A list of characters from the webcomic series ''[[HeartCore Heartcore]]''. Beware, there be spoilers.


[[folder: Amethyst Lashiec]]
!!Amethyst Lashiec
[[caption-width-right:77:Our heroine]]

Amethyst is the young (in demon terms) succubus princess of the demonic realm of Hell known as 'Asgar'.
She was once sweet and demure, but is now brash after some key events in her life. She holds a deep grudge towards her father, Royce. She has two minions named Rip and Tear.

'''Overfiend Rank''': 3 (exiled)

'''Muse''': Video entertainment

* AuthorAvatar: Mostly used on the author's DeviantArt to represent herself.
* BreakTheCutie: Royce's syphoning energy from Ame [[spoiler:to possess the body of the Beastmen king]] lead her to rebel against her father
* DepravedBisexual: Though it comes with being a succubus, she is a bit TOO forward with people who she wants to screw.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: In regards to harvesting Heartcores: "Pick your targets carefully. Pick someone they won't miss." Ame killed a couple of criminals trying to attack her while she was disguised in the previous pages.
* ItIsPronouncedTroPay: Amethyst's prototype was named "Ame Tenchi", with "Ame" now used as the character's nickname. It is not pronounced "Ah-may" like the Japanese word for rain, though, but rather like the word "aim".
* HartmanHips
* [[MsFanservice Ms. Fanservice]]: One of several.
* PointyEars
* Really700YearsOld
* ShapeShifting: Ame can use her pendant to disguise herself, which she uses to move undetected through human cities, as well as to lure humans for their Heartcores...


[[folder: Lutz Langriss II]]
!!Lutz Langriss II
[[caption-width-right:77:[[CatchPhrase "Why are you so weird?"]]]]

A young beastman in the service of demons.

He's been spoiled rotten due to his integral role - leading demons to the human realm for their food source: heartcores. Royce knows this and caters to him accordingly...most of the time.

* UnusualEars: Like other beastmen. His look like the ears of a fox.
* VitriolicBestFriends: With Ame.


[[folder: Royce Lashiec]]
!!Royce Lashiec

Royce is the Lord of the Overfiends, otherwise known as the Demon King. He is the father of Amethyst and Suko.
Royce is known for hamming it up and generally trying to have a good time, but this obscures his more cruel and calculating nature.

'''Overfiend Rank''': Lord of the Fiends

'''Muse''': Cuisine

* AbusiveParents: Considering how he used a ritual against Ame against her will that costed her not only much of her powers, but also some skin permanently, do you really want to call this guy a good father?!
* EvilIsHammy: His strange nature is actually used on purpose by him so that he can make enemies underestimate him.
* EvilRedhead
* LanternJawOfJustice: In the remade chapters, he was given one of these to make him seem less feminine. Well... minus the "Justice" part of it all.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: He's a lot brighter than he seems, but for the sake of tactics, he tries to play dumber than he looks.
* OneWingedAngel: His true form. The form he mostly uses is actually the body of a possesed Beastman King.
* SweetTooth: Due to his Muse being cuisine, he is very fond of food and sweets.