[[WMG:Atlantiana "Tiaa" [[MyNaymeIs Rebekah]] Loren]]
A gothic JerkSue of staggering proportions. She beats up people who call her pretty to show off how unshallow she is. Her personality beyond this is basically a mush of CommonMarySueTraits. Scored a 200 on the [[http://www.springhole.net/quizzes/marysue.htm Universal Mary Sue Test]].

[[WMG:Edward "Ewdard" Cullen]]
Tiaa normally DoesNotLikeMen ([[HatesEveryoneEqually or women, for that matter]]), but Ewdard is an exception [[ScrewTheRulesImBeautiful based entirely on how "hawt" he is]]. He talks in YeOldeButcheredeEnglishe for no explained reason.

[[WMG:Bella, Jessica, Angela, and Lauren]]
Jessica is the AlphaBitch with Bella, Angela and Lauren as her GirlPosse. Ewdard is committed to Bella, but would like to leave her for Tiaa, resulting in {{Wangst}}.

[[WMG:Dave and Marie]]
Tiaa's clueless foster parents. They are apparently a banal suburban couple with an extreme case of WeirdnessCensor. In their minds, Tiaa is a smiling, wholesome little girl.

[[WMG:Uncle Larry]]
Dave's ObviouslyEvil brother who frequently babysits Tiaa. Dave and Marie are naturally oblivious to the fact that he likes to beat and rape Tiaa. [[spoiler:Ends up [[AssholeVictim dying at the hands of Vampire!Tiaa]].]]

[[WMG:Snooflanti-tatuna a.k.a. Snoofles]]
A gay talking panda bear. Yes, a gay talking panda bear. That is all.

[[WMG:Jacob, the Werewolf King]]
An AxCrazy psycho with NoIndoorVoice who kidnaps Tiaa and tries to rape her.

[[WMG:Tyffani, Abigaille, and Rochelle]]
Three interchangeable goth girls who become Tiaa's friends. Pure {{Satellite Character}}s.

Appears to Tiaa in visions to tell her LukeIAmYourFather.

[[WMG:Jasper Cullen]]
Jasper tells Tiaa that he is ashamed of being gay. He promptly gets over his {{Gayngst}} after she tells him that it's okay to be gay. Then he has a gay threesome with Snoofles and some random guy.