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[[folder:Pharaohmon's Army]]
!!Basilikmon ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Youkai Youko[[/note]]
->Voiced by:
* PoisonousPerson
* PsychoForHire
* ReptilesAreAbhorrent
* SmugSnake

->Voiced by: Crispin Freeman
* EvilCounterpart: To Loweemon.

->Voiced by: Michael Reisz

->Voiced by: Steven Blum
* HeelFaceTurn

!![=MetalDevidramon=]/[=WarDevidramon=] ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

!!Scarabmon ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

!![=ThothBabimon=] ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

!!Horusmon ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

!!Kheprimon ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

!!Khnummon ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

!!Aspmon ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

!!Gebmon ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

!!Onyxmon ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:

[[folder:Demon Corps]]

->Voiced by: Bob Papenbrook
* SuperMode: As Super Ultimate in the climax of Dawn of Chaos.

->Voiced by: Melodee Spevack

->Voiced by: Dave Guerrie
* HarmlessVillain
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: With [=MarineDevimon=].

->Voiced by: Tom Wyner
* HarmlessVillain
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: With [=SkullSatamon=].

[[folder:Neo Dark Masters]]

->Voiced by: Creator/DerekStephenPrince

->Voiced by: Dave Guerrie

->Voiced by: Creator/RichardEpcar

->Voiced by: Derek Stephen Prince

[[folder:[=BlackGuilmon=] and Co.]]
!![=BlackGuilmon=]/[=ChaosGallantmon=]/Destructor Mode/[[spoiler:Hazard Mode]]
-->''I am the last reminder of the monster you were before you and that Tamer removed me after you Biomerged for the first time! I intend to destroy you both and absorb you! Then, the circle will become complete!''
->Voiced by: Creator/SteveBlum
The evil 'twin brother' of Guilmon who is spawned from the essence of Megidramon.
* AxCrazy
* BlackKnight
* EvilTwin: To Guilmon.
* TheRival: To Guilmon as well.
* TheSociopath
* SuperMode: As Destructor Mode and [[spoiler:Hazard Mode]] in the climax of Dawn of Chaos.
* VillainousBreakdown: In Chapter 60 of Dawn of Chaos when near defeat.

!!General Scorpionus ({{OC}})
->Voiced by:
* Expy: Appearance looks like the Scorpion King.

->Voiced by: David Lodge

->Voiced by: Beau Billingslea

!!Yamidramon & Atolmdramon/Doomsdramon ({{OC}})
->Yamidramon & Atolmdramon voiced by: Chris Sabat
* EldritchAbomination: As Doomsdramon.
* FusionDance: Doomsdramon.
* HellishHorse: Has a few traits as Doomsdramon due to becoming Valmarmon's steed.
* MacrossMissileMassacre: As Doomsdramon, he's loaded with weaponry.
* OurDragonsAreDifferent
* ScaledUp: Doomsdramon.

[[folder:Valmarmon's Legion]]
The main antagonists of the Digidestined's side in Season 3 entitled, Dawn of Chaos.

!!Madoudramon/[[spoiler:[=MahouGarurumon=] ]]/Titan Mode ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Ninetalesuk[[/note]]
->Voiced by: Geoff Dolan
* BigBad: To the Digi-Destined.
* BlackKnight
* TheDragon: To Valmarmon.
* {{Expy}}: Of Koragg the Wolf Knight from Power Rangers. His Titan Mode is Centaurus Wolf Megazord.
* [[spoiler:HeelFaceTurn: The memories of his former self seem to help in Chapter 59.]]
!!![=DarkPegasusmon=]/Pegasusmon Metal Mode
->Voiced by:
* {{Expy}}: Of Catastros.

!![=WarDevidramon=]/[=VictoryDevidramon=] ({{OC}})[[note]][=WarDevidramon=] created by Ninetalesuk. [=VictoryDevidramon=] created by Ford1114[[/note]]
->Voiced by:
* [[spoiler:OffWithHisHead: In Chapter 59 by Madoudramon (after recovering his memories of his goodness) nonetheless.]]

!!Demon Beast Generals ({{OC}})[[note]]created by Ninetalesuk[[/note]]
* ThePsychoRangers: To the Beast Tamers.
-->''[=HiSuzakumon=], ready for your orders!''
->Voiced by: Paul Dobson
* EvilCounterpart: To Suzakato.
-->''[=ChiGenbumon=]! Here for action, sir!''
->Voiced by: Richard Newman
* EvilCounterpart: To Henbu.
-->''[=MizuSeiryuumon=], at your service!''
->Voiced by: Matt Smith
* EvilCounterpart: To Seirika.
-->''[=KazeByakkomon=], reporting for duty!''
->Voiced by: Ward Perry
* EvilCounterpart: To Himakko.

[[folder:Mao Kings]]

!!Daimaomon ({{OC}})
->Voiced by: Creator/ChristopherSabat (EN), Creator/KenjiUtsumi (JP)
* EarnYourTitle: As one of the Mao Kings.
* EvilOverlord
!!!Devil Clan (Slicermon, Vipermon, [=WyvernMonzaemon=], Mantoidmon, [=YamiSenshimon=]) ({{OC}})
->Slicermon voiced by:
->Vipermon voiced by:
->[=WyvernMonzaemon=] voiced by:
->Mantoidmon voiced by:
->[=YamiSenshimon=] voiced by:
->Voiced by: Creator/PaulStPeter
* [[spoiler:AssholeVictim]]
* FaceHeelTurn: Turn on his allies later on to steal the Valmarmon pieces for himself.
* {{Greed}}
!!!Commandments (Zanbamon, Chaosdramon, Murmuxmon)
->Zanbamon voiced by:
->Chaosdramon voiced by:
->Murmuxmon voiced by:
->Voiced by: Bonnie Cahoon
!!!Lilithmon's Minions (Lamiamon, Astamon, [=BlackDeathmon=])
->Lamiamon voiced by:
->Astamon voiced by:
->[=BlackDeathmon=] voiced by:
->Voiced by: Creator/PaulStPeter
!!!Leviamon's Minions (Phascomon, [=HazeFrogmon=], [=RageArchaeopteryxmon=])
->Phascomon voiced by:
->[=HazeFrogmon=] voiced by:
->[=RageArchaeopteryxmon=] voiced by:
->Voiced by: Creator/RichardEpcar
->Voiced by: Tom Wyner
!!Necromon/Lichdramon ({{OC}})
->Voiced by: Ralph Fiennes
* Dracolich: As Lichdramon.
* OurLichesAreDifferent