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A list of characters and character-related tropes from Katsura Hoshino's dark supernatural manga/anime series ''Manga/DGrayMan''.

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[[folder: Many key events and revelations aren't hidden by spoiler tags here, including the aliases and true identities of several characters. Read this page at your own risk. ]]

* The Black Order:
** [[Characters/DGrayManExorcists Exorcists]] [[labelnote:Click to Expand.]]Allen Walker, Lenalee Lee, Lavi, Yu Kanda, Arystar Krory, Miranda Lotto, Bookman, Daisya Barry, Noise Marie, Chaozii Han, Alma Karma, Timothy Hearst[[/labelnote]]
** [[Characters/DGrayManExorcistGenerals Exorcist Generals]] [[labelnote:Click to Expand.]]Cross Marian, Froi Tiedoll, Klaud Nine, Winters Socalo, Kevin Yeegar[[/labelnote]]
** [[Characters/DGrayManOtherBlackOrderMembers Other Black Order Members]] [[labelnote:Click to Expand.]]Komui Lee, Reever Wenham, Johnny Gil, Tup Dop, Bak Chang, Rohfa, For, Lenny Epstein, Malcolm C. Lvellie, Howard Link, Third Exorcist Program[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/DGrayManTheNoah The Noah]] [[labelnote:Click to Expand.]]The Millennium Earl, Tyki Mikk, Road Kamelot, Jasdevi (Jasdero and Devit), Skinn Bolic, Lulu Bell, Sherril Kamelot, Wisely, Fiddler, The 14th: Nea D. Campbell[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/DGrayManOthers Others]] [[labelnote:Click to Expand.]] Mana Walker/Mana D. Campbell, Eliade, Eshi, Chomesuke, Cardinal/Apocryphos[[/labelnote]]