''Manga/FairyTail'' [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters has quite the cast]], and they try their best to be [[RoundCharacter fleshed out]]. So many and so [[CharacterDevelopment fleshed out]], in fact, that we had to split the original page.
!!The Fairy Tail Guild:
* [[Characters/FairyTailTeamNatsu Team Natsu]]
* [[Characters/FairyTailTenrouGroup Tenrou Group]]
* [[Characters/FairyTailOtherFairyTailMembers Other Fairy Tail Members]]

* [[Characters/FairyTailOtherGuilds Other Guilds]]
* [[Characters/FairyTailDarkGuilds Dark Guilds]]
* [[Characters/FairyTailCelestialSpirits Celestial Spirits]]
* [[Characters/FairyTailEdolas Edolas Characters]]
* [[Characters/FairyTailOthers Other Characters]]
* [[Characters/FairyTailAnimeOnly Anime-Only Characters]]
* [[Characters/FairyTailSupplementaryCharacters Supplementary Characters]]: (AKA ''Zero'' and ''Ice Trail'' Characters)