Series/KamenRiderBlack deserves a CharacterSheet for if not, [[MemeticMutation it is a Golgom Plot]].


[[folder: Protagonist]]
!! Kotaro Minami/Kamen Rider Black

!!! Tropes that apply to him in general
* AbelAndCain: Abel to Nobuhiko's Cain.
* AntiAntiChrist: Is one of Gorgom's {{Chosen One}}s, but escaped brainwashing and turned on them.
* [[spoiler:BackFromTheDead]]
* [[spoiler:CameBackStrong]]
* FingerlessGloves
* HopeBringer
* MessianicArchetype
* PhlebotinumRebel
* TheHero
** [[spoiler:TheHeroDies]]
* TrainingFromHell

!!! Tropes exclusive to him as Kamen Rider Black
* BareFistedMonk
* CallingYourAttacks[=/=]FinishingMove: The signature Rider Punch and Rider Kick.
* DarkIsNotEvil
* JackOfAllStats

!! Battle Hopper
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: Twice. First when insects corrupt him and make him go berserk, and again when Shadow Moon overrides Black's control of him.
* CoolBike
* CrazyJealousGuy
* [[spoiler: HeroicSacrifice]]
* JackOfAllStats
* NonHumanSideKick

!! Road Sector
* CoolBike
* LawOfChromaticSuperiority
* LightningBruiser
* NonHumanSideKick
* RedIsHeroic


!![[spoiler:Creation King]]
* [[spoiler:BigBad]]: In the final two episodes.
* [[spoiler:EvilIsVisceral: He's a giant floating heart.]]
* [[spoiler:GreaterScopeVillain: If it wasn't for him, not only would Kotaro and Nobuhiko have grown up leading normal lives, but Gorgom would not have been created, and Kotaro's adoptive father/Nobuhiko's father would still be alive]]
* [[spoiler:ReallySevenHundredYearsOld]]
* [[spoiler:SatanicArchetype]]
* WalkingSpoiler: It's really hard to talk about him without talking about spoiling the end of Black.

!!Nobuhiko Akizuki/Shadow Moon
* AbelAndCain: Cain to Kotaro's Abel.
* BigBad: Once he's revived he assumes leadership of Gorgom.
* TheDragon: To [[spoiler:the Creation King]].
* EvilCounterpart: To Black.
* [[spoiler:HeroKiller]]
* SatanicArchetype
* ShockAndAwe: Comes in green, yellow, and red variants.
* TragicVillain

!!High Priest/[[spoiler:Grand Mutant]] Darom
* BigCreepyCrawlies
* EvilGenius
* TheHeavy: Default leader of the High Priests until Shadow Moon's revival.
* InTheHood
* LightIsNotGood
* PsychicPowers

!!High Priest/[[spoiler:Grand Mutant]] Baraom
* TheBrute
* InTheHood
* LightIsNotGood
* MegaNeko
* ShockAndAwe

!!High Priestess/[[spoiler:Grand Mutant]] Bishium
* DarkChick
* InTheHood
* LightIsNotGood
* MsFanservice: In her [[spoiler:Grand Mutant Form]].
* PteroSoarer
* SensualSpandex: Her [[spoiler:Grand Mutant appearance]].
* TheSmurfettePrinciple
* WomanInWhite