A character sheet for the cast of the MMORPG ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXI''. Considering the LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters (a couple of starting points: http://www.ffcompendium.com/h/ff11characters.shtml for a brief starting point that is still pretty huge, and http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Category:NPCs if you want the full list), it might be prudent to split this by the nations from the original version, and from then on work by expansion names - but not before covering an important character:

!![[AnAdventurerIsYou You]]

* AscendedExtra: As strange as it might seem. In the original game and the first few expansions, the stories where almost always much more focused on the individual non playable characters and their relationships between each other. ''Treasures of Aht Urhgan'' starts to place more emphasis on the relationships between the non playable characters and you, but its not until ''The Wings of the Goddess'' that the player character becomes a core aspect of the story, and not just some hired muscle. And finally, ''Rhapsodies of Vana'diel'' makes your character an important part of the back story and your relationship with Iroha is at the centre of the entire story
* [[BigDamnHeroes Big Damn Hero]] - Due to the way most mission and quest fights take place, there's usually only something to fight when you get there to take care of the situation, usually just in time to help a given NPC.
** Given that this is an MMORPG, being in the right place at the right time may provide you the opportunity to be this to another player, either by healing them when they're in trouble or helping out with the enemy they're fighting. (Note that they have to use a "Call for Help" function in order for the second to be possible.)
* BloodKnight: When you peel away the desire to help and solve problems, and the loyalties an adventurer has towards various nation-states, deep in their heart the adventurer desires combat, strife, conflict, and slaughter. Several characters across many storylines acknowledge the player character as unusually bloodthirsty and savage.
** This is whats at the heart of The Dark Knight job
* {{Hammerspace}} -- Inventory items come in all shapes and sizes, but if you're not wearing them, they might as well be invisible and weightless. And then there's key items, which don't even take up inventory space, which is amazing since, for a certain quest, one of them is a whole cardian in need of repairs, and those are bigger than a taru.
* HelloInsertNameHere
* HeroicMime -- Conversations are implied, but the only lines assigned to you are menu choices.
* KleptomaniacHero -- Due to the shared environment, this usually involves interacting with specific spots in the scenery, usually identified only with "???" - while it's safe to do so in towns and cities, in dungeons and outdoors, it may cause a notorious monster (or several) to spawn, depending on your quest and mission progress.
* MixAndMatch -- With the main and support job combinations.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero -- The San d'Oria quest line in the past comes to mind.
* OnlyOneName
* ProtagonistWithoutAPast
* SavingTheWorld - You get the luxury of taking your time for this -- or not, depending on how much help you may need for a given battle or task.
* SuperMode - Some of the jobs' SP abilities, originally having a 2 hour cooldown but have since been relaxed to 1 hour. Some Notorious Monsters and some very few allied battle [=NPCs=] can also use these, with the more notable characters often being able to use the SP abilities of more than one job.
* UnwittingPawn



Bastoks Chief Engineer. His discoveries and inventions have helped solidify Bastoks current dominance on the political stage it enjoys today. He has a son, Midras is currently working at The Inventor's Coalition in Adoulin
* GadgeteerGenius: As always.
* HyperCompetentSideKick: To whomever the current president is at the time. Cid has arguably had more influence on Bastok than any other living person
* [[spoiler:IHaveNoSon: After he finds out that Midras has been stealing secrets from The Inventor's Coalition]]
* MyGreatestFailure: [[spoiler:The Palborough Mines Incident. An explosion that happened during The Crystal War that killed several miners. It was apparently caused by faulty explosives provided by Cid]]

!!President Hrichter Karst
The Current President of Bastok. He has a cold and abrasive personality but has the best interests of his country and his people at heart
* {{Jerkass}}: Can easily come across as this, especially if your character is a Galka.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure - Even if his delivery comes off as cold and dismissive, he cares very much for the well-being of his country. [[spoiler: During the Crystal War, he was the only Senator who expressed concern over the living conditions of the poorer residents affected by the war. The Galka make up the vast majority and are treated as second class citizens, and most Humes are completely apathetic to their suffering and needs.]]

!!Cornelia Karst
The president's daughter, [[NamesTheSame named after the Cornelia]] from the Multinational Expedition 30 years prior to the setting of the game. Often involved in trying to improve the relationships between Humes and Galkas, much like her namesake.
* RebelliousSpirit

As well as their most powerful swordsman, Raogrimm is the [[TheChosenOne Talekeeper]], the spiritual leader of the Galkan people. He mysteriously disappeared thirty years before the start of the game during a mission known as the Multinational Expedition.

[[spoiler: For more information, see The Shadow Lord]]

An ill-fated participant in the Multinational Expedition 30 years prior to the setting of the game. The Cornelia encountered in the present-day Bastok storyline is [[NamesTheSame named after this one.]]
* DiedInYourArmsTonight: [[spoiler:After TakingTheBullet (or, rather blade) for Raogrimm, she tells him that his life is more important and he is still needed (by his fellow Galka).]]
* TheLostLenore
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:When Ulrich tried to murder Raogrimm, Cornelia [[TakingTheBullet took the fatal blow]].]]
* WalkingSpoiler

A Galka child living in Bastok.
* [[spoiler:AChildShallLeadThem]] / [[spoiler:TheChosenOne]]: [[spoiler: Becomes the next Talekeeper after Raogrimm's passing.]]
* AdorablyPrecociousChild
* [[spoiler:BlessedWithSuck: As the Talekeeper of the Gaika, he has the collective memory of the Gaika over the past 200 years. Unfortunately this includes all the anger and rage, which the Gaika have a lot of, and no Talekeeper as survived long enough to make it to his reincarnation ritual]]
* [[spoiler:IJustWantToBeNormal]]
* WiseBeyondTheirYears

!!The Mythril Musketeers
The elite unit that answers directly to the President of Bastok. Unlike the other Musketeer units in the Bastok army, there are only ever five members of the Mythril Musketeers

->''You—a man who has never lived bound by the chains of his country—how can you understand my pain?!''

The current leader of Bastoks Mythril Musketeers. He traveled out with a small unit to attack The Shadow Lord during the final days of the war. There, Volkers good friend Zeid killed the Shadow Lord, but since tensions between Humes and Galka where tense at the time, Volker got all the credit
* FakeUltimateHero: Although through no fault of his own – Zeid was the one that defeated the Shadow Lord in the war, but perhaps due to the tense relationships between Humes and Galka, Volker was credited with the victory, though he's not comfortable with it and doesn't make the claim himself.
* HeroicBreakdown: After finding out what his uncle did. What particularly gets under his skin is its another example of the powers that be throwing a Galka hero under the bus to save the reputation of a hume hero, like how Volker was credited for Zeid killing The Shadow Lord
* KnightInShiningArmour: His attire in ''Wings of The Goddess''
* OvershadowedByAwesome: Despite being seen as the hero who ended the war, Volker feels completely over shadowed by Zeid
* ScarsAreForever: The scar he receives during The ''Wing of The Goddess'' is still around in the present day 20 years later


->''The way of the dark knight is not one to be taken lightly. It is a hopeless road, where anger and sorrow are your only companions''

The mysterious dark knight who ended The Crystal War by killing The Shadow Lord. Although he is officially the second in command of the Mythril Musketeers, he left Bastok shortly after the end of the war and has since been traveling Vana'Diel, looking for answers to the history of his people
* TheAloner: In contrast with Volker. While Zeid is the stronger of the two, his anti social nature means he would be a terrible leader, where as Volker's ability to encourage UndyingLoyalty among his fellow Musketeers makes him a natural born leader
* TheAtoner: [[spoiler: For the men he killed while being manipulated by one of the Shadow Lords demons]]
* BlackKnight
* {{BFS}}
* BloodKnight: As the above quote indicates, anger is one of the keys to his combat style
* [[spoiler:DangerousDeserter: He seemingly turns on Bastok at the end of the original story. It turns out to be SecretTestOfCharacter]]
* DarkIsNotEvil
* TheDreaded: [[spoiler: Under his other moniker - Darksteel Hurricane]]
* [[spoiler:FinalBoss]]: Of the Bastok mission line.
* ItNeverGetsAnyEasier: Zeid is a strange combination between this and the BloodKnight. While he trains The Adventurer in the way of the dark knight, he mentions the importance of using hate and anger in battle, but also emphasizes the weight of those you have killed. It's summed up in the twin emotions of anger and sorrow that lie at the heart of his style
* MentorArchetype - Guides you on the path to becoming a Dark Knight. He also helps Volker get over his HeroicBSOD, guides Gumbah to the point that he is [[spoiler:able to accept his responsibilities as the new Talekeeper]] and helps Raogrimm find [[spoiler: a [[RedemptionEqualsDeath Redemption in Death]]]]
* [[NiceHat Nice Helmet]]
* OnlyOneName - As is standard for true Galka names.
* SecretTestOfCharacter: [[spoiler: Sets one up for Volker at the end of the Bastok mission]]
* ThePowerofHate
* TwentyFourHourArmor - Then again, we practically never see him in a relaxing situation where he'd actually take it off -- that includes a secret meeting between high Bastokan officials in WotG cutscenes, where even President Prien himself is always seen wearing armor.
* [[WalkingTheEarth Walking Vana'diel]]

!!Iron Eater / Pagdako
The current third highest ranked member of the Mythril Musketeers, although with Zeid absent Iron Eater is for all practical purposes second in command. A serious Galka, he acts as a personal body guard to President Karst
* AscendedFanboy: As a kid, Pagdako was a big fanboy of The Mythril Musketeers, going so far as to get nervous when talking Klara
* TheBigGuy
* ClearTheirName: He attempts to clear the accusations put against Werei
* TheComicallySerious
* CurbStompBattle: According to the Vana'diel Tribune, he delivered one to Naji when Naji was trying out for the Mythril Musketeers. Considering Naji still got in, it goes to show you how strong Iron Eater is.

The fourth ranked member of the Mythril Musketeers. She originally trained as a samurai in Norg, before being inspired to Cid to serve Bastok by joining The Mythirl Musketeers
* {{Ambadassador}}
* {{Samurai}}
* TheSmartGuy: Her role involves intelligence gathering

Currently the fifth and final ranked member of The Mythril Musketeers. He is often given menial tasks and feels that he gets little respect.
* BewareTheSillyOnes
* TheChick: Most prominently during the end of ''Treasures'', where he convinces The Alliance of the need to fight against Razfahd
* CombatMedic: During the end of ''Treaures''
* NoRespectGuy
* SmallNameBigEgo: He believes that since Iron Eater gave him a Curb Stomp Battle, that me must be the strongest in the unit. Both Iron Eater and Volker agree Zeid is much stronger

The Captain of the Mythril Musketeers during The Crystal War
* AssKickingEqualsAuthority
* [[spoiler:BadassInDistress]]
* BoobsOfSteel
* [[spoiler:DemonicPossession:]] [[spoiler:By Marquis Amon in his plot to kill the president of Bastok]]
* SecretKeeper: [[spoiler:She alone knows that Zeid is Darksteel Hurricane]]
* WillTheyOrWontThey: With Zeid
* [[spoiler:UnwittingPawn]]

!!Five Moons
A Galka member of The Mythril Musketeers during The Crystal War. Being a Galka in a time where race relations where tense, he greatly resents his Hume leaders, especially as Galka leaders get arrested during the story
* DidntThinkThisThrough: Leading a mutiny during a war where The Beastmen could attack at any point wasn't a good idea
* TheMutiny: Leads a rebellion of Galka part way through the story
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: When his rebellion fails and he realizes that all that he's achieved is leading more Galka to be slaughter by the Quadov
* ThoseTwoGuys: With Nicolaus
* YourTerroristsAreOurFreedomFighters: He sees Darksteel Hurricane as a freedom fighter who rose up against the oppressive Hume population, and not the serial killer the Hume characters [[spoiler: and Darksteel Hurricane himself]] views him as


[[folder:San d'Oria]]

!!Curilla V Mecru
->''Even the mightiest birds give their all when hunting the smallest of prey''

The current leader of the Temple Knights
* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: Unfortunately, she doesn't believe that.
* DisappearedDad: Her father is already dead, but finding out more about it is the focus of the quest chain of obtaining the Red Mage artifact armor.
* FailureKnight: Has severe self-confidence issues and sees herself as one of these, despite never doing anything to justify it and being widely beloved.
* MasterSwordsman: Officially the best in Vana'diel.
* PeekABangs: She covers a scar with these.
* ScarsAreForever

!!King Destin R d'Oraguille
The King of San d'Oria. San d'Oria's loss of power and stature over the years weighs heavily on his mind, and his inability to choose an heir as been a cause for great concern among the kingdom.
* TheChainsOfCommanding: As said above, he is weighed down by San d'Orias decline over the years, especially since The Cystal War
* TheFettered
* FatalFlaw: One that's inherent to all his people - pride.[[spoiler: He gets over it by the end, where he claims to he can't let Elvaan pride get in the way of San d'Oria's future]]
* SketchySuccessor: His biggest problem in the San d'Oria plotline. While both Trion and Piege have their hearts in the right places, neither of them are fit to take the throne at the moment
* TakeAThirdOption: [[spoiler: He decides not to choose between Trion or Piege, and if neither of him are worthy enough when he steps down, he is more than happy to look elsewhere]]
* [[spoiler:UnexpectedSuccessor: Ahough this doesn't happen, he mentions at the end of his story that he is willing to look to someone outside of his family if he needs to]]

!!King Ranperre R d'Oraguille
King Destin's grandfather, King Ranperre is often considered to be the greatest monarch of the d'Oraguille name

!!Prince Trion I d'Oraguille

The current Prince Royal of San d'Oria and leader of the Royal Knights. He is an impulsive leader who is slow to plan and quick to move to action, much to the frustration of his father.
* HotBlooded
* IndyPloy: He's particularly fond of these. Most blatantly in ''Treasures'' where he goes under cover in a foreign nation without telling anyone about it.
* KnightInShiningArmor
* OddFriendship: For all how willing he is to go to war against beastmen, it's a bit odd that he would start a friendship with the Yagudo Ninja, Gessho
* PaperThinDisguise: He wears a gold version of his armor and just that. He makes absolutely no effort to hide his face in public, to the point of no one believing he really is the prince of San d'Oria because there's no way the prince of San d'Oria would use that godawful disguise.
* ProudWarriorRaceGuy
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething
* SiblingRivalry: Trion and his younger brother Pieuje are often at odds with each other. The militant Trion always thinks with his sword, while the diplomatic Pieuje thinks that his brother is an idiot. Their rivalry is quite bitter as well; people of San d'Oria and ''their sister'' are actually wondering why they aren't killing each other yet.
* WarriorPrince
* WillTheyOrWontThey: With Lady Curilla.

!!Pieuje I d'Oraguille

The Prince Regent of San d'Oriam and youngest son of King Destin. Pieuje is almost the exact opposite of his brother, preferring study and patience over Trions hot blooded personality.
* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: Through everything, he still very much cares for his older brother, as seen at the end of the San d'Oria storyline
* [[spoiler:BrokenPedestal: With Papsque Shamode after it turns out Shamonde lied about Lightbringer, endangering all of San d'Oria as a result.]]
* TheMedic
* MercyKill: All though he doesn't do it himself, he commissions you to put [[spoiler: the undead Altedour I Tavnazia, the last Marquis of Tavnazia, to rest]]
* SiblingRivalry
** PrincelingRivalry
* TheWisePrince: In contrast to Trions WarriorPrince
* TheStrategist

!!Princess Claidie I d'Oraguille
The youngest child of King Destin, and his only daughter. She often finds herself caught in the middle of her brothers arguments, which annoys her to no end
* ChekhovsHobby: She is established as tending to her mothers grave and the garden surrounding it. [[spoiler: Claidie later uses dreamrose pollen to neutralize Lightbringer]]
* TheHeart
* MenUseViolenceWomenUseCommunication: This is the big difference between how she deals with Rochefogbe and how her brothers deal with him.
* RebelliousPrincess: When she goes adventuring
* SdrawkcabAlias: Goes adventuring as Eidialc
* TrueBlueFemininity
* WomenAreWiser: Despite being the youngest member of her family, she's the only one that [[spoiler: takes the time to listen and understand Rochefogne's concerns. This ends up saving San d'Oria from Lightbringer]]

!! Rochefogne [[spoiler:I Tavnazia]]
An Elvaan adventurer who arrives in San d'Oria at the same time as the Playable Character
* [[spoiler:TheAtoner:]] [[spoiler:Being the one that unleashed Lightbringer and accidentally destroyed Tavnazia, his actions through the story are his attempts to prevent San d'Oria from repeating the same mistakes]]
* [[spoiler:DeadPersonImpersonation]]
* [[spoiler:KingIncognito: He is the son of the Marquis of Tavnazia and brother to the late Queen of San d'Oria]]
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone
* WalkingSpoiler: His true identity and motive are only revealed during the end of the plot
* [[WalkingTheEarth Walking Vana'diel]]: He has some time wandering around searching for Lightbringer. [[spoiler: He leaves again at the end of the San d'Oria story]]




The current Minister of the Orastery who took over the position after Shantotto retired.
* BrainySpecs
* ChildProdigy: He was incredibly clever as a child. No way near as clever as he thought he was, but still clever
* DisappearedDad: His father vanished at the end of The Crystal War after [[spoiler:His own Cardians kidnapped him]]
* LikeFatherLikeSon: He's inherited Zonpa-Zippa's arrogance. Not to the same level mind you.
* RebelliousSpirit - Despite his responsibilities as a minister, he often goes out on his own to investigate issues which are taboo in Windurst, which gets him (and you) into some trouble.
* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight
* SkippingSchool. He did this a lot as a kid, much to Koru Moro's frustration
* SmallNameBigEgo: As a kid


The EnsembleDarkhorse that made her way to ''Dissidia''. Shantotto's a Tarutaru [[SquishyWizard Black Mage]] and a hero from the Great Crystal War. She's (in)famous for her rhyme-y speech and iconic laugh.She tends to be the character that represents Final Fantasy XI in crossover games.

* AppealToForce: Her contribution in the Crystal War is basically this. She at first was fired from her position in the Ministry because she fought in a battle that she wasn't ordered to go to just for the sake of picking a fight with the Beastmen. She then basically said "Fuck you too" and led her loyal soldiers into an attack directly to the Shadow Lord's HQ, was ''winning'', and gained intel that was vital in Shadow Lord's final defeat in the war. Nowadays, she's remembered as a hero, not as someone who disobeyed her superiors and LeeroyJenkins'd her way to victory.
* BigDamnHeroes: At the end of ''A Shantotto Acension''
* BreakoutCharacter - Well, this is how she got to ''[[Vidoegame/DissidiaFinalFantasy Dissidia]]'' and got an expansion based on her. Plus, the developers liked her. With her inclusion in World of Final Fantasy, she has been considered to be the face of Final Fantasy XI as a whole.
* ChristmasCake - Interestingly enough, in ''[[Vidoegame/DissidiaFinalFantasy Dissidia]]'''s [[AllThereInTheManual character files]], it states that Shantotto's one and only regret in life is that she never married.
* GirlishPigtails - Considering her implicit age, it's slightly disturbing... Still, it's typical of hairstyles for Tarutaru females.
* KillerRabbit: You know what they say about judging by appearances...
* LadyOfBlackMagic: Although she may not match other Ladies of Black Magic in height, she more than qualifies with her ladylike grace and magical fire.
* LittleMissSnarker: "Little" being just her physical appearance, but damn if she doesn't have some of the best quotes of the game.
* LoveFreak: Surprisingly. In her youth, she was taught by her parents to spread "love and peace" with her talent. Several HumiliationConga later, she indeed spreads love and peace. It's just not the [[HeroicComedicSociopath way that most people like]].
* NoblewomansLaugh: A trademark of hers.
** You never get to actually hear it in-game, though. ''[[Videogame/DissidiaFinalFantasy Dissidia]]'' took care of that, including her as a bonus character to represent the whole game.
*** Voiced by Music/MegumiHayashibara, no less!
* OlderThanTheyLook: She's a ''Tarutaru''. Comes with the territory.
* PaperThinDisguise: As Ambassador Karababa, and actually manages to have an even worse disguise than Trion. For Altana's sake, she only puts on a pair of glasses and calls it a day. Prishe subtly snarked at this.
* RetiredBadass: Her status is actually of a retired minister of the Orastery and veteran of the Crystal War.
* RhymesOnADime: Her way of speaking is full of this; a chance for a rhyme she'll never miss.
* [[SmallNameBigEgo Small Body]] ''[[SmallNameBigEgo Big]]'' [[SmallNameBigEgo Ego]]
** Yeah, but [[AwesomeEgo she lives up to that ego.]]
** InsufferableGenius
* SociopathicHero -- While certainly an asset to her nation, especially during the war, her default treatment of everyone isn't pleasant - just ask the journalist outside her house who, during a quest line, ends up on the receiving side of a curse.
** She does have standards though. She can be quite loyal if she finds a cause she feels is worthy, and will leave without a moments hesitation if said cause could have a negative effect on the overall populace (or... uh, if she has nothing to gain from it).
* SquishyWizard: [[SubvertedTrope In that she makes her opponents pop like tomatoes.]]
* TheBattleDidntCount: In the optional Heroine's Combat, if Shantotto is fought and defeated, her defeated pose reveals that "Shantotto" was actually a magically controlled doll under Shantotto's control.

!!Star Sibyl
The title given to the current leader of Windurst, she calls on the power of Fenrir to look into the future

* TheChainsOfCommanding: She sent her [[StarCrossedLovers Star Crossed Lover]] Karaha-Baruha into a suicide mission because the council was desperate to drive the Beastmen out from Windurst. Before he went out to summon Fenrir in a HeroicSacrifice, the Star Sibyl fell to her knees and started crying in Karaha's embrace.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Star Sibyl is the title of Windurst's prophetic leader. Her real name hasn't been revealed. Note that, consistent with the term for an ancient Greek prophetess, the y comes second.
* RapunzelHair: For a Tarutaru standard, though. Her hair is almost larger than she is.
* StepfordSmiler: Being the leader of Windurst, she had to spread an atmosphere of optimism at the end of The Crystal War......just after she sent her secret lover on a suicide mission.
* WaifProphet: [[spoiler:[[SubvertedTrope Subverted]] in that she secretly lost her ability to see the future twenty years before the game's story begins. Her first gaze into the future revealed the imminent and complete destruction of her nation and prompted her to feed false information to her people. Though this devastation did occur, [[TimeTravel time travel]] created a new version of history in which it was averted at the cost of the Sibyl's powers. From her perspective, therefore, she has never correctly seen the future. That she continues to offer prophecies to the public ultimately makes her more of a false prophet.]]


The Hero of Windurst and The Star Sibyls secret lover, Karaha-Barua was a minister during the Crystal War. He disappeared shortly after saving Windurst from an assault of beastmen
* TheAce - He is on the same level as Shantotto in terms of power and accomplishments
* BackForTheDead - [[spoiler: He comes back from the dead through his Joker Cardian. He dies shortly after, restoring Fenrir's power to Full Moon Fountain]]
* DeadPersonImpersonation - [[spoiler: During the ''Wings of the Goddess'' story, he travels back in time and impersonates Robel-Akbel, who had recently died during the war]]
* GodzillaThreshold - Summoning Fenrir did massive damage to Full Moon Mountain and robbed the Star Sibyl of her ability to see into the future. It was also the only way to save Windurst
* HeroicSacrifice - [[spoiler: Done 3 times. During the ''Wings of the Goddess'' story line, both his past self and his future self sacrifice themselves to summon Fenrir. Then in the current day story, he comes back through The Joker Cardian in order to restore Fenrir's power, which kills him once again]]
* PintSizedPowerHouse
* StarCrossedLovers: With the Star Sibyl

!!Domina Shantotto
An evil version of Shantotto that serves as the main villain of ''A Shantotto Ascension''. She tries to recruit the Player Character in her army for her plan to conquer Vana'Diel

* [[spoiler:AttackOfThe50FootWhatever: Summons a giant version of herself during the climax of ''A Shantotto Ascension''. The original Shantotto fights it with her own]]
* BigBad: Of ''A Shantotto Ascension''. [[spoiler: She eventually becomes part of the BigBadDuumvirate with Belle Shantotto]]
* EvilCounterpart: Of the original Shantotto. [[spoiler: Subverted when it turns out that the character everyone thought was the original Shantotto was another Shantotto who joins up with Domina. Then subverted again when the actual original Shantotto claims that she tried doing the same thing in another dimension]]
* MesACrowd: Her ultimate plan
* PintsizePowerhouse
* SinisterScythe

!! SPOILER CHARACTER [[spoiler:Belle Shantotto]]
[[spoiler:Another version of Shantotto that appears in ''A Shantotto Prophercy.'' She is initially mistaken for the original Shantotto]]

* [[spoiler: BigBadDuumvirate]]
* [[spoiler:LightIsNotGood]]
* WalkingSpoiler
* [[spoiler: WellIntentionedExtremist: Where Domina seems to want to rule Vana'diel for the power, Belle seems to think that her rule would be the best for Vana'diel]]



The leader of the Jeuno chapter of Tenshodo, an organization of thieves and smugglers.

* BigBrotherInstinct - To Verena, who may or may not be his real sister -- she's certainly not the one he lost in the game's intro sequence.
* OpeningNarration - Aldo is the young boy shown in the intro video.

An old man in Jeuno who has mastered every single job in existence. Players must defeat him in a MirrorMatch to raise their level cap to Lv.75.

* BadassGrandpa: His name is practically feared by any ''Final Fantasy XI'' player as they do to Shantotto.
* NiceHat
* OldMaster
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom [[spoiler: He reveals that he was the one that found the two Zilart princes, and brought them back to Jeuno]]

Captain of the Ducal Guard in Jeuno.

* MyCountryRightOrWrong
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure
* WeUsedToBeFriends: With Dr Monberaux

A man who has traveled to Vana'diel from the alternative dimension of Abyssea. He recruits adventures to help fight against the monsters that have over run his homeland.

* EyePatchOfPower: Averted. His role is purely recruitment.
* LovableCoward: He fully admits to being happy to be able to stay in Vana'diel as opposed to fighting against the monsters in Abyssea



!!The Shadow Lord
->''I cannot die. Not until I have eradicated you and your kind from this world''

A gigantic, armored figure who united the beastmen tribes across Vana'diel and lead them on an assault against the enlightened races in what has since been known as the Crystal War. [[spoiler: He was originally the Galka Tale keeper, Raogrimm. He became consumed with anger after watching his lover killed by his best friend, and turned to Odin in order to get revenge]]
* AuthorityEqualsAssKicking: This is how he united the Beastmen
* [[spoiler:TheChosenOne: Or, rather, he '''was'''...]]
* [[spoiler:FaceMonsterTurn]] / [[spoiler:CameBackWrong]]: [[spoiler:After dying from injuries caused by Ulrich, Raogrimm's rage-consumed spirit was contacted by Odin, who revived him as the [[BigBad Shadow Lord]].]]
* FinalBoss: Of the original game.
* EnemyWithout: [[spoiler: The Dynamis Lord]] which the player fights at the end of the Dynamis plotline
* [[spoiler:ResistTheBeast]]: [[spoiler: After his original death, a piece of Raogrimm's soul splintered from the rest and entered the dreamworld of Dynamis. There, it gradually grew more powerful, eventually gaining form as another Shadow Lord. After the original Shadow Lord's defeat, the splinter pulls at Raogrimm's spirit wanting to become whole. The former Talekeeper resists as best he can, but can't fight it directly and so leaves his fate in the hands of the adventurers.]]
* OneManArmy: As seen in ''Wings of the Goddess''
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: [[spoiler: After being reborn as the Shadow Lord, he hunts down the surviving members of the Multinational Expedition. He then turns his eyes on the five nations in general]]
* ThePowerOfHate
* TooSpicyForYogSothoth : [[spoiler: His anger and hatred corrupts Diablos's dream world after Diablos absorbs him into Dynamis]]
* WalkingSpoiler

!!Marquis Amon
A high ranking Dark Kindred who served The Shadow Lord. His main role in the war was to use manipulation to cause chaos among Bastoks military by stirring the tensions between the Galka and Hume populations.
* ArchEnemy: To Zeid
* [[spoiler:DemonicPossession]]: [[spoiler:He does this to Klara]] to further his plot
* FinalBoss: Of the Bastok story in ''Wings of the Goddess''
* TheManBehindTheMan: He is ultimately the one behind [[spoiler: The Darksteel Hurricane Killings]]
* ManipulativeBastard: He does little in the way of actual combat during the story, instead using [[spoiler:mind control]], coupled with Bastoks already tense race relations instead.
* MasterOfIllusion: He creates an illusion of [[spoiler: Klara killing Darksteel Hurricane]]
* [[spoiler:MoreThanMindControl]]:[[spoiler:He uses Zeids anger to control him. In contras, Klara us just straight up mind control]]
* SquishyWizard

!!Tzee Xicu The Manifest.

The current leader of the Yagudo who is also worshiped as a god. She served under The Shadow Lord, but disappeared during the end of the war. She had recently returned to Castle Oztroja
* CompellingVoice: She is said to have an amazing singing voice. So amazing it convinced the Yagudo not to kill her after she escaped from Windurst
* DarkMessiah
* DidntSeeThatComing: If it weren't for Karaha-Baruha inventing a completely brand new type of magic to specifically beat Tzee and her army, she would have easily wiped Windurst off the map
* TheDogBitesBack: Her family where killed and she was forced to sing in Tarvens as a child. She then became
* FromNobodyToNightmare: From a slave girl singing in Windurst to the supreme ruler of the Yagudo
* GodEmperor: She is worshipped as both a god and as the ruler of Yagudo
* LargeAndInCharge
* NoSell: She develops magic proof armor for her Yagudo during the Crystal War
* PragmaticVillainy: This is both why she joins The Shadow Lords army during the beginning of the Crystal War, and why she leaves them during the end of it


[[folder:''Rise of the Zilart'']]


A girl that The Adventurer meets during their travels across Vana'Diel. Lion spends most of her time investigating the true cause of the Crystal War, eventually discovering the existence of the Mothercrystals that each Beastman race protects and [[spoiler:the Zilart's role in manipulating Vana'diel to gain control over them]]. She eventually [[spoiler:sacrifices herself to stop Eald'narche from destroying Vana'diel in an act of petty revenge]]. She is the closest thing to a main chracter in the original game and the first expansion.

* BareYourMidriff
* TheCavalryArrivesLate: She turns up to aid the player after the player has already defeated The Shadow Lord
* FlatCharacter: Common complaint from the fanbase.
* FieryRedHead
* HappilyAdopted
* [[spoiler: HeroicSacrifice]]
* KnifeNut
* [[MrExposition Miss Exposition]]


The brother of Archduke Kam'lanaut. [[spoiler:One of the last Zilart nobles in existence, his botched attempt to open the Gate of the Gods led to the destruction of his race. He and his brother were frozen in stasis, only to be inadvertently awoken centuries later by Raogrimm. He is actually the elder of the two brothers, but his body was frozen in time after being exposed to one of the Mothercrystals.]]

[[spoiler:Eald'narche is the final boss of the ''Rise of the Zilart'' expansion, as he continues his insane vision to open the Gate of the Gods]].

* [[spoiler:BigBad: Of the Expansion and arguably the game's main storyline.]]
* BlackMage
* ChildMage
* [[spoiler:EnfantTerrible]]
* [[spoiler:EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: While he leaves his younger brother to die, the end of the expansion implies that he still greatly cares for his sister, The Dawn Maiden Yve'noile]]
* EyepatchOfPower: [[spoiler:Notable because he uses it to cover his crystallized left eye that he got in an accident which made him stuck in the body of a child forever. Subverted because in his FinalBoss battle, he throws said eyepatch away and is clearly stronger that way.]]
* FlunkyBoss: He hides behind his exoplates and orbitals in the first battle with him.
* ImmortalImmaturity: [[spoiler:It's just an act.]]
* KickTheDog [[spoiler: Tricked Papsque Shamode into unleashing Lightbringer, the sword responsible for the destruction of Tavnazia]]
* [[spoiler:ManBehindTheMan]]
* OlderThanTheyLook
** ReallySevenHundredYearsOld
* PowerFloats
* RedRightHand: [[spoiler:His crystal eye under the eyepatch.]]
* [[spoiler:StrongerSibling]]
* [[spoiler:YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: To his own brother, no less!]]
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: He and his brother were considered to appear in ''VideoGame/{{Dissidia|Final Fantasy}}'' as villains.

The leader of the Tenshodo, based in Norg. Is not the bumbling world-hopper you may remember from [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyV a previous installment of the series]], but rather an entirely new character [[NamesTheSame with the same name.]]

* CoolOldGuy
* {{Pirate}}
* ShoutOut - [[NamesTheSame Sharing a name]] with a [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyV beloved character of the series]] may be one of the reasons why said character is yet to make an appearance in a game that can be updated with more characters at any time...

->''The Crystal Line will soon be revived and the Gate of the Gods will open. That is when the true Vana'diel of legend will be reborn''

The current Archduke of Jeuno. A powerful and respected leader who united the four warring nations of Vana'diel against the Shadowlord's army during the Crystal War. [[spoiler:In truth, he is a Zilart prince and one of the last few remaining Zilart in existence. Together with his brother Eald'narche, they resume their centuries-old plot to open the Gate of the Gods]].

* [[spoiler:ASinisterClue: The only left-handed known in Vana'diel.]]
* {{Bishonen}}
* CoolSword
* DeadlyDisc: He uses his shield as one thanks to it being a FlyingWeapon.
* TheDragon
* FacialMarkings
* GoldAndWhiteAreDivine: His battle costume.
* LightEmUp: His unique Light Blade weaponskill, which also functions as a SwordBeam.
** [[spoiler:LightIsNotGood]]
* LongHairedPrettyBoy
** BraidsOfAction
** RapunzelHair
* MagicKnight
** {{Spellblade}}: His specialty En-spells.
* [[spoiler:OlderThanTheyLook: And from an in-game newspaper, it seems like the entire Jeuno knows that Kam'lanaut and his brother are older then they appear because they look exactly like that since 50 years ago, yet they doesn't say anything about it.]]
* PowerFloats
** [[spoiler:ReallySevenHundredYearsOld]]

!!Dawn Maiden Yve'noile

The leader of the Dawn Maidens during the Kuluu-Zilart wars. Despite being Zilart themselves, Yve'noile and the Dawn Maidens sided with the Kuluu and the Terrestrial Avatars, and where able to stop the Zilart from opening the Gate to Paradise, albeit at a terrible cost.
* AstralProjection: This is how she communicates with The Adventurer across all of Vana'diel
* BigGood: The biggest example in the ''Rise of the Zilart'' expansion
* [[spoiler:HeroicSacrifice / TakingYouWithMe: She had planned on absorbing The Emptiness that would have allowed Promathia to be reborn before killing herself. Unfortunately Promathia is reborn before she gets a chance]]
* [[MrExposition Miss Exposition]]
* MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch
* MysticalWaif
* [[spoiler:WhiteSheep: She is the most kind hearted person in her family. Given that she's the younger sister of Kam'lanaut and Eald'narche, that's not exactly difficult]]


[[folder:''Chains of Promathia'']]

->''Get your dukes up. Time to laugh in the face of oblivion!''

A foul-mouthed but well-meaning head of the Tavnazian Safehold's patrol guards. She became immortal after her baptism ceremony involving The Eye of Altana went wrong, causing the emptiness inside her to crystallize.
* AndIMustScream: [[spoiler:Her fate in Abyssea. When the final battle against Promathia went wrong, Promathia absorbed the (Abyssea-verse) PlayerCharacter and Selh'teus, transforming into Shinryu. The only thing that prevented Prishe from meeting the same fate was her immortality, but Shinryu's influence on Al'Taieu was so strong that even if there were any survivors, they would never be able to leave. So there she is, sitting cross-legged in the Empyreal Paradox alone, with only constant promises and visits from the PlayerCharacter keeping her sane.]]
* BareFistedMonk
* BigEater: Boosts her stats using food items in battle, asks her allies for food during "Heroine's Combat," and lists her favorite snacks while [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZIWOg05Qk4&feature=feedu beating up enemies]] in ''Dissidia Duodecim''.
* CursedWithAwesome
* CuteBruiser
* DarkAndTroubledPast: Due to the people of Tavnazia believing her to be cursed, she wasn't allowed outside of the cathedral.
* DeathSeeker: Initially HatesEveryoneEqually before meeting Ulmia as a child; from then on, she thinks that she will outlive her newfound friend and grows to resent herself.
* DynamicEntry: The infamous Nullifying Dropkick. She also disables some of Nag'molada's men that were capturing Bahamut by saying hello feet or fist first.
* FireForgedFriends: The people of Tavnazia treated Prishe with disgust and contempt...Until Prishe helped with the evacuations into The Tavnazia Safehold. While there are still is still a feeling of unease about her among some members of the safehold, she became much more liked and respected afterwards
** Happens again with the Sin Hunters. After they decide to joining forces to take down Promathia, The Sin Hunters decide to stop hunting her and Mildaurion for their sins
* FriendlessBackground: Due to being labeled as "the abhorrent one"
* HeroicResolve
* HiddenDepths: At first, you will think that she's nothing more than the usual sassy CuteBruiser until you discover that she's OlderThanSheLooks, is a theologian, was initially HatesEveryoneEqually from her imprisonment (now, her cuss-loving mouth was the only thing that remained from it), likes trolling people (even [[TheDreaded Shantotto]]) because she knows that it's easier to make them blurt out information and blackmail them if they're angry, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and has a great singing voice]].
* HotBlooded
* ImmortalImmaturity: Acts more like the teenager she resembles than the adult she technically is.
* ItWasAGift: Her crystal amulet; given by the first person that let her out of her confinement, Cardinal Mildaurion. [[spoiler:Doubles as a HypnoTrinket]]
* KungFuWizard: White Mage + Monk = this trope.
* ShyBlueHairedGirl: [[spoiler:Becomes this after the finale. Having lost her immortality and regained her humanity, she begins to act her age, becoming painfully demure and shy.]]
* [[SirSwearsalot Madam Swearsalot]]
* TheNicknamer: Notice that she almost never calls people by name unless she knows them for a long time or she considers them as friends? She even persistently calls the player "Dead Guy/Lady" after finding the player unconscious in some hill and only stopping when s/he saves her from the Sin Hunters.
* OlderThanTheyLook
* ScrewDestiny
* WhiteMagic

The granddaughter of Despachiaire, one of the elders of The Tavnazia Safehold, and Prishes oldest and best friend's. Unlike Prishe, Ulmia is a quiet and reserved girl.
* BestFriend: To Prishe
* GrewASpine: She becomes more and more defiant against her grandfather as the plot goes along.
* MagicMusic
* PreachersKid
* RedOniBlueOni: She is the Blue Oni to Prishe's Red Oni. Ironically enough, Ulmia has orange hair and a red outfit, where as Prishe has both blue hair and a blue outfit.
* ShrinkingViolet: At first anyway
* SoleSurvivor: Of her choir to survive the destruction of Tavnazia. [[spoiler: They find another survivor, Emeline, part way through the story]]
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: The Girly Girl to Prishes Tomboy


A Samurai that came to Jeuno from the Far East in order to investigate the appearance of The Emptiness. He carries around a sword that contains the soul of the avatar Phoenix.
* ApologeticAttacker: [[spoiler: To the player]]
* BattleCouple: We find out that in the future he becomes this with [[spoiler:Kagero]]
* [[spoiler:ClimaticBoss]]
* CoolSword
* [[spoiler:HeroicSacrafice:]] In the bad future in ''Rhapsodies of Vana'diel'' he[[spoiler: passes on Phoniex's blessing to his daughter Iroha. This saved her but dooms him to The Cloud of Darkness]]
* IDidWhatIHadToDo: Killing people with his sword maintains Phoenix's life force. And between the wars that have been fought over possession of the blade and the people the have succumbed to The Emptiness, there have been a lot of chances for Tenzen kill people with his sword.
* PapaWolf: To his daughter [[spoiler:Iroha]]
* [[spoiler:PoorCommunicationKills: Attacks the player after misunderstanding Phoenix's last words]]
* {{Samurai}}
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Tenzen is not afraid of getting his hands bloody for the right reasons. Having said that, he is aware enough that these actions full him with a lot of grief

A diplomat from Jeuno and member of the Armathrwn society. He gets transported to Tavnazia with the player at the beginning of ''Chains of Promathia.''
* AntiVillain - For the most part, his jealousy leads him to commit some incredibly stupid and questionable acts, but for the most part he does what he can to stop Promathia's resurrection
* BlondeGuysAreEvil
* DrivenByEnvy: His jealousy of Selh'teus drives a huge amount of his actions during the story
* IJustWantToBeSpecial: Being a Kuluu among Zilart has given him a massive inferiority complex.
* TheStarscream
* UnwittingPawn: [[spoiler: Promathia uses Nag'molada to free himself]]
* WeUsedToBeFriends: He was friends with Selh'teus when they where younger.

!!Eshan'Tarl [[spoiler:/Cardinal Mildaurion]]

The Duke Vicarious while the Archduke is absent during the ''Chains of Promathia'' story line. She is charge of the Armathrwn Society, a group in Jueno who study the emptiness.
* [[spoiler: BadassPreacher: As Cardinal Mildaurion]]
* [[spoiler:BigGood: Probably the biggest example in the ''Chains of Promathia'' story]]
* IWillWaitForYou: An antagonistic version of the this trope, [[spoiler: as Cardinal Mildaurion, she has spent 10000 years waiting for The Keeper of the Apocalypse in order to lure out and kill Promathia]]
* {{Foil}}: Of Kam'lanaut. [[spoiler: Both are Zilart who have leadership positions with Jeuno, and both are trying to finish plans that have started 10,000 years ago. The difference being that Eshan'tarl's fights for Vana'diel, where Kam'Lanaunt is actively trying to destroy it]]
* LateArrivalSpoiler: Her Alter Ego is named [[spoiler: Mildaurion]] and can easily be gained before starting the ''Chains of Promathia'' storyline
* MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch: [[spoiler: Her goals are almost entirely against the goals of rest of the Zilart. Noticeably she is the only one of the surviving Zilart or Kuluu characters that puts the well being of the 5 races front and centre ]]
* OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: She leads an armada of airships against Bahamuts army of dragons while the main party is dealing with Promathia
* TheOmniscientCouncilOfVagueness
* ThePlan: A good chunk of ''Chains of Promathia'' is spent trying to figure out what her plans where [[spoiler: Her plan was to lure Promathia out in his god form and kill him then.]]
* [[spoiler: ReasonableAuthorityFigure]]
* [[spoiler: Really700YearsOld]]
* [[spoiler: TokenGoodTeammate: Of the Zilart and Kuluu based in Jeuno]]
* WalkingSpoiler: One of two major spoiler characters in the Chains of Promathia

->''The voice of The Emptiness is within you. Any attempt to escape from it is futile''

A boy that appears at the beginning of ''Chains of Promathia,'' seemingly causing the Mothercrystals to fail. [[spoiler: He turns out to be protecting the fifth Mothercrystal from being drained by the other four]]
* AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence
* BarrierMaiden: In ''Rhapsodies Of Vana'diel'' [[spoiler: he transforms himself into a sixth Mothercrystal. In the future, its the last one to fall to the Cloud of Darkness and what keeps Iroha alive long enough for Phoenix and The Adventurer to send her back in time]]
* CreepyChild
* GoodWingsEvilWings: He gets both after [[spoiler: He is resurrected by Phoniex]]
* GuardianAngel: He is one to Iroha in the future. [[spoiler: He is also one to the fifth Mothercrystal]]
* LightEmUp
* [[WalkingTheEarth Walking the Multiverse]]
* WalkingSpoiler
* WellIntentionedExtremist: [[spoiler:He was the one who had made the deal with Bahamut. He also had planned on killing The Adventurer to restore power to the last mothercrystal, but was talked out of it]]


[[folder:''Treasures of Aht Urhgan'']]

!!Aphmau[[spoiler:/ Empress Nashmeira]]
->''I won't let you lay so much as a finger on Ovjang or Mnejing!''

The Royal Puppeteer and younger sister to the Grand Vizier. [[spoiler: She is in fact Empress Nashmeira. Being a mere teenager, her older brother rules as regent, while she spends most of her time playing with her two Automatons, Ovjang and Mnejing]]
* {{Adorkable}}: [[spoiler:She might be an empress,]] but hell if she isn't this when she falls flat to her face when she tries to greet you.
* [[spoiler:AuthorityInNameOnly]]
* TheHeart: Unlike the other leading ladies in the game, Aphmau has no combat abilities. Instead, her sheer optimistic personality has a tendency to bring out the best out of those around her.
* {{Irony}}: The Royal Puppeteer is [[spoiler: a PuppetKing]]
* MarionetteMaster: The only puppetmaster in the whole FFXI who can control two Automatons, Ovjang and Mnejing. [[spoiler:Only Ovjang is hers, though.]]
* MoralityPet: To Luzaf [[spoiler:and her brother Razfahd]]
* RebelliousSpirit
* [[spoiler:[[RebelliousPrincess Rebellious Empress]]]]
* [[spoiler:RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething]]
* [[spoiler:RoyalBrat: As sweet as she can be, her refusal to take her responsibilities seriously allows her older brother to perform some heinous actions in the name of the Empress]]
* [[spoiler:TheMasquerade]]
* UndyingLoyalty: Once she befriends someone, she really dedicates herself to them.
* [[spoiler:UnexpectedSuccessor: Rezfahd was groomed to take the role of Emperor, until an accident required him to be infused with beastmen blood.]]
* YouAreWorthHell: Boards the Black Coffin trying to unite with Ovjang

!!Naja Salaheem
->''This isn't just a weapon. It's a tool with which I exprrress “affection” for my employees''
The cruel owner of Salaheem's Sentinels, a mercenary unit that serves the Empire of Art Urghan
* BadBoss
* BerserkButton: Don't call her a cat.
* ButThouMust
* CarryABigStick: Her infamous morning star, which she often swings or slams down on her table with bravado while giving a melodramatic speech... or while she's upset. Or while she's using it on her own employees.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive
* {{Greed}}
* {{Jerkass}}
* MoneyFetish
* [[spoiler:TheRunaway: A daughter of a famous mercenary leader, but ran away from her homeland and changed her name for an unknown reason.]]
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Raw fish with salt and olive oil, also coffee and some dessert of Aht Urhgan. Giving her these items will makes her generous enough to give you a scroll of Instant Reraise.

A Yagudo ninja that works for Salaheem's Sentinels.
* CulturedWarrior - Remarkably eloquent and diplomatic, when you consider he looks like the YouNoTakeCandle Yagudo you deal with in the game sometimes.
* {{Ninja}}
* [[spoiler:TheMole]]


The prince to a long dead kingdom who has returned to life in order to enact revenge on The Empire. He is being groomed to become The Dark Rider, the physical manifestation of Odin during his apocalyptic battle with Alexander.
* AffablyEvil: He is very polite to Aphmau, even when he is plotting to wipe out her empire
* TheAntichrist- He's Vana'diels equivalent. Returning from the dead to lead his army of demonic followers in one final battle against the God of light.
** [[spoiler:AntiAntichrist: He becomes this after meeting Aphmau.]]
* {{Bishonen}}
* [[spoiler:DealWithTheDevil]]
* [[spoiler: DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu: His last act it to reject Odins plans for him]]
* [[spoiler:HeelFaceTurn]]
* MoralityPet:Has one in Apgnau
* {{Pirate}}
* ThePowerOfHate: Like all of Odins chosen.
* [[spoiler: RedemptionEqualsDeath; Literally. Dies bringing Nashmeira back to life]]
* {{Revenge}}
* [[spoiler:RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething]]
* {{Undead}}
* [[spoiler:VillainousBreakdown: After finding out the girl he befriended was Empress Nashmeira]]

!!Grand Vizier Razfahd

Aphmaus older brother and Grand Vizier to The Empress. He's a cold man who puts the well being of the empire above all else
* AloofBigBrother
* [[spoiler: FantasticalNuke]]: His ultimate goal.
* TheManBehindTheMan: Since Nashmeira is [[spoiler: just a teenage girl, Razfahd is the one who is actually controlling the empire]]
* MyCountryRightorWrong
* [[spoiler: MyGodWhatHaveIDone: When Alexander takes over Iron Colossues]]
* NonActionBigBad
* WellIntentionedExtremist


[[folder:''Wings of the Goddess'']]

->''Ladies and gents, get ready for Future Fabulous's Special Double Act!''

A young dancer from the current day Vana'diel who travels back in time to the Crystal War
* BerserkButton: Nothing gets her fired up more than harming her parents
* TheChosenOne: She us one of two of them in ''Wings of the Goddess.'' The Player is the other one.
* DualWielding
* FieryRedhead
* GenkiGirl
* HalfHumanHybrid - Although there are a few cases of Hume and Elvaan [=NPCs=] in relationships (and even one married Galka), she's the only one we ever see with mixed heritage. Might be justified by the fact that at some points Bastok (Humes) and San d'Oria (Elvaans) were at war.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:Of a sort, as she becomes the new Lady Lilith in order to restore balance]].
* LargeHam: Being a dancer and everything.
* [[spoiler:PutOnABus: She crosses over to the Lady Lilith's time line at the end of ''The Wings of the Goddess'' in order to save both time lines]]
** [[spoiler:TheBusCameBack: She comes back briefly to give you her Alter Ego]]
* {{Tsundere}}: Lilisette shows signs of being a Type A, to the point that her stage name of "Moonshade Butterfly" is warped into "Moonshade Wolverine" by her troupe-mates for how she treats men until she meets your character.

!!Lehko Habhoka
A rarely-seen male Mithra (indeed, the only one ever depicted in the game) who acts as Warlock Warlord Robel-Akbel's advisor.
* ChessMotifs: Fond of these, complete with actual chess board and pieces.
* TheOneGuy: The sole male Mithra to have access to areas outside their home nation.

!!Lady Lilith

A powerful witch who acts against Cait Sith and Lilisette's attempt to end of the Crystal War. [[spoiler: She is another version of Lilisette from a timeline where the Crystal War continued well into the future]].
* BigBad: Of 'Wings of the Goddess''
* DealWithTheDevil: In her future, she pledges her services to Odin in exchange for the power to save her people.
* EvilCounterpart: [[spoiler:To Lilisette]]
* {{Expy}}: Of ''Final Fantasy VIII'''s Ultimecia. Both are powerful witches with wings and horns who come from a horrible future. They also both travel into the past to try and extend their rule
* FinalBoss
* KickTheMoralityPet: [[spoiler:During the final battle, she shows little concern for what happened to her parents, Portia and Ragelise. In contrast Larzos, her {{Dragon}}, spends his dying moments making sure they are safe from harm]]
* [[HeWhoFightsMonsters She Who Fights Monsters]]: She originally only turned to Odin to fight back against the hordes of beastmen attacking her people.
* MotiveDecay: She originally just wanted to save her people from the wars that ravaged her future. By the time she appears in ''Wings of the Goddess'', she is only after power.
* NotSoDifferent: To her main rival, [[spoiler: the Shadowlord. Both turned to Odin after losing loved ones, and become corrupted in the process. Both end up finding some form of redemption after being beaten by The Hero]].
* WoundedGazelleGambit

!!The Spite Wardens
Lady Lilith's loyal servants who have traveled back in time to help her preserve their dark future. They do a lot of the grunt work early on in the story, laying out the foundations for Lady Lilith's schemes.
!!!As a group
* TheBlank: All three of the primary Spite Wardens being Fomors, only their eyes and mouths are visible
* QuirkyMinibossSquad
* NotSoDifferent: They are trying to save their timeline, just like Lilisette and The Adventurer is.

->''Don't sound pretty, but it's within the ragin' flames of conflict that courage and valor find their true worth.''

The leader of the Spite Wardens and Lady Lilith's {{Dragon}}. A Fomor Galka who served in the Crystal War with Ser Ragelise, he now loyally serves [[spoiler: his daughter]]
* TheBigGuy
* CarryABigStick: His weapon of choice
* TheDragon: Lilith's most capable servant
* [[spoiler:FaceDeathWithDignity: In his last moments, he complements The Adventurer and Lilisette, before taking Ragelise and Portia to safety]]
* FireForgedFriends: To Ser Ragelise
* [[spoiler:ItHasBeenAnHonor: To Ragelisa]]
* NobleDemon
* ProudWarriorRaceGuy
* ARealManIsAKiller: Not as extreme as some examples, but the quote under his picture definitely implies that he thinks war brings out the best of the best
* WarIsHell / WarIsGlorious: He seems to believe both. He sees war as an ugly thing, but appreciates the comraderie and sense of purpose that goes with it.
* UndyingLoyalty [[spoiler: To Ragelise]]

->''Unfortunately, I haven't the time or the patience to contend with your futile interruptions''

An Elvaan Fomer that serves Lady Lilith in her plans to sabotage Caits Siths schemes. A serious character who is paired up with the juvenile Aquila, much to his eternal frustration
* BladeBelowTheShoulder
* ButtMonkey
* DualBoss: With Aquila
* TheComicallySerious
* CulturedWarrior: This is how Ragelise saw through his disguse when the first meet - Haudrale was way too well spoken for the unit he was pretending to be from
* FauxAffablyEvil
* MasterOfIllusion: [[spoiler: Pretends to be Nag'molada in ''The Wings of the Goddess'' in order to sew confusion among the Allied Nations]]
* MasterOfDisguise
* NotSoAboveItAll: [[spoiler: While it's ambiguous, but it's implied he tried to kiss Portia while disguised as Nag'molada, which is just the sort of childish behavior he would condemn Aquila for]]
* SarcasticClapping
* SeeYouInHell
* SwordAndSorcerer: The Sword to Aquila's Sorcerer
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: With Aquila

->''Leader of the Cryptscale Protectorate, Aquila! It is sooo nice to meet you. And I truly mean that''

A Hume Fomor that's traveled back in time before Lady Lilith. Juvenile and child like, he is often paired up with Haudrale, often to the later's frustration
* AffablyEvil: Unlike Haudrale, who is FauxAffablyEvil, Aquila is genuinely interested in meeting Portia, and seems to regret having to attack them
* ApologeticAttacker: In his first scene, he apologizes to Portia, Lilisette and co, before summoning his pet dragon
* BewareTheSillyOnes
* BrilliantButLazy
* DualBoss: With Haudrale
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: In his first scene, he gets lost and is late catching up with Haudrale, introduces him to the heros in a warm and friendly manner, summons his pet and then is genuinely distraught at his death
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: He seems genuinely upset at the death of his pet dragon Galarhigg
* FingerGun: He does this when casting his spells
* [[spoiler:HeroKiller: He kills several Cait Sith off early on in the story]]
* LaughablyEvil
* [[spoiler: LiterallyShatteredLives: Does this to several Cait Siths]]
* PunchClockVillain
* ThoseTwoBadGuys


[[folder:''Seekers of Adoulin'']]
!!Arciela V Adoulin

Descendant of Adoulin's founder king, while not officially in a position of power in the city, she still carries from influence and gets involved with the city's issues and many an incursion into the wild lands outside it.
* ActionGirl: One of the best examples in the game.
* BadassBookworm: She's seen reading more than other character in the game. There is barely an issue that doesn't lead her to investigate at the library.
* BothSidesHaveAPoint: She often gets caught in between the two warring factions of the cities.
* InHarmonyWithNature: Not to the extent that most other examples of this trope reach, but Arciela has a stronger relationship with the spirits of the forest than the other characters in the city
* KungFuWizard
* [[spoiler:TheManBehindTheMan:]][[spoiler:Since Ygnas was cursed and unable to communicate, Arciela has been taking up his responsibilities in secret]]
* OfCorsetsSexy
* PoliticallyActivePrincess: Despite officially having no power due to her lineage, she is very involved with the current political climate of Adoulin. [[spoiler: Especially has her brother and head of the order of the twelve, Ygnas, was transformed into a leafkin]]

!!Grand Chancellor Ygnas S. Adoulin
Arciela's brother and the current Grand Chancellor of the city of Adoulin. To much controversy, he has recently ordered the city to resume its colonization after centuries of rest, seemingly breaking the city's pact with the forest that surrounds it


[[folder:''Rhapsodies of Vana'diel'']]

Your character's apprentice from the future, arriving to present day Vana'diel to try and prevent a calamity that left her as the only survivor.
* AndTheAdventureContinues: After the climactic battle in Rhapsodies of Vana'diel, Iroha is teleported to [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIV Eorzea]] where she encounters that world's Warrior of Light. By the end of the event (in XIV) that brought her there, she finds herself unable to return to Vana'diel and decides that it is the goddess' will for her to remain in Eorzea to train herself and help others.
* TheApprentice: To the player character.
* [[spoiler:BrokeYourArmPunchingOutCthulhu: Stopping the Cloud of Darkness destroys her time line, making it look like she dies at end. Fortunately, she only ends up in Eorzea]]
* [[spoiler:EleventhHourSuperpower: Through Phoenix, the remaining avatars and Selh'teus give her a power up just before her final battle. To put things in perspective, Odins blessing alone is able to transform a capable sword men to monstrous OneManArmy and Promathia absorbing Selh'teus transformed him into Shinryu. One can only wonder how strong she was going into that final battle]]
* FakeMemories: During the ''Journey to Remember'' cross-promotional event with Final Fantasy XIV, Iroha ends up in Eorzea with a case of amnesia. The only things she ends up remembering are her name, bits of her home world, and the memories of a series of impossible heroic feats which she initially believes to be her own. When the event is completed, she realizes those memories and actions were not her own, but rather those of the Player Character from XI.
* FieryRedhead: She is usually some what unsure about herself. This changes when [[spoiler: the Avatars grant her and Phoenix their strength, turning her hair red in the process]]
* ThatWasNotADream: She originally believed her time in Eorzea was just a dream. After a few failed attempts to wake up, she starts to question this belief.
* YouRemindMeOfX: She compares the player character from XIV with that from XI.

!!Volto Oscuro/ The Ambassador

A masked man from the same time period as Iroha. He opposes Iroha's attempt to prevent Vana'Diels fall into the void
* TheAce: A villainous example. The first thing we see him do is brainwash Siren. He then goes in to strip Iroha of Phoenix's blessing and freak out the remaining avatars by gate crashing their meeting. [[spoiler: It comes with being the dark side of The Adventurer]]
* BalanceBetweenGoodAndEvil [[spoiler: Turns out he is the dark side of The Adventurer. He restores the balance by battling with The Adventurer when they ascend to God hood.]]
* [[spoiler: DarkIsNotEvil]]
* DemonicPossession: He possesses Siren and [[spoiler: is himself possessed by the Cloud of Darkness]]
* [[spoiler:EnemyWithout: He is the result the future Player character expelling their inner darkness in order to ascend to Godhood]]
* MalevolentMaskedMen
* SharpDressedMan

[[folder:Deities, avatars and other immortal entities]]

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