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!!Zoë Maya Castillo
[[caption-width-right:237:Seeker. Nomad. Dreamer.]]
->'''Voiced by:''' Ellie Conrad-Leigh (''Dreamfall'')

The main character of ''Dreamfall'', Zoë is a college dropout living with her father and is DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife. Zoë gets roped into Stark/Arcadia problems when she begins looking for her ex-boyfriend, who was investigating [=WATICorp=]'s Project Alchera.

* ActionSurvivor: Although she can throw a punch, she is no match for armed enemies (unlike April in ''Dreamfall'', for instance).
* {{Amnesiac Hero}}ine. Downplayed in ''Chapters''. Zoë remembers most of her life--except what happened between [[spoiler:her first usage of a Dreamer console and her waking up from the coma]]. Which is basically most of ''Dreamfall''.
* AstralProjection: She has the power to project herself into other realms while dreaming. Unlike normal uses of this trope, Zoë's projected self is every bit as real as she is, able to interact with the world around her and be perceived by those around her. [[spoiler:In Book Three of ''Chapters'', her use of a Dreamer in an attempt to regain her memories causes her to shift completely into Arcadia, rather than merely projecting as she had before, though the end of Book Four suggests she was actually dreaming in both worlds, while her real self slept elsewhere.]]
* BareYourMidriff: Her tank top outfit in ''Dreamfall''. A fairly modest version.
* {{Deuteragonist}}: To April in the series overall, though the primary protagonist in her own games.
* DreamWalker[=/=]DreamWeaver: While trapped in Storytime in ''Chapters'', Zoë learns to enter other people's dreams and to manipulate them--and extension of her Dreamer powers that she demonstrated in the original ''Dreamfall''.
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Enu will blurt out that Zoë's pretty upon meeting her.
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: In ''Chapters'', she sports a very different hairdo (a [[PrimAndProperBun loose bun]] with curly sidebangs) than when she was first introduced. This is used to contrast her old self ([[spoiler:which she encounters in Storytime]]) and her new one.
* FanService: Running around in her underwear in ''Dreamfall'', and a few scenes of the same in ''Chapters''.
* GivenNameReveal: Zoë's middle name is first revealed by her hospital records in ''Chapters''.
* {{Hikikomori}}: Resembles this in the beginning, though she's really not that happy about it and refers to it as a lapse of character on her part.
* TheHerosJourney
* HurtingHero: In ''Chapters'', Zoe's gone through an awful lot, and she's been very stressed. [[spoiler: She has lost her best friend Olivia and her ImpliedLoveInterest Damien in the interregnum between games, her relationship with Reza is rocky, and she's out of contact with her dad. Later, her new friend Nela suicide bombs an EYE checkpoint]].
* IWillFindYou: Her journey starts with her search for Reza, her best friend and ex-boyfriend.
* MeaningfulName: Her last name means "castle" in Spanish. WordOfGod is that this name was chosen for a reason.
* MissingMom: Her mother has been dead for a long time. [[spoiler: She's wrong, it's actually Helena Chang. She learns this in ''Chapters''.]]
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent: Actually, she is a college dropout, but the rest fits.
* PowerTattoo: Coupled with PowerGlows. Her Dreamer powers emerge while she is in the Storytime and manifest themselves as tattoos (on her forehead and her arms) that glow whenever she uses them.
* PrettyInMink: Has a fur-trimmed coat when she is in Arcadia, and when she goes to Russia in Stark.
* RavenHairIvorySkin: Has very pretty, big brown eyes, long black hair and pale skin. It's especially noticeable when Zoe is in the Winter, as her skin is a lot paler there than when she is in Stark or Arcadia.
* SpoiledSweet: Even though by the beginning of the game she is little more than a NEET[[note]]'''N'''ot Currently Engaged in '''E'''ducation, '''E'''mployment or '''T'''raining; American name for hikikomori[[/note]] and a freeloader with a really rich daddy, she is very brave, smart, kind and helpful.
* StayWithMeUntilIDie: [[spoiler:Zoë for Faith.]]
* TheStoic: Prefers to play it like that in danger.
* TrappedInAnotherWorld: Specifically, in Storytime for half a year at the start of ''Chapters''.

!!April Ryan
See Characters.TheLongestJourney.

!!Kian Alvane
[[caption-width-right:241:Soldier. Apostle. Assassin.]]
->'''Voiced by:''' Gavin O'Connor (''Dreamfall''), Nicholas Boulton (''Dreamfall Chapters'')

The second new playable character in ''Dreamfall''. Kian is an assassin and missionary from Azadi, sent to Marcuria to hunt down "The Scorpion". Kian is deeply religious man, but is not blind in his zealotry, unlike his compatriots.

* {{Adorkable}}: Show quite a bit of this side in ''Chapters'' between his flimsy grasp on subtlety in conservations, [[TrademarkFavoriteFood his love for yams]], getting nostalgic about apple bobbing, and reading children's stories in secret.
* ArrowCatch: Can do one to save Enu and Likho in Book Two of ''Chapters''. Alternatively, you can do nothing and Likho will do the catching.
* BigBrotherInstinct: He develops this towards Bip, as the boy [[YouRemindMeOfX reminds him of himself as a child]].
* BloodMagic: Uses it to [[spoiler: escape Friar's Keep]]
* CelibateHero: Self-admitted in ''Chapters'', but since he's not an Apostle anymore, that may not hold true.
* ChickMagnet: In ''Chapters'', Enu babbles incoherently around him, calling him gorgeous, and Anna is interested, too.
* ChurchMilitant: He even calls himself a "missionary".
** He was part of a religious order that converted people... by killing them. The rationale being, that they might be reincarnated as believers.
** [[spoiler:And he still remains faithful after he stops believing in the war against the Northlands. His rationale is that whatever his compatriots are trying to accomplish in Marcuria, it has nothing to do with their religion.]]
* DeathSeeker: He's content with death when ''Chapters'' rolls around. A prison riot brings him to his senses.
* {{Deuteragonist}}: More accurately a tritagonist to Zoë and April, though in Dreamfall he's now secondary.
* FacialMarkings: More pronounced in ''Chapters'' but he has a number of tattoos on his face.
** They're to signify his rank of Apostle.
* GeniusBruiser: While he's first and foremost a fighter, he's also a masterful tactician and thinks very quickly on his feet.
* HeroAntagonist: In April's storyline.
* TheKirk: Becomes this in ''Chapters'' to Enu's [[TheSpock Spock]] and Likho's [[TheMcCoy McCoy]].
* MasterSwordsman: To the point where [[spoiler: someone will sacrifice his life for blood magic to get him to safety, solely because he'd be a better swordsman.]]
* MrFanservice: Introduced to us with a ShirtlessScene, and spends his first chapter and a part of the second shirtless in ''Chapters''.
* MyCountryRightOrWrong:
** [[spoiler: Begins to question his empire's crusade towards the end of the game.]]
** [[spoiler:By ''Dreamfall Chapters'' he does, in his own words, no longer believe that whatever the Azadi is doing in Marcuria is "the divine will of the Goddess."]]
* PetTheDog: When he interviews Zoë in Friar's Keep, he not only believes her story, he tries to get her freed.
* PrecisionFStrike: "He's fucking a magical?"
* StraightGay: Discussed with either Likho or Enu early in Book 3 of ''Chapters'' (only hinted at in the latter conversation while [[ unequivocally discussed in the former]]), and confirmed by WordOfGay outside of the game.
* StreetUrchin: During his escape from Friar's Keep in ''Chapters'', he mentions that he grew up on the streets of Sadir--that's apparently where he acquired the skills needed to pick locks with ''arrows''.
* SuperSoldier: He and, by projection, other Azadi Apostles.
* SympatheticPOV: In ''Dreamfall'', playing as him allows the Azadi Empire to display some shades of gray, and helps April's goals seem considerably less sympathetic than they would have if she'd been the sole protagonist. One of the best moments of the game occurs when the two have a conversation and player control keeps shifting from one to the other, showing the range of his/her dialogue options and allowing the player to steer the character's opinion of the other.
* TallDarkAndHandsome
* ToBeLawfulOrGood: Kian ultimately chooses Good.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Yams.

!!Gabriel Castillo
->'''Voiced by:''' Patrick Fitzsymons

Zoë's father.

* GoodParents

!!Reza Temiz
->'''Voiced by:''' Michael Ford-Fitzgerald (''Dreamfall''), Leo Staar (''Dreamfall Chapters'')

Zoë's ex-boyfriend and an investigative journalist.

* AmicableExes: Reza and Zoë still get along despite breaking up. They're back together in ''Chapters'', but things are a bit rough between them. It's up to the player to either work on it or make it even worse.
* IntrepidReporter: Working for "The Hand That Bites", which focuses on exposing corporate and government oppression of rights. In ''Chapters'' they've changed their name to "The Hand that Feeds" but it's still the same paper.
* NotHimself: [[spoiler:Whatever happened during his disappearance, Zoë notices that something is seriously wrong about him the first she sees him after his reappearance, and although she starts to trust him again somewhat during her time in the coma, she can't shake off a strange GutFeeling that something is just off. It even carries over on a more subconscious level after she awakens from the coma]].
* RealMenCook: In ''Chapters'' he's good with making risotto. Zoë points out that, although Europolis has a number of great food vendors, Reza is still an excellent cook.

!!Alvin Peats
->'''Voiced by:''' Jonathan Dow

The CEO of [=WATICorp=].

* BigBad: The Starkian BigBad in ''DF'' [[spoiler: until the end when Samantha has the twins kill him and she usurps the role.]]
* CorruptCorporateExecutive
* CyberneticsEatYourSoul: He has used technology to prolong his life well past the age of 150 years. The results are rather ugly to say the least, both physically and mentally.
* DarkLordOnLifeSupport: It's not pretty to see. At all.
* DreamStealer
* EvilBrit: He definitely has the accent.
* FakingTheDead: He is believed to be long dead in 2219. He isn't.
* FatBastard: He even kind of looks like [[ComicBook/{{X-Men}} Mojo]].

!!Samantha Gilmore
->'''Voiced by:''' Maryke Hendrickse

Peats' second in command and the public face of [=WATICorp=].

* BigBad: [[spoiler:Becomes the one for Stark at the end of the story.]]
* DecoyLeader: She acts as the official leader of WATI-corp, but she gets her orders from Peats. [[spoiler: At the end, she has the twins kill Peats, removing the Decoy from her title.]]
* DragonAscendant: [[spoiler:She is fully in charge of [=WATIcorp=] after she has the twins impale Peats to death.]]
* TheStarscream: [[spoiler:She betrays Peats and has him murdered in his moment of weakness.]]
* TomboyishName: She is commonly referred as "Sam", for example, by Peats [[spoiler:right before she kills him]], confusing some fans who thought that there was an unrevealed dude named Samuel involved.
* ValleyGirl[=/=]SpoiledBrat: Implied to not really have all that good of a grasp on exactly what her company is doing, and attempts to make up for that by being a very unpleasant boss. [[spoiler:In fact, [[NotSoHarmless she was just biding her time]].]]

!!(Theoretically) Blind Bob
->'''Voiced by:''' Andre Sogliuzzo

A Marcurian beggar whom Zoë meets in front of the Journeyman Inn. He is not actually blind, but he ''could'' be, so his full name is Theoretically Blind Bob--he just often omits "Theoretically" because it's so long.

* BreakoutCharacter: Kinda. Bob is a two-bit PluckyComicRelief character in ''Dreamfall'', but was popular enough to return with a bigger role in ''Chapters''.
* CharacterDeath: [[spoiler:Dies in the raid on the resistance in Book Four.]]
* IHaveManyNames: In ''Chapters''. He prefers to call himself "The General", but another character refers to him as "Bob-who-now-can-see" while he is mentioned in the objective list as "Once-Blind Bob".
* ObfuscatingDisability: He is "theoretically" blind.
* ThrowingOffTheDisability: His sickly white eyes looks normal in ''Chapters'', and other characters and the game text refers to him as a previously blind person.

!!The Prophet

A mysterious robed figure in Marcuria who seems to represent the Six.

* BlackCloak: He wears one that mostly conceals him.
* BlackSpeech: He's apparently speaking dragon, but to us it sounds like a bunch of unintelligible strangled whispers.
* TheFaceless: His face and, thereby true identity, is a mystery.
* GivingRadioToTheRomans: [[spoiler:He was the one who gave the Azadi the knowledge and the means to construct the Engine, which is essentially a giant computer running on steam technology.]]
* ManBehindTheMan: He apparently sparked the Azadi's scientific revolution and put them on the track of exterminating magic from the world, to further his own goals.

!!White Kin
->'''Voiced by:''' Jenny Maher

The newborn White Dragon April helped hatch in ''The Longest Journey'', currently living as a human in the Dark People's Library.

* GodInHumanForm
* MysticalWhiteHair: Has long, perfectly white hair and is one of the most powerful magical creatures in all of Arcadia.
* SpiritAdvisor: Seems to be one for [[spoiler: Saga]]. Whether it's AstralProjection or something else is unclear.

!!Commander Vamon
->'''Voiced by:''' Garrett Lombard (''Dreamfall''), Mark Healy (''Dreamfall Chapters'')

The commander of the Azadi forces stationed in the Northlands. Born to a noble family, Vamon has had a chip on his shoulder about Kian for as long as he has known him, due to his low birth and quick ascension through the military ranks despite this status. He also appears involved in a mysterious conspiracy, sometimes meeting with the Prophet and Sister Sahya in secret...

* AristocratsAreEvil: Part of his antipathy towards Kian seems to be based around his low birth.
* CombatPragmatist: In ''Chapters'', his encounter with Kian at the Keep has him pull out his pistol and shoot Kian a couple times.
* TheDragon: To Sister Sahya.
* DuelingScar: Has one across his nose and right cheek.
* IcyBlueEyes: While all Azadi have blue eyes, Vamon's are especially piercing.
* MurderIsTheBestSolution: When he finds that the prisoners of Friar's Keep are giving statements to General Hami that contradicts his own men's claims that Kian died in the riot, he immediately suggests the idea of murdering them before the General can interview them again. Sister Sahya in turn points how foolish this idea is.
* TallPoppySyndrome: The other part of his antipathy towards Kian seems to stem from petty jealously over the fact that Kian is a better swordsman than him.

!!Sister Sahya
->'''Voiced by:''' Jade Yourell

The Azadi governess of Northlands, ruling from the Great Azadi Tower in Marcuria. Like Vamon she apparently has a hidden agenda that she is trying to keep secret from the The Six.

* OfficeRomance: Is in a relationship with Vamon, despite it being strictly forbidden according to Azadi customs.
* PragmaticVillainy: She sometimes needs to rein Vamon in from making rash and short-sighted decisions, reminding him that they have to be patient and careful if their plan is going to stay under wraps.
* TheStarscream: [[spoiler:She plans to harness the power of the Engine and use it to usurp the Six and have herself crowned as the sole Empress.]]

!!The Six, Empresses of Azadi

The heads of the Azadi Empire and the Goddess religion.

* BiggerBad: Seem to be the Arcadian Bigger Bads in ''DF'', although ''Chapters'' implies that whatever Vamon and Sahya (and the Prophet) are doing in Marcuria happened without the Six's sanction and knowledge.
* KarmaHoudini[=/=]TheBadGuyWins: At least in ''Dreamfall''. Who knows what the rest of the series holds for them...

!!The Vagabond
->'''Voiced by:''' Alan Stanford

The mysterious and apparent caretaker of Dreamtime.

* OccultBlueEyes: Of the wizard kind.
* TheMentor: Becomes this to Zoë, once she finds herself stuck in Dreamtime
* TalksLikeASimile: Zoë jokes that he uses metaphors so frequently when she talks with him that [[GotMeDoingIt it has rubbed off on her]].

!!The Undreaming

The Undreaming is unchained.

* BiggerBad
* EldritchAbomination: It's an incorporeal being capable of destroying both worlds and potentially everyone's subconscious.