All 9 girls according to age (eldest to youngest).


!!Current Members
-> Full Name: Kim Taeyeon
-> Birth Date: March 9, 1989

* {{Animal Motifs}}: butterflies and puppies.
* {{Beware The Nice Ones}}: She's an absolute sweetheart and a bit of a dork, but she's also one of the few idols under SM that actively call out the company on its [[IncompetenceInc not always professional]] [[ScrewedByTheNetwork behaviour]]. She pressed charge against the people that left hate comments on her Instagram, but only when they started [[BerserkButton threatening her family]]. She also had zero qalms in putting Wiz Khalifa back in his place after he unjustly accused her of backing out of their collaboration stage at MAMA 2016.
* BrokenAce: She's gorgeous, an amazing vocalist, and is the leader and one of the most popular members of Asia's biggest girl group. That being said, she's known to be rather gloomy offstage, and is believed to suffer from depression. She is extremely self-critical, and the fact that she gets quite a bit hate doesn't help that at all. She used to drink beer to fall sleep more easily.
* '''{{Contagious Laughter}}'''
* {{Cool Big Sis}}: Dotes a lot on Music/RedVelvet.
* {{Gratuitous English}}: [[ Hilariously]] [[ so.]]
* {{Hidden Depths}}: No one really knows exactly what she went through emotionally a couple of years ago. She loves colouring books, as she says they calm her, and colour therapy is actually a [[HarsherInHindsight method of coping with depression]]. [[StoicWoobie She pulled through nonetheless.]]
* {{The Leader}}: Unfortunate responsibility as the oldest.
* {{Multicolored Hair}}: Seems to have a thing for dyeing the tips of her hair.
** Had blonde tips in 2011, affectionately dubbed "Pepero hair". (Pepero: Korean pocky sticks).
** In "The Boys": brunette, pink and blonde.
** Had a fuschia strip through her hair in Twinkle era.
** Green tips on blonde in I Got A Boy
** Red ends in Galaxy Supernova PV.
* {{No Sense of Direction}}: Apparently, once her destination was directly across the street but she took a taxi. The taxi driver gave her a strange look... and made a U-turn. Ten seconds of driving, tops.
* OfficialCouple: With [[Characters/{{EXO}} EXO's Baekhyun]].
* {{Older Than She Looks}}: Looks like a 10 year old kid sometimes. As the saying goes, [[ Kim Taeyeon is immortal.]]
* PrettyButterflies: Her signature contains a butterfly.
* RedOniBlueOni: The stay-at-home blue to Hyoyeon and Tiffany's outgoing and hyperactive red.
* RefusalOfTheCall: Expressed her desire to step down from the leader position at some point, but Sooyoung talked her into staying on.
** {{Resigned To The Call}}: Most fans still regard her as the leader of the group, and she seems to have come to terms with this.
* {{Storyboard Body}}: has various, small tattoos on her hands, one behind her left ear, one on her right elbow and one on the back of her neck. They're all related to her and her experiences. She seems to really like them and will probably get more.
* SugarAndIcePersonality: She admits to naturally being an aloof loner, and she's left a [[ snarky comment]] on Sunny's Instagram on her birthday[[note]]Though, to be fair, Sunny makes fun of her own position as Lee Soo-Man's niece as well from time to time[[/note]]. She tends to be self-isolating and keeps her distance from the girls. That being said, she whole-heartedly cares about them and she frequently spends time talking to fans on Instagram before going to bed. She even [[ crashed]] a Christmas party organized by fans without her manager knowing.
* {{The Workaholic}}: She gets antsy and moody when she's not working. The amount of time she spends working on a single song is, at the very least, three or four hours. No joke, she said so herself.
** When working on her second solo album, she had to go on an IV drip due to sheer exhaustion. Even then, her coworkers had to beg her to get some rest.

[[folder: Sunny]]
-> Full Name: Susan Soonkyu Lee
-> Birth date: May 15, 1989

* {{Badass Adorable}}: Catches snakes and chickens with her bare hands.
* BoobsOfSteel: her proudest feature.
* CatSmile: Her face is [[ made]] [[ for]] [[ these]].
* {{The Cutie}}
* {{Friend to all Children}}: Best Mom, as seen in how she took take of a child in Invincible Youth.
* {{Kaleidoscope Hair}}: Has been brunette, blonde, red, pink, green, purple...
* LadyDrunk: Very good at drinking.
* {{Magical Nanny}}: As the best mom in Hello Baby and taking care of a child in Invincible Youth.
* {{Older Than She Looks}}: Often mistaken for the youngest member despite being the third eldest thanks to her overly cutesy actions and petite frame.

[[folder: Hyoyeon]]
-> Full Name: Kim Hyoyeon
-> Birth date: September 23, 1989

* {{Dancing Is Serious Business}}: Pride of the Dancing Queen.
* DeadpanSnarker: A mix of this and FunPersonified
* FunPersonified: She just naturally exudes positivity and sends the members in stitches on regular basis.
* LikeADaughterToMe: Seohyun is her pride. [[OppositesAttract They're incredibly close.]]
* MulticoloredHair: Rainbow candy colors on blonde for I Got A Boy.
* RedOniBlueOni: The outspoken, party-loving red to Taeyeon's introverted blue.
* AWildRapperAppears: Even though her vocals are heard in Younique Unit's "Maxstep" during the chorus, she doesn't get her limelight until near the end of the song. She also raps in "You Think", "The Boys" and on Taeyeon's solo song "Up&Down".

[[folder: Yuri]]
-> Full Name: Kwon Yuri
-> Birth date: December 5, 1989

* {{Ambiguously Brown}}: By Korean standards. Is also known as "Black Pearl".
--> '''Sooyoung''': "The dark kid is Yuri."
* {{Bifauxnen}}: [[ A]] [[ photoshoot]] has her dressing boyishly and with short hair.
* ContagiousLaughter
* {{Even The Girls Want Her}}: Both fan girls [[ (and the girls themselves)]] have taken to calling her "Yuri-oppa" and "Manyul" after her solo performance of '1 2 step' and 'If' and ESPECIALLY after [[ the photoshoot]] mentioned in {{Bifauxnen}}.
* GenkiGirl: Ever since her [[ trainee days]]. She's toned it down growing up, but the ''kkab'' is still there.
* MsFanservice: The OG sexy member. Please do watch her covers of [[ "1 2 Step"]] or [[ "If"]] and try not to get a heart attack.
* {{The Prankster}}: Used to put fake mice and insects around the dorm to scare Tiffany.

[[folder: Yoona]]
-> Full Name: Im Yoona
-> Birth date: May 30, 1990

* {{Accidental Pervert}}: Lifting Tiffany's skirt onstage and photos of her touching the others' butts much to her chagrin.
--> '''Yoona to Jessica in Intimate Note''': "Unnie, you always touch my butt but why is there a picture of me looking like a pervert touching yours!"
* BigEater: So much the members actually can't wrap their heads around how skinny she is.
* {{The Face}}: Her official position in the group. However she does not speak much in interviews.
* {{Fangirl}}: Spazzed over Takuya Kimura quite a few times.
* {{Missing Mom}}: Has not seen her mom since young for unconfirmed reasons.
* {{The Prankster}}: Used to keep Yuri up at night when they were rooming together by [[GenkiGirl pulling pranks on her or doing imitations]]. And who could ever forget her iconic [[CordonBleughChef salty sushi]] scam from "Hello Baby".
* VocalDissonance: She usually sings in her higher register, but her voice can drop quite low when required. Just check out her [[{{Music/Madonna}} "4 Minutes"]] cover.

!!Former Members

-> Full Name: Jessica [=SooYeon=] Jung
-> Birth date: April 18, 1989

* {{Alliterative Name}}: Jessica Jung.
* {{Breast Attack}}: [[ Jessica's boobs are titanium.]]
* {{Cannot Tell A Joke}}: The Sica Effect.
* {{Catchphrase}}: "Daedanada."
* {{Cool Big Sis}}: The older sister to [[Music/{{Fx}} f(x)'s Krystal]] who looks up to her.
* {{Defrosting Ice Queen}}: Once you get to know her, her Ice Princess facade melts.
--> I think rather than being over-friendly at first, having a cold first impression and slowly making them realize that Im not that cold is better. - '''Jessica'''.
* {{Delayed Reaction}}: She takes a while to process jokes.
* {{Family Business}}: Her younger sister, Krystal Jung, is part of the girl group [[Music/{{fx}} f(x)]].
* {{Fangirl}}: Her and her sister's short-lived reality show ''Jessica & Krystal'' reveals that she's a fan of Pharrell Williams, Frank Sinatra, Coldplay, and Radiohead. She stated that she's a huge fan of bands who sing songs she can't sing herself.
* {{The Fashionista}}: Opened her own clothing line after leaving the group, a project she was working on for quite some time.
* {{Heavy Sleeper}}
* {{Ice Queen}}: Her nickname is "Ice Princess".
* {{Kuudere}}: Type 2.
* {{Not So Stoic}}
* {{One Note Chef}}: Can only make kimchi fried.
* {{The Peeping Tom}}: Has photos of the other girls changing (taken without their consent) on her phone in the dorm.
* {{Screaming Woman}}: Her trademark dolphin scream that is usually accompanied with violence.
* {{Shrinking Violet}}: The reason behind her cold ice princess tendencies.
* {{Sleepy Head}}: Once fell asleep in the bathtub, holding her toothbrush.
* {{Terrible Artist}}: Self explanatory when you look at her [[ painting of Sunny]] and [[ drawing of Tiffany.]]
* {{Unperson}}: If [[ this post-Jessica-departure group performance]] of "Into The New World" is any indication, it seems like SM is making it like Jessica was never a part of the group at all. The rest of the members are also not allowed to mention her in public appearances.
* WorldsMostBeautifulWoman: [[ World's 5th Most Beautiful Woman of 2012.]] Taeyeon and Yoona were also on the list.

[[folder: Tiffany]]
-> Full Name: Stephanie Young Hwang
-> Birth date: August 1, 1989

* TheCutie: [[ I mean...]]
--> '''Sooyoung''': When she does something wrong, she just smiles like that. Then we can't say anything to her...
* TheKlutz: Made mistakes and fell a lot in their early days, so fans decided to call her [=DdilFany=] (Clumsy Fany).
* MissingMom: Her mother died predebut.
* NiceGirl
* PinkMeansFeminine: Her favourite colour.
* {{Hartman Hips}}: While she's not as "top heavy" as Sunny or as long and slender as Sooyoung she does have her "assets."
* RedOniBlueOni: The red to Taeyeon's blue. Knowing Tiffany, she'd rather be a pink oni, though.

[[folder: Sooyoung]]
->Full Name: Choi Sooyoung
-> February 10, 1990

* {{Ambiguously Brown}}: Some have commented that she looks Filipino/South-east Asian due to her dark skin.
* {{Big Eater}}: Her most known nickname is "Shikshin", which literally means ''Goddess of food''.
* {{Fangirl}}: A big one of Creator/BradPitt.
* [[TheFunnyGuy The Funny Girl]]
* HiddenDepths: She looks and acts like a dorky, food-crazy girl but she's also written lyrics for several SNSD songs, as well as a song on Tiffany's solo album. She's also the most involved in charitable works, is arguably the second best English speaker in the group and is considered the group's "spokeswoman".
* {{Huge Schoolgirl}}: Is one in the flashback scenes of the drama, "The 3rd Hospital".
* LargeHam
* {{Raised As The Opposite Gender}}: Was raised as a boy when she was a baby because her mother wanted one. This included wearing pants and having her hair short.
* {{Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness}}: Known for her way with complicated vocabulary. It shows during interviews.
* ManOfAThousandVoices: GenderInverted.

[[folder: Seohyun]]
-> Full Name: Seo Juhyun
-> Birth date: June 28, 1991

* AccidentalPervert: Once bought Yoona a pajama so low cut she couldn't even wear it at the dorm.
* BrainyBrunette: Often sports brown hair and is very smart.
* CharacterDevelopment: Went from a pure, no-nosense young girl to a woman who's much more flexible. She kept her principles, of course, but it's clear how mature she is now.
* CloserToEarth: The most down to earth member.
* {{Innocent Prodigy}}: She was this during their early years due to her brains and innocence.
* JackOfAllTrades: Can sing, dance, cook, play sports, play piano and guitar, compose, speak Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English, was second in her class and is beautiful to boot.
* {{Omniglot}}: Speaks fluent Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English
* ShesAllGrownUp: [[ from a cute, little 16 year old]] to such a classy, sophisticated woman. [[ Seolady indeed.]]
* TheSmartGuy: Is known to be smart with very good grades.
* {{Trade Mark Favorite Food}}: ''Goguma'' aka sweet potatoes.