The main character and his sister.

[[folder:Kagami Junichirou]]
!!'''Kagami Junichirou'''

A 24 year old hardcore {{Otaku}} who [[{{NEET}} spends his days at home]] working to improve his anime blog. Junichirou is a [[TheAce physics genius]] who published a paper that caused a huge turmoil at the scientific world when he was just 17 with a theory to create a teleportation device in the same fashion of Doraemon’s "Anywhere Door", that despite ridiculed by academics, all efforts to disprove it have failed so far, because it will take centuries for mankind to develop the technology necessary to assemble it.

Despite being scouted to work at the most important research centers in the world, Junichirou claims to suffer from a disease that "[[{{Hikikomori}}only makes him do what he wants]]", and thus, he declined all of their offers. However, after having been forced by his sister to spend a month working as a teacher at Higashi Shinmei High School, he is scouted out by Koyomi Hiiragi, and convinced to work at her private school, Hiiragi Academy. Since then, Junichirou splits his time between making use of his [[CrazyAwesome unusual methods]] to reform stray students of said campus and focusing on his otaku hobbies.

Junichirou eventually comes to a disagreement with Hiiragi Academy’s principal, Hiiragi Arisu, regarding her methods of how she has been running the main campus, and decides to take his teaching job a step further; challenging Arisu for her principal position of Hiiragi Academy to “remake” the dreaded prison system Arisu had built. He has, since then, been at the head of a group war between his Team Silver Core followers and the students of the main campus; slowly inching his way up to the SS rank to become the new principal.

* TheAce: Junichirou as a teenager due to his knowledge in physics. In the present, he's a genius programmer as well.
* AnimeHair: Junichirou has a rather outrageous quiff.
* {{Asexual}}: Due to his lack of reaction to all the fanservice around him, this is basically a given.
* {{Badass}}: Not only is he a genius, but he can take quite the physical punishment for someone who clearly doesn't work out.
** BadassBoast: Often, one of these goes hand-in-hand when a challenge is issued or accepted.
** BadassBookworm: Kagami is so good at Science that he was able to prove a scientific theory without breaking a sweat when the best scientists in the world were having trouble ''disproving'' it. And yet he doesn't fear some monsters like Nanami ''and'' can take punches to the face as well as being whacked by a baseball bat on an everyday basis.
* BerserkButton: He takes it quite personally when people diss Anime.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Despite his odd choice of profession, he gets the job done as a teacher turning the lives of stray students around, and is well respected in the field of science and technology.
* CaptainErsatz: A lot of people have made the connection that he looks like a much older [[MahouSenseiNegima Negi Springfield]].
* ChildhoodFriends: Of Yamato and Tomoya.
* CluelessChickMagnet: Students and adults alike; he hasn't noticed the massive harem he's built up over the story.
* CompositeCharacter: Junichirou is basically what you get when you combine Manga/GreatTeacherOnizuka with [[Manga/TheWorldGodOnlyKnows The God of Conquest]].
* CoolTeacher: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin It's in the manga's name afterall.]] Seriously though, who ''wouldn't'' want to have Junichirou as their teacher?
* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife: Junichirou was forced by his sister to become a teacher to get him out of his [=NEET=] status, then was sacked barely a month after he started, then got offered a job for [=CERM=], then got hired by an eccentric school chairman, ''then'' gladly accepts an offer at [=KEC=] from an old classmate of his ''after'' getting talked out of teaching by the [=CERM=] representative who came to his house earlier. Apparently, it ''is'' difficult for a {{hardcore}} {{Otaku}} to get a life.
* GenderBender: In the virtual magical girl game competition against Subaru's team.
* GuileHero: Has a knack for manipulating people for their own good.
* {{Hikikomori}}: The very definition of one; never wanting to leave his house.
* HotBlooded: Gets this way when it comes to talking about AnimeAndManga.
* InvincibleHero: So far, he hasn't lost in any significant manner, and some fans are getting bored of that. His saving grace is that he never stops pulling CrazyAwesome stunts that prevent the manga from becoming stale.
* {{NEET}}: Before he started teaching, he just sat in his room updating his internet blog.
* TheNicknamer: Gives a lot of the people he comes across their own unique name. Look to the comment below anyone's picture here to see the name Junichirou bestowed upon them.
* PlayfulHacker: Comes with being a genius in tech; from creating a chat-room with firewalls as powerful as those that protect the Pentagon, to creating a game program specifically to help a student pass a school exam.
* ProudToBeAGeek: And he enjoys every minute of it.
* {{Otaku}}: And he enjoys every minute of it.
* RedHeadedHero
* '''[[RefugeInAudacity REFUGE IN AUDACITY]]''': Holy ''hell'', is he ever. Nine times out of ten, Kagami's first response to getting challenged or insulted in some manner ([[BreadEggsBreadedEggs or both]]) is to crank his bravado UpToEleven and deliver a BadassBoast alongside setting up a duel of some kind, whereupon Kagami will proceed to screw with everyone's expectations and win the challenge in [[CrazyAwesome his usual fashion.]]
* SeriousBusiness: Anything surrounding his otaku life.
* TeacherStudentRomance: In his defense though, he doesn't realize that a couple of his students have feelings for him.
** Then [[StalkerWithACrush Subaru]] invokes this when she first appears, when she attempts to join Kagami right from the start of his campaign in the main branch. Later, she finally forces Kagami to face her feelings in a battle where they'll become lovers if she wins.
* TeenGenius: Was this in the past when he got his theory recognized in the science world.
* TricksterMentor: His "lessons" seem pointless and out-of-this-world at first, but ends up changing the lives of several students for the better.
* [[spoiler:WholesomeCrossdresser: The clincher of his '''extremely ridiculous''' plan to pass Mimori's test.]]


[[folder:Kagami Suzune]]
!!'''Kagami Suzune'''

Junichirou’s younger sister and a student at Ichou Academy. Her hobby is batting practice, and is the only person that Junichirou really fears. She gets angry at her brother's otaku antics; wishing for him to finally land a job to put his technical skills to good use, and is responsible for all the family's finances; forbidding Junichirou from buying anything without her approval. Despite all the trouble he causes her however, Suzune is very fond of him and wants to take care of him forever. Perhaps even taking her fondness of her brother a little too far at times...

To kick off the story, Suzune writes up a job application for him and ends up getting her brother accepted into a teaching job at Higashi Shinmei High; jumpstarting Junichirou’s career as a teacher. She then later becomes one of Junichirou’s students when the former is scouted out by Koyomi to come teach at Ichou Academy, and, as a result, follows along with Junichirou’s escapades to reform troubled students.

Thanks to her aggressive personality leaving a huge impression on the voters, she is chosen as one of the five students to follow Junichirou to the main campus to partake in the SS group war.

* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: Despite how Suzune often threatens and scares Junichirou with her violent tendencies, she genuinely loves her brother with all her heart. Often times, she's the first person to become worried about him whenever it looks like something bad happened to him. Their sibling bond shines particularly strongly in the {{Sibling Team}}s match between the Kagami siblings and the Akamine siblings, where it is in her memories of her childhood where Junichirou played with her that she finds the knowledge to be an asset to Junichirou.
* BerserkButton: Her brother's otaku hobbies drive her over the edge to the point of hitting him with a bat.
* BigBrotherAttraction: Shows signs of this; one particular example is her confusion over her brother's actions when he forces the two into an incest play to help Tanaka develop her next manga chapter.
* BrotherSisterIncest: It's strongly implied a few times that Suzune likes Junichirou this way. For the most part, it's one-sided.
* FirstNameBasis: Notable because Suzune is the only regular character who never gets a nickname from Junichirou--though that may also be because she'd probably hit him if he gave her one.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: She does use a baseball bat afterall.
* {{Tsundere}}: Suzune can pretend to disdain her brother all she wants[[note]]It's only really his {{Otaku}} and {{Hikikomori}} ways that irk her[[/note]]. She still loves him.
* WeaponOfChoice: A wooden bat.



The high-school Suzune sends an application to in Junichirou’s name; resulting in him becoming one of its teachers. He ends up working here for a month before his replacement appears.

[[folder:Higashi Shinmei Principal]]
!!'''Higashi Shinmei Principal'''

The easy-going principal of the high-school Junichirou applies for. He accepts Junichirou as a teacher, but for only a temporary time-period until the actual teacher they’ve been waiting on arrives.

* CoolOldGuy: Is actually quite an understanding person when Junichirou decides to run out of the job interview to meet a girl that was singing on the roof. He hires Junichirou anyway.


[[folder:Minako Kanou]]
!!'''Minako Kanou'''
[[caption-width:270:Girl Boxer Wannabe]]

A former delinquent leader of the Black Oracle gang who hated the world, because of its non-existence of heroes. However, after a bit of inspiration from Junichirou where he tells her over an online chat-channel, “If there are no heroes, become one yourself,” she decides to reinvent herself as a voice-actress.

Kanoe has, since then, reappeared during the Nanami arc to help her past friend find a new place in life towards playing soccer, and during the Komiya Twins arc to help stop Takeda’s gang from beating up on the reformed Black Oracle Neo gang led by Taki; another one of her old friends. She later forms a rivalry with Kanan who also set herself up to become a voice-actress.

* ChildhoodFriends: With members of the Black Oracle gang: Kitou, Nanami and Taki.
* {{Delinquent}}: Was the leader of the Black Oracle gang before Junichirou reformed her.
* GenreSavvy: Knows that she alone can keep Nanami calm.
* OutOfFocus: Due to being a Higashi Shinmei student, she only appears in later story arcs that usually deal with her past friends from the Black Oracle gang.
* TheRival: Claims to be this to Kanan after she decided to also become a {{Seiyuu}}.
* {{Seiyuu}}: Her future goal after a bit of encouragement from Junichirou.
* TeacherStudentRomance: Shows the occasional hint towards Junichirou.


[[folder:Miho Kitou]]
!!'''Miho Kitou'''
[[caption-width:246:Witch > Spice Girl]]

Another delinquent from the Black Oracle gang who bullies Kanoe in an attempt to get her to return to her delinquent ways. After receiving a “bullying lesson” from Junichirou however, she ends up befriending Kanoe and decides to follow her example; wishing to become a famous chef in the future. Little did she know that the lesson she received ended up being the catalyst to Junichirou’s career at Hiiragi Academy...

She makes a brief cameo later on in the Komiya Twins arc; mad at Junichirou for leaving her out of the fight against Takeda’s gang.

* AlphaBitch: She acts like this initially, particularly towards Kanou.
* ChildhoodFriends: With members of the Black Oracle gang: Kanou, Nanami and Taki.
* {{Delinquent}}: A member of the Black Oracle gang.
* HeelFaceTurn: Junichirou's lesson changed her for the better, and befriends Kanou afterwards.
* OutOfFocus: Played with in-universe as she complains to the group for being left out of the gang war against Takeda.


[[caption-width:270:Yale Grad]]

A Yale University student who comes to Higashi Shinmei to replace Junichirou at his job. He comes off as the exact opposite of Junichirou however; not only badmouthing Junichirou for his weak writing skills and child-like theories, but is a cold believer of following and abiding to the rules to be successful in society.

* SmugSnake: Takes no time to berate Junichirou for his "questionable" teaching methods.



The private academy school run by the Hiiragi family. The school itself is split in two sections; the main campus which is run by the academy's principle, Hiiragi Arisu, and a branch campus to which Junichirou is initially brought to teach at before being transferred over to partake in the SS group war with the main campus.

[[folder:Hiiragi Koyomi]]
!!'''Hiiragi Koyomi'''

The chairman of the Hiiragi Academy private school. Koyomi finds Japan to be too boring by her standards, and wishes to transform the country into a more amusing place. She scouts Junichirou during his work at Higashi Shinmei High, impressed by his teaching methods, and decides to hire him to work as a teacher at Ichou Academy.

Since then, Koyomi always supports Junichirou’s schemes when they peak her interest, no matter how absurd they appear to be. She occasionally sends him, and the Ichou students Junichirou’s bonded with, to training-camps and whatnot to bring out their ability, and backs Junichirou when he to challenge Koyomi’s cousin, Arisu, for the seat of Hiiragi Academy’s principal.

* TheChessmaster: It's clear that she has a set plan for the future, and that Junichirou is her "king" piece that will help her establish Japan's reformation.
* CloudCuckoolander: You can never tell what she's thinking; only that she seems to find most of Junichirou's antics "interesting."
* TheGadfly: A major contributor of this trope to get her students to go along with Junichirou's antics; particularly Momozono.
* HairDecorations: A hair-tie.
* KingIncognito: She posed as a manga shoplifter to see if Junichirou had the potential to be hired for her school.
* PaperFanOfDoom: Almost always seen holding one; particularly, up to her mouth.
* TricksterMentor: Though most of this falls upon Junichirou, she took on this role during the beach training-camp when she had the students team up to retake the hotel from her.
* WideEyedIdealist: Hopes to one day turn Japan into an interesting country.


[[folder:Hiiragi Arisu]]
!!'''Hiiragi Arisu'''

The principal of Hiiragi Academy, Koyomi’s cousin, and the head of the main campus. Her ideal of education is to strip all aspects that make a school sound attractive; a “prison-like” school that has no meaning of the word fun, and has the students suffer through discipline and agony to the point where only those who have withstood the torture can go on to live excellent lives under the Hiiragi family.

She first meets Junichirou in his classroom to discipline him for being the cause of Reiko running away from the main campus. Despite Reiko deciding to return, Arisu states that she will not allow her to find her way following Junichirou’s ideal of an interesting life at her campus. Junichirou retaliates however, and challenges Arisu to a game with his status as an otaku on the line by having Reiko play against Nami in basketball.

Arisu ends up losing the duel, and takes her anger out on Nami, particularly when the later starts to defy her academy ideals; taking from her almost all the points Nami’s obtained over the years, and demoting her to rank E. The result is Junichirou challenging Arisu for the principal seat of Hiiragi Academy, much to her chagrin, as she is then forced by her cousin, Koyomi, to take part in an SS group war between Junichirou’s Silver Core and the students from her campus.

Since then, Arisu watches from afar as her main campus students battle it out against those who follow Junichirou.

* BigBad: So far, she's the one fulfilling this role, since she runs the system that Junichirou wants to bring down. She hasn't done much on-screen though, other than being a huge elitist bitch.
* BigEater: And also a super fast one too.
* HairDecorations: A large bow.
* KickTheDog: Whenever she isn't mocking Junichirou's methods or scheming to ruin him, her screen time consists of this. A good example is when she takes her anger out on Nami for her defeat by undoing everything's she's worked hard to obtain for years.



!!'''Branch Campus; "Ichou Academy"'''
The branch establishment of Hiiragi Academy where teachers and students are brought to and scouted out to see if they are worthy enough to be accepted into the main campus.

After a semester of work and his declaration to start the SS group war against Arisu, Junichirou is considered ready to be transferred to the main campus, and takes along Suzune, Momozono, Nanami, Tanaka and Koutarou as his five chosen students. Koyomi also transfers a reserve team that consists of the five other candidates that didn’t get picked originally; Shikishima, Kanan, Madoka, Moemi and Sadamitsu. Together with his ten transferees; Junichirou officially names his Ichou group as Team Silver Core for the SS group war.

!!!'''The Silver Core Ten'''

Chosen Team (including Suzune)

[[folder:Makina Momozono]]
!!'''Makina Momozono'''
[[caption-width:250:Irregular Twintail]]

The student council president, and captain of the Kendo Club, of Ichou Academy. She had the power to expel any teacher or student who did not live up to her standards at the branch campus, but this process ended up going south the moment Junichirou was brought to Ichou. She ends up learning the difference of people’s views after being forced to work as a maid at the Heart-On-Heart café, and from then on, her usual life-style ends up turning upside down as she is forced to go along with Junichirou’s crazy antics.

She later plays integral roles in helping two truant students return to attending school; agreeing to be “observed” by her childhood friend, Tanaka, for manga material, and plays an MMORPG alongside Junichirou’s class, to help Koutarou build much-needed confidence in himself.

Seen as a strong-willed person to much of the academy, she easily becomes a candidate to take part in Junichirou’s SS group war against the main campus, and ends up as one of the five branch students chosen to go.

* {{Absurdly Powerful Student Council}}: Momozono acts as the school chairman's right-hand man and thus can decide whether a student or teacher stays or leaves the school...that is until Junichirou came along.
* BerserkButton: Makina ''hates'' people violating school rules, and is driven over the edge at times due to Junichirou's provocation.
* ChildhoodFriend: With Tanaka.
* FashionableAsymmetry: Her twin-tail hair-style.
* HairDecorations: Two bows that establish her twin-tail.
* {{Meido}}: Forced to temporarily work as one to learn the "prestige of a maid".
* NumberTwo: Was this to Koyomi initially before Junichirou entered the picture. Now, she's basically just another one of the students.
* ShipTease: Had some with Nanami, by Junichirou's manipulations. Predictably, it doesn't take, and ends with a pissed-off Makina.
* StudentCouncilPresident: Her status at Ichou Academy.
* TeacherStudentRomance: Shows the occasional hint towards Junichirou.
* TwinTails: Her hair-style.
* WeaponOfChoice: A wooden Katana.
* WoodenKatanasAreEvenBetter: Makina's weapon.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: In Momozono's case, purple.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Her home outfit.


[[folder:Seijuurou Nanami]]
!!'''Seijuurou Nanami'''

A large, aggressive delinquent, and a former member of the Black Oracle gang who attends Ichou Academy. Namami had lost his place in life due to being banned from middle-school baseball for having beaten up another player that was egging him on.

With guidance from Junichirou, and his childhood friend, Kanou, however, Nanami develops an understanding for soccer and ends up joining Ichou Academy’s Soccer Club. Thus, not only dropping his aggressive nature, but finding a new hobby to build towards.

He has, since then, befriended Junichirou; following along with Junichirou’s antics when called upon, and is chosen as one of the five branch students to follow him to the main campus to partake in the SS group war.

* AnimeHair: Almost as crazy as Junichirous.
* BerserkButton: Junichirou ''really'' knows how to press his buttons at times.
* TheBigGuy: The giant of Team Silver Core. He's still pretty big for an Ichou Academy student though.
* ChildhoodFriends: With members of the Black Oracle gang: Kanou, Kitou and Taki.
* {{Delinquent}}: Use to be a member of the Black Oracle gang. His initial aggression towards his classmates sure didn't help.
* HeelFaceTurn: Becomes a much more reasonable person after Junichirou taught him soccer.
* MoralityPet: Kanou is this for Nanami when the later became an aggressive student.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: He was described as the monster of Ichou.
* RedBaron: His name alone freaked people out...at least before Junichirou changed his personality.


[[folder:Sachiko Tanaka]]
!!'''Sachiko Tanaka'''

A famous mangaka under the pen-name Tenjouin Kisaki, and a childhood friend of Momozono. She turns out to be one of the two truant students from Junichirou’s homeroom who has yet to attend class, and was even held back a grade, at Ichou Academy, due to her continued work on her manga, Shuumatsu Gakuen.

To get Tanaka to return to school, Junichirou establishes a deal to have her attend school to “observe” the student council president for data as she goes about her duties, much to Momozono’s chagrin. Momozono eventually caves to being observed for manga material, but only if Tanaka returns to school full-time. For the smooth transition into school, Junichirou decides to turn his classroom into Tanaka’s office; even getting his students involved in helping with the development of the next chapter.

She is now seen attending Ichou full-time; playing a part in encouraging her fellow truant classmate, Koutarou, to return to attending school, and even befriends a wayward ghost, Matome, into getting some closure.

She unintentionally becomes one of the candidates for Junichirou’s SS group war against the main campus; much to her confusion as she was trying instead to sponsor Momozono to be a candidate, and ends up getting chosen as one of the five students.

* ChildhoodFriend: With Momozono.
* ElegantGothicLolita: Her choice of clothes.
* TheGadfly: Mostly a tease towards Momozono to get her to do what Tanaka wants.
* HairDecorations: A gothic top.
* {{Hikikomori}}: As a truant student, she never left her house where Tanaka just continued to work on manga from her room.
* {{Mangaka}}: The creator of Shuumatsu Gakuen and Hanauta.
* SeriousBusiness: How she reacts towards writing manga.
* TeenGenius: A teenage mangaka.
* WriteWhoYouKnow: She usually uses real-life experiences as she goes about writing her manga.


[[folder:Araki Koutarou]]
!!'''Araki Koutarou'''

Junichiro’s partner in an MMORPG, Ouroboros, as a player-avatar named “Luce”. The two did not know each other’s real-life identities until Junichirou makes a surprise home visit to Koutarous to what Junichirou believes to be the second of the two truant students from his class. Not only does Junichirou discover that the student, and his MMORPG partner, are one in the same, his student ends up looking a little different than initially described...

As it turns out, Koutarou adores cross-dressing, and cute objects, to the point of having such a feminine look that even the boys would fall head-over-heels for him. A hobby that got Koutarou labeled as “disgusting” for his hobby being the cause of one of his middle-school classmates getting injured; leading Koutarou to becoming a truant student out of self-doubt to the point of having never attended school since the opening ceremony.

To help him build confidence in his true-self, Junichirou has Koutarou come along with his class, and Momozono, to play in an Ouroboros raid together; being introduced to his fellow school-mates. After some encouragement from Junichirou and a few of the Ichou students (Nanami, Tanaka and Momozono specifically), Koutarou musters up the courage and confesses to everyone at a party event celebrating the success of the raid, including the past classmate who got injured, who his real-life self is. All of which accepted who he was, and decided to reintroduce themselves to the real Araki Koutarou.

Afterwards, Koutarou returns to attending Ichou Academy now that he’s no longer embarrassed about his hobby...but not before Koyomi forbids him from dressing as a boy at Ichou as his current cross-dressing look makes for a far more “interesting” school setting.

Along the way, he names Kanan as his older sister, and is chosen as one of the five students to follow Junichirou to the main campus to partake in the SS group war.

* DudeLooksLikeALady: ...indeed. So much so that the boys fall for him.
* HairDecorations: A string.
* {{Hikikomori}}: Hardly ever leaves his room.
* KingIncognito: He attempts to run from his house dressed in his ''normal'' male attire.
* {{NEET}}: What Koutarou becomes after becoming a truant student; spending most of his time playing Ouroboros with Junichirou.
* TeacherStudentRomance: Though he's male, even ''he'' shows the occasional hint towards Junichirou.
* WholesomeCrossdresser: In fact, he loves it. Koyomi even bans him from dressing normally.
* ZettaiRyouiki: His home outfit.


Reserve Team

[[folder:Kiriko Shikishima]]
!!'''Kiriko Shikishima'''

A low self-esteem student of Ichou Academy who works part-time at the Heart-On-Heart maid-café. Shikishima is threatened with expulsion by Momozono due to breaking a rule that disallows both working and going to school at once. However, she is immediately rescued by Junichirou who not only forces Momozono to work as a café maid to learn the “Prestige of a Maid,” but helps Shikishima build up her confidence by forcing out her underground “Cutter Girl” status; having her sing and dance in front of a live audience of her underground fan-base.

Since then, Shikishima is seen mostly alongside her fellow classmate, Kanan, as they follow along with Junichirou’s escapades.

She is voted as one of the candidates to follow Junichirou to the main campus for the SS group war, but fails to get chosen due to her air-headedness. However, thanks to Koyomi, she transfers to the main campus as one of Junichiou’s five reserve students.

* HairDecorations: Two clips for her side-braids.
* IdolSinger: Her underground "Cutter Girl" status.
* LeParkour
* {{Meido}}: Works as a server at the Heart-On-Heart maid-café.
* RedBaron: Her underground "Cutter Girl" status; she's practically a different person.
* TeacherStudentRomance: Shows the occasional hint towards Junichirou.


[[folder:Chinami Kanan]]
!!'''Chinami Kanan'''
[[caption-width:270:Anime Voice]]

A beautiful Ichou Academy student who forces herself mute due to her dislike and ridicule of having a voice that sounds like an anime character. Initially, Kanan spoke only to herself through thought and to others through phone texting, but she starts to warm up to Junichirou when he becomes her home tutor for a physics test.

Kanan was about to back out of the test at the last second, but Junichirou convinces her otherwise; telling Kanan he’s only interested in the person the voice comes from as it’s a unique part of her that can’t be replicated. Kanan appreciates the sentiment, and finally speaks to Junichirou directly; whispering into his ear. Soon after, she joins the Broadcasting Club to be the hyperactive radio-announcer of Ichou; finally satisfied with her voice.

Afterwards, Kanan is seen mostly alongside her fellow classmate Shikishima as they follow along with Junichirou’s escapades, and has become a big sister of sorts to Koutarou after the former praised her for her cute craftsmanship in creating unique Ouroboros items. Later on Kanan gained an interest in voice-acting thanks to a bit of encouragement from a famous voice actress, Kawashima Miyuki, and forms a rivalry with Kanou to become better voice actresses.

She is voted as one of the candidates to follow Junichirou to the main campus for the SS group war, but like Shikishima, she fails to get chosen due to her air-headedness. However, thanks to Koyomi, she transfers to the main campus as one of Junichirou’s five reserve students.

* BlessedWithSuck: How she felt initially about her voice due to people constantly talking about it.
* BornWinner: Born with a 2.5D voice, which is said to be the ideal voice for anime seiyuus.
* CursedWithAwesome: She accepts her voice after a bit of encouragement from Junichirou, and becomes the voice mascot of Ichou Academy.
* CuteMute: She forces herself to communicate through e-mails, because she thinks people are more interested in her voice over her actual self. She got better thanks to Junichirou's encouragement.
* HairDecorations: Two; a bow and a string.
* [[MostWonderfulSound Most Wonderful Sound]]: In-universe; her anime sounding voice impresses a lot of people.
* TheRival: Kanou.
* {{Seiyuu}}: Her new goal after hearing Kawashima Miyuki's performance.
* TeacherStudentRomance: Shows the occasional hint towards Junichirou.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Her home outfit.


[[folder:Kuramochi Madoka]]
!!'''Kuramochi Madoka'''
[[caption-width:270:Little Miss Money]]

A new-transfer freshman who has the ability to assess the value of anything just by looking at it. It’s due to this ability that Madoka was scouted out by Koyomi to be Ichou Academy’s treasurer. In addition, her family turns out to be the owner of a well-known gaming company, KMC. Madoka is set to take over the company at the age of 16. However, it comes with the catch that she must marry the CEO of another gaming company, Activision Frigate, or else everyone at her company will get the axe when the company buys KMC out.

Not wanting any part of it, she ends up quitting as Ichou’s treasurer with her eyes set on Junichirou; impressed by his “Routine Buster” speech. Madoka tries to win him over by forcing her way into his house, much to Suzune’s annoyance, and plays the role of the married house-wife. However, the rush to marriage was too unusual for Junichirou, and he eventually finds out the meaning of it all on his own after cyber-hacking KMC for the truth.

Later on, Activision Frigate’s CEO, Hell Gates, shows up at the Kagami household to complete the marriage to Madoka, but ends up at odds with Junichirou to free her of the political marriage; playing each other in a 1 vs 1 duel in a match of Call of Enemy. Junichirou wins through the use of the games unresolved bugs, and gets Madoka’s marriage called off. However, Gates ends up falling for Madoka in the end; not wishing to be out of her life just yet. As a thank-you, Junichirou agrees to go on a date with Madoka (though this was one-sided on her side), and decides to return as Ichou’s treasurer with a new goal set…to get Junichirou to propose to her.

She makes a brief appearance helping Junichirou create his final exam for his students with the rental box, and is seen later on as one of the candidates willing to follow Junichirou to the main campus for the SS group war. She doesn’t get chosen due to failing to make a unique impression on the students that were voting. However, thanks to Koyomi, she transfers to the main campus as one of Junichiou’s five reserve students.

* ChildhoodFriend: With Sadamitsu
* HairDecorations: A head-strap with a yen attached.
* TeacherStudentRomance: Hands down, the biggest offender of the trope here. Not only does she force her way into Junichirou's household to play the house-wife, she made it her goal to get Junichirou to propose to her somewhere down the line.


[[folder:Kushinada Moemi]]
!!'''Kushinada Moemi'''
[[caption-width:270:Wild Dollar]]

Taki’s primary idol opponent of the Familin Ranger Brothers Squadron event, getting a perfect score, but is defeated by Nagaru (substituting for Taki) who also sung a perfect score; resulting in Nagaru’s victory due to a tie always going to the reigning champion. It is later revealed that Moemi is actually a student of Ichou Academy when Junichirou comes across her during Ichou Academy’s training-camp at the beach.

Thanks to her idol experience, she is seen as someone capable to obtain enough votes to be one of the student candidates to follow Junichirou to the main campus for the SS group war, but doesn’t leave a big enough impression to make it through. However, thanks to Koyomi, she transfers to the main campus as one of Junichiou’s five reserve students. Here, she makes a contribution to the team by bringing Junichirou to the idol band, The Legends, who she, and her new main campus friend, Ooishi, believe to be the perfect candidate for Silver Core’s commercial video. Afterwards, she acts as second-in-command next to Junichirou during the seduction battle between Silver Core and The Legends.

* AscendedExtra: Starts off as a one-shot character in the Komiya Twins arc; becomes a recurring member of the Silver Core team.
* IdolSinger: Sang in the Familin Rangers Brothers Squadron event; getting a perfect score.
* NumberTwo: Stands alongside Junichirou during the seduction match between Silver Core and The Legends.


[[folder:Fuwa Sadamitsu]]
!!'''Fuwa Sadamitsu'''
[[caption-width:270:Loser Flag]]

A boasting freshman student and an old friend of Madoka.

He holds a grudge against the people of the main campus for not accepting him as a student, and does everything he can to be one of the students Junichirou chooses for the SS group war against the main campus; even garnering enough votes to be the number one candidate initially. Despite having done everything perfectly however, he failed to leave a unique impression on the students voting and ended up not getting chosen. However, thanks to Koyomi, he transfers to the main campus as one of Junichiou’s five reserve students.

* ChildhoodFriend: With Madoka
* SmallNameBigEgo: Thinks he's a lot more of a badass then he lets on; Junichirou calls him out for it; hence his nickname.


!!!'''Other Branch Students'''


A student who seeks out Junichirou; hoping for him to become his match-maker for the girl he likes which turns out to be Momozono. He’s unable to confess due to the blood always rushing to his head; causing him to get a nosebleed.

Junichirou has Odawara go out on a practice date with Koutarou disguised as Momozono to have him understand Momozono’s persona. However, the real Momozono shows up at the last second, and put an end to Junichirou’s scheme.

* {{Nosebleed}}: His flaw when it comes to women.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: You never find out if he ever attempted to confess to Momozono or not after she wreaked the practice date.



A shy student who has a crush on Nanami. Kanan brings her to Junichirou to play match-maker for the two, afraid to have any part in it at first simply because it’s Nanami, but agrees after some provocation by Kanan.

After a couple failed attempts created by Junichirou to get his attention, Machiko finally says it after a near death experience. However, Nanami declines as his debt to the Soccer Club is too great to care about anything else at the moment.

* ShrinkingViolet: Very much so; it takes a near-death experience for her to finally confess.



A top grade student who lost her way due to the implementation of Junichirou’s “Routine Buster.” Unlike the rest of her schoolmates who went off to do their own thing, Tachibana stayed behind to continue studying for tests the normal way; unable to decide what to do for herself.

Feeling the pressure getting to her, Tachibana decides that the only answer is to commit suicide, but is met by Tokisaka Tomoya who asks to play a game with her to talk things out. He eventually states that it’s ok to not have something to want to do, and that having the future completely free makes it easier to reach a happy ending in life; finally calming her down.

* InterruptedSuicide: Was set to jump off a building before Tomoya talked her out of it.



The captain of Ichou Academy’s soccer team who makes recurring appearances here and there; mostly alongside his new teammate, Nanami.


* EliteMook: Compared to other background characters, he has a name, a unique character design and actually makes recurring appearances.
* NiceGuy: To Nanami; inviting him to join their team despite the former's past.



!!'''Main Campus'''
The prime establishment of Hiiragi Academy. It’s run like a prison under Hiiragi Arisu and has its students assigned letter ranks, E, D, C, B, A and S based on the amount of points they’ve obtained. Here, the students battle each other in school events for the other student’s points to increase their rank from E to S; establishing a better life style with every rank they gain.

Additionally, people who wish to combine points has the loser become the “child” of who is deemed the winner, and those who lose all their points are expelled from the academy; with all their possessions burned on exit. One who obtains “all” the points can gain a rank beyond S; the SS rank, which will allow that person to take over as principal of Hiiragi Academy.

[[folder:Tokisaka Tomoya]]
!!'''Tokisaka Tomoya'''

A past, 22 year old, friend of Junichirou. He left Japan shortly after the start of high-school to see the world, and is not only seen to be just as good a gamer as Junichirou; beating Hell Gates in a Call of Enemy 2 tournament match, but also became a teacher during his time in the United States. Having now returned to Japan, he and Junichirou reunite after the later witnesses Tomoya stop an Ichou student, Tachibana, from attempting to commit suicide.

As a thank you for helping him move into his new house later on, Tomoya decides to cook dinner for Junichirou; meeting Suzune in the process. Tomoya tells her his tale of how the reason he had been traveling the world is for his wish to see a “miracle.” A feeling of epicness similar to when he witnessed Junichirou unlock a rumored 17th stage of a game they had played for 4 days straight in their childhood. Tomoya turns out to have been hired to be a teacher at the Hiiragi Academy main campus; believing that he will never be able to see that miracle again as long as Junichirou remains on the “17th level” he has yet find himself.

He has, since then, made casual appearances around Junichirou as he goes about on his escapades, and awaits the day Junichirou has to battle his homeroom in the SS group war.

* {{Badass}}: Has his moments. Particularly, when he beats Hell Gates at gaming, and talking a student out of committing suicide.
* ChildhoodFriend: Of Junichirou.
* CoolTeacher: A more laid-back type compared to Junichirou.
* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife: He decided to travel the world hoping to find something that could be defined as a miracle. He has yet to find it.
* KnightOfCerebus: [[spoiler:Creates a new faction "Black Core" that literally beats other students into submission. All to force Junichirou to take him seriously as an opponent.]]
* EyesAlwaysClosed: Self-explanatory.


[[folder:Karakuri Misao]]
!!'''Karakuri Misao'''

A virtual artificial-intelligence whose job is to act as the guide that manages the students within the main campus. It can be seen through the use of a special smart-phone which was given to Junichirou when he transfers to the E-rank dormitory.

Misao is programmed to be extremely hardcore on the students, having been set rules and chores to always have them disciplined and hard at work.

* ArtificialIntelligence: An [=AI=] that can only be seen through a special phone built for the main campus.



The referee for the rank matches between students.

* ArtificialIntelligence: A tiny robot.


!!!'''S-Rank Students'''

[[folder:Akatsuki Subaru]]
!!'''Akatsuki Subaru'''
[[caption-width:270:KS Girl]]

A love-sick student, nicknamed the "Unrequited Love-Warrior," who claims to suffer from a “deadly” disease, resulting in her “to die if one does not love.” The disease allows Subaru to become stronger depending on how much unrequited love she is currently experiencing. Subaru also has the ability of synesthesia which allows her to feel other people’s thoughts, feelings, colors and tastes. She sets her eyes on Junichirou after witnessing his declaration to become the Hiiragi Academy’s principle.

Showing up at his classroom, Subaru begs to Junichirou for a transfer into his class to be one of Junichiou’s followers in the SS group war, and believes that only he can show her what true-love feels like. Junichirou refuses however; stating that her ability would make his side too overpowered if they were to team up against the main campus students. She is then forced to return to the main campus, but not before making a promise that Junichirou will accept her into his class once the group war is over to show her colors and flavors she has never seen before.

* HairDecorations: Two hair clips.


[[folder:Kaito Aizawa]]
!!'''Kaito Aizawa'''
[[caption-width:270:Self-Proclaimed Fan]]

A game-loving third-year student. He is the leader of Team Blue Corps, and is one who considers himself to be a huge fan of Junichirou. He first appears alongside Tendou as they watch, from afar, Junichirou’s group defeating Team Titan in soccer; looking forward to Blue Corps’ eventual encounter with the teacher.

The time comes when one of his team members, Daiki, catches the attention of Junichirou as he tries to burn the farm crops of the Noble Garden Team. Aizawa appears before the two, and, after making a bet with Junichirou to gain one of his female students, forces Daiki to accept Junichirou’s challenge as it would be rude to overlook a challenge from someone lower ranked. He watches from the side as Daiki loses in a match of water polo against Junichirou; revoking Noble Garden’s expulsion, and asked for everything regarding their bet to be invalid.

It is here that Aizawa makes a proposal; for his Blue Corps Team, and Junichirou’s Silver Core, to join forces. However, Junichirou refuses the offer and forces him into the water; “teaching” Aizawa that he won’t be able to experience the game if he considers everything around him a game; to which Aizawa accepts the refusal and backs off for the time being.


[[folder:Makoto Akamine]]
!!'''Makoto Akamine'''

A student of Hiiragi Academy's main campus, and the leader of team Red Core. Makoto first appears when Junichirou comes across him sitting atop a mound of broken electronics and video-games; rounding up parts to repair an aerial combat simulator, “Force Combat,” as a present for his little sister, Tamaki. Here, Makoto explains to Junichirou that Tamaki has always been there for him, and that this is the least he can do for her as a form of appreciation. Impressed by his will do to this just for his sibling, Junichirou, as well as Suzune who was with Junichirou at the time, decide to help him repair the simulator.

Makoto thanks Junichirou and Suzune for the help, but are greeted by a couple members of team Red Core moments after; revealing to Makoto that he had actually been conversing with the leaders of the team they would be fighting against in their next group war. Afterwards, Makoto stands silent next to Tamaki as she reveals to Junichirou who they are and challenges Silver Core to a group war. Junichirou accepts and is given the option on what they will battle over. He decides to make it a duel over “Force Combat,” but as a best-two-out-of-three sibling duel between Junichirou/Suzune and Makoto/Tamaki. Afterwards, Makoto shows Junichirou how to work the simulator so that he can practice before the match.

During the duel, team Junichirou/Suzune win the first round through radar trickery. However, the excitement of the match causes Tamaki to faint; forcing Makoto to duel Junichirou one-on-one for the second round. It is here that Junichirou discovers that Makoto is actually a much stronger “Force Combat” player on his own, and in turn, gets berated by Junichirou for never fighting from his own will due to his concern for his sister. Tamaki wakes up at this point however, and cheer’s Makoto on; proclaiming that at some point, she will catch up to him. Makoto finally shows his true form and ends the second round in a tie.

The third round is set with Red Core’s back against the wall; needing to win to keep Red Core, and his sister’s dream, alive. Makoto lets Tamaki take command of the round, and watches as he sees his sister enter her “ghost” mode to show off her abilites.


!!!'''C-Rank Students'''

[[folder:Kuujou Daiki]]
!!'''Kuujou Daiki'''

A Team Blue Corps student who looks down on those who don’t work hard for game matches. He appears before students of the E-rank dormitory with a candle and gas canister; trying to burn the food harvest of the recently expelled, Team Noble Garden. Junichirou however, steps in moments before he could burn the product and challenges Daiki to revoke Noble Garden’s expulsion.

After a bit of convincing from the Blue Corps leader, Aizawa, Daiki accepts the challenge and ends up playing a one on one water polo match against Junichirou. Because Junichirou can’t swim, he relies on dirty tactics and, “life’s resilience,” to defeat Daiki.

Despite losing, Aizawa offers him a return to Blue Corps. However, Daiki turns him down, and informs him that he will keep his former leader’s order to “destroy Team Noble Garden” a secret. Afterwards, Noble Garden’s Uekusa offers a tomato to befriend him to which he accepts.


!!!'''D-Rank Students'''

[[folder:Shirakawa Nami]]
!!'''Shirakawa Nami'''
[[caption-width:270:Machine Girl]]

An emotionless student and the personification of Arisu’s prison ideal for the main campus; brain-washed to follow every command Arisu forces upon her.

She first meets Junichirou when she shows him a photograph of Mukyou Reiko; trying to find the run-away to bring back to the main campus. After a confrontation between the principle and Junichirou however, Nami is forced into a basketball game against Reiko to which she is defeated. However for the first time in her life, she shows emotion as Nami found the duel to be “interesting,” and wishes to play another with Reiko at the expense of getting Arisu angry at her for showing even a hint of defiance. As punishment, Arisu takes away most of her points, and demotes her to Rank E which, as a result, leads to Junichirou challenging Arisu for her job as the principal of Hiiragi Academy.

Alongside Reiko, who she is now good friends with, they form a sports team known as White Princess, and join up with Junichirou as his first children after he and his five chosen students appear before them when they are threatened by Team Titan. Since then, she follows Junichirou along on his main campus escapades.

* HairDecorations: A pair of binoculars.


[[caption-width:270:Football Brat]]

A large intimidating “shark-tooth” student and the leader of Team Titan. He first appears before Nami and Reiko’s Team White Princess; having switched places with their original opponent to force White Princess into becoming their followers after beating them into submission through a soccer game. Half way through the game however, it comes to a halt as Nami decides to make Team White Princess part of Junichirou’s group; setting the stage for Junichirou to battle Team Titan for the second half of the soccer game.

By enraging his students to play on a high level, Junichirou’s team pulls ahead. However, Todoroki continues to play his style of soccer to overpower Nanami to try to tie the game. Despite failing to score, and losing the game in the process, Junichirou is impressed by his effort and asks him and his team to become his child in Silver Core. He ends up agreeing to preserve his D-rank, and officially joins the group war when he’s dragged into the seduction battle against The Legends. Here, he plays the key role in the battle when its discovered that Junichirou had turned Todoroki into an online mascot, "Rocky", that is adored by the female students.

* TheBigGuy: In a team full of these, [[UpToEleven he's the strongest one.]]
* TheUnexpected: Let's just say ''nobody'' was expecting him to be Junichirou's key player in the seduction battle against Legends--and not even in the way anyone intended!



A womanizer student, and the leader of the idol band team, The Legends. To increase their rank, his band does not fight in normal group events to increase their point total, but instead gains points through donations by their female fans from the concerts they perform.

At Moemi and Nozomi’s request, Junichirou comes to him; asking to make a commercial video that will enhance Silver Core’s image. Kisaragi agrees, but only if his band receives 70% of the points they would make off the commercial to which Junichirou finds to be a complete rip-off. Instead, Junichirou proposes a unique form of a group battle against Kisaragi and The Legends; a battle of “seduction” between Silver Core and his team to see who can seduce more females which will also be broadcasted as Silver Core’s commercial video. With the stakes so heavily favored towards the Legends side, Kisaragi agrees.

During the match, the Legends jump to a huge lead over Silver Core at first due to the former's greater experience when it comes to seducing women to their side. However, as the game went on, Junichirou pulls out his trump card; revealing that he had turned his Silver Core team into "internet mascots" that are adored by the female students; resulting in the Legends losing by a single point. Despite losing however, Kisaragi realized that Junichirou had increased the Legends fan-base as well through the game, and is struck with reality once Junichirou tells him that he can't enjoy the experience of fun in a serious group war similar to what he experienced here.

Soon after, Kisaragi, having been impressed by Junichirou's handling of the group war, decides to join The Legends, and his fan-club teams, with Silver Core...with the added bonus that Junichirou will turn his Legends team into internet mascots as well.

* {{Bishonen}}: He and his team, Legends. He also openly and unashamedly admits that being pretty boys is the only thing they're really good for. They still lose to Junichirou's unorthodox methods.


!!!'''E-Rank Students'''

[[folder:Mukyou Reiko]]
!!'''Mukyou Reiko'''

A short, first-year, genius girl who has the unique ability to do anything as long as she has seen it accomplished just once. She also has a rough time telling people apart; having to rely on smell and taste to differentiate people from one another.

Junichirou first met Reiko when she arrived at KEC as a one-day intern; set-up by Koyomi to give Reiko a taste of Junichirou’s “interesting” hobbies. She has come to see Junichirou as her master after gaining an appreciation of his said hobbies. However, Junichirou catches on to Reiko’s servant tendencies and commands her to stay in her room. Despite not knowing what happened initially, she finally gets it when she goes against Junichirou’s command to stay in her room to stop a cyber-attack on KEC; learning that she won’t be able to enjoy life if she always followed other people’s orders. She decides to return to school, wanting to follow Junichirou’s ideals.

She reappears later on hiding in Junichirou’s classroom from Shirakawa Nami who had been looking for Reiko to drag back to the main campus. Reiko had run away, because she doesn’t like the rules of the main campus, and is considered a burden for never being able to obtain any points to increase her E rank. Threatened by Arisu to become part of her prison system, Junichirou initiates a duel in basketball between Reiko and Nami. Reiko goes on to win the game thanks to a scheme set by Junichirou to have Reiko learn all of the branch student’s “unique” moves to which she put to use against Nami. Afterwards, she watches from afar as Junichirou makes his declaration to become principle.

Alongside Nami, who she is now good friends with, they form a sports team soon after known as White Princess, and join up with Junichirou as his first children after he and his five chosen students appear before them when they are threatened by Team Titan. Since then, she follows Junichirou along on his main campus escapades.

* HairDecorations: A headband.


[[folder:Shou Narasawa]]
!!'''Shou Narasawa'''

A freshman member of Team White Princess who was forced to play a soccer game against Team Titan, but ends up as part of Junichirou’s group after Nami made team White Princess his child.

When Junichirou and his students are transferred to the E-rank dormitory, Narasawa acts as the guide that shows them around the dorm, and later that night, Narasawa has a heart-to-heart talk with Junichirou when the later joins him on the dorm’s roof. He confesses that he had about given up on trying to increase his E-rank due to seeing many of his classmates get expelled or left him behind as they upped their rank. However, Junichirou encourages him on; telling him the difference between games and reality, and how no matter how impossible a game may seem, reality is never impossible.

Since then, Narasawa has bonded with Junichirou, and takes part in his main campus escapades to become principal.


[[folder:Toono Kazuki]]
!!'''Toono Kazuki'''

A freshman member of Team White Princess who was forced to play a soccer game against Team Titan, but ends up as part of Junichirou’s group after Nami made team White Princess his child.

He makes the occasional appearance around the E-rank dormitory after Junichirou and his students are transferred there, and is one of the students chosen to take part in the seduction battle against Team Legend.


[[folder:Himegami Mako]]
!!'''Himegami Mako'''

A Rank-E freshman member of Team White Princess who was forced to play a soccer game against Team Titan, but ends up as part of Junichirou’s group after Nami made team White Princess his child.

She makes the occasional appearance around the E-rank dormitory after Junichirou and his students are transferred there.


[[caption-width:262:Komatsu Girl]]

The leader of Team Noble Garden whose forte is gardening. Uekusa and her team tends to farm fields as the food suppliers for the E-rank dormitory, and go about teaching Junichirou and company on how to become an accomplished farmer.

Her team uses a cave, revealed to be Junichirou’s classroom for his students, as the granary to store their farm product. Here, Junichirou discovers graffiti left behind by Uekusa and the team; venting out their frustration for having their hobby looked down upon by the higher ranked students. Impressed by their will, Junichirou decides to help Noble Garden with their harvest, but afterwards, ran into a Blue Corps student, Daiki, attempting to burn their gathered crops; revealing that Noble Garden had lost all their points recently, and got expelled.

Junichirou however, steps in for Uekusa and challenges Daiki to revoke Noble Garden’s expulsion to which he eventually wins. Afterwards, Uekusa decides to befriend Daiki by offering him a tomato he found to be sweet, and later asks Junichirou to make Noble Garden his children in Silver Core to which he accepts.


[[folder:Nozomi Ooishi]]
!!'''Nozomi Ooishi'''

An intelligent grade-A student, and the leader of Team Half Wings. She catches Junichirou’s attention when he realizes that she had become good friends with Moemi during Silver Core’s stay at the E-dormitory.

Later on, Ooishi brings Moemi along to a room which she realizes to be a live-concert of the idol band, The Legends. Here, Ooishi reveals that her team are fan-girls of the band, and tells Moemi that they could be the answer Junichirous looking for to make a Silver Core commercial video; introducing the band to him.

After Silver Core defeats the Legends in the seduction battle. Ooishi's team, along with the rest of the Legends fans, follow their example and join up with team Silver Core.

* HairDecorations: A clip on her bangs.


!!!'''Unsorted Main Campus Students'''

[[folder:Mimori Kichou]]
!!'''Mimori Kichou'''
[[caption-width:300:Blogs Girl]]

A third-year student, and reporter, nicknamed the “Teacher Killer,” of the Newspaper Club. Kichou writes her articles based solely upon half-truths and exaggerations regarding certain teachers that catch her eye which, as a result, causes most of the teachers she writes about to leave the school. She develops her next article on Junichirou after spying on his recent escapades with other Ichou Academy students, describing him to be a bad influence and educator. However, she is caught off guard when she sees that Junichirou actually praises Kichou for developing such a well-written article about him that he agrees to mostly be the truth, and even warning her that she could be in trouble if she doesn’t live up to the hype generated from her articles.

Impressed by his personality, Kichou decides to let him in on her secret; that she’s a part of Ichou’s Information Club, giving her administrator access to many major news sites, and that she wrote negative articles about teachers as a test to see if they are mentally fit to become a teacher at the main campus. She offers Junichirou two choices, to negotiate, or to “force” her to listen; otherwise his reputation would be tarnished forever. Junichirou however chooses neither, saying that he would deal with the situation in his own way after Kichou has lit the fire all over the news. To which he does so by releasing all his personal and utmost secret information over the news through the televised Kagamin Channel; effectively turning all of Kichou’s negative threads about Junichirou into nothing more than bait gimmicks to get people to watch his channel, resulting in her loss overall.

She has, since then, decided to follow Junichirou for her own reasons, and stood alongside Koyomi during the beach training camp to discuss if he, and the students he’s rallied, are ready to be transferred to the main campus.

* {{Badass}}: A defined "Teacher Killer" before going head-to-head with Junichirou.
* ColorFailure: When Junichirou reveals the "[[CrowningMomentOfFunny prize]]" of the first person to answer the quiz correctly.
* NumberTwo: To Koyomi when it comes to scouting out teachers and students for the main campus.



A student of Hiiragi Academy's main campus, and a member of team Blue Corps. Tendou appears alongside the Blue Corps team leader, Aizawa, as they watch, from afar, the soccer match between Junichirou's Silver Core and Todoroki's team Titan. Here, she shows a high level of intellect as to whether or not Junichirou is capable enough to take on the entire school.

She appears alongside Aizawa again serving him tee while the two watch the seduction match between Junichirou's Silver Core and Kisaragi's Legends. Here, the two discuss the point of the match since despite winning, Silver Core gained next to nothing, but Aizawa informs her that it was never about the game, but winning over the students he influenced through it.

* SatelliteCharacter: The soul purpose of her existence so far is for Aizawa to have someone to talk to when discussing the group war.


[[folder:Tamaki Akamine]]
!!'''Tamaki Akamine'''

A student of Hiiragi Academy's main campus, and the sub-leader of team Red Core. She is nicknamed the "Red Meteor" for her accomplishment as the youngest high-school champion in the aerial simulation game "Force Combat." Tamaki first appears alongside Arisu as they watch Junichirou's public relations video after the seduction duel against the Legends. Here, Tamaki forms a deal to take down Junichirou alongiside her brother, Makoto, as long as Arisu holds true to the "promise" of helping Tamaki build an independent country. Tamaki then appears before Makoto when Junichirou decides to help him repair a "Force Combat" aerial combat simulator, and, along with Suzune, decide to help their brothers towards its completion.

After the completion, and knowing who the two are that stand before her and Makoto, Tamaki introduces themselves to Junichirou and Suzune as team Red Core’s sibling-leaders; challenging them to a group battle between Red Core and Silver Core. Junichirou accepts and is given the option on what they will battle over. He decides to make it a duel over “Force Combat,” but as a best-two-out-of-three sibling duel between Junichirou/Suzune and Makoto/Tamaki. Afterwards, Tamaki shows Suzune how to work the simulator so that she can practice before the match.

During the duel, team Junichirou/Suzune win the first round through radar trickery. However, the excitement of the match causes Tamaki to faint; forcing her to sit out for the second round. She wakes up the moment it is revealed that she had been holding Makoto back from showing his true potential, and decides to cheer Makoto on; proclaiming that at some point, she will catch up to him. Makoto finally shows his true form and ends the second round in a tie.

The third round is set with Red Core’s back against the wall; needing to win to keep Red core, and her dream, alive. Tamaki decides to rejoin the match; feeling frustrated that she sees herself as the laughing stock of this group war. During the match, she gets pushed into entering her “ghost” mode; an emotionless mind state that brings out the best of all her abilities she’s obtained playing “Force Combat.”



People that play a major role in the story who aren’t part of the school settings.

[[folder:Tim Bernards Lynn]]
!!'''Tim Bernards Lynn'''

A past colleague of Junichirou who created and directs CERM, a Physics Particle Research Laboratory established in Geneva, Switzerland, in an attempt to disprove Junichirou’s theory on creating a teleportation device. After Junichirou witnessed CERM’s first failed test, he decided to go back home to watch an anime he’s about to miss and ended up staying permanently; much to Tim’s annoyance.

Since then, Tim has been trying time and time again to bring Junichirou back to CERM to continue working towards the completion of the Dokodemo Door, even to the point of using her one day off just to stay the day at Kagami’s house.

* HotScientist: Without a doubt.
* NamedAfterSomebodyFamous: Named for Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist, who while working at CERN developed the early World Wide Web. Something of a GenderFlip.


[[folder:Toune Yamato]]
!!'''Toune Yamato'''

A former student from the same high-school class as Junichirou. In the past, Yamato was the only member of the school’s science club until Junichirou decided to join it to learn how to make a Dokodemo Door; and ended up being taught physics by Yamato in the process.

In the present, she is an employee of KEC, a New Japan Association University, where she wishes to fulfill Junichirou’s dream; establishing a research team of her own, and scouting out Junichirou, to continue working towards the door’s completion. Despite only getting Junichirou to work at KEC for a few days, she comes off being happy overall to have been reunited with her past club member again, and hopes that Junichirou returns if he’s ever in a pinch.

* BeautyMark: Below the left eye.
* ChildhoodFriend: Of Junichirou.
* GenderBlenderName: Yamato is mostly a masculine name.
* HairDecorations: A string attached to her braid.
* HotScientist: Very much so.
* StockingFiller: Wears stockings.


[[folder:Hell Gates]]
!!'''Hell Gates'''

A programming genius, CEO of Activision Frigate, and Madoka’s political fiancé. He is considered a master and self-proclaimed “king” of video-gaming; being a 3-time consecutive worldwide gaming champion in the FPS game, “Call of Enemy”.

He came to Japan the moment Madoka reached the marrying age of 16, but ended up bumping heads with Junichirou; claiming to be her actual fiancé. Gates ends up challenging him to a duel using the video-game, Call of Enemy, with the stakes being Gates’ marriage with Madoka, and Junichirou’s life as a video-gamer. Junichirou ends up winning the duel through the bugs seen in the game and used them to his advantage, thus, getting the marriage called off. However, Gates ends up falling for Madoka anyway as he feels that she is the person that can always be there to watch over him if he takes it too far.

Gates makes a brief cameo later on; losing badly to Tokisaka Tomoya in a Call of Enemy 2 tournament match.

* ArrogantKungFuGuy
* AwesomeMcCoolName


[[folder:Nishikujou Matome]]
!!'''Nishikujou Matome'''
[[caption-width:270:Ghost Artist]]

A wayward ghost of a former Ichou student who died a year ago, and has, since then, been haunting one of Hiiragi Academy’s training-camps. Matome encounters Junichirou when he stumbles upon her atop a stack of manga in the training camp’s library, and asks him to help her “pass” on to the afterlife to which Junichirou deduces that it has something to do with the manga Matome had been reading all this time.

She eventually comes across an old manga, Hanauta, which excites her greatly; developed by none other than Tenjouin Kisaki, aka, Tanaka from Junichirou’s class. The cause of Matome’s inability to rest-in-peace is discovered to be because she wishes to see the final chapter of said manga that was never released. Tanaka then shows Matome the final unreleased chapter, and she was finally able to begin departing to the afterlife. However, Junichirou decides to want to go further...

It turns out that Matome was also a fan of Tanaka’s current work, Shuumatsu Gakuen; a manga that inspired Matome to try to write one of her own, but never got a chance do to so. With encouragement from Junichirou and Tanaka however, she goes on to create one page of her own manga that basically described what happened moments before her death. Matome is now satisfied with everything, but instead of departing…she’s seen haunting bookstores instead; continuing to read Shuumatsu Gakuen.


[[folder:Komiya Twins]]
!!'''Komiya Twins'''
[[caption-width:270:Leader and Idol-sis]]

The 15 year old twins, Taki and Nagaru.

Junichirou meets the first twin, Taki, at a game arcade during summer vacation. Here, Taki invites Junichirou to play in the arcade with her as a thank you for getting Momozono, who was trying to send her home, off her tail, but are interrupted when a group of thugs appear in the area. However, it turns out that these delinquents are actually all friends of Taki, and that she is the established leader of their gang, Black Oracle Neo; reformed from Kanou’s original Black Oracle gang.

The second twin, Nagaru, turns out to be the idol singer of a group known as 5th Queens where she later calls up Junichirou to meet him personally; asking him to get Taki out of the gang. However, Taki, who was around at the time, interrupts; stating that the gang was her home and she didn’t want it taken from her; prompting Junichirou to end up joining the gang and siding with Taki. Nagaru however, hasn’t given up, and decides to ditch her next 5th Queens concert to live at the Kagami household until Taki is out of the gang; an action that Junichirou doesn’t agree with, and forces her into a situation to sing a solo live-broadcast anyway from her old elementary school, or else he wouldn’t accept hearing Nagaru’s side of the story.

As Nagaru explains, it turns out that she believes that Taki should have been the one to become an idol instead of her. Nagaru had come down with an illness the day of her audition and was rushed to the emergency room. However, Taki decides to take her place and does the audition for her and passes with flying colors after coming to a compromise with the judge who knew who she was due to her smaller “bust” size. Feeling guilty over possibly taking what could have been Taki’s life, Junichirou decides to force Nagaru into her sister’s shoes…by substituting for her at the Familin Ranger Brothers Squadron event; an underground concert that Taki participates in as a singer herself. Nagaru ends up winning the competition easily due to her past knowledge of Familin Rangers.

As Nagaru is about to exit however, she ends up getting kidnapped by a delinquent gang led by Takeda that had been previously messing around with Taki’s group. Junichirou and Taki give chase to an abandoned building, but Taki decides to deal with this herself; getting captured as well. Junichirou however had called ahead for back-up and brought along two old Black Oracle members, Kanou and Nanami, to deal with the rival gang. After the gang is defeated, Nagaru asks Taki to allow her to join her gang; finally understanding what started their journey together. Accepting her offer, Taki is left wondering what had changed her sister, and Kanou steps in; mentioning that it is because of Junichirou’s teachings that she was able to go down this path. Wanting to surpass her sister, Taki decides to enroll in Ichou Academy after turning 16…with Nagaru deciding to follow.

Taki makes a brief appearance later on to play games again with Junichirou as the two watch Tomoya stop an Ichou student from committing suicide.

* ChildhoodFriends: Taki was this with the previous members of the Black Oracle gang: Kanou, Kitou and Nanami.
* {{Delinquent}}: Taki is the new leader of the Black Oracle gang; having reformed it as Black Oracle Neo.
* HairDecorations: Both. Taki uses a string for her pig-tails, and Nagaru uses a hair-clip.
* IdolSinger: Nagaru's profession. Taki turns out to be one as well; only an underground one.



Minor characters who appear from time to time, or were a major influence on one of the major characters mentioned above.

[[folder:Kitayama Minami]]
!!'''Kitayama Minami'''

The chief maid of the Heart-On-Heart café. She appears mostly behind the scenes when the café is involved in the story.


[[folder:Makina Kazuya]]
!!'''Makina Kazuya'''

Momozono’s little brother. Kazuya is an avid player of the Magic: The Ring trading-card-game at a trading-card store Junichirou donates his tournament winnings to, and considers Junichirou the second most important person in his life after his older sister.


[[folder:Koutarou’s Bully]]
!!'''Koutarou’s Bully '''

A West Shinmei High School student who ended up in the hospital when he attempted to harass Koutarou about his cross-dressing habits; calling his hobby “disgusting” in retaliation, and leading to Koutarou’s truant life-style.

He reappears during the Ouroboros party event as a set-up by Junichirou to help Koutarou confront his past. He’s not impressed at first, but changes his mind when Koutarou reveals his true-self in front of everyone at the party.



The creator of the "Rental Box" that Junichirou uses to create the final exam for his class.



A friend of Taki who is part of her singing group at the Familin Ranger Brothers Squadron event.


[[folder:Toshihiko Takeda]]
!!'''Toshihiko Takeda'''

The gang-leader of the delinquents who took Nagaru (disguised as Taki) hostage to put an end to the Black Oracle Neo gang; hiding out in an abandoned building. After some initial fighting with the former members of Black Oracle, he and his gang ends up falling into Junichirou’s trap who had brought an audience to watch what they believe to be movie-shoot, and causing Takeda’s gang members to leave him out of fear of being hated by the public for trashing two idol singers.

In the end, Takeda attempts to punch Taki out of frustration…only to get beaten to a pump by Nagaru.


[[folder:Kawashima Miyuki]]
!!'''Kawashima Miyuki'''

A famous voice actress who plays Sergeant Hartman in Magical Girl: Bura-Kura. Kanan witnesses her live-performance of the role, and meets with Miyuki face-to-face to praise her work. Miyuki, in return, encourages Kanan to take care of her “anime” voice; impressed upon hearing it during the audition Kanan ran out on half way through.