'''Useful Notes on Legion Continuity:'''

The ''ComicBook/{{Legion of Super-Heroes}}'' has been ongoing in one form or another since 1958, encompassing three completely distinct continuities and several more "branch" continuities. That being the case, there are many alternate versions and a lot of CharacterDevelopment involved, and what tropes apply to what characters varies from version to version. Here's a thumbnail reference for what refers to what part of continuity:

->'''Preboot'''--The original continuity, prior to the 1994 ''ComicBook/ZeroHour'' continuity reboot. These stories take place on Earth-1 (Pre-Crisis), Earth-0 (Post-Crisis continuity) or an Earth-2-ish continuity (Post-Flashpoint continuity).
--> '''[=5YL=]''' / '''V4''' / '''TMK'''--"Five Years Later", the fourth volume of the Preboot title, a DarkerAndEdgier continuation following (as the title suggests) a five-year TimeSkip. The [=5YL=] stories were mostly written by '''T'''om and '''M'''ary Bierbaum and drawn by '''K'''eith Giffen, usually abbreviated to "TMK".
---> '''Softboot''' / '''Glorithverse'''--The state of Legion continuity after a CosmicRetcon unleashed during V4 to write the Pocket Universe Superboy out of continuity. Glorith was a time-controlling villainess who took advantage of the retcon.
---> '''Batch [=SW6=]'''--One of the most significant ongoing storylines from [=5YL=], involving a group of time-paradox duplicates of the early Legion (who went on to star in the SpinOff ''[[SpinoffBabies Legionnaires]]'' until ''ComicBook/ZeroHour''). The term comes from the cryptic labels of the PeopleJars the duplicates were found in. [[note]]Well, that was the reason in-story. It actually came from half of a fan's postal code.[[/note]]
--> '''Retroboot''' / '''Deboot''' / '''Johnsboot'''--The version of the original continuity Legion that appeared starting in 2007's "The Lightning Saga", branching off from the Preboot continuity just before [=5YL=], except that Superboy didn't die.[[note]]Superboy had to die because changes to Superman's history post-Crisis erased Superboy from history. A "Pocket Universe" Superboy was introduced and killed to patch the plot holes. Superman's history was (partly) changed back, so this is no longer necessary.[[/note]] So named because it brought back the "classic" Legion and their costumes, de-rebooting them, and was started by Creator/GeoffJohns.

-> '''Reboot''' / '''Postboot'''--The continuity following the 1994 ''ComicBook/ZeroHour'' reboot, up until it was rebooted again in 2004. These stories take place on Earth-247.
--> '''Archie Legion'''--The relatively lighter initial portion of the Reboot.
--> '''[=DnA=]'''--The DarkerAndEdgier "Legion of the Damned" and "Legion Lost" stories by '''D'''an Abnett a'''n'''d '''A'''ndy Lanning.

->'''Threeboot'''--The continuity following the 2004 reboot, re-envisioning the Legion as a rebellious youth movement in a stagnant society. These stories take place on Earth-Prime.

->'''[=L3W=]'''--''Legion of Three Worlds'', a ''ComicBook/FinalCrisis'' limited series bringing together the Retroboot, Postboot, and Threeboot Legions.

Characters below are listed in the era in which they were introduced, not when they joined the Legion. For instance, Night Girl was introduced in the 1960s but didn't become a full member until 2007, while Kid Quantum was introduced in 1990 but {{Retcon}}ned into being a member during the Silver Age era.

The AnimatedAdaptation has [[WesternAnimation/LegionOfSuperHeroes its own main page]] and [[Characters/LegionOfSuperHeroes character sheet.]]


* [[Characters/LegionOfSuperHeroesFounders The Founders]]
* [[Characters/LegionOfSuperHeroesSilverAge Silver Age (1960-1969)]]
* [[Characters/LegionOfSuperHeroesBronzeAge Bronze Age (1970-1989)]]
* [[Characters/LegionOfSuperHeroesFiveYearsLater Five Years Later (1989-1994)]]
* [[Characters/LegionOfSuperHeroesPostboot Postboot (1994-2004)]]
* [[Characters/LegionOfSuperHeroesThreeboot Threeboot (2004-2009)]]
* [[Characters/LegionOfSuperHeroesRetroboot Retroboot (2008-2013)]]
* [[Characters/LegionOfSuperHeroesOtherHeroes Other Heroes]]
* [[Characters/LegionOfSuperHeroesTheFatalFive The Fatal Five]]
* [[Characters/LegionOfSuperHeroesLegionOfSuperVillains The Legion of Super Villains]]
* [[Characters/LegionOfSuperHeroesOtherVillains Other Villains]]
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