A list of the characters that appear in the ''Manga/{{GUNNM}}''[=/=]''Battle Angel Alita'' series. As a LongRunner, expect LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters.


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!!Alita/Gally/Yoko "von der Rasierklinge" Dornburg
The series protagonist, a cute and [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld young-looking]] girl cyborg, who was found by Dr. Daisuke Ido on the scrap heap in the beginning of the original ''Gunnm''. While hardly all that intimidating on the outside, she later proved to be arguably the finest warrior on Earth and probably the whole Solar System, the reasons and implications of which touched in the great detail in the sequel manga ''Last Order''. In ''Mars Chronicle'', she travels to Mars to wrap up unfinished business with the surviving Panzer Kunst, but becomes the target of a conspiracy.

* AbsurdlySharpBlade: Her Damascus blades, which needs pressurized water to be sharpened and can can cut almost anything.
* ActionGirl: Or DarkActionGirl depending on her mental state of the moment.[[spoiler: Completely dark when she was still Yoko.]]
* {{Adorkable}}: Even after being [[BreakTheCutie broken]] numerous times and becoming more and more serious, she never truly breaks free of this and still has her goofy moments from time to time.
* AlmostKiss: After Figure Four saves her from Knucklehead, she leans in to kiss him... and [[MomentKiller Yolg almost shoots them]]. The second time, as Figure is about to pass out from dehydration and she leans in to give him a LastKiss... they're interrupted by a sudden deluge.
* AmbiguouslyBi: There's been her canonical relationships with Yugo and Figure Four, but then there's her RomanticTwoGirlFriendship with Lou, which was actually the driving force for the whole ''Last Order'', and her reunion with Erica in ''Mars Chronicle'' is just pure FoeYay. Her LuminescentBlush and [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn comedic reaction]] to Mui wandering around her ship naked also carries a bit of subtext, since Mui misinterpret's Alita's expression of forgiveness for the events 200 years prior as a love confession.
* AmazonianBeauty: Her muscles aren't very big, but they are very defined.
* AmnesiacDissonance: Prior to her discovery by Ido, [[spoiler:she was a mass-murdering Martian terrorist who attempted to more or less ''kill everyone on Earth'' by destroying the Orbital Ring. This ''cannot'' be under-emphasized; the "Camranth Tragedy" is not just the reason Tiphares cut itself off from the surface - creating the Scrapyard in all its dystopian horror - but it also resulted in the destruction of the Panzer Kunst schools and the centuries-long system-wide cold war. Just about ''everything'' that Alita battles throughout all three series is '''''[[ItsAllMyFault All Her Fault]]''''']].
* AnimalMotifs: Alita has always been closely associated with cats - Ido first named her after his dead cat, her friends have either compared her to a cat or stated she has the personality of one, and it was heavily implied that [[spoiler:the cat in Nova's LotusEaterMachine was Alita's real self.]] Her appearance near end of ''Last Order'' emphasized this further, giving her more cat-like mannerisms and even a ''tail,'' although this is gone by the time of ''Mars Chronicle''. Her perpetual pout has also led her to be compared rather unfavorably to an octopus.
* AntiHero: All things said and all her heroic deeds considered, Alita is most emphatically ''not'' a conventional [[TheCape Cape]], but rather a combination of a BrokenAce and a NinetiesAntiHero (the latter one fairly literally), even verging on a SociopathicHero sometimes, when she is most stressed.
* ArtificialHuman: In ''Last Order'', having her body composed of advanced nanobots and [[spoiler:her organic brain replaced with a chip.]] Also, in the video game ''GUNNM: Martian Memory'', her birth is revealed as being a tumoral growth in a member of Martian royalty that developed a central nervous system. This is canonized and expanded upon in ''Mars Chronicle'', where it's revealed that her "mother" was Princess Kagura Dornburg, who contracted the maske tumor disease and was experimenting on both finding a cure and attaching tumors to robotic bodies.
* AppendageAssimilation: Forget appendage! When Super Nova reduced her to nothing but a [[spoiler:brain chip]] and a mass of Imaginos cells, she reformed by assimilating the Jovian Tunguska super weapon.
* AssimilationBackfire: Absorbing the Tunguska gave her a massive power boost, but enabled the Jovians to pull her consciousness out of her body during her fight with Toji, resulting in it being ripped to shreds. She then turned this on the Jovian scientists responsible by massacring them and destroying their base in a fit of rage.
* TheAtoner: Alita [[spoiler:was once Yoko, the mass-murdering terrorist whose actions severed Tiphares from the surface and created the Scrapyard. In effect, all her struggles against maniacal criminals and corrupt authorities are simply cleaning up the mess she made in her previous life]].
* BackFromTheDead: Repeatedly. [[CameBackStrong And she becomes even more powerful with each resurrection]].
* BadassAdorable: Is it really hard to believe this master-level cyborg warrior has human feelings & can care/love the few important people in the long years of her life? [[WhatMeasureIsANonHuman She is human also, in a way.]]
* BadassLongcoat: Alita conjures up one for herself after gaining her Imaginos 2.0 body.
* BarbieDollAnatomy: Her Berserker and Imaginos bodies lack attributes, although her TUNED body did have nipples. However, it's somewhat a subversion, due the fact that her nipples either don't have areola or they're really pale.
* TheBerserker: During her time as a TUNED agent Alita would deliberately surrender herself to bloodlust in battle as a way of coping with her rage and despair at being enslaved by the Tiphareans, though after falling in love with Figure Four she finds herself unable to do so anymore. An extra chapter shows her [[AxCrazy brutally killing every desert animal she comes across while laughing maniacally]] on her way to assassinate a rogue Deckman, though she waits until it's finished playing with a group of kids before pulling the trigger.
* BladeBelowTheShoulder: Her Damascus Blade was attached to her arm during her Motorball days and when she gained her Imaginos body.
* BloodKnight: From the beginning of the series, Alita showed a natural aptitude for combat and enjoyment of combat. During her time as a TUNED agent, Alita came to use bloodlust as a coping mechanism and outright tells Figure that battle is all she has left to live for while sporting a SlasherSmile, though he quickly snaps her out of it with a WhatTheHellHero speech. Even after finding a reason for living other than fighting, she ''still'' enjoys a good fight and furiously lashes out if interrupted.
* BloodSplatteredWeddingDress: At one point Alita fights Den while wearing a gorgeous wedding dress after Barjack attacks Kaos's mobile station.
* BoobsOfSteel: Quite literally. While she's not the most buxom of characters -- according to Zekka her bust is under 80 cm -- she is by far one of the strongest fighters and her TUNED body has a larger bust size than her other bodies. One bonus [=4koma=] gag in ''Last Order'' reveals during a shower scene that when she "retracts" her BladeBelowTheShoulder, the steel from the blades apparently migrates to pad her breasts.
* BreakTheCutie:
** When Ido is killed by the Berserker-enhanced Zapan, she kills Nova and his assistant in a fit of rage.
** She almost loses her mind when she thinks Figure Four was killed. The only thing that prevents her from doing so is finding out that he really isn't dead.
** When Super Nova and Nova X revealed that Nova II had [[spoiler:extracted her organic brain and replaced it with a Tipharian bio-chip, she has an existential crisis over whether or not she's human anymore]].
* BrokenAce: Alita is considered the "strongest warrior", being far above 95% of the killer cyborgs she encounters, but she honestly wants to do the right thing. Still, she tends to create just as many problems as she fixes because she is still a flawed human at heart who is controlled by emotions, fears and prejudices... and can kill almost anything.
* CameBackStrong: Combined with SerialEscalation. In the finale and ''Last Order'', she is resurrected by Nova in the Imaginos 1.0 body, which is essentially an enhanced version of her Berserker body. [[spoiler: In ''Last Order'', after her body disintegrates during a HeroicBSOD moment she reconstructs it into the [[CatGirl Imaginos 2.0]] body by assimilating the Jovian Tunguska superweapon with scraps of the Imaginos 1.0 body. After Toji destroys her Imaginos 2.0 body, she reconstructs it into the [[WingedHumanoid Imaginos 2.1]] body.]]
* CantHaveSexEver: More like Can't Settle Down With Somebody She Loves, Ever. Just as Hugo renounced to his dream of reaching Tiphares for her, he got killed; just as she finished her TUNED mission and was free to go see Figure Four, she was blown up, and next thing she knew, she had to go to space to save Earth.
** Early on, Alita also sadly realizes that any attempt at lovemaking would probably end in her boyfriend getting [[SuperStrength grinded into gory paste]].
** [[spoiler:Averted (at least implicitly) for the flesh-and-blood Alita in the final chapter of ''Last Order'', who was created to fulfill her promise to Figure Four.]]
* CatGirl: The Imaginos 2.0 body comes with a PrehensileTail, and Alita starts showing more cat-like mannerisms after she gets it.
* CelibateHero: It's not that Alita hasn't fallen in love, it's that her romances are doomed: Hugo was killed trying to reach Tiphares, and [[spoiler:she commissioned a clone of herself using her organic brain to be with Figure Four]].
* CharacterDevelopment: At the beginning of the original series, Alita was young and naive, but possessed an almost instinctual desire to fight that led to her becoming a Hunter-Warrior. Her personal losses robbed her of her naivety, and following her enslavement as a TUNED Agent she becomes a spiteful BloodKnight revelling in combat in order to blot out her despair over the loss of her freedom. She regained her determination to live after falling in love with Figure Four and befriending Kaos and Lou, but suffered a series of existential crises during the ZOTT. By the end of ''Last Order'' and the beginning of ''Mars Chronicle'', Alita has matured considerably both as a warrior and a person, as shown by her interactions with Elf and Zwölf - who resemble her early, naïve persona, and Sechs - who resembles her TUNED BloodKnight persona.
* ClonesArePeopleToo: Alita was "born" from a maske tumor extracted from Princess Kagura Dornburg, technically making her a clone. [[spoiler:She later has her organic brain restored into a clone body to fulfill her promise to Figure Four.]]
%%* CryCute: Whenever she's upset.
* CuteBruiser: She's short and cute, but hands-down the strongest warrior in the galaxy.
* TheCutie: As a child, Yoko was nothing short of adorable, and had {{Blush Sticker}}s and a chubby-looking robotic body with a screw for a bellybutton.
* {{Cyborg}}: Her only organic part is her brain. [[spoiler:[[RobotGirl And that's no longer true]] as of ''Last Order'', although [[RidiculouslyHumanRobot her consciousness is still human]].]]
* DarkIsNotEvil: [[MoodSwinger Moody]], temperamental, [[DeadpanSnarker sarcastic]], [[HairTriggerTemper easy to anger]] and always [[BloodKnight quick to fight]], not to mention [[HellBentForLeather almost aways clad in pitch-black leather]] in the original manga ([[PurpleIsPowerful she switches to purple]] in the ''Last Order'' and beyond, though), Alita is nevertheless an [[AntiHero unambiguously good person]].
* DeadpanSnarker: Alita is prone to taunting opponents, especially when she acquires her [[CatGirl Imaginos 2.0]] body
* {{Determinator}}: Her enemies will be in for a rude shock if they think just because they made her [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe Half The Woman She Used To Be]] can stop her from killing them.
* EmbarrassingNickname: "Octolips", courtesy of her nigh-constantly pursed lips giving her a resemblance to a cartoon octopus.
* FacialMarkings: Her trademark "antiglare patches" on the cheeks that she wears in all of her bodies. They were originally the traditional markings of Panzer Kunst users, but since Alita was the only PK user on Earth they became her own trademark, so much so that they have been built into her face since the Motorball days, and she's only seen without them twice after that.
* FemmeFatalons: Or perhaps ''Babe Blowtorches?'' Once she gets the Imaginos body, she forms '''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasma_cutting plasma cutters]]''' in her fingertips. They can be used as claws for cutting, or can paralyze other cyborgs.
* FromNobodyToNightmare: As ''Mars Chronicle'' reveals, as a child she initially couldn't even walk without a remote control. A couple of upgrades later, and she was one of the most dangerous terrorists in the solar system. And that was two-hundred years before the plot of the original storyline started.
* HellBentForLeather: When she bothers with clothing at all, as most of her bodies are robotic enough to not need it, she usually wears black leather catsuits. She apparently just loves leather as a fashion statement.
** She loves her pitch black leather so much she even wears it in the desert while using a body that has an inherent overheating problem (see picture).
** Ever since getting the Imaginos 2.1 body she takes to wearing ''white''[[note]]Or, technically, cream, as the color illustrations suggest[[/note]] overalls and/or coats over her black/purple catsuits.
* HeroicSacrifice: In the original manga she turned herself into a tree to stop Tiphares from crushing the scrapyard, and in ''Last Order'' [[spoiler: she seemingly sacrifices her body to stop the Onion Frame from smashing into the Moon]].
* HollywoodCyborg: And ''how.'' As a child the only part of her that was organic was her head. As a young adult, only her brain was organic - and in ''Last Order'', Nova points out that her glial cells have been replaced with a polymer resin that can harden instantly to protect the brain from sudden shock or heat. Only her ''neurons'' are organic - less than '''3%''' of her brain. [[spoiler:And immediately after Nova discovers this, he copies the whole thing into a Tiphares brain chip and ''that'' is who experiences the events of ''Last Order'' and ''Mars Chronicle''.]]
* HotBlooded: Alita is temperamental and quick to fight in most situations.
* ImplacableMan: A flashback shows that she and possibly all Panzer Kunst users were this.
* HackYourEnemy: After upgrading her Imaginos body and gaining access to Melchizedek, Alita becomes able to hack her enemies, preventing them from attacking her.
%%* TheHero: Although she comes across as an AntiHero in her darker moments.
* HeroicBSOD: In ''Last Order'', Alita has one when it's revealed she no longer has an organic brain, although her certainty in her cause and humanity had been undermined for some time.
* IHatePastMe: A mild example. When fighting Toji for the first time, Alita realizes that she's let her past control and limit her, and decides that in order to progress her old self has to (metaphorically) die. This resolve triggers her ability to use the Damascus blade.
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: [[spoiler: Knowing that she'll never be able to fulfill her promise to return to Figure Four, she gives her original brain over with instructions to use it to create a copy of herself to be with him in her stead.]]
* KissOfLife: When she and Koyomi fall into an underground river, Alita uses her TUNED body's lungs to break water down into hydrogen and oxygen, then passes it to Koyomi via mouth-to-mouth.
* KubrickStare: When Nova says he'll resurrect Lou if Alita kills the surviving residents of Tiphares - who she had recently saved and befriended - she initially looks at him with shocked horror, then composes herself into a cold stare full of killing intent and says she'll do it if he keeps his end of the bargain.
* LaughingMad:
** While tracking down a rogue Deckman, Alita went out of her way to brutally kill all the wildlife she encountered while laughing maniacally.
** When Knucklehead challenges her to a one-on-one duel she has no chance of winning, Alita responds with a feral grin and starts to break into maniacal laughter, but stops when she hears Figure Four playing her harmonica.
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: At first she remembered nothing of her past, [[spoiler: but gradually regains her memories.]]
* LightningBruiser: Alita is extremely fast, powerful, and durable, especially in her Berserker and Imaginos bodies.
* MechanicalLifeforms: Her Berserker and Imaginos bodies are composed of advanced nanobots that behave like "machine cells".
* ManicPixieDreamGirl: When Alita falls head over heels in love with Yugo she unleashes her inner MPDG to talk him out of his single minded quest to reach Salem and make him hers. She ultimately succeeds [[spoiler: a few seconds before he dies.]] After this experience, Alita permanently [[{{BreakTheCutie}} loses that part of herself]].
* MarketBasedTitle: Not only that, but also her ''name'' -- she's named Alita in the English translation, but Gally (apparently from [[PygmalionPlot Galatea]]) in the Japanese original. Kishiro doesn't seem to mind though, and with the help of [[spoiler: Ouroboros]] ''both'' names were made canon. [[spoiler: So now she has THREE names!]] To make things [[{{MindScrew}} even more complicated]], there are a few clones of her running around, each with her/[[{{GenderBender}} his]] own distinct personality and name.
* MoodSwinger: Her frequently alternating between the [[BoisterousBruiser cheerful]] [[BloodKnight periods]] and depressed sulking in the corner would make her look almost bipolar, if not for the fact that she usually has a valid reason for these {{Heroic BSOD}}s.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: When Alita learns a toddler she turned over to the police was sent to a live-fire combat drill, she's horrified. When she finds his corpse on the battlefield, she breaks down in tears before punching Colonel Payne, the man responsible, so hard that his body is ripped to shreds and his dropship is blown apart by the shockwave.
* NakedOnRevival: At the end of the original manga's happy ending, before it was retconned, Alita is destroyed saving the Earth, and is effectively "regrown" out of the resulting "tree's" nanomachine system. In the last frames, Figure pulls her out of a cocoon and she falls out, nude. She also averts BarbieDollAnatomy by being anatomically correct.
* TheNeedless: After getting her Imaginos body, Alita says she only needs oxygen and glucose to keep her brain running. [[spoiler:Actually, she doesn't even need that, given that her brain is a chip.]]
* NoSell: Her Imaginos 2.0 body is completely immune to Trinidad's hacking technique, and the attack Nova X used to slice her up previously.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Spent 200 years in suspended animation, yet still looked like a teenager when she was revived. True, she WAS a teenager beforehand, and cyborg bodies do not age, but, 15 years later, and several body upgrades, she is still said to not look older that 20, despite actually being closer to two centuries and a half. Her "real" age, that is, the time she spent conscious and not a HumanPopsicle, turned off, or in other type of suspended animation, is [[ChristmasCake about 30]], though.
* OutWithABang: Invoked when Alita falls in love with Hugo but realizes that her Berserker body is too powerful to be intimate with him.
* PintsizedPowerhouse: One of the most efficient warriors alive, insanely skilled, and with the raw firepower of one of the major superpowers of the Solar System... And still just 5 feet tall.
* PlayingWithFire: Her Berserker and Imaginos bodies can create and manipulate plasma.
* PowerGivesYouWings:
** When Zapan infects her with the Berserker body during their fight, Alita swallows some collapser agent to prevent herself from being consumed. Just before the agent takes effect, she manifests a pair of biomechanical wings to stop herself from hitting the ground at terminal velocity.
** Her Imaginos 2.1 body has avian wings with Damascus blades for feathers, though they're destroyed in the ensuing fight.
* PrehensileTail: After she assimilates the Tunguska to create the Imaginos 2.0 body, a chunk of it remains stuck to her butt and she morphs it into a felid tail. It [[ExpressiveEars serves as an indicator of her mood]], and is useful as a weapon as well.
* ProHumanTranshuman: Alita originated as a sentient tumor and her Imaginos body is comprised of highly advanced nanomachines, making her by far one of the most powerful characters in the series, but she still sees herself as being human and fights for the sake of humanity.
* PurpleIsPowerful: Purple is her favorite color, and she is one of the most powerful warriors in the galaxy. In ''Last Order'' she shifts the color of her Imaginos body to purple, and wears a purple bodysuit overtop until she acquires her Imaginos 2.0 body.
* RealityWarper: In her Imaginos 2.0 and 2.1 bodies, she is able to hack cyborgs just by being in their vicinity, transmute any metal into Damascus steel and shape it to her will, and even recreate her body from energy. Even after the Jovians pull her consciousness into the Glass Cat robot, Alita retains this ability and transmutes the floor of their laboratory to shred them with Damascus steel spikes.
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Alita is approximately 224 years old, though she only looks to be in her late teens or early twenties.
* ReforgedIntoAMinion: Discussed in ''Mars Chronicle''. According to Gergt, she was supposed to be killed in the ZOTT and resurrected as a Necro Soldier subservient to Dasien. [[spoiler:Specifically, Alita was supposed to have been cut down by Caerula's Death Gate, but how this would work with her being a compete gynoid is unknown, since according to Qu Tsang an organic brain is needed to make a Necro Soldier.]]
* RenaissanceMan: While Alita is first and foremost a warrior, she is also a skilled musician, athlete, and hacker; and is versed in 19th and 20th century philosophy and psychoanalysis.
* RobotGirl: While her brain was originally organic, [[spoiler:as of ''Last Order'' it was extracted and replaces with a Tipharean bio-chip]].
* SaveTheVillain: Her current goal is to rescue and redeem her EvilFormerFriend, Erica.
* SendInTheClones: The AR/GR series notwithstanding, as what remains of them are more {{Annoying Younger Sibling}}s story-wise, there's now [[spoiler:two of her: The first is the (mostly) original organic Alita, resurrected from her original brain that Nova extracted in Tiphares before giving her the Imaginos 1.0 body and thus not having any memories beyond that point. This Alita ends up in Tiphares with Figure Four after the events of ''Last Order''. The second is [[RidiculouslyHumanRobot the robotic one]], who was recreated by Nova using the Imaginos 1.0 body based on the Berserker Body and a Typharean brain-chip, and is TheProtagonist of ''Last Order'' and ''Mars Chronicle''. She never reunites with Figure Four and goes to Venus and Mars as an agent of the Solar System's [[BenevolentAI ruling [=AIs=]]], in order to put a stop to Nova once and for all]].
* ShesGotLegs: Alita's choice of clothes and fighting style accentuate her legs.
* ShoulderCannon: She acquired Danko, a sentient cannon infected with Berserker cells, on Venus during the three-year timeskip between ''Last Order'' and ''Mars Chronicle''.
* SlasherSmile: She sometimes sports one during her most battle-crazed moments, especially as a TUNED agent. Pray you never have to be on the receiving end of a face like that!
* ATasteOfPower: The Berserker body she obtains in the first volume has more raw firepower that ANYTHING else in the series save some of her weapons in her (otherwise inferior in combat) TUNED body, and the Imaginos bodies she uses in the ending and in ''Last Order''.
* {{Technopath}}: Alita's Imaginos 2.0 body can hack cyborgs just by being in their general vicinity and can assimilate other technologies into itself.
* TemptingFate: After an especially brutal plot twist Alita is astounded how [[spoiler:just knowing your brain is a chip]] can drive you to instant raving madness. [[spoiler: Eventually she gets to experience it herself.]]
* TookALevelInBadass: The most striking one was when she was given the Berserker body and went from a young girl without experience that could do some martial arts to a plasma-wielding professional able to win a bar brawl by herself.
* TomatoInTheMirror: Twice in fast succession in ''Last Order''. [[spoiler:First, she discovers that prior to her memory loss, she was a ''mass-murdering terrorist.'' Less than an hour later, she discovers that Desty Nova's last act (which took place ''after'' he started cloning himself repeatedly) was to turn her into a Tipharean - by ''[[BrainUploading cutting out her brain and replacing it with a chip.]]'' The organic-brained Alita only appears in ''Last Order'' in the last pages of the '''final chapter.''' She discovers the latter ''seconds'' before she has to exchange her original brain for Lou's. She has not been the same since.]]
* TronLines: When inside the Melchizedek supercomputer she has jet-black skin and glowing green cybernetic markings, eyes, and hair.
* {{Ubermensch}}: Rejects the authority and laws outlined by the Factory, Tiphares, and Ketheres. [[spoiler:Though she accepts the joint authority of [[BenevolentAI Melchizedek and Zeus]] when they form an alliance to guide the humanity through the current crisis and beyond, but not before confirming their good intentions and [[WhatYouAreInTheDark going through an existential crisis herself]].]]
* UltimateLifeForm: When she is recreated the second time, Payne equates her to a HumanoidAbomination.
* VideogameDashing: Is capable of doing this in her Imaginos body by forming balls of plasma under her feet and detonating them.
* WaifFu: She's small, and her Panzer Kunst fighting style utilizes flips and kicks.
* WeaponOfChoice: The Damascus Blade; first used as an elbow blade, then turned into a giant butterfly knife, and then incorporated into her Imaginos body as an elbow blade again.
* WhatYouAreInTheDark: Goes through an existential crisis after being "killed" by Toji in the Z.O.T.T. finals, as her conscience was pulled back to Jupiter by Zeus to contemplate on her nature. [[spoiler: Finally she decides that her humanity is her own decision, and to prove this she accepts the joint authority of Zeus and Melchizedek as the [[TitleDrop Last Order]].]]
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Alita is terrified of ''Minois dryas'' butterflies.
* WingedHumanoid: Her Imaginos 2.1 body initially possessed enormous wings with sword blades for feathers, though they interfered with her Panzer Kunst and were quickly destroyed.
* WorfHadTheFlu: In ''Mars Chronicle'', she tells Mui she's not at full power due to undisclosed circumstances - presumably related to her mission on Venus - and therefore the loss of her arm, which she could have restored in seconds at the end of ''Last Order'', will take about a week to grow back.

!!Dr. Desty Nova
A closest thing to a BigBad in the original manga and the epitome of a MadScientist archetype. He becomes somewhat more subdued in the sequel, even becoming something of an AntiHero and a combination of a [[StealthMentor mentor]], a MissionControl and a ParentalSubstitute (if you squint really hard) for the hero. Disregarding [[FunnyAfro Super Nova]], of course. [[EvilCounterpart Super Nova]] might go and die in the fire.

* AboveGoodAndEvil: The best way to describe him. The basic purpose of his life is in fact to scientifically ''define'' Good and Evil through what he calls "Karmatron Dynamics" - the study of how people act based on their memories, their bodies, their status in society... and radical shifts in all three. Alita's his favorite subject, as she is constantly changing all three; she swaps bodies more often than most do cars, she's been everything from a beggar to a secret agent, and despite her current drive for heroics, [[spoiler:in her [[AmnesiacDissonance forgotten past life]] she was a tumor-turned-princess-turned-mass-murdering '''terrorist.''']]
* AbusiveParents: Kaos' childhood [[GuineaPigFamily wasn't a pleasant experience]] by any stretch, and it still doesn't seem to stop.
* AffablyEvil: Discounting his bouts of ScienceRelatedMemeticDisorder, Desty Nova [[MemeticMutation is a pretty swell guy]].
* AntiHero: ''Some'' of Nova's copies in Last Order, most notably Nova Pod, who even actually seems more or less sane.
* AwesomenessByAnalysis: The man might be batshit crazy, but his is the sharpest brain in the Solar System.
* BellyMouth: He installed a second brain chip in his abdomen, complete with a face, His clones also have them.
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: His attempts to scientifically define ethics did produce some results, but these turned out to be exceptionally ''weird'' and ''horrific''.
* BrainUploading: Like every Tipharean, his brain was replaced with a chip, but he uses it to his advantage by periodically copying its contents, making backups in his body, making backup bodies... and even the backup bodies have brain chips. Super Nova claims to be running two of his personality chips at the same time.
* CatchPhrase: Nova X comes to use flan as a metaphor, saying "Flan is ''[insert adjective here]''!"
* CloningBlues: There are at least two fully-operational clones of him - [[HeelFaceRevolvingDoor Nova X]] and [[FaceHeelTurn Super Nova]] - running around, not to mention several defective decoy bodies. His [[CrazyPrepared self-replicating pods that create backup bodies]] have become a literal pest in Tiphares. Even ''he'' considers his dozens of accidentally-created defective clones to be little more than fodder for his experiments.
* CrazyPrepared: Whatever scenario you come up with to kill him, Desty Nova WILL have a plan ready to counter it. Comes with the "defeating karma" thing.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Debuts in the second half of the 5th volume of the original manga, past its midpoint, but is first seen in the very first volume, and his name is first mentioned in the third.
* EinsteinHair: A somewhat subdued example, he at least changes hairstyles to an afro as Super Nova.
* EnemyMine: Nova has allied himself with Alita as a matter of convenience or manipulation multiple times throughout the series, to the point where she knows just what to say to pique his interests.
* EvilCounterpart: Super Nova is something like this to the other Novas, being another iteration of Nova, but without ''any'' of his endearing qualities. Nova Pod hypothesizes that this is because he has two brain chips in his skull.
* EvilAllAlong: You could be forgiven for thinking [[spoiler: Nova X was on anyone's side but his own. Sure, he promised to support Alita, but the moment Ido, Figure, Koyomi, and Kaos get to Tiphares, he kills the surviving Tiphareans and springs a SadisticChoice trap on his son. When Kaos calls him out on betraying Alita's trust, Nova X reveals that his intent all along has been to seize all of the surface as a testing site for his experiments.]]
* FriendlyEnemy: To Alita, mostly because she is his favorite (and most successful) test subject.
* ForScience: His ''raison d'etre'' is studying "Karmatron Dynamics", and he's committed more than a few atrocities doing so.
* FunnyAfro: A subversion: Super Nova is anything ''but'' funny.
* HealingFactor: Due to nanomachines he can regenerate from just about anything. After his combination of BrainUploading and CloningBlues, he is functionally immortal.
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: Nova goes from being the BigBad of the first series to resurrecting Alita in a more powerful body and bringing her to Ketheres. Then ''that'' Nova is killed and resurrected and joins forces with Mbadi as Super Nova, and one of his clones in Tiphares, dubbed Nova X, decides to help Alita... [[spoiler:right up until the first opportunity to double cross her ForScience presents itself. Three years later on Mars, Nova X decides to help Alita oppose Dasien and his Einherjar.]]
* HeelFaceTurn: Nova Pod is probably his only iteration that could be definitely said to be on the side of the good guys... Probably. [[spoiler:And then he is killed by [[BigBad Trinidad]] and [[FaceHeelTurn Super Nova]].]]
* HumanPopsicle: [[spoiler: Nova X's ultimate fate, put into cryogenic storage so that he can no longer regenerate or resurrect himself.]]
* InsufferableGenius: He is prone to (rightly) bragging about his own intelligence.
* JerkAss: Nova only cares about KARMATRON DYNAMICS, and will do whatever he deems necessary to further his research on the subject.
* JokerImmunity: Nova isn't going to quit, no matter how many times you kill him. But face it, [[{{CrazyAwesome}} the universe is just so much fun with him in it.]]
* KarmaHoudini: Literally seems to be his ultimate goal... [[{{InsaneTrollLogic}} probably]].
** [[spoiler: Super Nova's last appearance has him escape to Mars scot free, though with ''Mars Chronicle'' Alita finally catchs up to him... though he's the only one with the know-how to cure being a Necro-Soldier. Nova X, meanwhile, has karma finally catch up to him, with Ido, Figure Four and the others stuffing him in cyrogenic storage indefinitely to prevent him from resurrecting.]]
* KnightOfCerebus: The overall tone of the manga (as well as Alita's life) changes DRASTICALLY after he appears.
* LackOfEmpathy: To research his theories, he gleefully makes people suffer. [[BodyHorror A lot.]]
* LargeHam: Bombastic delivery, complete with corporal expresiveness and running around laughing like a maniac.
* MadScientist: Doesn't even believe in sanity. Still, he tends to be successful in his experiments. [[{{AlternateCharacterInterpretation}} Or is he]] the [[{{OnlySaneMan}} one truly objective thinker]] in a completely insane universe?
* TheManBehindTheMan: He is responsible of pretty much EVERYTHING that happens to Alita.
* MesACrowd: Nova developed specialized airborne "stereotomy" nanomachines that, should he be incapacitated or killed, would create a clone of himself, complete with two brain chips and a face in his abdomen. He then modified those nanomachines to create a second decoy clone so that the primary clone could fully mature. This results in several copies of him existing: the original Nova, who was seemingly killed by Alita several times and fully killed by Jim Roscoe; Nova II, who was killed by Mbadi; Nova Pod, who was created with one of the original Nova's brain chips and a display screen; Super Nova, who was given Nova II's brain chips; and Nova X, who was cloned using stereotomy nanobots. [[spoiler:And that's not including the dozens of defective clones Nova X was using as test subjects.]]
* MindRape: When Nova picks a fight with you, he usually comes up with a new, creative way to mess up your head. He is ''very'' effective at it. [[spoiler: Just ask Kaos...]]
* MorallyAmbiguousDoctorate: Well, more like ''completely'' amoral, since there's nothing he won't due in his pursuit of defying karma.
* OpaqueLenses: He wears goggles made of metal, and making his visage look (more) insane and inhuman. Without them on, he's actually pretty handsome.
* PetTheDog:
** While still very much a villain, Desty Nova never seems to take away the free will of his test subjects (even when they would have loved it) and his actions empower several characters to leave a positive mark on the world.
** [[spoiler:When Nova X kills the remaining inhabitants of Tiphares to make room for his experiments, he saves their information first so they can be recreated later, memories and all. He does the same to Kaos' envoy party when they enter Tiphares in case anyone dies during his Death Checkers game. Upon his defeat, he tells Ido and Kaos how to use this.]]
* PsychoticSmirk: Nova usually sports a disturbing smile from ear to ear, when he is not spotting a CatSmile. The few times he stops smiling he looks rather normal.
* SealedEvilInACan: In a fairly literal fashion, this happens to [[spoiler: Nova X -- Ido beats him just short of kicking the bucket, and then puts him into the stasis so Nova's "stereotomy" revival ability won't get activated as it usually does after his death.]]
* StealthMentor: To Alita, though whether this was intentional on his part is difficult to discern.
* TestedOnHumans: He has turned ordinary people into grotesque monstrosities in the pursuit of his research.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Flan. His catchphrase is even dedicated to it.
* TheUnfettered: There is ''nothing'' Desty Nova, in any of his incarnations, will not do to achieve his goals. He once sliced open his own skull on a whim and without anesthetic just to make a point [[spoiler:that Scrapyarders and Tiphareans]] are NotSoDifferent.
* TokenEvilTeammate: Any version of Nova that works with the protagonists has shades of this to varying extents. [[spoiler: So far, the only one not to betray them died before he had the chance.]]
* WeCanRebuildHim: Blows Alita up and gloats about it... then completely reconstructs her using Imaginos "machine cells" derived from her Berserker body so that she would be even ''more'' powerful. Roscoe calls him out on this, but Nova says its all in the pursuit of studying KARMANATRON DYNAMICS!
* VillainousBreakdown: After finding true happiness taking care of and raising Alita in the Ouroboros program, Desty proclaims that he would do anything to protect Alita and preserve that eternal moment, breaks down in tears... and then pulls out a submachine gun and opens fire.

!!!Original manga characters
[[folder: Scrapyard inhabitants]]
!! Dr. Daisuke Ido
Scrapyard cybersurgeon and Hunter-Warrior who found what was left of [[strike:Yoko]] Alita in the scrap heap and revived/rebuilt her. Ido initially had some hopes of a PygmalionPlot, but wasn't much disappointed when she turned out indifferent, and became her ParentalSubstitute to amend her amnesia.

* CoolHat: Ido almost always wears some distinctive headgear.
* BackForTheFinale:
** Coutesy of [[LotusEaterMachine Ouroboros]]. Alita, in her attempts to escape, [[TearJerker has to kill him. Twice.]] When she manages to finally overpower the program, we get a quite heartwarming SoProudOfYou moment.
** In the final arc of ''Last Order'', Figure catches up to Ido and restores his memories, the two going after Alita together.
* BadassLongcoat: He wears a black leather trench coat [[CoolHat and fedora]] for his hunting escapades.
* BadassNormal: The only fully organic hunter warrior in the Scrapyard ([[spoiler:[[TomatoInTheMirror or so he thinks]]]]), and a pretty damn good one.
* BloodKnight: His sole reason to be a hunter-warrior. It was because of this inherent character trait that Ido was banished from Tiphares.
* TheBusCameBack: Not only did he patch Figure Four up following his fight with Sechs, but he also seems to became his co-protagonist in their search for Alita. As of Chapter 125 he reclaims his old hunter-warrior gear, complete with his trusty [[DropTheHammer sledgehammer]]; and as of Chapter 128 he uploads the complete set of memories of the old Ido back into his brain -- having received them from Nova X.
* HellBentForLeather: His hunter-warrior outfit consists of a black leather longcoat and a fedora.
* KilledOffForReal: Well, somewhat subverted, he is resurrected, but ends up [[LaserGuidedAmnesia deleting his own memories]], so the Ido we (and Alita) knew and loved is gone for good.
** [[spoiler: He learns them following watching his own GoMadFromTheRevelation tape, and this time took it rather well, though didn't really regain them in the mental sense. As he incapacitated Nova X, the latter gifts him a complete record of his memories in a nanomachine form shortly before being sealed, and there's yet no indication on how he received them.]]
** LaserGuidedAmnesia: Quite easy for him, having the kind of brain he has.
** [[spoiler: He seems to die in the Death Checkers game forced on Kaos by [[AbusiveParents Nova X]], but it turns out that it's an [[DisposableVagrant old, dying]] [[ProfessorGuineaPig clone]] Nova X used as one of his [[TestedOnHumans Guinea Pigs]] that [[HeroicSacrifice sacrificed]] [[BetterToDieThanBeKilled himself]] to pose as Ido, fooling Nova X enough for the [[HesBack old Hunter-Warrior Ido]] to confront him.]]
* DecoyProtagonist: Early on it seemed like Ido would be the main co-star next to Alita. He puts everything in motion, gets plenty of characterization and is interesting enough to last an entire series. Then comes volume five...
* ParentalSubstitute: For Alita, having rebuilt her and taken care of her.
* PygmalionPlot: He somewhat had that idea about Alita when he found her, but quickly got over that.
* StuffedInTheFridge: Even if alive, the only thing that remains of the old Ido is a memory in a few persons. Very few, as most of his friends were killed by Zapan. The way things are it isn't entirely impossible for him to return but it is very unlikely.
** [[spoiler:While not returning as supporting character for Alita he gets a bit of spotlight again with chapter 113 of Last Order, and regains his memories in Chapter 121.]]
* TookALevelInKindness: In the bonus chapters detailing his backstory, he was initially disgusted by cyborgs and couldn't bring himself to operate on them. [[BreakTheHaughty A couple of traumatic experiences]] caused him to realize that cyborgs are people too, and he completed his cybersurgeon licence.


* AlasPoorVillain: Being connected to Alita via Berserker cells, a dying Zapan shows Alita that after all he did he wished it was only a dream and could still be together with his girlfriend he accidentally killed. His final action is using what remains of his body to break Alita's fall and save her.
* BodyHorror: Nova reduces him to just a brain in a jar and a mouth.
* CameBackWrong: As in, the only remnant of his humanity being his rage, and with an ungodly powerful body.
* CreateYourOwnVillain: Zapan becomes [[spoiler: a horribly destructive monster pretty much entirely because of Alita. Zapan told Ido that he and the other hunter-warriors wanted no part in the hunt for Makaku for entirely understandable reasons: Makaku has already killed at least ten hunter-warriors thus far. He even delivers a ShutUpKirk speech to Ido for trying to convince them they're morally obligated to commit suicide-by-cannibal-robot-monster. Alita's response? [[WhatTheHellHero Dump Zapan's drink on him, insult everyone in the bar, and then brutally dispatch them all. It was non-lethal, sure... but after she beat them all into submission, she hurled them out of the bar and ''right at Makaku's feet'']].]] What's worse is that Alita is riding high with the Berserker body by this point. She can go toe-to-toe with Makaku even while the latter is sporting the arena champion's unbelievably powerful chassis. Zapan and company? Makaku kills three of them by stepping on their bodies, reaching down, and ''casually ripping their heads off between the fingers of one hand.''
* CyberCyclops: In the Berserker body he had a single eye.
* TheFaceless: Alita ripped his face off when he tried to show that she was aiding a fugitive. He got a new one, but the trauma of losing it had cost him a fair part of his memory. Regaining those memories when he saw Alita drove him partially insane, causing him to tear most of the skin off his face, and accidentally killing his girlfriend during that time sent him the rest of the way. When he got the Berserker body, he could have had his face back, but he didn't remember what his own face looked like.
* FangsAreEvil: When he gains the Berserker body.
* FromNobodyToNightmare: He was a respected, competent bounty hunter before Alita defeated him many times with insulting ease and he became a wanted criminal. ''Then'' he became a monster.
* '''''{{Jerkass}}''''': Zapan is an asshole to Alita, although to be fair she did provoke him.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: As nasty and vindictive as he was, he can be nice to those on his good side.
* ImplacableMan: After getting the Berserker body he becomes this.
* KnifeNut: His weapon of choice is a knife.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: His reaction [[spoiler:after accidently killing his girlfriend when sent into convulsions upon remembering what Alita did to him.]] It's also what drives him over the edge.
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: Saves Alita with his last moments.
* ShoutOut: The symbol he bears in his forehead is Music/BlueOysterCult's.
* WhatTheHellHero: He delivers one to Alita when he wrongly believes she actually killed Hugo. Hypocritical of him, since he was trying to get her to either do exactly that or become a traitor.
* YouWillBeAssimilated: The active Berserker body really likes to eat other cyborgs...

A Scrapyard boy who became Alita's first friend and later a LoveInterest in the original. His biggest dream was to reach Tiphares/Salem whatever it takes. [[KilledOffForReal It took his life]] -- which was one of the first signs just ''how'' [[CrapsackWorld crapsack their world really is]].

* {{Determinator}}: [[{{Deconstruction}} Deconstructed]]; not only does his dream lead him to extremes such as crime, but it ends up causing his demise.
* GoOutWithASmile: The last Alita sees of him alive is him smiling at her.
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal: He's ripped to shreds by the blades surrounding the tubes to Tiphares.]]
* LovableRogue: He was a nice enough kid during the day, but the stuff he did to earn cash for getting to Tiphares put him on the hunter warrior hitlist for a reason.
* ObliviousToLove: Hugo, you fool!
* SanitySlippage: He pretty much loses it when he learns Vector had been lying to him about his chance to go to Tiphares.
* ShootTheShaggyDog: He never gave up on his dream, no matter the hardships he went through. After discovering his chance to fulfil it was a lie, he tries to get to Tiphares by foot, but the defense mechanism of the Factory pipes tear his feet out. He keeps CRAWLING up. Then Alita arrives, ends up convincing him to drop his dream and stay with her. Cue second razor ring going down the pipe, tearing his body apart, and, despite being caught by Alita, having just the time to say goodbye before breaking and falling to his doom.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Is it Hugo or Yugo?
* StuffedInTheFridge: Subverted, Alita takes his death HARD, and even 10 years later and having found another love interest, she remembers him.
* ThatManIsDead: During his SanitySlippage.

* AlwaysABiggerFish: Vector may be the top crime boss of the Scrapyard, but even he is no match for the Factory and Barjack.
* AntiVillain: He isn't really all that evil in the manga, but in the OVA he is the main villain.
* BaldOfEvil: In his own words, he got to his position by "being an all around psycho", but now that he's in his late 40's he's lost his hair.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: He's a gangster and more than willing to have Kaos beaten to a pulp.
* ExactWords: He ''can'' send people to Tiphares... as dead bodyparts. Though to be fair, he actually didn't want to inflict this to people, tried to dissuade Hugo, and directly reveals the truth when Hugo brings the money.
* GenreBlind: For believing [[TheDeterminator Hugo]] would give up his dream if the price was too high.
* PetTheDog / PragmaticVillainy: He agreed to let Hugo exchange his hand with his brother's, arguing Hugo's hand would be worth more money.
** In his own twisted way, his lie to Hugo was a Pet the Dog moment; he was actually trying to dissuade him by asking him too much credits.
* ScaryBlackMan: He's in his late 40's at least and the top crime boss of the Scrapyard.
* SinisterShades: He wears round sunglasses.


* AlasPoorVillain: Even he has a FreudianExcuse.
* AndIMustScream: He expresses an intention to inflict this to Alita by tearing her limbs and using her as a living pendant so he could enjoy her screams. [[ShutUpHannibal Alita isn't impressed]].
* AxCrazy: He's a nihilistic cannibal who kills people not only to sate his addiction to brains but for amusement.
* CombatTentacles: Kinuba's power-body had five of these as his left hand doubling as {{Vibro Weapon}}s. He also had a Boarhead [[HeroicSafeMode computer]] but it was eaten by Makaku.
* DarkAndTroubledPast / FreudianExcuse: Right at birth, his mother abandoned him by flushing him through the toilets, and he lived in the Sewers for years feeding on rats and garbage. [[spoiler:People then partially burnt him, and he started decaying. He was found and saved by Desty Nova, who rebuilt him with a customized body shaped after his deepest desires, resulting in what he looks like now.]]
* FromNobodyToNightmare: He was once a mere child living in the sewer, until he almost died and was saved by Nova, who rebuilt him as a worm creature. After this, he became [[AxCrazy a criminal so dangerous that]] [[TheDreaded no hunter-warrior dared to go after him]] until Alita arrived.
* GoOutWithASmile: His last facial expression was a genuine smile.
* GrandTheftMe: To several people, most notably Kinuba, thanks to whom he got his cyborg power-body.
* HomeFieldAdvantage: In his second fight with Alita, he lured her into the Sewers where he had grown up to take advantage on the evacuation system. While he does manage to surprise her, she turns out to be one step ahead of him.
* HulkSpeak: When first introduced only. According to himself, it was his initial body that limited his speech. When coming back, he speaks like a normal person... [[EvilIsHammy Sort of]].
* IAmAHumanitarian: Both as a CannibalismSuperpower and an [[BrainFood addiction]].
* NoYay: In-Universe exemple. Ido is horrified when he realizes Makaku is probably going easy on Alita because he has feelings for her.
* PuppeteerParasite: He can steal the bodies of other cyborgs.
* StarterVillain: The first real villain faced by Alita in the manga.
* StrawNihilist: He even quotes Nietzsche at one point.
* TakingYouWithMe: Attempts this on Alita after she defeated him.
* WasOnceAMan: Until [[MadScientist Nova]] rebuilt him.
* WouldHurtAChild: Kidnaps the baby Koyomi in order to lure Alita into a fight.

!!Koyomi K.
A young girl appearing in the very first volume as a newborn kid who lost her parents. Koyomi serves as a quasi timer for the series since her age represents the time that has passed since the series started. Growing up in the scrapyard and with her father losing his beloved bar with the Zapan incident, she developed a rather opportunistic and sarcastic personality. However she still has a honest heart and believes in a better future.

* AntiHero: Koyomi is conniving, cynical, selfish, and greedy, but deep down she's not a bad person.
%%* AudienceSurrogate
* BareYourMidriff: The outfits she wore as a teenager tend to expose her stomach.
* FaceHeelTurn: Turns against Alita and joins Barjack.
* FaceOfAnAngelMindOfADemon: At her worst, Koyomi is borderline villainous, at one point seriously considering taking over Barjack using Den's empty samurai body and becoming a ShadowDictator.
* IdenticalStranger: She is said to look a lot like Alita. This is most noticeable in the epilogue of the original manga, where ShesAllGrownUp.
* IntrepidReporter: Becomes this after the Barjack arc.
* HitSoHardTheCalendarFeltIt: She was born exactly at the same moment that Ido found Alita's body in the scrap heap, marking the start of the whole story. Kishiro half-jokingly maintained a separate calendar called ''Anno Koyomi'' to maintain continuity of the series before replacing it in ''Last Order''.
* MeaningfulName: Her very name [[MeaningfulName means "Calendar" in Japanese]].
* MoralityPet: Became this for Den, even though she urges him to massacre the Scrapyard's citizens.
* ScareEmStraight: She almost crosses the line into villainy during the raid on the Scrapyard, especially when she says the Scrapyard's inhabitants deserve to die for not listening to her warning to evacuate[[note]]Which they never got due to the Factory bullying Vector into keeping quiet[[/note]] and urging Den to crush her alcoholic, abusive father [[spoiler:who has stumbled into Den's path to beg him to spare his daughter.]] Den promptly decides to put the fear of death back in the little brat [[spoiler: by dropping her a few stories, simultaneously sparing her from his imminent death ''and'' spitting in Kaos' face when he calls Den a mere figment of his mind.]]
* TagAlongKid: With the Barjack, to the point where the surviving members rally around her.


[[folder:Motorball people]]

* TheAce: He ended up taking challenges only from teams, AND with a handicap, otherwise he'd have no challenge. And he had barely in this way. Justified, however, in that his brain was touched by a certain MadScientist who enjoys flan...
* BackForTheFinale: [[spoiler:Like Ido, reappears in Ouroboros. Alita breaks out of the illusion by finally defeating him.]]
%%* DarkSkinnedBlond
* {{Determinator}}: His sheer determination and willpower enables him to overcome his illness and become an EnergyBeing.
* DiedStandingUp: [[spoiler:After making Alita lose consciousness on a fight.]]
* EnergyBeing: [[spoiler:Through sheer willpower, he briefly becomes this in his last moments. He uses this opportunity to punch Alita in half, snapping her out of her depression while he is at it.]]
* WorthyOpponent: The sole character to punch Alita in the midsection and actually defeat her in combat until ''Last Order''. This left such a mark on her that even after having long surpassed him, she still thinks highly of him.

[[folder:Barjack and related]]

A mysterious Radio DJ who drives around the wasteland with his assistant. His musical talent stems from his unique ability [[{{Psychometry}} to read memories imprinted on items by their users]]. This can range from music and singing from instruments to fencing from Swords. He also can only see in infrared and hear in radio signals. Becomes a potential love interest for Alita after reading her memories. However he also harbors two dark Secrets. [[spoiler:He has a split personality named Den who leads a massive army and tries to destroy Jeru and he is the biological son of Destiny Nova.]]

* AwesomenessByAnalysis: His {{psychometry}} abilites allow him to do this, including channeling the fighting skills of an ancient samurai through his katana. [[spoiler: The latter eventually comes to an end when the katana is destroyed. Even though it's rebuilt later, it's just a copy without the history of the original, and thus Kaos isn't able to wield it.]]
* AwesomeMcCoolName: His full name'd be Kaos [[spoiler:Nova]].
* BlessedWithSuck: He can see infrared radiation and hear and speak radio waves. He can ONLY see infrared radiation and ONLY hear and speak radio waves. [[spoiler:At least, until Den dies and he regains his voice.]]
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: [[spoiler:Due to him sharing his body with Den, he also know how to kick ass & take names with a Katana when push comes to shove.]]
* TheEmpath: Thanks to his {{psychometry}}, he can feel the experiences of whatever he touches.
* EnergyBeing: [[spoiler:Becomes one temporarily after using his psychometry to invade Nova's lab's computer system.]]
* InstantExpert: Can learn EVERYTHING about anything he touches, including how to use it at its best.
* LiteralSplitPersonality: [[spoiler:Den. Revealed at the worst possible moment.]]
* KatanasAreJustBetter: Wields a katana that belonged to a famous samurai, enabling him to expertly use kendo despite his frail body.
* LoveAtFirstSight: While he's blind, due to his power having to fix Alita's body made him fall in love with her.
* SplitPersonalityMerge: [[spoiler:After Den dies after he called him out, [[TookALevelInBadass complete with a huge increase in sheer badass]].]]
* StrongFamilyResemblance: [[spoiler:He looks eerily similar to Nova without his specs in, as rare as that sight is.]]
* WideEyedIdealist: To the point of making the setting a WorldHalfFull almost by himself.

Leader of the marauding army Barjack. Prefers to walk around in a massive centaur-shaped robot body. According to Alita, extremely agile despite his size.

* {{BFS}}: Wields a [[KatanasAreJustBetter katana]] the size of a skyscraper.
* BloodKnight: [[spoiler: Seeing he is Kaos' suppressed rage, it is quite reasonable.]]
* BodyBackupDrive: Den has at least three bodies: a couple of humanoid samurai bodies and one that resembles a centaur.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: Seeing him deliver a BadassBoast to an opponent who is destroying his body, just to kill him in one single move once he finishes. Then squashing the manager of said opponent for being a pawn of Tiphares.
* LargeAndInCharge: While his original body was human-sized, by the time of the series it's a HumongousMecha.
* LightningBruiser: It's specifically mentioned that he moves ''fast'' for someone of his size.
* OurCentaursAreDifferent: In addition to his fully humanoid bodies, he has a centaur-like body.
* SelfDestructiveCharge: His last [[spoiler:attempt to destroy the floating city, after Barjack got heavily destroyed]]. Complete with [[Music/CarminaBurana "O Fortuna"]] sounding. Yes, in printed media.
** [[spoiler:ShaggyDogStory: And that charge ends with his {{BFS}} breaking when he gets an strike against one of the tubes that go up to Tiphares. He decides dying is the best thing he can do then.]]
* {{Samurai}}: His armour is based off of samurai armour and he wields a katana.
* ScareEmStraight: Koyomi tags along in his suicidal charge (having already proclaimed to be unafraid of death) and urges him to kill her alcoholic father picks her up. When confronted by the specter of Kaos calling him a mere extension of his own persona, Den responds by [[spoiler:dangling Koyomi from shoulder-height (read: several stories) and demanding that Kaos stop him from dropping her while she begs him to not let her die. It's reasonably implied that Den did this because he knew her father would at least ''try'' to save her, but Den's not exactly a hero.]]
* ShutUpKirk: Delivers one to [[spoiler: Kaos when he tries to force Den to back down, being ultimately nothing more than an offshoot of his personality. Den's response? He takes Koyomi off his shoulder, holds her out (several stories off the ground), and then tells Kaos, "If I am just a figment, as you say, ''then stop me!''" Also doubles as one for Koyomi, who was urging him to kill her father and proclaiming she wasn't afraid to die.]]
* WideEyedIdealist: A far darker that normal take on the trope, he believes the destruction of Tiphares would solve the world's problems. [[spoiler: NotSoDifferent from Kaos, after all.]]

!!Figure Four
A martial artist from the peaceful fishing village of Alhambra on the West Coast. In the original manga he joins a group of mercenaries protecting Factory trains, and gets to know Alita, then a TUNED agent. Their friendship soon starts to turn into something deeper, but after the Barjack War Alita got involved with the whole [[spoiler: Lou brain's]] business and asks him to wait for her before heading to the Granite Inn, so he returns home. [[OutOfFocus He got only brief mentions]] in the most of the Last Order, but, tired of waiting, [[TheBusCameBack seems to be back]] after the Z.O.T.T. finished.

* BadassNormal: Can perform a shockwave attack in a human body and knows how to fight full-body cyborgs. While fighting with [[spoiler:Sechs]] he still managed to give [[spoiler:[[RunningGag then]] her]] a lot of trouble.
%%* BoisterousBruiser
* BornLucky: Let's collect. On his first day as railway mercenary he is on the same train as Alita, therefore surviving Barjack's initial assault. A dropping building misses him. He gets lost in the desert with Alita and ends up in a rainstorm with fishes raining from the sky. Now in ''Last Order'' [[spoiler: he survives a fight with Sechs when she gets distracted by a lightning bolt hitting her beloved titan blade.]] The guy certainly has Lady Luck on his side.
* TheBusCameBack: In the post-Z.O.T.T. chapters he seems to return to the role of a protagonist.
* {{Determinator}}: Went up against Alita several times despite getting his ass beaten, survived having a wall drop on him and didn't stop carrying Alita through a desert without any water or shade. The only thing that can really stop him is a nuclear reactor (ItMakesSenseInContext).
** In his fight with [[spoiler: Sechs while protecting GR-4]] he managed not only survive despite not being enhanced in any way, but also trick [[spoiler:[[RunningGag then]] her]] into believing that he's dead, and reach safety while missing [[spoiler: a whole arm (with the stump being tied by a crude tourniquet)]] and carrying [[spoiler: GR-4's body]] to boot.
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: After Sechs rips off one of his arms Ido and Keina give him a cybernetic replacement.
* ManlyTears: [[spoiler: When [[CowardlyLion Yolg]] dies.]]
** [[spoiler: Same with GR-4. Which is even more understandable, given that he thought it was Alita then, until Sechs illuminated him.]]
* OutOfFocus: He only got mentions in ''Last Order''. Compare with Koyomi, Kaos, and even Vector and Alita's motorball circle, which were seen and even got some plotlines.
** As of chapter 112, [[TheBusCameBack not anymore]].
* RequiredSecondaryPowers: His new cyborg arm not only ''shattered'' when he tried to do [[BadassNormal his usual training routine]], but also ripped away from his shoulder. Keina then gives him an extra heavy-duty one instead, with heavy reinforcement of the attachment point.
* ReplacementLoveInterest: Alita [[spoiler:has her organic brain restored into a clone to keep her promise with Figure while she deals with unfinished business on Mars]].
* ShortHairWithTail: In case you can't see it, he has this hair style.
* StayInTheKitchen: He acts macho to lure Alita out of her shell but ironically [[spoiler: he is the one who stays behind in his peaceful coastal village to faithfully await Alita's return while she is out on her own kicking ass and taking names.]] That's pretty rare in fiction, when you think of it.
** [[spoiler:While not returning as supporting character for Alita it seems he got tired of waiting in the kitchen as of chapter 111 of Last Order. He's even getting a story arc while searching for Alita.]]
* WhatTheHellHero: When Alita tells him [[BloodKnight battle is all she cares about]] with a SlasherSmile, Figure snaps her out of it.

!! Keina

A former lab assistant to Desty Nova who quit and became Dr. Ido's assistant nurse after he erased his memories and left.

* AllLoveIsUnrequited: She never got a chance to tell Ido that she loved him.
* BecauseYouWereNiceToMe: The reason she fell for Ido is because he treated her a lot better than Desty did.
* BloodKnight: She kept it well hidden, but it shines through when she clashes with Alita and when fighting to keep Ido and Figure Four.
* CatSmile: Her most common facial expression.
* {{Determinator}}: Despite being badly injured she keeps fighting to buy time for Ido and Figure to escape the angry mob.
* DiedInYourArmsTonight: Dies in Figure Four's arms.
* HeelFaceTurn: She used to be one of Desty's lab assistants before she fell in love with Ido.
* HelloNurse: Works as Ido's assistant and is a physically attractive woman.
* ItsAllAboutMe: [[spoiler: Admits she kept Ido ignorant about the truth just so he would stay with her. To achieve this she didn't hesitate to break Alita's heart when she showed up.]]
* ShootTheShaggyDog: Uses lethal force against a bunch of angry ex-experiments of Desty Nova who mistakenly believe Ido to be Nova in order to protect him and Figure Four, but is ultimately killed. Ido and Figure are subsequently arrested and sentenced to be executed as scapegoats.
* RedemptionRejection‎: Her time as Desty Nova's lab assistant. Despite her attempts to redeem herself, one of Nova's former experiments recognizes her and goes on a rampage, ultimately killing her.
* TokenGoodTeammate: Was this to Desty Nova, being his only lab assistant with a shred of conscience.
* ViolentlyProtectiveGirlfriend: Attacks Alita rather than risk her reawakening Ido's memories.


!!Lou Collins
Alita's MissionControl during her Factory agent times and her closest friend since she lost touch with Ido and others (bordering on LesYay sometimes). During the Barjack arc she was swept up into the Jeru/Salem (Tipharo-Ketherean for you Viz readers) politics, and the result... [[TheWoobie wasn't pretty]] to say the least. In fact, the original impulse for Last Order story was Alita's wish to save her friend ([[FateWorseThanDeath or whatever left of her]]).

* BackFromTheDead: She is ultimately [[spoiler:resurrected by Deckman 100. Mostly. The Lou who knew Alita is dead for real. She's a back-up copy.]]
* CosmicPlaything: It seems that the poor girl exists mainly to ramp up drama and give Alita something to angst over.
* DrivenToSuicide: Subverted in the original manga's ending. It looks like this happens to her after Nova revealed her Salem's secret, but she is completely distracted from it after realising her hiccup has stopped.
* FateWorseThanDeath: Kishiro has a sick, sick imagination, really.
* MissionControl: In the original, she served as Alita's mission control as a TUNED agent.
%%* OfficeLady
* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship: She and Alita become very close friends, such that Alita risks everything to save her.
* YourPrincessIsInAnotherCastle

!!Bigott Eisenburg
After Alita is nearly destroyed, Eisenburg is the one who recruits her for the "Tuned" program [[spoiler: which involves recording Alita's fighting skills so they can make 100% loyal robotic copies of her.]] He is an extremely smug character who values his citizenship of Salem above all else and sees Scrapyard cyborgs as sub-human tools.

* BigBadWannabe: From the first time you see him, you know he is up to no good. When he [[spoiler: crushes the Barjack rebellion with Salem's superweapon]] he seems to be a really big deal too. He is anything but.
* GoMadFromTheRevelation: [[spoiler:Just how far are you flying off the deep end if you '''''[[http://manga.animea.net/battle-angel-alita-chapter-48-page-19.html CUT OPEN YOUR OWN SKULL WITH A BUZZSAW?]]''''']]
* {{Irony}}: [[spoiler: The biggest hater of cybernetic implants had a chip for a brain all along.]]
* PunnyName: His first name is a homonym to "bigot" and he's prejudiced against the surface-dwellers.
%%* SmugSnake
* StraightGay: Describes himself as a "man's man" with no interest in women whatsoever.
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: Does it TWICE to Alita [[spoiler:and Lou as well... then he gets thrown into the trash himself.]]


!!!''Last Order'' characters
[[folder:Space Angels]]

!! Deckman 100

A former Factory maintenance robot, Deckman 100 was remodeled by Desty Nova from Deckman 10 to serve as a repair station for Alita's Imaginos body. Despite a humble start, manages to acquire a lot of personality and something of a DeadpanSnarker character.

* AscendedExtra: Debuted as one of the Factory Deckmen in the original manga, but became a supporting character in ''Last Order''.
* DeadpanSnarker: Especially in the [[spoiler:Alita's rebirth from Tunguska]] scene.
* ElmuhFuddSyndwome: Talks this way in some scanlations.
* MissionControl: Served as such during the ZOTT tournament.
* FromNobodyToNightmare: In chapter 128 it turns out that Deckman 100 has [[spoiler:deposed the previous Robot King and rules Typhares, now controlled by robots, as a tyrant]], since the humans descended into chaos after Z.O.T.T. finals. [[spoiler:Sechs, Ido, and Figure Four depose him and he is given a small, spider-like body to use.]]
* PerpetualExpression: His lips are permanently pursed and his cheeks ballooned out, giving him a comical expression.
* RobotBuddy: Unlike the humanoid androids and cyborgs comprising the rest of the Space Angels, Deckman 100 is a non-humanoid robot, though the original manga implies the Deckmen are cyborgs.
* WasOnceAMan: A side comic reveals he was a grossly obese man who happily threw away his humanity to become a Deckman.
* YouAreNumberSix: Was originally Deckman 10, but was remodeled into Deckman 100.

!!GR-6 Sechs
One of Alita's TUNED clones who broke free and, being burdened with an ''extremely'' powerful MiddleChildSyndrome decided to prove his (well, ''[[GenderBender her]]'' at the time) worth by hunting down all other clones and, finally, the original. After getting his ass kicked by Alita almost at the end of that quest (see below), he toned down somewhat and became something of an AnnoyingYoungerSibling. Sechs is closest in personality to Alita's BloodKnight phase during her time as a TUNED agent, valuing battle over all else.

* ADayInTheLimelight: Due to Alita being busy getting Lou's brain and [[spoiler: getting to [[TomatoInTheMirror know herself]]]]; and Elf and Zwölf being scared to fight due to the latter having had her head blown up in their last fight; Sechs alone has to fight in the Z.O.T.T. [[OneManArmy He brings the team to the finals, the first time ever the final is not Jupiter versus Venus]]. In fact, Sechs is carrying most of the weight with Alita only really participating the whole time in the first and last fight.
* AnimalMotif: Sechs is repeatedly compared to a shark.
* ArtificialHuman: He started out as a copy of Alita, remember.
* AttractiveBentGender: A male example. His head was replaced, so the scars he used to have vanished, and his body better fits his persona. He is described as "the most popular male participant in the ZOTT."
%%** [[spoiler: "You're accelerating at the speed of light" - '''Zekka''']]
* BadassTransplant: He lost his right arm after fighting Elf and Zwölf's mono-molecular wire. It was replaced with a [[{{BFG}} Solenoid Quench gun]], which was improved on when he obtained his first Fizziroy body.
* BalloonBelly: When he upgrades his [[NakedPeopleAreFunny Fizziroy Body]]. [[OncePerEpisode Happens more frequently later when he uses his implosion punches.]]
* BetaTestBaddie: Starts out as one. Sechs thinks that he will be just a copy unless he can be better than both the other copies and the original. So he hunts down the other Tuneds and faces off against Gally. Ironically he is unaware that the Tuneds were already superior as GR-2 revealed.
* TheBigGuy: Fizziroy bodies tend to be rather large -- as of now he and Zekka stand at ~190 cm (6'3") and are the second/third tallest characters after Trinidad. [[spoiler:Subverted when he is stuck in his Interactive Interface, which was converted into a Fizziroy.]]
* BloodKnight: Un-apologetically one.
** "Total annihilation is my song!"
** Upon hearing that there existed a person just as powerful as Zekka, and the two fought in a fight so destructive that the two became recognized as equals to national powers in their own right, Sechs responds rather well.
** Sechs saves a young woman from committing suicide not out of goodwill but because he wanted to ask her why she wants to do it, being completely confused by the concept of dying without killing someone else in the process.
* BoobsOfSteel: Averted. Whilst in his TUNED body, his development was fittingly more masculine. Compare to Alita, Elf, and Zwölf.
* BookDumb: [[TakeThatMe Self-admittedly]] rather dense, but [[BloodKnight when it comes to the fight]], he can think with the best of them.
** He doesn't like thinking about things that don't pertain to killing.
* BoisterousBruiser: Sechs is loud and loves to fight.
* {{BFG}}: During the time he had the Solenoid Quench gun on his arm.
* {{BFS}}: Sechs' second Titan Blade when unfolded is 6,45 meters long, which is 3 times his own height in his current body.
* BrainUploading: Even after getting the Fizziroy body, [[spoiler:Sechs kept his brain-chip inside the Interactive Interface, enabling him to survive the destruction of his Fizziroy body.]]
* CantCatchUp: As strong as he is, it's fair to say that his ''at least'' a solid tier down from Alita's enormous power. [[http://manga.animea.net/battle-angel-alita-last-order-chapter-68-page-31.html Mocked by Deckman 10 in an omake.]]
* CatchPhrase: "What is the essential quality of a true warrior?"
** The translations vary, but he's using the same word for warrior and true.
* CharacterDevelopment: When fighting Spring-Heeled Jack, Sechs thinks to himself that being part of a team has made him go soft, since he wouldn't have hesitated to kill Zwölf before.
* CombatPragmatist: Once shoved a rifle into someone's head after running out of ammo.
* CompensatingForSomething: Sechs choice of body and the 6 meter long titan blade seem to imply that Sechs wasn't quite well after being stuck in a small doll.
* CuteBruiser: [[GoodScarsEvilScars Not that he was particularly cute in his TUNED body, but he was a "chibi".]] Also true for his [[SuperDeformed Interactive Interface.]]
* DeadlyUpgrade: Sechs unlocks his Fizziroy body's true potential by converting the fluid inside to plasma, but when it's damaged it explodes violently.
* {{Determinator}}: In their fight, Niz tells him that he lacks perseverance. [[spoiler: Sechs then wins the fight after being completely bound by superstrong straps and being fired out of a rail gun by cutting himself free, snaring the back of Niz's head with the straps, and [[NowThatsUsingYourTeeth holding the straps by the teeth]], firing his gun and his body back at Niz at over mach 25.]]
* DivergentCharacterEvolution: He started as a copy of Alita, with her TUNED body and her overall appearance; and only differentiated from Elf and Zwölf thanks to the number on his face. By the time they debut, they are already easily told apart, and since then things change fast.
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: The Solenoid Quench Gun. [[{{Lampshade}} Lampshaded]] twice.
* DumbMuscle: Sechs isn't smart, but he's strong.
* EvilMakesYouUgly: Was initially rusty (literally) and scarred from past fights, and both the Titan Blade and Quench gun weren't as upgraded as they become in the Fizziroy Body.
* EyepatchOfPower: He's been missing his eye ever since he was *younger*, before he fought Elf or Zwölf.
* FacialMarkings: Even though partially covered by the eyepatch, Sechs also still has Alita's Panzer Kunst markings built into his face.
* FangsAreEvil: Averted. Despite his shark-like teeth, Sechs fights from the good side.
* GenderBender: And the rarest of them. Remember, he started as Alita's copy. But then he basically decided that he is a man -- and a couple of bodies down finally got a better form to reflect it.
** Which can be seen as ContinuityNod since Alita also once pondered about rather wanting to be a boy, so she would only need to think about fighting all the time.
* HeelFaceTurn: Started out as an antagonist, but became one of the main characters.
* HeroesFightBarehanded: Went from fighting with a combination of [[GoodOldFisticuffs brutish Panzer Kunst]], [[{{BFS}} Sechster Angriff]], [[{{BFG}} and the Solenoid Quench Gun]] to [[HeroesFightBarehanded mostly just punching]], because he no longer has the Quench gun, and normally immediately loses his Titan Blade in fights.
* HotBlooded: Sechs is very aggressive and prone to picking fights.
* HowDareYouDieOnMe: To Alita, and later [[spoiler: Zazie]].
* IdiotHero: Well, Sechs isn't really going to win any Nobel prizes... mainly because you [[BloodKnight couldn't kill anybody]] with it.
** Openly admits it himself and gets angry when people force him to use his brain(chip).
* InsistentTerminology: Call it an expansion punch!
** TRIO!
* IronicEcho: When he first "fights" Zekka, Zekka eats one of Sechs's plasma attacks. Then, later [[spoiler: Sechs absorbs and upgrades his Fizziroy body by "eating" the power from Zekka's punch.]]
* TheLancer: He plays this archetype in the Space Angels, contrasting Alita and Elf and Zwölf.
* {{Ladette}}: Pre-GenderBender
* MiddleChildSyndrome: The reason he made it his goal to kill the other [=TUNEDs=].
** Gets funnier when you remember that there were 12 [=TUNEDs=], 13 with Alita. He really is middle one of the production line.
* TheNapoleon: It is implied that he didn't like being a "shorty" in his TUNED body. The Doll body as a temporary replacement didn't make that better.
* TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou: To Alita. Whenever it is thought Alita is dead, he denies it, [[spoiler: and is pleased when she inevitably comes back.]] Keep in mind that this is because of his obsessive ambition to take Alita's head himself. [[spoiler: Which really goes into strange territory.]]
* OvershadowedByAwesome: "Hey, Sechs, you managed to handle the power of your new body, and got the firepower of a small nation? Oh, too bad, Alita over there has hijacked via wormhole the finest weapon of technological giant Jupiter."
** Even worse because Sechs's body [[spoiler: was ultimately destroyed by Zekka's punch.]]
* OppositeSexClone: What he is now, but given just how much they've diverged, he's closer to just a little brother.
* OreOnna: Before the getting the male Fizziroy body:
** "Original wa '''[[http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/5841/gunnm073.jpg ore]]''' ga taosu!!"
** In general, Sechs spoke and still speaks in a rough, dumb-sounding, masculine pattern, [[UsefulNotes/GenderAndJapaneseLanguage and used/uses masculine endings, words, and abbreviations]]; [[UsefulNotes/JapaneseHonorifics doesn't use honorifics]]; [[UsefulNotes/JapanesePronouns and anta, ome, or teme for "you", depending on his relationship with the person.]] And his speech is often written in katakana instead of kanji, [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AlternateCharacterReading or in kanji when he's using slang.]]
* PinkGirlBlueBoy: Sechs' original titan blade was colored pink, as visible in the colored version of chapter 5. When he picked a male body for the ZOTT he switched to a blue titan blade.
* PintSizedPowerhouse: Taken UpToEleven: Sechs is [[spoiler:stuck in a Fizziroy version of his [[SuperDeformed Interactive Interface]] body... meaning all of his Rubber Man abilities have been crammed into it and amplified, making him stronger than ever, but only a few inches tall.]] He later gets his full-sized body back.
* RidiculouslyHumanRobot: His brain, being the same kind as the Tipharean chips, is functionally human.
* ScarsAreForever: Despite being a robot, enforced, since he keeps his eye-patch in all his bodies.
** The damage is even reflected in the chibi-body, which wasn't damaged when Elf and Zwölf found it.
* ShesAManInJapan: That is, if you're in Germany, because for a while they continued to refer to him as a her even after his new body.
* ShoutOut: Whether or not its intentional, there are quite a few similarities between [[Manga/OnePiece Monkey D. Luffy]] and Sechs in terms of fighting style after Sechs obtains the Fizziroy body. Notable examples: his body "feels like rubber" when hit, and he's able to stretch his body to use long-range attacks that look a lot like Luffy's Gomu Gomu abilites.
** After [[spoiler: upgrading his Fizziroy body during the fight against Zekka: Gear Second, and Gear Third. As well, he's similarly bare-chested and wearing shorts.]] Naturally [[AmbitionIsEvil Zekka]] also shares [[BloodKnight similarities]] to [[{{Determinator}} Luffy]] because of his Fizziroy body, his ambition, and his love of punching people.
** In terms of personality, there are fewer similarities, although both are [[{{Determinator}} determinators]] and [[BookDumb low on booksmarts.]]
** Most likely unintentional but TUNED Sechs as seen in chapter 113 also bears some similarities to Agito from ''Manga/AirGear''. Spiky dark hair? Check. Yellow eye? Check. Feminine face? Check. Eyepatch? Check. Sociopathic love for fighting? Check. Slasher smile? Check.
* SiblingRivalry: Still has quite an inferiority complex, despite being the second-most powerful Space Angels' fighter and being on par with the best of them.
** Indeed, the only three characters who can outcompete him are Caerula, Alita, Trinidad, [[AndZoidberg and Zekka]].
* SlasherSmile: He grins just like a shark.
** It's interesting to note that Alita loved these too before she met Figure, one could argue that Sechs' smile was inspired by that period in Alita's life.
* SmarterThanYouLook: While self-admittedly stupid, underestimating Sechs' cleverness can be lethal.
* SpearCounterpart: Became this of Alita.
** Even before the GenderBender. [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/16g9zle_6679.jpg Seriously, compare ''still female'' Sechs to Alita.]] By anime standards, that's easily male.
* SpinAttack: Most of his attacks involve spinning.
* SpiritedCompetitor: To some extent, he won't kill enemies too easy to kill, and he's greatest ambition is to defeat the greatest competition.
* TomatoInTheMirror: Basically what his character has been trying to do from the beginning, prove that he's stronger than Alita and is a true warrior in his own right, which has a degree of irony to it because Alita spends her time trying to prove that she's a human being in her own right, so he's still imitating her. He did spend some time trying to figure out "the essential quality of a true warrior" but hasn't really gotten a satisfying answer, aside from "environmental destruction".
* TookALevelInDumbass: Starts off a dark violent character and an adversary to Alita, who just wants to kill people, especially Alita once the tournament ends. Later on, his eyes get larger and he becomes more of a dumb comic relief character, frequently [[BalloonBelly balloon bellying]] and reminding the readers that he's only 2 whilst making goofy faces. Hard to remember at times that he killed most of the GR series.
** Thankfully Chapter 113 does exactly this, not only showing him killing a TUNED messily but also ripping [[spoiler:Figure Four's]] arm off.
** Also ironic since Alita has displayed acts of immaturity and stupidity as well, she can just hide them better behind her cool exterior.
* UnfortunateName: Sechs is pronounced the same as sex.
** He says "A brand new Sechs enters the fray" when he debuts his new body.
** Technically, initial "s" is pronounced as "z" in German.
* UnskilledButStrong: Relative to Alita.
--> Technique's not what matters. Just keep attacking until the enemy dies.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Not a character, but Sechs beloved pink titan blade has not appeared since the end of volume 2, having been previously carried around by Elf but being absent among Nova's luggage. Sechs later got a new larger blue one together with a new body. This is strange since chapter 113 showed that the original weapon really meant something to him.
* YouAreNumberSix: And he is that number. [[BilingualBonus Sechs means six in German]].
* YoungerThanTheyLook:
** He is only two, after all, which turns into a CrowningMomentOfFunny in his first brush-up with [[TheAce Zekka]]:
---> -- How old are you, kid?
---> -- Two!
** Sechs mentally even notes that he's only 1 year and 5 months old and that he should have said 20 because it's "average human age".

!! GR-11 Elf and GR-12 Zwölf
The only TUNED clones who survived Sechs' rampage, mainly because Desty Nova has taken them under his wing. Closer in personality to the younger and more innocent Alita of the early manga, they inexplicably behave as if they were [[SingleMindedTwins twins]], and serve as a more lighthearted {{foil}} to their [[BloodKnight more bloodthirsty]] older siblings.

* ArtificialHuman: The same deal as Alita, having [[RidiculouslyHumanRobot TUNED bodies and brain chips]].
* AlwaysIdenticalTwins: Though kind of subverted in that they are not bioligical twins but two exact duplicates of the same person.
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: To Sechs and Alita.
* BilingualBonus: The same as with Sechs -- their names are just [[YouAreNumberSix their numbers]] in German.
* BrainUploading: Unlike the other TUNED clones, their brain-chips are stored inside their pets and remotely operate their main bodies.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: The two of them are quite ditzy most of the time. Becomes a pun when they start wearing bunny-themed bodysuits.
* CloudCuckooLander: As part of their CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass shtick, they have the maturity level of small, hyperactive children.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: It is easy to forget that they are each as strong as Alita in her TUNED body and thus just as much of a threat as [[{{AxeCrazy}} Zwei]] was.
* DivergentCharacterEvolution: They started out as Alita copies, just like Sechs. Compare and contrast.
* FaceHeelTurn: They side with [[spoiler:Deckman 100 in setting up a robot tyranny, but are easily subdued by Sechs.]]
* FacialMarkings: Being copies of Alita, they have anti-glare patches built into their faces.
* MsFanservice: Their main outfits all sport {{Cleavage Window}}s, they're fond of clinging to each other, and they enjoy dishing out innuendos.
* PlayboyBunny: Played with, as they dress up in rabbit-themed unitards, and Zazie affectionately refers to them as "her bunnies".
* PluckyComicRelief: Their primary role in the group is to lighten the otherwise grim mood.
* RazorFloss: Their main weapon is a spool of monomolecular wire.
* SingleMindedTwins: They act as such purely [[PluckyComicRelief for amusement]].
* StuffedInTheFridge[=/=]ShooOutTheClowns: They were [[spoiler:killed and probably raped by Rakan OUT OF THE FIGHT and off-panel, making him go even further past the MoralEventHorizon, though their brainchips are still intact and their bodies are repaired.]]
* TagTeamTwins: They always fight together, using razor floss.
* TwinSwitch: When going up against the Starship Cult they both dress as Alita in the hopes of using her rep to garner fans of their own. When the commentator notes they're [[GenkiGirl acting too nice]] for Alita, their reaction is to make "octopus lips" and "think sullen".
* WaifFu: Their combat style involves snaring their opponent in razor wire and slicing them apart.
* WeakButSkilled: Their TUNED bodies are much weaker than Atlia's Imaginos and Sechts' Fizziroy, but they still have over ten years of combat experience to back them up.
* YoungerThanTheyLook: They are even younger than Sechs.

Martian Kingdom special forces officer (and Queen Limeira's personal bodyguard at that) who crosses ways with Alita several times in the past, until finally becoming her ally in the Z.O.T.T. finals. While no slouch in unarmed combat, she's not nearly close to the insane feats of the likes of Alita and Zekka, and really shines with strategy and [[TheGunslinger everything that shoots]].

* ActionGirl: What's interesting she's one of the very few characters in the story who's an actual serving military officer and not one of the various special agents, criminals, street fighters, rebels and other general outlaws.
* BadassNormal: Unlike the most other characters, Zazie's cybernetic augmentations aren't that numerous or high-end.
* BattleButler: When she was the Queen's bodyguard until she was assigned to help Alita.
* BigGuy: Angel Redux states that she's 180 cm tall.
* TheGoodCaptain: Is supportive of her troops and promotes camaraderie.
* FacialMarkings: It's unclear how high she is in Panzer Kunst hierarchy, or even whether they are Kunstler marks at all, but she ''does'' have some suspiciously similar markings. Apparently, it's still a popular style on Mars.
* FireForgedFriends: She attacked Alita and Weasel when they first met, assuming they were assassins targeting the queen. Despite a rocky start, they became close allies while clearing out the combat chamber to save the child soldiers. This gets thrown out the airlock in ''Mars Chronicle'', [[spoiler:since Zazie thinks Alita tried to assassinate Limeira]].
* TheGunslinger: Fights exclusively using guns.
* HumansAreWarriors: Of the "...soldiers" variety. She just happens to show that a professional soldier of a sufficient skill is ''not'' out of her league in the increasingly SuperHero-like environment of the Z.O.T.T.
* ImprobableAimingSkills: She's able to shoot her Metal Storm shotgun immediately after a grenade launcher volley to hit the grenades from behind and activate them.
* AMotherToHerMen: She's really popular in her company, what to say.
* MultiArmedAndDangerous: Sports an extra pair of "Exo-arms" carrying some heavy-duty guns during the ZOTT finals, hiding her real arms (and a pair of handguns) under her coat.
* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship:
** Her adoration of Alita sometimes rises to LesYay levels, providing Elf and Zwölf an ample material for making fun of this.
** Same for Queen Limeira, basically.
* PoliceBrutality: When she returns in ''Mars Chronicle'', [[spoiler:she has her squad beat up a disarmed, injured, and compliant Alita]].
* ShrinkingViolet: Actually really shy, even in moments of great importance, [[spoiler:i.e: not telling anybody that she's going to die from a [[YouAreAlreadyDead Verschlag]] because she never found the right time to.]]
** Also acts awkwardly shy in front of cameras.
* TheSquadette: Is the leader of the Martian Queen's bodyguards.
* SugarAndIcePersonality: A classical example, always trying to hide her shy and sensitive character behind the facade of a cool and professional soldier. But unlike the classic albino type she's ''black''.
* WeUsedToBeFriends: When she shows up in ''Mars Chronicle'', [[spoiler:it's to brutalize and arrest Alita for the charge of attempting to assassinate Queen Limeira]].

[[folder: LADDER Council]]
!!Aga "Trinidad" Mbadi
The vice-chairman of the LADDER council and the most influential figure in the Solar System, Aga Mbadi is a BigBad of the ''Last Order'', and fills that role pretty well, [[ManipulativeBastard having a hand]] in almost everything that happens around our good ol' Sol for the most of the [[OlderThanTheyLook last two centuries]].

* AmbiguouslyBrown: An odd example. His name is unambiguously African; however, his medium-brown skintone, rather narrow features, and interests (yoga, Kalaripayyatu and other Indian martial arts) could easily lead to him being mistaken for Indian.
* AmusingInjuries: His face is still covered in band-aids after the beatdown from Alita several chapters ago.
* BadassBookworm: Being a master martial artist, a savvy politician, and jacked into Melchizedek, he's a powerful foe who easily overwhelms Alita at first. He's also well-educated and can kick your butt with his mind.
--> I will not allow you to alter reality without my permission.
* BaldBlackLeaderGuy: Almost: his hair is a more of a buzz cut, but being black and a leader he is as close as it gets. Not to say that he's one of the rare villainous examples.
* TheBigGuy: As in, really big. He's almost 7' and with a build of a distance runner.
* TheChessmaster: Some of his plans are stretching for centuries.
* DarkSkinnedBlond: Kishiro loves this trope.
* EngineeredPublicConfession: When Weasel [[spoiler:hacks the cameras in the Z.O.T.T. VIP box to broadcast him arguing the use of the [[WaveMotionGun Sword Of Damocles]] on the finalists, while simultaneously disabling the Ketheres mind control system so the people would have an opportunity to disagree.]]
* EvilChancellor: He's technically the ''vice''-chancellor, but is the de facto head of the council.
* FauxAffablyEvil: Rather polite and cultured, but hardly ever tries to hide the fact that he thinks of most around him as of lower than dirt.
* HackYourEnemy: His connection to Melchizedek enables him to easily hack his cyborg opponents and bend them to his will.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: It's not very healthy to make your own former partners turn against you. Especially if these partners are [[spoiler:[[PlayfulHacker a genius hacker]] and an immortal 700 years old vampire]].
* IgnoredEpiphany:
** Speaking to Queen Limeira causes him to have a HeelRealization and become overwhelmed with remorse for his actions to the point where he [[TearsOfRemorse cries]] and almost confesses to ordering her father's assassination. While he vows to set the world right in order to make it up to her, it turns into a RedemptionRejection.
** Right before the ZOTT finals, Arthur gives Mbadi a stern warning not to use the Sword of Damocles on the winning team because all signs point to an impending disaster. [[spoiler: Mbadi, being the most arrogant man in the solar system, doesn't even consider this disaster could affect him personally and fires anyway. [[{{HumiliationConga}} Guess how that turned out...]]]]
%%* JerkAss: And proud of it.
* KneelBeforeZod: "And kiss my feet too!" [[spoiler: Which Alita promptly obeys because her body is hacked. That's got to sting...]]
* KnightTemplar: In a big way.
* MagicKnight: Despite being more of a manipulator, Trinidad rarely shies from a fight, and is usually ''really'' effective there.
* ManipulativeBastard: He manipulates the council to get what he wants.
* NumberTwo: His ''[[TheManBehindTheMan official]]'' position.
* TheManBehindTheMan: Tends to hide behind his official post of an important, but not really that powerful official.
* ObstructiveBureaucrat: Not really, it's simply his job description and one of the tools he wields so expertly.
* PetTheDog: Was genuinely touched by the Martian Queen Limiera during their meeting and actually felt remorse for ordering her father's assassination.
* PowerTrio: [[spoiler:The current social and geopolitical situation (the ending of the Terraforming Wars, the establishment of the LADDER council, the proliferation of the Methuselyzation process...) was established by the actions of him, Caerula Sanguis, and Ping Wu. Now they are bitter enemies; although Aga Mbadi and Ping Wu were never allies to begin with.]]
* PresidentEvil: Well, vice-president, anyway. LADDER chairman Yajnik, on the other hand, seems to be [[OurPresidentsAreDifferent President Buffoon]].
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Thanks to Methuselization, he is over 200 years old.
* RedBaron: Is nicknamed Trinidad (Trinity in Spanish) [[spoiler:due to being powered not by one, but by ''three'' brain chips of the brightest Typhareans so far]]. Really wants to "advance" to Quattro, [[spoiler:but Desty Nova proved to be trickier than expected]].
* StartOfDarkness: His decision to use the brainchip of the famous terrorist, [[MadScientist Dr. Jean Vares]], whom he apprehended on Pluto, [[spoiler:to supplement his own brain]]. He was ''much'' less bitter and cynical before.
* TallDarkAndSnarky: He knows that he's the top dog, and doesn't feel that shy about it (except when it might [[ThePlan hinder his plans]])
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Ice cubes.
* UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans: Trinidad won't stop before ''anything'' to bring his goal, however {{squick}}y you'd find it.
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: He's still the hero for most of the Solar system, despite not being the good old [[TheCape Captain Mbadi]] for a long, long time.
* YourHeadAsplode: In Chapter 110 [[spoiler:Caerula chops his head to pieces. He still [[DeathIsCheap may have a backup]], though.]]

!!Ping ''"The Weasel"'' Wu
The mysterious hacker living in a Robo Asyl, who saves the team after Trinidad spaces them early on in Last Order. Worshiped as a god by the throngs of a half-broken and malfunctioned robots who congregate in the underbelly of Salem, he quickly becomes Alita's ally and MissionControl, and is later revealed to be one of [[spoiler: LADDER's founders together with Trinidad and Caerula]]. He was an IT man in the PowerTrio [[spoiler:establishing most of the codes and protocols of Salem and LADDER, and knew its every nook and cranny]], which is why he was able to navigate it so easily later. As Mbadi started to become more intolerant and demanding, Wu distanced from him, and finally went into hiding, ending in Robo Asyl.

* DemotedToExtra: His role in the plot is phased into a minor role once the ZOTT begins, with him even being left in a coma by Mbadi.
* ItAmusedMe: One of his main motivations. Even his recent CrowningMomentOfAwesome, [[note]]Disabling the city's mind control system and [[EngineeredPublicConfession engineering Mbadi's public confession]] in his dirty little plans)[[/note]] was apparently mainly done on a wager with Nova Pod.
* KnightInSourArmor: He's quite a cynic, and doesn't hold any illusions about human nature, but still...
* MissionControl: Acts as such for Alita during her attempt to get Lou's brain.
* NonActionGuy: Probably what explains his reduced relevance in the story, which progressively becomes action-centered.
* OlderThanTheyLook: He may look like a stereotypical HollywoodNerd in his 30's, but he's been around since the Terraforming Wars.
* PlayfulHacker: Nearly textbook example.
* RedBaron: ''The Weasel''.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Wasn't heard about since Mbadi and Super Nova's encounter with Alita, [[spoiler:and her fusion with Fata Morgana and rebirth from Tunguska in an Imaginos 2.0 body]]. But then again, Nova hasn't appeared in the story since the very same event.
** The chapters before the final battle of the ZOTT show him still in coma and in medical care of his childhood love.
** Chapter 109 shows him probably coming back to his senses, as he's seen smiling under the ventilator mask.

!! Queen Limeira

The young queen of Mars and Zazie's master. She carries a teddy bear named König, who may or may not contain the mind of her assassinated father, the king. Despite being young she is wise beyond her years, though she masks it behind a cheerful veil of naivety.

* ActualPacifist: She detests fighting, to the point of not wanting to pursue revenge for her father's murder and continuously breaking up fights between Zazie and Alita.
* BreakThemByTalking: Limeria does this to Mibadi of all people, simply by exuding such an aura of innocent hopefulness and idolization that he feels remorse for his sins.
* ChildrenAreInnocent: She exudes an aura of innocence, but it's strongly implied she's nowhere near as naive as she acts.
* GirlsLoveStuffedAnimals: She never goes anywhere without a Toys/TeddyBear named König, who is a vehement DeadpanSnarker and speaks what's implied to be Limeria's true feelings. Alternatively, it's implied he contains the brain-chip of her father.
* TheHighQueen: She is the current queen of Mars, and is definitely a benevolent ruler, offering the Stellar Nursery Society sanctuary.
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney: Upon learning that a toddler who stole her beloved teddy bear was turned over to the authorities by an unwitting Alita and sent to a military academy where he would inevitably be killed, Limeira buys the boy's entire squadron and tries to have them recalled from the field, price being no object. Tragically, the boy and the rest of his squad are killed. Subverted in that while on a personal level she's ''not'' an ImpoverishedPatrician and is somewhat well-off, as the states go, Martian Kingdom is dirt-poor and has to survive on foreign aid and hand-me-downs.
* SecretTestOfCharacter: To break up a fight between Zazie and Alita she lets herself drift off into space. Alita rescues her, proving she's not an enemy.
* WideEyedIdealist: Her ambition is to end the war consuming her planet through peaceful means. The Jovians and Venusians - who are backing the Martian Kingdom's enemies in a war-by-proxy - have other plans.


[[folder:Stellar Nursery Society]]

!!Caerula Sanguis/Vilma Fachiri
A mysterious woman with a hidden agenda that shows up periodically in ''Last Order'', mostly as a leader of the Guntroll Z.O.T.T. team and Star Nursery society. One of her defining characteristics is that she often alternates as an antagonist or as an ally for the heroes' team. Later revealed to be an immortal [[OurVampiresAreDifferent vampire]] who is at least ReallySevenHundredYearsOld and Trinidad's former partner. What she ''really'' knows and plans is one of the biggest mysteries in the series.

* TheAtoner: Deeply regrets some of the decisions she made in the past and tries to make up for them as far as she can.
* BadassLongcoat: Is almost never seen out of her high-collared greatcoat.
* ByronicHero: She has all traits. Ironically [[spoiler: her husband was actually named "Victor Byron", but he was far too evil to qualify for this trope.]]
* TheChessmaster: She has been overseeing [[spoiler: Arthur's will]] for centuries.
* CombatClairvoyance: Her greatest power. Caerula is so experienced she knows every move her opponent will make after briefly observing the person she is about to fight. When Alita figures this out too late she can only scream in terror. [[spoiler: She would have lost her head if her brain chip hadn't frozen up momentarily. Neither Caerula or Alita herself knew about this important detail at the time.]]
* CursedWithAwesome: Regeneration, centuries of experience, eternal youth, [[spoiler: almost none of the typical vampire weaknesses]], and a supermodel-class body to boot. She's the total package. However, [[spoiler: Vilma]] had to live trough a very stressful early phase during which she was very vulnerable to cancer, so there is a LOT of luck involved.
* FightsLikeANormal: She is a vampire, but she fights with human techniques. She fought Alita and had the upper hand, even being a flesh and blood being. [[spoiler:Exactly like 200 years before.]]
* FriendlyNeighborhoodVampires: As her DayInTheLimelight shows, aside from her several [[TheAtoner self-acknowledged]] mistakes and [[TallDarkAndSnarky rather aloof demeanor]], she's basically ''the nicest person'' among the top players. Still, you don't want to be around when she gets hungry.
* HappilyMarried: Used to be this very much until [[spoiler: Victor did something so unforgivably cruel she was forced to turn on him if she wanted to retain a shred of humanity.]]
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: She is definitely a WildCard. She's shown to be a really nice person, Guntroll have since basically allied with Alita's team, and there were other similar developments, but still no one knows what she really wants. [[spoiler:She offs Trinidad and later provides Alita intel on Dasein and the Necro-Soldiers, so at least for now she's still firmly in the heroes' camp.]]
* LadyOfWar: Never not elegant in victory or defeat, no matter how gory things get. Caerula can even [[spoiler: suck on some poor SOB's ripped out heart]] with style.
* MamaBear: She always had a soft spot for children.[[spoiler: This is even the reason humanity still exists]]
* MeaningfulName: Her name (which is obviously an alias) might be [[CanisLatinicus roughly translated]] as ''"[[ShoutOut Blood-red Skies]]"'', or, in [[AltumVidetur real Latin]], as "sky-blue blood". Both of which fits her extremely well.
* MsFanservice: She normally wears modest clothing, but during the [[spoiler: Vampire arc]] there are scenes with her either naked or wearing more revealing clothes.
* PowerTrio: Basically, the current social and geopolitical situation (the ending of the Terraforming Wars, the establishment of the LADDER council, the proliferation of the Methuselyzation process...) was established by the actions of her, Aga Mbadi, and Ping Wu. She later drifted away from it, when Trinidad started showing his current dictatorial tendencies.
* RapunzelHair: Her hair reaches down to her waist.
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: This time it's ''literally''. And it might be an ''underestimation'', because the 700 years figure was the one that Trinidad could vouch for with certainty, but he didn't exclude the possibility of error.
* ScarsAreForever: She regenerates even torn off limbs, but the bite that made her a vampire is permanent.
* StealthMentor: For Alita, and, probably, Trinidad as well.
* WildCard: ''Nobody'' knows what her true agenda is. Not even [[TheChessmaster Aga Mbadi]].

!! Qu Tsang

* TheCaptain: She is the captain of the SNS Guntroll.
* OrphanageOfLove: She oversees the orphanage looking after illegal children.


[[folder:Panzer Kunst]]

!! Gergt
Alita's former instructor in Panzer Kunst who survived ([[TheUndead for a given meaning of the word]]) the school's destruction and as of ''Mars Chronicle'' is one of the antagonists. He survived only by getting resurrected as a Necro Soldier by Dasein, and now works for him as a commander of his military outfit, the Einherjar.

* TheDragon: He's formally introduced as the commander of the Einherjar.
* EarlyBirdCameo: First appeared in the original manga during flashbacks of Alita's childhood, as one of her instructors.
* TheStoic: In ''Mars Chronicle'' Gergt pretty nonchalantly confirms to Erika that [[spoiler:yes, everyone in their team is a Necro Soldier]], and continues to feed his pet ants with an earthworm without a second thought all the while Erica was having a VillainousBreakdown over the news.

One of Alita's Panzer Kunst teachers and the woman who saved her and Erika from death by cruel soldiers. Not much has been revealed about her except that she was a high-ranking fighter.

* MentorOccupationalHazard: She was one of Alita's Panzer Kunst teachers and is presumed dead.

Another one of Alita's teachers and one of the few Kunstlers who survived the LADDER sequestration of the school, if only by becoming Trinidad's crony. A thoroughly unsympathetic [[SmallNameBigEgo self-important]] {{Jerkass}}, he was Mbadi's general go-to man in the Martian affairs and tried to ambush Alita during the Lou's brain retrieval arc, though with a singular lack of the result.

* BattleButler: To Super Nova in ''Mars Chronicle'', complete with a tuxedo.
* ButtMonkey: Basically the only reason for him to appear was to show how much Alita progressed and how she isn't Yoko anymore -- with him on the receiving end.
* {{Expy}}: Of Zycrow, a similarly unsympathetic character from Kishiro's other manga, ''Manga/AquaKnight''.
* HumiliationConga: After getting his ass kicked by Alita he crawls to Trinidad for help only to get a YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness moment and end up as a Super Nova's [[FateWorseThanDeath guinea pig]]. The next time he meets Alita, she easily mops the floor with him in the time it takes Mui to ask them to not fight, despite Alita only having one arm.
* IneffectualSympatheticVillain: Well, hardly sympathetic, but to end up as a Super Nova's test subject only because [[YouHaveFailedMe you failed your boss]] ''once'' and he thinks he doesn't need you anymore is a bit harsh.
* {{Jerkass}}: He was a completely unsympathetic jerk, and got what he deserved.
* SmallNameBigEgo: Tzykrow has a really flattering self-image -- which everyone who knows him thinks is ridiculously overinflated.
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: Trinidad kicks him to the curb because he no longer needs him.

!! Erika
Alita's childhood friend back on Mars, when she was still called Yoko. She is part of Alita's first memories ever, having been raised at the same orphanage. After both were rescued by Gerda, she and Yoko joined the Panzer Kunst school. She is now a highly skilled warrior codenamed "Frau X", working as a mercenary for groups like the Neo Third Reich Division.

* AbusiveParents: ''Mars Chronicle'' reveals she had a hellish family life. [[spoiler:Her dad was an alcoholic grave robber who sicced the family dog on her for entertainment - the reason she was missing her left arm as a child - and her mother was a psychotic prostitute and the one who blinded her left eye. Something caused her to forget about this, and she imagined an idealistic family life based on a billboard outside her old bedroom window.]]
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: Her skill with Panzer Kunst dwarfs Zazie's combat abilities and surpasses even Alita's. Additionally, Yoko harbored a crushing inferiority complex because of her.
* AffablyEvil: When she reunited with Alita, she greeted her in a friendly manner until Alita brought up her work with the Neo Third Reich Division, at which point she became CuteAndPsycho.
* AmbiguouslyBi: One of the first things she did upon reuniting with Alita was grope her butt and bemoan the loss of her tail, which she'd wanted to play with. Her dialogue with Alita leading up to and during their battle was also fairly flirtatious. Even as a child, she thought Yoko was cute and dreamed about eating her to have her all to herself, but she also developed a PrecociousCrush on Damjan.
* ArtificialLimbs: As a child she had a prosthetic lower left arm. [[spoiler:The reason for this is that her father had the family dog maul her for entertainment.]]
* CasualDangerDialog: Casually chats with Zazie during their fight, even sitting back-to-back with her after hitting her with her soliton technique. She also pulls this with Alita when they reunite.
* CoolBigSis: She at the very least ''looked'' older than Yoko when they were children, and watched over her when they were kids.
* CurbStompBattle: Inflicts one on Zazie and her troops.
* CuteAndPsycho: Erika goes from casually chatting with Alita to trying to kill her, while her friendly grin slowly becomes a SlasherSmile. Even as a child, there was something off about her that Baron Muster sought to bring out and cultivate.
* DarkActionGirl: She is a Kunstler even more skilled than Alita, and is a BloodKnight who works as a mercenary.
* EvilCounterpart: To Alita, being a highly skilled cyborg Künstler.
* EvilFeelsGood: She truly awoke to her sadistic side while experimenting with the Krista Morten poison, [[spoiler:using it to kill Professor Chinmoy after slipping some into his tea. Far from being angry, Baron Muster was delighted.]]
* EvilFormerFriend: She was Alita's closest friend when they were children. Something happened in the past that led to them having a falling out and now they're enemies.
* EyeScream: Her left eye was badly damaged as a child, necessitating she wear an eyepatch. She's since had it restored.
* FaceFramedInShadow: She wears a dark outfit and in her fight against Zazie her face was framed in shadows, obscuring her identity.
* FutureSpandex: As Frau-X she wears a black SpyCatsuit.
* GratuitousGerman: She is a natural-born Martian, and peppers her speech with German phrases.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: She was very close to Alita when they were children, to the point where when Mui wanted to [[HumanResources turn her into a saule]], she agreed as long as she and Yoko were TogetherInDeath.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Uses a shoestring as a garrote.
* JustToyingWithThem: The only reason Zazie was left alive was because Frau X didn't feel like killing her, and Frau X made sure Zazie knew that.
* LecherousLicking: In a flashback to her childhood, she has a dream of ditching Yoko in a crowd dressed in scary masks and hiding until Yoko is terrified and bawling, before coming out and using it as excuse to kiss and lick Yoko's face.
* LightningBruiser: She's fast and strong enough to take down Zazie's team before they knew what hit them, durable enough to tank hits from Alita's Imaginos body, and can move faster than even Alita can react.
* OhCrap: The only thing that shocks her is when Zazie reveals that Yoko, aka Alita, is still alive.
* OutOfTheInferno: Debuted standing amidst the flaming wreckage of an operating cart.
* PrecociousCrush: She developed one on Damjan, to the point of asking him to marry her when she's grown up. Zoe notices this and flirts with Damjan to antagonize her.
* PsychoForHire: Works for the [[PuttingOnTheReich Neo Third Reich Division]] in disrupting Operation Hagel. This is later revealed to be a ruse, as the Neo Third Reich was a front and she's actually part of the Einherjar, Necro-Soldiers resurrected by Dasein.
* PsychoticSmirk: Her primary expression during her fights with Zazie and Alita is a cruel smile.
* RazorWire: Uses a ''shoelace'' to cut through Zazie's knife ''on a molecular level''.
* SelfMadeOrphan: [[spoiler:Erica killed her abusive parents by tricking a couple of thieves into shooting them, then set the house on fire with a SlasherSmile and danced in the street while it burned.]]
* TheUndead: According to Alita, [[spoiler:Erika's been dead for 200 years and Frau-X is a Necro Soldier]]. She was unaware of this, and is horrified [[TomatoIntheMirror upon learning it's the truth]].
* ThrowingDownTheGauntlet: Does this to Alita using a coded soliton wave message: "I'm waiting."
* TomatoInTheMirror: And has a major VillainousBreakdown upon learning that she's not who she thinks she is.
* TouchOfDeath: Uses an advanced Verschlag technique similar to Hertza Haeon on Zazie, and codes a message to Alita in it at the same time.
* VillainousBreakdown: When she learns that she's a Necro Soldier, like everyone in their group, she ''did not'' take it easy.
* VillainsOutShopping: Is seen lying under a cloak/blanket in an undisclosed location watching the ZOTT on a portable TV.
* WorthyOpponent: Acknowledges Zazie as one for her ability to keep calm against an opponent that outclasses her.

!! Parabellum

* DarkActionGirl: She is a female Kunstler allied with the Einherjar.


[[folder: Space Karate]]
For all its history, karate has acquired a reputation of a ferociousness, not flash. Zekka, apparently, singlehandedly took upon himself to change that -- a more flashy, loud and ridiculously over-the-top character hardly could be ever imagined. Essentially a parody of the insanely skilled [[TheAce aces]] in various fighting works, he's just another example of the fact that TropesAreNotBad -- for all his cliche-ness he's all the more amusing, and we love him just for that.

%%* AnimalMotif: Wasp. Probably.
* AmbiguouslyBi: Part of his motive rant about being a true man is getting a monopoly on good women. However, he also flirts with Sechs.
* AnimeHair: Before he got his dreads.
* AtomicFBomb: No spoilers, you'll know it when it happens.
* ArrogantKungFuGuy: Just a tad more affable than usual.
* TheAce: Among the series top fighters, Zekka seems to constitute a league of his own. [[spoiler: Him and Don Fua that is.]]
* BadassBiker: He literally explodes his enemies with his punches, and causes miracles with his karate chops. Virtually the only way to damage him is to rebound his own power against him... and he heals anyways. [[DisproportionateRetribution Woe unto you]] if you just happen to [[BerserkButton just look at his bike funny]].
* TheBigGuy: He has essentially the same body as Sechs -- and is even bigger.
* BloodKnight: The biggest of the series. His definition of what it means to be a man is to not make a single thing, but to destroy an entire planet with nothing but his own power, [[TestosteronePoisoning environmental destruction in short.]]
* BoisterousBruiser: He's large, he's loud, he doesn't give a shit about anything around him -- and when he fights, it's better to be as far from him, as it gets. Preferably on another planet.
* DangerousForbiddenTechnique: His mastery of "Dragon Slaying Fist" to Don Fua's "Tiger Killing Fist". Technically it's called "Bone Crushing Dragon Slayer."
* DisneyOwnsThisTrope: His name and genes were copyrighted by the Venusian bioengineering company Biovouivre.
* DrinkOrder: To see Zekka without his trademark "Mothman" beer bottle outside of a fight (and sometimes inside as well) is a truly rare occurrence.
* FangsAreEvil: Averted. Despite his jerkass behavior and the shark-like teeth, he's not a bad guy.
* {{Foil}}: To his {{rival}} [[MartialPacifist Don Fua]]
* HellBentForLeather: Is almost never without his leather jacket.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He most certainly is a complete {{jerkass}} in his own epic fashion at [[AmbitionIsEvil one notable moment.]] All things considered, though, he's a pretty good-natured guy. Just don't get on his bad side.
* LightningBruiser: His Fizziroy body is very durable and he punch so hard and fast he produces enough heat to glass objects, and can palm so fast he liquifies his target.
* LiteralGenie: During his thumb-wrestling match against Sechs: "Eat this!"..."HE ATE IT?!!"
* MeaningfulName: That he received from his own OldMaster -- and which means ''"The Fist That Extinguishes Light"''.
* MegatonPunch: Literally his ultimate technique charges his punch with the load of antimatter.
* OldMaster: He doesn't look the part, sure, but as if that would ever stop him.
* PersonOfMassDestruction: Much to-do is made about stopping him from using his ultimate "Dragon-Slaying Bone Crusher" technique, as it's powerful enough to destroy not only the arena, but the entire colony as well.
* PunchedAcrossTheRoom: He's sent flying out of Earth orbit to the Moon in one punch.
* RatedMForManly: When he's not drinking beer on a motorcycle and talking about environmental destruction, he's winning the fight with a single punch.
%%* RidiculouslyHumanRobot
* RuleOfCool: Completely, which is ridiculous for this series, where normally there is some sort of scientific explanation for everything. [[SacrificedBasicSkillForAwesomeTraining Most of his absurd strength]] seems to be devoted to how "romantic" he is.
%%* ShoutOut: Franchise/{{Predator}} + Lobo + [[Franchise/StarWars Kit Fisto]].
* SpiritedCompetitor: Normally lazes around during fights because the competition is so weak compared to him... when it's competition on his own level [[BloodKnight it's a completely different story.]]
* TestosteronePoisoning: The macho-est character ever.
* TheRival: To Sechs, but his true rival is Don Fua - Toji's master - who matches Zekka's super-powerful testosterone filled style with his own Buddhist negating karate. Zekka has mastered the Dragon Slaying Fist, while Don Fua has his Tiger Killing Fist.
* OlderThanHeLooks: He's about 200 years old, but comparable to Sechs in terms of maturity.
* TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou: Maintains this attitude towards Don Fua.
* {{Ubermensch}}: He rejects the laws of the universe to follow his own warrior code, and sees himself as the ultimate warrior.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: Frequently goes without his shirt.
* WorldsStrongestMan: Literally what he is. [[HoistByHisOwnPetard The only way to damage him is to rebound or deflect his attack,]] [[HealingFactor and he heals anyways.]]
* WorthyOpponent: Acknowledges his rival Don Fua, his clone Igrec, and Sechs as worthy opponents.

Another Space Karate master, and closest thing to the WorthyOpponent that Alita ever really had. Almost as skilled as Zekka (in fact, his master was Zekka's rival in the past), he's somehow managed to remain a WideEyedIdealist who thinks that karate is a key that opens all the doors and answers all questions -- and he wants to create a "karate planet" where he would welcome everybody who thinks the same -- and those who need their protection. Also, despite the listing order and Zekka's general flamboyantness, it is Toji who's actually the Space Karate team captain.

* AnimalMotif: The rat, as outlined in the fable he told [[CatGirl Alita]].
* TheBigGuy: As an exception of other top fighters, who use generally normal-sized bodies, Toji is almost five meters tall.
* TheCape: One of the few characters who genuinely tries to be TheHero.
* CompensatingForSomething: Non-sexual example. He admits having been small as a human so when he became a cyborg he wanted to be a large one.
* DefeatingTheUndefeatable: During his final fight with Alita, [[spoiler:it's emphasized that she ''should'' have sliced him like an onion, but the Jovians [[AstralProjection pulled her mind out of her body]], enabling him to destroy her Imaginos 2.0 body]].
* FriendlyEnemy: After a rocky start, he comes to respect Alita greatly despite them being on opposing teams.
* MartialArtsAndCrafts: [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot Super Electromagnetic Karate]], which allows him to weaponize electricity and manipulate the weather.
* PowerOfTheStorm: Can create massive storm cells using his electromagnetism.
* ScrewTheWarWerePartying: He holds a tea ceremony with Alita and relays an old Japanese fable to her while [[FunnyBackgroundEvent hundreds of cyborg karateka massacre each other in the background]] for a spot on the Space Karate team roster.
* SelectiveMagnetism: His Electromagnetic Karate, which lets him NoSell Alita's plasma.
* {{Shotoclone}}: He's largely a Ryu's {{Expy}}, right down to the torn-off sleeves of his ''gi''.
* WideEyedIdealist: In comparison to the other Space Karate team members. His goal is to create a karate planet.
* WorthyOpponent: Considers Alita to be one following their first fight. He even agrees to back up Alita should he lose their fight.

Zekka and Toji's complete opposite, a notorious underworld assassin who is wanted on ''all'' Solar system planets (well, except Mercury, but only because it's populated by an inorganic nanomachine race that has a BlueAndOrangeMorality) and only happens to join Space Karate team because of surviving the elimination match that Zekka proposed to refill their ranks, despite his utter loathsomeness. An unrepentant pervert and rapist, he still manages to get around because he's just that good.

* AssKicksYou: In his own words, he has a supersonic butt.
* BiggerIsBetterInBed: His dick is massive and he can use it to punch holes in walls too.
* FamousLastWords: "It's my first time doing anal!"
* FreudianExcuse: His backstory revealed he became a homicidal rapist after getting a bullet through the part of the brain responsible for social behaviour and sexuality.
* ImpactSilhouette: Tears silhouette-shaped holes through a series of barriers while fighting Zazie.
* ImmuneToBullets: When he's not just flat-out dodging them at high speeds, he's stopping and deflecting them with his fingers, and using a series of rings under his gi to trap them and return them to sender. [[spoiler: It takes bullets made of the heaviest natural element in existence (even heavier than depleted uranium) to finally bring him down.]]
* KarmicDeath: For all his perverseness he died from an armor-piercing bullet to the ass, which punched through his whole body and destroyed his brain.
* MoraleEventHorizon: Was stated to be a murderer and rapist on introduction. However it only really hit home when [[spoiler:we saw what he did to Elf and Zwölf.]]
* {{Sexbot}}: He's a cyborg who is a perverse, sociopathic rapist.
* TooDumbToLive: The first thing he did upon seeing Alita was try to assault her. He ended up in a crater.
* TunnelKing: Burrows to avoid explosions.

!!Don Fua/[[AlternateCharacterReading Tung Po]]
Another student of Zekka's OldMaster and his original {{Rival}}. He was also Toji's master in the past. Shortly before his death their master sent them on the quest to obtain and master the techniques most suitable to them both Dragon Slaying Fist for Zekka and Tiger Killing Fist for him, and he was never heard about ever since. Zekka claims that he killed Don Fua in one of their previous meeting, but is it really so?... [[spoiler:Indeed he did not, and Don Fua has returned in the Chapter 107, intent on settling his rivalry with him.]]

* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: Probably the greatest single martial artist in the Solar System.
* AnimalMotifs: Rhinoceros beetle. Alita even calls him "beetle-monk" in chapter 108.
* AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence: After the ZOTT finals (well, technically he was ''already'' on a higher plane of existence. He just went off to a different one.)
* BareFistedMonk: But he still used his fan occasionally.
* ButNowIMustGo: He leaves the heroes quite soon after his introduction because his current body really cannot stay too long in this word.
* ChekhovsGunman: Their rivalry with Zekka was set up pretty long ago, but has come in play only recently.
* EnlightenmentSuperpower: Played with. He's essentially immortal, because his body is able to interact with the fabric of our space-time on the quantum level and transfer him into a kind of AlternateUniverse in the whole or partially, so no attack can really harm him. But it's unclear whether this ability has anything to do with his Karate, his Enlightenment, or it's simply a function of his body. Trinidad thinks that it's the latter anyway.
* {{Foil}}: To [[ArrogantKungFuGuy Zekka]], obviously.
* MartialPacifist: Pretty much his entire schtick.
* MegatonPunch: Even though his ultimate technique, Noble Void Palm, ''[[MartialPacifist absorbs]]'' attacks of the others, it has a variation, which can transport a person/attack. It once ended with Zekka making a neat new crater [[PunchedAcrossTheRoom on the Moon]].
** He has another variation of this, a Noble Essence Fist, "the fist which smashes evil", that launches a ''mini black hole'' into the enemy. Which is probably his take on the ultimate technique originally assigned to him by his master, the Tiger Killing Fist, which is supposed to be a match to [[MegatonPunch Dragon Slaying Fist.]]
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: His name has variously been translated as Don Fua, Tung Po, and Tunpò.
* VitriolicBestBuds: How ''he'' tends to view their rivalry with Zekka. Don Fua is still very much in awe with Zekka's [[TheAce skill]], [[{{Determinator}} determination]] and [[UpToEleven passion]], feeling that he indeed nailed the essence of karate, but deeply regrets that Zekka still cannot abandon his BloodKnight ways, trying to persuade him every time they meet.
* WarriorMonk: Subverted. He's indeed the [[MartialPacifist enlightened Buddhist monk]] [[IKnowKarate who simply knew karate]]. And knew it ''[[TheAce very]]'' [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter well]].
* WarriorTherapist: He was much more calm and adjusted than Zekka even in their youth, [[spoiler:and he takes it UpToEleven in the recent chapters, where his main goal is to settle their rivalry with Zekka by convincing him that AmbitionIsEvil.]]

[[folder: Other]]
!! Col. Payne
* ColonelKilgore: Runs a "school" that is charged with creating child soldiers.
* OurGhostsAreDifferent: Even after his death, Alita is haunted by his statements to the point where hallucinations of him plague her throughout ''Last Order''. Don Fua later suggests that this may have been more than mere hallucinations, but exorcizes Payne's remnant from her nevertheless.
* ShadowArchetype: To Alita. Discussed, as she invokes Carl Jung's theory when arguing with him.
* TheSociopath: Happily sends children to die on the battlefield.
* StealthMentor: To Alita. In trying to break her resolve, he reaffirms it.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Even after death he kept popping up to deliver these to Alita.
* VillainHasAPoint: The remarks he makes to Alita cause her to question her certainty and humanity.

!! Anomaly

* AdaptiveAbility: Uses the heat generated by Toji's electromagnetic karate to temper its skin.
* AssInAmbassador: Mbadi speculates Anomaly is the hypothetical [[MechanicalLifeforms Mercurions]]' ambassador to humanity.
* AxCrazy: Embodies the extremes of humanity's capacity for violence, both physical and sexual.
* GagNose: Possesses a beak-like nose that takes up most of its face.
* GagPenis: One half the length of its body, it's a massive plasma cannon to boot.
* HealingFactor: Due to being composed of nanomachines it can regenerate from just about anything.
* HumanoidAbomination: Anomaly is a biomechanical entity that was formed in mockery of the human body. Nova pretty much refers to it as incomprehensible to humans.
* IAmAHumanitarian: Was introduced chowing down on the Venusian Lucifer team and tries to eat Toji during their fight.
* ImmodestOrgasm: After pretty much raping Toji, it [[WaveMotionGun ejaculates]] him across the room with the force of its orgasm. Twice.
* {{Kaiju}}: A 12-meter tall cybernetic parody of humanity.
* MechanicalLifeforms: Nova posits that Anomaly is very similar to the Berserker body and that it evolved from GreyGoo on Mercury.
* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: Has a gaping mouth full of blockish teeth and isn't afraid to use them.
* {{Sexbot}}: It is referred to as the "Libido Monster" and practically rapes Toji to shoot him point blank with its penis-cannon.
* WaveMotionGun: Has one... for a penis.

!! Pissarro Créer de Vivre

The leader and benefactor of the Genome Kingdom, the République Vénus' seeded team in the ZOTT, and Chief Designer of Biovouivre, a Venusian genetic-engineering corporation.

* BadBoss: Blackmails Homme de Feu into fighting using Olympe.
* BodyOfBodies: His true form is a small, deformed-looking creature, with his main body being a patchwork of genetically-engineered creatures
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Is the Chief Gesigner (essentially the CEO) of Biovouivre, a genetic engineering OrganicTechnology company.
* FrenchJerk: Venus was colonized by the French, and Pissarro is almost as big an asshole as Desty Nova.
* KarmicDeath: Is eaten by his own genetically engineered body parts.
* MeaningfulName: "Créer de Vivre" is "pig French" for "Creator of life." (Proper French would be "Créateur de Vie")
* TakingYouWithMe: Kills Olympie before being eaten by his own body parts.

!! Igrec[=/=]Homme de Feu

A member of the Venusian team. He is a guignol - essentially a genetically engineered war machine - and a genetically altered clone of Zekka.

* BeastMan: Has fur, fangs, claws, and slitted pupils.
* BadassLongcoat: Is introduced wearing slug-like hooded cloak.
* BeastAndBeauty: Is in love with his former caretaker, Olympe... who he was genetically programmed to want to kill.
* CloningBlues: 95% of his genes come from Zekka.
* FangsAreEvil: While not evil ''per se'', he is antagonistic.
* GagNose: Has a huge wolf-like nose on his forehead.
* HorrorHunger: As he grew up he realized he instinctively wanted to eat his caretaker Olympe, but when he tried to he discovered she was a gynoid.
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Rather than extend his own lifespan, he requests that if he win the ZOTT Olympe be set free.
* OneWingedAngel: [[BadBoss Pissarro]] transforms him into a 500 meter tall {{Planimal}} called Gargantua. [[ClippedWingAngel It's immensely powerful, but only has a life span of two hours.]]
* TogetherInDeath: Dies together with the woman he loved.
* WorthyOpponent: Promises Zekka a rematch if he's reincarnated as a human.

!! Spring-Heeled Jack

A member of Starship Cult who looks like a fat clown.

* GoneHorriblyRight: His hypnotic suggestion turned a young boy with psychic powers into the cult leader Whophon. [[spoiler:Until it's revealed Whophon was the one who drove him insane in the first place.]]
* HypnoFool: Hypnotizes his assistant into literally being a human sword, and Zwölf into being a human boomerang.
* MonsterClown: He was a fat bum who found a dying clown, went insane, turned himself into a clown-themed cyborg, and became a serial killer.
* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: Has a wide mouth full of pointy teeth.
* OrphanageOfLove: His real name was Molnev Menhil, and he was a former ward of Guntroll's orphanage.
* SerialKiller: After he went insane he became one.

!! Whophon

The leader of the circus themed Starship Cult.

* AGodAmI: Thinks his powers make him a god, and is the leader of a cult.
* ArtificialHuman: Was created as part of the Jetan Series, intended to create an artificial saint, on the moon.
* BadassCape: Part of his ensemble.
* TheChessmaster: Sent a double in to fight for him so that he could confront the man who created him.
* ChurchOfHappyology: He turned Jack's circus into the Starship Cult, brainwashing thousands of young women into worshipping him and committing mass suicide ForTheEvulz.
* CoolMask: He wears a beaked mask-like helmet.
* ManBehindTheMan: Was the one who drove Jack insane in the first place.
* MassHypnosis: Uses supersonic waves to hypnotize people.
* MasterOfIllusion: Enjoys making people hallucinate {{Eldritch Abomination}}s and undergo spontaneous combustion.
* TheSociopath: Whophon and his cult give off a major Charles Manson vibe.
* SquishyWizard: Mbadi ignored his illusions and snapped his neck like it was nothing.

!!! ''Mars Chronicle'' Characters
[[folder:Yoko's Childhood]]
* HomelessHero: He lives in and works out of his vehicle.
* TheMedic: He's a doctor who travels from settlement to settlement.
* TakeMeInstead: When Mui demands one of their lives to repair the broken baldachin, he immediately offers himself to spare Yoko and Erica. Mui turns him down since his advanced age means a säulen made of his body wouldn't last very long.

!! Ninon Silber
* AlphaBitch: She's a cruel, manipulative girl who tries to turn Erika against Yoko.
* BedmateReveal: Ninon sneaks into Erika's bed and wakes her up to have a private conversation.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: There are times she can be motherly and nurturing, but she's also manipulative and cunning so it's hard to tell whether these moments are sincere or affected.
* TheBully: She leads a gang of girls who immediately target the orphanage's new arrivals, Yoko and Erika.
* DyingDream: Ninon steps out into the open to stop the Papagi Corps from continuing their onslaught. At first it looks she was successful, and they stop and swear fealty to her as the new Queen of Mars... [[spoiler:then her dead friends show up and lead her away... then it's revealed she was shot through the head, leaving Yoko and Erika sobbing over her corpse. The Papagi Corps spare Erika and Yoko, and blame the massacre on the Winde Corps]].
* FallenPrincess: She was a descendant of the royal family left abandoned in an orphanage after a coup d'etat.
* GirlPosse: She is the leader of a small gang of girls who go out of their way to harass Yoko and Erika.
* LecherousLicking: Ninon licks Erika's cheek creepily when suggesting she swear allegiance to her.
* NoBodyLeftBehind: Ninon was [[spoiler:shot through the head, then dumped into a lake with the other corpses and dissolved with enzymes]].
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: She starts off as a manipulative bully, and just when it looks like she's about to mend her ways she's brutally killed.
* TheStoic: She keeps a cool head when two of her friends are killed and the remaining two start having mental breakdowns.
* PrincessInRags: She claims to be the future Queen of Mars.
* VomitIndiscretionShot: When Ninon tries to force Erika to feed Yoko a spoonful of pill bugs, Erika instead stuffs them down her throat, causing her to puke all over Ulanova.

!! Morla
* BrokenSmile: Her facial expression when she [[spoiler:picks up a live grenade is a broken smile aimed right at Ninon]].
* DespairEventHorizon: When Ninon smashes her ouija board to bring her to her senses, it backfires and Morla lashes out and refuses to go with them, her actions making it clear in her final moments that she blames Ninon for her death.
* FlowerInHerHair: She has a flower-shaped decal in her hair.
* OuijaBoard: She's quite superstitious, and believes her ouija board is absolutely correct.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Gives one to Ninon when she smashes her ouija board.

!! Ulanova
* BoomHeadshot: ⅔ of her head is vaporized by the blast of a missile when the mercenaries attack.
* WeHardlyKnewYe: She died three chapters in to ''Mars Chronicle''.

!! Gemma
* DespairEventHorizon: She collapses on her knees, calling for her mother just before she's gunned down.
* GoMadFromTheRevelation: Seeing one of her friends get her head mostly blown off breaks her and she wanders out into the crossfire promising she won't be mean anymore.
* NoBodyLeftBehind: She was completely vaporized by high-power machine-guns
* WeHardlyKnewYe: She died three chapters in to ''Mars Chronicle''.

!! Mui
The [[GratuitousGerman Gartner of Beine 244]], Mui rescued Finch, Yoko, and Erika from a collapsing baldachin - the barrier containing Mars' atmosphere. In return she demanded one of their lives to repair the baldachin, but was told to release them by her superior, Priesterin Neff. 200 years later, she returns as the Priesterin herself and intervenes in Alita's trial for the attempted assassination of Queen Limeira.

* AmbiguouslyGay: When Alita tells her she doesn't hate her for the events 200 years ago, Mui blushes and asks if that means Alita is in love with her.
* BodyBackupDrive: Her original body was incorporated into the säulen centuries ago, but she can download her consciousness into a clone body.
* EquivalentExchange: Mui invoked this: Because she saved Finch, Yoko, and Erika, it was within her rights to take their lives to repair the baldachin.
* HighPriest: She eventually took Neff's place as the Priesterin, intervening on Alita's behalf during her trial for Limeira's assassination attempt.
* HumansAreBastards: Mui feels the people of Mars are ungrateful and undeserving of the Gartners' protection.
* IceQueen: She was aloof and callous towards Finch, Yoko, and Erika.
* LuminescentBlush: When she asks Alita if her not holding a grudge for Mui almost killing her 200 years prior is because she's in love with her, Mui is blushing intensely.
* NotSoStoic: She doesn't have a good grasp on emotions, since the Gartners are supposed to be completely emotionless but something was defective about her. When she's reintroduced, she's revealed to not quite be as ice-cold as Alita remembers, and tends to either be completely deadpan or overreact.
* ShamelessFanserviceGirl: She has a habit of going around her ship naked after having a shower, much to Alita's embarrassment.

!! Baron Muster

* BigBadDuumvirate: Baron Muster arranged an alliance with Marquis Maruki Baumburg in order to take revenge on Princess Kagura Dornburg for infecting him with the maske tumor, manipulating events to have Kagura overthrown and to set up a young Yoko Dornburg as a figurehead for the Marquis.
* BodyHorror: His body is riddled with the maske tumor, a form of cancer that causes faces to sprout all over his back and head, which he hides with his mask and cloak.
* CardCarryingVillain: He is unabashedly evil and proud of how sadistic and cruel he is. His reason for this is that he views the immense suffering he endured as "punishment" he received for the sins he was yet to commit, and now seeks to balance the scales by being as atrocious as possible.
* CoolMask: He wears a skull-shaped mask that covers the left side of his face.
* TheCorrupter: He happily twisted Erika from a disturbed young girl into a sadistic murderess.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: He owns a number of companies that recycle petrified corpses into bricks, which are then sold to the unwitting populace and used to build houses.
* DastardlyWhiplash: He wears a top-hat and Victorian-style cloak, owns a castle, and is a CardCarryingVillain.
* {{Revenge}}: He seeks revenge against the person who afflicted him with his cancer, and is searching for the Immortal Nostrum, a legendary artifact detailed in a Martian children's story.
* {{Sadist}}: He delights in peoples' suffering, and has a collection of petrified women.
* SlasherSmile: He nigh-constantly sports a maniacal grin rivalling that of Desty Nova.
* VillainTakesAnInterest: He sees great potential for evil in Erika after learning what happened to her parents, and takes her as his apprentice.
* VillainousRescue: He saves Erica from the bounty hunters looking for Yoko.

!! Zoe

* CardCarryingVillain: Zoe embraces Muster's philosophy of evil to the extent that she is worried that he will come to care for Erica and be redeemed.
* ChildHater: She is worried that Muster will grow attached to Erica and undergo a HeelFaceTurn as LoveRedeems, and is thus harsh and cruel towards her.
* FacialMarkings: She has a tattoo over her left eye.
* KickChick: She's assigned by Muster to be Erica's combat trainer, though all she does is kick her around.

!! Damjan

* DeepCoverAgent: Damjan appears to be one, [[spoiler:playing the part of a meek prisoner and waiting until Muster has uncovered the secret of the Immortal Nostrum before easily defeating Zoe and preparing to kill her, Muster, and Erica]].
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: He tries to [[spoiler:kill Munster and Erica using the petrification poison, only to learn that the antidote pills he'd been taking were the poison, and crumbled into dust]].
* ILetGwenStacyDie: He is devastated to learn that Munster killed his girlfriend.
* ItsPersonal: He maintains that [[spoiler:killing Munster is just business, but killing Erica is personal due to how she treated him]].
* LockedInTheDungeon: Erica finds him locked in a prison after he'd been caught looking for his girlfriend, Elsa.
* MadeASlave: Munster gives him to Erica as a pet.
* PoisonAndCureGambit: Munster had his food poisoned, giving him doses of a temporary cure in exchange for good behavior. [[spoiler:It turns out there was no poison in his food, and the antidote pills were actually Munster's krista morten poison.]]
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Gives a devastating one to [[spoiler:Erica, calling her a selfish, spoiled brat who'll grow up into a bitch]].


[[folder:Alita's New Allies]]
!! Danko

A living gun engineered with Berserker cells. She encountered Alita on Venus, and they've been together ever since.

* BackpackCannon: Her gun component is attached to her back.
* BloodKnight: She and Sechs would get along swimmingly, since Danko is of the "shoot first ask questions never" persuasion.
* CyberCyclops: Seemingly a common trait of Berserker entities, since like Zapan and the Tunguska, she only has one eye.
* LivingWeapon: She is a biomechanical gun engineered using Berserker cells.
* MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily: She has a large mouth for her head size, lined with sharp teeth.
* OneHitKill: She can fire homing bullets containing a mix of berserker cells and collapser, causing whatever they strike to mutate and then decompose.
* ShoulderCannon: She perches on Alita's shoulder with her tail wrapped around the latter's arm.


!! Frau-X

See Erika's profile under Panzer Kunst

!! Dasien

* EvilVersusEvil: Mbadi was the only one capable of undermining his efforts to create a Necro-Soldier army.
* OrphanageOfLove: It's implied he is Zappa Terracotta, a former ward of Guntroll's orphanage.
* OutsideContextProblem: He's the mastermind behind the Einherjar and the Neo Third Reich Division, and was also behind the destruction of Guntroll's orphanage.