* SpellMyNameWithAnS: This character list uses the spellings commonly featured in the English official translations of the material, if available, for simplicity. The proper Baronh transliterations are listed in parentheses afterward.

[[folder:Humankind Empire Abh]]
!The Main Couple
!!Jinto Lin
->Full Name: Lin Shu Rock Yalulug Dril Hydal Jinto (Linn Ssynec Rocr Ïarlucec Dreuc Haïder Ghintec)
->Noble Title: Heir of Count of Hyde (''Crest''), Count of Hyde (''Banner I'' onwards)
->Military Rank: Administrative Line Wing Flyer (''Banner I''), Administrative Rearguard Flyer (''Banner II'' - ''III''), Administrative Vanguard Flyer (''Banner IV''), Administrative Deca-Commander (''Banner V'')

The protagonist of the story, a young boy who became an Abh nobleman following his father's surrendering of their homeworld, Martine, to the Abh. He becomes a particular friend of Lafiel, the Imperial Princess, and the series is mostly about their adventures together.

* AchievementsInIgnorance: Jinto succeeds in befriending Lafiel, the 3rd in line for the Imperial throne, by asking her for her name, which no one had ever done before. The fact that members of the Royal Family all have pointy ears was such common knowledge nobody thought to inform Jinto about this little detail while he was learning to be a 'Proper Abh'. Thus when meeting Lafiel he was unaware that she was supposed to be a regal unapproachable individual, and thus spoke to her like he would anyone else.
* DistressedDude:
** In ''Crest of Stars'' he is captured and Lafiel has to rescue him as part of her plan to win in the given arc. "I'm at a loss without you around."
** In ''Banner II'' he is kidnapped by the prison rebels after saying that he would stick around to finish the immigration job. Lafiel's expression matches her thoughts, "I should have known".
* TheFace: Because Jinto seems to get along with everyone (perhaps because he wasn't born into Abh society like everyone else) he has to act as a go-between both inside the Basroil's crew and with other soldiers. This means shouldering everyone's emotional baggage and translating it for one receiving the message.
* FirstNameBasis: "You shall call me 'Lafiel'!"
* ImpoverishedPatrician: Jinto may be a count but the only thing to his name is his position in the Star Force. He comments on this and his quarters on the ship has a sign declaring, "The tiniest noble mansion in the empire." This changes in Banner III, [[spoiler: when Martine is finally recaptured and (reluctantly) agrees to stay with the Empire. Jinto still doesn't get to set foot on his home planet again, as this was one of the conditions Martinians required.]]
* LadyAndKnight: Technically it would be 'Captain and Supply Officier' but Lafiel and Jinto fullfil the spirit of the trope. He takes care of and otherwise protects her, while she is a good-hearted princess with a drive to serve her empire. On the other hand, since Jinto is kinda-sorta TheQuisling, his fellow humans see them as the darker variety.
* MayflyDecemberRomance: Not so surprisingly, Jinto is the one that acknowledges this the most as Lafiel still wonders at time if she and Jinto are a different race while Jinto is ALWAYS conscience of the difference.
* TheQuisling:
** By the time ''Banner I'' opens, he's unflinchingly loyal to the Abh (by way of [[LadyAndKnight his loyalty to Lafiel]]) and doesn't really seem to care too much about his old home anymore; this comes back to bite him in the ass later on, as his former friends consider him an example of this trope ''in-show''.
** The rest only consider his father the real traitor (he surrendered the world to the Abh and get a noble title for it), and are convinced Jinto can be "corrected". When that doesn't happen, they're usually none too happy. [[spoiler: At the end of ''Passage of the Stars'', they agree to stop rebelling and stay an Abh system under the condition that he, and those who inherit his title over the system, never return.]]
** This is also attributed to the fact that he left his homeworld at a very young age and in a very lonely way with even his fatherly figure hating him. Although in the novel, he is shown to be much more loyal to his home planet as he is shown to be emotional to every thing said or done to his home planet.
* TookALevelInBadass: By Banner III, Jinto is showing that he's grown up and is fully qualified to be a feudal lord, even if [[spoiler: his chance to do so is spiked by circumstances.]]
* UndyingLoyalty: Jinto for Lafiel. Yes, [[ShipTease it sounds like a marriage vow.]]
-->-- ''I always want to be there for you, Lafiel, through thick and thin; through good times and bad times. I know I'll grow old faster than you because I'm a lander but to me that doesn't matter. I'll be there. If you become empress I'll be there. If we become dust in the emptiness of space I'll be there.''

->Full Name: Abriel Nei Debrusc Borl Paryun Lafiel (Ablïarsec Néïc Dubreuscr Búrh Parhynr Lamhirh)
->Noble Title: Vicountess of Parnuyu/Imperial Granddaughter, Crown Princess (''Banner V'')
->Military Rank: Flyer Trainee (''Crest''), Deca-Commander (''Banner I'' - ''III''), Vice Hecto-Commander (''Banner IV''), Hecto-Commander, Admiral (''Banner V'')

The Imperial Princess of the Empire, and granddaughter of the current Empress, Lafiel has quite a lot of expectations to live up to in her life. She bears them well, and is considered a prime candidate for a future Empress. Her position often makes her feel lonely, so she treasures her relationship with Jinto very closely, considering him her first real friend (and possibly more, as the series goes on).

* AirJousting: In a flashback Lafiel is shown Air Jousting in a zero G chamber when she was still attending the Abh Military Academy. She was apparently very good at it.
* TheCaptain: Starting with Banner I when she takes command of the ''Basroil''. Part of her CharacterDevelopment is growing into this.
* TheChainsOfCommanding: She feels them heavily. Especially pronounced in ''Banner II'', where she is forced to [[spoiler:abandon Jinto on a rebelling prison planet to save both her crew and the subjects she's responsible for.]]
* EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses: Lafiel is a princess. Her military superiors exploit this by ordering her on diplomatic missions which deny her the martial glory she craves.
* GeneHunting: Lafiel did this pre-series to find out who her mom is. [[spoiler: Her dad told her it was Captain Lexshue.]]
* GoGetterGirl: Lafiel, who's dedicated to working her way up the chain of command.
* LadyAndKnight: Technically it would be 'Captain and Supply Officer' but Lafiel and Jinto fulfill the spirit of the trope. A good-hearted princess with a drive to serve her empire.
* MayflyDecemberRomance: Abh live much longer than Landers, meaning that Lafiel is ''painfully'' aware that she's going to outlive Jinto. Though she still wonders at time if she and Jinto are a different race.
* PottyEmergency: Has one in Episode 10 while on the trail. It takes her a bit of trouble getting her message across to Jinto in order for him to leave.
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething: Mandated by Imperial Law. All Abh nobels and royals have to serve in the Space Force.
* SheCleansUpNicely: The impression of the crew of the ''Basroil'', upon seeing Lafiel elegantly attired as per page image for a private dinner. She got this reaction from Jinto ''twice''. First when she walked out and second when taking off her shawl.
* SilkHidingSteel: Polite and proper even when threatening someone. By her strength of will and cleverness, [[spoiler: she recruited Klowal's pet-like maids into a rebellion against him]]. As for 'being in charge' she may be a princess but she still has to obey her military superiors.
* {{Tsundere}}:
** In ''Crest of Stars'' she becomes this after arriving at Sufugnof; she gives Jinto a hard time in between moments of affection and vulnerability. She says baka complete with LuminescentBlush while telling him to shut up. Being [[FishOutOfWater out of her comfort zone]] on land probably makes her irritable.
** By ''Banner of the Stars'' she's taken to regularly insulting him despite the ''Basroil'''s crew acknowledging him as her 'special friend'. She's likely in a crabby mood during this time due to this being her first command and she is feeling the pressure ''very'' heavily. On a couple of occasions Jinto manages to take her mind off of things and she lightens up considerably.
** By ''Banner II'', she refuses to cry over him and says that his kidnapping is his own fault but that is more TheChainsOfCommand than Tsundere. She's actually more dere-dere here than previous series.
* WarriorPrincess: As early as Crest of Stars; take over a space station and rescue her companion without arms or back up? No problem for an Imperial Princess of the Empire.

!Abh Star Forces
->Full Name: Ekuryua Wef Triese Naul (Aicryac Üémh Tlyzr Naurh)
->Military Rank: Second Aviator, Senior Navigator (''Banner III'').

One of Lafiel's bridge crew onboard the ''Basroil'', in charge of point-defense and communications. She's very quiet and tends not to speak unless it's necessary. In ''Banner III'', she joins the crew of the ''Flicaubh'', again serving under Sobaash and Lafiel.
* BloodKnight: Shows a trace of this when piloting; in ''Banner III'', her eyes positively light up when she's doing a [[HighSpeedMissileDodge High Speed Laser Dodge]].
* CutenessProximity: She tends to enjoy playing with Jinto's cat, Diaho, and is often shown taking care of him when Jinto is busy. This despite claiming that she hates cats. She claims she makes an exception for Diaho because he is specifically Jinto's pet.
* DrivesLikeCrazy: Her driving is so bad that she induces motion sickness in a shuttle full of Abh. [[BeyondTheImpossible Abh are genetically engineered to fly in ships without inertia dampening]].
* EmotionlessGirl: Her face seems perpetually locked into its expression. Her emotions tend to be displayed in subtle changes in her speech.
* LoveTriangle: She's pretty obviously attracted to Jinto, and occasionally drops some heavy hints toward him. Jinto tries to ignore this so as not to disrupt his relationship with Lafiel.

->Full Name: Samson Bolj Tirusa Tirus (Samsonn Borgh Tiruser Tirusec)
->Military Rank: Line-Wing Aviator

Chief Engineer aboard the ''Basroil'', and a good friend of Jinto's, perhaps due to the fact that they're both Landers rather than genetic Abh. After his retirement from the Star Forces in ''Banner II'', he becomes Jinto's vassal.
* ForeignQueasine: Cat is considered a delicacy on his homeworld of Midgrat. When the United Mankind sent ambassadors, they repeatedly lectured the locals on democracy and how unhealthy it was to eat cat. The Abh also disapproved but figured it wasn't their place to interfere with Midgrat's traditions, and didn't say anything. According to him, this is why Midgrat joined the Abh Empire.
* MaleGaze: Present during a conversation between Jinto, Ekuryua and him, where he's talking about his experiences as a mustang (enlisted man promoted to officer). It suggests that part of the reason he's been in the Star Forces for 20 years is because of the pretty girls in latex space suits.
* SupremeChef: He possess great skill in Midgrat style cooking and claims that the feast he prepares for Jinto at the end of ''Banner II'' will be the best meal he's had in his life.

->Full Name: Sobaash Wef Dor Yooth (Sobach Üémh Dor Ïuth)
->Military Rank: Senior Navigator, Hecto-Commander (''Banner IV'')

The ''Basroil'''s navigator, and the eldest of the crew. Formerly a merchant before joining the Star Forces. Briefly commands the ''Flicaubh'' in ''Banner III'', before being promoted and captaining the ''Shutoucaubh'' in ''Banner IV''.
* AmbiguousGender: Male in the novels, female in the anime. This appears to have been due to some miscommunication between the author and the animators. It doesn't help that Sobaash is very androgynous, even by Abh standards.
* BlasphemousBoast: In response to Angusson, who claims the title of "Prime Minister of Lognas II" by DivineRight, she says the following, "In this galaxy, Hell does indeed exist and we know this for certain because we created it and we control it."
* NonIdleRich: Already a very successful and wealthy merchant. Being in the military means there isn't much opportunity to show his wealth, but he does indulge Samson with some expensive booze.
* YouAreInCommandNow: Temporarily takes command of the ''Basroil'' in ''Banner II'', when Lafiel is busy elsewhere. [[spoiler:When they meet again, Sobaash actually outranks Lafiel, due to her leave from the military in ''Banner III''.]]

->Full Name: Lexshue Wef Lober Plakia (Laicch Üémh Laubér Placïac)
->Military Rank: Hecto-Commander

Captain of the ''Gosroth'', and among the first Abh that Jinto meets as he journeys to their capital. She is a very kind person who cares greatly for her crew, but is capable of an iron will when the situation calls for it.
* DoNotGoGentle: Though a patrol ship is much more heavily armed and armored than an assault ship, being outnumbered ten to one meant she had very little chance of survival. She still manages to take out ''nine'' of the attacking ships before the last lands a killing blow.
* TheGoodCaptain: Even calls her subordinates "my beloved crew".
* HeroicSacrifice: She knew she didn't have much chance of surviving her last fight, but there was no real way to avoid it.
* LukeIAmYourFather: She's revealed to be Lafiel's mother. Lafiel was quite happy to learn this, as she had nothing but respect for Lexshue, even before this was revealed to her.

->Full Name: Atosuryua Shu Atos Ryuf Febdash Loy (Atosryac Ssynec Atosr Lymh Feubdach Loïc)
->Noble Title: Baroness of Febdash
->Military Rank: Hecto-Commander, Kilo-Commander (''Banner III'')

The younger sister of Klowal, and Lafiel's commander in Operation Phantom Flame. She is much more moral than her brother, and doesn't hold a grudge against Lafiel and Jinto for what they did to him. Later she becomes the commanding officer of the newly established 1st Devastation Fleet.
* DueToTheDead: She invites Lafiel and Jinto to a dinner honoring her brother's memory, since they are the only people other than herself that actually met him in their fleet. Nevermind that Lafiel was the one who killed Klowal. Lafiel accepts, saying that remembering the dead is a duty the living have. Jinto is rather confused by the whole situation.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: She's aware of what happened between her brother and Lafiel, but chooses not to have a grudge over it. She commands Lafiel and the ''Basroil'' as she would any other ship under her command.

->Full Name: Trife Bolj Yuvdale Remsale (Tlaïmh Borgh Ybdér Laimsairh)
->Military Rank: Admiral

The admiral in charge of retaking Sufugnof. He is rather arrogant and has a sharp tongue, but one would be wise not to underestimate his combat ability.
* DeadpanSnarker: He came up with the "Intelligence officers are fit to serve cats!" line listed under [[Funny/CrestOfTheStars Funny Moments]].
* LargeHam: Quite fond of shouting, even when just planning an operation, and swinging that sword of his.

->Full Name: Spoor Aron Sekpadao Nif Letopanyu Beneej (Spaurh Aronn Saicspath Nimh Laitpanr Painaich)
->Noble Title: Grand Duchess of Letopanyu
->Military Rank: Rear Admiral (''Crest''), Admiral (''Banner I'' onward)

The head of the Spoor family, one of the most powerful Abh clans outside of the royalty themselves. Rather than retire to rule her territory, she has chosen to continue her service in the military, and while a competent commander, she is something of an eccentric, even by Abh standards.
* BloodKnight: It's stated in one of the opening blurbs that she could have retired and lived a life of leisure but has decided to remain in the military because wars are apparently more exciting. Not that this stops her from complaining of boredom while her ship is under heavy bombardment.
* TheCaptain: Becoming this was the sole reason Spoor joined the Star Forces, though ironically when the war finally breaks out she's been KickedUpstairs to become an Admiral.
* EveryoneHasStandards: BloodKnight though she may be, even she wouldn't go into battle heavily outnumbered.
* InsultBackfire: Kufadiss is appalled at her attitude during combat and calls her Lady of Chaos - a title which she immediately adopts.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: In ''Banner II'' she goes from pitying Lafiel to bullying her Chief of Staff. Her relationship with her executive officers tends to have heavy shades of MistressAndServantBoy (which indicates a JerkWithAHeartOfGold).
* ObfuscatingInsanity: Unlike Nereis and Nefee, Spoor's reputation for being nuts covers her brilliant tactical mind. For instance, she needs to stall for five hours in ''Banner II'' against a vastly superior fleet. They give her one hour to retreat and she prolongs the negotiations by acting like a {{troll}} for one hour and gets two more on top of that.
* ShootTheHostage: In the first season an alliance ship tries to use several Abh royalty as hostages: Spoor says they should feel fortunate to die in the presence of Abh nobility.
* SociopathicHero: She ain't called "the Lady of Chaos" for nothing. She finds anything less than a life-or-death struggle 'boring' and when she captured an enemy vessel she gave the crew [[MortonsFork the choice between execution or 1 year's rations for a 100 year journey home through normal space.]]
* UnfortunateNames: Spoor. Get a dictionary and laugh. It's because of [[SpellMyNameWithAnS lame phonetic transcription]], as the [[ConLang correct form of her name]] in Latin script is Spaurh.

->Full Name: Kufadiss Wef Wespel Sesper (Cfadiss Üémh Üéspir Séspir)
->Military Rank: Chief of Staff

Spoor's NumberTwo, and the one who finds himself with the unenviable task of trying to curb her eccentricities.
* NumberTwo: Spoor will often delegate tasks to him that she finds too "boring", leading him to do an awful lot more commanding than is normal for his position.
* MistressAndServantBoy: He and Spoor have a rather curious relationship, with him trying desperately to keep things normal and Spoor teasing him endlessly. Still, she specifically selected him as her second, and actually seems to be training him at times, albeit in her own way.
* OnlySaneMan: This is how he sees himself, with a dash of CloudCuckooLandersMinder, since his immediate superior is "the Lady of Chaos".

->Full Name: Abriel Nei Debrusc Lals Clyuve Debeusec (Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Larth Cryb Dubeusec)
->Noble Title: King of Clyuve/Imperial Prince
->Military Rank: Imperial Admiral (retired, reinstated as of ''Banner II'')

Lafiel's father, head of the royal Clyuve family, and the son of the current Empress. Currently second-in-line for the throne.
* GoodParents: He's shown to be a very loving father to his children, though the responsibilities of his position sometimes complicate that. He feels some guilt over letting Lafiel "grow up too fast", and raises his son Duhiel more casually, wanting his son to enjoy his childhood more.
* InseriesNickname: Lexshue used to call him "my precious imperial highness".
* RetiredBadass: You don't get in line for Imperial succession if you're not a total badass in the military. He's brought out of retirement due to the war in ''Banner II''.
* {{Troll}}: He told his daughter she was born of the family cat, for heaven's sake! And she was young enough to take him at his word.

->Full Name: Abriel Nei Lamsar Lals Balke Dusanyu (Ablïarsec Néïc Lamsar Larth Barcúr Dusanh)
->Noble Title: King of Balke/Crown Prince, 28th Emperor of the Abh/Count of Abriel (''Banner V'')
->Military Rank: Imperial Admiral

The current heir to the Abh throne. Despite this, he is not directly related to Lafiel or the current Empress, being from another Royal family. He is the Supreme Commander of the Abh Star Forces.
* EarlyBirdCameo: It's he who conquered the Hyde system at the very beginning.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: When he conquers the Aptic system, he says he will not demand a surrender from the planet until after the war's conclusion. When questioned on this by his aide, he responds that the United Mankind looks poorly on worlds that surrender to the Abh, so if the United Mankind reconquers Aptic at some point in the future, this planet will be spared any retaliation from them... [[BrilliantButLazy and because he doesn't want to deal with surrender negotiations right now.]]
* UnexpectedSuccessor: Due to the way Abh succession works, he is the current heir despite not being directly related to the current Imperial family, due to his success. This is also why he's permitted to bear the name "Abriel".

!!The Bebaus Brothers (Nereis and Nefee)
->Full Names: Bebaus Alon Nerem Yalulug Nereis and Nefee (Bibauth Aronn Nérémr Ïarlucec Nélaith and Néféc)
->Noble Title: Prince (territory unknown)
->Military Rank: Admiral (Nereis), Chief of Staff (Nefee)

Twin brothers who run a fleet. Twins are highly unusual in Abh society, due to genetic engineering, and their family is unfortunately known for insanity.
* NotHelpingYourCase: Nereis and Nefee are part of a family known for its spectacular insanity. They claim they want to redeem their family's reputation, but they're not doing a very good job of it.
* SnarkToSnarkCombat: Even among the Abh, who are known for [[WorldOfSnark cutting banter]], these two stand out. Try to find a single conversation in which they are ''not'' insulting each other with every other breath.
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: The Bebaus family is famous for two things (other then being a root family): Giving birth to geniuses and giving birth to lunatics. The culture of the Empire says one cannot have the former without the latter.

!Other Abh Citizens
!!Empress Ramage
->Full Name: Abriel Nei Dubresc Dril Abriel Ramage (Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Dreuc Ablïarsar Lamï)
->Noble Title: 27th Empress of the Abh/Countess of Abriel

The current Abh Empress. Lafiel's grandmother.
* BadassBoast: Upon her declaration of war, she is urged to remember that such a declaration means her nation will be at war with half of mankind. She responds that the ''other'' half of mankind consists entirely of her Empire.
* CulturalPosturing: She declares that if the Abh win the war, then it will be the last human war to ever occur. When an ambassador points out that no human nation has ever achieved such a dream as everlasting peace, she replies that there have never been Abh before either.
* CuttingTheKnot: She saw through the Four Nations Alliance's schemes to create an excuse to go to war the Abh, so she decided to cut to the chase and just declare war ''immediately''.

->Full Name: Abriel Nei Dubresc Duhir (Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Duhir)
->Noble Title: Imperial Grandson

Lafiel's younger brother, who is just entering the military academy. Though he loves his sister and has a close relationship with her, he often feels overshadowed by her accomplishments.
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: He feels great pressure to live up to Lafiel's example. His father claims that Lafiel is special and Duhiel should not try to compare himself to her, but that seems to only make it worse.
* WellDoneSonGuy: He shows hints of this kind of attitude, but it's mostly in his head, at least as far as his father is concerned. It's clear that Dubeusec doesn't require any great accomplishments from him to be proud of him.

->Full Name: Atosuryua Shu Atos Ryuf Febdash Klowal (Atosryac Ssynec Atosr Lymh Feubdach Clüarh)
->Noble Title: Baron of Febdash

The young Baron of the poor and isolated Febdash territory. Lafiel and Jinto come to him in need of a refuel on their way to Sufugnof, but he has other plans in store...
* AssholeVictim: [[spoiler:After his execution by Lafiel, nobody, not even his own family, really cares all that much about his death.]]
* AristocratsAreEvil: So far, the only true example of petty, backstabbing etc. nobility we've seen among the Abh.
* FantasticRacism: He hates normal humans, to the point that he locks up his own father simply because he is an unaltered human.
* {{Jerkass}}: All of his vassals are young women, which he dresses in very revealing uniforms and treats like his personal slaves. Lafiel is sickened by this, and it plays a major role in her decision to execute him.

!!Baron Febdash the Elder
->Full Name: Atosuryua Shu Atos Ryuf Leca Febdash Suruguff (Atosryac Ssynec Atosr Lymh Raica Feubdash Srgumh)
->Noble Title: Baron of Febdash (retired)

The former Baron of Febdash, and Klowal's father. He is a Lander that was elevated to Abh nobility. He is far more reasonable than his son.
* BackForTheDead: [[spoiler:In ''Banner V'', he is present in the Imperial capital Lakfakalle when the Four Nations Alliance invades it. After exchanging some good-humoured banters and words of farewell to Jinto, who's assisting Lafiel to transport important Abh cultural artefacts to a safe place, he stayed behind and organised a last ditch defense with his Abh friends before being killed in action.]]
* GildedCage: His son keeps him confined to a large and very nice garden room on board their spacestation, with access to anything he requires. However, he's not allowed outside this room or to interact with any visitors to the system, save Jinto.
* IHaveNoSon: Averted: he still clearly cares for his son despite everything Klowal has done, and even asks Lafiel to spare his life. Lafiel agrees, but only if Klowal does not get in her way any further. [[spoiler:He does, and the former Baron accepts his death.]]
* ShipperOnDeck: He is convinced that Jinto and Lafiel are an item, and even offers Jinto child-raising advice, to Jinto's embarrassment.
* WhereDidWeGoWrong: He asks himself this question with regards to Klowal.

!!Seelnay Febdash (Feubdash Sernaic)

One of Klowal's maids. She's assigned as Lafiel's personal attendant while she's in Febdash.
* BrokenPedestal: She practically worshipped Klowal due to his taking her on as a maid and granting her Citizenship in the Empire, where her former life was stated to have been even worse. When she meets Lafiel, she realizes what ''actual'' Abh nobility are supposed to act like, and turns on her former Lord.
* TheBusCameBack: Reappears in ''Banner III'' as President of the Seelnay Anti-Matter Inspection Company (a position granted to her by the Clyuve family), and assists Samson in rebuilding the Hyde territories anti-matter plants. It appears she accepted the job mainly because it gave her a chance to meet Lafiel again.
* HeelFaceTurn: Not that she was ever evil, but she stops working for the Baron when Lafiel appeals to her loyalty to the Empire over her personal loyalty to her Lord.
* UndyingLoyalty: She had it for Klowal at first, but she soon switches to Lafiel. As a reward for helping her against Klowal, Lafiel promises to protect her and take her in as a vassal of the Clyuve family, which Seelnay sees as a major step up (from a vassal of a lowly Baron to a vassal of the Imperial Family itself).

[[folder:Non-Abh Human Characters]]
!Planet Clasbul, Sufugnoff System

A United Mankind commander with the occupation forces on the recently-conquered world of Clasbul. He joins the search for Jinto and Lafiel after their escape pod crashes on the planet.
* ByTheBookCop: Something of a stickler for rules and regulations, which causes him to clash with the much more laid-back Entryua.
* FantasticRacism: Like many in the United Mankind, he despises the Abh and sees them as scum to be wiped out. However, his reasons are more personal: he's looked down on because of his gene modifications, while the Abh have similar mods yet live happily and peacefully, and resents them for that.
* OlderThanTheyLook: He's over eighty years old, but looks like a young man. Apparently his family had their genes altered some generations back, before his people were conquered by the United Mankind (who outlaw such modifications).


A citizen of Clasbul and part of the city of Luna Bigga's police force. He is assigned to work with Kyte to track down Jinto and Lafiel.
* PunchClockVillain: He's only really hunting down an Abh because the occupying forces are forcing him to. He has no particular grudge with the Empire.
* TheSlacker: He gets the job done, but at a more leisurely pace than Kyte would like. Part of this is because he's simply unmotivated, but he also knows how to track a fugitive, and doesn't chase Lafiel and Jinto as doggedly as he can because he knows he'll get them eventually.


Leader of the Clasbul Anti-Imperial Resistance, and the first to successfully track down Jinto and Lafiel.
* HumbleGoal: Despite the group's impressive sounding name, what they're really after is just owning their own FTL starship, which is illegal by Imperial Law (ships are leased to their pilots; all FTL ships are property of the Empire). [[spoiler:Lafiel gets them the next best thing in exchange for their help: they are permitted to form a shipping company and lease an Imperial transport.]]
* LaResistance: She styles her group as a resistance against the Abh. This comes back to bite her when the United Mankind sees her with Lafiel and Jinto, and decides that her group must be a resistance against the occupation forces (apparently the United Mankind didn't read their name too closely).
* TheMole: She poses as a hostess at the hotel Jinto and Lafiel stay at.


A member of the Clasbul Anti-Imperial Resistance. He is a wealthy man who provides a hideout and weapons to the group.
* ImpersonatingAnOfficer: This is what he tries to do to capture Jinto and Lafiel. Unfortunately, Lafiel is a trained soldier, and he wasn't prepared to deal with her.
* TunnelNetwork: He reveals one underneath his villa which the group uses to flee the United Mankind.

!!"The Undertaker"
Another member of the Clasbul Anti-Imperial Resistance.
* BurialInSpace: This is how Clasbul traditionally buries their dead: send the corpse into space on a rocket. Thus, the funeral center he owns more resembles a small launchpad.
* OnlyKnownByHisNickname: His true name is never revealed. His nickname comes from the fact that he owns a funeral center.

!Lobnas II
!!Geol Meideen

The Administrative Director of Lobnas II. He claims to represent the prison world to the Abh since he is effectively the head warden of the facility, and is recognized as the planet's representative.
* FaceDeathWithDignity: [[spoiler: He refuses to give in to the demands of Angusson and Dofuku, and dies for it. Angusson observes a moment of silence in honor of his courage.]]
* HonestCorporateExecutive: He seems to have been a fairly reasonable leader, and there aren't any accounts of atrocities or abuse against the prisoners under his watch. He also volunteers to leave last, allowing the female prisoners to get off the planet before him.
* RightlySelfRighteous: "I'm on this side (the warden side) of the wall; of course I'm a NiceGuy." Considering that he is consistently polite, cooperative and courageous (aside from a single bout of childish bickering), he has cause to say this.
* ScrewThisImOutOfHere: When Lobnas is conquered, he and the rest of the guards and administrators want to flee the planet immediately, rather than face an uprising from the prisoners.

!!Yuri Dokufu

The "Prime Minister" of the Central Sector of Lobnas II, representing the largest group of prisoners, men and women who have chosen to undergo sterilization in exchange for better living conditions.
* BullyingADragon: He is the only rebel that realizes what a bad idea it is to offend an organization that could blow away your planet's atmosphere from orbit and is currently parked in the perfect position to do so.
* ConMan: The crime he was imprisoned for. He shows quite some skill as a fast-talker and negotiator, but he's out of his depth when dealing with the Abh.
* DirtyCoward: It's clear that he doesn't have the backbone to resist Angusson, and unrepentantly brown-noses the guy once he conquers the Central Sector. Even when he ''does'' stand up to the guy it's because Sobaash scares him more.
* FailureIsTheOnlyOption: When he tries to jump on board Angusson's "capture the women so we can have children" bandwagon, he has to be reminded that he is neutered.
* LoopholeAbuse: He claims that his election was perfectly fair and free and then it is pointed out that he made sure only his flunkies were on the eligible voters list.

!!Lala Shangal

The "Prime Minister" of the West Sector of Lobnas II, representing the female-only prisoner block.
* BabyFactory: This is what Shangal fears will become of the women in her block should they not be evacuated.
* FemalesAreMoreInnocent: Unlike the other two "prime ministers" she is portrayed sympathetically and Meideen exposits that the inhabitants of her sector were victims of crimes before they became criminals. Saving them from Agnusson' army is basically the plot of ''Banner II''. However, this only applies to Shangal's sector. The central section women are treated the same as the central section men.
* HeroicSeductress: During negiotations with Jinto and Meideen about the Western Block immigrating (and thus escaping perverts looking for playthings, i.e. the men of the Eastern Block) she gives the former a view of her cleavage while suggesting they talk "privately". Meideen immediately calls her on this and she denies it. In any case, Jinto didn't care and she doesn't try again.
* FreudianExcuse: Mentioned to be one reason the women are so fearful of Angusson: many of them were sexually abused in the past, and know ''exactly'' how the men under Agnusson would treat them.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Possibly due to a general shortage of clothing material among the prisoners.

!!Mackay Angusson

The leader of the East Sector of Lobnas II, representing the male-only prisoner block. Rather than having been "elected" like the other two, he seized power by force and considers himself to have a divine right to rule.
* BabiesMakeEverythingBetter: He mentions a strong desire to have children, since he lost his old family when he was incarcerated. It's made pretty clear though that he doesn't care at all for whatever woman would be birthing his children.
* BigBad: Of ''Banner II'', since he is the only truly uncooperative leader and the one planning on invading and enslaving the rest of the planet.
* TheDreaded: None of the other characters really want to be on the same ''planet'' as this guy.
* DueToTheDead: One of the only positive traits he shows is a desire to honor [[spoiler:Meideen]] after his death, since the man did not die a coward. He even salutes alongside Jinto.
* KarmicDeath: [[spoiler: He is drowned by a tidal wave that is formed by the emergency take off of the last shuttle carrying female prisoners off the planet. In other words, he is indirectly killed by the people he tried to subjugate and objectify.]]
* MotherhoodIsSuperior: His reasoning for rejecting artificial birth technology is that a mother is essential for raising a child. No matter how much a man loves his child he simply can't replace a mother because "a mother's love is unconditional". Again, this is all for the child's benefit. He doesn't indicate that he cares about the mother herself.

!Other Characters

!!Rock Linn

Jinto's father, former Prime Minister of Martine, named Count of the Hyde System by the Abh. He surrendered the planet when the Abh came knocking and was rewarded with a noble title and sovereignty over the system.
* ParentsAsPeople: There's no indication that he was ever abusive or intentionally distant from Jinto, but the rigors of his job demanded nearly all his attention, so Jinto was raised by foster parents. And once the Abh took over, Jinto was sent to another star system for education, so he doesn't really know his father all that well.
* TheQuisling: This is how the people of his homeworld see him. The fact that he surrendered without a fight is one thing, the fact that he gained lifetime power over the planet as a result is even worse. [[spoiler:He is executed soon after the United Mankind conquers the system at the beginning of the war.]]

!!Clint Teal

Aide to Rock Lin when he was Prime Minister, as well as Jinto's foster father. He despises the Abh, and disagrees very strongly with Rock's decision to surrender. When Jinto returns to Martine in ''Banner III'', he has been appointed Prime Minister of the planet.
* GoodParents: He is nothing but loving toward Jinto. Even after Jinto refuses to defect from the Abh, it's clear he still cares for the boy, but he is bound by both his duty as the planet's representative and his own convictions to exile Jinto forever.
* HonestAdvisor: Though he hated what Rock Lin did, he remained by his side. [[spoiler:When the government called for Rock's execution, Teal tried to defend him, but he was ultimately overruled.]]
* OutOfCharacterMoment: The first time we see him, he has just learned about Rock's decision to surrender and is so angry he can barely contain himself, even in front of Jinto (who had no idea what was going on). When we see him later in ''Banner III'', he apologizes for his outburst back then and behaves much more calmly and reasonably.

!!Ku Dorin

Jinto's best friend on Planet Delktoe, where he lived and went to school following his becoming an Abh nobleman. Ku Dorin is the only of Jinto's friends to show up to see him off at the spaceport.
* LastNameBasis: How he and Jinto address each other. Apparently customary on Delktoe.
* PutOnABus: He appears for all of one scene, and then the action moves worlds away from him. It's implied that Deltoe was conquered by the United Mankind early in the war, so Jinto couldn't contact him even if he wanted. [[TheBusCameBack He reappears in ''Banner III'' when Jinto returns to Delktoe.]]