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[[folder: Iconic Characters]]
!Camilla (Iconic Barbarian)
'''Race: Human'''
* AbusiveParents
* ActionGirl
* {{BFS}}: Carries one.
* ChaoticNeutral
* TheComicallySerious: In [[WordOfGod Jyn's]] unofficial art.
* FieryRedhead
* GrimUpNorth: Comes from here.
* RebelliousPrincess
* TheStoic
* UnstoppableRage: What part of Barbarian didn't you understand?

!Iconic Monk
'''Race: Gnome'''
* BareFistedMonk
* BadassBeard
* DoesNotLikeShoes
* PintSizedPowerhouse
* SpecsOfAwesome

!Harbinger (Paladin)
'''Race: Demon'''
* BlindfoldedVision
* TheComicallySerious: Even more so than Camilla.
* DarkActionGirl
* DetectEvil: More like Detect Morality, given her status as a Paladin.
* FanPreferredCouple: With Greg.
* KnightTemplar
* LawfulNeutral
* ThePaladin

!Greg (Iconic Ranger)
'''Race: Orc'''
* BlingOfWar: That is some seriously snazzy armor he's got.
* FanPreferredCouple: With the Harbinger.
* LawfulGood
* MoreDakka: Eschews the traditional Ranger accoutrements for a bolt-action rifle. OK, so maybe it's not that much more dakka, but it's relative here.
* ShootTheBullet: Confirmed to have this ability as part of the Reign of Arrows track.
* SquareRaceRoundClass: He's an Orc Ranger. There is no stat overlap between those two things.

!Erin (Rogue)
'''Race: Halfling'''
* ActionGirl
* BewareTheNiceOnes
* ChaoticGood
* DualWielding: Crossbows and daggers.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: [[invoked]] Acknowledged as such by the devs, to the point that she's essentially replaced the Barbarian as Legend's mascot.
* FunPersonified: Likely the reason for the above.
* GenkiGirl
* PintSizedPowerhouse: She's a halfling, it comes with the territory.
* ShipperOnDeck: WordOfGod is that she supports Harbringer x Camilla via [[{{Webcomic/Homestuck}} Blackrom]].

!Iconic Sage
'''Race: Elf'''
* LadyOfBlackMagic
* PowerFloats
* VainSorceress

!Iconic Shaman
'''Race: Unknown'''
* AmbiguousGender
* ChunkyUpdraft: In hir picture in the core book.
* ElementalPowers: Earth.
* RedRightHand

!Iconic Tactician
'''Race: Dwarf'''
* CoolOldGuy
* WizardBeard