The Courage series tend to not have many Sympathetic characters except for Muriel and Courage himself (And some minor monsters that have a sad backstory). Most characters are either major {{Jerkass}}es, legitimately scary, or just rather stupid.

As many of the villains from the series might be accused of recycled bits of formerly used villains that have not returned, the largest section of the character sheets '''by far''' would be the One Shot/Minor Villains, as it likely contains every one shot villain that never reappeared, and as we all know, ''Courage the Cowardly Dog'' had a MonsterOfTheWeek plot. This section was also pretty much the only reason we divided up the character page in the first place, but after we did that, heck, we just did the rest.

* [[Characters/CourageTheCowardlyDogMainCharacters Main Characters]]: The main trio, Courage, Muriel, and Eustace.
* [[Characters/CourageTheCowardlyDogMinorRecurringCharacters Minor/Recurring Characters]]: [[labelnote:Click to Expand]]The Computer, Di Lung, Dr. Vindaloo, Ma Bagge, Charley the Mouse, Shirley the Medium, Floyd, Horst Bagge, Mr. Frith, Parachute Lady, Nowhere Newsman[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/CourageTheCowardlyDogMajorRecurringVillains Major/Recurring Villains]]: [[labelnote:Click to Expand]]The Chicken from Outer Space, Katz, Le Quack, Benton Tarentella, The Snowman, Three Government Ninjas[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/CourageTheCowardlyDogOneSceneCharactersOneShotMinorCharacters One Scene Characters/One-Shot Minor Characters]]: [[labelnote:Click to Expand]]Violin Girl, Lint Lady, the Water Dragon, "You're Not Perfect" Nightmare, the Blue Fish[[/labelnote]]
* [[Characters/CourageTheCowardlyDogMinorVillains Antagonists And Other One-Shot Characters]]: [[labelnote:Click to Expand]]Cajun Fox, The Shadow, Bigfoot, Demon in the Mattress, Freaky Fred, Weremole, Duck Brothers, Horst's Box Demon, King Ramses, the Clutching Foot, The Hunchback of Nowhere, The Goose God, Queen of the Black Puddle, The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Loveable Duckling, Jean Bon, The Eggplants, The Great Fusilli, The Magic Tree of Nowhere, Robot Randy, Schwik, Basil, the Bananas, Mayan baker, Doctor Gerbil, Vastabael Backjurius, Katz's Mutant Jam, Monks, the Captain, Carmen, Kangaroo Monster, Alien Brain Visitor, The Whip, Evil Weevil, Mc Phearson Phantom, Harvest Moon Spirit, The Sand Whale, Dr. Zalost, Maria and Mano Ladrones, Mecha Courage, The Raccoon Twins, Velvet Vic, Storm Goddess, The Sandman, The Virus, The Valkyries, The Coralites, Conway the Contaminationist, The Bullfrogs, Tulip, Mona Lisa, The Thinker, The Scarecrow, Mondo the Magician, Baby Birds, The Fishtionary, Mr. Nasty, Evil Plants, Elisha and Eliza Stitch, King of Flan, Chief Wiki Wiki, The Beaver, The Dancing Rats, Rumpledkiltskin, Dr. Gerhardt, Winmill Vandals, Big Bayou, The Buck, Swamp Monster, The Goat, Mutated Carrot, Silhouette Maker, Kitty and Bunny, Mad Dog, The Evil Empress, Shirley's Giant Starfish, Jojo the Dolphin, William, The Starmaker, The Chicken from Outer Space's Son, Jay and Captain Lazzo, Creature in the Wall, the Librarian, Evil Veterinarian, "Perfect" Teacher[[/labelnote]]