[[folder:The GG's]]

!! Beat
[[caption-width-right:200:A Mischievous Boy.]]

* TheCameo: In ''[[VideoGame/SegaSuperstars Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed]]'', he appears on an unlockable sticker (apart of being a SecretCharacter.)
* CoolShades
* FingerlessGloves
* [[FounderOfTheKingdom Founder of the GG's]]: [[WordOfGod Stated in manuals]] as the founder of the group seeing in ''JSR'' recruiting Gum and Tab/Corn to start the group.
* HeadphonesEqualIsolation: Maybe played straight with normal people, but in the group is part of his RuleOfCool look along with his CoolShades.
* PowerTrio: With Gum and Tab, known as the founders of the GG's.
* TheProtagonist: In ''JSR''.
* RebelLeader
* RobotMe: In ''JSRF'' in the form of "Zero Beat", a Noise Tank duplicate.
* SeriesMascot: Beat is the poster boy of the series, appearing on the covers of both Jet Set Radio games.
* ScarfOfAsskicking: The [[{{Vaporwave}} possible design]] of [[https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/93/88/00/93880067786fbf497acaf80af7196f8c.jpg Beat]] for the Wii version/sequel/reboot of ''JSR''.
* SignificantGreenEyedRedhead: Kind of. The eyes are unseen but the CoolShades are always green in both games.
* UnexpectedCharacter: Beat appears as a selectable (or [[SecretCharacter secret]]) character in various ''VideoGame/SegaSuperstars'' games, mostly in his ''JSR'' attire.

!! Gum
[[caption-width-right:200:She's a {{magical girl}}.]]

* AbsoluteCleavage: In ''JSRF''.
* CoolHelmet: And it stands out all the more since she's one of the few characters to wear a helmet at all.
* EmeraldPower: In ''JSR''.
* EveryoneLovesBlondes
* HotTeacher: Is seen as this for [=YoYo=] in ''JSRF''.
* {{Leitmotif}}: Magical Girl by Guitar Vader.
* MiniDressOfPower
* PowerTrio: With Beat and Tab, known as the founders of the GG's.
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: At least in the beginning of both games, she's the first female member of the GG's and the only girl before unlocking the other girls.
* TrueBlueFemininity: In ''JSRF''.

!! Tab/Corn
[[caption-width-right:200:The music just turns him on.]]

* AdaptationDyeJob: Tab has black hair in the first game, but is changed to blond in ''JSRF''.
* TheCameo: In ''VideoGame/SegaSuperstars'' series: In ''Sega Superstars Tennis'' appears as a spectator at the ''Jet Set Radio'' court, and in ''Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed'' appears on an unlockable sticker in this game.
* DubNameChange: Was renamed "Tab" in the English version of the first game.
* GratuitousEnglish: Judging by his icons in both games, it's likely his name was meant as 'Cone'.
* TheLeader: Of the GG's in ''JSRF''.
* {{Leitmotif}}: That's Enough by Hideki Naganuma
* NiceHat
* PowerTrio: With Beat and Gum, known as the founders of the GG's.
* TeenGenius: In ''JSRF''.

!! Combo
[[caption-width-right:200:A Sweet Soul Brother.]]

* AwesomeButImpractical: Combo always carries a boombox over one of his shoulders. It looks awesome, but it's only for visuals.
* TheBigGuy
* TheCameo: In ''[[VideoGame/SegaSuperstars Sega Superstars Tennis]]'' Combo makes multiple cameo appearances in this game:
** He appears during Beat's All-Star move.
** He appears in the ''Jet Set Radio'' minigame, grinding and throwing spray cans to the player, which are needed to complete tags on the court.
** He appears as a spectator in ''Jet Set Radio'' court.
* CatchPhrase: His Saying in ''JSR'' is "Bring it on", while in ''JSRF'' it's "What up Kid?"
* DemotedToExtra: In ''JSRF'', Combo has the same protagonism as any of the other members of the GG's instead having his own chapter as in the first game.
* GoldMakesEverythingShiny: Combo wears a giant gold chain shaped like a Yen-sign around his neck.
* NiceHat: Changed in ''JSRF'' by a blue bandanna.
* PowerTrio: With Cube and Coin, having their own gang in Grind City.
* RotatingProtagonist[=/=]{{Narrator}}: Of its own chapter in ''JSR'' along with Cube about rescue his partner Coin from Golden Rhinos in Grind City (USA), that counts as a prologue for ''JSR'', being Golden Rhinos the BigBad of the game.
* SoulBrotha
* ScaryBlackMan: Subverted. While he looks like one, he's actually a pretty nice guy.

!! Garam
[[caption-width-right:200:Come on, come on. He can do {{the Scrappy}}.]]

* BaldOfAwesome
* TheCameo: In ''[[VideoGame/SegaSuperstars Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed]]'', Garam appears only on an unlockable sticker.
* CasanovaWannabe: In ''JSRF''.
* CoolShades
* ScaryBlackMan
* ShoutOut: In ''JSR'', he is never seen wearing a shirt, but does have a blue, vaguely skull-shaped necklace around his neck. Notably, the necklace bears a resemblance to Sega's mascot, Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: In the first game, subverted in the second where he uses a white tanktop.

!! Mew/Rhyth
[[caption-width-right:200:You know her love is sweet.]]

* CloudCuckoolander: Some of her quotes from ''JSRF'' are... odd.
* DubNameChange[=/=]SuddenNameChange: Was originally named Bis in original ''JSR'', and Mew for the localized versions.
* FurAndLoathing: As Mew in ''JSR''.
* TrueBlueFemininity
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair
* ZettaiRyouiki: As Rhyth in ''JSRF''.

!! Cube
[[caption-width-right:200:[[Music/RobZombie Dead she is the one, exterminatin' sun]].]]

* AloofDarkHairedGirl
* BareYourMidriff
* FingerlessGloves: In ''JSR''.
* MsFanservice
* PerkyGoth
* PowerTrio: With Combo and Coin, having their own gang in Grind City.
* TattooedCrook: Cube has tattoos in her belly and one of her shoulders.

!! [=YoYo=]

* AdaptationDyeJob: In the first game, [=YoYo=] is redhead, but in ''JSRF'', he has green hair.
* TheCameo: In ''[[VideoGame/SegaSuperstars Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed]]'', [=YoYo=] appears only on an unlockable sticker.
* CheshireCatGrin
* CoolShades
* [[spoiler:DistressedDude: In ''JSRF'', he's kidnapped by the Noise Tanks, and a [[RobotMe robotic duplicate]] known as NT-3000 poses as him for some time while the real [=YoYo=] is kept locked up in the Fortified Residential Zone.]]
* InTheHood: In ''JSR''.
* MeaningfulName[=/=]OnlyKnownByHisNickname: As his name might suggest, [=YoYo=] does tend to say the word "Yo" a lot, including while pulling off tricks.
* ProgressivelyPrettier: In ''JSRF''.
* TheProtagonist: In ''JSRF'', if there's one.
* RedheadInGreen: In ''JSR''.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: He could be known as [=YoYo=], Yo-Yo or Yoyo.
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair You Gotta Have Green Hair]]: In ''JSRF''.

!! Piranha/Boogie

* AbsoluteCleavage
* AdaptationDyeJob: Just as Tab, Piranha has brown hair in the first game, but as Boogie is changed to blond in ''JSRF''.
* BareYourMidriff
* DarkSkinnedBlonde: In ''JSRF''.
* DreadlockRasta
* DubNameChange[=/=]SuddenNameChange: She was called Sugar in the original ''JSR'' and Piranha in the localizations.
* GogglesDoNothing: As Piranha in ''JSR''.
* LadyInRed: And orange in ''JSRF''.
* WomanInWhite: In ''JSR''.

!! Slate/Soda

* TheCameo: In ''[[VideoGame/SegaSuperstars Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed]]'', Slate appears only on an unlockable sticker.
* CharlieBrownBaldness: He's bald with a chunk of hair which is [[ImprobableHairstyle anti-gravitatory]].
* DubNameChange: Was renamed "Slate" in the English version of the first game. Subverted in ''JSRF'' in which all versions he's called as "Soda".
* GagNose
* GogglesDoNothing
* {{Gonk}}: While all the characters look pretty unique, Soda looks like a {{Muppet}}.
* IKnowKarate: The trick "Karate" is used only by Slate. It involves him striking a pose reminiscent of Karate chops in midair.
* NoMouth: It's hidden behind his collar.
* ShoutOut: Slate/Soda resembles the famous graffiti character [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kilroy_was_here Kilroy]].
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: He was featured as one of the three characters usable in the North American demo of the Dreamcast version of ''JSR'' (replacing Corn).

!! Roboy

* NonStandardCharacterDesign: Roboy is one of the few characters in the game without a counterpart in ''JSR''.
* RobotBuddy
* SavePoint: Placed in the GG's hideout, you can save your advances with Roboy.
* SecretCharacter
* SmallNameBigEgo
* TechnologyMarchesOn: Originally an obsolete Noise Tank Model (NT-1000) taken by the GG's that was repaired and reprogrammed

!! Pots

* AmazingTechnicolorWildlife: Blue in the original, green in ''JSRF''.
* CoolShades: 3-D glasses, even.
* [[spoiler:SecretCharacter]]
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Usually known as "Pots" or "Potts".
* TeamPet: Of the GG's.

!! Jazz

* BareYourMidriff
* BoyishShortHair
* DarkSkinnedBlond: More of white hair than blonde.
* NonStandardCharacterDesign: She is one of the few characters in the game without a counterpart in ''JSR''.
* ScarfOfAsskicking
* {{Tomboy}}
* WarriorPoet: One of Jazz's lines is: "If this town could talk, what poetry it would speak?". This could imply that Jazz enjoys poetry.

!! Clutch

* [[GiveMeBackMyWallet Give Me Back My Graffiti Souls]]: [[spoiler:To know [=YoYo=]'s ubication after being kidnapped,]] Clutch asks you for 40 Graffiti Souls. After get them, he escapes and you've to chase him. When you catch him, Clutch will give you the ubication as well will join you to GG's, but if you aren't enough fast, [[FiveFingerDiscount then bye Graffiti Souls]].
* NonStandardCharacterDesign: He is one of the few characters in the game without a counterpart in ''JSR''.
* PlayingWithFire: In look only. Clutch has fire designs in his shirt, pants and blades.
* YouLookFamiliar: There is fan speculation that Clutch could possibly be Coin. However, there is no evidence supporting this.


[[folder:Rival Gangs]]

!! Poison Jam

!! Love Shockers

* FieryRedhead
* GirlGroup

!! Noise Tanks

* ArchEnemy: Of GG's in ''JSRF''.
* MechaMooks: {{Robot}}s designed by The Golden Rhinos to stop the GG's in ''JSRF''
* PlayfulHacker: In ''JSR''.
* RobotMe: Two of the robots in ''JSRF'' were designed to replace Beat (Zero Beat) and [[spoiler:[=YoYo=]]] (NT-3000).

!! The Golden Rhinos

* EvilWearsBlack
* FunnyAfro
* GoodColorsEvilColors: Mostly "no colors" compared with the AmazingTechnicolorPopulation of the graffitti gangs (especially the GG's).
* MenInBlack
* ObviouslyEvil
* SharpDressedMan

!! Rapid 99

!! Doom Riders

!! The Immortals



!! Captain Onishima

* {{BFG}}: Onishima typically carries an oversized revolver.
* DelinquentHair: Ironically, his hairstyle is usually associated with delinquents in Japan.
* {{Expy}}: Possibly of [[Franchise/LupinIII Inspector Zenigata]]. Also, could be a parody of Film/DirtyHarry.
* HotBlooded
* LargeHam
* PermaStubble

!! The Police Force

* {{BFG}}

!! Goji Rokkaku/Rokkaku Gouji
[[caption-width-right:350:Grace and Glory.]]

* BaldOfEvil
* BeardOfEvil
* BigBad: Sets out to control all of Tokyo-to by means of his wealth, and to squash individuality through the (bought-off) police.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive
* EvilIsHammy: "Blah-diddy-blah-blah, THE NAME IS IRRELEVANT!"
* EvilWearsBlack
* ManOfWealthAndTaste
* ObviouslyEvil
* OneWingedAngel: Transforms into the demonic A.KU.MU after entering his "tower of beauty" in ''JSRF''.
* SharpDressedMan

!! Hayashi

* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: Of Captain Onishima in ''JSRF''.
* WhiteHairBlackHeart



!! DJ Professor K

* [[BroughtToYouByTheLetterS Brought To You by the Letter 'K']]
* CoolOldGuy: In ''JSRF''.
* CoolShades
* DistressedDude: Is captured by the Rokkaku Group towards the end of ''JSRF'', taking his entire booth with him.
* DreadlockRasta
* ExpressiveHair
* LargeHam
** [[LargeHamRadio "LARGE HAM RADIOOOOOOO!"]]
* MrExposition: From his undisclosed location somewhere in Tokyo-to, he knows what's happening on the streets. He's kind enough to give informational shout outs to the GG's.
* {{NPC}}
* SilverFox: In ''JSRF''.
* SoulBrotha

!! Coin

* DistressedDude
* TheGhost: Only refered by Combo and Cube in the photo they shown as well in their backup story.
* {{NPC}}
* PowerTrio: With Combo and Cube, having their own gang in Grind City.
* YouLookFamiliar: There is fan speculation that Clutch could possibly be Coin. However, there is no evidence supporting this.