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Heir to the Shadow, protagonist, and kind of unfriendly. Faevv (pronounced ''fayhyv'') is a Juathuur girl raised on a tiny island in the world of Fianna. Her father had disappeared some years before and left her to be picked up by her uncle Arvval and brought to the Raft. There she was put in a Danei squad and promptly shoved off without any training with squad-leader Thomil and squadmates Dejoru and Ratheel.
* ActionGirl: She stays on the sidelines at first, but she gradually plays a greater role in fights as she develops her powers.

The clown of the Raft's Danei, Ratheel (''rah-theel'') is on the surface rather relaxed and undisciplined. He is easily bored and impulsive, which leads him into trouble more often than not. He's smarter than he acts, though, and gifted with Word magic... if in a way that's indistinguishable from just blowing things up with Wave.
* HiddenDepths: When he realizes a personal shortcoming, he actually takes his improvement pretty seriously. He's just not the boasting type when it comes to sharing the results of his training with others.
* StuffBlowingUp: While Wave magic is usually associated with, uh, energetic disassembly of something, Ratheel likes to use Word to simply ''tell'' things to blow up... and they do.

Dejoru (''deh-zjor-oo'') is a Raft rat, one of the recent generations of Juathuur raised among others of their kind rather than among normal people. He's serious yet naive, having lost several people close to him but still trusting in others. His parents passed away while he was young, leaving his sister Mijuu to take on the role of surrogate mother. Veithel was one of his closest friends until she disappeared the year before in Fava, presumed dead as well.
* ParentalAbandonment: He thinks his parents' death is more innocent (and accidental) than it really was. Nobody has given him the full details.

Mijuu (''mih-hwoo'') is a powerful young Juathuur recently raised to the rank of Ronei. She is Dejoru's older sister and popular with her fellows and Dej's friend Ratheel. She is a dangerous mixture of reckless and calculating, as she pushes herself hard yet pushes any opponent harder.
* CoolBigSis: Figuratively and literally.
* KamehameHadoken: Her most dangerous technique is "Radiance," using Wave magic to shoot a laser beam from her hands (accompanied by a double "air gun" gesture with both hands folded together). It's extremely powerful but also extremely draining.
* PromotionToParent: Mijuu stepped up after her and Dej's parents died.

Thuunei Meidar (''meye-dar'') is the head of the Juathuur on the Raft, and one of the more influential Juathuur worldwide. Few would gainsay her, even the other Thuunei Elders, for Meidar has an iron will that forged the Raft tribe out of the scattered fragments of other tribes, many of which were nearly crushed by wars when she was young.
* BalanceOfPower: Which she has maneuvered the Juathuur into being instrumental to maintaining, of course.
* IronLady[=/=]NeverMessWithGranny: When Meidar talks, people listen (even if it's to disagree), and for good reason as she is unspeakably powerful.
* IWasQuiteALooker: Meidar was one hell of an UnkemptBeauty when she was young.
* {{Realpolitik}}: Meidar has very few illusions that she's doing anything more than protecting the Raft's (and her) interests.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Meidar grew up in some horrible conditions that nearly extinguished the Juathuur. Her methods are extreme and sometimes outright awful, but they keep open war suppressed and have allowed the Juathuur to survive... so far.

Master of Shadow magic and Meidar's right hand, Arvval (''ar-hval'') is Faevv's uncle and the only other known Shadow user. He is strong in his magic and dedicated to the Way and the Raft. In combat he is a nigh-unstoppable force when he wishes to be, but truly excels as an intrusion expert. Loyalty is both his principal virtue and vice.
* TheDragon: As Meidar's most trusted agent.
* IWorkAlone: His Shadow magic lets him teleport at will. He knows very well that nobody else can keep up with him.
* MyCountryRightOrWrong: The Way is overwhelmingly important to him, even above family, and he considers Meidar and the Raft to embody that Way.

Thomil (''thom-ihl'') is the foremost ''Therun'' or Healer among the Raft Juathuur. Where most of the other Juathuur train to use their powers in combat, Thom is content being an itinerant healer who shares the more benign uses of his powers with others. He's a very capable Word user, even able to use a few minor Shadow tricks despite not having the proper bloodline. He is also haunted by the specter of his lost love Neilli and now constantly questions his elders' choices that lead to her death.
* CombatMedic: Make no mistake, just because he's a healer doesn't mean he can't fight most others to a standstill. He was once considered a very eligible candidate for the Dodon (elite warrior) squads.

A capable adept in both Wind and Wave magic, Sojueilo (''so-why-lo'') is one of the Raft's more accomplished Dodon warriors. Where some others would rely solely on their power, Sojueilo is also an extremely dangerous unarmed combatant. She's worked hard to get as good as she is, but still feels the need to prove herself even more.
* InvulnerableKnuckles: With judicious application of Wave. She can punch through solid rock without a scratch.
* KungFuWizard: Sojueilo ''could'' throw energy blasts or rock spears at you if she wanted. She'd rather take out her aggression on you personally, though.




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* AntiVillain

* TheEngineer

* AxCrazy





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* AFateWorseThanDeath: A god who embodies freedom and exploration is trapped in and around a tree. He's at least got a better view than Lok does.

* LawfulNeutral: He does his best to maintain order in his domain, but he never gets directly involved in affairs.

* {{Expy}}: For [[Myth/NorseMythology Loki]], from the name to his punishment.


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