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[[folder:Bravo Co., 2nd Platoon, Team One Alpha]]

!Sgt Brad "Iceman" Colbert
->'''Played by''': Creator/AlexanderSkarsgard
[[caption-width-right:350:''"All this religion aside, people who can't kill will always be subject to those who can."'']]

The orderly, cerebral and unflappable squad leader of Bravo 1. Nicknamed "Iceman" for his competency and cool head, Colbert is an Afghanstan vet who's made the military his career. If the series can be said to have a central character, it’s him.

* ActuallyPrettyFunny: When Person makes a joke about what got him, Colbert, and Trombley to sign up and the reality (very different from any of the scenarios Person brought up), even [[TheStoic Colbert]] cracks a smile.
* AirplaneArms: at one point in the series, he whips off his shirt and runs around like this for no apparent reason, much to the amusement of others.
* AmicableExes: He's (allegedly) still friends with his ex-fiancee. From his description of their "relationship", it's very obvious that if she thinks they're still friends, it's only because he's masking his hatred and resentment very well.
* BadassBiker: it's not seen in the series for obvious reasons, but he owns a motorcycle and, in direct contrast to his professional persona, he's a very reckless biker.
* BadassBoast: "Gentlemen, we just seized an airfield. That was pretty fucking ninja".
* ColdSniper: he may not have the gun, but he certainly has the attitude.
* CommunicationsOfficer: He fills this role whenever they're driving, using his radio headset to communicate with Lt. Fick and relay information to the rest of the people in the vehicle.
%%* CulturedWarrior
%%* DeadpanSnarker
* TheDeterminator: He got through Recon training with a broken ankle.
* FieldPromotion: to Staff Sergeant, in an instance that is rare for modern warfare.
* HappilyAdopted: into a well-to-do family with a rich talmudic tradition, no less.
%%* TheHero
%%* HiddenHeartOfGold
* HollywoodAtheist: Averted. There's no tragic story behind his lack of faith. He simply chooses to refuse in the idea that there is any God.
%%* IcyBlueEyes
%%* IneffectualLoner
* InsufferableGenius: This quality is particularly noticeable during his rants against religion and procreation.
* KnightInSourArmor: He’s quite obviously disillusioned (more so than the rest) with the war, with the higher command and with the general idiocy happening around him, but he’s steadfast and conscientious in performing his job.
* NervesOfSteel: His unflappable nerves is how he got his nickname.
%%* ANiceJewishBoy
* NotSoStoic: He lets his emotionless facade fall when he realizes [[spoiler:Trombley has shot an Iraqi boy on his own orders]].
%%* ThePerfectionist
%%* SergeantRock
* SherlockScan: He deduces that a civilian is actually a deserter from the military-style belt he wears.
%%* ShirtlessScene
* StayFrosty: His CatchPhrase. In fact a running theme of the series is how modern soldiers model themselves after war movies.
%%* TheStoic: There’s a reason he's called Iceman, after all.
%%* StraightMan: To Person's more goofy and irreverent antics
* SurferDude: inverted. Surfing is one of his main hobbies, but personality-wise he's about as far from this trope as they come.
* TeamDad: To his squad. He took responsibility for all of his team's screw ups, namely Trombley's shooting of the "camels," and he sees his squad's morale as his own personal responsibility.
* VitriolicBestBuds: With Person. Doubles as OddFriendship since the two of them have wildly different personalities.

!Corporal Josh Ray Person
->'''Played by''': James Ransone
[[caption-width-right:350:''"If Saddam invested more in the pussy infrastructure of Iraq than he did in his fucking gay ass army, then this country would be no more fucked up than, say, Mexico."'']]

Colbert's best friend in the battalion - the frenetic, outspoken, obscenity-spouting Marine driving Bravo's lead Humvee. Like Colbert, he's a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. His sole purpose for participating in the invasion seems to be to mock everything around him - a goal he accomplishes with ease and finesse. While others often poke fun at his white-trash trailer-park background and over-the-top behavior, he's still considered to be something of a genius in the unit.

* BoisterousBruiser: unusually for this trope, he's on the skinny side and is the team's [[TheSmartGuy Smart Guy]].
* BrakeAngrily: this was real-life Person's way of disagreeing with Colbert's orders; the tendency did not carry over to the series.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: odd personality notwithstanding, he's highly capable at what he does.
* CharacterFilibuster: the trope personified.
* CommunicationsOfficer: He's Bravo's (most talented) RTO. Interestingly enough, he doesn't actually fill this role within the vehicle. He drives, and Colbert talks on the radio.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: He may be a skinny spaz, but he's most certainly a BAMF.
%%* DeadpanSnarker
* DisappearedDad: was raised by a single mother.
* DumbassHasAPoint: consistently. If you concentrate on what he says rather than how he says it, he's actually very reasonable.
* FunctionalAddict: His bizarre behavior stems from an addiction to legal stimulants; he mellows down considerably after he's forced to go cold turkey.
%%* GayBravado
* {{Geek}}: in high school, he was pudgy, nonathletic, and a member of the debate club.
* GeniusDitz: as a result of near-permanent AlcoholInducedIdiocy.
* GlamorousWartimeSinger: played with; he dreams of being a rock star, but since he insists on deliberately butchering the stuff he sings for the fun of it, his actual musical skills are hard to evaluate.
* GuysAreSlobs: he can't eat or drink anything without getting half of it all over himself.
* HeroicFatigue: he is sleep-deprived and able to drive for days on end only thanks to ripped fuel.
* HiddenDepths: He was on the debate team at school, he can play a multitude of musical instruments, and he was planning on studying philosophy in college before he took a 180-turn and became a Marine.
%%* IdiotHero
* {{Jerkass}}: While he cares for his friends, he can be extremely insensitive and his warped sense of humour is extremely offensive. However, a great deal of this is due to a mix of fatigue, combat stress, and being high on ripped fuel.
* MacGyvering: he's good at fixing bum radios with whatever is lying around. Or by unplugging everything and licking sockets.
* MakingASpectacleOfYourself: he dons golden "Elvis impersonator" shades which look doubly ridiculous on a Marine in full battle gear. They also hold the honor of being featured on the miniseries cover.
%%* MotorMouth
%%* MyGirlBackHome
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Subverted; when he detoxes (cold turkey), he becomes noticeably quiet and subdued. Which is worrying, sure - except that is his real, off-stimulants personality.
* PluckyComicRelief: Played with; although he ''is'' the squads resident comedian he's also an extremely capable marine in his own right. You don't get into Force Recon by being a slacker after all.
* PopCulturedBadass: In contrast to his CulturedBadass squad leader. Person eschews Sun Tzu and other famous war philosophers in favor of pop stars (Avril Lavigne) soul R&B/Soul singers (Minnie Riperton) and etc.
* PuppyDogEyes: Especially prevalent during the rare moments when he shows signs of vulnerability.
%%* TheSmartGuy
* SadClown: Addiction to stimulants and insecurity are the two things fueling his hilarious and uber-offensive humor.
* SociopathicSoldier: This quote pretty much says it best.
-->'''Person:''' Dear Frederick, thank you for your nice letter. But ''I'm'' actually a U.S Marine who was born to kill, where you have clearly mistaken me for some wine sipping communist cock sucker. And although peace probably appeals to tree-hugging-bisexuals like ''you'' and your parents. I happen to be a death dealing, blood crazed warrior who wakes up every day just hoping for the chance to dismember my enemies and defile their civilizations. Peace sucks a hairy asshole, Freddie. '''War''' is the [[PrecisionFStrike motherfucking]] answer.
* SophisticatedAsHell: Intelligent and articulate, while at the same time being very crude and insensitive.
* UniversalDriversLicense: He's not actually licensed to drive the Humvee.

!Cpl Walter "Walt" Hasser
->'''Played by''': Pawel Szajda
[[caption-width-right:350:''"Ooh ooh, dress blues and a sword!"'']]

The friendly, golden-haired Marine manning V01's Mark-19 gun. Occupies the Turret position of the vehicle.

* AccidentalAimingSkills: Lobotomized an Iraqi by [[EyeScream shooting him through the eye,]] through a car windshield, just from a nervous reflex.
* DoesNotLikeSpam: Peanuts, since he's allergic to them. Too bad MRE rations include peanut butter all the time.
* GlamorousWartimeSinger: in direct contrast to Person, he has a wonderful singing voice, but doesn't like to sing. This information did not make it from the book to the series.
* NiceGuy: By far the most polite and reserved member of Colbert's platoon.
* TheQuietOne Going along with his NiceGuy persona he doesn't talk all that much. In fact it's even {{Lampshaded}} by Person at one point.
-->[Person jumps on to Walter in an effort to elicit a response from him]
-->'''Walter''': Would you knock it the [[PrecisionFStrike fuck off]] already!
-->'''Person''': [Mock gasp] At last he speaks!

!Lance Cpl Harold James Trombley
->'''Played by''': Billy Lush
[[caption-width-right:350:''"Hey, you know what sucks? All those dead bodies we saw today, and I didn't get to shoot any of them."'']]

The lead vehicle's machine gunner (and youngest occupant) - a baby-faced Marine with the heart of a natural-born killer. He enlisted specifically to be able to shoot people in the line of duty.

* AxCrazy: He went to war because the idea of killing people excites him.
* BlackComedy: He earns the nickname "Whopper Jr"[[note]]which comes from the name "Burger King", which itself is derived from "Baby Killer"[[/note]] for his suspect actions against Iraqi civilians; it's used good-naturedly.
* BloodKnight: All he wants to do is kill people and dogs.
* DissonantSerenity: Trombley is completely unfazed by combat situations of every kind and he fights in a sort of serene calm. His squadmates remark that this is because he's a born cold-hearted killer.
* ImprobableAimingSkills: He fired off two short bursts, maybe around seven rounds total, from a a moving vehicle at man-sized targets about 200 meters away, and he hit what he was aiming at. Walt lampshades this when he calls Trombley a "cold-on, dead eyed killer."
* KickTheDog: He attempts to literally do this with the use of high-velocity lead on many an occasion. Thankfully Colbert is always there to make sure he doesn't.
* MyGirlBackHome: he's married to a Mexican girl and is planning on having kids after he comes back home from the war.
* NewMeat: He's explicitly younger and less experienced than veterans like Brad and Ray, although he isn't ''the'' youngest, and he tends to be slow on the uptake when it comes to certain recon traditions. Still, he is an extremely well trained Marine in Force Recon, and his marksmanship is astounding.
* PsychopathicManchild: A rare non-villanous example. On a related note, he's a self-professed [[CatsAreMean cat lover]].
* ARealManIsAKiller: He ''certainly'' seems to think so.
* SociopathicSoldier: By far the most sociopathic of the entire platoon. He seems to show just a little ''too'' much enthusiasm when it comes to wanting to see soom action if this quote is any indication.
-->'''Trombley:''' Sergeant I didn't get to shoot.
-->'''Person:''' That fucking sucks, Trombley. Did your recruiting officer tell you could just shoot anyone?
-->'''Trombley:''' Fuckin' A he did.
* SouthernFriedPrivate: Comes off like it, although at one point its mentioned he's actually from Michigan.
* TokenEvilTeammate: Like the aforementioned [[SociopathicSoldier trope]] lets us know he is by far the most blood thirsty and seemingly amoral squad mate out of the entire platoon.

!Evan "Rolling Stone" Wright
->'''Played by''': Lee Tergesen

A ''Rolling Stone'' reporter embedded with the 1st Recon Battalion of the USMC. The other Marines quickly warm up to him (especially once they learn he used to write for ''Hustler''), though he still doesn't get to be one of the guys.

* ButtMonkey: Subverted. The Marines quickly adopt him as their own, and when they start hazing him he realizes that they've started to like him.
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: The other Marines invariably refer to him as Reporter, Scribe, Rolling Stone, Beaver Hunt, or some variation on his profession thereof. His actual name is never said in the series, and since the book is written from his perspective, the same thing is true.
* FirstPersonPeripheralNarrator: In the book.
* GasMaskMooks: Subverted in a couple of different ways. Most obviously, he [[EpicFail completely fails]] to don his chemical warfare gear the first time it is needed, partly due to it being the wrong size for him (he ends up spending most of the war with the crotch ripped out of his suit).
* HollywoodTactics: "always run in a serpentine fashion!"
* IShouldWriteABookAboutThis: And he does.
* MyGirlBackHome: The picture of his girlfriend is passed around among the Marines. Unfortunately for him, he is later informed by the other Marines that his [[spoiler:girlfriend hasn't been entirely faithful to him.]]
* NonUniformUniform: His chemical warfare suit is in desert camo, while everyone else in the battalion was issued woodland green chemical warfare suits due to a supply snafu.Although it is in tone with the surrounding in Iraq, it is also one size small and torn.
* OffTheRecord: Averted. He is told by the Marines to write it how he sees it, including quoting the various outrageous things they say and some of the more dubious orders given down.
* RecklessGunUsage: At one point, he hands a rifle to a Marine with the barrel of the gun pointing ''directly'' at the Marine's face. Naturally, no one allows him to handle any firearms after this.
* TheTeetotaler: He had quit drinking a short while before going to Iraq.
* NervesOfSteel: He shows remarkable restraint in combat situations, despite being a civilian with no prior combat training or experience. This actually wins him a lot of respect from the Marines, who all thought he would pack his bags and leave after his first combat experience. One scene (in the book, the series, and Fick's book ''One Bullet Away'') has Wright looking at the side of the Humvee after their first ambush, seeing 6 bullets that could have killed him quite easily, but for the vehicles armor. He's notably rattled and seems to be in a bit of shock, but when asked by Fick if he wants to arrange for transport back to safety, he says no immediately.


[[folder: Bravo Co., 2nd Platoon, Team One Bravo]]

!Sgt Antonio "Poke" Espera
->'''Played by''': Jon Huertas
[[caption-width-right:347:''"The real story of Pocahontas is about a bunch of white boys who come to my land, bribe the corrupt Indian chief, kill off all the warriors and fuck the Indian princess silly."'']]

Assistant squad leader to Colbert, and the leader of Team One Bravo. He's efficient, professional and, much like Person, prone to spewing rants at the drop of the hat (most of them about how the white man screws everyone else over). He's also an Afghanistan vet like Colbert and Person.

* ActorSharedBackground: Espera's actor, Jon Huertas, is a veteran of the US Air Force.
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Lampshaded. others remark that he talks like a black guy, claims to be Native American yet looks like a Mexican.
-->'''Sgt Brad Colbert:''' Poke, what the fuck are you anyway? You wife is half white, you talk like you’re black, Most of your friends are fucking white and, every once in a while, when you feel like it, you throw in with the Indians. Is it just you’re whatever race happens to be cool at the moment?
* BaldBlackLeaderGuy: he (allegedly) isn't black, but the trope otherwise fits.
* CharacterFilibuster: he gets almost as many rants as Ray, which is to say, a lot.

!Cpl Gabriel "Gabe" Garza
->'''Played by''': Rey Valentin

Starts the series as the gunner on Colbert’s team, but is eventually transferred to Espera’s team, where he mans the Humvee's M2 .50 cal machine gun.

* FriendOrFoe: comes under fire from members of Alpha Company at one point, after they mistake him for an Iraqi due to his dark skin color and the general tension of fighting deep in enemy territory. (In the series, this incident is elaborated with Garza having appropriated an Iraqi helmet for use).
* SpecsOfAwesome: he's the only character in the series who wears glasses, which makes him easy to identify.

!Cpl Jason Lilley
->'''Played by''': Kellan Lutz

The driver of Bravo Vehicle 02 who undertakes the task of filming the invasion in the hopes of selling it to some news channel later on.

* BattleCouple: Subverted. His wife enlists in the Marine Corps, but they obviously won't get to serve together.
* InUniverseCamera: he owns one.

!Cpl Nathan Christopher

!Cpl Hector Leon


[[folder:Bravo Co., 2nd platoon, Team 2]]

!Lt Nathaniel "Nate" Fick
->'''Played by''': Stark Sands
[[caption-width-right:329:''"Most people in America right now probably think of Iraq as a dangerous country. Now, if I were to stand up, I might get killed. But to us, behind this wheel, it's pretty safe. So to us, Iraq is a safe country."'']]

The commander of Bravo's 2nd platoon. Clear-headed and logical, he often gets in trouble for questioning the inane orders of the higher command.

* BerserkButton: Do not ''mess'' with his men.
* CharacterDevelopment: Through the course of the book, he goes from being an [[OfficerAndAGentleman idealistic believer in the justness of the war]] to a state of bitter resentment at how badly the Americans are screwing everything up and making things worse.
-->If Iraq stays a flaming cesspool until the end of time, [[DespairEventHorizon does anyone really care?]] Does it fucking matter?
* CulturedWarrior: As expected from a graduate of Dartmouth.
* FamilyBusiness: His grandfather and father served as Marines in [=WW2=] and the Korean War, respectively.
* AFatherToHisMen: Despite being younger than some of the troops, Fick is always looking out for them. He even tells one of his marines who is shooting wide how he's making a mistake and how to fix it. Interestingly, his care for his men at times causes him to be more callous towards the Iraqi people when looking out for the Iraqis exposes his marines to danger. A perfect example of this occurs when a small detachment of marines sets up a roadblock on a road for the duration of a night with orders to shoot anything that doesn't turn around before getting to close. When Brad questions this, Fick tells him exactly why they can't afford to take chances:
-->''The R.O.E. aren't a lot of help here. We're all alone. And to our south, we've got an entire hostile town in between us and closest friendlies. And 40 kilometers to our north, we've got a full mechanized division up there in Al Kut. And there's 70 of us, Brad, holding this road.''
* TheFettered: As he is an officer in the Marines, him disobeying his superior officers would have dire consequences both in battle and in a court-martial. As such, no matter how stupid his company and battalion commanders are acting, the most he can do is respectfully voice his objections.
* HeroicFatigue: Like all the other men in his platoon, Fick gets very little sleep over the course of the series. However, his situation is played for more drama as he, being the platoon's commander, is responsible for the well-being of his men.
* HeroOfAnotherStory: His memoir ''Literature/OneBulletAway'' shows many of the same events as ''Generation Kill'', albeit from a different POV, and with the insight into the inner workings of the Marine Corps that Rolling Stone would not have.
%%* TheMentor
* NiceGuy: In keeping with being AFatherToHisMen, Fick is always very polite and civil when dealing with his men and often goes out of his way to help them with any problems they have, be they big or small.
* NotSoAboveItAll: although his position in the platoon means he can't voice his displeasure with the resident [[TheNeidermeyer Neidermeyers]] as openly as the enlisted men.
%%* OfficerAndAGentleman
* OnlySaneEmployee: often forced to deal with idiotic orders from above.
%%* SupportingLeader
* WarriorPoet: He penned a memoir titled ''Literature/OneBulletAway''.
%%* WhenHeSmiles

!Gunnery Sergeant Mike "Gunny" Wynn
->'''Played by''': Marc Menhaca

Platoon gunnery sergeant and the driver of Vehicle 04.

%%* NumberTwo: to Fick.
%%* SergeantRock
* SouthernFriedPrivate: A Texan Sergeant. According to him, the [[TrainingFromHell SERE]] instructors tried to use this to get under his skin.
* TeamMom: as platoon sergeant, his main concern is the safety of his men.

!Sgt Larry Shawn "Pappy" Patrick
->'''Played by''': Josh Barrett

Team 2's squad leader who doubles as the platoon scout sniper.

%%* BadassMoustache
%%* BashBrothers: with Rudy.
%%* ColdSniper
* IceCreamKoan: he occasionally disperses bits of wisdom such as "Don't pet a burning dog".
%%* TheQuietOne
%%* SergeantRock

!Sgt Rodolfo "(Fruity) Rudy" Reyes
->'''Played by''': Rudy Reyes
[[caption-width-right:350:''"I don't dress like no goddamn pimp queen! I wear clothes that are body conscious".'']]

A bubbly (yet super-manly) spotter to Pappy's sniper who also serves as the driver for V03. He's fond of New Age philosophy and keeping fit, and joined the Marines "for idealism and romance".

%%* AlliterativeName
%%* AutobiographicalRole
%%* BashBrothers: with Pappy.
%%* TheBigGuy
* CampStraight: By far the most effeminate and ''manly'' Marine in the battalion.
* CulturedWarrior: The best example in the series. In the novel he is mentioned as having an encyclopedia knowledge of Eastern philosophy and spirituality. And plans on moving to San Francisco when he gets out of the Marines. Citing the cities deep connection with Martial Arts culture as his reason for wanting to move there.
%%* CurtainsMatchTheWindow
* EvenTheGuysWantHim: {{Lampshaded}} when Person tries to invert it by telling Evan Wright "You know it doesn't make you gay if you think Rudy's hot? We all think he's hot. Jesus your ''beautiful''. (He says this because he notices Wright staring at Rudy clearly captivated.
-->'''Random Marine''': I love you Fruity!
* FamilyBusiness: His father was a US Marine as well. Subverted, however, as Rudy describes his father as a rather broken, abusive man, and specifically denies that he joined the Marines in order to follow in his father's footsteps.
%%* FriendlySniper
%%* GentleGiant
%%* GranolaGuy
* HiddenDepths: Has an interest in East Asian philosophy and spirituality.
%%* LovableJock
* RatedMForManly: Rudy's easily the most macho marine in the entire battalion, despite being CampStraight and is mentioned as being a fan of ''Oprah'' no less!. In fact, maybe he's so manly ''[[RealMenWearPink because]]'' he's CampStraight and yet still seems to reek of testosterone.
* ShirtlessScene: ''Constantly''; in fact in one episode he takes it one step further by going completely ''naked''
* YouAreInCommandNow: He assumes command of Team 2 after Pappy is shot.

!Cpl James Chaffin
->'''Played by''': Eric Ladin

%%* SouthernFriedPrivate

!Sgt Michael “Budweiser” Brunmeier
->'''Played by''': Justin Shaw

!Cpl Anthony “Manimal” Jacks
->'''Played by''': Rich [=McDonald=]

Mans V03's main gun.

%%* TheBigGuy
%%* BoisterousBruiser
* DearJohnLetter: the first piece of correspondence he receives is divorce papers from his wife.

!Evan ”Q-Tip” Stafford
->'''Played by''': Wilson Bethel

A Marine from Tampa, FL, who identifies strongly with the black culture (especially the music and philosophies of Music/TupacShakur).

* BigBrotherMentor: In one scene in the series, he is shown teaching Christenson the general tricks of observing building compounds.
* CatchPhrase: "Screwby", a word used to denote a variety of emotions - from "this sucks" to "this is awesome".
%%* CommunicationsOfficer: in name only.
* HeroicAlbino: he's called Q-Tip because is hair is platinum blond.
* ManOfAThousandVoices: he has a reasonable talent for mimicking accents.
%%* PluckyComicRelief
%%* PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy
%%* ThoseTwoGuys: with Christenson.

!PFC John Christenson
->'''Played by''': Daniel Fox

The youngest (and lowest-ranking) member of Bravo's 2nd platoon, most often seen in the company of Stafford.

%%* BashBrothers: with Stafford.
%%* NewMeat


[[folder:Bravo Co., 2nd Platoon, Team 3]]

!Sgt Steven Lovell
->'''Played by''': Langley Kirkwood

Team leader of Team 3.

!Sgt Leandro “Shady B” Baptista
->'''Played by''': Mike Figueroa

The Brazilian driver of V05.

%%* ActorSharedBackground
* ForeignLanguageTirade: lapses into his native language when under stress.
->'''Cpl. Ray Person''': "Goddamned Baptista! How would he like it if I joined the Brazilian marines and only spoke English!?"

!Corpsman 2nd Class Second Class Timothy "Doc" Bryan
->'''Played by''': Jonah Lotan

A navy hospitalman who serves as 2nd Platoon's medical support. He has tons of common sense, a caring heart and a remarkable ability to criticize his superiors to their faces.

%%* BadassMoustache
* BrutalHonesty: Both {{played for laughs}} and {{played for drama}}:
** PlayedForDrama: Whenever company or battalion command is being particularly stupid, Doc will not hesitate to criticize them, even to their faces. In fact, when Encino Man, trying to appear more relate-able to the men under his command, asks them to openly state their grievances and promises not to punish anyone who insults him, Doc straight up told him, "it's just that you're incompetent, sir," although he obviously didn't enjoy saying it.
** PlayedForLaughs: Whenever people make idiots of themselves around Doc, he will not hesitate to tell them how retarded they are. For instance, he once told Rolling Stone, who was previously having certain... [[GroinAttack problems]] with his bio-hazard suit, "Reporter, you are possibly the biggest fuck-up I have encountered."
* CombatMedic: He himself carries a weapon and fights as well as any other man in the platoon.
* TheConscience: When they bring him the wounded child, he's horrified that he was shot by a Marine weapon.
-->'''Bryan''': "Marines shot this kid. Fucking jackasses. Trigger-happy motherfucker."
* FieryRedhead: While he's usually calm and collected, his tendency to harshly and angrily insult superior officers ("You dumb motherfucker, sir, even the most boot-fucked marine knows danger-close.") cements him as this.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Doc's refusal to sugarcoat anything he says makes him come off as more than a bit of a dick, but he's a good man who looks out for his platoon mates, especially the younger, less experienced ones, and who would fight tooth and nail to save the life of a single Iraqi casualty.
* NiceHat: His bandana of badassitude.
* WithDueRespect: He speaks his mind to his incompetent superiors and doesn't bother with including any "due respect" because, as far he's concerned, they don't deserve his respect.
-->'''Bryan''': "Dumb motherfucker, sir, even the most boot-fucked Marine knows danger close, sir!"

!Cpl Teren “T” Holsey
->'''Played by''': Sydney Hall

* CulturedWarrior: is seen reading The Art of War in the very first episode.
* ScaryBlackMan: outwardly appears to be this, yet is fast proven to have HiddenDepths.

!Corporal Michael Stinetorf
->'''Played by''': Bjorn Steinbach


[[folder: Other members of Bravo Company]]

!Captain Craig “Encino Man” Schwetje
->'''Played by''': Brian Wade

Bravo’s CO - a former intelligence officer put in a position he is distinctly unsuited for.

%%* BigOlEyebrows
* DumbJock: He was a football player in college, and the stereotype of athletes being dumb definitely applies to him. He manages to sound off like a dumb jock when pushing the Humvee out of its predicament in the bridge, via Major Eckloff's motivational speech.
-->'''Cpt. Schwetje:''' "Men! Over here! Two-minute warning, guys, two-minute warning!" (''The men move the stuck Humvee'') "YEAH! WHOO! Gentlemen, this is the end zone! (''Does an end zone dance'') Whoo! Whoo! Yeah! Go Yellow Jackets!"
%%* TheNeidermeyer
* RousingSpeech: Attempts one but it's so terrible, it makes Sixta's rants look like poetry
%%* ThoseTwoGuys: with Griego.
* TooDumbToLive: {{Inverted}}: He tries to call in an artillery strike practically on his own position, despite the protests of his subordinates, against enemy forces that his Marines had already destroyed. They're all saved only because he manages to screw up the protocol for properly calling in an artillery strike -- meaning that the artillery won't go ahead -- and he isn't even using the right grid coordinates to accidentally kill himself and his men. His EpicFail is so complete that it loops right back around and saves him and his men.
** Other highlights include taping over the windows of his Humvee (to make it extra-tactical) to the point he can no longer see out of it, and ordering Bravo to assault an enemy position already under fire from USMC [=LAVs=], on foot DIRECTLY IN FRONT of said [=LAVs=], practically begging for a friendly-fire incident.
* WhatAnIdiot[[invoked]]: He's so boneheaded that even other characters thinks he's a dumbass. Case in point, the aforementioned attempted artillery strike call that was suicidally close to his own position, although luckily he was stupid enough to get the protocols wrong:
-->'''Sgt Lovell:''' "Sir, that's a cunt hair over 200 meters, sir. That's danger-close for artillery."\\
'''Cpt. Schwetje:''' "Danger-close?"\\
'''Sgt Lovell:''' "Sir, "danger-close" is an artillery strike within 600 meters of a friendly position. 200 meters... That's pretty much on top of our heads."
** The fire direction center[[note]]in laymen's terms, the middleman between the caller and the guns[[/note]] is more subtle in their response:
--->'''Steel Rain''': "Hitman, this is Steel Rain, reconfirm grid zone designator."\\
'''Hitman''': "Umm, what do you mean?"\\
'''Steel Rain''': Stand by Hitman, break, break. Assassin, this is Steel Rain, ''your'' grid zone designators are correct. Message to observer..." '''followed by a read back of ''Assassin''[='=]s call for fire instead of Hitman's'''

!Gunnery Sgt “Casey Kasem” Griego

Bravo Company Operations Chief. He's Encino Man’s senior enlisted man and is similarly disrespected by the Marines.

%%* TheDragon: to Encino Man.
* TheNeidermeyer: initially; however, ''after the events of the book/series'', he was put in a position of leadership where he excelled, thus becoming…
* SergeantRock: After the events of the story.
%%* TookALevelInBadass: post-series.

!Captain Dave "Captain America" [=McGraw=]
->'''Played by''': Eric Nenninger

The inept commander of Bravo’s 3rd platoon, prone to bouts of hysteria and stupidity. Due to his higher rank, he has the right to order Fick and his men about -- a right that he doesn’t hesitate to abuse.

* AttackAttackAttack: "Follow my tracers!"
* BayonetYa: When he isn't using an AK, he always appears to have his bayonet fixed to his issued service rifle, despite being well out of range to use it.
** When he tries to stab a restrained POW, he predictably fails badly.
* BattleTrophy: He's more interested in collecting Iraqi weapons and uniforms than running his platoon.
* DirtyCoward: Panics at the first sign of danger. Worse, he does it over the radio so the whole platoon can hear him freaking out.
* DoWrongRight: He tries to murder a captured Iraqi citizen with his bayonet, but misses repeatedly. One of the marines notes that Captain America is such an incompetent asshole that he's an EpicFail even at committing war crimes.
* EnsignNewbie: of the worst sort.
%%* IronicNickname
* KarmaHoudini: Due to Godfather's unwillingness to act and having connections he manages to go unpunished for his attempted murder of a prisoner and mental torture of another.
%%* KickedUpstairs
%%* LargeHam
%%* LeeroyJenkins
%%* TheLoad
* TheNeidermeyer: Not so much a nasty officer, but completely incompetent and utterly despised by the men under his command. Any interactions he has with his men end with them shaking their heads - even ''when he's being friendly''.
-->'''Captain America:''' "Godspeed! God-fucking-speed to you!" (''He waves to Colbert, Fick, and Kocher'')
-->'''Kocher:''' "Fucking Captain America."
* NeverMyFault: In the book, he tries to blame one of his corporals for firing the captured [=AKs=], but fails when no one else in the vehicle will support his story. Later, when Redman and Kocher are demoted for the bayonet incident (that he was responsible for) he doesn't seem very interested in setting the record straight.
%%* NoIndoorVoice
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: His real name is never stated in the book. This is deliberate, since Wright didn't want him to get harassed about his actions. The series averted this: in the DVD, he's constantly referred to by his first name (Dave), and the Blu-Ray version shows his full name in the Chain of Command extra.
* RealityIsUnrealistic: the series actually toned down his more outlandish behavior.
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveConnections: One of the reasons he gets away with his unprofessional conduct; his uncle is a colonel at USCENTCOM. Some of the marines believe the only reason he got into Recon in the first place is due to nepotism.
* WhatAnIdiot[[invoked]]: Like Encino Man, he's so stupid that everyone in the series knows it.
-->'''Corporal Person:''' "Can you believe that fucking retard is in charge of people?"
* WrongGenreSavvy: thinks he's in an epic action movie.
** He might think he's in Vietnam since he references it all the time.
-->'''Captain America:''' "These people are worse than the goddamn V.C.!"

!Sgt Eric Kocher

One of 3rd platoon team leaders.

* HypercompetentSidekick: he is infinitely more capable than his platoon commander.
* NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished: Eric actively tries to counteract the dangerous idiocy of Captain America including slugging him in the jaw to prevent his execution of a prisoner. On another occasion Captain America psychologically tortures a prisoner as Kocher stares on horrified and tries to talk him out of it. The entire team is reported as Kocher is suspended whilst Captain America retains his position.
* OnlySaneMan: in his relationship with Captain America.
%%* SergeantRock


[[folder:Other battalion members]]

!Lt. Colonel “Godfather” Ferrando
->'''Played by''': Chance Kelly

Previously a commander of the parade ground at Headquarters Marine Corps in Washington DC, now the man in charge of 1st Recon battalion. He's the highest ranking officer in the field and answers directly to General Mattis.

* CatchPhrase: During his briefings to his officers, he's fond of "What does Godfather think?" as a lead-in to his summation.
* TheChainsOfCommanding: Most of his orders involve using his Recon Marines for missions they are entirely poorly suited for (massed assaults, high speed gun-and-run mounted recons, etc. rather than small teams of highly trained scouts). He is getting his orders from General Mattis, and feels he isn't in any position to refuse them.
-->'''Godfather''': Major General Mattis's plan went against all our training and doctrine, but I can't tell a general I don't do windows.
%%* ColonelBadass
* GlorySeeker: in the book, the men speculate he’s trying to get his men killed on purpose.
* GutturalGrowler: He has a very distinct low voice due to having had throat cancer.
%%* LanternJawOfJustice
* NomDeGuerre: Because of the throat cancer he speaks like Creator/MarlonBrando in Film/TheGodfather.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: It varies from one scene to another; his decisions are not very popular with the Marines, but he’s definitely competent and he'll often come to some sort of compromise.
* ThirdPersonPerson: He often refers to himself as "Godfather" or "Ferrando."
* WrongGenreSavvy: He seems to think he's in charge of an armoured infantry unit instead of a light recon unit. In fact, if he had been put in charge of armoured infantry, his orders and tactics would be perfectly valid, and as pointed out during the mini-series, his superiors are using his unit like they were armoured infantry anyway, and expecting Godfather to follow that. Later editions of the book say that the men under his command, in hindsight, acknowledge that he was a good commander and making the right decisions based on the intel and resources at his disposal.

!Major Todd Eckloff
->'''Played by''': Benjamin Busch

Battalion XO.

* DeathGlare: Shuts up a panicking Captain America with one
%%* MajorlyAwesome
* PinkMist: The result of him using his below mentioned shotgun on an Iraqi soldier in the book
* ShotgunsAreJustBetter: Carries a Benelli automatic twelve-gauge shotgun in the book and more than proves it's effectiveness when called upon.

!Sgt Major John Sixta
->'''Played by''': Neal Jones

1st Recon Battalion Sergeant Major.

* BerserkButton: the grooming standard.
%%* DrillSergeantNasty
* GenghisGambit: knows exactly how ridiculous it is to keep harping on the Marines for the grooming standard, and not only does he do it so they can hate him as an outlet, he has Gunny Wynn tell him when morale drops so he can time it right.
** Pappy lampshades this after Sixta chews him out for not having yet shaved his moustache.
--> '''Sgt. Patrick''': "Well, we all got jobs to do. Sgt. Major Sixta's job is to be an asshole... and he excels at the position."
%%* JerkassFacade
%%* LargeHam
* NoIndoorVoice: Constantly shouting abuse at his Marines.
%%* ObfuscatingStupidity
* RousingSpeech: fails to deliver one in Episode 1.
* TheUnintelligible: Or as Ray calls it, "Illiterate fucking retard-ese"

!Captain Bryan Patterson
->'''Played by''': Michael Kelly.

CO of Alpha Company.

* ADayInTheLimelight: "Combat Jack" is the only time he's shown on one of Alpha's missions away from Bravo Company.
* {{Foil}}: to Encino Man. Each commands a company, yet Patterson actually knows what he's doing.
%%* OfficerAndAGentleman
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: After most of the action is done, he has what is officially described as an "outburst", which is to say he puts Encino Man into a headlock and slams him into a wall after Encino Man roughly shoulder-checked an enlisted Marine from Alpha during an athletic competition.
* HeroOfAnotherStory: Alpha Company's missions are mostly heard about but not shown. Justified as Wright is rarely ever in the same place as Patterson.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: the one shining example among the higher command.
* ScarfOfAsskicking: In the series Patterson and "Encino Man" look alike so Patterson has a big blue shemagh around his neck to tell him apart.

!Sgt Christopher Wasik
The battalion driver, famous for his characteristic Hitler ‘stache.

!Lt Alex Aubin
Battalion Surgeon.

->'''Played by''': Nabil Elouahabi

The 19-year-old Kuwaiti Battalion Translator.

%%* BigEater
* BlatantLies: half of what he's translating for Bravo men is made-up shit, per orders from above.
%%* CunningLinguist
* FunctionalAddict: he's a serious dope smoker.
* GeekPhysiques: he's overweight, which makes him stand out among the rest of the cast.
%%* {{Greed}}
%%* OnlyOneName
* ShotgunsAreJustBetter: Carries one as his defensive weapon.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: his name is written either as Meesh or Mish, with the latter being the more correct version.
* TheSlacker: he's not particularly conscientous about his work.