''VideoGame/{{Destiny}}'', being a game that is projected to have updated content for at least ten years, inevitably comes with a large amount of named characters, organisations and enemy factions. This page in an index recording the various character subpages.

'''Beware of unmarked spoilers.'''

* [[Characters/DestinyTheGuardians The Guardians]]
** [[Characters/DestinyHistoricalGuardians Historical Guardians]]
* [[Characters/DestinyTheTower The Tower]]
* [[Characters/DestinyTheReef The Reef]]
* [[Characters/DestinyTheFallen The Fallen]]
* [[Characters/DestinyTheHive The Hive]]
* [[Characters/DestinyTheVex The Vex]]
* [[Characters/DestinyTheCabal The Cabal]]
* [[Characters/DestinyOthers Other Characters and Entities]][[note]]The Darkness, The Taken, The Virtous Worms, The Nine, Jovians, Xûr, The Exo Stranger, Rasputin, Ahamkara, SIVA[[/note]]