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[[caption-width-right:350:The main cast, moments before devouring all of the food in the house. [[note]] Back row: Zombina, Tio, Manako, Kurusu, Doppel, and Ms. Smith. Middle row: Centorea and Rachnera. Front row: Mero, Miia, Papi, and Suu]] [[/note]]

This lists the characters that appear in ''Manga/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirl''.

If you're looking for characters that appear in the free-to-play browser game, check ''VideoGame/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirlOnline''.

'''These pages will have unmarked spoilers.''' '''''Be Warned.'''''

* [[Characters/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirlMainCharacters Main Characters]][[note]]Kurusu Kimihito, Miia, Papi, Centorea Shianus, Suu, Meroune Lorelei, Rachnera Arachnera, Lala[[/note]]
* [[Characters/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirlMON MON]][[note]]Kuroko Smith, Zombina, Doppel, Manako, Tionishia[[/note]]
* [[Characters/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirlHumans Humans]][[note]]The racist couple, Neighbourhood Kids, Bicycle cop, Police Chief, Kasegi/The Director, Ren Kunanzuki, Yuuhi Hajime[[/note]]
* [[Characters/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirlParents Parents]][[note]]Miia's Mom, Papi's Mom, Centorea's Mom, Mero's Mom, Wladislaus Drakulya[[/note]]
* [[Characters/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirlFarmWorkers Farm Workers]][[note]]Cathyl, Merino, Cott & Ton, Miru, Chizu, Cara, Lute, Cream[[/note]]
* [[Characters/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirlOthers Others]][[note]]Orcs, Polt, Draco, Lilith, Kii, Yukio, Ils Nineta, Liz, Kinu, Sebasstian & Flounnder, Octo, Shiishii, Kiira, Kino, Kyurii Drakulya[[/note]]
* [[Characters/DailyLifeWithMonsterGirlSpecies Species]][[note]]Arachne, Centaur, Devil, Dragons and dragonewts, Dullahan, Harpy, Lamia, Mermaid, Monoeye, Ogre, Slime, Zombie[[/note]]