[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Just as one might have guessed from the game's title]], ''VideoGame/KantaiCollection'' boasts a ''[[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters massive]]'' [[CastHerd cast of]] [[GottaCatchThemAll collectible]], [[MoeAnthropomorphism personified]] WW2 Japanese warships (Kanmusu). Each and every ship has her own distinctive characteristic and personality.

!Character sheets

!!Playable Characters
The playable kanmusu can be found in the following sheets, categorized by naval classes:
* '''Characters/KantaiCollectionOne''': Covers the Destroyer and Light Cruiser classes.
* '''Characters/KantaiCollectionTwo''': Covers the Heavy Cruiser, Battleship, (Light) Aircraft Carrier, Submarine classes as well as Auxiliary Vessels.
* '''Characters/KantaiCollectionThree''': Covers the non-IJN ships, from the IJA and Kriegsmarine and other navies.
* '''Characters/KantaiCollectionFour''': Covers the Abyssal Fleet, the enemy faction of the game.
* '''Characters/KantaiCollectionOtherOfficialWorks''': Covers characters that are introduced via one of the printed media, like the manga or light novels.

[[folder:Rashinban Musu / Compass Girl]]
* TheDreaded: Every Admiral is at the mercy of the compass. Pray that the compass fairies don't send your fleet into a dead end after a series of hard fought battles.

[[folder:Error Musu]]
* TheDreaded: The greatest enemy no Admiral ever wants to encounter: [[spoiler:a connection error.]]
* GirlishPigtails: [[HairDecorations With ribbons.]]
* SailorFuku