The Iron Kingdoms have a large number of heroes, here you can see tropes associated to them.


!!Coleman Stryker

-->''"There is no defeat so total that Stryker cannot snatch victory from it. He will personally pay any price to protect the Cygnaran people."'' -- King Leto Raelthorne

Though Commander Stryker sees himself as just another soldier fighting for the crown and his young age may deceive some into believing he has not earned his rank compared to the aged generals leading the king's army, battlefield experience has made him wise beyond his years. He goes to great lengths to preserve the lives of his men.

A fine leader, a better soldier, and one of the most accomplished warcasters in the Iron Kingdoms, Coleman Stryker was born to be a hero of Cygnar and expects to die defending her.

* AntiHero: WellIntentionedExtremist to Type III, [[spoiler:after killing Hierarch Voyle.]]
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: Like many Warcasters, he is an officer and an unstoppable warrior.
* {{Badass}}:
** BadAssInCharge: Like above, he is a Commander of the King's army. Also, when he was promoted to Lord Commander his authority rivaled one of a general.
*** If the [[ concept]] [[ art]] for his upcoming third incarnation are anything to go by, he's been promoted to a full-blown general.
** FourStarBadass
* {{BFS}}: The Quicksilver, later the Quicksilver MKII, which gives him the reach ability because of how big it is.
* JackOfAllStats: The spell selection his prime version has. It led that version being considered a SkillGateCharacter since although he was great for people trying to learn to the play the game, hence being included in Cygnar's starter box set, he wasn't very good due his MasterOfNone prevent him from being good enough at anything to be effective in competive play.
* LightningBruiser: His Epic Incarnation is VERY powerful, VERY hard too hurt and thanks to the Velocity spell, very fast when he needs to be.
* GameplayAndStorySegregation: His Epic version's suit has a FatalFlaw; it can give him a massive power boost but overlords. This was fixed in story but still in game for balance reasons.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Years of war made him this. So much that he his former teacher, Nemo, gave him a WhatTheHellHero speech.


!!Sorscha Kratikoff

A warcaster who first rose to the rank of kovnik in the Winter Guard, displaying her 'caster abilities later in life during a battle in which her superior was slain. She has since risen first to the rank of Kommander and then the Forward Kommander of the prestigious 5th Border Legion.

* AnIcePerson: Many of her spells, her weapon, and her first version's Feat involve freezing her enemies solid.
* SinisterScythe: A weapon named Frostfang, which can freeze enemies before Sorcha smashes them into pieces.
* StarCrossedLovers: With Vlad. Time spent with him is the only time she is seen to thaw out, but their duties have a tendency to keep them apart.
* YouKilledMyFather: Her father was among the Winter Guard killed in the Boarsgate Massacre by Orsus Zoktavir, THE BUTCHER OF KHARDOV! Notably she left the Butcher to die at the Battle of Fellig, and despite not regretting her choice has come to worry if the Butcher will someday respond to her quiet revenge.

!!Gurvaldt Irusk

The Supreme Kommandant of Khador, the leader of the Motherland's front-line armies credited with the conquest of Lael and the Thornwood.

* EnemyMine: Is the Khadoran side of the truce and agreement that, as of ''Colossals'', has Cygnar and Khador working together to fight Cryx in the Thornwood.
* MyGreatestFailure: When Empress Vanar accused him of not just failing at the first assault on Northguard but of 'wasting the lives of his soldiers' he was nearly driven to suicide.
* TheStrategist: Regarded as the Sun Tzu of the setting, to the point that his text on warfare is even studied by Cygnarans.

!!Zevanna Agha, the Old Witch of Khador

A figure out of legend long credited with guiding the fate of the Khards, even in the days of the Khardovic Empire and the Orgoth Occupation. Nowadays accompanied by her chicken-legged Srapjack and in counsel with the Vanars, she continues to guide the sons and daughters of Northern Immoren.

* BabaYaga: With Khador in general being so obviously [[RecycledInSpace Russians In Immoren]] it should as no surprise that the Old Witch is [[RecycledInSpace Baba Yaga In Khador]]

!!Vladimir Tzepesci

* {{Expy}}: Of {{Dracula}}...kinda.
** {{NamesTheSame}}
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Only human leader who takes the threat of Cryx seriously.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: Quite a bit of something. He works through much of the fluff to [[OnlySaneMan get the nations to unite against Cryx instead of killing each other.]]
** WarriorPrince
* ShouldersOfDoom: Hence the nickname "Captain No-Peripheral-Vision"


A warcaster made infamous for the Boarsgate Massacre, in which he killed both the Boarsgate militia who were trying to secede from Khador and the Winter Guard who tried to prevent him from killing surrendering militiamen. His expected punishment was forestalled by a pardon from Empress Ayn Vanar, effectively making him a weapon of the Empress against any who would stand against her rule, domestic or foreign. One of the greatest yet least stable weapons of the Motherland, to the point that gossip says that his superiors send him to increasingly dangerous battlefields in the hope that he will destroy himself alongside the Motherland's enemies.

* AnAxeToGrind: Named Lola, of all things. Rumor says that the axe is named after a love lost, which drives the Butcher to his infamous rage.
* AxCrazy
* {{Badass}}
* BloodKnight: 80 men died at Boarsgate. He killed every single one, and he really hasn't stopped since.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: He's violent and uncontrollable, so much so that he will always completely wipes all enemy opposition, including whole towns, regardless of whether or not they surrender, which has much of Khador brass concerned his massacres will make their enemies less willing to accept Khador's rule. Pretty much nobody likes him but the Empress likes him, which is also what kept him from getting executed.
* TheFettered: Surprisingly so. The only thing keeping him in check is his promise to the Empress to obey orders.
* MightyGlacier: Orsus is a killing machine in all incarnations, possess the highest combination of Melee Attack and Power + Strength, is a durable as light warjack, and his spell lists are geared towards dealing damage, especially by aiding him in it. But he's always very slow.

[[folder:TheProtectorate of Menoth]]
!! Grand Scrutator/Hierarch Severius
-->''Death and destruction are not our purpose. We require only submission to the Creator. However, those who refuse to bow shall burn.''

Current Leader of the Protectorate, and one of the oldest human characters in the setting. Scrutators are leaders of the Menite priesthood second only to the Hierarch. Which basically means they run the Protectorate.

Severius however, being that he was already an experienced Warcaster and missionary priest, turned away from the politics by taking up arms, marching across Immoren to convert the unbelievers. Into ash if he has to. His most ambitious project has been starting a Crusade to liberate Llael from Khador and making it a Protectorate nation.

So when the former Hierarch, Garick Voyle, bit it in Caspia this guy was a shoe-in to take his place. And since then, well things haven't exactly gotten better, but they're not any worse. And at least Severius is willing to listen to reason and negotiate with others and not kill his own people if he can help it.

* AsskickingEqualsAuthority: One of the reasons he became Hierarch.
** The Harbinger also helped.
* {{Badass}}
** BadassGrandpa: Although he feels he's getting too old, so he's planning to make Kreoss the next Leader.
** BadassInCharge: Of a whole frigging country.
** BadassPreacher: No seriously, before he became a Warcaster he was ambassador famous for this. He was ''banned from Khador'' after he walked out with over a thousand newly converted followers. It's telling that he's one of the few people in the Protectorate who would rather try to convert his enemies before he kills them.
* CoolOldGuy
* GuileHero: Beyond belief. His capture of Leryn is the best example of this. For reference this is the alchemical heart of Llael. The entire city is a fortress that not even the Orgoth could breach and Khador didn't even try. Severius walks up to the city gates and has it occupied in a day! How? He gives a speech! That's it!!
* PersonaNonGrata: As mentioned before, he's not welcome in Khador.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Unlike most Protectorate leader he's willing to work with the other factions. He's definitely a step up from Voyle.
* OnlySaneMan: Feels this way at times.
* SquishyWizard: Oh so very much, mostly due to the fact that he's 83.
* WeakButSkilled: Much like the Harbinger below.
* YouAreInCommandNow: How he became Hierarch, normally it takes a few years to find a new one and all of the Visgoths to agree on him/her. In this case, however, the Harbinger basically made him because she said so.

!!High/Grand Exemplar/Intercessor Mikael Kreoss
-->''"If you didn't believe in the Creator before, you will today"''

* AntiMagic: Prime Kreoss; Not only can he get rid of your spells, but can severely hamper your ability to cast more.
** Kreoss3's feat will instantly end all enemy upkeeps in his control area and then lets him cast all of his own upkeeps for free. Doesn't impair the enemy's spellcasting the following turn, but it does mean they'll be wasting additional Focus/Fury to re-cast those lost spells.
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking
* {{Badass}}: Mikael once [[CurbStompBattle completely decimated]] [[TooDumbToLive some very stupid]] grave robbers raiding a scared crypt with nothing but his [[GoodOldFisticuffs bare hands]]. And this was before he became highly trained spell-sling battle cleric with a 12ft mechanical bodyguard.
** He also has no problem calling out the Protectorate's leaders, including the late Hierarch and calling Servath Reznik nothing more than a blunt tool used by the priests to get rid of people they don't like.
* CoolMask
* EpicFlail: His weapon as High Exemplar, Spellbreaker. Before he upgraded to...
** BladeOnAStick: Justifier
* TheFettered: Despite being a LawfulNeutral KnightTemplar he is genuinely one of the Protectorate's most heroic characters because of this. Which says a lot about the rest of the Protectorate.
* JackOfAllStats: The Protectorate's version anyway. Doesn't have the same all round stats as Stryker, but doesn't quite fall to MasterOfNone by actually having a lot of useful spells in one place and a really nasty feat. His Epic version is more of a MightyGlacier while his third incarnation is a particularly tough LightningBruiser, as that one he's a cavalry model.
* KnightTemplar: So much so he leads them.
* KillItWithFire: The Protectorate as a whole has a fondness for this trope, so as the faction's poster boy it shouldn't be surprising.
* HeroWorshipper: Back when he was a child he use to dream of becoming a Paladin, seeing how the quote about Dartan (see below) comes form Kreoss, its safe to say he still has great respected for the Order.
* YouAreInCommandNow: He's now currently head of the entire Protectorate force after Hierarch Severius gave him the rank of Intercessor.

!!The High Reclaimer / Testament of Menoth
-->''"The language of Urcaen is unknown to all men but one, for he has seen the face of the Creator and lived. How can any hope to stand against him?"''

The Leader of a sect of Menite priests known as the Reclaimers, whose job it is to help usher the soles of the dead to [[HellOfAHeaven Urcaen]]. Nothing much is known about the guy because all Reclaimers take a [[HeroicVow vow of silence]] which is preserved by bolting an iron mask to their faces!

Then one day he decided to wonder off into the desert for no reason, and somehow managed cross into the afterlife where he beat up a crap-ton of ghosts then come back, alive, with the Omegus; an ancient stone tablet containing words of wisdom written by God!

Ever since then he's become known as the Testament of Menoth a walking embodiment of life and death. So much so that, whenever he feels like it, he can [[DeathIsCheap temporarily bring people back from the dead]], or step inside the Urcaen for a few minutes to have some tea.

* {{Badass}}: If walking through hell and coming back doesn't qualify nothing does.
* BaldOfEvil / BaldOfAwesome
* KillItWithFire: The High Reclaimer anyway. Testament has more of a [[DishingOutDirt dust motif]].
* TheNecromancer: A odd heroic (well not evil) version of this. He's able to bring people back to life and as people not zombies like the other Necromancers. He can also kill one of his own troops to power up all of his jacks for a lot more than you spent to do it.
* [[TheSilentBob Silent Bob]]: His [[FanNickname fan name]]
* SoulPower: Without a doubt. This is the guy most people think about when they here the words Soul Tokens (unless their first faction was Cryx, of course).
* TrueNeutral: All Reclaimers oddly.
* MalevolentMaskedMan: He may not actually be evil, but for the enemy? A guy dressed in black able to bring people back to life and becoming stronger for every one that dies? Freaking terrifying.

!!Feora Priestess/Protector of the Flame

* ActionGirl
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking
* DualWielding: Flamethrowers!
* OutOfTheInferno: She ''is'' the inferno.
* PlayingWithFire: The whole faction has an [[BurnTheWitch unhealthy obsession with it]], but Feora [[UpToEleven takes the cake]]. And her Epic version takes that cake [[SerialEscalation and stuffs it with more cake]] (and possibly some napalm)!

!!The Harbinger of Menoth
-->''"I am the Harbringer of Menoth, His vessel on Caen. Through me the Creator speaks, and He has much to say."''

* ActionGirl: Played with, her combat stats are insanely poor as she's an untrained teenage girl. However she has the highest focus in the game and her weapon [[AlwaysAccurateAttack autohits]].
* AntiMagic: Her Purification spell.
* BeingEvilSucks: She's a kind-hearted girl but her boss is a JerkAssGod.
* BlindfoldedVision
* LittleMissBadass: She was fifteen when she was discovered by the scrutators. She is for all intent and purpose the [[OurAngelsAreDifferent angel of Menoth]], and as such wields tremendous divine powers.
* PowerFloats: Sadly, said power cannot quite ''steer'' - the Harbinger has to be guided around the battlefield by a group of men who keep her [[ChainedByFashion tethered with sanctified chains]].
* WeakButSkilled: Her base stats are pretty terrible, but she has the highest focus in the game and a lot of interesting spells and abilities to make up for it.

!!High Executioner Servath Reznik
* {{BFS}}: His sword [[NamedWeapons Confessor]].
* CruelAndUnusualDeath: He crucifies people in battle.
* TheDreaded
* ExaltedTorturer: Almost literally. He's certainly a torturer, and he's associated with the local ([[KnightsTemplar slightly overzealous]]) ChurchMilitant.
* TheWitchHunter
* KnightTemplar: And he's considered a KnightsTemplar by the ''other'' KnightsTemplar.
* TokenEvilTeammate: Of course when you're in a LawfulNeutral nation run by LawfulEvil priests the 'token' part is just that.
* NecessarilyEvil: The only reason why Hierarch Severius keeps him around.
* JudgeJuryAndExecutioner

!!High Paladin Dartan Vilmon
-->''"With a few men like Darten Vilmon, the walls of Sul would never have been breached. It was foolish of us to allow their order to languish."''

Not a Warcaster, but an important character in the Protectorate regardless. Dartan is the leader of the Paladins of the Order of the Wall. A order who trace their roots back to ancient times where they would protect the early cities of man against the harsh wilderness. They are also the only thing keeping the Protectorate from being comprised entirely of assholes.

See, unlike the standard 'Kill the Heretic' (Read everyone not us) doctrine of the Protectorate military, the Order of the Wall priorities defending the helpless and sparing the innocent and acting like... well [[ThePaladin Paladins]]. Which naturally irks the Protectorate leadership like no tomorrow who have been trying to quietly sweep the order under the rug where they won't disturb their latest act of genocide.

They was until this guy came along. He was chosen to be the Harbinger's personal bodyguard, and after proving himself by Skull-humping a ton of Cryx thralls, was promoted to High Paladin. His feats of Badassary and being one of the only decent people in the Protectorate has inspired a flock of new recruits to join the paladins giving life to the once flagging order.

In short he's basically superman, but with a sword and no crazy powers and just as impossible to kill.

* {{Badass}}: Comes standard with being one from the Order of the Wall.
* {{BFS}}: [[NamedWeapons Censure]]
* KnightInShiningArmor
* ThePaladin: [[CaptainObvious You think]]?
* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight: When Hierarch Voyle went DrunkWithPower and ordered [[MoralEventHorizon a few thousand unarmed civilians to be killed]], Dartan told the entire Protectorate army [[YouShallNotPass "You're going to have to get past me."]]
* ToBeLawfulOrGood: In the end Dartan chooses good.
* YouShallNotPass
* StoneWall: Paladin of the ''Wall'' And this bleeds into gameplay where he can literally become invincible to everything but magic. That Superman comparison is more than just a metaphor.
** Add in the Harbinger and he becomes ''[[UpToEleven even more unkillable.]]''
** MightyGlacier: Also don't let the Wall thing fool you, he hits like a truck.
* TokenGoodTeamMate

[[folder: Cryx]]
!! Lord Toruk

The oldest, biggest, and most powerful of the dragons. In the past, he mostly wrecked random destruction, but at one point, he decided to try and create a brood dragons as servants in his image, creating them by dividing his anthanc, while of course keeping the largest chunk for himself. Unfortunately for him, [[GoneHorriblyRight his brood proved to be exactly like him, right down to an unwillingness to take orders]], and turned on him. Toruk managed to kill a number of them and retake their pieces of his athanc, but some escaped. When he found some his children again, they had collectively grown large enough to fight him to a standstill, so to aid in tracking and killing them, he decided he needed an army. His first target was Cryx, which his subjected and made the inhabitants both his thralls, and worshipers. Having them gathering more and more BlackMagic secrets, many from the Orgoth after they were repelled, and building up an undead army while the wars on the mainland rage, he sets his sights on bringing the entire mainland under his heel to aid in killing his children.

* AGodIAm: And he isn't exaggerating, he is a god in terms of power, and even other religions have difficulty denying it.
* AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever: His individual nails along the size of trucks.
* BreathWeapon
* ChessMaster: He claims to be, and that nearly everything is part of a long term plan. While he is at least good at patient, exactly how much of his cunning is exaggerated since he certainly wouldn't want anybody to think he's not as omniscient as he claims.
* TheCorrupter: An expert on this, his presence on Crxy means anybody there is AlwaysChaoticEvil.
* DevilInPlainSight: Everybody is aware of his presence, but he plays OrcusOnHisThrone so much that him attacking himself doesn't seem likely, and attacking him is likely suicidal.
* DiabolusExNihilo: Nobody but he knows where he came from and he has no stated origin, though some, in universe, speculate he was spawned by the Devouror Wurm.
* EldritchAbomination
* GiantFlyer
* GodEmperor
* ItsAllAboutMe: Everything he does and every atrocity his servants carry out is aimed at benefiting him first and foremost, anybody else gaining from it is only because it may suit his needs.
* LargeAndInCharge: Even the Collassals are puny next to him.
* TheNecromancer
* OrcusOnHisThrone: As he doesn't want to attract his children's attention, he mostly sits around without taking any action himself, leaving the actual running of matters of Cryx and the invasion of the mainland to his Lich Lords.
** One of the few other times he'll does something is an EnemyCivilWar breaks out his ranks and he considers the combatants too valuable to lose.
* PhysicalGod
* TheUnfettered

!!Iron Lich (later Lich Lord) Asphyxious

Once a druid of the Circle Orboros, who swore his service to Toruk at the dawn of the Nightmare Empire. One of Cryx's most enthusiastic commanders, capable of any act, no matter how vicious,

* {{BFS}}: Currently wields a huge one called Daimonion.
* BladeOnAStick: What he used as a weapon in his first two incarnations.
* TheChessmaster: Even prophecy can't keep up with him.
* EvilMentor: To Deneghra.
* JackOfAllStats: His spell list is always pretty flexible, allowing him to use his magic to either do damage or debuff enemies, and let him move around more quickly, and while not a dedicated combat monster, he's no slouch in melee.
* TheStarscream: Cheerfully contrived the death of Lich Lord Deamortus, and then forged his soul into a weapon and took his rank.
* TheUnfettered: Flung himself into a volcano to prove his willingness to serve Toruk, and has absolutely no depth to which he will not sink to attain power for himself, Toruk or both.

!!Warwitch (later Wraith Witch) Deneghra

Seized as a child, Victoria Haley's sister was forged into a weapon by Asphyxious. She served as his right-hand witch and a potent caster in her own right, and still serves in this role even after her sister hijacked her Slayer helljack and used it to kill her, forcing Asphyxious to have her put back together.

* CainAndAbel: A very solid Cain to Victoria's Abel.
* CastingAShadow: Gains phenomenal shadow powers after dying and being reborn.
* ChainmailBikini: Bares her midriff at all times. Even when there's stitching across it.
* DarkIsEvil: She really, really is.
* TheDragon: To Asphyxious, to point where there are hints her loyalty is too him and not Toruk
* EvilCounterpart: Has a number of mechanical counterpoints to her sister, such as feats that spread penalties across the enemy lines and the same Focus stat.
* EvilIsSexy: Right down to gaining the "Seduction" ability in her second form.
* FromNobodyToNightmare: Small child + training by Asphyxious = Cryxian war witch.
* [[HoistByHisOwnPetard Hoist By Her Own Petard]]: Was ripped in half by her own Slayer when her sister hijacked it.
* TheVamp: Post-mortem.

!!Goreshade the Bastard/the Cursed

A charismatic Iosan noble who plunged deep into darkness to struggle against the low birth rate and creeping soullessness that pointed at doom for his people. After his actions kicked off a civil war, he was forced to transform himself into an eldritch and

* CursedWithAwesome: Nyssor marked him as an abomination; this has given him exactly no negative rules on his statblock.
* EvilIsDeathlyCold: Wields a frozen blade taken from the god Nyssor.
* MyNameIsNotDurwood: Born "Ghyrrshyld".
* PowerOfTheVoid: Has tapped rather unpleasant powers during his descent into madness.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: He will save the souls of his people even if he has to destroy the world and kill the gods, experiment on innocents and fight for the Nightmare Empire of Cryx.

!!Pirate Queen Skarre/Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast

A Satyxis pirate with great mastery over their blood magic.

* BloodMagic: The name of her first feat. She has a lot of stuff that ties into
* ChainmailBikini: Her breastplate covers very little besides that.
* PirateGirl: A very, very dark version.
* WindsOfDestinyChange: Her second feat, which plays destiny like a harp for a little while.

!!Lich Lord Terminus

A meticulous strategist and/or rampaging killing machine, depending on when you find him.

* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking
* {{Badass}}: Outside of Orsus, he's a contender for most dangerous melee warcaster.
* {{BFS}}: The Doomslayer
* BreathWeapon: Acid spray.
* GeniusBruiser: Armour on par with a helljack. A blade that hits as hard as a Seether. And a brilliant strategic mind.
* GiantFlyer: He's not just as tough as a helljack, he's the size of one, and is outfitted with massive wings due to blight-induced mutation.
* MightGlacier: His size, power, and durability come at the cost of speed, though his flight means he at least ignores terrain if he doesn't land on something like a tree.

[[folder:The Retribution of Scyrah]]
!!In General
* AntiMagic: A specialty
* OurElvesAreBetter: Subverted. While they live longer, are more magically gifted than humans on average, and tend toward fewer elite units, they are on the [[GreyAndGreyMorality darker side of grey]]. Oh, and they have beards.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: They want to save their gods and their race from extinction. To do so, they are ready and willing to destroy any human arcanist they come across.
** YourTerroristsAreOurFreedomFighters

!!Garryth, Blade of the Retribution
* AntiMagic: Knows how to go right past enemy magic defenses, and his feat makes casting spells impossible.
* DualWielding /GunsAkimbo
* EvenEvilHasStandards: [[GreyAndGreyMorality Evil bit is debatable]], but he stops one of his subordinates from desecrating the remains of a human he killed. He is also not above giving a clean death.
* MarriedToTheJob: Spends so much time in the field that he never even gets the chance to go home.
* MixAndMatchWeapon: Typical gun/sword combo, but unusual in that the blades extend from the grip back along his arm
* {{Ninja}}: In all but name
* WarriorMonk: He learned a style practiced by them.

!!Ravyn, the Eternal Light
* TheDreaded: Was such an effective military leader that enemy armies numbering a few hundred aware of her reputation would surrender when the realized who they were fighting. She had ''ten knights.''
* MixAndMatchWeapon: Her signature weapon, Hellbore, is a mix of gun, staff, and polearm.
* SkunkStripe: One right above her eyes
* TheParagon: To both Ios and later the Retribution.
** TheParagonAlwaysRebels: Was one of the most respected warriors of the elf nation of Ios, which was why it was shocking when she joined an extremist organization like the Retribution.

!!Kaelyssa, the Night's Whisper
* BenevolentBoss: Treats her men as equals, and takes responsibility when something is her fault.
* {{Invisibility}}: Implied effect of her feat
* ManaDrain
* TeenGenius: Effectively. Retribution takes skill over age or seniority, so she has been able to assume a command role at a young age.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair

!!Adeptis Rahn
* AsskickingEqualsAuthority: He's better respected than the people who are supposed to represent him due to his sheer magic power.
* BaldOfAwesome
* DeflectorShield: One of his spells.
* ManipulativeBastard: Has shades. His only reason for joining the Retribution is to use its success to catapult himself into power.
* MindOverMatter

!!Dawnlord Vyros
* BaldOfAwesome
* EyepatchOfPower
* {{Familiar}}: Maybe his falcon, Jyren, which gives him a TopDownView of the battlefield.
* ManipulativeBastard: Tries to turn everything to his advantage.

!!Lord Arcanist Ossyan
* ArmCannon
* TheAtoner: Is trying to make up for the [[OurVampiresAreDifferent last person]] [[CivilWar in charge of his house.]]
* BadassBookworm: Made magic that can distort time...and used it to make a gun.
** AwesomeByAnalysis: He also cultivated his forces and tactics by studying humanity. Not just humans, but the individual history of nations to figure out specific strengths and weaknesses.
* BrokenPedestal: Ghyrrshyld, before he became Goreshade
* DeathSeeker: He doesn't care about his own life if it means he might find redemption.
* TimeMaster

!!Issyria, Sibyl of the Dawn
* AntiMagic: Can negate spells cast at her or those around her
* BlindedByTheLight: Her only aggressive spell has this for flavor
* TheChessmaster: Described as such
* TheGoodChancellor: Tries to be one
* LevitatingLotusPosition
* WaifProphet: Has no weapon or even offensive spells, but she can see the future.


[[folder:Convergence of Cyriss]]
!!Aurora, Numen of Aerogenesis
* BlowYouAway
* ChildProdigy: Started learning from the priests of Cyriss at age three. Was controlling Vectors at ''nine''.
** GadgeteerGenius: Is also responsible for creating flight devices at the age of twenty.
* [[TurnOutLikeHisFather Turn Out Like Her Mother]]: Wants to join her mother as a clockwork vessel [[spoiler: but her mother won't allow her to]]
* WorkingForABodyUpgrade: Currently desires to become a clockwork vessel.

!!Axis, Harmonic Enforcer
* DropTheHammer
** DualWielding
* GoMadFromTheRevelation: Is implied to be one of Cyriss's favorites. Her revelations have not done good things for his sanity.

!!Iron Mother Directrix
* AttackDrones
* ChurchMilitant: Favors the role of Battle Priestess
* MandatoryMotherhood: Had her daughter as a sense of obligation to pass on her genetics.
* ParentalHypocrisy: Justified. [[spoiler: She has deep regrets about her clockwork transcendence and does not want her daughter to go through the same]]
* RidiculouslyHumanRobot: She designed her vessel to evoke the image of Cyriss.
* TeenGenius: Was inducted into the inner circle of Cyriss at the age of 16
* YoungAndInCharge: For a Convergence warcaster

!!Father Lucant, Divinity Architect
* ChosenOne: Of Cyriss, following his discovery of Clockwork Transcendence.
* DarkSecret: The Clockwork Transcendence? [[spoiler: It's based on Cryx necromancy adapted by Lucinda.]]
* [[EvilCounterpart Morally Ambiguous Counterpart]]: To Mortenebra
* NotSoDifferent: From Lucinda, the woman who would become Mortenebra
* StaffOfAuthority

!!Forge Master Syntherion
* TheEngineer
* ImprobableWeaponUser
* TheSpock


!!Madrak Ironhide, Chieftan of Thornwood and the World Ender
-->''"Our enemies are countless and our friends few. We must unite as one people or face extinction."''

* AnAxToGrind
* BadassInCharge: Trolls wouldn't stand for anything else.
* HeWhoFightsMonsters: More and more he is losing his softer, peacekeeping side.
* InformedAbility: Trolls hold a unique advantage on sorcerers compared to other races because all sorcerers are born albino and receive their training early. Oddly enough, Madrak has the lowest FURY score in the faction and has the least amount of spells in disposal.
* PintsizedPowerhouse: As a troll he is still bigger than most man, but due to being an albino sorcerer breed, he's still smaller than most of his peers
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: As the chief of the united kriels, he leads from the front and engage in battles, although he's been missing as of late.
* TragicHero: Doing everything he can to protect his people while potentially damning himself. Now the very people he's trying to protect are getting killed by his own weapon's curse, and slowly becoming a warmonger that he opposed to becoming.

!!Hoarluk Doomshaper, Shaman of the Gnarls/Rage of Dhuniah
-->''"Once one realises that all truth and wisdom lie in the blood, spilling it becomes another ritual"''

* AxCrazy
* BadassGrandpa: Old, ornery, and can take a punch from Mulg.
* {{Determinator}}: Survived a hit from [[MightyGlacier Mulg]], cut his hand and grew it instantly back as part of a ceremony and got tortured and thrown in prison.
* BadassInDistress: Got captured by a Cygnar patrol.
* HairTriggerTemper:
* JerkAss:
* OffstageVillainy: Drags out an empty train car for wounded Cygnarian soldiers to everyone's horror.

!!Grissel Bloodsong, Fellcaller, Marshal of the Kriels
-->''"There is beauty and terror alike in that voice of hers, and she can use it to turn the tides of war."''

* ActionGirl: Of all the female trollkins released so far she has the best stats for combat.
* DropTheHammer: WeaponOfChoice for her.
* FieryRedHead:
* MagicMusic: comes with the territory of a fellcaller. Her offensive shouts are not magical however.
* MakeMeWannaShout:
* MusicalAssassin:
* {{Tsundere}}: Only defrosted after many tries by Turgol Redeye.

!!Borka Kegslayer
-->''"Enemies and full kegs are the same to me. They exist to be killed - faster the better"''

* BoisterousBruiser: And how!
* BoozeBasedBuff: He gets harder to kill and gain more fury points when his keg carrier tops him off.
* DrunkenMaster: While no master of martial art, his defensive capability and FURY gets a boost while drinking from his keg.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: He seems very foolish, but he is perceptive enough to refrain himself from breaking Madrak's arm in an arm wrestling competition so that he wouldn't lose face and offer drinks between Madrak and Doomshaper to prevent the rift from them from tearing.
* ReallyGetsAround: In fact thinks its his duty to have as many bastards as possible.
* SleevesAreForWimps: Khadoran winter? Bah, a fur lined vest is more than enough.
* SexyPriest: By troll standards anyway.
* TestosteronePoisoning: Parties hard, wear a pimpin' fur coat, has a pronounced codpiece with two bombs attached? Yeah...

!!Grim Angus/Hunters Grim
-->''"There is nothing to killing. It is a natural as drawing breath. The challenge lies in the hunt."''
* BadassLongcoat:
* ColdSniper:
* NiceHat: epic Grim and one of his pyg buddies qualify.

!!Calandra Truthsayer, Oracle of Glimmerwood
-->""Future is never set, even when carved in stone.""
* CosmicLotteryWinner: It's her mission to make this a common thing.
* FortuneTeller: Also doubles as an Astrologer. She uses every method of augury and finds all of them valid for various purposes.
* LuckManipulationMechanic: Her primary kit.
* MercyKill: Her dagger's ability is to deal more damage to already damaged models.
* ScrewDestiny: She may see them, but she sure refuses to be held down by them.
* RandomNumberGod:

!!Captain Gunnbjorn
-->""May Dhunia have mercy on our enemies, for I will not.""
* BFG: Chris Walton came up with a design out of a desire for a troll to have a big gun.
* DeployableCover: Arguably his best ability.
* AFatherToHisMen: His old trencher subordinates still think of him fondly.
* Improbable Cover: His feat and spell does this.
* NiceHat: He wears his kepi very well.
* TheCaptain: Duh.
* SplashDamage: Offers this a plenty.
* TheWorfBarrage: Depending on your luck with criticals, and enemy positions, his bazooka ranges from this to EarthShatteringKaboom.

!!Jarl Skuld, Devil of Thornwood
-->""They can have this wood, as their grave.""
* EyepatchOfPower: His eye failed to regenerate after an encounter with Cryxian forces.
* FolkHero: Originally deconstructed (see JustLikeRobinHood) since his reputation was cleaner than he was. Eventually reconstructed once things went bad and he found himself starting to live up to the hype.
* GunsAkimbo:
* TheGunslinger:
* TheHighwayman: He's even standing in the iconic pose from Film/RobRoy.
* ImprobableAimingSkills:
* JustLikeRobinHood: Originally averted. Skuld preferred non-violent robberies, but he was always willing to kill if it came down to it, and would rob his own people just as readily as anyone else. However, after the war between Cygnar and Khador turned the Thornwood into a battle-scarred hell crawling with Skorne, Tharn, and Cryx troops, Jarl found he couldn't abandon his people to them all and ended up becoming an UnlikelyHero to the holdouts and refugees.
* TheRedBaron: "The Devil of the Thornwood," earned when he was just a bandit.
* SmokeOut: The In variant, allowing for very stealthy and well coordinated assault.


[[folder:Circle Oroboros]]
* AsskickingEqualsAuthority
* {{Golem}}: His specialization in 'warbeasts'
* OnlySaneMan: Was this for the circle, but now is closer to RoaringRampageOfRevenge
* TakenForGranite: His sword, Tritus, has this effect.






* BloodMagic
* ManipulativeBitch


-->''I swear upon the legacy of my ancestors that I will forge our people into one nation, one army. Thus united, our imperishable dominion will claim the world."

Supreme Archdomina Makeda is the ruler of the [[ScaryDogmaticAliens Skorne Empire]], [[HordesFromTheEast a malevolent civilization from beyond the deserts of eastern Immoren]] who've marched west in order to [[TakeOverTheWorld conquer the Iron Kingdoms]]. Makeda is the second person in recent times to hold this office, and the first Skorne to do so, having overthrown the Conqueror, Vinter Raelthorne, who sought to use the Skrne to reclaim Cygnar for himself. While Vinter may have been deposed, Makeda sees no reason to stop what Vinter had begun: the Skorne shall sweep across the world, conquering all in their path.

* ActionGirl: In a society as martial as the Skorne, she'd have to be.
* AncestralWeapon: Makeda initially wields the [[DualWielding Swords of Balaash]].
** [[{{BFS}} The Talon of Murzhoul]], Makeda's current weapon of choice, is an artifact from the dawn of Skorne civilization.
* AsskickingEqualsAuthority
* CainAndAbel: With Makeda as Abel and her older brother as Cain. Makeda kills him.
** {{Unperson}}: Makeda orders all mention of her brothers name wiped from Skorne history.
* [[TheEmperor The Empress]]: Or the Supreme Archdomina, to give her her proper title.
* SurvivalMantra: Before she killed her brother, he had her poisoned. She fought the poison for ten days and ten nights, reciting the [[BigBookOfWar Hoksune code]] the entire time.
** [[MadnessMantra Madness Mantra]]
* WorthyOpponent: What she considered Tyrant Naram, the first enemy she fought as a commader, to be. Her brothers failure to live up to this in the end is the reason she has his name struck from history.

-->''We have no gods, only battle. In war is the spirit forged."

Tyrant Xerxis is the greatest warrior and cruelest champion of the Skorne people, and the greatest general under Supreme Archdomina Makeda's command. He has fought at Makeda's side since before she slew her brother, and now serves her in the same way that Makeda herself once served Vinter.

* [[{{BFS}} BFM]]: Xerxis weapons of choice are the Pillars of Halaak, a pair of gigantic maces more fit for a Warjack than a humanoid.
* BloodKnight: Xerxis lives for battle.
* {{Determinator}} : even when ganged up on by two Circle Warlocks, bleeding profusely, and with both lungs punctured, Xerxis still won't go down.
* DualWielding
* FourStarBadass
* MadeOfIron
* MightyGlacier: Xerxis is the second slowest Skorne Warlock, with only [[FatBastard Rasheth]] being slower, but Xerxis hits like an avalanche.
* StoutStrength: While by no means fat, Xerxis is still a very bulky warrior, making the speed with which he fight all the more impressive given the bulk of his armor and the weight of his weapons.

-->"Rasheth's appetites are exceeded only by his cruelty and his unnatural power."

Dominar of House Telaar, Rasheth is an anomaly amongst the Skorne people. Rather than being the slim, honor-obsessed warrior so typical of his station, Rasheth is an obese, greedy creature with no regard for the Hoksune code or those that follow it. He's concerned with profit, the breeding of animals, and feeding his impressive apetite. [[EvenEvilHasStandards Naturally, all of these qualities are things that disgust his fellow Tyrants and Dominars]], but Rasheth's considerable wealth, [[{{Mons}} herds of Titans]], [[BlackMagic and sorcerous abilities keep him safe]].

* AdiposeRex: His position is tantamount to that of a king, so this fits.
* TheBeastMaster: Rasheth is so fat and lazy, he litterally needs his warbeasts to fight for him.
* EvilSorcerer: Rasheth's disdain for the Hoksune code means that he's no great warrior, but he more than compensates for that deficiency with his impressive magical abilities.
* FatBastard: Oh so very much...
* TheHedonist: Rasheth spends much of his time snacking on skorne delicacies, like glazed eyeballs and pieces of tongue, even in battle.
* PlagueMaster: Several of Rasheth's spells center around.
* TooImportantToWalk: Rasheth is carried into battle atop a lectice carried by a trio of Agonizers.
* VillainousGlutton

-->"Truth can be measured by the length of lines scored in flesh, the weight of flesh carved from bone."

Naaresh is the epitome of the Nihilator discipline; a warrior who has drawn strength and vitality from his own suffering to the point where he has lived for over 200 years without visibly aging. With the wars against the Iron Kingdoms escalating, Naaresh has come west in the hopes of finally perfecting his art: becoming strong enough that not even death can claim him.

* BladeBelowTheShoulder: Naaresh fights with a pair of Katara, bladed weapons that work as push daggers/swords.
* CombatSadomasochist: Naaresh, like most Nihilators, draws strength from his own pain. He doesn't seem to enjoy the suffering of others much, however.
* MadeOfIron: The amount of punishment this guy can take is astonishing.
* Really700YearsOld: Skorne live about 120 years on average. Naaresh has lived over 80 years past that without slowing down, so presumably he's doing something right.
* SinkOrSwimMentor: Whenever someone has sought out Naaresh to study under him, they've died.


[[folder:Legion of Everblight]]
-->''"Men die. Empires crumble. Only the power of dragon is eternal."''

The dragon himself, also known in the past as Ethrunbal. The weakest but cleverest of all the dragons; while the rest of his brothers just allow their blight to infect the area like a wild fire, Everblight learned to control and refine it, resulting in different types of dragonspawns suited for many types of situations. Later he took an interest in elves; first the Iosans, until they found him under one of their cities and, after a bloody battle that took half the city, locked him away. After Thagrosh freed him, he began corrupting the Nyss, and was successful thanks to Vayl Hallyr who betrayed her own people. He shares pieces of his athanc shard with his warlocks, essentially creating a HiveMind.

* AGodIAm: He has his followers worship him, and being a dragon in the Iron Kingdoms world, he pretty much is a god.
* TheCorrupter: How he built his army.
* DangerouslyGenreSavvy: He's plan to make sure his enemies don't find; he knows they're looking for a dragon, and he's hiding in his athanc form.
** Also how he escaped Toruk. Everblight knows how weak he is, so when Toruk found him and nearly killed him, Everblight led his farther into the path of another dragon; as most other dragons will go after the bigger fish if given the chance, this allows him to escape while Toruk and the other dragon fought.
** Like all dragons, he has a massive ego complex, but tries to learn from major mistakes that are born from it. That he is willing to admit lacking the raw physical strength of his brother and sisters, is a major act of humility for his kind. Many of his current plans were originally past attempts that failed, but now successful because Everblight amended them with the necessary corrections or executed them with better timing.
* EldritchAbomination
* EvilutionaryBiologist
* HealingFactor
* ItsAllAboutMe: Standard for a dragon, everything he does is aimed at the goal of consuming the other dragons athancs.
* MadArtist
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast
* NormalFishInATinyPond: The other dragons are bigger and stronger than him, but he is still nothing to sneeze at.
* OrcusOnHisThrone: If he wanted to, he could regenerate his whole body and act on his own, but at the moment his staying in his athanc form since it lets him stay hidden.

!!Thagrosh, Prophet and Messiah of Everblight
-->''"Even this most lowly vessel is made godlike in my image."''

Thagrosh was formerly an ogrun slave, but after he broke free of his slavery, he stumbled upon Everblight's resting place and became Everblight's first warlock.

* BreathWeapon: Due the mutations from Everblight
* DarkMessiah
* DoubleWeapon: Rapture
* FromNobodyToNightmare
* LargeAndInCharge: He's an [[OurOgresAreHungrier ogrun]], so not only his he bigger than the Legion's warriors, he's at least as big as some of its warbeasts.
* MightyGlacier: Standard for an ogrun model, his speed is nothing to write home about (though his epic incarnation being able to fly gives him some extra mobility), but both his incarnations have pretty good melee skill and hit pretty damn hard, his epic one being able to hit harder than most of warbeasts.
* TheOneGuy: Until Kallus came along. Then again, Kallus [[ArtificialHuman isn't a normal guy]].
* PhlebotinumOverdose: He expects this may happen to him someday as Everblight is getting stronger, as he holds the majority of his master's athanc, and thus power.
* PowerGivesYouWings: When Everblight consumed his 'brother' Pyromalfic, the power boost he got also powered up Thagrosh, the effects among which include wings.
* SmarterThanYouLook: One of the main reasons why Everblight hasn't fully taken over.
* WingedHumanoid: As Messiah.

!!Vayl, Disciple and Consul of Everblight

One of the first warlocks in Everblight's ranks in recent times. When she was a Nyssor priestess, she was already a blasphemous priestess shunned by her peers. When she learned of a prophecy that Everblight would conquer the Nyss, she immediately swore allegiance to Everblight, resulting in the Nyss' near destruction. She also sponsored Bethayne's entry into Everblight's army.

* AnIcePerson
* BodyHorror: Notable {{aversion}} in the Legion, mostly because people think she was already a monster at heart long before she joined Everblight.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: The Oraculus which is some sort of weird [[SpikeBallsOfDoom spiky metal ball]] that [[AlwaysAccurateAttack never misses its target]] also doubles as a CrystalBall for her.
* TreacherousAdvisor: Played this role towards Bethayne.
* VainSorceress

!!Lylyth, Herald and Shadow of Everblight

Legion warlock who is considered to be the best archer. Some time before she became a warlock, her tribe killed a human, causing the humans to retaliate by massacring some Nyss hunters from her tribe, including her father, causing [[ViciousCycle her to kill more humans, causing the humans to kill more of her tribe, until eventually so many were dead]]. She would have been another casualty had Thagrosh not found her and offered her to be a warlock, an offer she took with little judgement. When Everblight decided to invade Pyromalfic, she was his scout, but she botched up and nearly got killed, causing Everblight to nearly just abandon her, though she was welcomed back after Pyromalfic was defeated.

* BlindfoldedVision
* ColdSniper: With a bow rather than a rifle.
* ImprobableAimingSkills: And one of her Feats passes that improbable accuracy to the rest of her army.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge

!!Rhyas and Saeryn, Sigil and Omen of Everblight

Twin Nyss warlocks. Their destiny as Everblight's warlocks were first discovered by Saeryn via a propethic vision, and when Thagrosh paid them a visit, they bested him in combat, but spared him per Saeryn's advice, and they joined the Legion. Rhyas specialises in combat, while Saeryn is more skilled in the arcane.

* [[CreepyTwins Creepy]] {{Ninja}} [[SingleMindedTwins Single Minded]] [[PolarOppositeTwins Polar Opposite]] TagTeamTwins: Though the single-minded part is subverted, as Saeryn can hide secrets from her sister. And appearance-wise, Rhyas is more ninja-ish.
* GlassCannon / FragileSpeedster: Both of them, but in different ways.
* KnifeNut: Saeyn can also throw knives.
* [[MasterSwordsman Master Swordswoman]]: Rhyas.
* SwordAndSorcerer: Rhyas and Saeryn, respectively.

!! Bethayne, Voice of Everblight

Former Nyssor priestess who was corrupted by Vayl to become Everblight's warlock. She has a personal warbeast called Belphagor, with whom she can merge upping her combat powers considerably.

* AnimatedArmor -> PoweredArmor: Belphagor's main function.
* WolverineClaws: In both forms.

!!Kallus, Wrath of Everblight

An artificial warlock created by Everblight. He is similar to the dragons in that as long as his athanc shard is safe, he can be regenerated if provided a fresh body.

* ArtificialHuman
* GoodThingYouCanHeal
* UnskilledButStrong


!! Durgen Madhammer

A Rhulic Warcaster famous for astonishing levels of collateral damage, Durgen Madhammer is one of the most infamous independent warcasters available for hire in the Iron Kingdoms. He began his work as a miner within Clan Lignum, but after less than a decade of employment was exiled from his family and excised from their tree. His name "Madhammer," has been earned from decades of mercenary work amassing a stable of warjacks and crafting his unique arms and armor. Numerous incidents of friendly fire and collateral damage have earned him a reputation for destructiveness that few can stomach for more than a single venture before sending him on his way to another unsuspecting employer. Despite his obvious delight in dangerous tactics, the fees Durgen commands are continually paid.

* {{BFG}}: His signature cannon, Buster, is an arm-mounted artillery cannon that can cause wide spread destruction or crack heavy armor from significant range.
* {{BFS}}: His signature hammer, Leveler, is a huge maul with a head that causes a large detonation every time he hits someone with it.
* EnergyAbsorption: Rounding out Madhammer's weaponry is his Blast Armor, absorbing any blast damage and turning it back into the arcane energy common amongst all warcasters. This means his exploding troopers and his weapons end up making him more durable where any other warcaster/warlock would end up hurting themselves.
* MadBomber: Started out as a demolitionist for a Rhulic mining venture. Winds up a wandering warcaster who blows everything up and has crafted an enviable suite of arms and armor to do so. Given that his spell list encompasses generating some of the most powerful explosive effects in the game, and his feat makes even the least distressing blast damage rolls significantly moreso, and it's plain to see how neatly Durgen fits this trope.
* MadeofExplodium: Durgen's signature spell Primed makes his troops much, much better at killing things. The downside is they're easier to kill. The upside is that if they die, they explode. The downside is that they explode. The upside is that they explode.
* PsychoForHire: see MadBomber.
* StuffBlowingUp: If this isn't happening, you're not using him properly.
* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: Every single one of Durgen's abilities is conductive to him destroying whatever he needs to die, and if he can't get to you before you get to him, he has the means to punish you astoundingly for getting there first. Rhulic warcasters and their battlegroups are all capable of huge damage potential, but none spread it on quite as thick as Madhammer.

!! Asheth Magnus the Traitor/Warlord

An officer in the Cygnaran Army under king Vinter Raelthorne, Magnus feels that the Usurper has lead Cygnar into weakness as with the tolerance of the Menite's ceding from the kingdom and allowing the Menites and Khadorans to seize Lael instead of annexing it for the kingdom. Magnus figures the best solution is to bring back Vinter as king of Cygnar. Working as a mercenary for anti-Cygnar interests has allowed him to build up a network of Vinter loyalists amongst remenants of the old government. Notably including Orin Midwinter, former head of the Cygnaran inquisition. After discovering that Vinter went west, he pursued him in hopes of aiding the deposed king. Instead he was captured by the Skorne and subjected to interrogation at the hands of Morghoul, which ha lead him to question his loyalty to Vinter and now instead he seeks Vinter's heir, a more malleable king that will bring about his vision for Cygnar.

* {{Badass}}: In a WorldOfBadass setting, it takes effort to stand out. Magnus is considered the biggest threat to Cygnar, not the two nightmarish empires ruled by dragons, the violent relgious fanatics on their southern border or the militant imperialists, or the death-obssessed, pain-loving conquerors led by the tyranical former king, but the lone traitorous officer with a prosthetic arm and leg.
** Probably the best way to explain this is that Magnus has never really had his plans screw up, every step he takes has brought him closer and closer to attaining his goals, even his run in with Vinter and the Skorne barely set him back. Considering his goal is the complete control of Cygnar and the fact that he may be the most competent ChessMaster in the setting its little wonder that the Cygnaran government is getting worried.
* {{BFS}}: Foecleaver and Foecleaver X, not the biggest swords in the setting but they are big and unlike the others quite efficient with magic.
* ChainsawGood: The Renegade warjack, a signature light warjack chasis of Magnus, has a giant chainsaw for one arm.
* {{Determinator}}: Nothing has stopped him
* GeniusBruiser: 2, retconned from 3, warjack chasis have been invented by Magnus since he turned against Cygnar. His feat is not magical like others but a demonstration of his tactical skill.
* JackOfAllStats: Unlike Stryker who he sort of mirrors, non-epic Magnus's generalised kit is quite effective and allows him to run mixed-arms quite well.
* ShoutOut: A quiet one to Ash from the Evil Dead movies.


!! Bloody Barnabas

The leader and founder of the Blindwater Congregation, "Bloody" Barnabas is an ancient gatorman with his eyes set on ascending to godhood.

* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking
* BadassGrandpa
* AGodAmI: His goal is to replace the god of the gatormen, Kossk.

!! Dr. Arkadius

Second-in-command of the Thornfall alliance, and Lord Carver's most (mis)trusted ally.

* BadassLongcoat
* DeadlyDoctor
* EvilutionaryBiologist
* InstantSedation: One of the functions of his main weapon.
* MadDoctor: Was thrown out of the University of Corvis for his unethical experiments, altering the physiology of the Farrow.

!! Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. III

Leader of the Thornfall Alliance, and Immoren's most unsubtle would-be conqueror.

* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking
* BigBookOfWar: Carver has gone so far as to publish a book about how he intends to conquer the world: [[LongTitle The Glorious Rise of the Mighty Lord Carver: In His Own Words]].
* LongTitle: Judging by his own name, the name of the book he's published, and the name of his elite regiment ("Lord Carver's First Assault Brigade Company"), he seems to be fond of these.
* OverlyLongName: His full name reads "Lord Carver, Bringer of Most Massive Destruction, Esquire III".
* PigMan
* SmallNameBigEgo: Part of his motivation for waging war is that the more civilized nations treat him like a regular mercenary captain, instead of the king amongst Farrow he thinks himself.
* TakeOverTheWorld: His end goal.