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!!Chloe Saunders

The trilogy's [[TheHero heroine]], Chloe is fifteen years old and lives in New York. The daughter of a wealthy man, with a [[MissingMom dead mother]], [[HandsOffParenting she's been raised mostly by housekeepers all her life]]. She goes to an art school, and wants to be a director/screen writer when she grows up. Everything is mundane in her life, when suddenly she [[spoiler: gets her first period, sees her first ghost, and is shipped off to Lyle House - having been diagnosed with schizophrenia.]]

There she meets [[spoiler: other supernaturals like her]] and they [[spoiler: escape from Lyle House.]]

%%* ACupAngst
* BlessedWithSuck: [[spoiler: Her necromancer powers.]]
%%* DamselInDistress
* DeadpanSnarker: Sometimes.
%%* {{Determinator}}
* GenreSavvy: Naturally, as an aspiring director but she spends most of the first book convinced she's WrongGenreSavvy.
* InnocentBlueEyes: Of the "wide and innocent" variety.
%%* [[spoiler: {{Necromancer}}]]
* [[spoiler: RavenHairIvorySkin: Black hair with pale skin, check. YMMV on "beautiful".]]

!!Derek Souza

%%* AngerBornOfWorry:
* BigBrotherInstinct: Hurting Simon will instantly send Derek into an UnstoppableRage.
* BodyHorror: When [[spoiler: Changing there is pain and the result is scary.]]
* CursedWithAwesome: [[spoiler: His werewolf powers are awesome, but because of them he is the most targeted of the group.]]
%%* DeadpanSnarker
%%* DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength
%%* GeniusBruiser
%%* GreenEyes
%%* JerkWithAHeartOfGold
%%* MasterOfTheMixedMessage
%%* SuperSenses
%%* TallDarkAndSnarky

!!Simon Bae

* [[spoiler: LongLostSibling: Is this to Tori.]]
%%* MrFanservice: In-universe.
%%* NiceGuy:
%%* [[spoiler: NiceGuysFinishLast]]
* [[spoiler: RomanticRunnerUp: Loses Chloe to Derek.]]

!!Victoria "Tori" Enright

%%* ClingyJealousGirl
%%* CuteButPsycho: Before her CharacterDevelopment.
* DaddysGirl: If her mother is to be believed she adored her father.
%%* DefrostingIceQueen
* HiddenDepths: She initially seems like the AlphaBitch, only interested in stabbing Chloe in the back...[[spoiler: It's all a ruse to satisfy her power-crazed mother. Plus, she's surprisingly skilled with computers, able to bring up messages and email that the recipient thought were deleted.]]
* [[spoiler: LongLostSibling: Is this to Simon.]]
%%* MoodSwinger
* TheUnfavorite: This is the reason she dislikes Chloe so much at first, since she's similar in appearance to her sister.

!!Rachelle "Rae" Rogers

* [[spoiler: FaceHeelTurn: Tells the nurses about the gang's planned escape, which is essentially what screws the whole thing up and nerallu gets them all ''killed''.]]
%%* GamerChick
%%* [[spoiler:HalfHumanHybrid]]
%%* IJustWantToBeSpecial
* PlayingWithFire: She's in Lyle House for pyromania. [[spoiler: She's really an Exustio half-demon, and has power over fire.]]

!!Elizabeth "Liz" Delaney

%%* GenkiGirl
%%* [[spoiler: CharacterDeath]]
* [[spoiler: HalfHumanHybrid: Volo half-demon, with the power of telekinesis.]]
%%* MotorMouth: Of the not-annoying variety.