This is part of the character sheet for ''{{VideoGame/Dota 2}}''. Please sort by roster order, not title or proper name.

Since ''Dota 2'' has [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters so many characters]], they have been sorted into the following pages:

* [[Characters/Dota2RadiantStrength Radiant Strength]]
* [[Characters/Dota2DireStrength Dire Strength]]
* [[Characters/Dota2RadiantAgility Radiant Agility]]
* [[Characters/Dota2DireAgility Dire Agility]]
* [[Characters/Dota2RadiantIntelligence Radiant Intelligence]]
* [[Characters/Dota2DireIntelligence Dire Intelligence]]

* [[Characters/Dota2Items Items]]
* [[Characters/Dota2Neutrals Neutral Creeps and Roshan]]
* [[Characters/Dota2NPCs Other]]