end of the chapter.]]
* OldMaster: Particularly noticeable when you compare him to the younger Odi Wang.
* PassingTheTorch: Sort of, but [[spoiler:becomes TakeUpMySword when the Master dies just after the final battle, where his pupil thoroughly kicks Odi Wang Lee's ass.]]
* PowerCopying: He can induce this to his pupils.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: [[spoiler:After two of his students die, the Master decides to wreck the Yi Po Men dojo for vengeance. The surviving student catches on and follows him.]]

!Yuan Jou
Possible inheritor of the Xin Shan Quan style. A StreetUrchin forced into robbing thanks to a gang leader, but actually a rather shy and compassionate boy.

* GlassCannon: Good in a lot of stats, but his health is puny at first.
* MagikarpPower: He starts out the weakest of the three possible apprentices, and knows the least moves. However, this ''also'' means that he has less to unlearn, and becomes a powerful JackOfAllStats if properly focused on.
* NiceGuy: He won't even ask for anything to join the final team, unlike Li or Sammo.
* ShrinkingViolet: A male example. There's a scene where he complains that he's not as good as Li or Sammo... ''as he's beating his way through Odi's goons''.

!Li Kuugo
Possible inheritor of the Xin Shan Quan style, and possibly the sole female protagonist of the game. A bandit living in the forest, and an overall impulsive girl constantly looking for a fight.

* ActionGirl: The only female character who can potentially be the main charater of her story, and an energetic fighter.
* AnimeChineseGirl: She's got the braids and the dress, though not the accent.
* CryCute: When [[spoiler:the Master dies]], it was one of the few times Li cried and showcased that she has a warm heart just like what the Master said, despite being a rowdy girl.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: The Master has to beat her up to make her follow him, and she has to be beaten, no question, to join the final party.
* GoodScarsEvilScars: She has a cross-shaped one on her face, and while she's definitely a rowdy girl on the outside, she's a good girl inside.
* LightningBruiser: Amongst the successors, she's the fastest of the group (she'll actually max out her speed stat around level 16), with good strength and decent defense.
* NotSoDifferent: [[spoiler:When picked as the finale protagonist, she will remark that Oersted reminds her of her past self.]]
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Largely averted -- she can be the only female protagonist, or she can end up [[spoiler:dead, when not chosen as the star pupil]] -- and the game doesn't use the usual 'only girl' tropes with her.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Kuugo is constant. But Li, or Lei?
* {{Tomboy}}: Li speaks ''very roughly'', but is genuinely surprised when she's called a 'girl' by Yuan and Sammo.

!Sammo Hakka
Possible inheritor of the Xin Shan Quan style. A portly bum who spends most of his time dining and dashing... which has given him incredible reflexes.

* {{Acrofatic}}: Not initially, but just by being the Xin Shan Quan inheritor at the end.
* BigEater: So much that you have to ''feed'' him in the final chapter to get him to join.
* FatAndProud: Has a CharacterDevelopment from being embarrassed at his weight into being proud of it, thanks to his Master, provided that he survives the scenario.
* MightyGlacier: Sammo's speed is pathetic, but between his tremendous health, defense, and physical power, it doesn't bother him much. This goes into GameplayAndStorySegregation where his introduction scene is dodging the restaurant owner that he dine-dashed implying that he's got speed.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: With a fat stature like that and that name, he is definitely based on Sammo Hung.
* NotMeThisTime: When the restaurant owner came back to the Master's dojo for requesting his help against the Yi Po Men, Sammo is at first frightened because he thought the owner is accusing him for dine-dashing again. The owner agrees on that.
* OcularGushers: When [[spoiler:the Master dies]], Sammo's tears pretty much flows, rivaling that of any [[RunningGag Watanabe]] incarnations.

!Tiger King

A minor character in the scenario. He's a bandit that bullies the weak and forces Yuan to steal, only to be driven away by the Master of Xin Shan Quan. The next time he's encountered, he has learned the Yi Po Men Kung Fu, but still failed to defeat the Master. However, it was this second defeat that triggered the chapter's biggest tragedy caused by the BigBad.

!Odi Wang Lee

Odio's incarnation for the Kung-Fu Chapter. Leader of the Yi Po Men Kung Fu who terrorized the land with his iron fist. He saw opposition in the Xin Shan Quan school and tried eliminating it, killing two possible successors, but the master, along with the surviving pupil, put a stop to his ambition and life.

* ArrogantKungFuGuy: It's a Chinese-based {{Wuxia}} story, it won't be complete without an evil Kung-Fu guy who's obsessed on power like Odi.
* {{Hypocrite}}: He claims that he dislikes ganging up on people and prefers fair combat... except that when he said that, he already sent a bunch of men to attack the Xin Shan Quan school and killed two successors because of it.


[[folder:Bakumatsu Chapter - Secret Orders]]

Protagonist of the Bakumatsu chapter, "Secret Orders". An untested ninja, he's sent into the castle of a tyrannical samurai on a secret mission: to rescue a valuable person and prevent Japan from falling into constant warfare. [[PacifistRun How he does so]] [[KillEmAll is up to him]].
* AnimeHair: Courtesy of [[Manga/DetectiveConan Goshow Aoyama]]. Oboromaru actually looks a bit like [[Manga/{{Cyborg 009}} Shimamura Joe]] in his [[http://www.game-ost.com/static/covers_soundtracks/1/5/15479_633168.jpg official artwork]], in fact.
* GlassCannon: Oboromaru is fast and attacks ''very'' well at range, and his chapter involves him running around very quickly. However, he can't take many hits even against his own enemies.
* HighlyVisibleNinja: Subverted. While he wears gold clothing with a red scarf and has a wild mane of bright purple hair, he can also easily turn invisible to evade detection.
* InvisibilityCloak: Is given one just before the start of his chapter.
* KatanasAreJustBetter: His weapons. Depending on how you finish his story, you can even get a really nifty one too!
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: He comes to this realization at some point regarding the fact that he possibly slaughtered everyone in Ode Iou's castle.
* {{Ninja}}: Has a number of the associated supernatural powers and fights with a short sword and shuriken.
* PacifistRun: Can opt to do so in his scenario. Doing so will impress Ryoma.
* PlayingWithFire: He starts out with a move that spawns fire tiles and learns Flame Arts later on.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: He can just abruptly quit his mission and go away, but in process, he would become a nukenin and marked for death via a rather impossibly difficult battle (it's still doable, but [[HeadsIWinTailsYouLose it's still counted as a game over]])
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Lavender.

A senior Enma Ninja and Oboro-maru's master. At first he only appeared briefly to brief Oboromaru for his mission, but should Oboro try to desert and managed to repel his assassins, Hayate would come down and strike Oboro down.
* YouHaveFailedMe: If Oboro leaves his mission, he won't take it kindly, to say the least.

A karakuri activated by Oboromaru and possessing his look. Possesses different skills than Oboro; can't handle overly high falls, long exposure in water, or mice.
* AnachronismStew / {{Magitech}}: Played with. A karakuri is a real life object whose gimmick is that the complex inner workings are hidden by a normal puppet exterior. Despite this, there's no way one would be as advanced to mimic Oboromaru's appearance and skills, especially in Feudal Japan. Adding in the fact that the game treats it like a robot...
* CyberNinja: "Cyber" is a bit of a stretch, but by all means, it's a robot through and through.
* MovesetClone: Downplayed. There's some original skills, but it's mostly a copy of Oboromaru's moveset.
* SdrawkcabName / PunnyName: His name is the first five letters of Oboromaru's name, spelled backwards and hyphenated. Also, he's a robot.

!Ryoma Sakamoto
The legendary swordsman said to be able to stabilize the country. Ode Iou's men imprisoned him to perpetuate war, and Oboromaru is sent to rescue him.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Is pretty jolly and not exactly the one you would expect as the 'very important man', but he's important for a reason.
* HistoricalDomainCharacter: Could be pretty much ''the'' Ryoma Sakamoto.
* ThePowerOfTrust: He believes in uniting the land with this trope, which is why he became a threat to Ode.

!Ode Iou

Odio's incarnation for the Bakumatsu Chapter. A warlord trying to engulf Japan in war by imprisoning Ryoma Sakamoto and using evil spirits. Can turn into a Frogsnake Demon.

%%* EvilOverlord
* OneWingedAngel: His Frogsnake Demon form.
* PunnyName: His clan name, Ode, could be a pun to the warlord UsefulNotes/OdaNobunaga who's similarly brutal. Ironically, he's rebelling against the Tokugawa Shogunate, and the Tokugawa was an ally to the Oda.
%%* {{Youkai}}


[[folder:Wild West Chapter - Wandering]]

!The Sundown Kid
Protagonist of the Wild West chapter. Once a prodigious gunslinger, one of his duels involved a group of outlaws, and soon what followed cost him his very hometown and everyone he held dear to their wrath. Because of this, he put a bounty on his head and vanished, looking for death to make amends for the grave tragedy he accidentally caused, except no one was able to take that bounty. He stopped by a village, saved them from the wrath of a bandit gang, and slowly opens up, being reminded of what it's like to protect the innocent.

* TheAloner: Part of his CharacterDevelopment. Sundown used to avoid companionship and becoming a lone DeathSeeker out of guilt. In the Final Chapter, he actively avoids your party until he's pestered enough. By the end of it and especially if he's picked as a protagonist, he reveals that he has started longing for companionship again, to avert the trope.
* CoolOldGuy: Will probably become the oldest character in the Final chapter, since the Old Master of Xin Shan Quan wouldn't be around.
* DeathSeeker: Why he put up that bounty on his head.
* TheDrifter: He wanders from place to place, restlessly looking for people in need of help.
* {{Eagleland}}: The only American in the final party and represents Type 1. After all, before the tragedy, he made his Wild West town prosper.
* GlassCannon: Sundown has a very low HP score. But some of his techniques can often cause 999 damage.
* TheGunslinger: In the Creator/ClintEastwood style.
* IronicName: Sundown "Kid". He's the oldest of the main characters. [[spoiler: At least of the ones to survive until the final chapter.]]
* NiceHat: And a [[Film/DollarsTrilogy poncho]] too!
* TheStoic: He doesn't speak much. In fact, VisibleSilence is like his VerbalTic.
* WalkingTheEarth: After his story's over, he goes back to wandering the world, righting wrongs.

!Mad Dog
A BountyHunter after the price on Sundown's head. He has no choice but to team up with Sundown to face the Crazy Bunch. Following that, it's up to the player whether he survives.

%%* BountyHunter
* CoolHorse: If you spared Mad Dog in the final battle, he'll tame [[spoiler:the O. Dio horse]] that had ran off earlier... only to [[BookEnds lose it again]] when Sundown shoots his reins like last time.
* EnemyMine: He only came to Success Town to hunt Sundown, but decided to put it off long enough to fight off the Crazy Bunch.
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall
-->'''Mad Dog''': Reckon it might be a good idea to save now, don't you think?
* OlderHeroVsYoungerVillain: His relationship to the Sundown Kid. He starts off with newer, better equipment than Sundown and is only a level lower than him.
* TheRival: To the Sundown Kid. [[LampshadeHanging Lampshades]] that they've been doing this far too many times than he could remember.

!Sheriff of Success Town
Not named, but he's ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin. Even so, he shows considerable fear towards the Crazy Bunch and didn't do a thing about them, until Sundown came and inspired him (that and being called out by his son Billy)

The son of the Sheriff of Success Town. He's not pleased that his father feared the Crazy Bunch and latched onto Sundown, idolizing him and not believing that he's got a bounty on his head. He's also pretty good with a slingshot.

A brave girl from Success Town who doesn't really take crap from anyone, not even Crazy Bunch. She apparently handles frying pans pretty well.

!The Barman
The bartender of the Crystal Bar. Mild mannered, but is secretly a pervert, collecting posters of hot models.

!Wayne & his Wife, Clint, Gene and Gibson

!Delos, Sancho and Pancho

!O. Dio

Odio's incarnation for the Wild West Chapter. Leader of the Crazy Bunch terrorizing the land. Actually a horse possessed by the ghosts of Custer's Seventh Calvary. Provided that Mad Dog survives, he ends up being Mad Dog's new horse. For a while.

%%* DemonicPossession
* GatlingGood: His weapon of choice.


[[folder:Present Day/Wrestler Chapter - The Strongest]]

!Masaru Takahara
Protagonist of the Present Day/Wrestler chapter, "The Strongest". A young mixed martial artist, his only goal is to be the strongest man in the world. In order to test himself, he's picked out six of the most powerful fighters on the planet. Unbeknownest to him, there's a seventh one keeping an eye on his progress...

* AllYourPowersCombined: Spoken in verbatim before his confrontation with Odie.
* DefeatMeansFriendship: He'll ask your protagonist to fight him in the final chapter before he joins, even if you declare you're not his enemy. Except if your protagonist is either Sundown or Cube.
* {{Expy}}: Could be intentional, but he probably has a lot similarities with [[StreetFighter Ryu]]. Not just the headband and the desire to be the strongest, he also carries a similar bag. Appearance-wise, he also has some similarities with [[Anime/MobileFighterGGundam Domon Kasshu]] without the AnimeHair.
* HotBlooded: He doesn't look like it, and looks more like TheStoic. But once Odie reveals how much of a scumbag he is... [[NotSoStoic he goes nuts]] and [[UnstoppableRage reveals his inner hotblood.]]
* MartialArtsHeadband: Has this, and you'd think it'd be equipment too.
* MagikarpPower: When entering the Final Chapter, he starts out as Level 2 due to how his scenario works (Masaru don't ''need'' no wussy experience points, fool). Due to this, his stats may be weak at first, and you'll need to grind a little. However, he has great stat growth as he racks up levels. See StoneWall.
** Taken to an extreme with his boss rematch. In the original fight, Odie Oldbright is one of the tougher bosses, since he hits rather hard and you have no way of leveling up Masaru. Get him to level 16 or higher in the final chapter, and in the rematch Odie does around ''1 damage'' to him.
* PowerCopying: He can learn skills by being hit with them in his scenario.
* StoneWall: His HP score shoots like crazy, making him easier to reach 999 HP with. He can also have shades of LightningBruiser, as he's not exactly slow and weak either.
* SuplexFinisher: German Suplex. He can stun people with it.
* ToBeAMaster: Emphatically wishes to be the strongest through experience and knowledge rather than just winning his fights, and so contrasts ''violently'' with Odie Oldbright, who just wants to be at the top.
* WalkingTheEarth: What he usually did, after he's done with a certain area of fighting.
* WeakButSkilled: Masaru epitomizes this when you first find him/play as him in the final chapter.
* WrestlerInAllOfUs: Zig-Zagged. Masaru's chapter is referred as 'Wrestler', however, he's a mixed martial artist, being able to absorb Muay Thai and Sumo moves as well as Japanese martial arts moves. It doesn't stop him to get some wrestling moves like the German Suplex or Frankensteiner...

Muay Thai master who's obsessed with his beauty and claims that nobody could touch his face. Masaru proves him wrong.

* BeefGate: Namcat hits like a truck that if you haven't defeated someone with long range attack that can hopefully distract him (Moribe Seishi and his Abise-Geri) or disable his feet (Tula Han's Cross Heel Hold), challenging him as the first boss will get Masaru kicked so hard before he could even make a difference.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: It's very easy to think that Namcat is a she...
* TheFightingNarcissist: As stated above, he's very proud of his looks.
%%* KilledOffForReal

!Great Asia

A Japanese Luchador with his own style called 'El Rudo', his brutality granted him the nickname 'Dark Angel'. Oh, and he likes biting heads off like [[StreetFighter Blanka]].

* {{Heel}}: With a nickname like 'El Rudo'... [[MeaningfulName ya think?]]
* {{Jerkass}}: Great Asia takes his {{Heel}} status a little bit too much. Aside of belittling Masaru as his pre-fight taunt, he's also the only fighter who can kill an innocent (Watanabe's dad) and spams his Bite too much that you'll have a hard time learning his moves, as if he doesn't want his moves to be inherited. [[AlasPoorVillain However, even his death against Odie would be too much even for him.]]
%%* KilledOffForReal
* MaskedLuchador: He wears a [[WhiteMaskOfDoom white]] skull mask.

!Tula Han

Army guy and master of close quarter combat, which includes bone-breaking skills and overall [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater CQC]]-like skills.

%%* KilledOffForReal

!Moribe Seishi

Old Japanese martial artist with a knack for barehanded killing. He [[FistOfTheNorthStar damages the enemy from within with his fists]] and his attacks (especially Tsuda) can decrease stats.

%%* KilledOffForReal
%%* OldMaster

!Max Morgan

American best wrestler turned Hollywood star who is bored with the competition and always looking for a good fight. Resemblance with HulkHogan is probably coincidental.

* BeefGate: Like Namcat, Max is extremely powerful and can stunlock Masaru to death. If he hasn't learned the necessary skills to distract him, Max isn't the ideal early opponent.
* CaptainErsatz: Of HulkHogan.
* {{Eagleland}}: Type 1 with shades of Type 2. While cocky and boisterous, he wasn't that demeaning to Masaru and compliments Masaru if he's beaten.
%%* KilledOffForReal

!Jackie Iaukea

Sumo wrestler who went to Japan to prove his skills and failed... and instead now tries to challenge the international ring.

%%* KilledOffForReal

!Odie Oldbright

Odio's incarnation for the Present Chapter. A bald, tattooed fighter, who belives that being the strongest means killing all who oppose you. He slaughters all of Masaru's previous opponents, and when Masaru learns this, he flies into an UnstoppableRage and strikes Odie down.

* ArrogantKungFuGuy: Worse than Odi Wang Lee. He killed of all of Masaru's opponents, and gloated about it.
%%* BaldOfEvil
* {{Expy}}: He's a bald martial artist who held the title 'The Strongest', that Masaru attempts to claim, and serve as his final boss. Basically, he's very similar to [[VideoGame/StreetFighterI Sagat]] with both eyes... except he's a lot more brutal and ruthless even before Sagat developed into an AntiVillain.
* ToThePain: Though not to the direct victim, but he goes into a quite detailed explanation of how he killed his opponents in front of Masaru.


[[folder:Near Future/Mecha Chapter - Flow]]

!Akira Tadokoro
Protagonist of the Far Future/Mecha chapter, "Flow". A psychic who grew up in an orphanage, he spends his free time fighting off biker gangs. The local mad scientist Dr. Toei, however, suspects his destiny lies with the giant robot known as Buriki Daioh... and his past may have something to do with the "liquified humans" plaguing the city...

* AccidentalPervert: Teleporting a lot can cause him to get transported in the bathroom... right as Taeko was taking a bath.
* AloofBigBrother: To many of the orphanage kids.
* AnimeHair: Being from a SuperRobot chapter, he naturally has very impressive hair.
* BadassBiker: [[spoiler:Eventually becomes one, succeeding the deceased Matsu]].
* CovertPervert: Akira isn't above asking one of the orphans to give him Taeko's panties.
* GoodScarsEvilScars: Like Li, he sports a cross-shaped one in the face, and he's sort of a TroubledButCute guy.
* HotBlooded: Considering his scenario is a spoof of Hot Blood Mecha Anime, it comes in the parcel.
* PsychicPowers: His main draw, from reading minds to summoning a lot of attacks, to eventually piloting Buriki Daioh. They cover wide swaths of the battlefield, but are overall a little weak for the final chapter.
* ScrewDestiny: Despite being told to have his destiny lies within the Buriki Daioh, Akira doesn't let it control him and move along with his life as he damn pleases.]]
* TroubledButCute: Akira might be a bit of a punk, but he has a sweet side.

!Matsu Kenichi

A biker gang leader who defected from the Crusaders and became Akira's best friend and brother figure. When he was with the Crusaders, he killed Akira's father and has been making amends. He dies sacrificing his life to empower the Buriki Daioh.

* BigDamnHeroes: Several times, he came in the nick of time to haul Akira's ass to safety.
* NobleDemon: It's not known how much honor the Crusaders had during Matsu's tenure at the Crusaders, but even he knew the government was up to no good and continued to oppose them, eventually clashing with Tadashi.


Akira's RobotBuddy created by Professor Toei. Made from a turtle.

* IOweYouMyLife: This is pretty much the main reason he follows you in the chapter. He was an ordinary turtle on the verge of dying before being turned into a robot to save his life thanks to both Akira and Toei. Reading his mind before he joins shows he's immensely grateful.


Eccentric professor and mechanic of the Buriki Daioh who helps Akira in eventually piloting the machine itself.

!Buriki Daioh

An ancient, forgotten mech, built in Ancient Babylonia. Only those with psychic powers can activate it. Possibly the only chance anyone has to stop the God Odeo.

* ReadingsAreOffTheScale: HP: ???/??? (Not infinite, however)

!Tadashi Tadokoro
Akira's father, a riot police officer under the employment of the government. He knew his government was up to no good, but he had no choice but to obey. He ended up killed by Matsu when trying to arrest him despite Matsu stating the evilness of the government.

!Kaori Tadokoro
Akira's actual little sister. She's a sickly girl and the original owner of Taro until its roboticization.

The caretaker of the Chibikko orphanage.

!Aki, Yuki, Kazu and Watanabe
Four little kids from the Chibikko orphanage. And yes, Watanabe is [[RunningGag that Watanabe]] for the chapter. (See below)

!Yamazaki, Cindelman and Kumotatsu
The three followers of Odeo who initiated the plan to unite all men by turning their people into liquefied humans and then offer their remains as sacrifices for Odeo.

* HoistByHisOwnPetard: They get assimilated with the human liquid they created to awaken Odeo.
* MadScientist: Cindelman has the look of a the trope and tends to use sciencey words.


Odio's incarnation for the Near Future Chapter. A God asleep until fueled with human hatred. The Japanese Government (or at least just those under Yamazaki, Cindelman and Odeo) teams up with a fringe-Buddhist temple to do so, using liquified humans and their rage at their state to power it. Buriki Daioh shatters the statue Odeo uses to incarnate, and the liquified humans consume his followers.

* GodIsEvil: Or at least this incarnation becomes an evil "god".


[[folder:Sci-Fi Chapter - Mechanical Heart]]


Protagonist of the Sci-Fi chapter, "Mechanical Heart". A robot, recently created by Kato, engineer of the spaceship ''Cogito Ergosum''. As the ship approaches Earth, Cube must determine just what... or who... he is, and must face a threat not only to himself, but to the ship's mission.

* {{BFG}}: Maser Cannon. It's pretty powerful but takes a while to charge.
* {{Cephalothorax}}: Just a head on tank treads, really.
* CombatMedic: Cube's moveset is mostly centered on heals and support. He has an instant-speed area heal and a buff, and even his damaging moves are mostly weak in power but have added effects (like inducing sleep or knocking enemies back). For straight battle, he does have the decently powerful counter Anti Field and the strong, but slow Maser Cannon.
* IKnowMortalKombat: The reason Cube is capable of "fighting" the final boss of his chapter is because [[spoiler:he hacked the Master Computer through a videogame console]].
* IronicNickname: Cube is, in fact, perfectly round. Kato named him such specifically because it was the opposite of his appearance.
* NonActionGuy: Cube is unarmed most of the time, and has to dodge fights entirely. To make up for it, he's the best healer in the final scenario.
** ImprobableWeaponUser: ...And then it turns out that he can use all those silly weapons Taro used in Akira's scenario.
* SpotTheImposter: [[spoiler: When Cube and a previous prototype of him are in the same room and they need to figure out which one is the robot being manipulated by the ship, Kato says that the real Cube would know the first name Kato was considering giving him. It was 'Rover' and this causes Darth to shoot the prototype.]]
* TheUnintelligible: Only makes robotic sounds and can't speak. Kato apparently didn't outfit him with speech.


Cube's creator. A nerdy, sensible, kindhearted technician.


A military corporal and passenger on the Corgito Ergosum; his job is to guard the Behemoth. At first a robot-hating douche, but after surviving the ordeal at the ship with the help of Cube, he warms up to him.

* FantasticRacism: Hates Cube and mechanical things in general [[spoiler:because during a mission, he had his whole squad killed by robots. He later softens up and befriends Cube.]]
* ShellShockedVeteran: He has really bad memories about a war against machines, which caused him to hate robots at first.


Kato's friend, a seemingly sensible man who has a crush on Rachel.

* HeroicSacrifice: He dies trying to save Rachel from the Behemoth. [[spoiler:[[SenselessSacrifice For naught too.]]]]


The sole female of the crew, and in love with Kirk... to an unhealthy degree. Communications officer on the Cogito Ergosum.


A gung-ho officer, Rachel's lover. Pilot of the Cogito Ergosum.

* JerkJock: He's athletic, but also an impulsive jerk.
* KickTheDog: Goes out of his way to remind Huey that he stole his girlfriend.
* ShoutOut: To Franchise/StarTrek

!Captain Hol

Captain of the Cogito Ergosum, who strangely has no direct contact with his crew.

!Captain Square

Fictional character of the Captain Square [[GameWithinAGame minigame]].
* CoolShades: Wears a pair of green sunglasses.
* TheGoodCaptain: He bears the title of Captain, and he's the hero of his game.
* LanternJawOfJustice: Most noticeable in his win pose.
* ScarfOfAsskicking: Which strangely seems to always billow out behind him no matter what he's doing.

Odio's incarnation for the Sci-Fi Chapter. The main computer of the Cogito Ergosum, it is programmed to maintain order. Seeing the constant, petty bickering of the crew, it concluded that only by killing humans can order be assured. It picks off most of the crew before Cube destroys its personality, leaving only mindless, basic functions.

* AIIsACrapshoot: Determining that HumansAreBastards and that the only solution to the problem is to KillAllHumans? Oh yeah, OD-10 definitely qualifies.
* SpaceshipGirl: It's a Mother Computer, implying that it's a female, also giving her a minor TheSmurfettePrinciple for Odio's incarnations.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: In a way. All it wanted is to make sure order is preserved, and apparently it was not installed with the ThreeLawsCompliant, thus harming humans is an available option.


[[folder:Medieval Chapter - King of Demons]]

Protagonist of the Medieval chapter. A KnightInShiningArmor, he has won the hand of the kingdom's princess, only to see her spirited away by the Demon King. He sets out to rescue her...

* AccidentalMurder: [[spoiler:His troubles truly begin when an apparition of the Demon King tricks him into killing the king of Lucretia.]]
* AllForNothing: His goal is to kill the demon and get the girl. [[spoiler:By the end of his quest, everyone he cares about is either dead (Hash, Uranus, and the King), hates his guts (the villagers), or both (Straybow and Alicia).]]
* AndThenJohnWasAZombie: [[spoiler:And then Oersted was the GreaterScopeVillain.]]
* AsLongAsThereIsOneMan: As long as one person still believes in him, he'll keep fighting. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, destiny decided to make him their bitch, and he snaps because of it.]]
* BreakTheCutie: Spends the entirety of his chapter undergoing this. [[spoiler:And when it finally becomes too much, he ''snaps''.]]
* DespairEventHorizon: His chapter is all about showing how easy this could happen.
* DrivenToVillainy: [[spoiler:He does not go JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope into evil. Straybow grabs a sledgehammer, destroys everything he cares about, bludgeons his innocence to death, and punts him off the slope.]]
* FaceHeelTurn: [[spoiler:Of the ThenLetMeBeEvil variety.]]
* FallenHero: [[spoiler:After Alicia offs herself.]]
* FinalSpeech: [[spoiler:After being defeated he warns the heroes that as long as there is enough hatred, anyone can become the Demon King.]]
* FromNobodyToNightmare: Went from a simple knight [[spoiler:to the greatest threat to the space-time continuum in all of existence]].
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: Yeah, [[spoiler:[[SubvertedTrope not anymore.]]]]
* HeroicMime: Unlike the other protagonists, except Pogo and Cube (kinda), and both of those were justified examples. [[spoiler:It's intentional. At the end of his chapter, he stops being one, as he renounces his humanity, and becomes Odio the Demon King. Thus, it was likely that the player was meant to visualize himself in his shoes, and thus go through Oersted's mental breakdown exactly as he did.]]
** Also makes sense from a thematic angle: He is a silent protagonist, [[spoiler:but in the end of his chapter, he stops being the protagonist, so he is no longer bound by this trope.]]
* InTheEndYouAreOnYourOwn: [[spoiler:Through no real fault of his own, everyone he ever counts on ends up dead or against him by the end of his tale. Considering the fact that he was relying on someone believing in him to keep moving forward, this is what pushes him over the edge.]]
* IronButtMonkey: All the bad things seem to happen to him during his storyline. [[spoiler:Deconstructed heavily and very much ''not'' played for laughs.]]
* KnightInShiningArmor: His general character design and personality. [[spoiler:At first.]]
* {{Leitmotif}}: ''"Wings That Don't Reach"''. [[spoiler:The name foreshadows his fall from grace. He, as Odio, is also associated with ''"Demon King Odio"''.]]
* MaddenIntoMisanthropy: [[spoiler:After the public demonizes him, his former best friend reveals he set up the events leading to his ruin, and the girl he was trying to save rejects him and commits hara-kiri, he finally takes his misery out on humanity.]]
* MagikarpPower: To be quite frank, his starting stats are absolutely pathetic and he can barely defeat anything early on. However, his stat growth is fantastic and he gains an array of very powerful abilities, so by the time you no longer have a full party, you're at the point where you don't need them.
* MeaningfulName: [[spoiler: His name on its own sounds like "ousted", his fate from the kingdom. In addition, the first and last letters of his name are O and D--which start "Odio".]]
* NotWhatItLooksLike: [[spoiler:He is caught red-handed with the king’s blood still fresh on his blade, and claiming he hallucinated the Demon King would sound like a flimsy lie.]]
* ProtagonistJourneyToVillain: [[spoiler: His entire story is the origin story for the BigBad]].
* StartOfDarkness: [[spoiler:When Alicia declares that she no longer believes in him and commits suicide right in front of him.]]
* ThenLetMeBeEvil: [[spoiler: At the end of his chapter, he concludes that, if that's the way the world wants to see him, so be it.]]
* TraumaCongaLine: He quickly goes through one: [[spoiler:seeing his friends die one by one, the people turned against him, all orchestrated by one jealous friend, and then his lover turns out to be in love with that jealous friend... all these after being told that AsLongAsThereIsOneMan...]]
* WalkingSpoiler: Not even delving into the fact that he reveals the game has eight sections instead of seven, it's hard to talk about him or his story without diving into the fact that [[spoiler:he's the villain responsible for ''everything'' in the game.]]
* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: Loses, is rejected by, or is horribly betrayed by everyone and finally becomes [[spoiler:the Demon King Odio]].


Oersted's friend, a wizard who was second place in the tournament for Alicia's hand. During the fight with the Demon King, he sacrifices himself to save his allies.

* AlwaysSecondBest: [[spoiler:And he hates it.]]
* TheAtoner: Maybe. He's probably aware that he started the whole mess regarding Odio at least and is genuinely shocked about it.
* DrivenByEnvy: [[spoiler:He ruins Oersted's life out of jealousy.]]
* EvilSorcerer: Not at first, but [[spoiler:his envy of Oersted]] pushed him over the edge.
* FinalBoss: Of the Medieval Chapter.
* GoneHorriblyRight: He set out to [[spoiler:break Oersted's spirit]]. He succeeded, and the entire kingdom of Lucretia, and a whole lot of other people in other times and lands, suffer for it.
* MasterOfIllusion: His plan kicks into high gear when he makes [[spoiler:Oersted see the King as the Demon King one night]]... It's unclear whether he was the one who created [[spoiler:the ''other'' false]] Demon King or not.
* TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers: [[spoiler:He is the only chapter boss in the game to not be an incarnation of Oersted/Odio.]]
* ShadowArchetype: Straybow serves as this to [[spoiler:the Xin Shan Quan successors. All successors received prejudice and lived a miserable life at first which would give them justifications to be envious of others, but they curbed their envy and became better people thanks to the Master. Straybow wasn't that miserable at first, what with being a powerful wizard and having a good friendship with Oersted, but he couldn't contend with his envy of Oersted due to being AlwaysSecondBest, and he turns into a worse man that inadvertently puts all timelines in danger.]]
* {{Sidekick}}: To Oersted [[spoiler:...and he's sick of it]].
%%* SquishyWizard
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: [[spoiler:Now, if he was just able to keep his jealousy and issues being the NumberTwo at bay, the whole existence and all timelines might not have to be terrorized by Odio.]]
** [[spoiler: [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone And he comes to regret all of it]], when found in Akira's Dungeon in the last scenario.]]


An old priest who previously saved the world from the Demon King along with Hash, and was seemingly able to resume normal life until the Demon King returned and he, with Oersted and Straybow, must urge Hash to get back in shape and face the Demon King again.

* ShadowArchetype: Like with Straybow and the walking spoiler, Uranus is this for [[spoiler:the Xin Shan Quan Master. Both are old men tutoring their next generation warriors and sacrificed their lives for their successor's. The Xin Shan Quan Master succeeded in imparting his kindness and improving the lives of his successors, but Uranus failed despite his kind encouragement.]]


The man who killed the Demon King previously and hailed as a hero, but quickly was disgusted with how humanity just tossed him once he's out of uses, and retired as a hermit. Uranus calls him out for this when the Demon King returned and Hash joins Oersted to prove that he's still in shape. He succumbs to a long-term illness after the battle, and trusts Oersted to carry on his legacy as a hero.

* FallenHero: He used to be a celebrated hero but grew disgusted with the generally selfish men that didn't appreciate what he did to the people and retired as a hermit.
* ShadowArchetype: Just like with Uranus, he represents this trope for [[spoiler:Ryoma Sakamoto. Both were older heroes that ended up tutoring people, but Ryoma continued to trust people despite the dark nature of the world and managed to instill his sense of trust to Oboromaru for good, while Hash was quick to lose his trust of others. He only regains it in his last breaths, but the trust passed down to Oersted got turned into tragedy and ended up all for nothing.]]


The princess of Lucretia Kingdom and betrothed of Oersted. When the Demon King captures her, she patiently awaits Oersted's help.

* DamselInDistress: Oersted's primary goal is to rescue her from the clutches of the Demon King.
* DrivenToSuicide: [[spoiler:After Oersted kills Straybow, she declares her love for Straybow before plunging a dagger into her gut.]]
* ShadowArchetype: In a way, she's this to [[spoiler:Bel from Pogo's chapter. Both are the official {{Love Interest}}s of their heroes [[DamselInDistress who are in distress themselves]], but Bel reciprocates with Pogo and their relation continues harmoniously while Alicia at first presents herself as reciprocating but ends up rejecting Oersted, becoming the final catalyst that turns Oersted into Odio.]]
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: [[spoiler:Her abandonment of Oersted is the last straw for his already fractured mind; killing herself is what causes him to renounce his humanity and become Odio.]]


[[folder:Running Gag character]]

!Watanabe & His Dad

All throughout history, recurring again and again, a father and son (the son's name being some variant on Watanabe) appear. The father is killed in some way or another, leaving Watanabe to burst into tears and run off.

* Prehistoric Chapter: They're not named, but one of them cries when the other falls down a pit trap. (Incidentally, this pit trap is nonlethal if Pogo falls in it.)

* Kung Fu Chapter: Wan-Tan tries to avenge his father's death at the hands of the Yi Po Men Kung Fu school by unleashing his secret technique... and fails. Only available if the Xin Shan Quan successor is Sammo.

* Bakumatsu Chapter: Watanabe and his father are ninjas trying to steal Ode Iou's treasure. Either they succeed (because Oboro killed the man in the room below) or, after dodging multiple stabs, the father is impaled.

* Wild West Chapter: Watt and his father arrive at Succez just as the Crazy Bunch show up. Dad takes a bullet.

* Present Chapter: Watanabe's father throws a cola bottle at Great Asia. Great Asia turns around, jumps out of the ring, mauls the man to death, and returns to the ring. [[GuideDangIt You need to herd Great Asia into the lower-right-hand corner to see this, and it's still not guaranteed.]]

* Near Future Chapter: Watanabe is actually one of the orphan kids staying in the same orphanage as Akira. His father reportedly ended up captured and turned into liquified human to revive Odeo. [[spoiler:He's actually used to power the boss robot fought in the facility.]]

* Sci-Fi Chapter: A pair of main and sub antennas, controlled by Watanabe communication system. [[spoiler:Used in a creepy way, and not played for laughs. If you're familiar with the Watanabe gag, the moment "W-A-T-A-N-A-B-E" shows up in the text bubble, you know one of the two astronauts currently in space is not long for this world. It starts the horror for real.]]

* Medieval Chapter: Straybow kills a man named Watt Nabe during the tournament at the start, whereupon his son carries him away.

* Final Chapter: Watanabe and his father are statues in one of the dungeons. Akira can read their minds, revealing that Death Prophet petrified them for running away too many times.


[[folder:Demon King Odio]]

Due to the nature of the following character, spoilers are unmarked to avoid redundancy.

!Demon King Odio

The Demon King and main villain of ''Live A Live''. His various incarnations cause trouble to different protagonists from several points in time, and he's what binds all these stories together. See Oersted for more information.

* AndNowForSomeoneCompletelyDifferent: If you choose Oersted's version of the Final Chapter, you get to play as ''every single one'' of Odio's incarnations in a [[InvertedTrope Reverse]] BossRush.
* ApocalypseHow: In his scenario, when he is about to lose, he can pick the Armageddon option and causes a Class Z. He also casts Armageddon [[NonStandardGameOver if you lose against him when he's in Pure Odio form]].
* AsLongAsThereIsEvil: As long as there is ''hatred'', anyway. Anyone can become a demon like him because of it. Though the way he says it comes off more like a warning that someone someday will pick up where he left off, rather than a typical "I'll come back to haunt you!" taunt.
* BigBad: Of the game as a whole, and his incarnations serve as the Big Bads of their respective chapters.
* ClippedWingAngel: After defeating Pure Odio, you have the option of finishing Oersted off in his human form (though be warned, this leads to the neutral ending). Oersted still has player-character stats and doesn't benefit from HealthDamageAsymmetry, so he tends to go down very quickly. The BossRush in the good ending also counts, since all of Odio's incarnations have the [[VillainForgotToLevelGrind exact same stats as when you first fought them]], while (if you were smart) the heroes should have leveled up enough to solo them easily.
* FinalBoss: Many of his incarnations serve this role for each chapter. Odio himself plays with this trope a bit.
* GracefulLoser: After being beaten, he takes his defeat well and asks the heroes to just kill him already. This leads to a bad end. Later, when he resurfaces and tries to prove his point by sending a BossRush and is thwarted again, he is quick to realize that the heroes were right when they point out their differences: his heart was too weak, so he fell into despair's influence. In his dying breath, he gives a fair, but stern warning about AsLongAsThereIsEvil, rather than cursing them.
* IHaveManyNames: Take your pick: O-D-O, Odi Wang Lee, Ode Iou, O. Dio, Odie Oldbright, Odeo, OD-10, Oersted...
* {{Leitmotif}}: ''"Demon King Odio"'' serves as one for him and his incarnations. Technically, ''"Wings That Don't Reach"'' is one as well.
* MeaningfulName: Odio means hatred. His various incarnations go on and on about hate. The Medieval Chapter shows why Odio is so fixated on hate.
* MisanthropeSupreme: After all that happens to him, he abhors humanity and considers them worse than animals, since the latter only kill to nourish themselves.
* OneWingedAngel: Pure Odio. In fact, his true form shows up before defeating his first form as the Odio Mole, but attacking him in this state will just cause him to heal and buff up his other components.
* ThePowerOfHate: After what he went through as Oersted, he completely and utterly hates humanity.
* SadBattleMusic: "Cry-A-Live" plays when Pure Odio is defeated and becomes Oersted again, and continues into Oersted's final battle if you decide to finish him off.
* ShadowArchetype: Many, many of Oersted's factors were represented by the heroes and were scarily similar, the only difference being that Oersted's versions [[GoneHorriblyWrong went horribly wrong]]. To wit...
** Love: Pogo was able to gain love and work it out well, while Oersted was screwed over by love, but if the bad end is achieved, he still utters Alicia's name, signifying that deep down, he might've still loved her. In the end, Oersted recalls that like Pogo, [[IJustWantToBeLoved he was looking for love]], until it spat on him on the face.
** Decisions at Prejudice: All of the Xin Shan Quan students suffered prejudices that could have darkened their hearts: Li was alone all the time due to being a lone bandit, Sammo was ostracized due to not only his dine-dashing thievery but also because of his fatness, and Yuan was bullied into becoming a pickpocket despite his kind nature. But the Master of Xin Shan Quan came along and taught them the way of good and facing their problems, persevering against the troubles ahead of them, choosing to not give in to hate and darkness until they finally stood above the prejudices; Yuan kept his pure heart and became stronger, Li became a kinder person, Sammo became proud of his own body and whoever survives became a respected person. Oersted attempted to survive the prejudices after mistakenly killing the King, but he decided to give up after the betrayal of Alicia and Straybow, forgetting the advice that Hash and Uranus gave him.
** Trust: Oboromaru used to think that it's fine to kill people for the order, but realized the wrongness of killing people for the wrong reason, which is why he counted his kills and was able to go on a PacifistRun if he wanted, and the world can change because of trust thanks to Ryoma. While Oersted used to believe AsLongAsThereIsOneMan that trusted him, he could fight on, or so Uranus/Hash said, when nobody believed in him, he snapped and killed everyone for very wrong reasons.
** Companionship: Sundown Kid used to be a loner after an unfortunate accident that killed a lot of people. But by helping people again, he started to long for companionship and lose his DeathSeeker status. Oersted wasn't a loner at first, but in trying to help people and horribly failing, he ended up becoming one and hating everyone.
** Strength: Both Masaru and Oersted sought strength, but Masaru also puts importance in the strength of heart, thus his heart remained strong and enabled him to gain strength over those who he defeated, not ''kill''. Oersted was weak-hearted enough that despite his strength, he eventually let himself snap and became the next Demon King and much like his incarnation in Masaru's timeline, proceeded to deliver a FateWorseThanDeath to those that wronged him. As Masaru coined to that incarnation, that wasn't a show of strength, but a slaughter-fest.
** Destiny: Akira was always a believer that he makes his own destiny and he'd ScrewDestiny or any other crap that tried to direct his life. The government in his nation attempted to steer their people, Akira included, to become liquefied humans to fulfill a greater destiny... and Akira said ''"To hell with that"''. Oersted, unfortunately, always had his life directed by others: if other people say he's a hero, then a hero he would be. If other people say he's a demon, [[ThenLetMeBeEvil a demon he would be]], forgetting that he used to be human. It was something that Akira calls him out on and refers to him as a {{Hypocrite}} as a result.
** Value of Humans: Cube, despite being a robot, was not at all [[AIIsACrapshoot a crapshoot]], and tried hard to keep his fellow human companions safe. He was the one that managed to fight off the super computer going haywire, despite the computer's reasoning that HumansAreBastards. He took Huey and Corporal Darth's words to heart, striving to learn and learning never to hurt another human. Oersted also saw humans being ungrateful and bitter, but ultimately gave up on them when he was personally injured by their words. Oersted's words at him also paints another thing that makes Cube differ: As a newborn being, Cube wasn't into complicated thinking like the values of humans, so he just continued to trust them despite their squabbling. Oersted, being former human, already had complicated feelings around many emotions around him and noted that maybe what he was really doing was over-thinking things when the simple answer was already in front of him: the advice of Hash and Uranus.
* ThemeNaming: Every single main villain originated from Odio, so every one contains his name in some way.
* TragicMonster: And how! Kind-hearted and heroic KnightInShiningArmor Oersted took such a hard and painful fall from grace that he became a physical manifestation of AsLongAsThereIsEvil.
* VillainProtagonist: Playable in the Final Chapter.