''NOTE: Due to Chinese naming conventions, surnames go before given names. ''

!!Gu Yuetao (古越涛)
!!! Actor: Bao Jianfeng

A newly-hired high school homeroom teacher, Yuetao (aka Teacher Gu) strives to be a good teacher for every one of his students, often adopting unconventional methods to teach them AnAesop.

!! Tropes:
* BadassTeacher
* CoolTeacher
* TotallyRadical: His students think he's only trying to act young.

!!Pei Pei (裴佩)
!!! Actress: Ni Jingyang

A fellow teacher at Yuetao's high school, she teaches English classes.

!! Tropes:
* BumpIntoConfrontation / CrashIntoHello: She and Yuetao meet while fighting for a bottle of soy sauce. It later turns out that they're roommates, much to Pei Pei's chagrin.
* DefrostingIceQueen
* {{Tomboy}}: To Qingxin's GirlyGirl.
* {{Tsundere}}: Usually only towards Yuetao, though.

!!Gao Zi Wen (高子文)
!!! Actor: Li Zhigang

The mathematics teacher at the high school.

!! Tropes:
* DoggedNiceGuy: Teacher Gao
* TalkingToPlants: He thinks that plants are easier to understand than people.

!!Xia Qingxin (夏清心)
!!! Actress: Huang Huiyi

Another one of Yuetao's coworkers. She offers relationship advice to both Gu Yuetao and Pei Pei.

!! Tropes:
* GirlyGirl: To Pei Pei's {{Tomboy}}.

!!Shi Yanfeng (石延枫)
!!! Actor: Li Zhinan

A popular and intelligent student with influential parents and connections, he is used to intimidating others, including teachers. Yanfeng is threatened by the new teacher's arrival and spends the first few episodes trying to get rid of him.

!! Tropes:
* AlphaBastard: Acts like one due to his very important parents, who are on the school board.
* BreakTheHaughty: Eventually, over the course of the series.
* SmugSnake

!!Lan Feilin (蓝菲琳)
!!! Actor: Jin Sha

Feilin is another one of Yuetao's students. She is quiet yet more mature than most of her fellow classmates.

!! Tropes:
* LoveInterest: To Shi Yanfeng.
* YamatoNadeshiko