''Gaia'' has LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters. Here they are - or at least some of them.


[[folder:Barton Characters]]
'''Agatha:''' The old lady who runs Barton Jewellers. Old flame of Logan's.
* FanDisservice: Her infamous "Sagatha" Halloween costume.
* HalloweenCosplay: One of the original cosplayers in 2004 as [[Franchise/{{Ghostbusters}} Slimer]]. Later years brought us the memetic "Sagatha", a blue-skinned Medusa costume with a metal bra and not much else.
** In 2010 ,she cosplayed as Cleopatra
* NeverMessWithGranny: Not a grandmother ''yet'', but one piece of dialogue from a ''zOMG!'' quest involving her suggests that she finds the Animated more of a nuisance than an actual threat, and makes trips to Durem despite them and the barricade (and the rumored greater Animated presence in Durem).
** There's also her fearlessness in putting her body on display every Halloween...
* ShopKeeper

'''Barrett:''' The assistant to your Aquarium. Currently living with Mirai.
* FriendToAllLivingThings: He loves fish.
* JustFriends: There is ''a lot'' of speculation about Barrett and Mirai's relationship. But they probably put the fish before their own relationship.
** Barrett definitely shows signs of interest in Mirai. And seeing as the two were based on a real-life couple among Gaia staff...
* ManlyTears: He will shed some when one of your fish dies.

'''Carl:''' Apparently runs "Junk In The Trunk," and by "apparently," we mean "he's a perfectly normal elk standing behind the counter of a shop." And by "perfectly normal," we mean ''completely'' mundane.
* BerserkButton: Apparently loud sounds are enough to get Carl riled up, but if you value your crew's life in Frontier Skies, [[ItsPersonal do not kill his kin!]]
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: The whole "deer caught in the headlights" look. Very creepy.
* TheMillstone: You could choose him as a guide during the Summer '10 event, which was an AffectionateParody of ''VideoGame/TheOregonTrail''. Among other things, he would eat your bullets and/or throw them overboard... and ''kill the entire party'' if you shot other elk while hunting.
** As a result, the badge you get for winning with him is [[BraggingRightsReward easily the most expensive of the badges]].
* ShopKeeper
* TalkingAnimal: Averted. Some holiday season errors result in him accidentally praising you for Christmas carols or Trick Or Treats.

'''Damian "Ian" Von Helson:''' Owner of Barton Boutique, a clothing shop specializing in costume items. He's the firstborn son of Vladimir Von Helson, and elder brother of Louie Von Helson.
* {{Adorkable}}
* BewareTheNiceOnes: If you harm or threat any of his closest friends and family menbers, you're gonna be in for some major trouble.
* BigBrotherInstinct: Very much so to Louie especially after they both reunited.
* CharacterDevelopment: Quite a major one. The outcome? Check his [[TookALevelInBadass level of badass!]]
* CoolLoser
* {{Dhampyr}}: Vampire on his father's side, human on his mother's.
* FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire: Due to years of exposure in the human world, Ian, by far, doesn't request much for his vampire needs, and gets along with people very well.
* HalloweenCosplay: He's pretty much the resident anime themed cosplayer. Since the boutique upgrade, he usually plays TheHero characters.
** Daisuke Jigen from ''Franchise/LupinIII'' (2008)
** Goku from ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' (2010)
** Kotetsu T. Kaburagi from ''Anime/TigerAndBunny'' (2011)
** [[TheNthDoctor Eleven]] from ''Series/DoctorWho'' (2012)
** Eren Yeager from ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'' (2013)
* HellishPupils: Comes from being half vampire. Ian's anything but "hellish," though.
* KindheartedCatLover
* NiceHat
* ShopKeeper
* TookALevelInBadass: Halloween 2K7 movie MMVII part II. [[spoiler: Ian transformed into vampire battle mode, swanged ''Zhivago 2'' full circles in midair, tossed him up in the air, and send him off with a flykick. Later got stabbed by Zhivago again on the hand, but not only did Ian took a bite in paining Zhivago off the building, he pulled out the dagger in his hand in ''full ease''.]]
** In the Crystal Overdrive CI, [[TheHero Ian]] not only earned his BishieSparkle, he also [[{{Dragonball}} supersaiyaned]] into [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Cloud]].
* VegetarianVampire: Close, though he's very good at not craving for blood, he's certainly consumes human food normally, like cooked meat, and pies.

'''Leon:''' Captain of the Barton Regulars. Also runs the Guild Registry.
* [[CityGuards City Guard]]
* ExtremeOmnivore: He'd have to be, to eat [[LethalChef his mom's]] cooking.
* MadeOfIron: Supposedly, he's "really tough" even by Gaian standards. Again, his mom's cooking.
* TheStoic
* WordOfGod: '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Not. Rina's. Brother.]]'''

'''Mirai:''' Owner of Phin-Phang, the cash-only aquarium store.
* GratuitousJapanese: Her parents are named "Logan" and "Agatha." So what's up with the Japanese name?
* MulticoloredHair: Blonde with pink and blue highlights.
* ShopKeeper

'''Rina:''' Owner of Barton Flowershoppe, now revamped into the Buttercup Café.
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Even though her relationship to Leon [[http://web.archive.org/web/20030608082436/http://www.go-gaia.com/forum/character.php never actually existed]] as such.
* CheerfulChild
* GenkiGirl
* GirlishPigtails: As a child.
* HalloweenCosplay: As [[Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia Italy]] in 2010, and as an anthropomorphic flower prior to that.
** As Franchise/SailorMoon in 2012
* InnocentFlowerGirl: Parodied, then averted. She's a GenkiGirl, a YaoiFangirl, a bully, and a LethalChef. And she supported ''[[ObviouslyEvil Sin]]'' in Halloween 2009.
* ItemCrafting: Makes bouquets from flowers you picked in Gaia Towns.
* LethalChef: The "[[http://www.gaiaonline.com/journal/journal.php?mode=view&post_id=31924333&u=4537 special cupcakes]]" she sells have ''flowers'' in them and make people sick, and she's also made such things as a "chocolate-rhubarb-sausage pie".
* SheIsAllGrownUp: She used to just be a cute and energetic little girl. [[http://s.cdn.gaiaonline.com/images/store2/xmas_rina.png?4/ This is her now]]. Quite a ladylike expression, too.
* ShopKeeper
* YaoiFangirl
* YuriFan: She wanted a "sexy succubus" and shipped several girl-girl pairings during the Ships Happen Chance Item, ''including Kanoko and herself''.

'''Rufus:''' Ian's talking cat. He apparently comes from a "[[ItRunsOnNonsensoleum long line of talking cats]]" and help Ian run the store.
* CuteKitten
* HalfDressedCartoonAnimal: A minor plot point in ''zOMG!'' He has a pair of pants he can't wear, because they don't have a zipper, so there's no place for his tail.
* NonHumanSidekick
* ShopKeeper
* TalkingAnimal

[[folder:Aekea Characters]]
'''Bildeau:''' One of the legal bots living in Aekea. Works in The Faktori, a store for house items.
* GratuitousJapanese: It throws a IRASHAIMASU once in a while in its shop dialogues.
* RobotBuddy
* ShopKeeper

'''Bludeau''' Another bot living in the town. Used to sell floor furnishing in the Factori until it replaced Josie in the Gaian Housing Commission.
* AndCallHimGeorge:
-->'''Bludeau:''' Please allow me to hug you. I promise not to crush you like the last six customers...
* RobotBuddy
* ShopKeeper
* TinMan It's troubled by not feeling emotion, but is still obsessed with knowing...
* WhatIsThisThingYouCallLove

'''Josie:''' Previous owner of the Housing Commission. Now runs her own store with Global Imports, specializing in exotic and period clothing.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Specially her earring throwing skills. Also, it's mentioned at some point that she's a [[RetiredBadass retired boxer]], and until her makeover for Global Imports [[SleevesAreForWimps she had the buff arms to prove it]].
* DemotedToExtra: Faded from public view when Housing failed, but [[AscendedExtra rebounded]] with the opening of Global Imports.
* HalloweenCosplay: As Film/MaryPoppins in 2010.
* ShopKeeper
* TokenMinority, TwoferTokenMinority: Female and black.

'''Liam:''' Runs The Jock Strap, a shop specializing in athletic wear. Builds robots. Occasionally wears reading glasses.
* BishieSparkle
* GeniusDitz
* HalloweenCosplay: As [[Manga/KurokoNoBasuke Kise]] in 2012.
* HandsomeLech
* HollywoodNerd: Justified; apparently he's as big on fitness and womanizing as he is on robots, and puts effort into maintaining his image.
* MulticoloredHair: Red with white-blonde tips.
* SenseiForScoundrels: Tries to be this for Gino. It doesn't work.
* ShopKeeper

'''Ribateau:''' The third of the known Aekean bots. A specialist in wall furnishing in The Faktori.
* HumansAreBastards: Its philosophy.
* RobotBuddy
* ShopKeeper

'''Sam:''' Runs [[DoubleEntendre Sam's Body & Parts]], the automotive shop.
* GenderBlenderName
* HalloweenCosplay: As Pris from ''Film/BladeRunner'' in 2010 and as Gadget Hackwrench from ''WesternAnimation/ChipNDaleRescueRangers'' in 2012
* HiddenDepths: The updated rerelease of ''Frontier Skies'' reveals her to know a fair bit about wilderness survival, handwaved as an interest in do-it-yourself stuff.
* MsFanservice: An update to the garages featured changed art of her looking all dishevelled and dirty. Prior to that, she wore a jumpsuit [[AbsoluteCleavage open to her waist]].
* ShopKeeper
* {{Tsundere}}: Towards Liam, but now that they've hooked up. it doesn't seem to show as much anymore.
* WrenchWench
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair

[[folder:Durem Characters]]
'''Devin:''' Helps Natasha run Skin Tyte. Has the hots for Lance.
* CampGay: Ever since he put on that pink shirt.
* GentleGiant: Yes, he's tattooed, muscled, and has ping-pong ball horns. But he's harmless.
* HalloweenCosplay: As an Oni in 2010.
* ItemCrafting: Mixes inks for you if you want an unusual color.
* PetHomosexual
* ShopKeeper
* StraightGay: Was this at first, but that was only before we even knew anything about him. Soon after he was revealed gay, they replaced his big muscles and red wife-beater with a lean frame and a pink button down shirt.

'''Edmund:''' Runs H&R Wesley, a shop specializing in formal wear. Also a brilliant scientist who used to work for (and occasionally works with) Johnny K. Gambino.
* BadassBookworm
* BadassGrandpa
* ChivalrousPervert
* CoolOldGuy
* GoodScarsEvilScars: Good scars, an X on his forehead and a few on his chest, both from a fight with Zhivago.
* HalloweenCosplay: Franchise/{{Batman}} for 2k9, and again in 2010. In previous years, he went as Film/JamesBond. In 2011, he went as [[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedBrotherhood Ezio Auditore da Firenze]].
* MrFanservice: Yes. Believe it or not, with all the bishies running around, Edmund has one of the bigger fangirl followings on Gaia.
* ShopKeeper

'''Moira:''' Runs Durem Depot, a shop specializing in punk and goth fashion.
* HalloweenCosplay: Typically as [[VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}} Morrigan Aensland]]. Rumor has it she was one of Gaia's first Halloween cosplayers in 2004 as [[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet Freddy Krueger]]. In 2010, she cosplayed as [[Franchise/GhostInTheShell Mokoto Kusangi]]. As of 2011, [[Videogame/{{Portal}} Chell]].
* ItemCrafting: Makes colored ink from the bugs you caught in Gaia Towns.
* PerkyGoth
* ShopKeeper
* {{Tsundere}}: Apparently towards Louie.

'''Natasha:''' Owner of Skin Tyte, Gaia's piercing and tattoo parlor.
* HalloweenCosplay: As a very {{Stripperiffic}} [[VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft Night Elf]] in 2010.
* ShopKeeper

'''Stein:''' Owner of Crosstitch, a shop for items designed by Gaians.
* FrankensteinsMonster
* LongHairedPrettyBoy

'''Vanessa:''' Owner of Salon Durem.
* ChattyHairdresser
* GagBoobs: "Yes, they're real."
* GreenEyedMonster: She's hinted to be jealous of [[MulticoloredHair Mirai's]] [[SeriousBusiness hair]].
* HalloweenCosplay: As Creator/{{Elvira|Mistress Of The Dark}}. In 2010, she cosplayed as Dr. Girlfriend/Dr. Mrs. the Monarch from ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers''.
** She's ComicBook/{{Catwoman}} in 2012
* MulticoloredHair: Black and bleach-blonde. Justified since she's a hairstylist and can give you [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair some pretty wacky colors]]. Her advertisement even shows that she does Sasha's highlights.
* ShopKeeper

'''Violet:''' Daughter of Edmund and Vanessa
* BabiesMakeEverythingBetter: After the event with Nyx followed by months of storyline drought; the discovery of Violet was a delight to the community.
** With Peyo growing up, the baby is one of few child [[=NPCs=]].
* BeautyMark: Under her left eye.
* GrayEyes
* HalloweenCosplay: She was dressed-up as [[PokemonSunAndMoon Mimikyu]] for October 2017.
* RavenHairIvorySkin
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Violet sports a shade of purple hair of her namesake. She gets it from her mom, which proves its natural.

[[folder:Isle de Gambino Characters]]
'''Becky:''' Manages Prize & Joy, where tickets won in the Gold Mountain casino can be redeemed for prizes.
* BareYourMidriff
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Russell Ace specifically bribes you not to tell Becky he lost to you at Blackjack, although it could just mean he has a crush on her.
* BlackComedyRape: Becky's fear of costume events stems from the attentions of a stallion while she was in the back of a horse costume.
* HalloweenCosplay: Prior to 2010, she didn't dress up for holidays, citing a fear of costumes. In more recent years, she seems to have overcome this, as she went as Music/LadyGaga in 2010.
** She was Panty from Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt in 2011.
** And Saber from LightNovel/FateZero in 2012
* ShopKeeper

'''Johnny K. Gambino:''' Owner of Isle de Gambino and G-Corp. Father of Gino Gambino.
* BigOlEyebrows
* BumblingDad
* CorruptCorporateExecutive
* DivineParentage: Presumably the source of Gino's divine blood, unless [[EpilepticTrees Kuro's about to send assassins for Ian and Louie]].
* EvilLaugh
* EvilutionaryBiologist
* HalloweenCosplay: Himself with a severed head.
* InexplicablyAwesome: And probably where Gino gets his WeirdnessMagnet.
* KilledOffForReal: There was even a funeral held for him by the Staff, complete with dramatic sobbing. His profile and avatar have been changed to be a memorial, and the GCD is still a little bit in denial. The denial's well-founded. He'd acquired an interactive role, walking new members through the process of adding others to their friends list, giving out items, and even performed the Anniversary 2010 announcement.
* LargeAndInCharge
* LargeHam
* MadScientist
* MysteriousMiddleInitial: For the longest time, nobody knew what the K stood for. WordOfGod stated that "the world is not ready to know", [[ShrugOfGod which was assumed to be admin code for "we never actually thought about it"]]. Eventually one of the founders came back for a visit and held an impromptu Q&A, where he revealed it to be [[spoiler:Kage]].
* ProperlyParanoid
* SacrificialLion
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney
* ScrewTheRulesIHavePlot
* ShirtlessScene: Following his [[FusionDance separation from Gino]].
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Caviar and nachos.
* VillainWithGoodPublicity

'''Gino Gambino:''' Son ([[DudeLooksLikeALady sometimes mistaken for daughter]]) of Johnny K. Gambino. Has ''zero'' talent with women.
* BarbieDollAnatomy
* BigOlEyebrows: Led to the "Twinkie Brows" meme.
* {{Bishounen}}: Played straight during the FusionDance plotline, has since been deconstructed: his skinniness is ''caused by poor health'', and he's sometimes drawn as genuinely unhealthy-looking.
* ButtMonkey: Anything happens to this guy. He's lost his memory, has no talent with women, has disappeared three times, has his house burned three times, was infected by the G-virus, was made fun of constantly by the people in his boarding school and then got possessed by a clam. Two of the three aforementioned disappearances involved being kidnapped by vampires.
* CoolLoser
* DistressedDude: All the time.
* DivineParentage: It's revealed by Meili that he's the last descendant of a Titan.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: Lampshaded by his doll.
* FusionDance: With his father.
* LoveMakesYouEvil / DrivenByEnvy: Towards the end of the Masque arc, Gino became violently jealous over Sasha's relationship with Ian. This led to the confrontation that ended in the explosive end of the [[FusionDance fusion effect]].
* MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter: Yeah, he's male, but he still fits pretty well.
* NakedPeopleAreFunny: [[BestKnownForTheFanservice Everybody remembers the Overseer possession.]] Less well-remembered is his lack of pants at the end of the fusion plot.
* TookALevelInBadass: During the Masque arc, when he became a masked superhero due to the [[FusionDance fusion]] with his father.
* WeirdnessMagnet: Even by [[WidgetSeries Gaia]] standards.

'''Lex:''' Works at Gold Mountain. Impersonates Elvis occasionally.
* ADayInTheLimelight: The Lexbox RIG, featuring him jumping through different videogame scenarios while knocked unconscious.

* RedEyesTakeWarning: Counter-example.

'''Jinx:''' Works at Gold Mountain as the second dealer you face in Blackjack.
* CallingYourAttacks: Blackjack cheats. Jinx's is "Fresh Start", which allows her to discard her present hand and draw a new one.
* {{Tsundere}}: Implied in the dating sim scenario of the Lexbox, where she's turning away from Lex with a pout.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair

'''Russell Ace:''' Works at Gold Mountain as the first dealer you face in Blackjack.
* CallingYourAttacks: Blackjack cheats. Ace's is "Pocket Ace", which allows him to automatically draw an ace card.
* GayOption: In the Lexbox's dating sim stage.
* KissOfLife: In the Lexbox's Game Over screen. Lampshaded by Becky as incorrect treatment for a concussion.
* TakeThat: Ace was based on a member of the Gaia staff who was a bit of a {{Jerkass}}.

'''Sasha:''' Owner of Gambino Outfitters, a shop specializing in beach and summer wear. Has swapped spit with Gino (and possibly his father, due to a FusionDance plotline). Also has dated Liam with the full knowledge of Gino and Ian having an interest in her.
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Possibly an islander, possibly a ganguro.
* TheChick
* TheDitz: [[EpilepticTrees Possibly]] of the GeniusDitz variety; she's apparently capable of giving hospital-quality medical care.
* HalloweenCosplay: As [[TheRing Samara]]. In 2010, she wore a banana costume.
** In 2011, she was Franchise/BlackRockShooter. In 2012, she was [[WesternAnimation/LegendOfKorra Korra]].
* LoveInterest: For Ian, Liam and Gino.
* MulticoloredHair: Brown with blonde streaks. Justified, as the advertisement for Salon Durem has a picture of Vanessa working on Sasha's hair.
* ShopKeeper
* ValleyGirl: In her shop dialog. Used to be more prominent than it is now, but it still shows up in [[CrowningMomentOfFunny her poetry]].

'''Ruby:''' Owner of Ruby's Rack.
* AbsoluteCleavage
* ChristmasCake
* DoubleEntendre: "[[LampshadeHanging It refers to the clothing racks, smartass.]]"
* HalloweenCosplay: As, fittingly, ComicBook/PowerGirl in 2012
* MaleGaze
* MyEyesAreUpHere
* ShopKeeper

'''Peyo:''' Child of Ruby. Helps her run Ruby's Rack.
* ADayInTheLimelight: The Animal Quackers RIG.
* CaptainErsatz: Did you know that Peyo's the one who created [[TheSmurfs those little blue and white-hat creatures]] in the forest?
* FriendToAllLivingThings: In Animal Quackers, he somehow gets into almost ''every'' enclosure at the zoo and gets along with all of the animals just fine. This is visibly lampshaded at least twice in the gorilla encounter.
* HalloweenCosplay: As Max from ''Film/WhereTheWildThingsAre'' in 2010.
** He was also Finn the Human from ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' in 2011.
* ItemCrafting: Makes paper crafts from pieces of trash you pick up in Gaia Towns.
* ShopKeeper

'''Meredith:''' Works at the Bank of Gambino as a teller.
* ADayInTheLimelight: The Code Alpha RIG, where she briefly takes up superheroism.
* HalloweenCosplay: One of the original cosplayers as [[Franchise/StarWars Darth Vader]] in 2004. Later, she cosplayed as a genderbent {{Dracula}}. [[FunnyAneurysmMoment You think her boss noticed?]]
* HotLibrarian: Well, bank teller technically, but she's got the look.
* {{Meganekko}}
* OfficeLady
* PluckyOfficeGirl

'''Labtech X:''' Worked for G-Corp before, during, and after the ZombieApocalypse (both of them). Was apparently close friends with Labtech 123.
* CloningBlues
* TheFaceless: With ScaryShinyGlasses in his earlier appearances.
* GeniusBruiser
* LargeAndInCharge
* LetXBeTheUnknown:
** [[spoiler: In ''[=zOMG!=]'', we learned that he has a bad case of the CloningBlues and is experimenting with the Animated to destroy Gaia in revenge for being neglected by Johnny Gambino.]]
** [[spoiler: In ''Grave Danger'', Labtech Rory revealed to X's fanthread that [[RuleOfEmpathy he enjoys celebrating his birthday with his coworkers]]. Or at least, he did when Rory was alive. When asked, Rory declined to "remind" the fanthread when X's birthday is.]]
* MadScientist
* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: Is motivated to destroy Gaia Online by [[spoiler:a bad case of the CloningBlues and [[WellDoneSonGuy lack of approval]] from his creator/parent/original, Johnny Gambino.]]

[[folder:The Von Helson Clan & Allies]]
'''Vladimir Von Helson:''' Ex-leader of Gaia's vampires. Father of Ian and Louie Von Helson, along with the twins. Presumed dead.
* BeardOfEvil
* BigBad: For the 2007 Halloween story.
* DroppedABridgeOnHim
* {{Expy}}: Of ''Franchise/{{Castlevania}}'''s Dracula. To the point that for MMVII, they allegedly hired his voice actor from ''Symphony of the Night''.
* HellishPupils: Standard for Gaian vampires.
* HighClassGlass
* InstantDeathBullet
* ManOfWealthAndTaste
* SkunkStripe: Two thin white streaks in his (dark) hair, one big stripe in his BeardOfEvil.

'''Anna Corinne Von Helson & Marie Von Helson:''' Twin daughters of Vladimir Von Helson. Half-siblings of Ian and Louie Von Helson. Anna Corinne wears blue. Marie wears red. That's about the only difference between them.
* AGlassOfChianti: The twins were having a toast when a skyscraper hit them in the face.
* BareYourMidriff
* ClingyJealousGirl
* DaddysLittleVillain
* EyepatchOfPower: Apparently just for looks; Marie flips it up in one of the manga updates, revealing that her eye is more or less normal underneath.
* GoodScarsEvilScars: After the aforementioned skyscraper incident, Marie has a ragged "evil" scar across her right eye, providing a more convenient way to tell them apart.
* HellishPupils: Vampires.
* IDoNotDrinkWine: But they do eat pies. (competed in the Pie Hard pie-eating contest and were eliminated)
* KickTheDog: In ''[=zOMG!=]'', Anne can be seen picking on Marie for her scars.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: From their first appearance, they were very obviously based on the Hilton sisters. That aspect's been played down since then, though.
* RichBitch
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney
* SpoiledBrat
* TwinThreesomeFantasy: And Liam ''still'' hit it and quit it.
* TheVamp: Until Liam swayed them with the power of his "pythons."

'''Louie Von Helson:''' Son of Vladimir Von Helson, and younger brother of Ian Von Helson. Current leader of Gaia's vampires. May or may not be a VegetarianVampire. He is also the shopkeeper of H&R Wesley since Edmund's disappearance.
* {{Dhampyr}}
* FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire
* HalloweenCosplay: Wears a very [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Uryu Ishida]]-esque costume in 2010. In 2012, he's [[Manga/BlackButler Sebastian]]. For 2013, he's sporting a very fan-servicing [[Manga/{{One Piece}} Trafalgar Law]] ensemble.
* HellishPupils: Standard for vampires. Louie's a pretty nice guy, though.
* HollywoodGenetics: His father had dark auburn hair. His mother was a blonde. Louie has black hair.
* IDoNotDrinkWine: But he does eat double-cheeseburgers (one of the possible events in "Frontier Skies" has him raiding your food supply), and he does eat pies (placed in the final six for the "Pie Hard" event). According to the comics associated with the latter, human-style food is digestible but unpleasant to vampires.
** Incidentally, [[FridgeBrilliance this helps explain]] the "[[VegetarianVampire soy-based blood substitute]]" incident in the unused storyline.
* TheWisePrince
* UpperClassTwit: A very zig-zagging case at times.

'''Zhivago:''' Vladimir's hired gunman. [[spoiler: Apparently now working for Don Kuro.]]
* ColdSniper
* DarkSkinnedBlond
* TheDragon
* EvenEvilHasStandards: He dislikes being sicced on Gino by Don Kuro. Note that he didn't seem to have any such reservations while working for Von Helson.
* GoodScarsEvilScars: Classic evil scar.
* HellishPupils: It's a vampire thing.
* PsychoForHire
* SupernaturalGoldEyes: Vampires have this whenever they're about to do something badass, otherwise their eyes are gray. Zhivago apparently has this effect going ''all the time''.

[[folder:Kuro Gang]]
TheMafia with [[OurElvesAreBetter dark elves]]. There's a StealthPun here.

'''Cordell Kuro'''
* ActionGirl
* {{Bifauxnen}}
* CoolBigSis
* Dhampyr: she is the product of her mother's affair with a vampire
* TheDragon: Maybe.
* HereditaryCurse: due to the Kuro Clan's treason, all their members have pitch-black, lifeless skin and extremely sensitive eyes, forcing them to live underground and away from sunlight. However, [[spoiler: due to her half-vampire blood]], Cordell doesn't suffer from it as much.
* HowTheMightyHaveFallen: The Kuro Clan was once one of the most powerful elf noble families before they were banished for treason
* SamusIsAGirl: Or at least, "[[MemeticMutation not a bishie]]".
* YouAreWhatYouHate: she often shows disdain for vampires, despite being half-vampire herself

'''Don Kuro (real name: Luca)'''
* DealWithTheDevil: He makes one with Nyx in order to revive his clan.
* EvilGenius
* HereditaryCurse: Like all members of the Kuro Clan, he is cursed with pitch-black, lifeless skin and extremely sensitive eyes. Because he is the family heir, he suffered the most from it, being sickly and having his growth stunted in childhood forever.
* NoFourthWall: One minigame had him attend an anime convention, find naughty doujinshi of himself and Devin, and tell the audience, "[[ShipSinking This isn't canon.]]"
* NotSoHarmlessVillain
* ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Looks like a 5-year-old, but is actually 800.

[[folder:Holiday Characters & Gods]]
'''Jack:''' The pumpkin-headed AnthropomorphicPersonification of Halloween.
* DarkIsEvil
* ForTheEvulz
* {{Jerkass}}

'''The Easter Bunny:''' Everyone's favorite lovable lapine as a psycho cyborg/robot/something.
* TheAlcoholic: Possibly, according to his origin comic.
* FluffyTheTerrible: The Easter Bunny has a habit of handing out "eggs" that are actually timebombs.
* RobotMe

'''Santa:''' The kindly old elf himself!
* EverythingsBetterWithCows: Santa spent a couple of years trapped in the body of a cow thanks to a FreakyFriday plot.
* MobileSuitHuman: Christmas elves are kinda small. When out and about among humans, Santa's been known to use a Santa-shaped mobile suit.
* SantaClaus
* TooDumbToLive: He spent the week leading up to Christmas 2k10 doing things like [[IJustShotMarvinInTheFace staring down the barrel of a shotgun while cleaning it with a kitchen scrub brush]] and skidding along a freshly-waxed floor with his socks on in a room full of swords.

'''The Overseer:''' A demi-god of old transformed into a clam. Until Demonbusters, he was found in your aqarium. Took over Gino's body during the Demonbusters event; turned into a mortal human by Jack after the event.
* BlindingBangs: Lifted just enough to show his eyes at the very end of the Demonbusters storyline, when he was made mortal.
* CloudCuckoolander: Spending a millennia as a clam might justify him being out of touch with some things, but when the one who spent it [[GirlInABox in a box]] is more street-smart than him...
* DemonicPossession: Subverted, as the possessor in this case is the good guy.
* DroppedABridgeOnHim: [[StatusQuoIsGod Thanks, Jack!]]
* [[GirlInABox Guy In A Clam]]
* GoofyPrintUnderwear: He got 'em (with little fish prints all over.) When he feels like wearing clothes, that is.
* HumanityEnsues: Jack transformed him into a mortal human at the end of the Demonbusters event.
* LargeHam: FEELS GOOD, MAN!
* MixAndMatchCritters / TwoBeingsOneBody: Between himself and Gino.
* MrFanservice
* NiceHat
* RedHerringShirt
* RedOniBlueOni: The blue to the Sentinel's red.
* WholeCostumeReference: Without his hat, he looks an awful lot like [[VideoGame/{{Persona 4}} Souji Seta / Yu Narukami]].

'''The Sentinel:''' A demi-goddess of old. Was stuck in a box for 1000 years, where she went mad. Tried to take over the world during the Demonbusters event; made into a mortal human by Jack after the event.
* AxCrazy
* DarkSkinnedRedhead
* [[DroppedABridgeOnHim Dropped A Bridge On Her]]
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer
* FreudianExcuse: Her imprisonment was implied to have been much less peaceful than her counterpart's.
* GirlInABox
* HotAsHell
* HumanityEnsues: Jack transformed her into a mortal human at the end of the Demonbusters event.
* LargeHam
* MsFanservice
* RedOniBlueOni: The red to the Overseer's blue.
* [[SealedEvilInACan Sealed Chaos In A Box]]
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Her usual wardrobe is comprised of these kinds of outfits.

'''Meili:''' A god found on Dref Dur that also happens to be a son of Gaia ([[Myth/GreekMythology as in Mother Gaia]]) and the god that the Overseer and Sentinel seek to try and see if they can gain their powers back through him.
* FacialMarkings
* {{Guyliner}}
* HandwrapsOfAwesome: They ''seem'' to be bandages, anyways.
* HellishPupils: His irises seem to be slitted (none of the pages gives you a good look at his eyes anyways), but (if true) subverted in that he's actually quite nice... to Gino, at least.
* HeroicSacrifice: Battles Zhivago to buy time for Gino to escape. Possibly subverted, as Meili was also one of Zhivago's targets.
* PrettyBoy
* PrettyInMink: Meili wears the fur of an animal or beast [[SkeletonsInTheCoatCloset alongside its skull]].
* SacrificialLion

'''Nyx:''' Another one of Gaia's sons. He is summoned by Luca to help the Kuro Clan. He is the one who has Don Kuro send assassins to kill Johnny K. and Gino Gambino.
* BlackEyesOfCrazy: but his sclerae were dark blue when he was younger.
* CainAndAbel: [[spoiler: with Meili]]
* NoShirtLongJacket: He wears this along with a pair of snug-fitting pants.
* OmnicidalManiac: It is unknown if he plans to (or even if he can) kill Gaia and here other sons, but he wreaks havoc in the mortal world by having lesser gods killed off and attacking the city of Durem.

[[folder:Cash Shop Item Characters]]
* TheBeard: Went to a prom event as Devin's date, even though it was known at the time that Devin doesn't swing that way. This, along with her choice of a tuxedo rather than a dress for the event, fueled speculation that Flynn was a lesbian.
* {{Meganekko}}
* PutOnABus: To space, then the Neon Core RIG rolled around and showed that she TookALevelInBadass.
* ShopKeeper
* SpacePirate: She's become quite a successful one, as seen in the Neon Core RIG.

* AmbiguouslyGay
* MrFanservice
* InnocentInnuendo: Lampshaded when Devin has an explosive {{Nosebleed}} at Lance bringing him a big, hard package.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Lance is no longer the La Victoire deliveryman and has not been seen or referenced since vanishing from this position.
* YaoiGuys: Promageddon 2009 ends with Lance and Devin as dance partners, probably indicating a promotion to "couple".

'''Dr. Singh:''' Hosts weekly Evolving Item reports. Apparently raised Timmy, though not very well.
* EvilutionaryBiologist: She put Timmy in a barrel of G-corp goo and spent several weeks gleefully observing his mutations.
* {{Jerkass}}: "Quit whining about your possibly-infected stab wounds, already!"
* KarmaHoudini: One of the options in a Timmy-related poll was to have him punish her for his mistreatment. People voted to make him an evolving item instead.

'''Timmy:''' Dr. Singh's muchly-abused assistant. Used to be a cute kid. Was infected with pure evil once. Then he came down with megapuberty and got a PlotRelevantAgeUp.
* AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence: He became an evolving item.
* BeardOfEvil: Part of his "T-Bone" persona.
* ButtMonkey.
* CreepyChild: Back when Timmy was infected with pure evil.
* EvilCostumeSwitch: "T-Bone" wore a suit.
* FanDisservice: His PlotRelevantAgeUp turned him into a gangly, awkward thing resembling Film/{{Borat}} rather than the MrFanservice that the EstrogenBrigade hoped he would be.
* {{Keet}}
* ManOfWealthAndTaste: While he was infected with pure evil and went by "T-Bone."
* ThePollyanna: Until after his jailtime, Timmy would always immediately forgive Singh for anything bad she did to him as soon as the situation was resolved, refusing to believe it was her fault, and was optimistic throughout his mutations. He seems to have grown out of it now, though.
* {{Pornstache}}

'''The Orion Siblings:''' A collection of [[AnthropomorphicPersonification starpeople]], consisting of Saiph (first appearing in the finale for the Fallen Wish EI,) his younger sister Hatsya (from the Lonely Star RIG,) and their older brother and sister Rigel and Mintaka.
* AnthropomorphicPersonification: Of the stars in Orion (who actually exists as their father).
* EarlyBirdCameo: Rigel and Mintaka appeared as [=SDPlus=] dolls in the Perfect Tragedy RIG with their faces obscured, a month before their proper introduction.
* EverythingsBetterWithSparkles
* {{Expy}}: The comparisons between Rigel and Mintaka and [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Team Rocket]] didn't go unnoticed by users.
* SiblingRivalry: Saiph and Hatsya like it on Earth, but Rigel and Mintaka want none of that. Too bad for them, then, that Orion punishes them by exiling them to Gaia.

'''Cygnus and Jet:''' The current shopkeeper of La Victoire
* Jerkass: Jet, to an extent, though his being an adorable kitten star kind of negates this.
--> "Please buy something nice so I can stop looking at such a poorly dressed person."
* TheVoiceless: Cygnus; Jet does all of the talking.

[[folder:Promotional Characters]]
Here because Gaia is in it for MoneyDearBoy.

'''Julie:''' Ran the MTV shop until late 2010.
* MoneyDearBoy: Cash items in a ProductPlacement store? ''Seriously'', Gaia?
* ProductPlacement
* ShopKeeper

'''Jaws:''' A cute little sharkboy found in the special Venus Garden world. During the Demonbusters storyline, however, he took over for the Overseer in the aquariums while the latter was battling on the frontline. Is currently still there while the Overseer's fate is left uncertain.
* AscendedExtra
* MrFanservice
* UnscaledMerfolk: Of the shark variety.

'''Loyal:''' the newest Gaia shopkeeper as of 2014. Runs Loyal's Bazaar.
* AscendedExtra: Started out as a character in the Cirque du Gothique and Carnivale de Gothique RIGs before being given his own shop.
* BareYourMidriff: Subverted: we don't see it because he is an invisible man.
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: Monsieur Loyal is the French name for a circus ringmaster, which he is.
* GratuitousForeignLanguage: Almost never makes an annoucement without a French stock phrase or two.
* MeaningfulName: Zig-zagged: he runs a shop for Gaians who loyally log in for 75 days straight, but he is the one who set that criteria and can change it anytime he sees fit.

'''Murasaki:''' Runs Mecha Neko, a shop with anime-inspired clothing and gear.
* EyepatchOfPower
* GirlsLoveStuffedAnimals: She has one called Puli.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Admits Murasaki is just an alias.
* ShopKeeper
* SplitPersonality: Half the time you'll see the {{Moe}} ShrinkingViolet Murasaki, the other half she'll be a bit more... [[SlasherSmile expressive]]
-->What do you mean I seem "nicer" sometimes?

[[folder:G Corp Labtechs (Halloween 2k4)]]
A number of quirky personalities that were the focus of the plot during October 2004. Considered by many to be the most promising characters in the history of Gaia's storyline; sadly, they appear to have been KilledOffForReal.

'''013:''' Tried to escape after finding out some of G Corp's darker secrets, but was [[DeadlyEuphemism laid off]] by 247 as a security measure.
* CameBackWrong
* HeKnowsTooMuch

'''062:''' Blackmailed Gambino for a better pension.
* PunchClockVillain
* {{Retirony}}

'''101:''' Not the brightest crayon in the box.
* HeadPet: Grunny, during the [=H2K4=] event.
* {{Keet}}

'''123:''' See [[spoiler:''zOMG!'' characters]].

'''126:''' Portrayed as relatively intelligent compared to some of his coworkers. Secretly married to 912.
* HappilyMarried: Presumably. The only problem seems to be the need to keep it secret in the workplace.

'''137:''' Hardworking; eventually surpasses 247 in this trait. Tries to maintain a masculine image. Has a thing for 138.
* IWantToBeARealMan
* MenDontCry: At one point, he mentions having hidden insecurities that make him "feel like a shy, helpless little girl".

'''138:''' A kleptomaniac, possibly without knowing it. Has a crush on 137.
* StickyFingers
* TheTalk: She received it from 912.

'''247:''' Initially a workaholic whose first priority was loyalty to G Corp, but started breaking down when his memories began to return.
* IdentityAmnesia
* ProfessorGuineaPig
* RedemptionEqualsDeath

'''722:''' Gambling addict who became a human test subject (well, more so than the others) after losing a lot of Johnny K.'s money.
* TheGamblingAddict
* [[LostHimInACardGame Lost Himself In A Card Game]]

'''909:''' Not too much stands out about him. He is often asleep on the job.
* MustHaveCaffeine: Not a particularly extreme example, but he does love his coffee.

'''912:''' Works alongside her husband, 126. Said "work" consists mostly of cuddle time.
* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: Her journal entries are in purple ink, probably to accentuate her somewhat girly nature.

'''957:''' Harbors countless conspiracy theories about G Corp; many of them are proven right as the plot unfolds.
* CrazySurvivalist: "...and most importantly: [[{{BFG}} MY BIG ASS]] [[ShotgunsAreJustBetter SHOTGUN]]!"
* ProperlyParanoid

[[folder:Grave Danger (Halloween 2k10) Characters]]
'''All Ghosts'''
* AndIMustScream: All of the ghosts were trapped in their graves for varying amounts of time, thanks to [[MegaCorp Omnidrink]].
* GhostlyGoals
* JacobMarleyApparel
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: Some of the ghosts qualify for this, considering there's Bigfoot and an actual robot ghost.

'''Arturo Robusto:''' The guy from the Lusty Scoundrel collectible as a ghost.
* {{Expy}}: He's your typical man-on-the-romance-novel-cover.

* TheAlcoholic
* ManOfWealthAndTaste

'''Brainbox:''' The ghost of a dead robot.
* TheUnintelligible: He often writes in numbers, rather than readable text.

'''Carrie Loggins''' The ghost of a dogwalker with a pack of ghostly dogs.
* VerbalTic: Think [[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings Gollum]] turned UpToEleven: "That's so funnies, isn't it, dawggie-woggies? Why wouldsie we be scaredy of thatsies!?"

'''Chauncey:''' The ghost of a boy who appears to be about 5-7 years old. [[TruthInTelevision Died when his parents left him in the car on a hot day.]]
* BewareTheNiceOnes: His difficulty rating is Hard.
* CursedWithAwesome: He isn't too worried about being unable to move on to the afterlife, since he's always wanted to be a ghost. Judging by the polls, users disagree.
* {{Expy}}: Of [[VideoGame/{{Mother3}} Lucas]], according to some.
* NamesTheSame: Not to be confused with the [[VideoGame/LuigisMansion other ghostly child]].

'''Constance Maplehart:''' A beekeeper who died when trying to depose the queen bee and take over the hive.
* AmbiguousGender: Constance is referred to as "she," but she has a male avatar. Perhaps she's an MTF...?
%%* BeeAfraid
* BeeBeeGun: One of her attacks is to sic bees on you.

'''Danger Dan:'''
* CompanionCube: Turns out the Tallulah he's looking for is a motorcycle he used in stunts. He's very happy to find 'her'.

'''Dinky:''' A ghost of... something that spent his life running around mazes.
* {{Expy}}: Of the ghosts in PacMan.
* TheUnintelligible: His posts comprise not of actual words, but of ASCII illustrations of PacMan.

'''Edith Drink:''' Michael's wife and groundskeeper at the cemetery. She died due to one of Omnidrink's products.
* {{Expy}}: Of [[VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney Dahlia Hawthorne]]. And much like Dahlia, her wispy self appears sweet and gentle... [[http://i51.tinypic.com/28247ro.jpg until you confront her.]] Brr...

'''Flagrante:''' A flamboyant musician.
* CaptainErsatz: Of Liberace.

'''Happy Day:''' The ghost of a hippie.
* NewAgeRetroHippie

'''Jay Brooks:''' The pimply teen who used to work at Gaia Theaters before it was removed from the site.
* WhosLaughingNow

'''Labtech Rory:''' The ghost of one of Gambino's labtechs and a coworker of the ones from 2004. Doesn't realize he's dead - in fact, he doesn't even believe in ghosts.
* FlatEarthAtheist: Somewhat justified, having died weeks before the first known "fantasy" race (the 2004 zombies) appeared.
* ForScience: Unsurprisingly.
* PetTheDog: When a "ghost hunter" pulled a gun on Chauncey, [[MomentOfAwesome Rory stole the gun and chastised him for attempting to shoot a child]].
** When someone made a joke comparing the members of his fanthread (with which he had interacted) to an EstrogenBrigade, he became indignant and asserted the respectability of the users in question. [[note]]Some of them did have a tendency to act fangirly, but either he was too naive to pick up on it, or he cared enough to stand up for them anyway.[[/note]]
* ShownTheirWork: The mod who "puppeted" the character [[ContinuityNod had a very intensive knowledge of the old G Corp plot]].
** Indeed, he crashed the [[spoiler: Labtech X]] fanthread and contributed some interesting trivia.
* TooDumbToLive: He died because he ate a piece of magnesium on a dare.

'''Megan [=McNulty=]:''' A dentist who loves causing other people pain.
* CompanionCube: Her tools.
* DepravedDentist: Subverted in her farewell thread. Possibly DoubleSubverted, as she starts petting her pliers.

'''Michael J. Drink:''' Formerly a scientist at Omnidrink, he quit in disgust when he realized how cruel his father was. Now works as the gravedigger.
* TheAtoner: He's dedicated his life to making up for the suffering he unwittingly inflicted on the ghosts.
* WellDoneSonGuy: All Michael ever wanted was his father's approval, until he realized just how much of a CorruptCorporateExecutive William was.

'''Michelle Nguyen:''' An insufferable hipster who carries a guitar "ironically," as she doesn't even play.

'''Nancy [=McCoughlan=]''' The ghost of "an ace gunfighter with impeccable aim."
* BigEater: She won an eating contest in life.
* {{Gunslinger}}

'''Noo''' is the ghost of a supermodel who, "now that she's off the catwalk, is unleashing her contempt of humanity on everyone."
* EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks: She was eaten by them.
* GagLips

'''Old Rusty:''' A ghost who wanders around in chains dragging a ball. Is really fond of breaking mirrors for some reason.

'''Pancakes:''' The ghost of a stack of pancakes.

'''Professor Kruelty:''' The ghost of a supervillain.
* BerserkButton: Anything that makes her think of "her" or "him," whoever they are.
* MurderTheHypotenuse: It's implied that this is how she died.
* {{Supervillain}}

'''Queen Riverwisp:''' "Once a benevolent forest guardian, but now she serves as a twisted instrument to the ghostly cause."
* GodSaveUsFromTheQueen: Now that she's an evil psycho ghost...
* TheHighQueen

'''Randy Folsom'''
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmws: Looks a lot like the police-hatted member of Music/VillagePeople.

'''Ricky the Dog-Faced Boy'''
* CaptainErsatz: Of the WolfMan.

'''Tia & Tamara:''' A pair of sadistic children who want to make people play all the games they hated.
* CreepyChild
* ShoutOut: Their names come from the sitcom ''Series/SisterSister''.
* StringyHairedGhostGirl

'''Thucydides Ambrosia:''' delights in insulting other people. Wears a pimp hat, bling, and grill.
* {{Jerkass}}

'''William F. Drink:''' Founder of Omnidrink; pretty much defines CorruptCorporateExecutive, and is responsible for the ghosts appearing.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive
* IgnoredEpiphany: Kind of. He's learned to value his son, but is still fairly corrupt.
* IronicHell: Not only was he trapped in his grave like the other ghosts, but he gets to be trapped while knowing that it's due to his own insensitivity.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone

[[folder:''zOMG!'' Characters]]
'''Blaze:''' Daughter of the pirate queen Marina, generally considered the mascot character for the game.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Mystically-empowered rings, just like everyone else in ''zOMG!''.
* KnifeNut: Totes a machete. Dialogue from the Barton Guards suggests she does that even when she's not in the jungle, and uses it to harass them.
* SheFu
* WeaksauceWeakness: The reason she's not a pirate? She gets ''seasick''.

'''Captain Cresento:''' Owner of Gaia's only airship. Debuted on April Fools' Day of '09 in ''zOMG!'', but has since barged into the main storyline.
* AprilFoolsDay: Captain Cresento appeared on April Fools' Day 09 in ''zOMG!'', where he offered to take your character to a new area. The joke was that ''zOMG!'' would 'crash' just before the new area loaded.
* CoolAirship: He owns one.
* DarkSkinnedBlond: Dark-skinned and silver-haired.
* EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas: [[spoiler: Cresento agrees to help Don Kuro due to him threatening to kill his mother.]]
* HalloweenCosplay: As [[{{Webcomic/Homestuck}} Eridan Ampora]] in 2011 and Loki for 2012 .
* HereditaryCurse: Averted. [[spoiler: despite being the 3rd cousin-once-removed of Don Kuro and a member of the Kuro Clan, his distance from them and half-human lineage means the curse has no effect on him]].
* {{Jerkass}}: He's got an ego the size of Manhattan Island, easily. When he crashed his airship into the Overseer's makeshift airtubship, one of his remarks was, "I hope you have insurance, Overseer. I think your garbage pile scratched my airship."
* NiceHat
* OurElvesAreBetter: Blink and you miss it: when informed that Cresento and Nicolae have been assigned to the same task as he, [[spoiler: Zhivago]] refers to them as a human and an elf. Nicolae's pretty clearly human, so that makes Cresento the elf.
** Specifically, he's half-elf, half-human
* SmallNameBigEgo
* SmugSnake
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: The page says 'Crescento', but the doll says 'Cresento'. Which is it?
** According to Lanzer, "Cresento". Not that people will ever stop being confused.
* SpockSpeak: Cresento speaks this way...well, according to his [[http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/zomg-gaia-s-mmo/zomg-post-christmas-update-completed-servers-open/t.57681585/ forum posts]] in the ''zOMG!'' forum.
* WhiteHairBlackHeart

'''Frank:''' A mysterious yet friendly nerd who initially provided your first rings.
* TheDragon: Not outright stated, but heavily implied.
* ForScience
* HollywoodNerd
* KillerRabbit
* MadScientist: He is Labtech 123.
* {{Meganekko}}: A male example, at first. [[spoiler:He show his [[FourEyesZeroSoul true nature]] later on...]]
* ObfuscatingStupidity
* {{Retcon}}: The opening sequence with him in the train was removed, along with most of the tutorials.
* WalkingSpoiler

'''Olivia:''' Leon's mother.
* LethalChef: Let's just say "don't eat the cookies" and leave it at that. The fact that Leon eats her cooking is a testament to his invulnerability.
* NeverMessWithGranny: She ''eats'' and ''enjoys'' her own cooking.

[[folder:Miscellaneous Characters]]
'''Cindy Donovinh:''' Anchorwoman for Action 9 News.
* AmbiguouslyBrown
* {{Meganekko}}
* ZettaiRyouiki

'''Logan:''' Runs the bait shop by Bass'ken Lake. Was involved with Agatha at some point.
* CoolOldGuy
* {{Expy}}: Of {{Wolverine}}.
* DayInTheLimelight: The Poseidon's Legacy RIG.
* ItemCrafting: Turns your caught fish into [[NiceHat funny hats]].
* ShopKeeper

'''Ron Bruise'''
* BoldlyComing: In the "Whatever Happened to Ron Bruise?" 4koma, he's making movies for the Zurg. One involves a bed scene with a fuzzy purple lipstick-wearing creature, who looks quite satisfied.
* ChurchOfHappyology
* GoofyPrintUnderwear: Ron's heart-print boxers.

'''Ivan:''' Represents the Gaian Revenue Service and collects taxes.
* AscendedExtra: Proved quite popular as a RIG character, came back for the SOS event and then joined the manga cast properly in the Promageddon event.
* ShipSinking: Ivan was revealed to be Meredith's cousin, and visibly [[{{Squick}} squicked]] at the thought of a [[KissingCousins romantic relationship with her]].

'''Nicolae:''' Owner of Back Alley Bargains
* BribingYourWayToVictory
* ChekhovsSkill: His interest in alchemy, introduced to justify his ItemCrafting service in ''[=zOMG!=]'', comes back in the Bad Guy Side Story, where he starts trying to convince Cresento to let him run a shop out of the airship.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Appeared in the Olympics '08 comics and in the Halloween '08 comics before being introduced as the shopkeeper for ''zOMG!'' power-ups.
* GoldSink: The Alchemy shop is pretty unrepentantly one, and also focuses a lot on recycling old RIG dummy prizes.
* HalloweenCosplay: As Alex from ''Film/AClockworkOrange'' in 2010. Decked out as [[Series/DoctorWho Captain Jack Harkness]] for 2013.
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor
* HiddenDepths: He's made it clear in the comics that he's not happy with the idea of killing Gino.
* HonestJohnsDealership
* ItemCrafting: For a nominal fee, he'll create wearable items from your ''zOMG!'' loot.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Maybe.
* MrFanservice
* OnlyFriend: Claims to be this for Cresento
-->Don't mind Cresento. He hates me too, and I'm pretty sure I'm his only friend.
* PrettyBoy
* ShopKeeper
* SmugSnake
* SnakeOilSalesman
* TooKinkyToTorture: Natasha threatens him with piercings in delicate places. Nicolae's reply? [[BiTheWay Ask if Louie can play, too.]]

'''Brennivin:''' Owner of [=Dernier*Cri=], who gave up being a wizard for fashion. Is also the presumed owner of the Dark Reflection, as he appeared as the "Mysterious Man" in the RIG's GameOver scenario.
* AlwaysCamp: The fact that he's so fashion-obsessed, coupled with his [[PrettyBoy attractiveness]], has led way too many people to believe that he's gay or metrosexual.
* CloudCuckoolander
* EarlyBirdCameo: See above. Oddly, the [=SDPlus=] dolls of him released in the Dark Reflection showed him in his current appearance well before it was revealed to the public, possibly invoking this trope even more.
* {{Expy}}: Basically Christian Siriano in cartoon form.
** Which is hilarious, since the ''real'' Christian Siriano [[TheCameo showed up in Ian's shop at one point to advertise]].
* FunnyForeigner
* GratuitousForeignLanguage: He switches between English, Norse and German a lot. Of course, that's because he speaks a very different language.
* HalloweenCosplay: As Creator/AndyWarhol, something a majority of the users didn't get at first glance.
** He was [[Manga/Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure Gyro Zeppeli]] in 2010.
** At one point he mentions that his father didn't approve of Halloween and once [[HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood turned him into a set of silverware]] for trying to trick-or-treat.
** He was Franchise/SherlockHolmes for Halloween 2011.
* MulticoloredHair: Black and red.
* ThePiratesWhoDontDoAnything: Rarely, if ever, does anything 'wizardy'. The last spell he cast was to find Gino, but ended up getting an email of his location first.
** Possibly justified, since he did give up wizardry to pursue his passion for fashion. Aside from the spells needed to create new stock, it makes sense for him to be out-of-touch.
* ShopKeeper: Of the biggest dMoneySink on the site, no less. Nearly everything in the shop has a cost in the millions, but is [[PimpedOutDress extremely]] [[ImpossiblyCoolClothes elaborate]] and often has [[EasterEgg hidden features or poses]].

'''Kanoko:''' First introduced in the Midsummer Swirl RIG, Kanoko is an exchange student who just has no luck with keeping a job. Is currently employed as the shopkeeper of Rococo, but we'll see how long that lasts.
* CuteClumsyGirl: The plot of the Dark Reflection kickstarts with her ''tripping'' into it, after all.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Like Brennivin, she and Radio Jack were designed for the luxury item shop, but introduced through [=RIGs=]. Not a lot of people realize this because of how much earlier Kanoko and Jack were introduced.
* HalloweenCosplay: For [=H2K9=], she was all dolled up as fellow NPC Hatsya. Something of a MythologyGag, considering the two characters were both created by the same artist (Ethe). In 2010, she dressed up as [[Literature/HarryPotter Hermione Granger]]. In 2012, she's dressed as [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Homura]].
* LethalChef: Possibly, but since it's only Rina's cooking that gets tasted out of both their efforts, we can't say for sure.
* NewJobAsThePlotDemands: Something of a RunningGag with her -- so far, she's been an ice cream vendor (fired by Ivan for forgetting to charge tax on her sales,) a star {{Mascot}} for a planetarium, and, as mentioned, Brennivin's assistant. It got so bad that she even tried to apply for a place in the Halloween event ''while she was still employed.''

'''Radio Jack:''' Also introduced in the Midsummer Swirl, as an "avid proponent of summertime evil". However, that "evil" really only extends to being a snarky little critter. Is speculated to either be owned by (or even ''created'' by) Brennivin.
* DeadpanSnarker
* EarlyBirdCameo: Like Brennivin, he and Kanoko were designed for the luxury item shop but introduced through [=RIGs=]. Not a lot of people realize this because of how much earlier they were introduced.
* HalloweenCosplay: [[Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean Radio Jack Sparrow]], anyone? He also did ''Easter'' cosplay as a Grunny in 2010. And when Halloween came around that year, he went as [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Pikachu]].
** In 2011 he was [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica QB]] and even said "Contract?" as a quote!
* MixAndMatchCritters: Some sort of rabbity-bat-thing. Some have speculated that he may or may not be a cabbit, just more demonic-ish.
* NonHumanSidekick
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: To some. His nephew Waidio, from the Luna's Incense RIG, is ''[[SerialEscalation even cuter]]''.

'''Diedrich:''' A talkative little grunnie who spoke with Radio Jack. He also owns a sextent and can guide an airship.
* BizarreAlienBiology
* BornLucky: Or at least, he's extremely lucky in the '10 Summer Event, having the highest starting loot and LuckStat.
** Though one of his events reveals that grunny's feet are actually ''unlucky''...
* CovertPervert: This ''has'' to be the reason why he's the one giving out items related to Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt.
-->Did you know only 1 in 1200 Gaians wears underwear? I'm the expert. Since I'm short.
* CuteLittleFang
* DroppedABridgeOnHim: Lanzer's cat eventually ate him.
* ExplosiveBreeder / TrulySingleParent: Began asexually reproducing for the Easter 2012 event.
* LittleKnownFacts: This is his entire shtick. He repeats [[BlatantLies "Did you know" trivia]] to anyone within earshot, followed by [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer "It's true!"]]
* MeaningfulName: Possibly inverted. The timing of his appearance and the fact that his name can be separated into "died rich" led to many theories regarding some connection with Gambino. There's no other evidence for any of it.
** [[spoiler: The epilogue of the Airship Saga revealed he was a failed prototype Grunny that ingested the cremated ashes of Gambino, transforming him into the fact spouting Diedrich. Edmund suspects he might be the reincarnation of Gambino, but couldn't get any confirmation out of Diedrich himself.]]
* NightmareFuelStationAttendant: He's got no problems with talking about horrible accidents.
* TalkingAnimal
* WhoWantsToLiveForever: During the Easter 2011 update, he gets bombed by the Easter Bunny, only to reveal that "Grunnies are [[MadeOfIron very hardy!]]" Then, [[MoodWhiplash he tearfully adds]], "''Maybe it is impossible to die...''"

'''Bruce Hardcastle:''' A sports announcer introduced during the Rejected Olympics of '09. Choked on a potato and died before Halloween; brought back to life ''during'' Halloween by Jack, and re-killed afterward when Jack crammed a potato down his throat. Currently roaming around as an angry ghost.
* BackFromTheDead: Twice; The Sentinel brought him back to life after he choked on a potato then Jack re-killed him after the 2k9 Halloween event; now he's come back as a ghost for the 2k10 event.
* GhostlyGoals: Type B.
* JacobMarleyApparel: He's wearing the same thing he wore when he choked on a potato.