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!The Lyoko Warriors

[[folder:In General]]
* BadassCrew: Even when not on Lyoko, Ulrich and Yumi possess advanced martial art skills, Odd is athletic and relatively good at adapting to situations, and Jérémie is able to help as much as the others without even fighting. It's saying something that they fought against XANA's attacks several times and still survived long enough for Aelita to deactivate the towers.
* ColorCodedCharacters:
** Ulrich: Green (in the real world)/ Yellow (on Lyoko).
** Odd: Purple.
** Yumi: Black (in the real world)/ Red (on Lyoko)/ Green (on eyecatch).
** Jérémie: Blue.
** Aelita: Pink.
* DangerousForbiddenTechnique: The [[ResetButton Return to the Past]] becomes more or less this for them once they realize its side effects. Using it allows them to instantly reverse any damage XANA might have done with his attacks (save for actual death, but it ''does'' save people who are about to die) and cancel any breach to their secret without having to kill or blackmail witnesses. However, each time they use it gives XANA a permanent boost in power and intelligence. Once they learn about this early in Season 2, they make a strict rule of using it only as a last resort, to the point Ulrich nearly gets fired from the group when he tries to use it for a personal reason. [[spoiler:That being said, this only applied when XANA was still confined to Lyoko. Once he's in the network during the second half of the series and thus, no longer connected to the supercomputer, the Return to the Past becomes safe to use.]]
* {{Digital Avatar}}s: The way they go on Lyoko.
* FireForgedFriends: Later on, thanks to CharacterDevelopment.
* FiveManBand:
** TheLeader: Jérémie
** TheLancer: Yumi
** TheBigGuy: Ulrich
** TheSmartGuy: Aelita
** TheChick: Odd
** [[spoiler:TheSixthRanger: William, who becomes a SixthRangerTraitor]]
* HeroSecretService: Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Jérémie are this to Aelita.
* ImmuneToMindControl: Their multiple travels on Lyoko and fight against monsters have allowed them to build a resistance to the Spectres' [[DemonicPossession XANAfying]] by the time XANA developed the ability. The only exceptions were Jérémie (who has since been on Lyoko shortly to fix this) and [[spoiler:William]] due to [[spoiler:having spent most of his time on Lyoko controlled by XANA anyway]].
* KidHero: They're still in school.
* MediumBlending: Traditional animation in the real world, CGI-rendered 3D models in Lyoko. In ''Evolution'', live action gets thrown into the mix.
* {{Ordinary High School Student}}s: When not fighting XANA, they are this.
* PajamaCladHero: On occasion, the Lyoko Warriors rush to the factory in their pajamas (shoes not included).
* PlayingSick: A regularly used method to escape school when XANA attacks.
* PowersAsPrograms: A literal example; the powers ''are'' programs.
* RecruitTeenagersWithAttitude: Justified; they weren't "recruited" by adults in the first place, Jérémie (who is himself a teenager) just happened to find the Supercomputer and assembles a bunch of comrades of his age for help because he is afraid adults would want to destroy the Supercomputer or shut it down without leaving him the time to find a way to materialize Aelita. Plus, [[AdultsAreUseless the one time they try to break the secret and ask adults for help,]] [[YouHaveToBelieveMe no-one believes them.]]
* RippleEffectProofMemory: Courtesy of their memory being registered in the Supercomputer, they are immune to the Return to the Past memory-erasing effects.
* StealthHiBye: They frequently pull this kind of exit on any bystander whenever they hear about a XANA attack. Actually Lampshaded by William about Yumi in "Sabotage":
-->'''William:''' As usual, she couldn't wait to give me the slip...
* TeensAreShort: All of them are quite short, with the exception of Yumi.
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: At their beginning, they had limited loyalty to each others besides keeping the secret and would often argue or be missing (in "Gravity", Ulrich flat-out refuses to help deal with the current attack so he can take part in a soccer match), and once XANA started developing into a ManipulativeBastard, proved rather easy to turn on one another. They get better over the course of the series.
* ToTheBatpole: Reaching the HackerCave where the virtual action starts involves skateboarding (or riding a scooter in Jérémie's case) through a sewer, rappelling down ropes in an abandoned factory, taking an elevator locked by impressive blast doors... and finally being dematerialized in [[AppliedPhlebotinum high-tech scanners]] with the obligatory {{Invocation}}.
* TrueCompanions: By season 3-4, they have grown into this.
* TwoGirlsToATeam: Aelita and Yumi.
* WakeUpGoToSchoolSaveTheWorld: Pretty much their job.

[[folder:Ulrich Stern]]
[[caption-width-right:200:[[TheHero Everybody's hero.]]]]
'''Ulrich Stern'''

->''"Who's the dork that pushed me into Sissi's arms?"''

->Voiced by: Marie-Line Landerwijn, (French) Barbara Weber-Scaff (English), Noé Velásquez (Latin American Spanish), Adolfo Moreno (European Spanish), Creator/MayumiAsano (Japanese)

The unofficial hero of the show, and the main favorite of {{fangirl}}s. He is a quiet and introverted person by nature, quite the opposite of his best friend, Odd. Headstrong and stubborn, he cares for his friends and would do anything for them. Ulrich is more athletic than academic and it shows when you compare his grades to his sports performance. He attracts the attention of many females of the school, but has obvious feelings for Yumi. He manifests in Lyoko as an unarmored samurai, with the ability to "Triplicate" into three of himself, and SuperSpeed. His katana can deflect XANA's creatures' energy attacks.
* AbusiveParents: Ulrich's emotionally abusive dad; he seems to only care about his son for his grades, and, if Ulrich's talk is anything to go by, hasn't talked to him for a year. Not to mention his mother who acts as an enabler by sitting by and watching her husband berate their son.
* AchillesHeel: He has vertigo, which flares up at rather inconvenient times. This is presumably the reason his vehicle is the only one with a wheel, whereas the other two can fly.
* AchillesInHisTent: Wound up in the proverbial tent after being kicked off the team briefly.
* BadassNormal: Even in the real world, Ulrich is no slouch with a sword. In the episode "A Bad Turn", he uses a katana dropped by Yumi's father to fight a materialized Krabe, and manages to cut one of its legs off and block several laser bolts, one of which was about to kill Yumi.
* BadBadActing: He terribly plays Romeo in "Laughing Fit".
* BattleCouple: With Yumi.
* TheBigGuy: He is physically the strongest Lyoko Warrior [[spoiler: barring possibly William (which is debatable)]].
* BigManOnCampus: Considered handsome by almost every girl in Kadic, and a skilled soccer player to boot. Notably, he is not exactly happy with it, as it causes him to have Sissi as a StalkerWithACrush.
* BookDumb: He is far from being actually dumb, but his grades are mentioned to be bad in later episodes, especially season 3 (though it's left ambiguous whether he really is bad at school of if he merely lacks time to revise due to the time spent fighting XANA; in at least one episode, he manages to focus on his work for a while and actually gets decent grades). This is the major source of his tensed relationship with his father.
* BringIt: Like Odd, he sometimes does the "bring it" Bruce Lee gesture.
* ByThePowerOfGreyskull: Transfer: Ulrich! Scanner: Ulrich! Virtualization!
* CallingTheOldManOut: In the season 3 finale, his father comes to Kadic to talk to him about his bad grades. At first Ulrich silently submits himself to his criticisms; then his father suggests his friends are the cause of his grades, and Ulrich replies with this trope:
-->'''Ulrich:''' [[ReasonYouSuckSpeech Give me a break! What do you know about them? Nothing! You don't know me either actually! We haven't talked for a year!]]
* CasualDangerDialog: Not as much as Odd, but when his friend isn't around he feels the need to take his place at making lame jokes.
* CannotSpitItOut: He likes Yumi. A lot. But he never manages to articulate that -- even in the face of competition.
* ChickMagnet: Yumi, Sissi, Milly, Émilie, and most fans have all wanted a piece of him at some point or another.
* CrazyJealousGuy: Especially when William enters the picture.
* CreateYourOwnVillain: His unwarranted rejection of Sissi after her "betrayal" of him and the group is what sets her off to become the school AlphaBitch and a thorn in the group's side. He eventually seems to realize this and by Season 4 is nothing but polite to Sissi even when annoyed by her, culminating in him [[spoiler: inviting her back into the group as a friend.]]
* DeadpanSnarker: Mainly toward Sissi and Odd, but the others also get their part of it.
* GreenEyedEpiphany: He's been deeply in denial about his feelings towards Yumi since the beginning. This stops immediately when William becomes a legitimate competitor for Yumi's affections.
* GreenEyedMonster: Ulrich can be especially jealous when it comes to Yumi.
* InterchangeableAsianCultures: It's stated he likes Japanese culture, which is presumably the reason his Lyoko avatar is a samurai. However, the martial art he officially practises is pencak silat, which is Indonesian. Might be justified in real life, as pencak silat was somewhat of a fad in France and Netherlands around TheNineties and the TurnOfTheMillennium.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: In the prequel, he is [[{{Jerkass}} much more antisocial]], being actively antagonistic toward Yumi just because she beat him in martial arts practice, treating Sissi with disdain especially after a misunderstanding between them which makes her home an AlphaBitch, acting displeased by Odd now sharing his room, almost denouncing him to Principal Delmas when discovering he brought Kiwi in secret to Kadic, and even later [[KickTheDog attempting to use Kiwi as a test subject for Jérémie to see if the virtualization process works.]] Doesn't prevent him from coming to Jérémie's help twice when seeing him in danger, going on Lyoko to rescue Odd without hesitation when he gets virtualized instead of Kiwi and actually showing concern for Aelita's plight. Judging by [[TookALevelInKindness how he is portrayed in other episodes]], [[CharacterDevelopment it seems like teamwork eventually made him a better person.]]
* JustFriends: With Yumi. [[spoiler:Even by the end of the show, it's left unclear if their relationship is solved or not.]]
* LoveAtFirstPunch: He first met Yumi as a sparring partner in a martial arts class.
* MeaningfulName: "Stern" for TheStoic.
* MrFanservice: InUniverse. He also qualifies out of universe too, as the writers seem to have went out of their way to have him provide {{Fanservice}} every now and then.
* MultiethnicName: His first name is distinctly German, while his surname may be French, German or Anglo-Saxon without trouble.
* SarcasticDevotee: Never misses a chance to snark about Odd's [[SmallNameBigEgo ego]] and [[KidAnova love life]], but the two get along like the best of friends.
* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend:
** In regards to Yumi.
** Even more so to Sissi, but he doesn't really like her anyway.
* TheStoic: He does occasionally shows emotion, typically his UnresolvedSexualTension with Yumi and [[NotSoStoic occasional outburst]], but overall he is much calmer than his teammates.
* StraightMan: To Odd's comic relief.
* TwiceShy: With Yumi.
* UnresolvedSexualTension: With Yumi.
* WellDoneSonGuy: A whole Ulrich-centered episode has him constantly seeking approval from his ultra-exigent father. He gets it in the end... [[spoiler:at the apparent cost of his father's life]]. And then promptly has it ResetButton'd. Poor guy.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Why Did It Have to Be Heights?
* WillTheyOrWontThey: With Yumi. According to the SeriesFinale "Echoes", they will... but it was ''highly'' tentative.
Lyoko Avatar
* AttackReflector: His katana can be used to deflect the Monsters' laser.
* BadassBiker: From Season 2 onwards, thanks to the Overbike.
* CallingYourAttacks: Less so than Odd, but he will occasionally shout "Impact" when hitting a monster or "Triplicate[=/=]Triangulate" when using his power.
* CarFu: With the [[CoolBike Overbike]].
* DoppelgangerAttack: "Triplicate" allow him to generate two duplicates of himself. In the first season they only act as decoys to distract enemies, but Season 2 has him using them as allies that can attack of their own.
* DoppelgangerSpin: "Triangulate" allows him to essentially combine his Super-Sprint and Triplicate, causing him to move at Super-Speed around the opponent in a triangle-like pattern, with the three Ulrich appearing at each angle.
* EverythingsBetterWithSamurai: There's no real reason for him to be a samurai in Lyoko. He's not even Japanese. But damn, it sure is cool.
* FingerlessGloves
* HitPoints
* KatanasAreJustBetter: Literally, as his weapon is easily the most effective against most monsters.
* LightningBruiser: His katana is an efficient weapon both to deflect attacks and inflict heavy damages, while his Super Sprint power makes him the fastest of the group.
* MesACrowd: His Triplicate ability, which allows him to make two copies of himself.
* LeParkour: A side effect of Super Sprint.
* {{Samurai}}: His avatar's design is based on a samurai.
* SpeedEchoes: His Triangulate ability allows him to create these. What's more, they're not just afterimages; they're actual copies.
* SuperSpeed: "Super Sprint!"
* ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks: He's got a better track record throwing his sword than Odd does shooting his arrows.
* WeaponOfChoice: Katana.
Season 4 Avatar
* CoolButInefficient: His Triplicate ability is useless against William, who can somehow identify the real Ulrich among the clones. In fact, Ulrich has only used this superpower once in the entirety of the fourth season, preferring to use Super Sprint to quickly take out groups of enemies instead.
* DualWielding: His new avatar grants him a second katana.
* HardLight: When "translated" on Earth.
* SensualSpandex: An update from his much more loose-fitting older outfit.

[[folder:Odd Della Robbia]]
[[caption-width-right:200:[[SmallNameBigEgo Small boy, big personality.]]]]
'''Odd Della Robbia'''

->''"That's just the Magical Odd Effect. You see me once and you feel as though you've known me all your life!"''

->Voiced by: Raphaëlle Lubansu (French), Matthew Géczy (English), Gabriel Ortiz (Latin American Spanish), Jesús Pinillos (European Spanish), Hiroki Shimowada (Japanese)

The only extravert of the Team, and an incorrigible smart-aleck. He dresses in flashy, clashing colors, mostly purple and yellow. Though physically petite compared to the rest of the team, he is an adrenaline junkie, just the type to go for extreme sports. Also a passable student; his strengths are in the languages and artistic classes. He's [[KidAnova a big flirt]] who's dated about every girl in his grade (most of them for only a day or two) as well as a few others. He has smuggled his small dog, "Kiwi", into the dormitories. In Lyoko, his avatar is a Cat Boy version of himself, including claws and a tail. He has heightened agility and stamina in this form, and can shoot "Lazer Arrows" from his forearms -- which, for a time, tended to run out of ammo at the worst possible moments. This shortage was resolved in Season 2 at the expense of another of Odd's powers, the "Future Flash" which offered spontaneous visions of [[YouCantFightFate the mostly immutable immediate future]]. This left Odd with the short end of the stick powers-wise, a fact lampshaded in Season 3's "Triple Trouble" when Jérémie tries to give Odd a teleportation ability, [[MesACrowd but ended up making two clones]] for him instead, and the clones wind up not disappearing when no longer needed. At least he still has a marginally useful [[DeflectorShields energy shield]], granted as part of the Season 2 power realignment.
* AnimeHair: A rare justified example: he is explicitly mentioned to use gel to keep his hair that way (though that doesn't explain the bi-color part). Notably, he originally had a regular hairstyle in the prequel, and changed it according to what he looks like on Lyoko ([[ResetButton twice]]).
* BigEater:
-->''[seeing Odd wolfing down food for the first time]''\\
'''Ulrich:''' You always eat like this?\\
'''Odd:''' No, it's just I'm not very hungry today.
* BoisterousBruiser: In training. He's too young to drink, but he gets the eating, womanizing, battle-happy and fun-loving elements down pat.
* BookDumb: He is absolutely terrible at school, and apparently manages to keep decent grades only by cheating and copying Jérémie's notes. However, he is also shown to be quite creative on the artistic side of things, and while [[LeeroyJenkins he has absolutely zero sense of strategy]], he is quite capable of improvising, so he ''has'' some smart.
* BringIt: He's fond of the "bring it" Bruce Lee gesture.
* ButtMonkey: Gets the least respect in his group, does badly in school, has absolutely ''no'' luck with [[KidAnova his love life]], and, as he lampshades, is "the only one who looks like a nitwit on Lyoko".
* ByThePowerOfGreyskull: Transfer: Odd! Scanner: Odd! Virtualization!
* CampStraight: He does look a bit effeminate (to the point of leading to ViewerGenderConfusion from some fans), dresses in pink and purple, and speaks in a high-pitched voice. Graphic errors such as [[ the occasional lack of undershirt]], or his voice in the French dub, don't help either. Ironically, however, he is clearly shown to not only be straight, but [[KidAnova also very interested in girls]]. Of course, that doesn't stop the {{Yaoi Fangirl}}s from imagining things...
* CasualDangerDialog: Nothing changes Odd's goofy demeanor, not even being faced with certain death.
* CatchPhrase: "''T'y crois pas!''" ("Can't believe it!")
* CrazyEnoughToWork: Almost everything he does is this. See LeeroyJenkins.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: For all his silly jokes, ButtMonkey status and tendencies to go crazy in fight, Odd definitely ''is'' a skilled fighter. At several points, he has been able to deal with large amount of monsters entirely on his own, escape or distract Xanafied people on Earth and save Aelita. Not to mention [[spoiler:he is the one who finally takes down William, allowing the Lyoko Warriors to get him back]].
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: When Jérémie used a Tower to gives him powers for a short amount of time so he could fight toe-to-toe with a XANA-possessed Yolande.
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: In the prequel.
* {{Flanderization}}: Coupled with StaticCharacter and TookALevelInJerkass, Odd was always a rather playful character, but in Season 4, his antics start becoming more and more troublesome, which are coupled with a NeverMyFault attitude in regards to him screwing up, which again, plays into StaticCharacter below.
* InsistentTerminology: "I'm not scrawny, I'm svelte."
* IsItSomethingYouEat: Being a BigEater with a very limited vocabulary, this comes up a lot.
* {{Keet}}: Short, skinny, hyperactive, CampStraight, he fits this trope like a glove.
* KidAnova: He has had relationship with almost every girl in his school, Yumi, Aelita and Sissi excepted (and even then, he once replaced Ulrich as Yumi's partner at dance, flirted with Aelita upon first meeting her, and Sissi [[ShipTease gets moments with him several times too]]).
* LeeroyJenkins: He rarely has any strategy before charging; most of his tactics consist either in doing something completely crazy or going ahead shooting at the enemy. Even his own teammates have some doubt about his sanity.
-->'''Aelita:''' You call ''this'' being careful? I call it being COMPLETELY NUTS!\\
'''Odd:''' Isn't that the same thing?
* MeaningfulName: Aside from the obviousness, "Odd" may also come from "Odr", meaning "tip of the arrow".
* MrFanservice: He has his share of fangirls. This is at least partly due to his [[{{Catboy}} Lyoko form]]... and the SensualSpandex.
* MultiColoredHair: He has blond hair with a purple spot in the middle of it. This carries over in his Lyoko form.
* MultiethnicName: Even more than Ulrich; he sports a North European-sounding first name and an Italian surname.
* NeverMyFault: In one episode, he refuses to take the blame for getting himself and Aelita in detention (For context, Odd wanted Aelita to cover for him in gym class...since he spent the whole night up playing a video game). In another, Kiwi gets out of control, much to everyone else's annoyance, and Odd continues to try to make excuses for the dog instead of disciplining him.
* TheNicknamer: He's the one that names all the monsters (even complete with XtremeKoolLetterz). As if that wasn't enough, two episodes reveal that he also calls some monsters by ordinary human names such as "Lucy-Ann". He's also responsible for Jérémie being called "Einstein" and Aelita "Princess" most of the time. He sometimes calls Ulrich and Yumi "Lovebirds."
* OutnumberedSibling: Odd reveals in the episode "Distant Memory" that he has five older sisters who bully him.
* ScreamsLikeALittleGirl: It's even worse in the original French version, where he actually ''sounds'' like a kindergarten girl even without screaming.
* ShipperOnDeck: He is very supportive of Ulrich's relationship with Yumi. To a lesser extent, he's this way with Jérémie and Aelita's relationship as well.
* ShipTease: Often with, [[SlapSlapKiss ironically enough, Sissi]].
* SmallNameBigEgo: As he stated in the aptly-named episode "Bragging Rights".
-->'''Odd:''' Yes, I'm a braggart, and I love it that way!
* StaticCharacter: The most noteworthy example on the show; while almost every other character, even [[BigBad XANA]] had some form of CharacterDevelopment one way or the other throughout the series, Odd is still pretty much the same kid he was in the prequel.
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodSandwich: He ''hates'' this trope; he spends the entirety of the episode "Tidal Wave" complaining about not eating.
* TookALevelInJerkass: In Season 4, coupled with {{Flanderization}}. Highlights include him being extremely cocky in "Bragging Rights" and selling an EmbarrassingOldPhoto of Yumi to the Kadic News, followed up by trying to get out of facing Yumi's wrath by having Ulrich take the fall in "Cold Sweat". [[spoiler: Dies down in "Fight to the Finish" however, where he's shown shedding a tear over Franz Hopper's HeroicSacrifice.]]
Lyoko Avatar
* AliceAllusion: Unintended, but it's undeniable that he's got the whole "Cheshire Cat" thing going.
* ArchEnemy: The Megatanks. Lampshaded in the first episode.
* ArmCannon: Lazer Arrows.
* AsideGlance
* BadassNormal: After season 1, he lost his Future Flash and became the only member of the team without a special ability. This is actually a plot point in a season 3 episode, where he comes to the realization that the lack of superpowers doesn't make him any less effective than his teammates.
* BroughtDownToBadass: Even after Jérémie erased his Future Flash power, he is still very competent. Of course, [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway the fact his power wasn't of much use to begin with does help]].
* [[CatGirl Cat Boy]]: His Lyoko avatar gives him a set of cat ears and a tail. He also [[RunningOnAllFours runs on all fours]] quite frequently.
* ChestInsignia: Of Kiwi peeing. Even he doesn't get why Lyoko did that.
* {{Deflector Shield|s}}: Since Season 2 (and in the prequel as a minor continuity goof).
* FacialMarkings: Like Aelita, he has markings above his eyes.
* FingerGun: An interesting variation, more akin to a Forearm Shotgun. Although he does not require it to fire, he usually holds his firing arm as if he was pointing a shotgun, and often does a pumping action motion that goes accompanied by a surpising shotgun sound effect.
* FourFingeredHands: He loses a finger when he goes into Lyoko, likely because he becomes a [[CatGirl Cat Boy]]
* FragileSpeedster: In Season 1. While he has as many HitPoints as anyone else, before Jérémie programs in his shield, he has no defenses except dodging.
* HoverBoard: His Overboard in Season 2.
* InstantCosplaySurprise: Again, in the prequel, he's the most baffled concerning his Lyoko Avatar:
-->'''Odd:''' I don't dream about giant purple cats!
* LeParkour: The undisputed master of it, even beating out Ulrich.
* RunningOnAllFours: He gains the ability to run faster on all fours in Lyoko.
* {{Seers}}: Future Flash gives him brief glimpses into the future. He loses the ability in Season 2.
* SuperReflexes: Cat-like reflexes, essentially. He may not be very tough, but he's damn near impossible to hit.
* TakingTheBullet: This is usually how he gets dematerialized, mostly because he's so agile that it's hard to hit him unless he wants to be hit.
* UnskilledButStrong: His default skillset is smaller or less useful than the rest of Lyoko warriors (being pretty much his arrows and Future Flash), but he surpasses them in agility and physical abilities by a good margin.
* WallCrawl: Using his claws like a cat climbing a tree.
* WeaponOfChoice: Lazer Arrows.
* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: Future Flash. Not only does this power have very limited scope (Odd is the only one unable to use his power at will, and it's worthless in a fight), but the power activating causes Odd to stop moving for a while, making him an easy target. Lampshaded when Odd mentions Jérémie erased it accidentally and never bothered reprogramming it because he felt it was useless. It's actually suggested that he is more effective without it.
* WolverineClaws: The claws of his cat paws can apparently harm XANA monsters to a very minor degree, as he sometimes uses them to spur Mantas while riding them and it causes them visible pain.
Season 4 Avatar
* HardLight: When "translated" on Earth.
* SensualSpandex: Quite a bit tighter than his previous avatar's outfit.
* UnusualEars: Cat ears (to complete the feline appearance).

[[folder:Yumi Ishiyama]]
[[caption-width-right:200:[[TheLancer It's like another hero.]]]]
'''Yumi Ishiyama'''

->''"Black is my color. Black, like your eye will be if you don't back off!"''

->Voiced by: Géraldine Frippiat (French), Mirabelle Kirkland (English), Creator/LilianaBarba (Latin American Spanish), Adelaida López (European Spanish), Sayaka Kinoshita (Japanese)

The tallest and oldest of the group. A good student, she is a Japanese national at the boarding school, living off-campus with her family. She is one grade above the rest of the Team, which proves sometimes problematic. While she may have feelings for Ulrich, Yumi is exasperated by his inability to articulate his crush. Her virtual form is a geisha with a collapsible razor-edged fan, with which she can deflect energy bolts. The fan is controlled telekinetically, and can be thrown as a ranged weapon, [[PrecisionGuidedBoomerang returning to her hand after an attack]]. Yumi also exhibits [[MindOverMatter telekinetic power]] over several objects of the Lyoko landscape -- most often boulders in the Mountain or Desert sectors. A running joke among fans is XANA's tendency to [[DesignatedVictim single her out for attack]].
* ActionGirl: Is proficient in martial arts in real life, and a very capable fighter on Lyoko.
* AnchoredShip: In Season 3, she tells Ulrich that she's not going to be anything more than JustFriends with him while they're fighting on Lyoko, because the mission is too important to complicate with romance.
* BareYourMidriff: All of her everyday clothes include this feature; it seems to be very much in fashion at Kadic.
* BattleCouple: With Ulrich.
* BrainyBrunette: She is not as smart as Jérémie or Aelita, but she is still quite intelligent. Whenever Jérémie and Aelita are absent, she usually is the one in charge of using the Supercomputer.
* ByThePowerOfGreyskull: Transfer: Yumi! Scanner: Yumi! Virtualization!
* CatchPhrase: In the original French...
** "''Banane !''" ("Dork!")
** "''Sympa, l'accueil. Très sympa.''" ("[[SarcasmMode Nice welcome. Very nice.]]")
* CelibateHeroine: Takes this position in Season 3, after deciding that she doesn't want to complicate her working relationship with Ulrich by allowing romance into the equation, and instead resolves to be JustFriends with him until the Lyoko problem is resolved. [[UnresolvedSexualTension It doesn't actually]] [[WillTheyOrWontThey change their situation]] any.
* CoolBigSis: She's closer in age to the rest of the group than most examples, but she's mature enough to fit the mold pretty well.
* DeadpanSnarker: Not as much as Ulrich, but when provoked...
* DesignatedVictim: Unlike the other Lyoko Warriors, Yumi lives with her own family off-campus, making her isolated from them, and as such an easy target for XANA's attacks. One could argue her role as the group's CoolBigSis and the fact she's the most reluctant to keep fighting might help as well, considering [[ManipulativeBastard XANA's habits to play with people's minds]].
* DudeMagnet: For a girl supposedly not as remarkable as Sissi, it's amazing how many guys want her. Apart from Ulrich, William, Théo Gauthier, Johnny...
* DyingCurse: In "Final Round", she is the last Lyoko warrior to be defeated by a brainwashed William. As her virtual body disintegrates, she tells him how much she hated that her friends thought it was a good idea to make him a member of the team.
* EveryoneKnowsMorse: She and [[AnnoyingYoungerSibling Hiroki]] learned it to talk in secret at the table.
* FuroScene: Chances are pretty good that you'll catch Yumi in the bathtub in several given episodes (Though, since most of these are in Season 1, this will be by StockFootage).
* FriendlessBackground: In "XANA Awakens," she is friendless until meeting Ulrich.
* GreenEyedEpiphany: She does a pretty decent job of pretending she's not into Ulrich, until someone (usually Sissi) starts flirting with him.
* HeIsNotMyBoyfriend:
** In regards to Ulrich. Yumi has a fairly hilarious scene where she accidentally calls Ulrich her boyfriend in front of [[ShipperOnDeck Odd]] and then repeats that Ulrich is her ''friend'' as if trying to convince herself of this.
** She also says this about William, but in this case it is genuine.
* IJustWantToBeNormal: Out of all the team, she is the one to be the least comfortable with the struggle against XANA, as it forces her to routinely lie to her family (something she hates to do), [[DesignatedVictim frequently exposes her to XANA's attacks]] and generally makes her life more complicated. By the end of the series, she is the only one eager to shut down the Supercomputer and move on.
* IKnowKarate: Inverted, as although she never mentions it (nor is seen training like Ulrich), she knows karate and uses it in the prequel to beat Ulrich in a pencak silat spar.
* JustFriends: With Ulrich.
* MistakenNationality: Regularly mistaken for Chinese, much to her irritation.
-->"I. ''Am. JAPANESE!!''"
* OneHeadTaller: Not exactly one head, but she's notably taller than Ulrich. She takes from her mother, obviously, who is also taller than her father.
* OneOfTheBoys: She's the only girl in her group of friends (except Aelita, who's a computer program for most of the show). She also avoids traditionally "girly" pasttimes, preferring soccer, track and field, and martial arts.
* RavenHairIvorySkin: The palest of her friends, with very black hair to match.
* ReasonYouSuckSpeech: To William in "The Secret".
-->'''Yumi:''' Because I find your second-rate Casanova act sickening! In the beginning it was pretty nice but now I'm ''really'' fed up! So why don't you buzz off and ''leave me alone''?
* {{Shorttank}} [=/=]{{Tomboy}}: She does have some feminity to her, but she is still significantly more tomboyish than either Aelita or Sissi.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Tomboy to Aelita's and Sissi's Girly Girls.
* TwiceShy: With Ulrich.
* UnresolvedSexualTension: With Ulrich.
* WillTheyOrWontThey: With Ulrich.
* ZettaiRyouiki: Only in the first episode; it's part of the clothes she wears for the school dance.
Lyoko Avatar
* BoomerangComeback: A favored trick of hers to take out monsters with her throwing fans.
* CombatHandFan: Her weapon of choice. One in season 1, [[DualWielding two from season 2 onward]].
* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning: [[FanNickname Geisha Tornado]].
* {{Geisha}}: Her outfit form seems to be at least partially based on one, altered to fit that of an ActionGirl.
* GiantWaistRibbon: Part of the geisha-looking outfit; she uses the big knot to store her CombatHandFan.
* JackOfAllStats: Not quite as agile as Odd, effective in close combat as Ulrich or adept at manipulating the environment as Aelita, but able to perform well in all three areas.
* LongRangeFighter: Unlike the real-life art of tessenjutsu, her fans are only functionally harming if they are flying, which means she is obliged to use them as throwing weapons. Averted during season 4, when Yumi occasionally uses her fans as combat knives, mainly in her fights against William. However, they aren't nearly as effective when used this way: she often misses her target due to the weapon's short length, or only succeeds in inflicting some minor damage.
* MindOverMatter: Her main power, moving the landscape of Lyoko or her friends with her mind. She once sends a large rock tumbling toward a herd of Kankrelats, crushing a dozen of them in the process.
* OurGhostsAreDifferent: By design choice or goof, her kimono is tied with the right lapel over the left. In real life, only ''burial kimonos'' are tied that way; a living wearer sporting it is seen in Japan as a sign of incredibly bad luck or a visual cue that he or she is actually a ghost.
* LeParkour: To great effect when she combines her psychic powers with her acrobatics.
* PrecisionGuidedBoomerang: Her tessen fans can be thrown and always return to her.
* PstandardPsychicPstance: She sometimes makes this gesture when using her Telekinesis. More so in Season 4.
* PsychicPowers: Telekinesis.
* SheFu: She takes a far more graceful and gymnastic approach to fighting enemies than Ulrich and Odd, even although she is not as fast as the former or as agile as the latter.
* ThreePointLanding: Following some of her acrobatics, including sometimes when just virtualized.
* WeaponOfChoice: Tessen Fan.
Season 4 Avatar
* FingerlessGloves
* FashionableAsymmetry: A shorter sleeve on one side, a buckler-like bracer, one stocking different from the other, and sakura petals on her thigh.
* HardLight: When "translated" on Earth.
* GratuitousNinja: Her upgraded costume makes her look more like a ninja than the previous geisha.
* SensualSpandex: Like all S4 avatars, this one outfit nicely shows her virtual curves.

[[folder:Jérémie Belpois]]
[[caption-width-right:200:[[TheSmartGuy Too easy.]]]]
'''Jérémie''' (Jeremy) '''Belpois'''

->''"OK, XANA. What do you have in store for us this time?"''

->Voiced by: Raphaëlle Lubansu (French), Corey Padnos (English, 2001), Sharon Mann (English, 2004-2007), Claudio Velásquez (Latin American Spanish, Seasons 1-2), Alan Prieto (Latin American Spanish, Seasons 3-4), Juan Antonio Soler (European Spanish), Yoshiko Kamei (Japanese)

Jérémie is the computer genius whom operates the Supercomputer and allows the interface. He's also the leader of the Team, and shows good tactical skills even under pressure. As the most level-headed, he keeps the infighting within the group to a minimum. He can even get a bit authoritarian, despite being the youngest. Jérémie is one year younger than Ulrich and Odd, having skipped a grade. He has more than a crush on Aelita, and it's largely this motivation that keeps the Team going in time after time to shut XANA down. Though he has been virtualized twice, this has [[TheUnreveal never been done on camera]] -- something of a LampshadeHanging on the second occasion.
* {{Adorkable}}: He is pretty much the archetypal geek, so this is a given. Though this is mostly visible in his relationship with Aelita; he is fairly comfortable with his little group of friends, and [[NoSocialSkills doesn't seem to care about what people think of him outside of them]].
* AsYouKnow: Usually the one to deliver exposition.
* BetaCouple: With Aelita.
* ByThePowerOfGreyskull: Scanner: Jeremy! Virtualization!
* CrazyJealousGuy: Displays this in "Saint Valentine's Day", when he gets angry and possessive at the thought of another boy giving Aelita a Valentine's Day present. Odd even calls him out on acting like Aelita's his property.
* CyberneticsWillEatYourSoul: During Episode 38, he deliberately repeated Returns to the Past so he could utilize a special neuronal headset to increase his intelligence. However, this ended up hurting him mentally and physically, as he became increasingly irritable and was prone to fainting spells while under the device's influence. To add insult to injury, he actually ''wasn't'' getting smarter at all, and at the end of the episode, he destroys the headset.
* TheDulcineaEffect: As soon as he meets Aelita and sympathizes with her, he becomes obsessed with finding a way to defeat XANA without having to sacrifice her, despite shutting down the Supercomputer with her still inside being the easier way out. Frequently lampshaded by the other Lyoko Warriors.
* EveryoneKnowsMorse: He uses Morse Code to communicate with the others in ''Skidbladnir'' (actually only with Yumi, who claims to know it to secretly communicate with her brother). Given how CrazyPrepared he is most of the time, he probably learned to use in case of an emergency.
* EverythingIsOnline: He can use the supercomputer to do a bunch of things that he really shouldn't be able to do. This is the only real explanation.
* FriendlessBackground: Prior to turning the computer on, he didn't have any friends. This is one of the reasons why he doesn't want to turn off the [=SuperComputer=] in "Echoes": [[TearJerker He's afraid his friends will abandon him after it does.]]
* GadgeteerGenius: Practically every upgrade, program or device used by the Lyoko Warriors is created by him. He also is shown to build a lot of robots as his hobby, and once manages to make a nearly functional EMP bomb.
* GoodCounterpart: Develops into a full-fledged anti-XANA as he gains more experience with the Supercomputer. XANA takes note, since Jérémie seems to be his most hated foe.
* HandBehindHead: His standard pose when he's not hunched over the supercomputer's keyboard.
* {{Hypocrite}}: During the episode "Saint Valentine's Day", he gets jealous over Odd (supposedly) giving Aelita a present and acts like it's not allowed, but later tells Ulrich and Yumi that they shouldn't be upset over the other receiving presents from Sissi/William.
* InSeriesNickname: "Einstein," "Frankenstein," "Frank-Einstein," "Brainiac" (only in the video game), and on one occasion "Ben Franklin".
* TheInsomniac: Frequently spends entire night working on programs to materialize Aelita or improve the Lyoko Warriors' equipment. In one episode, Aelita finds out he didn't even ''realize'' the night was over. In another, he actually falls asleep on the keyboard and it is noted by Odd by the key marks on his face.
* LaymansTerms: Often has to repeat himself in simpler terms, because he forgets that everyone else isn't a super-genius.
* TheLeader: Type 1: Mastermind. He directs everyone from the Supercomputer.
* LoveAtFirstSight: Towards Aelita.
* MadScientist: He has his moments, especially when he tries to use inventions he picked from Franz Hopper's journal. They tend to [[HilarityEnsues backfire]].
* {{Megane}}: He wears oval-shaped glasses; aside from looking adorable, they make him look very professional.
* MissionControl: The resident computer programmer, he's far more useful out of Lyoko.
* MrExposition: As a computer specialist, he can explain things.
* {{Nerd}}: A completely textbook example.
* NerdGlasses: Up to {{Meganekko}} levels.
* NonActionGuy: Usually, though to be fair, [[ScienceHero he is much more useful at the Supercomputer than on Lyoko]]. Subverted in "Ghost Channel" and in "Maiden Voyage", with a little dose of TheGreatestStoryNeverTold. He himself apparently dislikes going on Lyoko.
* NoSocialSkills: Implied; it's confirmed [[FriendlessBackground he had basically no friends]] before forming the Lyoko Warriors (and he only got closer to them because they got involved with Lyoko), and even after he befriended them, his exchanges with them tend to be rather professional and focused on their missions. He gradually gets better as the show goes on, especially after Aelita get materialized. [[spoiler:In the final episode, he is reluctant to shut down the Supercomputer because he fears that without Lyoko to keep them together, he will lose the only friends he ever had.]]
* OfficialCouple: With Aelita.
* PairTheSmartOnes: With Aelita.
* PlayfulHacker: At first. CharacterDevelopment gradually strips out the "playful" part.
* RapidFireTyping: WildMassGuessing presumes the keyboard on the Lyoko supercomputer has a second Return key in place of the capslock key. That or Jérémie types at a ridiculously high WPM. Or both.
* ScienceHero: He dislikes going on Lyoko, and it's suggested he is a poor fighter anyway. He makes up for it by being the Supercomputer operator and creating most of the upgrades the Lyoko Warriors use.
* TheShortGuyWithGlasses: He's not particularly short, but Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd's hair are all taller than he is. Only Aelita is about his height.
* TheSmartGuy: He's the only one who knows how the Supercomputer works or how to get to Sector Five or materialize Aelita; the list goes on.
* SmartPeoplePlayChess: He's seen playing with Ulrich in a couple of episodes.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Either Jérémie or the anglicized Jeremy. The former is the official spelling.
* TeamDad: A [[BumblingDad Bumbling]] Team Dad, but a Team Dad nonetheless. He's the only one who comes close to Yumi in terms of maturity, even if he does get a little carried away sometimes.
* TechnoBabble: His exposition bits can turn out like this sometimes.
%%* TechnoWizard: See TheSmartGuy.
* TeenGenius: He is the youngest member in the team, yet he can build robots and regularly operate on a nuclear supercomputer most real people would have troubles even making work.
* VoiceWithAnInternetConnection: So much so that he now serves as the page image.
* WiseBeyondTheirYears: Despite his general lack of common sense, he does show a surprising amount of insight.
Lyoko Avatar
* InformedFlaw: Although never seen onscreen, his friends's comments imply either Jérémie's avatar looks weird or he sucks at fighting in Lyoko, if not both.
* TakeOurWordForIt: "He was ridiculous..."
* TheUnreveal: Each time he went on Lyoko, it either happened offscreen or had a specific condition that caused him to keep his normal appearance instead of an avatar.

[[folder:Aelita Stones]]
[[caption-width-right:200:[[TheChick Follow me, Princess!]]]]
'''Aelita''' (Maya) '''Stones''' (Lyoko / Hopper / Schaeffer)

->''"And just forget about my past, you think that's easy? You didn't spend ten years of your life as some sort of computer software!"''

->Voiced by: Sophie Landresse (French), Sharon Mann (English), Xóchitl Ugarte (Latin American Spanish), Olga Velasco (European Spanish), Creator/YuShimamura (Japanese)

Aelita started out as the DamselInDistress in the series. Unlike the other characters, she seemed to have originated on Lyoko, and survived there for years. The first season of the show deals with Jérémie and the Team trying to figure out a way to materialize her into the real world. She originally had two special abilities in Lyoko: she could enter the access towers that XANA uses to interface with the real world and shut them down, and she had the ability to morph the virtual landscape around her to create walls, rockslides, etc. Starting with Season 3, she was no longer in danger of being killed if losing all her [[HitPoints Life Points]]. She gained the ability to attack with [[EnergyBall spheres of energy]] as well, and [[PowerGivesYouWings obtained wings]] in Season 4 with her new outfit.
* ActionGirl: Initially not, but she starts developing traits of it in season 2 and fully becomes one starting with season 3.
* {{Adorkable}}
* BadDreams: In "Mister Puck". [[spoiler: They end up being the key to finding Franz Hopper's diary.]]
* BenevolentAI: [[spoiler:Subverted; the others initially assume she is one, but it's later revealed she's human to begin with.]]
* BetaCouple: With Jérémie.
* BreakTheCutie: Poor girl just can't catch a break. Aside from the various times where Jérémie almost found a way to materialize her only to fail at the last minute, season 2 ends with TheReveal [[spoiler:she wasn't really an ArtificialHuman, but a real girl whose memory was accidentally erased]]. It gets so bad [[DrivenToSuicide she actually ends up trying to kill herself]].
* ByThePowerOfGreyskull: Transfer: Aelita! Scanner: Aelita! Virtualization!
* CantLiveWithoutYou: In season 2, XANA manages to ensure that, even if she is outside Lyoko, shutting down the Supercomputer will still result in her death.
* CharacterDevelopment: Lots, to the point that she's arguably the show's central protagonist. To be specific, she goes from a demure MartyrWithoutACause to a more open and normal PluckyGirl.
* TheChick: Especially in the first two Seasons, when she had no way of defending herself. Even after she becomes more competent, she remains the team's emotional center.
* DamselInDistress: She plays this entirely straight in season 1 (no weapon other than Creativity, and dies if she loses all her life points), almost to the point of being a DamselScrappy. She gets a bit better in season 2, but still finds herself depending upon the other three most of the time. By season 3 she's upgraded to ActionGirl status.
* DesignatedVictim: ''Very'' justified, since she is the key to stop XANA from attacking Earth. As such, it's only natural for XANA to focus on her.
* DisneyDeath: Happen several times. [[spoiler:The specific episodes being "Just in Time", where she's deleted because of a bug in her annex program, "The Key", where the Scyphozoa drains all of her memories, rendering her an empty shell, and "Distant Memory", where she's thrown into the Digital Sea. She's saved by Jérémie the first time thanks to one of his earlier rematerialization experiments, and the others are by her father, Franz.]]
* DreamingOfThingsToCome: In season 4, [[spoiler:where she dreams of her father's HeroicSacrifice]].
* DrivenToSuicide: At the end of season 2, she tries to commit a HeroicSacrifice by shutting down the Supercomputer. Jérémie manages to save her just in time.
* EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses: She isn't really a princess, but Odd likes to call her one. (It ends being an astonishingly adequate nickname after [[spoiler:discovering her father is Franz Hopper, who is metaphorically Lyoko's king.]])
* FetalPositionRebirth: When she's finally de-virtualized, she emerges like this. Ironically, unless Jérémie programmed the clothes she was wearing, the aversion of NakedOnArrival should have tipped the Lyoko warriors that [[spoiler:she was actually a human girl who had been virtualized a long time ago.]]
* GiveGeeksAChance: Jérémie being a geek clearly never was a problem to her.
* HumanPopsicle: [[spoiler:Although not through cryonics -- she didn't age for 10 years while virtualized inside the Supercomputer.]]
* HiddenBuxom: Appears to be surprisingly well-endowed those few times she isn't dressed in heavy, baggy clothing.
* IHaveManyNames: She only has one real name, but has to rely on various fake names in the series. Her current alias is Aelita Stones.
* InSeriesNickname: "Princess"
* KissMeImVirtual: Aelita is an A.I. stuck in the virtual world. This doesn't stop Jérémie from falling for her and doing everything he could to materialize her on Earth. Subverted when [[spoiler:it is discovered she's in fact human]].
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: [[spoiler:The reason she started out believing she was just an A.I. She gets her memory back at the end of season 2. Season 4 later reveals that she's missing a few however, such as her actual birthday.]]
* LittleMissSnarker: Full-fledged in Seasons 3-4, but there was some present before then.
* TheLoad: Especially in Season 1. Grows out of it throughout Season 2, and ''definitely'' no longer by Season 3.
* MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter: [[spoiler:She's actually Franz Hopper's daughter, and considering his work on Project Carthage and Lyoko, he definitely qualifies for the, "mad scientist" part of the trope.]]
* MagicalGirlfriend: To Jérémie, considering her connection to the virtual world.
* MagicSkirt: Justified, in the virtual world where skirts aren't necessarily made of fabric.
* MartyrWithoutACause: Aelita was often a bit too eager to sacrifice herself in Seasons 1 and 2. Sadly {{justified|Trope}} in that it would end XANA's menace once for all. XANA [[ManipulativeBastard even tries to take advantage of this]] in "Missing Link": he uses the Scyphozoa to steal Yumi's DNA sequence code [[BatmanGambit because he knows that Aelita will transfer hers over to Yumi]] (stating that "Yumi's place is on Earth"). This leaves Aelita's memory exposed for him to take at will.
* MeaningfulName: Her name is probably a reference to the titular character of the [[ novel]] by Aleksey Tolstoy, who was also a prominent figure of another world and had a relationship with a lonely scientist.
* MissingMom: [[spoiler:Her mother is seen in flashback and has been named by WordOfGod as Anthea, but was kidnapped for unknown reasons by the [=MiB=]. It has still yet to be revealed what has become of her.]]
* NoSocialSkills: At first in Season 2, she has little to no idea how the real world works. Even after spending time on it, she is still a bit of TheIngenue for a time. Season 3 and onwards however, have her fully shed this trope, and she's shown to be far more sociable than Jérémie.
* OfficialCouple: With Jérémie.
* OlderThanTheyLook: [[spoiler:Aelita is chronologically 23-24, but ten of those years were spent asleep in Lyoko (and another full year in avatar form), so she looks, acts, and biologically is 12-13. Finally confirmed in "Wrong Exposure", where Jérémie takes advantage on it to prevent Delmas from figuring out her relation to Franz Hopper.]]
* PairTheSmartOnes: With Jérémie.
* PetTheDog: In the penultimate episode, she's the only Lyoko Warrior who sympathizes with William after he's been freed from XANA, and is willing to stick up for him when the others reject him. It doesn't have any payoff since XANA later possesses William one final time and she ends up focusing more on her father, but it's the thought that counts.
* PinkMeansFeminine: The girliest of the group by far, and has an overwhelmingly pink color scheme.
* PluckyGirl: You'd be surprised that someone this cheery and energetic was trapped in a supercomputer and hounded by an evil program for 10 years.
* RoseHairedSweetie: She fits about all the traits associated with this. She's a sweet and good-natured girl most of the time and while her love interest, Jérémie, doesn't have blue hair, he is associated with the color blue.
* SealedGoodInACan: Season 1.
* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: The reason she fell for [[TeamDad Jérémie]] was because of his persistence in helping and trying to make her happy without seeking thanks or reward.
* SmartPeoplePlayChess: She's Jérémie intellectual equal, and often plays him in chess.
* TeenGenius: She rivals Jérémie in that area, though [[MaybeMagicMaybeMundane it's unclear how much is natural and how much comes from her spending years as a program]].
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Girly Girl to Yumi's Tomboy.
* TookALevelInBadass: In season 1, Aelita [[DistressedDamsel required Odd, Ulrich and Yumi as bodyguards]], and her only use is deactivating towers. Out of all 26 episodes of season 1, she only destroys ''one'' monster. By season 4, she's the most capable Lyoko Warrior of all -- not only does she have Energy Fields, which are more powerful than any other Lyoko weapon, she also has wings for flight. It's also worth noting that XANA-possessed Aelita has only ever been defeated once....
* UndeadTaxExemption: Averted. The Lyoko Warriors have to do the work to create an identity for her (though Jérémie is very good at "arranging" her paperwork), and there are enough holes in it for Sissi to occasionally piece together that something's going on.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: Twice...
** Why Did It Have to Be Wolves?: They feature heavily in her recurring nightmares.
** Why Did It Have to Be the Scyphozoa?: She ''really'' catches the DistressBall whenever it pops in, even in later seasons when she's the most powerful member of the group.
Lyoko Avatar
* CallingYourAttacks: When she gets the ability to use Energy Fields, she does this.
* DeadlyDodging: Her main way of fighting before getting her Energy Fields.
* DecoyGetaway: By creating short-lived clones of herself.
* DeflectorShields: She can fuse two of her offensive-oriented Energy Fields to create a small shield that can stop a ''Megatank laser''.
* DistressBall: Even after becoming an ActionGirl, she always panics whenever the Scyphozoa is involved, and ends up getting possessed. This is particularly frustrating in "Wrong Exposure", where [[HeroicBSOD she forgets that she has wings]], and thus could escape the Scyphozoa by flying away.
* DubNameChange: Her Energy Fields were translated as "Energy Balls" for a season in the Spanish dub.
* EnergyBall: Her sole offensive ability, which she gets in Seasons 3-4.
* FacialMarkings: A red line on either cheek in her Season 1-3 avatar. They're gone in Season 4.
* HypnotizeThePrincess: Whenever the Scyphozoa get ahold of her, this is the inevitable result.
* LotusPosition: Aelita uses this pose when "listening to XANA's pulsations" in Season 1 (and once in season 4).
* NeuroVault: Her memories, which Xana tries to siphon out of her brain.
* OneWomanWail: How she invokes her Creativity power.
* OverrideCommand: [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Code: LYOKO ]]

* PointyEars: Fitting with her elf/angel motif.
* PsychicPowers: Creativity, which telekinetically reshapes the environment, and Second Sight, which gives her omnipresent awareness of everything in Lyoko.
* RealityWarper: Though a rather limited version; she can only manipulate Lyoko's territory.
* SupportPartyMember: Seasons 1-2. She can't fight, but she's the only person who can deactivate the towers. Her Second Sight is also extremely helpful to the party.
Season 4 Avatar
* TheCaptain: Of the ''Skidbladnir''.
* FingerlessGloves
* {{Flight}}: A new power she gains, thanks to a pair of energy wings.
* HardLight: When "translated" on Earth.
* MasterOfAll: By this point, Aelita has an long-ranged one-hit-kill attack, a defense that can block both physical hits and the most powerful XANA monster's attack save for the [[GiantMook Kolossus]], the ability of flying without a vehicle, and the ability to reshape the very environment. If she were more aggressively or tactically-minded, she would probably outwork all the other Lyoko warriors in the battlefield with the sole exception of William.
* PowerGivesYouWings: Aelita's upgrade came with a pair of "Angel Wings" integrated into her suit.
* SensualSpandex: As with all Season 4 avatars.
* SkirtOverSlacks: A translucent, plastic-like skirt.
* {{Technopath}}: Cannot manipulate Earth's landscape when translated. Instead, her Creativity becomes this, allowing her to hack into computers and unlock doors.
* WingedHumanoid: When she uses her Angel Wings.

[[folder:William Dunbar]]
[[caption-width-right:200:[[SixthRangerTraitor You sexy idiot.]]]]
'''William Dunbar'''

->''"I'm not the kind of guy who likes to [[HilariousInHindsight steal the show]]."''

->Voiced by: Mathieu Moreau (French), David Gasman (English), Alexei Mayén (Latin American Spanish), Pablo Sevilla (European Spanish)

A transfer student exiled to Kadic Academy in Season 2 for spamming love notes. His primary function during the first half of his tenure is to act as a RomanticFalseLead for Yumi and lampshade Ulrich's [[CannotSpitItOut inability to spit it out]] in the process. William's assistance in foiling several of XANA's schemes on the real-world side proves critical in Season 3, though, and after he confides to the Team that [[PsychicDreamsForEveryone he is starting to dream about elements of his adventures that should have been erased with the Return to the Past]], the Lyoko Warriors reluctantly (but unanimously) take him on as their newest member. [[SixthRangerTraitor It goes downhill from there.]] [[NotHimself Mind-controlled by XANA]] (and [[HulkSpeak stripped of his higher vocabulary in the process]]), William spends the majority of Season 4 as the Lyoko Warriors' most consistent virtual threat. He gets better, but the show ends two episodes later, and on kind of a harsh note for him.
* TheAtoner: Subverted; he attempts to be this in season 4 finale, but is rejected by the Lyoko Warriors. [[spoiler:Played straight in ''Series/CodeLyokoEvolution''.]]
* ChekhovsGunman: He starts off as a minor character and a RomanticFalseLead for Yumi before becoming the SixthRanger to the Lyoko Warriors. And then becoming TheDragon for the remainder of Season 4.
* TheDeterminator: He ''never'' gives up on seducing Yumi, even after all that happened by the end of the show.
* FlashbackNightmare: William has dreams about things that should have been erased with the Return to the Past -- one of the factors that led to his becoming a Lyoko Warrior.
* HeelFaceDoorSlam: Sadly, after freeing him, all Lyoko Warriors but Aelita have difficulties forgiving him for what he did under XANA's control (despite Aelita pointing out [[NotHimself it wasn't his fault]] and it could have happened to any of them). It goes as far as when he attempts to redeem himself by helping them, Yumi violently rejects him and refuses he'd come on Lyoko, arguing XANA might seize the opportunity to control him again. [[spoiler:[[NiceJobBreakingItHero Ironically, this is exactly what happens... except XANA is able to control him through a tower because he is still on Earth. Nice job, Yumi!]]]]
* LeeroyJenkins: This is what causes him to end up possessed by XANA, he got too caught up in battling XANA's monsters, and thought he could take on the Scyphozoa...Quite simply put, he couldn't.
* LoveMakesYouCrazy: "Makes me totally insane."
* MrFanservice: Completely intentional on his part.
* NewTransferStudent: He got expelled from his old school for spamming love notes.
* PromotionToOpeningTitles: When he becomes a villain.
* ReformedButRejected: In the finale. He isn't present when the supercomputer is shut down, but he seems to have at least managed to return to being on civil terms with Yumi.
* RomanticFalseLead: To Yumi. In his first appearance, she seems to give back some of his feelings, but she gets annoyed by his StalkerWithACrush attitude as the show goes on. By season 3, it's made quite clear he never had any chance with her to begin with.
* SixthRanger: Joins the Lyoko Warriors at the end of Season 3...
* SixthRangerTraitor: ...only to be possessed by XANA on his first mission and ends up as TheDragon for Season 4.
* StalkerWithACrush: His approach to Yumi gives off this vibe. He's harmless, but annoyingly persistent.
Lyoko Avatar
* AllYourPowersCombined: His SuperSmoke power allows him to move as fast as Ulrich, fly like Aelita and can be used the same way as Yumi's telekinesis.
* BattleCry: "FOR XANA!"
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: XANA's possession makes him more than a little unhinged.
* CoolSword: He uses a ''Franchise/FinalFantasy''-style Buster Sword.
* TheDragon: To XANA.
* EvilCostumeSwitch: After being possessed.
* FacialMarkings: An Eye of XANA on the forehead.
* FetalPositionRebirth: At the end of Season 3, XANA resurrects him after Lyoko is destroyed, and he's seen floating above the void in this position.
* FightingFromTheInside: Attempts this during "The Lake", where he tries to fight off XANA's control, but fails. He has more minor cases in other episodes, but these only last for a second or two at most.
* FingerlessGloves
* HardLight: When "translated" on Earth.
* HulkSpeak: His usual speech when under XANA, though he is quite capable of speaking in complete sentences. It's just that, like with most of XANA's forces, he rarely has ''reason'' to talk.
* HydePlaysJekyll: Does it twice to trick Aelita early on in his possession (the first time was when he returned as XANA's new minion, and the second time was him playing off a failed program to free him from XANA).
* MadeOfIron: Could take a ridiculous amount of punishment in season 4, requiring several strikes from Yumi's fans and Odd's arrows or a fully charged-up Force Field from Aelita to be taken down.
* MarkOfTheBeast: The Eye of XANA.
* MasterOfAll: To a ridiculous degree. He not only has the most powerful and versatile hand-to-hand weapon of the Lyoko warriors (which basically one-shots monsters and avatars alike with a swing and can even shoot RazorWind), but he also has a special ability that turns him invulnerable and allows him to do ''everything'' his friends can do without any drawback. And if it is not enough, he also possesses a buckler-like bracer to deflect and return physical attacks.
* NonchalantDodge: Even when not using his Super Smoke, he's a master of this.
* PowerFloats: While XANA is controlling him, he has the ability to levitate.
* PsychicPowers: [[MindOverMatter Telekinesis]], Far Sight.
* SensualSpandex: Much more so in Season 4, in an inversion of EvilIsSexy.
* SuperSmoke: TropeNamer.
* SwordBeam: Can fire these RazorWind-style out of his [[{{BFS}} Zweihander]]
* SwordDrag: Though, if you had a sword that big, you'd probably drag it as well.
* ThemeMusicPowerUp: Whenever XANA's theme starts playing, you know he's about to kick some serious ass.
* TookALevelInBadass / TookALevelInJerkass: Oddly enough, his fanbase got much bigger after this. Granted, he went from [[DieForOurShip an annoying rival to Ulrich]] to a [[EvilIsCool badass villain]], so that might be actually understandable.
* VoiceOfTheLegion: As is standard with XANA possessions, he has his own voice accompanied by a demonic echo.
* WeaponOfChoice: {{BFS}}.


[[caption-width-right:200:[[BigBad Instant evil]], [[FacelessEye just add symbol]].]]
'''XANA''' (X.A.N.A.)

->''[[LogicBomb "NOT LOGICAL!]] [[VoiceOfTheLegion NOT LOGICAL!"]]''

This malevolent A.I. is the [[BigBad main antagonist]]. Created by Franz Hopper to counter "Project Carthage", he [[TurnedAgainstTheirMasters rebelled against his creator]] and was [[SealedEvilInACan sealed in the Supercomputer]] some 10 years before the start of the series. His true motivations are unknown, but he is hostile to humanity, and to the Lyoko Warriors in particular. He regularly attacks the real world through the Lyoko Towers. Being a program, he has [[HeWhoMustNotBeSeen no definite shape]] and manifests through the ever-present logo (or Eye of XANA) and the monsters on the Lyoko Sectors. He tries to escape the Supercomputer throughout Season 2 so that the heroes can no longer defeat him by [[CutTheJuice cutting the juice]], and after doing so he attempts to conquer the world in Season 4 by creating an [[MechaMooks army of robots]].
* AIIsACrapshoot: XANA started off as a relatively simple AI, but gradually became more intelligent and malicious as time went on.
* ArchEnemy: To the Lyoko Warriors and Franz Hopper. More personally, he seems to really ''hate'' Jérémie.
* TheBadGuyWins: [[spoiler:He partially succeeds in the season 1 finale by preventing Aelita's escape from the Supercomputer. Seasons 2 and 3 end with him fully reaching his goals (respectively escaping the Supercomputer and destroying Lyoko).]]
* BigBad: He is the only villain in the entire series (if one doesn't count ''[[Series/CodeLyokoEvolution Evolution]]'').
* CardCarryingVillain: Judging by the song he used to hypnotize all of Kadic in "Killer Music" titled: "Glad When You're Bad".
* CharacterDevelopment: Ironically for a never-seen character, he gets lots of it throughout the series. His goals shift along with time according to the situation, his schemes become more complex, and his power increasing allow for varied and subtler tactics. As the series progress, he goes from something in the vein of a GenericDoomsdayVillain in season 1 to a skilled MagnificentBastard by the end of the show.
* TheChessmaster: Not as much initially, but as the series progresses, he starts developing more complex schemes.
* TheCracker: He has access to any computer network in the world and can manipulate electricity.
* CrazyPrepared: [[spoiler:The Lyoko Warriors are attempting to destroy his [[SoulJar Replikas' supercomputers]] in order to cut down his resources? He has infected ''hundreds'' of them all over the world.]]
* EnemyMine: In "Marabounta" with the Lyoko Warriors.
* EvilCannotComprehendGood: In season 1; due to his intelligence being based on pure logic, he is unable to understand why Jérémie would go into the scanners (something that is stated to terrify the young [[PlayfulHacker hacker]]) to save his friends. However, he is also notable for being one of the few villains to ''learn'' from it; in a later season 2 episode, he anticipates Aelita's HeroicSacrifice and takes advantage of it.
* EvilPlan: Downplayed. Other than "self-preservation" he doesn't seem to have an over-arching scheme; the trouble he causes in real life during the first season is meant to kill the kids who could shut him down whenever they wanted, which tends to cause a lot of collateral damage. Once Season 2 starts up, however, XANA ''does'' end up forming a long-term plan. He intends to subjugate the world via an army of robots, which he can't do while he's restricted to one supercomputer, and kill/disable the Lyoko Warriors since they're the only people who actually know about him. As seen in TheBadGuyWins above, he comes very close to fulfilling this plan.
* FacelessEye: His trademark symbol.
* HeWhoMustNotBeSeen: He doesn't even ''have'' a body to begin with.
* InstantAIJustAddWater: Justified, Franz made XANA and gave him the ability to evolve, before he learned that XANA was becoming too smart.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[ "XANA Attack"]]. It gets remixed several times.
* ManipulativeBastard: Though he has issues understanding emotions, he is still smart enough to develop various schemes based on emotional manipulation. As the series progress, he gradually becomes better at it, eventually going near to the MagnificentBastard level.
* MasterComputer: Seasons 1-2.
* NobleDemon: Tend to change a lot DependingOnTheWriter, but XANA will occasionally display noble behavior:
** Hinted in "Marabounta"; after teaming up with the Lyoko Warriors against the common threat, they expect him to turn against them, but his monsters instead politely bow to them before retreating without any fight.
** [[spoiler: ... but then has no problem betraying Jérémie in their second team-up in the next episode.]]
** Similarly, in "Ultimatum", when he attempts to blackmail the Lyoko Warriors into delivering Aelita to him by taking Odd and Yumi as hostages, he doesn't attempt to kill them until it's clear Jérémie refused, and even shows concern with keeping them alive.
** Also when XANA possessed Jim and attacked Jérémie in "Final Mix", he merely restrained Jérémie when he quite easily could have killed him. Of course, this was before XANA grew to ''despise'' Jérémie.
* NoNonsenseNemesis: Once his attacks start up, he does not pull his punches in either causing as much destruction as possible or fulfilling his objectives. The fact that he's TheVoiceless means that he doesn't bother wasting his time with say, a BreakingSpeech or a MotiveRant unless his plans ''specifically'' require them. And when he IS talking or having his minions speak, it's usually WHILE they're still doing their job, so he's clearly capable of multi-tasking.
* NothingIsScarier: ''Seriously''. The heroes are fighting an enemy trying his best to kill them who they ''never'' see, who rarely communicates with them. Still, he's obviously there, and it can clearly be terrifying at times. (Although, the few times he ''does'' confront them personally, it's even ''scarier''.)
* PragmaticVillain: Such as in "Marabounta" where he teams up with the Lyoko Warriors to destroy the title Marabounta, not to save the Lyoko Warriors, but to save himself and Aelita, since XANA needs her memory to escape the Supercomputer. Also shown in "Hot Shower" where he [[spoiler:destroys the piece of a comet he was going to use to destroy the factory and the Supercomputer, not out of pity, but because Aelita was devirtualized from Lyoko and he needed Aelita alive and on Lyoko to lure out Franz Hopper]].
* RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver: His symbol is a red eye on a black background.
* SealedEvilInACan: The Supercomputer being the Can. Though it only truly imprisons him when you shut it down; when active, it still prevents him from escaping, but not from wreaking havoc.
* SlidingScaleOfRobotIntelligence: Nobel (to maybe Godlike by Season 4).
* SoulJar: His Replikas' supercomputers in season 4 serve as this to him.
* StalkerWithoutACrush: He/She/It follows the main gang, learning vital information about them in order to manipulate their feelings and behavior to his/her/its advantage.
* TaughtByExperience: At first, his attacks were for the most part, random [[MonsterOfTheWeek disasters]] that never really served a greater purpose. Thanks to the fact that he got stronger and smarter from each usage of the [[ResetButton Return to the Past]], he began to learn from each of his mistakes, becoming a much deadlier manipulator and setting up clear goals for himself.
* TurnedAgainstTheirMasters: He's been trying to kill his creator for the better part of 10 years.
* UltimateEvil: Besides the FacelessEye, he never uses any kind of Lyoko form, and the closest thing to a physical form that he has in the real world is as a massive billowing cloud of slimy, black smoke.
* VillainousBreakdown: Has one toward the end of Season 1, in the episode "Ghost Channel", where the above quote comes from.
* TheVoiceless: With the exception of the parts in "Ghost Channel" [[spoiler:where he impersonate Jérémie]] and "Franz Hopper" [[spoiler:where he seemingly expresses himself through Hopper's clone]], we never hear him talking. And even then, it's unclear if it is actually him talking.
* XanatosGambit: Any of his plans involving massive damages or witnesses in the first two seasons can be considered as such: even if the Lyoko Warriors successfully stop his attack, they are forced to use the Return to the Past to erase the event, making XANA stronger in the process.

[[folder:Lyoko Monsters]]
[[caption-width-right:200:Polite, efficient, deadly.....for the most part.]]
'''Lyoko Monsters'''

The dozen or so models of virtual monsters that XANA uses to defend activated towers and other important locations on Lyoko:

* ''Guardians'' (''Gardiens'') -- Not actually monsters, but force fields designed to trap a victim on Lyoko while XANA confused the heroes with tangentially-related real-world shenanigans. Used twice in Season 1 and shelved afterwards.
* ''Roachsters''[[note]]Season one only, Kankrelats from season two on[[/note]] (''Kankrelats'') -- As close to TheGoomba as you'll get from XANA, these mollusk-like critters have a basic design: legs, a laser cannon housing, an Eye of XANA on its carapace and little else. They often make up for their lack of individual strength with ZergRush tactics; their small size also allow them to hide and act as [[ColdSniper snipers]]. The first of two monsters to be fielded in the real world (in "False Start"). Quickly evolved into the PluckyComicRelief among the monsters with their tendency for being TooDumbToLive. However, even as late as the third and fourth seasons, they still occasionally devirtualize a Lyoko Warrior, particularly Yumi in one case (having popped out from behind a rock). Notably the only monster to have one and only one attack; they have a basic laser shot, but unlike all other monsters, they don't have some sort of special attack.
* ''Hornets'' (''Frelions'') -- The AirborneMooks of Lyoko, looking like giant wasps with ten wings. They fly around, shoot lasers from their stingers, drip acid at close range ([[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness only in Season One]]), and make the Lyoko Warriors suffer for not having a dedicated anti-air weapon.
* ''Bloks'' -- Walking cubes slightly taller than one of the heroes, supported on six crustacean legs connected to an underslung base. The four side faces are marked with Eyes of XANA on white hemispheres -- one is the actual weak point, while the other three fire lasers, ice rays, and rings of fire respectively. The ice rays can paralyze the targets or devirtualize them if they're low on Life Points. The fire rings are the least often used, though both Ulrich and Odd got devirtualized by them in "The Secret". Notably, they seem to be more intelligent than the other monsters; ambushing Lyoko Warriors by using their gripping legs to hide on the sides of cliffs, for example.
* ''[[GiantEnemyCrab Krabes]]'' -- These four-legged, lanky six-eyed beasts deliver powerful laser attacks from both their eye arrays and underbellies. They sometimes also try to skewer the heroes with their pointy legs. Krabes are the first monster type to be deployed ''en masse'' ("The Chips Are Down", in which a line of several dozen guards the tower) and the second (and final) type to be deployed on Earth ("A Bad Turn").
* ''Megatanks'' (''Mégatanks'') -- A deathly powerful area denial weapon, these things consist of an arc-laser emitter cocooned within two indestructible shell halves which expand and contract to allow firing, connected by hydraulics and flesh. Their attacks are arguably powerful enough to destroy Towers with enough concentrated fire (as attempted during Aelita's first transfer out of Lyoko in "Code: Earth"), but can be resisted with a couple of the Lyoko Warriors' weapons. They also move very fast by closing their shell and rolling on themselves, not hesitating to [[IndyEscape crush any unlucky hero in their path]]. They don't seem to have brakes, though, and often go flying off the Sector if they start to charge.
* ''Tarantulas'' (''Tarentules'') -- XANA's apparent first attempt at [[MinMaxing min-maxing]] its monsters: they have more Life Points than any other monster barring the Scyphozoa (as of its Season 2 rollout), the Eye of XANA weak point is small and located at the back of the head, and their mobility is largely sacrificed for high-speed firing of the [[ArmCannon laser cannon stubs on their arms]]. Their threat at first was immense, as a single one devirtualized ''every'' Lyoko Warrior in one go; later though, the team has learned to deal with them, and they aren't nearly as dangerous.
* ''Scyphozoa'' (''la Méduse'') -- XANA's first [[TheDragon Dragon]], looking like a levitating giant jellyfish. It eschews direct attacking for wrapping its tentacles around Aelita and attempting to crack her NeuroVault open. Other notable targets include Yumi (to force a variant FriendOrIdolDecision by making Aelita transfer her own materialization code to replace Yumi's deleted version), William (to make him the new Dragon), and the ''Skidbladnir'' (to sabotage its shield regeneration). It normally retreats when it is rendered unable to gain what it came for, only being destroyed once in "The Lake" when it is overloaded, but XANA just makes another.
* ''Creepers'' (''Rampants'') -- Worm-like monstrosities that inhabit Sector 5 exclusively, where they WallCrawl at will. The unique laser cannon in their mouth is more powerful on average than those of other monsters. Notable for being one of the few enemies that explodes in a large quantity of LudicrousGibs.
* ''Mantas'' -- White-and-blue manta rays [[FlyingSeafoodSpecial that "swim" through the air]] and [[NoisyNature shriek like hawks]]. As if XANA didn't have enough air superiority, these {{Giant Flyer}}s hatch from the Celestial Dome surrounding Sector 5 and can deploy practically everywhere to shoot the regular lasers or poop deadly multi-terrain mines. William gains a black one as steed when under XANA's servitude.
* ''Kongres'' -- Eel-like monsters that antagonize the heroes in the Digital Sea. Have MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily.
* ''Sharks'' (''Rekins'') -- [[EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks Shark-like monsters]] also native to the Digital Sea. Fire torpedoes instead of lasers.
* ''Kalamar'' -- Only seen once in the Digital Sea, it attempted to [[ThisIsADrill drill]] through the ''Skid'''s hull.
* ''Kolossus'' (''le Kolosse'') -- XANA's last-minute GiantMook, appearing as a towering [[VolcanicVeins Lava]] {{Golem}} with [[BladeBelowTheShoulder a blade for a left arm]]. It foregos standard lasers to crush the Lyoko Warriors and the ''Skidbladnir'' with sheer physical power. It is harder to kill than most monsters, having two Eyes of XANA that must be hit simultaneously to destroy it.
* '''Video-game monsters''' -- The Volcano Replika and other locales in the ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko'' video games give XANA several extra additions to its bestiary, from lanky ''Insekts'' to hardy ''Volcanoids'' to the first DS game's FinalExamBoss ''Scorpion''.
** ArtificialStupidity: The monsters occasionally commit ridiculous mistakes, sometimes even shooting each other. This is lampshaded in "Marabounta", where Odd, while [[spoiler:giving instructions to some of the Blocks XANA sent to help them against the Marabounta]], mentions that "the only thing stupider than one Blok is two Bloks". In many respects this seems to be due to being somewhat literal-minded and overly obedient. They seem to stick to their given goal or objective even when it's clear that isn't working. For example, when given the task of forming a firing line between the enemy and an activated tower, they do exactly that but seem at a loss for what to do when the line is broken or when the enemy receive vehicle support that make them capable of going over the wall. Or as mentioned below, when ordered to search for and destroy the Lyoko Warriors, they continue to do so even if it prevents them from meeting a much worse fate like falling into the digital sea.
** AttackItsWeakPoint: No matter how much life points they have, it is possible to [[OneHitKill kill them instantly]] if you manage to hit the part of their body marked with the Eye of XANA. The only known exceptions to this rule are the Kolossus (who [[spoiler:you need to hit on ''both'' of his two marks]]) and the Scyphozoa (who does react and fly away when hit, but doesn't die).
** DefeatEqualsExplosion: They explode upon dying, although the conflagration is unharming to others.
** DemotedToExtra:
*** The Megatanks got hit with this during Season 4, only appearing in two episodes. This was probably due to their OneHitKill lasers being a StoryBreakerPower concerning the Replika plotline, which was displayed in Episode 73, where their firepower was enough that Jérémie had to reroute energy from the supercomputer itself just to make sure that the [[CoolShip Skidbladnir]] wouldn't be instantly destroyed.
*** The Hornets would also suffer from this during Season 4, only appearing in three episodes (79, 81, and 83), and were replaced by the Mantas whenever an aerial monster was needed.
** DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: Some of the monsters's weapon design clearly evokes... bodily processes. Mantas excrete their flying landmines through a visible orbicular hole in their rear end, Krabes fire their vertical lasers from between their legs, and Hornets can squirt liquid from their lower body stingers.
** EpilepticFlashingLights: Whenever they're wounded.
** FrickinLaserBeams: All monsters, with the exception of the unique ones (Scyphozoa, Kalamar, Kolossus), primarily attack that way. Apart from the Kankrelats, though, they all have unique methods of attack as well.
** HitPoints: Unlike the Lyoko Warriors, who all have 100 Lifepoints, the monsters all have varying amounts. Tarantulas have the most, while Kankrelats have the least.
** ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy: They ''do'' gets some shot to the heroes, and even sometimes succeeds in devirtualizing them, but most of the time, they miss their target, especially when said target is Aelita.
** TheJuggernaut: The Kolossus.
** NiceJobFixingItVillain: It has happened for the monsters to keep firing on a hero about to fall in the Digital Sea -- thus saving him or her from being stuck by timely devirtualization.
** MechaMooks: Well, mecha-and-flesh mooks. Or just something completely different -- XANA is suprisingly creative in design for an AI program.
** NoBodyLeftBehind: They explode when killed and don't even leave a trace.
** PowersAsPrograms: Justified, since they literally are programs. XANA is able to manipulate them exactly in that fashion: downloading them, modifying them, copying them, etc.
** RoboCam: They apparently see through the XANA eye, with the exception of Tarantulas, who seem to see through the little red slits on their nose.
** SlidingScaleOfRobotIntelligence: Bricks (except the Scyphozoa). Bloks seem to have some degree of intelligence, curiously enough, as they have been seen glancing at one another and emitting confused noises when a Lyoko Warrior evades them, and ambushing them from unexpected angles.
** TheSpeechless: They do not seem to have human intelligence, and do not speak beside shrieking, roaring or other unintelligible sounds.
** SuperDrowningSkills: With the exception of the Kongres, the Sharks and the Kalamar. Justified though, since this is Lyoko, where falling in the Digital Sea equals being disintegrated for them. Landbound monsters can sink in ordinary bodies of water that you can find on the Ice Sector, but as they are designed to work in land, their performance in water tends to be disastrous.
** TopHeavyGuy: The Kolossus has short, stubby legs compared to its massive upper body.
** WeHaveReserves: XANA can create as much of them as he wants, so he has no qualm about sacrificing them if necessary.
** XtremeKoolLetterz: Most of their names are normal words in French and English, just modified with these to make them look cool. Kankrelat, for example, is just the French word for "cockroach," except with all of the "Cs" replaced with "Ks". Justified since Odd's the one who named them and everyone just ran with it.

[[caption-width-right:200:Will not disrupt household appliances.]]

Artificial smoke-beings created by XANA through an activated Lyoko Tower to cause havoc on Earth. At first they were only able to take control of inanimate objects or machines, but as XANA gained in power they started [[BodySnatcher taking over animals or even humans]]. The possessed ones (often labeled as "[=XANAfied=]") can be recognized by the [[MindControlEyes XANA symbol in their eyes]]. The Specters confer them some special powers, like NighInvulnerability (they can still be knocked out if taken by surprise, and are vulnerable to electricity or EMP), SuperStrength, WallCrawl, ShockAndAwe... and [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands others as the series progresses]]. Alternatively they can control many animals or people, but then fewer special powers are gained because XANA's energy is diluted.
* BodySnatcher
* GlamourFailure
* HulkSpeak: Sometimes; some of them have been shown to be perfectly able to deliver real sentences. Most often, it just seems like XANA doesn't feel like wasting time to make them talk, only doing so if it is deemed necessary.
* IntangibleMan
* MindControlEyes
* NighInvulnerability
* RoboCam
* ShockAndAwe
* SlidingScaleOfRobotIntelligence: Monkey to Average-Joe.
* SpeedEchoes
* SuperStrength
* VoiceOfTheLegion
* WalkOnWater
* WallCrawl
* WetwareBody

[[folder:Polymorphic Clones]]
'''Polymorphic Clones'''

An advanced form of XANA's Specters, the Polymorphic Clones have no need for a host and can take a human shape by themselves. They can copy many appearances, most often of the Lyoko Warriors or some adult to sow division or attack by surprise. They have the same powers as a [=XANAfied=] human with the addition of [[VoluntaryShapeshifting shapeshifting]]. They solely appeared on Earth, with the exception of one going to Lyoko through a scanner by replacing Odd in the episode "Revelation". Jérémie mastered the technology in Season 4 to create a short-lived clone of himself, and then a [[ReplacementGoldfish replacement for William]]. Both of Jérémie's clones, however, have a strange programming flaw: their personalities are partially inverted compared to the originals. The Jérémie Clone is an insufferable Odd-like KidAnova, while the William Clone is [[TheDitz dumb as a sack of bricks]].
* ArtificialHuman
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: The prototype Clone in season 1 couldn't shapeshift and was rather terrible at impersonating Yumi, blowing its cover rather quickly. By season 2, XANA seems to have perfected them, and they are more than capable to fool not only the civilians, but also sometimes the Lyoko Warrios themselves.
* {{Doppelganger}}
* GlamourFailure: If you catch their HellishPupils.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: The Polymorphic Clones technically didn't appear until season 2, but season 1 had an episode where XANA did try something of a prototype by sending a Specter assuming the appearance of Yumi on Earth while the real Yumi was kept inside a Guardian.
* HardLight
* HellishPupils: Would you consider XANA's [[FacelessEye symbol]] to be anything less than this?
* HulkSpeak: Averted; most Polymorphic Clones that have been seen can articulate perfect sentences if needed, and just growl while fighting.
* IntangibleMan: They're usually solid, but can become intangible along with a blur of static, letting blows just go through them.
* KissMeImVirtual: XANA's first perfected one went around making out with people on campus in an attempt to drive a wedge into the group. It worked on Aelita due to her [[NoSocialSkills lack of social skills]] at the time, but everyone else managed to figure out the trick after the initial shock.
* NighInvulnerability: Barely anything can keep these things down for long. Electrical impulses seem to work the best, but even that's temporary. They can only be stopped if the tower powering them is shut down.
* RoboCam
* ShockAndAwe
* SlidingScaleOfRobotIntelligence: Average-Joe (though William's is more of a Monkey).
* SpeedEchoes
* SpotTheImposter: Mainly by telling if they have HellishPupils or not.
* SuperSmoke
* SuperStrength
* VoiceOfTheLegion
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: What sets them apart from XANA's other specters. They do not need a body or medium to work otherwise, and can change their appearance however they please.

!Kadic Academy

[[folder:In General]]
* AdultsAreUseless: Usually played straight, but adverted with Jim, who occasionally helps a lot [[spoiler:(the season 1 finale being the best example)]], and Franz Hopper, whose position as the BigGood ensure him being useful.
* BoardingSchool
* JuniorHigh
* MeaningfulName: "Kadic", for sci-fi author Creator/PhilipKDick, who was the physical inspiration for Franz Hopper.

[[folder:Élisabeth "Sissi" Delmas]]
[[caption-width-right:200:[[HopelessSuitor ULRIIII]][[CatchPhrase IIIICH!]]]]
'''Élisabeth''' (Elizabeth) '''"Sissi" Delmas'''

->''"I'm the star, the diva of the school!"''

->Voiced by: Carole Baillien (French), Jody Forrest (English), Gaby Ugarte (Latin American Spanish, Seasons 1-2), Adriana Núñez (Latin American Spanish, Seasons 3-4), Cristina Yuste (European Spanish)

Daughter of Kadic Academy principal Jean-Pierre Delmas. She can have practically any boy at school -- but she wants Ulrich, who'd rather have nothing to do with her despite (or maybe because) [[UnluckyChildhoodFriend they'd known each other since childhood]]. To separate Ulrich from Yumi ([[JustFriends not that they're actually together, honest]]), Sissi makes a variety of attempts to undermine the bonds of friendship between the Lyoko Warriors. These often manifest as attempts to administratively separate them through her power as a one-girl AbsurdlyPowerfulStudentCouncil or the use of blackmail material to buy her way into the group. Either way, she has the potential to sow a greater division than XANA himself. The prequel two-parter "XANA Awakens" reveals that she had initially been in on the Lyoko Warriors' secret, but her memories of the Supercomputer's activation were wiped with a RTTP because she notified her father due to thinking her friends were in danger and a misunderstanding of betrayal occured. [[ShipTease Hints dropped]] from late Season 2 and through Season 4 seem to reinforce {{Fanon}} that Sissi could be perfectly content with Odd -- so long as she doesn't realize it's a Bohemian like him that she connects with.
* AbhorrentAdmirer: A toned-down example toward Ulrich; unlike the usual, he doesn't reject her because she is ugly (she is actually quite attractive), but because he feels she is a BrainlessBeauty and an extremely annoying StalkerWithACrush.
* AbsurdlyPowerfulStudentCouncil: A one-person version, solely by virtue of being the principal's daughter.
* ActionSurvivor: Just try to count the numerous XANA attacks she was directly involved in that she survived.
* AlphaBitch: Though becomes a LovableAlphaBitch through CharacterDevelopment.
* BareYourMidriff: She wears a belly-shirt everywhere.
* BathingBeauty: She is said to take up to three showers a day, and she spends lots of time in them.
* BigSisterInstinct: As often as she picks on them, Sissi is actually very protective of Milly and Tamiya during XANA's attacks. "Attack of the Zombies" makes a point of this.
* BrainlessBeauty: Or so she comes across; she's actually smarter than she seems.
* BrattyTeenageDaughter: To Principal Delmas. The poor man is just a little too good-natured to really do anything about it.
* ButtMonkey: She has awful luck, and everyone seems to dislike her to some extent. But she mostly brings it on herself.
* CatchPhrase: "Cretin(s)!"
* CharacterDevelopment: Becomes a progressively better person throughout seasons 1, 2, and 4 ([[DemotedToExtra not so much season 3.]])
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: In many of the earlier Season 1 episodes scripted (though aired out of order), she was very malicious and more effective in her manipulation and antagonism. But then the writers decided to soften her, and she became the bumbling comedic ditz that we're all familiar with.
* ClingyJealousGirl: Where Ulrich is concerned. It annoys the hell out of him, since they're not together and it gives people the wrong idea.
* DefrostingIceQueen: She's way more openly antagonistic to the main group in Season 1. Come Season 2, she's warmed up to them quite a bit.
* DemotedToExtra: In Season 3 and 4, especially 3 (she becomes relevant again late into Season 4).
* DependingOnTheWriter: The level of sympathy her character is treated with changes from episode to episode; shown moreso in Seasons 2 and 4 (where she was sympathetic in the majority of her appearances) than 1 and 3 (where she... wasn't, though she did have moments in 1 and Season 3 saw her DemotedToExtra).
* {{Determinator}}: Her level of commitment is either admirable or frightening.
* DoNotCallMePaul: "It's ''Sissi''! Not ''Élisabeth''!"
* DungeonmastersGirlfriend: She ends up playing this role whenever she joins the party, even though she's not romantically involved with any of them.
* FriendlyEnemies: She and the gang are mostly very civil and casual with each other throughout Season 4. It only stops (temporarily) toward the end when her old suspicions consume her again.
* GreenEyedMonster: She's insanely jealous of Yumi due to Ulrich's crush on her and her general status as TheAce.
* HairDecorations: Her headband.
* HiddenDepths: More and more episodes show this as the show goes on, particularly how surprisingly selfless she can be during XANA attacks, very often helping other people even at risk to herself. [[spoiler: Even the misunderstanding that got her kicked out of the Lyoko gang was based upon frantic concern for their wellbeing.]]
* HopelessSuitor: Even ''before'' Yumi entered the scene, it was clear Ulrich had no interest in dating her.
* HormoneAddledTeenager: She's a little ''too'' amorous for her age, even.
* InformedAttribute: Stated by Ulrich to be a DudeMagnet in the prequel; however, the number of boys seen actually hitting on her onscreen doesn't exceed three (Two of them being [[KidAnova Odd]] and [[AbhorrentAdmirer Hervé]], and the third being a one-shot character who forgot about her as soon as he saw Yumi), and minor characters have been shown to be pretty aware of her being a BrainlessBeauty. In fact, Yumi technically gets more attention from boys than she does.
* ItsAllAboutMe: Her usual attitude, though see HiddenDepths above.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: She's a bratty, self-absorbed snob, but she's a decent person deep down. And she does genuinely care for Ulrich, even if she has a funny way of showing it.
* LittleMissSnarker: She can't say two sentences without something snarky coming out.
* LingerieScene: She's in her underwear about as often as Yumi is in the bathtub.
* TheLoad: Sometimes, but [[SubvertedTrope sometimes not]]; it all depends on the situation.
* LovableAlphaBitch: Post-CharacterDevelopment.
* LoveDodecahedron: At least three sides of it.
* {{Malaproper}}: Frequently, one of the many signs that she's not very bright.
* MissingMom: WordOfGod states that Sissi's mother is alive, but lives away from Sissi and her father. She is never seen or mentioned in the show.
* MsFanservice: When she's not in a LingerieScene, she's dressed to play this to the hilt.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Only adults ever call her "Élisabeth", and she hates that. Everybody else calls her "Sissi".
* OutOfFocus: From Season 3 up until near the end of Season 4 (when the gang's suspicious activities increases to such a level that she can't ignore it anymore).
* ScreamingWoman: Played straight when she's confronted to XANA's latest attack. Parodied in "End of Take", where "AAAAAHH" is her sole line in James Finson's movie.
* ShipTease: With Odd, particularly in Season 2's "Déjà Vu" and Season 4's "Kadic Bombshell" and "Bad Connection".
* SkirtOverSlacks: In Seasons 1-3 this is her standard outfit.
* SpoiledBrat: Her father is a ''huge'' pushover where she's concerned, which she takes advantage of mercilessly.
* StalkerWithACrush: Her crush on Ulrich tends to verge on this, as in some episodes she is willing to resort to things like blackmail and taking advantage on his LaserGuidedAmnesia to get him to date her. The fact she has apparently been trying to seduce him since ''Nursery School'', even though he never returned the affection, doesn't help. This tends to be toned down after her CharacterDevelopment.
* ThrowTheDogABone: On occasion, and [[spoiler:in the final episode, when the gang at last decides to make her an "official" friend. Also counts as EarnYourHappyEnding, as it feels like an ultimate reward for all the multiple times she's helped out but doesn't remember.]]
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: A rival ([[UnknownRival sort of]]) case with Yumi.
* UnknownRival: Yumi is mature enough to realize that Sissi is a HopelessSuitor, and thus a rivalry between them is barely acknowledged on her part.
* UnluckyChildhoodFriend: She knows Ulrich and has a crush on him since ''Nursery School''. Though the "friend" part remains unconfirmed, seeing how Ulrich didn't seem in good terms with her in the prequel.

[[folder:Jim Moralès]]
[[caption-width-right:200:[[MemeticMutation Not talking at the moment.]]]]
'''Jim Moralès'''

->''"[[SubvertedTrope Actually]], I'd be glad to talk about it, but I don't have the time!"''

->Voiced by: Frédéric Meaux (French), David Gasman (English), Luis Alfonso Padilla (Latin American Spanish, Seasons 1-2), Jorge Ornelas (Latin American Spanish, Seasons 3-4), Cholo Moratalla (European Spanish)

The Gym teacher and dormitory supervisor at Kadic Academy. A bit overweight and prone to speeches full of [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment redundancies]] and [[{{Malaproper}} malapropisms]], he's most often the [[PluckyComicRelief comic relief]]. But when [[LetsGetDangerous things get dangerous]] he can prove [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass extremely courageous]] and [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold fiercely protective of the children]]. Jim is sometimes the [[ButtMonkey butt of the students' practical jokes]], and as a result can be [[DrillSergeantNasty overly severe toward them]]. He's very suspicious of Team Lyoko, and ends up discovering the Factory several times, to have his memory erased by the [[ResetButton Returns to the Past]]. Starting with Season 2, whenever appropriate to the situation, his shtick is to mention one of the many jobs or hobbies he's supposed to have done in the past, from sewer worker to astronaut.... Though [[NoodleIncident some of these might be true]], most are probably [[TheMunchausen wild exaggerations]], as suggested in the episode named for his CatchPhrase.
* AmbiguouslyGay: Season 4 reveals his cellphone is pink and decorated with several hearts. Even ''Odd'' thought it was too girly.
* BadassTeacher: He doesn't appear to be one at first glance, but he can be.
* ButtMonkey: Even more so than Odd and Sissi, being subject to physical comedy at his expense as much as verbal comedy.
* CatchPhrase: "I'd rather not talk about it," when referring to the various jobs he had.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Most of time, he is portrayed as goofy, clumsy and a bit stupid, to the point even the students don't take him seriously. When given the chance, however, he can actually be competent.
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment
* DrillSergeantNasty: Possibly a parody. Apparently, he firmly believes he is this, forgetting he is just a gym teacher.
* ExpansionPackPast: Every time he talks about his past, he's got something new to add into the mix. No word on how much of it is true.
* GratuitousDiscoSequence
* IMinoredInTropology: Or rather, "I was a former Navy Seal/CIA operative/FBI agent, etc."
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Brash, hot-blooded, almost always angry, but he does care about the well-being of his students.
* LetsGetDangerous: On those rare occasions when he gets serious, he's a force to be reckoned with.
* {{Malaproper}}
* MultiethnicName: Has a Anglo-Saxon first name (if Jim is short for James) and a Spanish surname.
* TheMunchausen: Maybe. His various accounts of his previous life range from the interesting to the patently ridiculous, not to mention the sum of all them would probably require more than one lifetime to fit believably, but there's no actual proof that he's lying in any case.
* NoodleIncident: Over the span of his career... too many to count.
* PapaWolf: The students may not actually be his children but they're his students and by golly, he's going to protect them!
* PhonyVeteran: Some of the jobs he claims to have occupied are related to the Army, the Navy or some kind of secret service, including paranormal investigation. While we are never shown any proof that Jim lies in his life tales, the possibility of a man actually having done all those things (along with the rest of his tales) is admittedly very small.
* PluckyComicRelief: It goes to show [[AdultsAreUseless what kind of show this is]] that the old gym teacher plays this role.
* PointlessBandAid: Under his left eye. He probably thinks it makes him look tough.
* ProperlyParanoid: He is firmly convinced the Lyoko Warriors are doing something behind everyone's back, an impression Delmas only sees as paranoia.
* SixthRanger: Temporarily, at the end of Season 1. But then he gets his memory erased when the gang go back in time.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: His surname is officially written as "Moralès", but some dubs spell it by the more regular form "Morales" (the difference being, respectively, "Mo-ra-LES" and "Mo-RA-les").
* TookALevelInKindness: In Season 1, Jim spent a lot more time trying to find out what the Lyoko warriors were hiding, which made him antagonistic to them in general, to the point of inadvertently causing Jérémie to fall down a flight of stairs. [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone This subsequently gets a horrified Jim fired]], but Jérémie decides to reveal the truth to Jim, as he was injured and needed Moralès to help. From this point forward, Jim seems to become a lot more lighthearted as a character, even after the ResetButton in the Season 1 finale. It's notable that Season 2 is what picks up on the "I'd rather not talk about it..." RunningGag.

[[folder:Hiroki Ishiyama]]
[[caption-width-right:200:The only AnnoyingYoungerSibling so far.]]
'''Hiroki Ishiyama'''

->''"YUUUUMIII, your boyfriend is here!"''

->Voiced by: Guylaine Gibert (French), Barbara Weber-Scaff (English), Gergei Mayén (Latin American Spanish)

[[AnnoyingYoungerSibling Yumi's younger brother]], appearing in Season 2 and joining the 6th grade at Kadic at the start of Season 3. He shows some [[HeroWorshipper hero-worship]] toward Ulrich, and constantly hounds his sister to date the Stern boy and admit her feelings for him. A bit of a crook, he often blackmails Yumi into doing his homework in exchange for not tattling to their parents when she's out saving the world. [[TagalongKid Unwittingly tagging along]] in some of XANA's attacks, he tends to be a dangerous distraction (in "A Bad Turn"), but also shows some useful skills (like picking locks in "Hot Shower"). He never keeps memories of this thanks to the Returns to the Past.
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: His sole role seems to be teasing Yumi about her relationship with Ulrich. To say she finds this annoying would be an understatement.
* BrattyHalfPint
* EveryoneKnowsMorse: He does have an excuse for this, though; he and Yumi learned it to talk in secret at the table.
* RememberTheNewGuy: Hiroki is nowhere to be seen in season 1, even though we see the Ishiyama household a few times. Even in "Holiday in the Fog", when the family are going on vacation, Hiroki isn't seen in the car. Yet when he shows up in season 2, no-one draws attention to his sudden appearance.
* ShipperOnDeck: Of his sister and Ulrich, though it's mostly about teasing her.
* TagalongKid: He's completely in the dark regarding Lyoko, but occasionally participates in helping to curb the damage XANA causes in the real world.
* YoungEntrepreneur: In Season 4, he's shown selling Subdigitals tickets. He refuses to give any discounts.

[[folder:Franz Hopper]]
[[caption-width-right:200:[[BigGood The man by whom everything started.]]]]
'''Franz Hopper''' / '''Waldo Schaeffer'''

->''"Project Carthage was military program used to block enemy communication. [...] So I built the Supercomputer, created Lyoko, and last of all XANA, to destroy Carthage."''

->Voiced by: Arnaud Léonard (French), Paul Bandey (English, second season), Alan Wenger (English, third and fourth seasons), Víctor Delgado (Latin American Spanish), Pablo Sevilla (European Spanish)

Aelita's father, the creator of the Supercomputer, Lyoko and XANA. Also a former Science teacher at Kadic Academy.
* AmbiguouslyEvil: Throughout Season 2, when the Lyoko Warriors were researching his life, it became increasingly unclear as to whether or not he is a good guy or an insane madman, with Ulrich at one point suggesting that Hopper is, in a way, a second enemy to deal with. His design for a neuronal headset nearly kills Jérémie (which is why Ulrich brought him as an enemy), Aelita's flashbacks of him are extremely ominous in presentation, and the Polymorphic Specter of him has his personality down pat (Yumi honestly thinkst that the clone is the real deal). Not to mention how his sanity did in fact, [[SanitySlippage plummet]] during his research concerning Lyoko. It isn't until Aelita's memories are restored in the Season 2 finale that Hopper is confirmed to be on the side of the Lyoko Warriors, and he is firmly seen as the BigGood from that point onward.
* BadassBookworm: He rarely manifest in person, but when he does, it almost always result in him doing something awesome to help the Lyoko Warriors. ''[[BigBad XANA]]'' considered him enough of a threat to ''miss a chance to destroy the Supercomputer and Lyoko Warriors for good'' if that meant not being able to deal with him.
* BallOfLightTransformation: Unlike other, rather than taking the form of a humanoid DigitalAvatar, Franz Hopper is permanently virtualized on Lyoko under the shape of a large, brilliant ball of light. In a flashback during Episode 57, his form consisted of a cluster of smaller balls of light.
* BigGood: Everything the heroes have to fight against XANA is thanks to Dr. Hopper. And he occasionally helps more directly if the situation calls for it.
* ColorCodedCharacters: White.
* TheGhost: A subversion. While he does technically have an onscreen appearance as his light ball avatar, there are no scenes of him as a human that aren't part of a flashback or an imitation by XANA. Given that the mentioned avatar is silent and traitless, it can be truthfully said that the viewer never gets to see Hopper actually interact with the main cast.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:Allows himself to be killed by Mantas while he diverts enough power to the Supercomputer to launch the Anti-XANA Program.]]
* KnightOfCerebus: Make no mistake, he's most certainly the BigGood, but episodes that directly involve him (In particular, his past concerning Project Carthage and TheMenInBlack) tend to delve into darker plot lines than normal.
* TheMentor: He serves this function to Jérémie, helping him to refine his programming and giving him data and better weapons with which to fight XANA.
* MysteriousPast: The specific details of his work concerning Project Carthage is never revealed, even when the show ends.
* NonActionGuy: [[DownplayedTrope Downplayed]]. His virtual form is not capable of direct combat, much like Aelita in the first two seasons and he's absent for most of the series. However, the data he gives to the Lyoko Warriors is critical in enabling them to continue fighting XANA, [[spoiler:and in the end, his HeroicSacrifice and compiling of the anti-XANA program effectively gives him more credit in defeating XANA]].
* OpaqueNerdGlasses: In life, he sported a pair of these.
* PapaWolf: XANA knows it, and [[BatmanGambit exploits it throughout Season 4]].
* PhlebotinumRebel: Franz Hopper created XANA to destroy "Project Carthage", which he was previously working on. Whether or not he succeeded in doing so is unknown.
* TheProfessor: In a roundabout way, thanks to his diaries.
* ProperlyParanoid: He suspected agents were following him while he was working on the Supercomputer. He was right.
* RealNameAsAnAlias: [[spoiler:Waldo Schaefer]], a.k.a. Franz Hopper, changed his monicker for his middle name and the maiden name of his wife.
* SanitySlippage: Suffered a heavy case of it during the creation of Lyoko. His abuse of the Return to the Past (He repeated the same day over ''2,500 times'' without rest) made him extremely paranoid, as seen in his diary, as well as having a delusion of grandeur, as he called the Supercomputer his 'Great Project'.
* StayingAlive: In the season two and four finales, [[spoiler:he sacrifices himself for Aelita. [[KilledOffForReal The Season 4 sacrifice seems definitive.]]]]
* TranshumanAliens: Hopper is permanently virtualized into Lyoko, and his avatar is a brilliant ball of light, rather than a humanoid like the other Lyoko Warriors.
* MadScientist: He built the Supercomputer, Lyoko and XANA on his own, and lost his marbles due to the strain of his experiments.
* VirtualGhost: Franz never bothered taking a corporeal form on Lyoko.
* TheVoiceless: While his voice ''is'' heard on screen, it's always either in a flashback, a recording, or a XANA trick. Hopper himself (in his present-day light ball form) is never heard to speak.

[[folder:William's Clone]]
[[caption-width-right:200:Clone William. Awwwwwww!]]
'''William's Clone'''

->''"To be specific, I'm a digitally-generated random polymorphic energy field controlled by a basic non-evolving behavioral program."''

->Voiced by: Mathieu Moreau (French), David Gasman (English), Alexei Mayén (Latin American Spanish), Pablo Sevilla (European Spanish)

A Polymorphic Clone created by Jérémie to replace William throughout season 4 while the latter is controlled by XANA, so that nobody at Kadic gets suspicious from his prolonged absence. The clone is close enough from the original to fool most people, although his programming isn't quite perfect, making him a LiteralMinded [[TheDitz Ditz]] -- and a big source of humor. Milly and Tamiya discovers something is amiss in episode "A Lack of Goodwill", and William's Parents quickly find out he's an impostor (in episode "Down to Earth"), just before William's return.
* ArtificialHuman: A copy made of HardLight. It's able to simulate humanity well enough.
* CannotTellALie: He was never programmed to lie. He'd respond truthfully to any question asked by anybody, including about his true nature -- although being quite stupid and literal-minded, it's probable he'd misinterpret the question. And while he's aware another William exists, he still responds to William's name, which can cause further confusion.
* CloningBlues: Averted. He's not self-aware enough to care that he's just a replacement doomed to disappear when the true William comes back.
* TheDitz: His artificial intelligence isn't quite advanced enough to make him act normal.
* {{Doppelganger}}: A rather... imperfect clone of William.
* HardLight: "Random polymorphic energy" to be precise, [[TechnoBabble whatever the hell that means.]]
* LiteralMinded: The most common expression of his ditziness:
-->'''Delmas:''' Well, Dunbar, my boy, I am glad to see your fever has broken and you're feeling well!\\
'''Clone William:''' Eh... did I break anything else?
* OtherMeAnnoysMe: If the possessed William looks annoyed at the sight of his clone, it's nothing compared to what the real one discovers it did to his reputation when he's finally free.
* ReplacementGoldfish: He tends to exemplify the "Goldfish" part more than the "Replacement" part.
* TechnoBabble: The above quote.
* UndyingLoyalty: To the Lyoko Warriors, so long as XANA can't control him. He even goes so far as to try to fight the real William in one episode (not with much success, unfortunately).

[[caption-width-right:320:[[TeamPet Friendly]], [[UndyingLoyalty loyal]], and a WalkingDisasterArea. [[ToiletHumor Housetraining not included]].]]

Odd's dog, which he brought secretly in Kadic and now hides inside his room with the help of Ulrich, since pets are forbidden at school. Kiwi tends to not do much besides eating, sleeping and in some occasion wreaking havoc in the room. Odd, however, is devoted to it.
* DogsAreDumb: If Jérémie's opinion is anything to go by.
* LoopholeAbuse: Used in one episode, where Jim finds out about Kiwi. When pointed out that pets are forbidden inside school, Odd notices that they are in the bus at this point, meaning they are technically outside school.
* OpenSecret: Pretty much every student at the school knows that Odd is keeping him in his room in defiance of the rules; Sissi even threatens to tell on him in one episode, but apparently changes her mind later.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Bordering on UglyCute at times.
* RobotMe: Kiwi has a robot duplicate built by Jérémie.
* TeamPet: To the Lyoko Warriors.