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[[caption-width-right:338:All I want is my Daughter back...]]

Name: Duchess

Powers: Can control nature, heal, and do some basic spells

Greatest Achievment:

Personality: She's a very caring person, and considers all of the knights her friends. She is a very happy person, and will help anyone with their problems, no matter what she's going through at that point in time.

Fighting Abilities: She is good with hand-to-hand...erm claw-to-hand combat, she uses her size against her enemies, and she also uses spells to fight.




[[caption-width-right:338:One should not read strange books.]]

Name- Alice Liddell

Powers- Height changes (Still unable to control)

Greatest Achievment- Making the Cookie Room

Personality- She's a hyper 10 year old girl, but acts 13. She loves to talk and make everyone happy, even if she's feeling depressed. She loves sweet things and it makes up a majority of her diet. She's very protective and would happily die for her friends.

Fighting Abilities- Alice is a Weapons Expert as she has extensive knowledge over a good lot of weapons from Sword/Knife fighting to Guns to Demonry weapons. She can't fight hand to hand, however, to save her life....literally.

Problem- She's possessed by two demons named [=McGee=] and Grimm (though the latter is just a transition)

* AbusiveParents- Alice's mother's hobbies were yelling at her daughter, beating her daughter, and making her daughter cry. Her father just ignored her, preferring to not acknowledge his child to better pursue his law studies

* ActionGirl- Alice is very well skilled in fighting, and will not hesitate to fight anyone that is not her friend and/or hurting her friends.

* AxeCrazy- Mostly Mcgee, but Alice does have this tendency every so often.

* CheerfulChild- ESPECIALLY around Cookies and Kitties. XD

* CuteBruiser- See Action Girl

* CuriousAsAMonkey- all the time, every time.

* DemonicPossession- By Mcgee when Alice unwittingly read a spell from a demon book

* HappilyAdopted- By Odette and Cale and Meg.

[[caption-width-right:338: Don't call her a siren. She ''hates'' sirens.]]

Name: Ariel

Powers: Her voice can be used to control the tides. She can also do some magic if she sings the chants instead of saying them.

Greatest Achievement: Getting the fourth stone for Falia

Personality: Ariel's kind, a little naive, and also pretty spunky. She values her friends and family above all else, and despite her sweet disposition she has been known to explode every once in the while (She yelled at the gods once. No joke.) Recently she's also been turning into a bit of a bad ass. The war must be rubbing off on her or something.

Fighting Abilities: She's learned a bit about swordplay from Alice, but besides that she really can't do much else. Watch out for her tail when she's in mermaid form, though. That thing is pure muscle and can pack quite a punch. She's also got some killer dance moves, which if applied right could probably pass for some sort of fighting. Mulan tried to train her to be a ninja, but she didn't get past waling on a rope.

Problem: Ariel's got loads of problems. Okay, so growing up her family had this bad rep, since all of Ariel's sisters look like they're the products of affairs. Ariel's mom was labeled the Town Tart, though this label wasn't put to her until after she died when Ariel was five. Due to this, Ariel's father was always very strict about being proper and such to help preserve what little dignity their family had left. Ariel prefered to spend her time exploring sunken ships and visiting the surface (which was forbidden) however, which didn't exactly make her the favorite child. Becoming Jesturma's bard and messenger, however, introduced her to responsibility. She still had her escapades outside of work, though, and she reserved her accountable side for work. And because of her hard work (and a little crush on Jesturma's part) Ariel was given her powers. However, her father was not pleased with this, as he thought that rumors would circulate about what Ariel did to gain these powers from Jesturma, and thus he and the rest of her family shunned her. Which led her to becoming one of Jesturma's knights. She hopes that fighting for him and helping to win this war will help her family gain a bit more honor and respect. This isn't the story Ariel tells, though. She lets everyone think her family thought her powers were a curse, and she's fighting to show them that she's really not cursed. Sneaky Ariel.

Ariel's also recently become the object of obsession of her god, Jesturma. She was unaware of this at first, but then he sent her a sexy dream and she's been freaking out ever since. This has led to more dreams of a similar kind - though they're mainly just her mind trying to figure out and process everything - and much confusion on Ariel's part. And what makes it worse: Jesturma's been showing a bit of his softer side, which is leading Ariel to reassess her feelings for him. And it didn't help that Jane called him sexy. Bad thoughts, Ariel. Bad thoughts.

* ActionGirl - Becoming more of one each day.
* BadassBookworm - Ariel is a bit of a nerd, especially when it comes to elves. She ''loves'' elves.
* DefiantCaptive- It's likely that she would be kidnapped, but that's not to say that she'd be kidnapped easily or that she'd be docile whilst hostage.
* FieryRedhead - She may fight for water, but she does have some fire in her as well and in her hair; not literally in her hair, it's poetic.
* OccultBlueEyes - Her eyes get ''really'' blue when she sings. Like, glowing blue.
* SirensAreMermaids - Ariel hates this comparrison, but with the magic voice and fish tail, she basically is a siren but without the seducing sailors to their deaths part.
* HealingHands - She's a healer alright. She sings and she heals.
* TeamMom - She's there to help them, whether it's Alice with her demon posession and out-of control powers, or Katara with bringing Aang back, or Kida with getting her mom back.
* BewareTheNiceOnes - She can explode. And turn all glowy.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass - She's like the Hulk, but she doesn't turn green and go all buff.
* InnocentFanserviceGirl - Come on, she goes around only wearing a seashell bra half the time. It's no wonder Jesturma's got a thing for her.
* StalkerWithACrush - She's not the stalker, per say, but the stalk-ee.
* StacysMom - Mowgli's got a bit of a school-boy crush on Ariel . . .
* BuffySpeak - Ooh, is that a dinglehopper?
* PluckyGirl - She can be so optomistic sometimes, you'll want to puke.










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