Following in the list of original characters introduced in ''VideoGame/DreamfallTheLongestJourney''. Please put all examples concerning returning characters from the original game in Characters.TheLongestJourney and examples for the sequel in Characters.DreamfallChapters.

!!ZoŽ Maya Castillo
[[caption-width-right:237:Seeker. Nomad. Dreamer.]]
->Voiced by: Ellie Conrad-Leigh

The main character of ''Dreamfall'', ZoŽ is a college dropout living with her father and is DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife. ZoŽ gets roped into Stark/Arcadia problems when she begins looking for her ex-boyfriend, who was investigating [=WATICorp=]'s Project Alchera.

* ActionSurvivor: Although she can throw a punch, she is no match for armed enemies (unlike April in ''Dreamfall'', for instance).
* {{Deuteragonist}}: To April in the series overall, though the primary protagonist in her own games.
* FanService: Running around in her underwear in ''Dreamfall''.
* GivenNameReveal: ZoŽ's middle name is first revealed by her hospital records in ''Chapters''.
* {{Hikikomori}}: Resembles this in the beginning, though she's really not that happy about it and refers to it as a lapse of character on her part.
* IWillFindYou: Her journey starts with her search for Reza, her best friend and ex-boyfriend.
* MissingMom
* RavenHairIvorySkin: Has very pretty, big brown eyes, long black hair and pale skin.
* TheHerosJourney
* PrettyInMink: Has a fur-trimmed coat as one of her costumes.
* SpoiledSweet: Even though by the beginning of the game she is little more than a NEET[[note]]'''N'''ot Currently Engaged in '''E'''ducation, '''E'''mployment or '''T'''raining; American name for hikikomori[[/note]] and a freeloader with a really rich daddy, she is very brave, smart, kind and helpful.
* StayWithMeUntilIDie: [[spoiler:ZoŽ for Faith.]]
* TheStoic: Prefers to play it like that in danger.
* TrappedInAnotherWorld
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent: Actually, she is a college dropout, but the rest fits.

!!Gabriel Castillo
->Voiced by: Patrick Fitzsymons

ZoŽ's father.

* GoodParents

!!Reza Temiz
->Voiced by: Michael Ford-Fitzgerald

ZoŽ's ex-boyfriend.

* AmicableExes: Reza and ZoŽ still get along despite breaking up.
* [[spoiler: BackFromTheDead: Though he's definitely not the same...]]
* IntrepidReporter

!!Kian Alvane
[[caption-width-right:241:Soldier. Apostle. Assassin.]]
->Voiced by: Gavin O'Connor

The second new playable character in ''Dreamfall''. Kian is an assassin and missionary from Azadi, sent to Marcuria to hunt down "The Scorpion". Kian is deeply religious man, but is not blind in his zealotry, unlike his compatriots.

* ChurchMilitant: He even calls himself a "missionary".
** He was part of a religious order that converted people... by killing them. The rationale being, that they might be reincarnated as believers.
** [[spoiler:And he still remains faithful after he stops believing in the war against the Northlands. His rationale is that whatever his compatriots are trying to accomplish in Marcuria, it has nothing to do with their religion.]]
* {{Deuteragonist}}: More accurately a tritagonist to ZoŽ and April.
* HeroAntagonist: In April's storyline.
* MasterSwordsman
* MrFanservice: Just look at him! And he has a ShirtlessScene, too!
* MyCountryRightOrWrong: [[spoiler: Begins to question his empire's crusade towards the end of the game.]]
** [[spoiler:By ''Dreamfall Chapters'' he does, in his own words, no longer believe that whatever the Azadi is doing in Marcuria is "the divine will of the Goddess."]]
* SuperSoldier: He and, by projection, other Azadi Apostles.
* SympatheticPOV: In ''Dreamfall'', playing as him allows the Azadi Empire to display some shades of gray, and helps April's goals seem considerably less sympathetic than they would have if she'd been the sole protagonist. One of the best moments of the game occurs when the two have a conversation and player control keeps shifting from one to the other, showing the range of his/her dialogue options and allowing the player to steer the character's opinion of the other.
* TallDarkAndHandsome

!!(Theoretically) Blind Bob
->Voiced by: Andre Sogliuzzo

A Marcurian beggar whom ZoŽ meets in front of the Journeyman Inn. He is not actually blind, but he ''could'' be, so his full name is Theoretically Blind Bob--he just often omits "Theoretically" because it's so long.

* BreakoutCharacter: Kinda. Bob is a two-bit PluckyComicRelief character in ''Dreamfall'', but was popular enough to return with a bigger role in ''Chapters''.

!!The Prophet

A mysterious robed figure in Marcuria who seems to represent the Six.

* BlackCloak
* BlackSpeech: He's apparently speaking dragon, but to us it sounds like a bunch of unintelligible strangled whispers.
* TheFaceless
* ManBehindTheMan: May be.

!!White Kin
->Voiced by: Jenny Maher

The newborn White Dragon April helped hatch in ''The Longest Journey'', currently living as a human in the Dark People's Library.

* GodInHumanForm
* MysticalWhiteHair: Has long, perfectly white hair and is one of the most powerful magical creatures in all of Arcadia.

!!The Six, Empresses of Azadi

The heads of the Azadi Empire and the Goddess religion.

* BigBad: The Arcadian Big Bads in ''DF''.
* KarmaHoudini / TheBadGuyWins: At least in ''Dreamfall''. Who knows what the rest of the series holds for them...

!!Alvin Peats
->Voiced by: Jonathon Dow

The CEO of [=WATICorp=].

* BigBad: The Starkian BigBad in ''DF''.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive
* CyberneticsEatYourSoul
* DarkLordOnLifeSupport: It's not pretty to see. At all.
* DreamStealer
* EvilBrit: He definitely has the accent.
* FatBastard: He even kind of looks like [[ComicBook/{{X-Men}} Mojo]].

!!Samantha Gilmore
->Voiced by: Maryke Hendrickse

Second in command and the public face of [=WATICorp=].

* DecoyLeader: She acts as the official leader of WATI-corp, but she gets her orders from Peats.
* [[spoiler: TheStarscream]]
* TomboyishName: She is commonly referred as "Sam", for example, by Peats [[spoiler:right before she kills him]], confusing some fans who thought that there was an unrevealed dude named Samuel involved.
* ValleyGirl[=/=]SpoiledBrat: Implied to not really have all that good a grasp on what her company is doing, exactly, and attempts to make up for that by being a very unpleasant boss, ''but''...
** [[spoiler:NotSoHarmless: ...she is aware and capable enough to scheme and carry through Peats murder.]]

!![[spoiler: The Undreaming]]

The Undreaming in unchained.

* [[spoiler: BiggerBad]]
* [[spoiler: EldritchAbomination: It's an incorporeal being capable of destroying both worlds and potentially everyone's subconscious.]]