Characters for the ''{{LEGO Island}}'' video game series.

!Pepper Roni

->Voiced by: John Morris

-->I'm the pizza delivery dude, the dude with the food!
-->--Pepper's CatchPhrase in the first game

Pepper, the only character playable in all three games, is the adoptive son of Mama and Papa Brickolini. His biological father, Bologna Roni, who was either an accomplished adventurer or a talented story teller, vanished one day. He now works as delivery boy at Brickolini's Pizzeria, and loves nothing more than riding around the island on his skateboard. He excels at math, but spelling and reading are a challenge for him. He is the ''de facto'' hero of the series.

* CatchPhrase: "Way cool!"
* HeroicMime: Aside from a few grunts, Pepper Roni has no dialogue in ''Island Xtreme Stunts''. He is also voiceless when playing as him in the first game.
* LIsForDyslexia: Several islanders mention Pepper's poor spelling and reading skills in the first game. While playing as Pepper, a sign by the jail that reads "NO PIZZA" is changed to "NO PIZAZ".
* PunnyName: His name is a play on "pepperoni".
* TotallyRadical: Speaks this way all the time in the first two games.

!Mama Brickolini

->Voiced by: Creator/JuneForay

Mama is an immigrant who came to LEGO Island with only the clothes on her back and her piano. She has a passion for music and is often seen playing her piano. She is nearsighted, even though she doesn't wear any glasses. She owns and runs Brickolini's Pizzeria along with her husband, Papa Brickolini, whom she met and married on the boat that took her to the island. As mentioned above, she is the adoptive mother of Pepper. She is one the playable characters in the first game.

* HeroicMime: When playing as Mama in the first game.
* LiteralMinded: When asked what brought her to LEGO Island, her first answer was...
-->'''Mama Brickolini''': "The boat, silly!"
* PunnyName: Her name is a portmanteau of "brick" and "broccolini".

!Papa Brickolini

->Voiced by: Ralph Pedusto

Papa owns and runs Brickolini's Pizzeria along with his wife, Mama Brickolini. He the man who makes all of the pizzas on Lego Island. Like his wife, he enjoys music. He is good at dancing, but is a terrible singer. As mentioned above, he is the adoptive father of Pepper, who is always told by Papa to get to work delivering pizzas. He is one of the playable characters in the first game.

* DreadfulMusician: At least he acknowledges that he's bad. (Doesn't stop him from singing anyway.)
-->'''Papa:''' Now I put the sauce on the dough. Dough? ''Do, re, '''mi!'''''
* HeroicMime: When playing as Papa in the first game.
* ImpossiblyDeliciousFood: Island citizens love his pizzas so much that he is constantly stresses out making so many pizzas. One has to wonder how many pizzas he and his [[{{StealthPun}} brick]] oven can make at a time.
** Though the fact that the Pizzeria is the ''only'' place to eat on the island might have something to do with the popularity.
* PunnyName: His name is a portmanteau of "brick" and "broccolini".
* SupremeChef: Makes the best pizzas on Lego Island, even though he is the ''only'' chef on the island.

!Nick Brick

->Voiced by: Fred Raker

Nick takes passion for being a cop, one of his impressive abilities is his memory, in fact, he would remember telling you he has good memory in the first place. When The Brickster breaks out, he vows to be on him like "studs on a brick".

* CatchPhrase: "The thing that impresses most people is my memory."
* DonutMessWithACop: Can be seen pigging out on donuts at the Metro PD Station. When catching the Brickster, eating donuts makes him drive faster.
* {{Expy}}: His mannerisms and speaking patterns are closely based on those of [[Franchise/{{Dragnet}} Sgt. Joe Friday]].
* HeroicMime: When playing as Nick in the first game.

!Laura Brick

->Voiced by: Erin-Kate Whitcomb

Laura believes that being a cop is about people and respect, only needing reason to solve conflicts but she does get tough when she needs to be when on the job.

* UsefulNotes/AmericanAccents: She has a Minnesota/Upper Midwestern accent.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: As she says in her intro video:
-->'''Laura Brick''': "But don't get the wrong idea. I ''can'' be tough when I have to be!"
* BikerBabe
* DonutMessWithACop: Can be seen pigging out on donuts at the Metro PD Station. When catching the Brickster, eating donuts makes her drive faster.
* HeroicMime: When playing as Laura in the first game.

!The Infomaniac

->Voiced by: Patrick Hagan

* AbsentMindedProfessor: Poor fellow is plagued with forgetfulness.
-->'''Infomaniac''': "Hi! Welcome back! Come on in! I have... something to do. I can't remember what it is, but feel free to look around!"
* BigGood: Or at least the closest there is to one.
* EccentricMentor: The Infomaniac is your guide to the world of LEGO Island and is always happy to give you tips and instructions... and yet, he's one of the most zany and eccentric residents of the island.
* InkSuitActor: Subverted. The Infomaniac's appearance is modeled after Wes Jenkins, who provided the voices of a few characters... but not the Infomaniac himself.
* SpellMyNameWithAThe

!The Brickster

->Voiced by: David L. Lander

* BigBad
* BlatantBurglar
* BlowingARaspberry: He does this to taunt Pepper in the first game.
* CardCarryingVillain: Falls under the Destruction sphere.
* DominoMask
* IJustWantToBeBadass: According to his bio in the LEGO Island Comic Adventures, the Brickster wishes that he was more like [[Franchise/LEGOAlphaTeam Evil Ogel]], but he just isn't evil enough.
* MalevolentMaskedMen: Wears a DominoMask.
* PunnyName: His name is a portmanteau of "brick" and "trickster".
* SpellMyNameWithAThe
* ThinkingUpPortals: In ''LEGO Island 2'', the Brickster can open a portal to OGEL Island and summon Brickster-Bots.

!Bill Ding

->Voiced by: Terry [=McGovern=]

A LEGO Island native who will appear to assist you when building the various vehicles. Every time he puts a cap on, his accent and speech patterns change corresponding to the logo on the hat.
* PunnyName: His name is a play on "building". He realizes this himself when you build the jet ski.
* SpockSpeak: Speaks this way while helping you build the police helicopter.
* TotallyRadical: Speaks this way while helping you build the jet ski.

!Dr. Clickitt

->Voiced by: Frank Hausman

* SpellMyNameWithAnS: His surname is sometimes spelled "Clickitt" and sometimes spelled "Clickett".

!Nubby Stevens

->Voiced by: John Debanard

* CoolShades
* InformedDeformity: Is frequently referred to as being short (even being nicknamed "Stubby" by Papa Brickolini), yet every other character is the exact same height.
* SeinfeldianConversation: Some of his dialogue:
-->'''Nubby''': Ever wonder why we don't have any elbows and if we did what we would use them for? What is an elbow anyway? I haven't seen one. And why are we all yellow?

!Nancy Nubbins

->Voiced by: Kathleen Salvia

* AlliterativeName
* CoolShades
* [[CowBoy Cowgirl]]
* InSeriesNickname: "Little Brickaroo", Possibly her call sign because she only seems to use it when she's talking on the CB radio.

!Margaret P. "Maggie" Post

->Voiced by: Deidre Green

!Ed Mail

->Voiced by: Frank Hausman

* PunnyName: His name is a play on email.

!Valerie Stubbins

->Voiced by: Tamborine Bancroft

* CoolShades
* DrivesLikeCrazy: Just watch her riding her jet ski. It's like watching a bullfighter.
* TotallyRadical: Speaks this way all the time.

!Snap Lockitt

->Voiced by: Doug Boyd

* CoolShades
* TotallyRadical: Speaks this way all the time.

!Red Greenbase

->Voiced by: Bruce Robertson

* CoolShades
* MeaningfulName: He wears a red hat and shirt with green pants, unless of course you change his clothes with Nick Brick.

!Polly Gone

->Voiced by: JuneForay

* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Only seen in the first game.
* DrivesLikeCrazy: While watching a race at the LEGO Speedway, Polly Gone receives a speeding ticket from Nick Brick after he overhears this exchange:
-->'''Red Greenbase''': "That's fast!"
-->'''Polly Gone''': "Ah, that's not so fast. I drive that fast all the time!"
* NoNameGiven: Her name is never mentioned anywhere except the credits.
* PunnyName: Her name is a pun on "polygon".

!Shiney Dorris

* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome
* NoNameGiven: His name is never mentioned anywhere except the [[AllThereInTheManual manual]].

!Bradford Brickford

->Voiced by: Doug Boyd

* AlliterativeName
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome

!Rhoda Hogg

->Voiced by: Christina Robbins

* BikerBabe
* CoolShades
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: She's cocky and likes to taunt you, but will compliment you if you win the race or do well enough.
* PunnyName: Her name is a play on "road hog".
* SoreLoser: Subverted, while Studs will make excuses whenever he loses a race, Rhoda will complement the player or just say she has no excuses and you beat her "fair and square".

!Jack O' Trades

->Voiced by: Bruce Robertson

* MeaningfulName: He's the "O" part of the Flying Legandos.
* PunnyName: His name is a play on "jack of all trades".

!Mr. DJ Radio/DJ Jackitt

->Voiced by: Terry [=McGovern=]

* CoolShades
* MeaningfulName
* NoNameGiven: His name is not mentioned in ''LEGO Island'', and the credits only refer to him as the "Radio Guy". [[AllThereInTheManual The manual]], however, did reveal his full name DJ Radio... until ''Island Xtreme Stunts'' {{Retcon}}ned it to DJ Jackitt.
* TheVoice: In the first ''LEGO Island'' game, DJ Radio could only be heard on L.E.G.O. Radio.

!Marty Snaps

->Voiced by: Patrick Hagan

* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome
* TheVoice: Only heard during sports reports on L.E.G.O. Radio.

!Buck Pounds

->Voiced by: Wes Jenkins

* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome
* MeaningfulName: Being the LEGO Island bank keeper, it makes sense that his name refers to two forms of currency.

!Gideon Worse

->Voiced by: David L. Lander

* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome
* MeaningfulName
* PunnyName

!Enter & Return

->Voiced by: Wes Jenkins (Enter), Frank Hausman (Return)

* CrazyPrepared: They bring a shark, a tree, a parasol, and a mailbox on their ambulance mission.
* PunnyName: Both their names refer to a certain key on the computer keyboard, sometimes known as "enter" and sometimes known as "return".
* PutOnABus: For unexplained reasons, Enter and Return did not appear in ''LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge''. However, TheBusCameBack for ''Island Xtreme Stunts''.
* ThoseTwoGuys

!Studs Linkin

->Voiced by: Terry [=McGovern=]

* JerkAss: Is both a braggart and a ''really'' bad sport, even making excuses whenever he loses a race.
* PunnyName
* SoreLoser

!Dorothy and Glen Funberg

->Voiced by: Kathleen Salvia (Dorothy)

* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome

!Captain D. Rom

->Voiced by: Bruce Robertson

* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome
* DonutMessWithACop: Can be seen pigging out on donuts at the Metro PD Station.
* PunnyName: His name is a play on CD-ROM.

!Captain Click

->Voiced by: Patrick Hagan

* AlliterativeName
* CynicalMentor: Like the Infomaniac, Captain Click gives tips and tricks to the player.[[note]]They are also both voiced by the same actor.[[/note]] However, while the Infomaniac is an enthusiastic EccentricMentor, Captain Click is very cranky, rude, and only tells you gameplay secrets so you'll go away and leave him alone.
* DemBones: [[AllThereInTheManual The game's manual]] and credits revealed that Captain Click was a pirate skeleton.
* EyepatchOfPower: When Captain Click appears in the flesh... err, bone... in ''LEGO Soccer Mania'', his eyepatch is his sole distinguishing feature from the other pirate skeletons on his team.
* {{Pirate}}
* TheVoice: Until his appearance in ''LEGO Soccer Mania'', Captain Click only stayed behind his locked door and only his voice could be heard.

!Mr. Super

->Voiced by: Wes Jenkins

* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome
* TheVoice: Only can be heard during the Super 2 Store's advertisement on L.E.G.O. Radio.

!Mr. and Mrs. Pollywanna

->Voiced by: Creator/JuneForay

* AmplifiedAnimalAptitude: Along with the sharks in the first game, Mr. and Mrs. Pollywanna seem to be the only intelligent animals in the ''LEGO Island'' series.
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome
* PollyWantsAMicrophone
* PunnyName: Their name is a play on the phrase "Polly wanna cracker".

!The Flying Legandos
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: With the exception of Jack O'Trades.

!Mrs. Jingle

->Voiced by: Tamborine Bancroft

* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome
* MeaningfulName: She sings the L.E.G.O. Radio jingle.
* TheVoice: Only heard while listening to L.E.G.O. Radio.

!!Characters who debuted in ''LEGO Island 2'':

!Darren, Rich Pickings, Steve Hen, and Rob Banks
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: These characters did not return for ''Island Xtreme Stunts''.
* CreatorCameo: All four characters are modeled after people who designed ''LEGO Island 2'' (Darren Drabwell, Rich Hancock, Steve Hughes, and Rob Carter, respectively), and as such they show up in the [[DevelopersRoom Developer's Cave]].
* PunnyName: With the exception of Darren, who has OnlyOneName.

!Technician Bob
* {{Expy}}: Of Chris Com Link, an identical-looking spaceport technician from the LEGO Space Port line.

!Pete Bog
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Pete Bog did not return for ''Island Xtreme Stunts''.

!Super Station Master
* TheCape

!Cedric the Bull
* BullfightBoss: In the Gameboy Color version of the game, in which he charges at you with a lance and you have to trick him into running into the walls of the castle.
* {{Scrub}}: Invoked during his boss battle; he scolds Pepper Roni for shooting at him with cannons, all the while firing his own cannons at Pepper.
-->'''Cedric the Bull''': "It's not fair! ''I'' should be the only person with cannons here!"

!!Characters who debuted in ''Island Xtreme Stunts'':

!Gnarly Bones
* DemBones


!Brian Shrimp

!Jenny, Jimmy, and Timmy

!Sky Lane

!The Director

* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: Even though there is NoNameGiven, it's still obvious that the Director is modeled after Creator/StevenSpielberg.
* NoNameGiven: Even though his name was revealed to be [[Creator/StevenSpielberg Steven]] in the LEGO Studios Backlot game, the Director is left unnamed in ''Island Xtreme Stunts''.

!Liam Lense

* AlliterativeName
* {{Expy}}: Of Phil Maker. No, not the Grip listed below, but rather the original Cameraman from the LEGO Studios line.

!Phil Maker

* PunnyName: His name is a play on "filmmaker".

!Penelope Puff

* AlliterativeName

!Belinda Blink

* AlliterativeName

!Lucky Larry

* AlliterativeName
* IronicNickname: Following in the footsteps of Gideon Worse, it seems that Lucky Larry is anything ''but'' lucky.