Characters from the {{Creator/Netflix}} original series ''House of Cards''. Here be spoilers.

* [[Characters/HouseOfCardsUSUnderwoods The Underwood Administration]][[note]]Frank Underwood, Claire Underwood, Donald Blythe, Doug Stamper, Seth Grayson, Edward Meechum, Thomas Yates, Nancy Kaufberger, Connor Ellis[[/note]]
* [[Characters/HouseOfCardsUSWhiteHouse The White House / The Walker Administration]][[note]]Garrett Walker, Tricia Walker, Jim Matthews, Linda Vasquez, Christina Gallagher, Nathan Green[[/note]]
* [[Characters/HouseOfCardsUSCapitol Capitol Hill]][[note]]Jackie Sharp, Bob Birch, Terry Womack, Peter Russo, Wes Buchwalter, Ted Havemeyer, Hector Mendoza, Curtis Haas, Henry Mitchell[[/note]]
* [[Characters/HouseOfCardsUSPoliticians Other Politicians]][[note]]Will Conway, Hannah Conway, Ted Brockhart, Heather Dunbar, Cynthia Driscoll, Barney Hull, Gene Clancey, Oren Chase, Viktor Petrov, Alexi Moryakov[[/note]]
* [[Characters/HouseOfCardsUSOther Other Characters]]