Characters that have appeared in the ''.hack'' novels, {{anime}}, manga, and VideoGames. Players of a virtual reality MMORPG called "The World" that keeps [[MindRape mind raping]] them; but they keep playing.

'''Due to the nature of the series, spoilers are inevitable with many unmarked. Continue with caution.'''
!!Character subpages:
* Characters/DotHackFirstGeneration: The World R:1 and some Key Characters[[note]]AI Buster, SIGN, Infection-Mutation-Outbreak-Quarantine, Liminality, Legend of the Twilight Knights[[/note]]
* Characters/DotHackSecondGeneration: The World R:2[[note]]Roots, Alcor, CELL, G.U., and Online Jack[[/note]]
* Characters/DotHackThirdGeneration: The World R:X and The World FORCE:ERA[[note]]Link, Quantum, and Beyond the World[[/note]]