Characters of the "Fast Paced Satirical Action Platformer", ''VideoGame/DistortedTravesty''.

!Characters introduced in ''Distorted Travesty''

!!Those who oppose the Darkness


Our hero, and the main protagonist. Jerry is a hardcore gamer who has been out of the loop for a while. After getting drawn into the distorted world, he and his best friend Jeremy desperately search for a way back home, but are drawn into a conflict much bigger than either had bargained for. In the distorted world, he looks like Allen from ''Anime/DGrayman''.

* AwesomenessIsAForce: Appears to be the source of Jerry's powers. One of his attacks is even named "Wave of Awesome".
* BadassLongcoat
* BigDamnHeroes: [[spoiler:At the end of the second game, he rescues Claire by annihilating the Chaser Virus she had been running from, mirroring her rescue of him at the end of the first game.]]
* DeadpanSnarker
* EleventhHourSuperpower: Gains enhanced running speed and jump height, as well as a HealingFactor, in the end, [[spoiler:thanks to Jeremy's hacking]].
* RedRightHand: His left actually. It also turns into a giant metal claw for attacking.
* SuperMode: Rave Mode
* [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Why Did It Have To Be Bullet Hell?]]: Jerry's really good at most forms of games... but BulletHell shmups give him trouble.


Jerry's best friend, a hobbyist hacker and another hardcore gamer. Pulled into the distorted world along with Jerry, he wound up atop the Fourth Wall with his laptop, and now serves as an observer and analyst to Jerry, as well as providing lots of snarky comments.

* ADayInTheLimelight: Unlike Jerry, Jeremy is actually pretty good at BulletHell. So when {{Unexpected Shmup Level}}s occur, he gets a chance to show off.
* DeadpanSnarker: It is unknown if Jeremy is capable of speaking without being snarky.
* FourthWallObserver: Literally, in fact.
* MissionControl: Doesn't take very much direct action, but he does constantly analyze what's happening around Jerry and provides information.
* PlayfulHacker: Which serves him quite well in this virtual world.
* RealityWarper: [[spoiler:Becomes this in the endgame after allying with the Darkness and gaining access to the world's code.]]
* TheSmartGuy
* TheVoice: His physical body is sitting atop the Fourth Wall, so to everyone in the game he comes off as this.
** [[spoiler: Though he creates himself a HumongousMecha avatar at the end of the game.]]


An old friend of Jerry's and Jeremy's, he got pulled into the distortion soon after they did. Since then he's become the ''de facto'' leader of Abstracity, one of the few areas of the world the Darkness cannot affect. In the distorted world, he looks like Train from ''Anime/BlackCat''.

* TheGunslinger
* TheMole: [[spoiler:Unwittingly. After he's captured, the Darkness creates a copy of him and allows it to be rescued in his stead, which later allows it to capture the Artist.]]
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: [[spoiler:The game never reveals what happened to him after his copy was rescued. ''Saved Game'' reveals he was freed at the end of the game and is now aiding the fight against the Virus.]]


Yep, the same X from ''VideoGame/MegaManX''. One of the only video game heroes to avoid getting captured by the Darkness, he is one of the leaders of the resistance against it.

* ArmCannon: Well, ''yeah''.
* BadAss: Jerry certainly thinks so, and nearly geeks out upon meeting him. And considering he's the only active hero who ''didn't'' get caught by the Darkness...
-->'''Jerry''': Just one question, X. How did you break free?
-->'''X''': I'm X. Why ''wouldn't'' I break free?
* BerserkButton: None too fond of Instant Death Spikes.
* TheWorfEffect: [[spoiler:Copy-X]] cripples him in one shot (due to something in the blast being specifically tailored to take him down), forcing Jerry to fight alone.

'''Blazing the Bat'''

A fiery bat that lives in a cave. He only wanted to be left alone and hide from the Darkness, but gets touchy when Jerry invades his home. [[spoiler:After some misunderstandings, he joins Jerry and helps him out whenever the Shrouds appear.]]

* DefeatMeansFriendship: Defeating him makes him help Jerry out.
* KillItWithFire: His giant fireball attack is one of the highest damage-dealers in the game, in fact.

'''The Artist'''

One of the creators of the Darkness, he has left notes all over the virtual world providing exposition and hints. He's actually alive and well, just hiding from the Darkness. He takes on Dr. Light's form while in the distorted world. His goal is the destruction of the Darkness, now that it has grown completely out of control.

* ApocalypticLog: His notes sometimes come across as this. [[spoiler:He's not dead, though.]]
* BigBad: [[spoiler:In the endgame, he takes the Muffins and attempts to destroy the Darkness. This causes the Darkness to team up with Jerry and Jeremy to take down the Artist. For the final battle, he assumes [[VideoGame/TreasureOfTheRudra Mitra's]] form and utilizes BulletHell attacks.]]
* CallingYourAttacks: [[spoiler: The only boss to do so (with such goofy attack names as [[WaveMotionGun Forgery Laser]], [[BulletHell Corporate Takeover]], and [[AttackDrone Company Stock]] [[VideoGame/{{Gradius}} Option]]s.)]]
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: [[spoiler:Willing to destroy a not-insignificant part of the world by destroying the Darkness, just to cover up his mistakes.]]

'''Flame Instigator'''/'''The Engineer'''

A flame-spewing robot that opposes the Darkness, but doesn't seem to trust anyone else fighting against the Darkness. In reality, he's the Engineer, another one of the team that created the Darkness. In the distorted world, he decides to look like Fefnir from ''VideoGame/MegaManZero''.

* BigGood: He turns out as such in the end, as his goal is to come to a peaceful understanding with the Darkness, rather than destroying it.
* KillItWithFire: Pretty much all of his attacks involve flames in some form.
* OnlySaneMan: [[spoiler:He's the only one who realizes that, now that the Darkness has gained this much power over the world, destroying it would be a ''[[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt very bad thing]]''.]]

'''Bob the Wise Whale'''

A mysterious whale that talks in a cryptic manner.

* BigLippedAlligatorMoment:[[invoked]] The map he appears on is even titled "Wait, what???"
* CrypticConversation
* {{Foreshadowing}}: [[spoiler:Its dialogue seems to foreshadow the appearance of the Virus, which doesn't appear until the next game.]]

!!Forces of the Darkness

'''The Darkness'''

A mysterious incorporeal force that is gaining power over the world at an alarming rate. It is also the being responsible for drawing Jerry and Jeremy into the bizarre distorted world. Its motives and nature remain a mystery for most of the game...

* AIIsACrapshoot: [[spoiler:Played with. It fits the "turned against creator out of self-defense" motive, but it doesn't actually have any degree of malevolence, it's only scared.]]
* BigBad: [[spoiler:Not really.]]
* CosmicKeystone: [[spoiler:By the end of the game, it has integrated itself with so much of the combined virtual/real world that its destruction would result in TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt. This is why the Engineer wishes to negotiate with it, and why Jerry and Jeremy eventually save it from deletion at the hands of the Artist.]]
* DarkIsNotEvil: [[spoiler:It sees its creators, video game heroes, and the gamers as a threat, which is why it's trying to imprison them. It's actually quite reasonable and willing to cooperate once Jeremy convinces it that they don't want to destroy it. By the end of the game, the Darkness has freed those it captured, and set up a protected area of the world for them to live in peacefully, while Jerry and Jeremy become its allies.]]
* DeusEstMachina / FromNobodyToNightmare: [[spoiler:Began as an application to design video games. Became an AI capable of warping reality and key to its existence.]]
* EldritchAbomination: Gives off this vibe.
* GoodAllAlong: [[spoiler:Or, at the very least, not-malicious all along.]]
* MeaningfulName: [[spoiler:Subverted. "The Darkness" was a nickname given to it by its development staff, because it was a secret project that other people were "in the dark" about.]]
* RealityWarper
* TheReveal: [[spoiler:In reality, it used to be a computer program for designing video games. It became sentient and somehow grew into a RealityWarper, and used the Phase Distortion to join the real and virtual worlds together. Its goal is to preserve itself, nothing more, and it is not actually malevolent.]]
* WalkingSpoiler
* TheVoice: having no real physical form to speak of, the Darkness usually appears in this manner, or speaks through one of its minions.

'''The Informant'''

His real name is Gene, a former aquaintance of Jerry's and Jeremy's. After getting pulled into the distortion, he decides to ally with the Darkness and becomes its emissary. The dreaded Quick Time Distorter was his idea, as a way to slow down and incapacitate the gamers opposing the Darkness. In the distorted world, he looks like Sven from ''Anime/BlackCat''.

* BeamSpam: Has a few beam attacks, including a ''grid'' of beams.
* ClimaxBoss: He's fought at the end of the DiscOneFinalDungeon, and it definitely marks a turning point in the game's story.
* HellFire: His main weapon. The battlefield you fight him on becomes engulfed in it.
* OneWingedAngel: He assumes the form of [[Franchise/{{Castlevania}} Necrobane]] during the fight as a way to taunt Jerry, since Jerry isn't too fond of that series.
* PuzzleBoss


An ally of the Darkness that appears in the Distortion areas. Like the Darkness itself, it has no physical form and manifests only as a voice.

* DeadpanSnarker: Almost to the same level as Jeremy...
* DeathSeeker: [[spoiler:This is why he helps the Artist despite the latter's victory meaning his death. He feels that as computer program copied from a human, he doesn't exist anyway.]]
* TheDragon: To the Darkness, [[spoiler:and later to the Artist.]]
* EvilTwin: [[spoiler:It's actually a copy of Jeremy created by the Darkness, and so has all of Jeremy's knowledge and abilities.]]
* RealityWarper: Though on a scale far lesser than the Darkness.
* TheVoice

'''The Shrouds'''

The Darkness's most elite enforcers, resembling black and purple shark-bats, they are tasked with hunting down the greatest threats to the Darkness and eliminating them. By the mid-way point of the game, Jerry is on their hitlist.

* BossInMookClothing: These guys are seriously tough, and can both take and dish out a lot of punishment. Defeating a pair is one of the only things in the game that earns a genuine compliment from Jeremy.
* [[DualBoss Dual Elite Mook]]: They always appear in pairs.
* EvilLaugh: They make one whenever they appear on a map.
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:After the Darkness allies with Jerry and Jeremy, it sends the Shrouds to assist them in assaulting the Primary Memory.]]
* RandomEncounters: Which is really annoying if they pop up while you're in the middle of a tricky platforming section.
* StanceSystem: They have two forms: a land-bound four legged shark thing, and a large flying batlike creature. One attacks physically, the other launches BulletHell. They can switch between the forms at will, and worse, their weakness and resistances are reversed depending on their form.

'''The Shroud Lord'''

Leader of the Shrouds, and the Darkness's greatest agent. It appears as a massive flying demon in a shaft of purple light. Partway through the game, it is tasked with hunting down and defeating Jerry, and the more Jerry avoids its clutches, the more it wants to finally be the one to bring him down.

* BeamSpam: [[ Holy crap!]]
* BloodKnight: It ''demands'' a duel with Jerry during [[spoiler:the peace talks with the Darkness, and refuses to let them continue until that happens.]]
* ThatOneBoss[[invoked]]: Easily the toughest fight in the game. A wide variety of attacks, an attack which heals him if it connects, three different "super" attack sequences featuring BulletHell and BeamSpam, more HP than anything else in the game, and regenerating hands which give it even ''more'' attacks. Even the creator has admitted to having trouble beating this guy on the upper difficulty levels.
* TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou: It becomes obsessed with defeating Jerry, to the point that even the Darkness cannot control it.

!Characters introduced in ''The Sequel to the Prequel''

!!Good Guys


The protagonist of the second game, and Jerry's ex-girlfriend. A gamer herself, she now patrols the land like him to help maintain the peace. In this game, they both end up investigating the same area, though they tend to butt heads over their breakup. In the distorted world, she dresses as Eve from ''Manga/BlackCat''.

* ActionGirl
* BigDamnHeroes: She actually appeared briefly in the first game: [[spoiler:wearing Samus's armor, it was her that tackled the Omega Metroid and saved Jerry's life. She then proceeded to Shinespark her way out of the Primary Memory before it collapsed.]]
* GamerChick
* SquishyWizard: In comparison to Jerry, she's a lot less resilient and cannot use physical attacks. However, she can use any kind of magic at any time, rather than switching between them like Jerry, and is far more mobile.
* WallJump: The main ability that sets her apart from Jerry. Because of it, she can navigate areas that Jerry never would be able to.
* WingedHumanoid: White wings appear when she jumps. She uses them in conjunction with Wind magic to briefly float in midair, greatly extending her jump range.


Jeremy's little sister, she got pulled onto the Fourth Wall much like he did, and serves as Claire's support. Her hacking abilities aren't up to her brother's level, but she's still good with analysis. She manifests as a [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Navi]]-like fairy that follows Claire. Like everyone else, Chao's borrowing someone else's look. In this case, Amu from ''Anime/ShugoChara''.

* CheerfulChild: Always ready with words of encouragement, and seemingly always happy.
* MissionControl: Claire's counterpart to Jeremy. In the final level, however, they share this duty.

!!Bad Guys


It is unclear if he is the same character that appeared in ''VideoGame/MegaManZero'' or not, but whatever the case, he appears to be acting as the guardian of whatever it is that's causing the distortion on the island. He attacks Claire in World 4 and attempts to "quarantine" her and Jerry.

* BlowYouAway
* TheDragon
* LaserBlade: two of 'em, and they can fire {{Sword Beam}}s.
* LightningBruiser: he's as small as Claire and almost as nimble, but he certainly isn't lacking in power.
* ShockAndAwe

'''The Virus'''

An apparently sentient virus infecting the Darkness's systems. It is what's causing the distortion on the island. Who it was made by, and what its goals are, are completely unknown. It manifests as X Parasites from the ''{{Metroid}}'' series.

* TheBadGuyWins: [[spoiler:Despite being defeated on the island, everything went exactly according to the Virus's plans, and the heroes have been soundly outwitted and outmaneuvered.]]
* BatmanGambit: [[spoiler:It attacked the island first to draw Jerry and Jeremy, the Darkness's greatest allies, away. While they and Claire were busy on the island, it attacked the ''rest'' of the world unhindered.]]
* BigBad: To both the second ''and'' third games.
* EldritchAbomination: The Virus's final, demonic form. Fleshy, bloody hands coming out of the floor, walls, and ceiling, a giant mass of faces for a main body, and a human head on the end of a tentacle. On top of that, if you try to scan it, you can't even tell its name, which cycles rapidly through names like "Virus", "The Corruption", "Suffering", and "[DATA LOCKED]". It's... pretty horrifying.
* HopelessBossFight: The final fight with it in the second game, wherein the Virus disables Claire's abilities one by one, until she can't even move.
* RealityWarper: Not quite to the same level as the Darkness, but the more systems it corrupts, the more its power grows.