These are the characters who appear in the webcomic [[{{Webcomic/Earth14}} Earth 14]].

! The Main Crew

[[folder:Val Halen/Team 2814]]
Val Halen is the main protagonist of Earth 14. S/he is very calm, level-headed and suffers from Schizophrenia since early childhood. She is also a professional snowboarder, a career she began when she was 11 years old. Wanting something new in hir life, Val accepted the offer to join The Prism after learning she was born under the blue spectrum.
!!! Powers: Solid Cloud Generation, creating spiders out of psionic energy, technopath
* [[{{Aloof Dark Haired Girl}} Aloof Dark Haired Ambiguous Gender Person]]
* {{Ambiguous Gender}}: Val has a very androgynous appearance and is genderfluid, being fine with any pronouns.
* {{Big Eater}}: Does so when stressed, which she always denies.
* {{Child Prodigy}}: Was already a pro snowboarder at only 11 years old.
* {{Deadpan Snarker}}
* {{Does Not Like Shoes}}: When in hir uniform, hir feet are bare.
* {{Dull Eyes of Unhappiness}}
* {{Exotic Eye Designs}}: Val's pupils are white, just like hir father's.
* {{Fantastically Indifferent}}: Played for laughs.
* {{Gray Eyes}}
* {{Hallucinations}}: Val has Schizophrenia and suffers from both visual and auditory hallucinations. The most prominent ones are Shadow, Sigma and Omne, whom Val has seen hir entire life.
* {{Heroic Bastard}}: Courtesy of hir parents being teens at the time she was born.
* {{Keet}}: As a little kid.
* {{Missing Mom}}: Hir biological mother Rel was murdered by The Sorceress the same day Val was born.
* {{Neural Implanting}}
* {{No Sell}}: S/he is immune to electrocution.
* {{Perpetual Frowner}}
* {{Signature Style}}: Val's constructs are based on video games.
* {{Solid Clouds}}: While the clouds within Earth 14 are just regular clouds, to Val they are solid. S/he describes them as fluffy and often takes naps in them. Like hir father, she can also create them.
* {{Spoiled Sweet}}
* {{Supreme Chef}}: Makes some of the best pastries, and hopes to open up hir own bakery one day.
* {{True Companions}}: With Philly and Devon.

[[folder: Helia Arugante-Team 2814]]
Helia was chosen to join The Prism after learning she was born under the green spectrum. She is from the planet Aquarius and has quite the ego. Helia claims to be the superior wielder and looks down on the other spectrum wielders. She is partnered with Val as they’re from the same sector of space.

* {{Zero Percent Approval Rating}}: Has no friends in The Prism because of her terrible attitude. She's only still a member because she is competent in her job.
* {{Amazing Technicolor Population}}: She has pink skin. Aquarians have skins of all colors.
* {{Entitled Bitch}}: Unless you're wealthy, Helia will never thank anyone who bothers to help her out.
* {{Fantastic Racism}}: She isn't shy in calling others racial slurs to those outside her race. She has no friends because of this.
* {{Gold Digger}}: She only flirts with Avalon because he's royalty and she wants in on the perks, something she openly brags about. When on missions, she'll often try to seduce wealthy men.
* {{Good Is Not Nice}}: Is a member of The Prism but she's far from nice.
* {{Jerkass}}: She is unpleasant to pretty much everyone except Prince Avalon, only because she finds him to be of use to her.
* {{Narcissist}}
* {{Never My Fault}}
* {{No Sense of Personal Space}}: Toward Prince Avalon whenever she "flirts" with him.
* {{Our Mermaids Are Different}}: Her species, the Aquarians, strongly resemble mermaids when they're young. Their tail fins turn into legs when they're older.
* {{Non Mammal Mammaries}}: As an aquatic alien, breasts aren't natural to her species. She gave herself breasts through {{Shapeshifting}} in order to seduce Avalon.
* {{Purple Eyes}}
* {{Shapeshifter}}: Is a natural ability of her race, the Aquarians. Their abilities extend to:
** {{Kaleidoscope Eyes}}
** {{Kaleidoscope Hair}}
** {{Sex Shifter}}: It's mainly used by Aquarians who wish to change their gender, temporarily or permanently if they wish. Helia herself never uses this ability.
** {{Shapeshifting Seducer}}: Tries to be this, but fails.
* {{Small Name Big Ego}}: Big time. She dubs herself "the greatest light wielder of all time".
* {{Whip It Good}}: Her main weapon is a whip construct.

[[folder:Prince Avalon-Team 2813]]
Avalon is the crown prince of the West Kingdom of planet Mogura and is the youngest of three children. After the planet had been invaded, Avalon had joined the resistance and helped to finally liberate his people. It was during this time he discovered he was born under the blue spectrum, and was chosen to join The Prism alongside his best friend Damas, who was born under the green spectrum.
* {{Amazing Technicolor Population}}: All Mogurans come in different shades of blue.
* {{Childhood Friends}}: With Damas.
* {{Cute Little Fangs}}
* {{Dual Wielding}}: His main weapons are twin swords.
* {{Heterosexual Life Partners}}: With Damas.
* {{Long Haired Pretty Boy}}
* {{The Medic}}: Took up and mastered healing studies at The Prism.
* {{Nice Guy}}
* {{Nice To The Waiter}}: He shares this trait with his entire family. They treat everyone as equals, which is why the populace adores them so much.
* {{Modest Royalty}}: He only wears royal attire when absolutely necessary. He also treats all those around him with respect and kindness, regardless of social class.
* {{Pointy Ears}}
* {{Purple Eyes}}
* {{Royal Brat}}/{{Spoiled Brat}}: As a child, he was quite the pain in the ass. In his early teens, he was an arrogant asshole. Thankfully he got better.
* {{Royals Who Actually Do Something}}: He and his siblings joined {{The Resistance}} when the planet got invaded. Then he discovered he was a wielder and was chosen to join The Prism.
* {{Skunk Stripe}}: Sections of his hair and eyebrows are white. Him and his siblings have poliosis, which they inherited from their father.
* {{Sophisticated As Hell}}
* {{The Southpaw}}
* {{Space Elves}}: Type I. All Mogurans have pointy ears.
* {{Spoiled Sweet}}
* {{Sword Fight}}: Specializes in these.
* {{Walking Shirtless Scene}}: His uniform has no top.

[[folder: Damas Vigrid-Team 2813]]
Damas is a friendly no-nonsense guy from planet Mogura. At a young age he was accepted into one of the planet’s most elite schools and it was there that he would go on to meet prince Avalon and form an interesting friendship. The two had a rather shaky friendship during their teen years thanks to Avalon's brattiness, but they resolved their differences. Many years later Damas had joined Avalon in helping to defeat the invaders from their home world. In the final confrontation Damas learned he was born under the green spectrum and was chosen to join The Prism, where he works with Avalon as his sector partner.

* {{Action Duo}}: Avalon is more laid back while Damas is more confrontational. They do know how to combine their skills to make an effective team.
* {{Amazing Technicolor Population}}
* {{Badass Bookworm}}: He was on his way to becoming a Historian and is a {{Walking Encyclopedia}}. Also loves reading in his downtime, a habit he picked up as a child as he often went to the library to hide from his family.
* {{Badass Longcoat}}
* {{Berserk Button}}: DO NOT call him selfish.
* {{Chick Magnet}}
* {{Childhood Friends}}: With Prince Avalon.
* {{Child Prodigy}}: At age 8 he was accepted into one of the planet’s most elite schools after he had taken an entrance exam. He was also a {{Scholarship Student}} and lived in the dorms up until graduation.
* {{Cute Little Fangs}}
* {{Eyes of Gold}}
* {{Goggles Do Nothing}}: He just likes the way they look.
* {{Heterosexual Life Partners}}: With Avalon.
* {{I Kiss Your Hand}}: He’s like this with a lot of girls upon meeting them.
* {{Pointy Ears}}
* {{The Pornomancer}}: He really loves the ladies.
* {{Space Elves}}: Type I. All Mogurans have pointy ears.
* {{The Unfavorite}}: He was ignored by his social climbing parents in favor of his lazy and spoiled older brother and sister. However he was adored by the townspeople, who see him as the White Sheep of his family.

[[folder: Manik Teg-rey-Team 1600]]
He is a rookie, having trained alongside Maram, Damas, Anniya, and Tereon . At a young age he underwent a strange ritual that permanently made him into a cosmic demon along with gaining an array of dark powers. Manik is a friendly individual and is quick to strike up friendships. Despite his criminal background, he was chosen to join The Prism. His sector partner is his girlfriend Maram.
* {{Amazing Technicolor Population}}: He has pale gray skin.
* {{The Atoner}}: Was formerly a criminal who is making things right.
* {{Black Eyes of Crazy}}: He has black sclera with white irises. It's a case of {{Dark is Not Evil}} as he's pretty much a good guy.
* {{Blade Below the Shoulder}}: His weapons of choice.
* {{Berserk Button}}: Being called a rapist.
* {{Dark and Troubled Past}}: He wasn't born a demon, but made into one against his will when he was still a child. There's much more to it but he doesn't like to talk about it.
* {{Fragile Speedster}}: He's the fastest of the group.
* {{Horny Devil}}: He's an Incubus but doesn't require taking souls. He just really enjoys engaging in sexy time. A lot.
* {{Horned Humanoid}}: He has a pair of black horns sticking out the top of his head.
* {{Interspecies Romance}}: With Maram.
* {{Living Lie Detector}}: Helps in his undercover work and is often why he does most of the interrogations.
* {{Mr Fanservice}}: Even during missions.
* {{Official Couple}}: With Maram.
* {{Our Demons Are Different}}: He's essentially a space Incubus.
* {{Shapeshifting}}
** {{Sex Shifter}}: Likes to change into a cute female version of himself every now and then.

[[folder: Maram Lumina-Team 1600]]
Maram comes from a powerful family that rules over several space sectors. She often preferred being alone but her time in The Prism helped her be more open with others. Maram is seen like a big sister figure, especially to Anniya. Her sector partner is her childhood friend and current boyfriend Manik.

* {{Aloof Dark Haired Girl}}
* {{Amazing Technicolor Population}}: Her skin is white.
* {{Aura Vision}}: It allows her to read people's auras in order to get an idea of what they're like.
* {{Cool Big Sis}}: She watches out for a lot of the rookies, and cares for Anniya like a little sister.
* {{Interspecies Romance}} / {{Official Couple}}: With Manik.
* {{Perky Goth}}
* {{Raven Hair Ivory Skin}}
* {{Signature Style}}: Her construct is an umbrella/sniper rifle.
* {{Spoiled Sweet}}

[[folder: Anniya Kittas-Team 612]]
Anniya is a sweet and timid girl who is also a certified botanist. She discovered her spectrum powers during her graduation ceremony. Anniya applies her vast knowledge of plants to incorporate them into weapons or remedies. Her sector partner is Tereon.

* {{Big Brother Bully}}: Didn’t get along well with her stepsiblings, as they often took every chance to mock her.
* {{Green Thumb}}
* {{The Medic}}: The official medic of the main crew.
* {[Missing Mom}}: She had passed away from sickness little after Anniya was born.
* {{Moe}}: Her fellow wielders see her as the adorable little sister type, and she shares a sister-like relationship with Maram.
* {{Nervous Wreck}}: Whenever Helia is around.
* {{Parental Neglect}}: Her father gradually distanced himself away from her over the years due to her appearing more and more like her deceased mother. She cut ties with him.
* {{Raised by Grandparents}}
* {{Shrinking Violet}}: She used to be way more confident, and then she met Helia.
* {{Signature Style}}: Her constructs are based on all kinds of plants.
* {{Winged Humanoid}}: Her moth wings.

[[folder: Tereon Taunto-Team 612]]
Tereon is a loud and friendly fellow with a passion for cooking and throwing the best parties. Though he identifies as demiboy, Tereon is fine with male pronouns. He is a wielder of the green spectrum.

* [[{{Hundred percent adoration rating}}100% Adoration Rating]]: It helps that he's a great cook and throws the best parties.
* {{All Loving Hero}}
* {{Amazing Technicolor Population}}
* {{Beware the Nice Ones}}: He becomes absolutely terrifying when he's angry. Helia fears him because of this.
* {{Black Eyes of Evil}}: Averted. His eyes turn completely black whenever he's serious, enraged or just feeling particularly negative.
* {{Big Eater}}
* {{The Dreaded}}: Helia is terrified of him.
* {{Horned Humanoid}}
* {{Multi Armed and Dangerous}}: Has four arms.
* {{Nice Guy}}
* {{Signature Style}}: His main constructs are mini laser cannons.


!Supporting Characters
[[folder: Talos Halen]]
!!!Powers: Technopathy, flight, super strength, portal generation, instant armor

As a teenager, Talos joined the Guild of Heroes, where he often worked {{Mission Control}} in order to spend more time with his infant Val. He is a half-cybernetic being from the colonized planet of Atmos, but for reasons unknown left to live on Earth when he was 16. Talos is presently the owner of Halen Tech, a company dedicated to using technology beneficial to man and the environment. His past is a bit of a mystery as he doesn't talk about it; but because of it he vows to be the best father and give Val the best possible life. While on the eccentric side, he's a good father and cares much for the citizens.

* {{Hundred Percent Adoration Rating}}: He's a great boss to his employees, the citizens of Sky City adore him and he's deeply loved by his family for being such a great guy.
* {{Abusive Parents}}: His parents despised him due to the fact that he was born with powers, something they saw as "wrong" and "unnatural". Subverted with Talos himself, as he's a great dad.
* {{Amazingly Embarrassing Parent}}: He's had his moments but they were few and far in between.
* {{Brainy Brunette}}
* {{Bi the Way}}
* {{Child Prodigy}}: He has been creating all his crazy inventions since he was a kid.
* {{Cloud Cuckoolander}}
* {{Doting Parent}}
* {{Fiction 500}}: Halen Tech, a company specializing in biotechnology. Sky City is one of the greenest cities on Earth because of this.
* {{Flight}}
* {{Fun Personified}}: Reflected at home and at the work place. Employees can take slides down to the lower floors and he holds his meetings in a large ball pit, of which he also has in his office and in his living room at home. It makes for a fun time at home, while at work, it increases morale and always keeps his employees happy.
* {{Exotic Eye Designs}}: His pupils are white.
* [[{{Give Him a Normal Life}} Give Hir a Normal Life]]: As his earlier years weren't the happiest, Talos vowed to raise his child in a normal and happier life.
* {{Good Parents}}
* {{Green Eyes}}
* {{Happily Married}}: To Galatea.
* {{Honest Corporate Executive}}
* {{Instant Armor}}: He can summon it in small segments, such as his arms or legs, or to immediately cover his entire body if he wished.
* {{Keet}}
* {{Literal Minded}}: Played for laughs.
* {{Neural Implanting}}
* {{Nice Guy}}
* {{Ocular Gushers}}: He's prone to crying at the drop of a hat.
* {{Photographic Memory}}
* {{Technopath}}: Part of why he exceeds with all things technology.
* {{Teen Pregnancy}}: Not him, obviously. He was 16 years old when Val was born.

[[folder:Marina Halen]]
Marina is an AI unit who has been with the Halen family since before Val was born. She is seen as part of the family and Val even refers to her as 'auntie'. Marina sees Talos as a younger brother and often acts as the voice of reason to keep him in line. She is co-owner of Halen Tech as well a lawyer.
* {{Emotionless Girl}}: Averted. She's just very calm and collected.
* {{Holographic Disguise}}: Even though AI units are the norm, Marina still uses this on occasion just for fun.
* {{Humanity Ensues}}: She was built by Talos’ parents for the purpose of being the family servant, but she instead only watched out for Talos and his older brother Tael. Displeased by her “defiance”, the parents deactivated her. When Talos was sent away, he took her core with her, and was able to reactivate her years later. She stuck by him since.
* {{Robot Girl}}: Robot Woman is more like it.
* {{The Smart Girl}}: Thanks to being an AI.
* {{You Gotta Have Blue Hair}}

[[folder: Galatea Halen]]
Galatea is a powerful warrior who is {{Happily Married}} to Talos and is Val's loving step-mother. She and Talos met as teens and kept in contact until they met up again years later. Afterwards they got married. She helps to run Halen Tech alongside Talos and Marina and is also an active member of the Guild of Heroes. She is also a certified therapist.

* {{The Ageless}}: As a side effect of her powers, she just ages slower.
* {{Action Mom}}
* {{Amazonian Beauty}}
* {{Bi the Way}}
* {{Boobs of Steel}}
* {{Deflector Shields}}: She uses a high tech shield in battle.
* {{Flight}}
* {{Happily Married}}: To Talos.
* {{Mama Bear}}
* {{The Shrink}}: A very good, honest and compassionate one.
* {{Statuesque Stunner}}: She’s a head taller than Talos, who is already quite tall himself.

[[folder:Ophelia "Philly" Orlov-Ka’Uhane]]
Philly, full name Ophelia Orlov-Ka’Uhane is a citizen of Sky City and one of Val’s best friends, the other being her boyfriend Devon. They had known each other since they were 13 years old. Philly is the captain of her own Roller Derby team known as the Sky Knights. She is also a huge fan of the superhero community.
* {{Adorkable}}
* {{Animal Motifs}}: Bunnies.
* {{Bi the Way}}
* {{Brainy Brunette}}: Her knowledge on superheroes and villains is quite vast.
* {{Green Eyes}}
* {{Hero Worshipper}}
* {{Kaleidoscope Hair}}: She just dyes her hair and has a different color in each appearance. Her natural hair color is dark brown, judging by the color of her eyebrows.
* {{Official Couple}}: Is currently dating Devon.
* {{True Companions}}: With Val and Devon.

[[folder:Devon Dalton]]
Devon is best friends with Val and Philly as well as dating the latter. Together the three of them had known each other since they were 13. He is a fashion designer on a scholarship and is a celebrity within the cosplay community.
* {{Abusive Parents}}: He has nothing nice to say about them and cut off contact with them many years prior.
* {{Black Best Friend}}
* {{Big Brother Bully}}: Him and several siblings were on the receiving end of it by their other siblings, which was encouraged by his parents.
* {{Cosplay}}
* {{The Fashionista}}
* {{Official Couple}}: Is currently dating Philly.
* {{Mismatched Eyes}}: His right eye is gray and his left eye is light blue. He inherited them from his paternal grandmother.
* {{Raised by grandparents}}: He, along with some of his siblings, were adopted by their grandparents to escape their abusive home life. Devon was a small child at the time.
* {{True Companions}}: With Val and Philly.
* {{The Unfavorite}}: In the eyes of his parents and several siblings, not that he cares.

[[folder: Pierre Rousseau]]
Pierre is Val's ex-boyfriend. Val had broken up with him four years prior after she caught him cheating on hir. A former bad boy with a record, in the present time he has vowed to do much better and turn his life around. He hopes to mend his relationship with Val and at least become friends again.
* {{The Atoner}}: He feels genuine remorse for hurting Val, and wants to set things right.
* {{Gratuitous French}}: He's French-Canadian.
* {{Jerkass}}: Massive jerk to everyone around him at first.
** {{Jerk with a heart of gold}}: He does eventually soften up, but it didn't kick off until after Val had dumped him.
* {{What does she see in him?}}: Despite the fact that Pierre was a major asshole when they first met, Val still found hirself falling in love with him when they were 16.

[[folder: Val's hallucinations]]

Val has had Schizophrenia since childhood and hir most prominent hallucinations were that of shadow people each with different designs and personalities.
Shadow is one of Val's most prominent hallucinations. He is calm, level-headed and Val's voice of reason.

* {{The Big Guy}}: He's the larger of the two.
* {{Facepalm}}: Does this a lot, usually due to Sigma's antics.
* {{Only Sane Man}}
* {{Those two guys}}: Always seen with Sigma.
* {{Red Oni Blue Oni}}: Shadow is the Blue to Sigma's Red.

Sigma is one of Val's most prominent hallucinations. He is loud, obnoxious and a total troll. Sigma represents the things that Val will never morally do.

* {{Angrish}}: Whenever Val is around Helia.
* {{Berserk Button}}: For reasons unknown, Sigma REALLY hates Helia to the point that he wants Val to kill the Aquarian.
* {{Red Oni Blue Oni}}: The Red to Shadow's Blue.
* {{Troll}}

Omne is very calm and straightforward. He represents what Val knows on a subconscious level.

* {{The Big Guy}}: Much taller than Shadow.
* {{Cool Mask}}
* {{Walking Encyclopedia}}

Dolly/Meemo resembles a small child with a crack on her head. Later on her appearance changes slightly and takes up Meemo as her new name.
* {{Amnesia}}: Suffers from this and has a hard time remembering things.
* {{Black Eyes of Evil}}: Averted. Dolly/Meemo is one of the sweetest and kindest of the hallucinations.
* {{Cheerful Child}}
* {{Keet}}: Very similar to Val when the latter was a child.

!The Quads
They are a group of 4 folks who are always doing their own thing. Val has no idea why they've showed up, but all four are quite playful and each have their own personalities.
* {{Cloud Cuckoolander}}: All four of them are wacky in some way.
* {{Trademark Favorite Food}}: One of them is always eating sweets.
* {{The Unintelligible}}: They speak a language Val is not familiar with.

Manos consist of several dozen disembodied hands. They would either hit or attempt to strangle Val, or otherwise would leave hir alone.


! Secondary Characters/Families

[[folder: Tael]]

Tael was Talos' older brother. He was born without powers, and in turn was absolutely adored by their parents. Tael often looked out for Talos and did his best to keep him safe. After Talos was forcibly taken away, Tael blamed his parents and he soon left home in disgust. He currently resides on a planet named Atreia, where he runs a successful business in building spaceships.

* {{Big Brother Bully}}: He used to be, at the encouragement of his parents. He soon realized how much it hurt Talos, and he decided to care for him instead.
* {{Neural Implanting}}
* {{Gadgeteer Genius}}: After moving to Atreia, he started a business where he built spaceships and AIs.
* {{Tragic Keepsake}}: He still owns and maintains Bun-Bun, the robotic bunny Talos made when they were children.

[[folder: Zoryn]]
Zoryn is Tael's son, making him Talos' nephew and Val's cousin. Raised in a loving and supporting environment, Zoryn is almost always in a happy and confident mood.
* {{Badass Gay}}: While not a spectrum wielder, Zoryn is more than capable of kicking ass.
* {{Bare Your Midriff}}
* {{Neural Implanting}}



[[folder:The Prism]]
The Prism is an intergalactic organization created to train those born under the spectrum, meaning sentient beings capable of wielding light powers, to fight evil. It’s lead by different leaders that watch over each spectrum.

Those that discover these abilities at a very young age are invited to receive proper training at the organization’s academies, but will only be allowed to go on missions when they’re adults. Each light color has identical and individual traits, with academies dedicated to the training and mastery of each one.
* {{Color Coded Emotions}}:
** Red: Like to solve problems with their fists but are also extremely loyal.
** Orange: Often prefer to work alone and can be rather mysterious.
** Yellow: Very analytical and prefer to rely on logic.
** Green: Strongly believe in strength in numbers and encourage strong companionships.
** Blue: Take the calm and passive approach, but will get dangerous if the need arises.
** Violet: Very free spirited and prefer to go by gut feelings.
** Pink: Very optimistic, rather eccentric but will do their best to lift the spirits of their comrades.
* {{Custom Uniform}}: Members of The Prism can wear their respective uniforms however they want, as long as their respective colors and insignia are visible.
* {{Elemental rock paper scissors}}: Averted. No spectrum color is stronger or weaker than the other. The power alone depends on the skill of the individual.
* {{Evil Counterpart}}: They have this in the form of The Children of the Void cult, as they harness the Void Spectrum.

!The Green Spectrum
Users of the green spectrum are known to value teamwork and strongly believe in strength in numbers.
!!Hanz Nyxis
Sergeant Hanz comes from planet Orenia, where he made a name for himself as the finest of his military. As a member of The Prism, he serves as one of the trainers of new recruits of the green spectrum. He may be very tough and intimidating, but is also very patient and kind, and is often seen as a strong father figure for many rookies. He is married to Heinkel, a prominent member of the Medical Unit and they have a son named Ein, who leads a squad by the name of Nightfall.
* {{Badass Beard}}
* {{Berserk Button}}: Whenever his comrades are harmed or threatened.
* {{Black Eyes of Evil}}: Averted.
* {{Gratuitous German}}: He's practically a Space German.
* {{Green Eyes}}
* {{Happily Married}}: To his wife Heinkel.

!! Heinkel Nyxis
Like her husband Hanz, she is from Orenia and made her name known through her knowledge of medicine, and for a while served as a field medic. Heinkel can channel both the green and blue spectrum, and despite her rather rough exterior, she is very motherly especially to new recruits. Her son Ein is the squad leader of Nightfall.
* {{Brawn Hilda}}
* {{Gratuitous German}}
* {{Happily Married}}: To Hanz.
* {{The Medic}}

!!! Ein Nyxis
Ein is the son of Hanz and Heinkel and leads a squad of high ranking green spectrum users going by the name of Nightfall. He’s a strict, by the book soldier through and through, and is highly respected by his peers.
* {{Black Eyes of Evil}}: Averted.
* {{Cool Mask}}
* {{Eerie Pale Skinned Brunette}}: Gives this vibe.
* {{The Leader}}: Of the Nightfall squad, which he also formed.
* {{The Stoic}}

!!Kali Taka
Kali is Ein’s childhood friend and currently his {{Second in Command}} . She values might and looks down at everyone else except Ein, which puts her at odds with him as well as the rest of the squad, who only listen to her out of respect for Ein.
* {{Zero percent approval rating}}: Is the least liked member of her squad and has no friends, not that she cares.
* {{Black Eyes of Evil}}: While not evil, she’s definitely a bitch.
* {{Clingy Jealous Girl}}: Does not take well to Ein even being near other women.
* {{Good is not nice}}

Born and raised on the planet Farmlen, Roh’Zee is one of Nightfall’s main heavy hitters. While very polite and friendly, she also speaks her mind and won’t take shit from anyone, not even the second in command of the squad she’s a part of.
* {{Arch Nemesis}}: Hates Kali with a burning passion and tells it to her face every chance she gets.
* [[{{Pig Man}} Pig Girl]]

Hive is a mysterious being that also happens to be mute. They communicate through telepathy. Despite their hulking size, Hive specializes in stealth.
* {{Gentle Giant}}

Kind and patient, Poppy is very nurturing and always watches out for her crew. She’s happily married and is the mother of 3 adopted children.
* {{Exotic Eye Designs}}: Her pupils are shaped like violet flowers.
* {{Gentle Giant}}: Second largest after Hive.
* {{Team Mom}}
* {{The Medic}}

Tyris is a well known sculptor back in her home town and in her free time she’s always brainstorming new ideas. She’s not really the social type, but is friendly nonetheless.
* {{Heroic Bastard}}: Was the product of an affair.

Suave and a smooth talker, Rico is all about having a good time.
* {{Expy}}: Bears a slight resemblance to Bugs Bunny.
* {{Heartbroken Badass}}: Still recovering from a failed relationship.

!The Yellow Spectrum
Users of the yellow spectrum often rely on logic to get things done.
!! V'lkoor
V'lkoor is one of the more laid back members of the yellow spectrum. He comes from a world where {{Steampunk}} is dominant and a bit of his culture is represented in his clothing. He's shown to be a genuinely nice guy if not rather intimidating.
* {{Blinding Bangs}}
* {{Human Alien}}: He looks like a human who got his teeth filed into sharp ones.
* {{Nice Guy}}: He has his moments.
* {{Nice Hat}}
* {{Perpetual Smiler}}
* {{Purple Eyes}}
* {{Scary Teeth}}
* {{Steampunk}}

!!Rook Von Ravenborn
Rook is an anthropomorphic crow from planet Avis. A rather friendly but highly eccentric fellow, he will gladly share stories with all who ask.

* {{Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny}}: He loves shiny things and giving him enough shiny items is one way to befriend him.
* {{Battle Cry}}: In the form of angry caws and played for laughs.
* {{Berserk Button}}: People who interrupt him when he's telling his stories.
* {{Creepy Crows}}
* {{Finger Wings}}
* {{Expy}}: Of Sir Raven from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
* {{Lemony Narrator}}: Played for laughs.
* {{No Indoor Voice}}
* {{Rhymes on a Dime}}: Sometimes.

!!Order of the Void
They are the main villains of the first arc. The Order of the Void is a cult that worships a powerful entity referred to as "The Slumbering One". Their goals may be unclear, but they are no less sinister.

* {{Arc Villain}}: The group as a whole, led by The Sorceress.
* {{Cult}}: Crossed with {{Corrupt Church}}

[[folder:The Sorceress]]
The Sorceress is a powerful villainess mentioned in the first chapter. She always threatened Sky City and in the past has defeated both of its protectors.
* {{Does Not Like Shoes}}: She's barefooted.
* {{Evil Redhead}}
* {{Red Eyes Take Warning}}
* {{With Great Power Comes Great Insanity}}: She is a bit off her rocker, which makes her all the more dangerous.
[[folder: Praxis]]
Praxis is the Sorceress' right-hand woman and most loyal soldier. She is cold, ruthless, vicious and will not hesitate to strike down those who stand in her way. Praxis is a force to be reckoned with.
* {{Black Knight}}
* {{Eerie Pale Skinned Brunette}}
* {{The Dreaded}}
* {{The Dragon}}: Second in command.
* {{Evil Mentor}}: To the younger members of the cult.
* {{From Nobody to Nightmare}}: Praxis was formerly a doctor before learning of the cult.
* {{Knight of Cerebus}}: Praxis has no comedic traits whatsoever. When she shows up, things become much more serious.
* {{The Medic}}
* {{Undying Loyalty}}
[[folder: Arachnid]]
Arachnid is a mysterious being following hir own agenda, with loyalty to nobody but hirself. She is as friendly as she is terrifying. Arachnid loves to attack her targets psychologically and always has a smile on her face.

* {{Affably Evil}}: Is actually quite friendly to her opponents, will never harm an innocent and will give respected opponents the chance to walk away.
* {{Arachnid Appearance and Attire}}
* {{Benevolent Boss}}
* {{Berserk Button}}: REALLY hates Helia for reasons unknown. She'll often attack the Aquarian unprovoked.
* {{Black Eyes of Crazy}}
* {{Chest Insignia}}/{{Sigil Spam}}
* {{Cool Mask}}
* {{Deadpan Snarker}}
* {{Eerie Pale Skinned Brunette}}
* {{Even Evil Has Standards}}: Will never harm an innocent. Should a battle break out in a populated area, Arachnid will have the fight moved somewhere else.
* {{Extra Eyes}}: Has four eyes.
* {{Glowing Eyes of Doom}}: When angered.
* {{Perpetual Smiler}}: If she ever frowns, it's best to run away as fast as possible.
* {{Purple Eyes}}
* {{Purple is Powerful}}
* {{Scary Teeth}}
* {{Slasher Smile}}
* {{Spider Limbs}}: In the form of energy constructs that she forms on her back.
[[folder:The L.O.F.T.]]
Also known as the League of F**king Tyranny, they are a group of villains who terrorize Sky City every now and then. Despite their impressive array of powers and abilities, they're easily disposed of due to making their weaknesses easily exploitable.
* {{Zero Percent Approval Rating}}: The civilians gradually began to take them less and less seriously, to the point that the LOFT have been reduced to jokes. Not even the other villains think highly of them.
* {{Politically Incorrect Villain}}: Each of them has this trait.
!!King and Queen
They are a couple clad in black gimp outfits. The Queen uses an electrified whip and the King has super strength.
* {{Bondage is Bad}}: They think it does.
* {{The Brute}}: The King has shades of this.
* {{Politically Incorrect Villain}}: Neither of them actually partake in BDSM. They only dress and act the part because they assume it makes them look all the more villainous.
* {{Super Strength}}: King
He's a man who is also a fire elemental.
* {{Logical Weakness}}: Water.
* {{No Indoor Voice}}
* {{Playing With Fire}}
* {{Politically Incorrect Villain}}: He's homophobic and only pretends to be gay in attempt to make them look bad. It doesn't work.
!!The Fair Folk
They are a group of three fairies named Epsilon, Delta and Alpha, with the latter serving as the leader.
* {{The Fair Folk}}
* {{Fantastic Racism}}: Against non-fairies.
* {{Our Fairies are Different}}: They are human-sized {{Winged Humanoids}}.
* {{Politically Incorrect Villain}}: Alpha hates men, Delta is elitist and Epsilon thinks little of women.
* {{Weaksauce Weakness}}: Bottles.
!!Lumber Jacque
He's a French lumberjack who wields a high tech chainsaw that can cut through anything.
* {{Badass Moustache}}
* {{Berserk Button}}: People who don't take him seriously, French jokes, and being confused for being French-Canadian.
* {{Chainsaw Good}}
* {{Politically Incorrect Villain}}: Hates French Canadians, calling them "fakes".