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The Kencyr peoples have been fighting the BigBad, Perimal Darkling, for 30,000 years of endless war and a [[HopelessWar very long string of defeats and withdrawals]]. They turned up on their current world, Rathillien, after the loss of two-thirds of their people, much of their knowledge, and their ancient artifacts of power. That was three thousand years ago, and things have been pretty much quiet since, especially away from the magical Barrier that holds the chaotic forces mostly at bay. Such long peace, even for the long-lived Kencyr, has left them divided and forgetting that their ancient enemy still lurks. Their warriors are now used mostly as mercenary soldiers, working in the employ of human rulers and fighting in their wars, the coin they earn a vital part of survival for a small people living in an impoverished land.

The catlike, telepathic Arrin-ken, the judges of Kencyr society, have withdrawn, their numbers severely depleted, to the mountains and isolation.

The Highborn people are greatly diminished in numbers as well, though the nine Major Houses still survive, some better than others; the legacy of ancient breeding programs for Shanir (god-touched, magical) powers has left their fertility poor, their women prone to death in childbirth, and the bloodlines of many Houses filled with nasty genetic traits for illness or madness.

The stolid Kendar people are cursed with the need to have a Highborn master, and are thus abused cruelly by many, even though their efforts, and their swords, keep the Kencyrath alive.


The house of Knorth has primacy over the others; its Lord is also Highlord of the entire Kencyrath, making them the effective royal house of the Kencyr. They're certainly RoyallyScrewedUp. There are only three [[RoyalBlood full-blooded Knorth Highborn]] left, which makes it the least populous House. Only one is female ?


Jame is the twin sister of Torisen, Highlord of the Kencyrath, and is the [[LastOfHisKind only full-blooded Knorth female]]. They're both the children of Ganth, the exiled last Highlord, and Jamethiel Dream-Weaver, consort of the arch-traitor Gerridon. Gerridon's plans involved training Jame to be the replacement for the aging Dream-Weaver, but Jame proved less than tractable. The story starts just after Jame's escape from him, with [[EasyAmnesia her memory of recent years gone]].

* ACupAngst -- a fact that Jame bemoans frequently. She's so flat that she gets mistaken for a boy all the time, and her master in the Thieves' Guild wasn't convinced otherwise by her '''stripping naked to the waist in front of him'''.
* ActionGirl -- Jame is seriously badass and has a bias towards action, toward doing things rather than holding back, to meeting challenges head-on.
* AntiHero -- of the type II "Disney Anti Hero" type, mostly. Jame has an intensely strong sense of right and honor. On the other hand, she can be shockingly cold and careless of others at times, and very self-centered; furthermore, she constantly knows how easy it would be to Fall, to give into the temptations of the Darkness that raised her, to do evil things without restraint.
* ArrangedMarriage -- to Gerridon, or so he plans, and very creepily. Instead of joining him in the marriage bed, she cuts his hand off, steals the [[TomeOfEldritchLore Book Bound in Pale Leather]], sets fire to his house, and flees back to the outside world. He tries again, but she's rescued. While incest is common among the Kencyr Highborn, that Gerridon is Jame's [[IncestIsRelative uncle]] adds some extra creepiness.
* {{Asexuality}} -- for the first three books.
* AuthorAvatar -- in a way. Hodgell has described Jame as her 'alter ego' several times, including in the 'About The Author' paragraph in ''God Stalk''. However, Jame is quite different from Hodgell herself; in many ways, she is the dark mirror to her, the Hyde to her Jekyll, the ShadowArchetype. In fact, at first, Hodgell couldn't write from Jame's point-of-view at all, and had to create other viewpoint characters for the short stories ''Child of Darkness'' and ''Stranger Blood'', observing her from outside. In the hands of a lesser writer, Jame could have been such a CanonSue, the cool, scary person the author wished she could be herself.
* BerserkButton -- ''don't'' question Jame's honor or stand in its way, and don't threaten her friends and especially those she feels responsible for.
* {{Bifauxnen}} -- always being mistaken for a boy, and EvenTheGirlsWantHer.
* BlessedWithSuck -- Shanir (magical) abilities got her cast out of her home at age seven, she could accidentally reap others' souls, and she has to stop others from contact with her blood lest they be bound to her mind, body and soul until death and perhaps beyond.
* BondCreature -- At least two, possibly three, by the end of ''Bound In Blood'':
** Jorin, the blind ounce; bond established in ''Godstalk''
** Death's Head, the rathorn colt; blood bond, established in ''To Ride A Rathorn''
** (possible): the Darkling wyrm. ''If'' (it's a big "if") there is a bond, it's a blood bond and is established in ''Bound In Blood''
* CatGirl -- while she has neither ears nor tail, Jame has retractile claws as well as her race's amazing night-sight. She also has the balance and daring of a cat, making light of running across rooftops, standing on the backs of kitchen chairs, crossing tightropes, and much else.
* CompellingVoice -- Jame develops the ability to command even the powerful, if sufficiently angered.
* ConspicuousGloves -- Jame has retractable claws instead of nails, and always wears slitted gloves to hide the claws while making them available without shredding the gloves again.
* CuteBruiser -- Small, slim, and frequently covered in debris from the fights.
* DarkAndTroubledPast -- AxCrazy father, exile at age seven, being raised by the BigBad.
* DarkIsNotEvil
* EnsignNewbie -- in ''To Ride a Rathorn''. Despite being the randon (officer) cadet with probably the least military knowledge in the whole school, she's appointed Master Ten of her house's cadets (approx 90 cadets) due to her social rank (she's the sister of the High Lord), and has absolutely no idea what to do.
* ExtraordinarilyEmpoweredGirl -- Jame never remembers to eat, and is skinny as a rail with ribs showing. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] in that the [[AlienLunch mutant vegetables]] she had to eat growing up would put anyone off food.
* ForgetsToEat -- Jame rarely remembers to eat or pack food. Growing up in the Haunted Lands with only haunted vegetables to eat did the damage. Rue tries her best to keep Jame eating.
* ForcefulKiss -- receives them from both Dally and Bane in ''God Stalk'', and more disturbingly there's a flashback in ''To Ride a Rathorn'' of [[spoiler:her father]] kissing her like that when she was seven years old.
* GivenNameReveal -- in-story, if not to the reader. For the first four books she spends in the Kencyrath, people constantly call her “Jameth”, despite her attempts to correct them to “Jame”. Although this annoys her, she doesn’t tell them what her full name is for more than a year in-universe, because she thinks it would cause too much trouble. Only when she graduates from Tentir--and thus has a place among the Kencyrath that she can live with--does she use her full name.
* HardHead
* [[TheHero The Heroine]] -- of course.
* IHaveManyNames -- Jame is given so many names. Her real name is Jamethiel, but that's an ill-fated name to give anyone because of the infamy of its last bearer, so she's Jame -- but many people try and back-form the nickname to Jameth, since it's the only name in her culture except for the bad one that would have that abbreviation. She is called Talisman in the thieves' guild, the B'Tyrr (which also means Talisman) as a tavern dancer, and Jamie by her old tutor. Her epithets include Priest's Bane and Lordan of Ivory.
* IJustWantToBeNormal -- Jame is very ashamed and shy about her claws -- understandable since they (as incontrovertible evidence of her Shanir weirdness) were what got her thrown out by her father at age 7. Her brother Tori, meanwhile, is trying very, very hard not to have to admit to himself that he has most of the same Shanir weirdnesses and more -- just no claws. He wants to be normal so badly, but it's not going to happen.
** In ''To Ride a Rathorn'' though, she starts to accept her claws at Tentir, thanks to a combination of kendar practicality regarding weapons and her new teacher, [[spoiler:Bear]].
* LastOfHerKind -- the last pure-blooded female of the Knorth house.
* ModestRoyalty -- in fact, she's quite frequently in little more than rags. The Knorth are very, very poor, for one thing, but also Jame is bad at taking care of herself. Rue spends a lot of time trying to get Jame to dress and look better, for the sake of the pride of the Knorth cadets.
* MonumentalTheft
* NoPeriodsPeriod -- Though it is possible that she simply haven't started menstruating yet. Or the Highborn have weird biology.
* PersonOfMassDestruction
* PowerTrio -- the Id portion, basically; Destruction
* RagsToRoyalty -- Jame has no real idea, at first, of how highly born she is. She thinks she's the ragtag, outcast daughter of some minor Lord. She realizes it in pieces during the first two books. The role [[RebelliousPrincess doesn't fit well.]]
* RapunzelHair -- she normally keeps it under a cap, but without that it's "well below her waist", heavy, and "like a rain of blue-shot silk". A bit of CompressedHair, too, unless those caps are ''big''. The hair partially justifies the fact that a TapOnTheHead rarely results in more than temporary unconsciousness.
** In the fourth and fifth books, Jame is pressured to cut it, but she refuses because she considers it her "only good feature".
* RebelliousPrincess -- Jame is the Highlord's sister, and fits poorly into the role expected. However, this is more of a side-effect of RagsToRoyalty; the role chafes, even though she tries to make it work.
* RoofHopping -- her preferred method of travel in cities.
* RoyalBlood -- Jame's father, having renounced his titles, never told Jame that she was of the Kencyr "royal" house, the Knorth, so she was quite surprised to find this out.
* ScarsAreForever -- Jame's left cheek is permanently scarred after ''Seeker's Mask''.
* ScreamingWarrior -- Jame uses the Knorth battle-cry, a rathorn's scream, frequently as she leaps into the fray.
* SlasherSmile -- a sign of Jame's darkest side. Pat says, "In a way, everything about Jame grew out of that chilling smile."
* SuperpoweredEvilSide -- to an extent, with some overlap with DangerousForbiddenTechnique when it comes to the Senetha
* ThereWasADoor -- Jame has a preference for [[RoofHopping non-traditional ways of getting around]], encouraged by her time in the Thieves' Guild in Tai-tastigon and her time with the Cloudies. Lampshaded by Sheth Sharp-Tongue, Commandant of Tentir: "Most people use the door."
-->Jame:"Where there's a window, there's always a way."
* TimeDilationField -- Time passes more slowly in the Master's House, where Jame was raised between age seven and seventeen. Ten years spent there has twenty passed in the outside world, and thus Jame is physically twenty or so by now while her twin brother is about thirty.
* TrueLovesKiss -- with her brother Torisen in the latter third of ''To Ride a Rathorn'', before his issues make him freak out and run away. Damn, but that was intense.
* TheVamp -- what Jame is capable of becoming if she gave in to her dark side; a seductress who can arouse the lusts of men (and women) to feed from, prior to sucking their souls out of their bodies.
* WillfullyWeak -- in ''God Stalk'', she deliberately shifts her knife to her left hand when Scramp challenges her, wanting to give him a chance.
* WillNotTellALie
* WalkingDisasterArea


Torisen is Jame's twin brother. He ran away from their crazy father at about age fifteen and was taken in by ParentalSubstitute Lord Ardeth, who passed him off as one of Ardeth's many sons for Tori's protection. He spent most of his young life with the Southern Host, the large Kencyr mercenary force employed by King Krothen of Kothifir far to the south, safe from the prying eyes of those who might guess who he was. Captured in the debacle of the Battle of Urakarn, he was tortured extensively and [[ScarsAreForever still bears many scars on his hands from it]].

He subsequently rose through the ranks to command the Host, and retains a lot of respect from military men. At his legal majority at 27 he [[RightfulKingReturns declared his true identity and became Highlord]]. When we first meet him he's been in the position for three years and is still uncertain in it; many Lords don't respect him.

* {{Asexuality}} -- although Torisen has an official consort, sex has apparently been not a pleasant experience for him and he shows very little interest, [[spoiler:until he starts thinking about his sister in book four]].
* BlessedWithSuck -- Torisen has the blood-binding ability, which although it saves his life is overall a pretty awful thing to have.
* IJustWantToBeNormal -- Torisen's absolute denial that he might have the hated Shanir abilities, a fear of which was placed in him by his father
* InTheBlood -- Torisen is terrified of inheriting the Knorth madness, to which both his father and grandfather succumbed.
* ModestRoyalty -- Torisen eschews pomp and circumstance most of the time, and prefers to wear plain black clothes just like his sister does; the black, in fact, becomes something of a trademark to the degree that he's not recognized at one point when he wears a red shirt. Burr, his manservant, tries to get Torisen to dress the part more often and occasionally succeeds.
* OnlyTheWorthyMayPass -- the Kenthiar is a silver collar which, legend has it, only the true Highlord can wear. If it doesn't like you, it decapitates you. Torisen's willingness to put it on is a good part of why he's accepted as Highlord despite having little proof otherwise of his claim.
* PowerTrio -- the Ego, Creation
* RightfulKingReturns -- in Torisen's backstory; he's definitely a bit of an Aragorn figure. Twenty or so years after his father renounced his titles and went into exile, Torisen arrived among his people, but passed as a relative of Lord Ardeth until he reached his majority at age twenty-seven, when he declared himself and took up his hereditary position. He's been Highlord for about three years or so when we first meet him.
* RingOfPower -- Ganth's ring, required to make the Knorth heirloom sword, Kin-Slayer, do its magic (always striking true in battle and cutting effortlessly through opponents)
* RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething -- the Knorth are very few in number, both Highborn and Kendar, and being Lord Knorth involves leading in battle ''and'' helping with the harvest.
* ScarsAreForever -- Torisen's hands are covered with a fine tracery of scars left by Karnid torturers after he was captured at Urakarn (see Brier, below). Apparently they placed his hands in gloves of red-hot wire.
* TrueLovesKiss -- with his sister in Mother Ragga's house in ''To Ride a Rathorn'', but the emotions and his issues (his fear of and jealousy of Jame, among others) get in the way, and he runs away.
* {{Twincest}} -- hinted at, so far.

!!!Kindrie (Jame and Torisen's double first cousin)

* {{Asexuality}} -- Kindrie is so far completely asexual and WordOfGod says this continues.
* HealingHands -- Shanir healing is done by repairing damage in the person's soul image, which magically corresponds with their physical body and mind. This generally requires physical as well as psychic touch. Kindrie is ''phenomenally'' good at it; it's mentioned that at one point he nearly brought a sheepskin coat back to life.
* HeroicBastard -- well, everyone ''thinks'' he's an illegitimate child, which is a big deal in Highborn Kencyr society.
* ParentalAbandonment -- although since Kindrie's father is [[spoiler:Gerridon, the BigBad]], this is probably preferable. Kindrie's mother [[DeathByChildbirth died bearing him]].
* PowerTrio -- the Superego, Preservation
* TheMedic -- as a healing Shanir, this is generally the reason Kindrie is brought along.
* MysteriousParent -- nobody knows who Kindrie's father was, although the astute reader can work it out way before Jame finds the proof in ''Bound In Blood''. He takes the news remarkably well, considering.
* MysticalWhiteHair -- Kindrie has the white hair of many powerful Shanir.


Bane is Jame and Tori's half-brother by Ganth's Kendar mistress, who escaped the Keep with Ishtier and became Abbotir's wife in Tai-tastigon. Abbotir is the Lord of the Jewel Court, one of the four top officials of the Thieves' Guild under the Sirdan.

* AndIMustScream / FateWorseThanDeath -- as a combination of being blood-bound to Jame and giving his soul to Ishtier, being flayed alive on the Mercy Seat wasn't enough to kill him. For most of ''Seeker's Mask'', his spirit was ''still'' following Jame around.
* ForcefulKiss -- of Jame, just before he makes his LastStand.
* LastStand -- against the mob wanting him dead for the death of Dally, whose murder was set up to look like Bane's work.
* PsychoForHire
* ShadowArchetype -- to Jame
* TheSoulless -- having entrusted his soul to Ishtier.
* TheUnfettered -- since his soul cannot be affected by his actions, he considers himself free of the demands of Kencyr honor.

!!!Marc (Jame's companion in books 1 and 2)

Marc (Marcarn) is a [[TheBigGuy giant Kendar]] in late middle age, still strong enough to fight but definitely getting on a bit in years to continue with that as a career. He's the [[SoleSurvivor only survivor]] of Kithorn, which was wiped out by Merikit tribesmen while he was out hunting. [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge His revenge was long and bloody]], killing one tribesman for every Kencyr they slaughtered.

After that, as a homeless Kendar, he took service with several different Kencyr lords, none of whom took him permanently into their House, but all of whom hired him out as a [[HiredGuns mercenary]] to earn them money with his [[AnAxeToGrind giant war-axe]]. His last Lord cast him and several other elderly Kendar out for speaking out; only Marc survived to make it to Tai-tastigon, where Jame ran into him (literally).

He becomes Jame's companion throughout the rest of ''God Stalk'' and all the way through ''Dark of the Moon'', in which he serves as her {{foil}} (the pairing is a deliberate Literature/FafhrdAndTheGrayMouser homage) as well as TheConscience. On the surface, they're a BrainsAndBrawn pairing, though subverted in that he's actually clever and she's actually tough. In fact, Marc never did want to be a warrior; it was just the role that fate placed him into. As a GentleGiant, he'd rather scare people off than actually have to fight them, and indeed feigns berserker fits to that end.

Marc wants to retire from soldiering to be the craftsman he always wanted to be, and Torisen gives him the job of reconstructing the big stained-glass window depicting a map of Rathillien in the Great Hall of Gothregor that Jame destroyed while fighting the Shadow Guild assassins.

* TheBigGuy
* GentleGiant -- though he pretends to suffer from UnstoppableRage to scare enemies off
* OlderSidekick

!!!Brier Iron-thorn (Jame's Five-commander at Tentir, her second-in-command)

Brier Iron-thorn is a Knorth randon (officer) cadet who is an experienced soldier. She becomes Jame's [[TheLancer second-in-command]] in her [[TheSquad ten-command]] at [[MilitarySchool Tentir]]. She becomes a harder, tougher [[TheConscience Conscience]] for Jame, taking over that role from Marc. She gives the splash of cold water to take the edge off Jame's rashness, and is unsympathetic enough to Jame's moments of {{Wangst}} to make her snap out of them.

She's [[TheBigGuy The Big Girl]], as well -- as big as many male Kendar, and an excellent, real-world fighter. As much as a Kencyr can be, she's a CombatPragmatist; results are what matters, and while the rules of honor must be obeyed, she won't feel bound by the merely traditional. She bests Jame in single combat in ''To Ride a Rathorn'', but is disqualified for using Kothifir street-fighting techniques to do so. The encounter scares both of them a bit -- Jame because she's not used to fighting someone so simultaneously strong, fast and skilled, and Brier because, used to sparring with stout Kendar, she thinks she could have killed the smaller, gracile Highborn girl.

Born in Kothifir and raised among the Southern Host by her randon officer mother, Brier is shockingly dark "like polished wood" among the normally pale-skinned Kencyr, with "sullen red" hair, making her a DarkSkinnedRedhead. She's handsome in a physically impressive kind of way.

Brier was raised as a Caineron, but the abuses of the current Lord Caineron, Caldane, and his sons broke her loyalty. Idiot ambition by Caldane's son Genjar caused the military debacle at Uracarn in which her mother was captured alongside Torisen; [[YouKilledMyFather she died during their escape.]] Caldane's demand for sexual submission as his price for attending the randon school broke the loyalty, and Brier swore to Torisen after the Battle of the Cataracts. The Caineron consider her a {{Turncoat}} and traitor.

!!!Burr (Torisen's manservant)

* TheJeeves -- trying to be the practical foil to Torisen's forgetting to look after himself (very similar to the relationship between Jame and Rue)
* TheMole -- Burr is assigned to Torisen as his manservant by Lord Ardeth, but his secret mission is to report on Torisen to his master. Stops when Torisen declares himself and Burr swears to him.
* {{Turncoat}} -- breaks with his former master, Lord Ardeth, when Torisen announces his identity and birthright, and is the first to swear to Torisen.

!!!Niall (cadet in Jame's ten-command)

* ShellShockedVeteran -- Niall stowed away in a supply wagon to fight in the Battle of the Cataracts even though he was too young to go, and now has constant nightmares about his experiences, including fits of screaming so loud they wake the whole barracks. It's a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming when Jame, comforting him, tells him that both she and Brier were there as well, she too has nightmares from it, and she doesn't think him a coward for it.

!!Min-drear (A minor house, allied with the Knorth)

* TheHeart -- prone to expressing her emotions and feelings about what should be done.
* ImportantHaircut -- Rue hacked off her hair to leave behind with her Lord, to be burnt in place of her body should she die far from home.
* TheJeeves -- at least, this is what she wants to be for Jame; she appoints herself as Jame's personal servant or valet, a role which Jame is desperately in need of, since she's quite poor at looking after herself outside of combat. Rue tries to get Jame to dress better, to eat better, and remember practical considerations in general, and is fanatically loyal to Jame.
* TheChick -- although Rue is tough and scrappy, she ends up being The Chick in Jame's ten-command, partly through being TheHeart, being the shortest (shorter even than Jame, although stockier), and being the most domestic.


!!!Caldane, Lord Caineron

* LargeHam -- although unaware of how ridiculous and bombastic he can be.
* MindRape -- accompanied by real rape, for that matter.
* ParentalFavoritism -- he treats most of his children as more or less useful tools, but is openly contemptuous of Nusair and adored Genjar to the point where he keeps his death banner in a shrine in his quarters.
* TheCaligula -- in oh so many ways. Not quite, in his prime, quite that crazy, but he's getting there.
* VillainousGlutton -- physically and metaphorically; Caldane lives for excess.
* {{Revenge}} -- at one point, he claims to have engineered Ganth's exile in revenge for his father's death in the White Hills. He also wants Tori dead for his part in the death of Genjar, the only one of Caldane's offspring that he actually cared about.
* SmugSnake -- he thinks he's an evil mastermind. Jame thinks he's an idiot, albeit a very dangerous one.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes -- or rather, heights. Caldane is terrified of heights, so he reacts very badly when Jame slips him what proves to be a levitation potion.

!!!Kallystine (Caldane's older daughter)

* BullyingADragon -- her treatment of Jame. She didn't have any idea how dangerous Jame herself was, but she knew that she was the Highlord's sister. It still didn't occur to her that mistreating Jame might have even political repercussions.
* VainSorceress -- she clearly wants to be this, as she dabbles in magic and hopes to use it to enhance her looks. However, she isn't very good at it.
* TheVamp -- Kallystine uses her beauty and feminine wiles to get what she wants, and she's as lacking in morals as her father.
* SmugSnake -- like her father, Kallystine is not nearly as smart or competent as she thinks she is.

!!!Lyra (Caldane's youngest daughter)

Lyra "Lack-wit" is the youngest daughter of Lord Caineron and the attendant of the Caineron Matriarch. She's TheDitz and the TheKlutz, harmless but useless -- or is it ObfuscatingStupidity? Caldane fobs her off to Prince Odalian of Karkinor, a non-Kencyr ally, in ArrangedMarriage. She's lonely and unhappy in a foreign land (taking out that unhappiness on her personal ButtMonkey, Graykin), but seems to have some affection for the Prince.

And then Jame shows up and changes Lyra's life forever. She's never known anyone like this, a Highborn lady yet free as a boy, an ActionGirl adventurer. Odalian dies, leaving Lyra a [[WidowWoman widow]], and she escapes the collapsing palace with Jame, Marc and Jorin. She becomes Jame's HeroWorshipper, in awe, and begins to [[CharacterDevelopment develop]] and [[ComingOfAgeStory grow up]] out of her {{Royal Brat}}ness through her desire to follow in Jame's footsteps. She adopts Jame as her [[OneeSama awesome big sister]], the "sister of her choice".

A notorious SweetTooth, as shown in ''To Ride a Rathorn'', where "all my favorite foods" are sweets.

!!!Donkerri (Caldane's teenaged grandson)

* HonorBeforeReason -- After telling a lie (for an excellent reason), he ride into battle against the Waster Horde, knowing that only an honorable death will redeem his honor.
* MaternalDeathBlameTheChild -- At a societal level. Because Donkerri's mother died in childbirth, he and his father Nusair are both blacklisted for reproductive contracts. As a result, Caldane considers them both useless.

!!!Cattila, Caineron Matriarch
Caldane’s great-grandmother, who has no particular patience for him and is involved in schemes of her own.
* BondCreature -- she is soul-bonded to a swarm of foxkin.
* PalsWithJesus -- she is a co-conspirator of the Earth Wife and addresses her by first name, although as an obligate monotheist she probably doesn’t realize exactly what Mother Ragga really is.
* ScrewPolitenessImASenior -- she is very tactless and abrupt, and has gotten away with being very rude even to her great-grandson, who she openly holds in contempt. She is probably the only person in the Kencyrath who can get away with insulting Caldane to his face without consequences.

!!!Gorbel, Caineron Heir
One of Caldane's younger sons, Gorbel is not actually expected to inherit his father's position. Rather, he was given the title and sent to the randon academy of Tentir as part of his father's efforts to destroy Jame. He takes randon training seriously, however: for an extra son with no realistic chances of inheriting and no power base, the standing of an officer is his one way out from under his father’s thumb.
* BondCreature -- his pook (native Rathillien tracking dog with a strong resemblance to a dustmop) seems to be bound to him, although he has yet to explore the talent.
* DuelToTheDeath-- his father threatens to disown him unless he challenges Jame to a duel, all the Highborn cadets of his house against all those of hers-- that is, nine against one. He goes through with it, but warns Jame ahead of time so that she can take precautions; nonetheless, both of them almost die.
* HiddenDepths -- despite initial impressions, he has a strong sense of ethics and is every bit as dedicated to becoming a randon officer as is Jame.
* OddFriendship -- he and Jame are different as can be and their families are bitter enemies, but they still end up friends. It helps that they have one very important thing in common: they are both fiercely dedicated to becoming randon, because that is their only way to gain any independance from their lords.
* NotSoDifferent -- as he points out to Jame, they’re both political appointees, unlikely to inherit… and becoming randon officers is their one chance to gain something, a position in the Kencyrath, that their lords can’t take away on a whim. They’re also the two lordan who take their duties seriously and work hard despite not being naturally gifted at all randon disciplines (where Jame is bad with held weapons, Gorbel is simply clumsy).
* TheRival -- subverted; while his father sent him to Tentir to discredit Jame, he instead warms up to her, and only plays up the “rivalry” for his father’s spies.
* TokenGoodTeammate -- of all the Caineron highborn men introduced so far, he’s the best of the lot.
* WellDoneSonGuy -- invoked and averted. When Jame tells him his father would love him if he allowed her to die, he retorts that Caldane loves no one but himself, and bandages her wounds.

!!!Sheth Sharp-Tongue
The Caineron war-leader and the Commandant of Tentir when Jame begins her studies there. Unlike his lord, he is an honorable man.
* BadassLongcoat -- his signature garment and his abilities as a warrior add up to this.
* TheMentor -- to Jame and her fellow cadets. Jame even calls him Senethari once, while sick--a title usually reserved for her beloved teacher Tirandys.
* TakingTheBullet -- he takes an arrow meant for Jame during the first assassination attempt against Randiroc.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure -- he puts aside house loyalties and feuds, and insists that the cadets and instructors at Tentir do the same. In general, he is an honorable man despite serving one of the villains of the series; while he is the Commandant of Tentir, he ''is'' Tentir.
* SinkOrSwimMentor -- he believes that if a cadet (or anyone else, for that matter) is going to break, better it happen at Tentir--especially in the case of a lordan, whose failure later could cost many lives.

Sheth’s older brother, brain damaged by an injury in the battle of the White Hills, which nearly killed him. Like Jame, he is a “natural Arrin-thari”, a Shanir with claws--in his case, on both hands and feet. Because of the rarity of this trait, he is Jame’s teacher in the use of her claws.
* TheMentor -- despite his current condition, he's the only one who can teach Jame to fight with her claws, and as such she calls him her Senethari.
* WolverineClaws -- enormous claws in both his hands and his feet, which seem to have earned him his name. Unlike Jame's, they're not retractable.


!!!Rawneth, Randir Matriarch

* AmbitionIsEvil -- Rawneth's ambition is her defining characteristic. In her earliest chronological appearance, she wants to blood-bind the Knorth heir Greshan Greed-heart to her, or failing that to [[UnholyMatrimony marry him]]. Since then, she's hired assassins to kill her kinsman Randiroc, almost certainly ordered the massacre of the Knorth ladies, and engaged in BlackMagic to advance her interests. It's paid off, too: as Randir Matriarch, mother and close ally of Lord Randir, a powerful sorceress, and the patroness of the Priests' College, she's currently the most powerful woman in the Kencyrath.
* TheChessmaster
* TheExile -- Kinzi exiled her from the Women's World for trying to blood-bind Greshan. It hasn't prevented her from becoming the Randir Matriarch, but she still seems to be banished from Gothregor, as she is the one member of the Council of Matriarchs who never visits that keep.
* [[EvilSorcerer Evil Sorceress]] -- complete with DealWithTheDevil, EvilTowerOfOminousness and everything.
* UnholyMatrimony -- averted: Rawneth and the equally evil Knorth heir Greshan wished to marry, but were thwarted by the then-Knorth Matriarch Kinzi, who disapproved of Rawneth's ambitions.
* MindControl -- Rawneth takes over the bodies of her followers on a regular basis to look through their eyes or speak with their mouths; too much of this, though, and it kills the follower. That part doesn't bother her, though.
* MotherMakesYouKing -- she had Randiroc exiled and her own son Kenan installed as Lord Randir.

!!!Kenan, Lord Randir
* BastardBastard -- there certainly was no contract for his birth… This is the least of the secrets he and his mother are keeping.
* HumanMomNonhumanDad -- his mother is Rawneth, a Randir Highborn woman; his father is a darkling changer named Keral, who left humanity behind some time ago.
* {{Jerkass}} -- what little we’ve seen in him shows him to be an unpleasant and casually cruel man.
* PuppetKing -- possibly. Kenan and his mother usually “speak with one voice”, and the one time he takes action on his own it’s unsuccessful.
* TheUsurper -- Rawneth arranged for him to inherit rather than the rightful heir, Randiroc.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting -- Kenan is a darkling changer, like his father Keral and his daughter Shade. He uses this power to impersonate Hollens Lord Danior while kidnapping Kindrie and trying to assassinate Torisen.


* ArrowCatch -- as demonstrated in ''To Ride a Rathorn''; Randiroc is a Shanir weapons-master and one of the best living practitioners of the Senethar, the Kencyr martial arts. He's in fact considered one of the few that better Jame in that.
* AssassinOutclassin -- the Bashtiri Shadow Assassins have been trying to kill him for decades now, with a spectacular lack of success. Keep in mind that they are ''invisible.''
* BondCreature -- the crown jewel-jaws as well as possibly his horse Mirah.
* DarkIsNotEvil -- a Shanir who has to drink blood to survive, and is accompanied everywhere by a swarm of carrion-eating butterflies. He’s also a genuinely nice guy, and his honorable nature contrasts to the usurper Kenan and his mother.
* InadequateInheritor -- Rawneth managed to disinherit Randiroc in favor of her son Kenan partly by convincing everyone that Randiroc was too strange, too Shanir. The assassins she set on his trail didn't hurt, either.
* TheMentor -- he tutors Jame in the wind-bowing Senethar and is the randon who finally helps her start making progress with weapons. He also mentors Gari, who like him has a Shanir bond with swarms of insects.
* MysticalWhiteHair -- his most obvious Shanir trait.
* NobleFugitive -- he lives in the wilderness, on the run from the assassins Rawneth set on him when she got her son made Lord Randir in his place.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent -- Randiroc picked up a particularly BlessedWithSuck version of Shanir powers, involving slowly becoming only able to consume blood, milk and honey (and honey hurts his teeth), being intolerant of sunlight, and being followed around by a cloud of Jewel-jaws (carrion-eating butterflies) as his familiars.
* TheQuietOne -- he rarely speaks, and never so far in complete sentences. Jame attributes this to the many years he's spent almost completely isolated from human company.

!!!Nightshade (aka Shade)

* BodyDouble -- she takes Randiroc's form to draw attention away from him during an assassination attempt. This is what finally convinces his loyalists among the Randir cadets that she's actually on their side.
* BondCreature -- her gilded swamp adder, Addy.
* DefeatMeansFriendship -- the relationship between Jame and Shade is made closer by Jame's defeat of her and then Jame's efforts to protect her and keep her at Tentir.
* HeelFaceTurn -- after meeting Randiroc, she switches loyalties from her father and grandmother to him.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting -- during the last part of her training at Tentir, she discovers that she is a darkling changer.


* [[YouKilledMyFather You Killed My Mother]] -- Simmon's mother, a Randir randon captain, gave her soul to her Mistress, Rawneth, to form a demon to kill Kindrie and Jame. Bane killed the demon, also ending the soul donor's life; as normal, Jame gets blamed.



* BerserkButton -- oh my does Brenwyr have these. Bringing up Aerulan, her deceased lover, seems to be a pretty reliable one here. Jame appears to be a Berserk Button for Brenwyr in general.
* BrotherSisterTeam -- she and her brother Brant are closer allies than any other Lord and Matriarch that we see, except possibly Rawneth and Kenan.
* {{Crossdresser}} -- Brenwyr used to wear her brother Brant's clothes growing up, much to her mother's distress, and still wears mannish clothes for a Highborn woman.
* PsychoLesbian -- although her iron control, as described by her epithet "Iron Matriarch", has kept it ''just'' in check. The death of her sister-kin and lover Aerulan, and Brenwyr's blaming herself for it, has left her very broken at the core of her being, and Jame, being Aerulan's close relative and in some ways very similar to Aerulan yet also very similar to Brenwyr, appears to taunt Brenwyr into a jealous rage.
* SelfMadeOrphan -- Brenwyr killed her own mother with a curse.
* WordsCanBreakMyBones -- Brenwyr has the ability to curse and kill with words, which is rather dangerous when combined with the PsychoLesbian part.
* PowerIncontinence -- Brenwyr can usually control ''if'' she curses someone, but not ''what'' the curse will be. She loses much of her control around Jame, who both reminds her of her lost lover Aerulan and infuriates her simply by being a Knorth woman alive when Aerulan is dead.


The Jaran house sponsors the Scrollsmen's and Singers' College at Mount Alban, and consists in large part of a bunch of crazy academics. Alone of the major Houses, the Jaran do not force their Highborn women to enter the Women's Halls at Gothregor; instead, they can pursue academic careers.

The Jaran lordan (heir).

* AintNoRule -- There is no rule that prevents a woman from being heir or lord of a Kencyr house. Kirien and her family did some research and found that, while it's become traditional for men to rule after the Fall, this was never codified into law--so Kirien could be made lordan of her house.
* {{Bifauxnen}} -- like Jame, Kirien is mistaken for a boy a lot: "that cropped hair and profile might as easily belong to a handsome boy."
* {{Bookworm}} -- while she waits to inherit, she continues her studies at Mount Alban, as a scrollswoman.
* YouNeverAsked -- She doesn't claim to be a boy--people just assume she is because of her appearance and her clothing, and she doesn't bother to correct them.

The Jaran matriarch.
* OnlySaneWoman -- starting in ''To Ride a Rathorn'', most of the Matriarchs become obsessed with getting Torisen to make a contract with a woman of their own House. Antics include pursuing him with parades of women, and ''slipping him an aphrodisiac''. Trishien, who limits her efforts to noting that Kirien is the right age and unattached but might not be happy about such an arrangement, is the only one who manages to avoid alienating him. As a result he trusts and relies on her, as well as seeing her as proof that not all Highborn women are insane. She also recognizes Jame's competence and intelligence when the other Matriarchs are either in denial or trying desperately to control her.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure -- by far the most reasonable of the Matriarchs, towards both Jame and Torisen.
* UnrequitedLoveLastsForever -- her feelings for Ganth.


!!!Adric, Lord Ardeth

* TheMentor -- to Torisen; he takes the fourteen-year-old boy in and raises and trains him to take his rightful place when he comes of age at twenty-seven. Of course, he expects favors in return?

!!!Adiraina, Ardeth Matriarch

* BlindSeer -- of bloodlines, specifically. She lost her sight as a teenager when she developed the blood-sight. By obtaining blood samples, she determines that Jame and Torisen are full twins despite their different ages.
* [[BloodBrothers Blood Sisters]] -- with the murdered Kinzi, last Knorth Matriarch. They were lovers too, it is hinted, like many such [[SchoolgirlLesbians sister-kin relationships forged as young girls in the Womens' Halls]].
* TheMatchmaker -- the most obsessed of the Matriarchs about arranging pairings for Jame and Torisen (with eligible Ardeth, naturally).




!!!Essien and Essiar (Lords Edirr)
* SiblingTeam -- they're ''both'' Lord Edirr. This is standard practice in their House, which runs strongly to twins; their heirs are briefly introduced, another set of twin boys.
* SingleMindedTwins
* ThemeTwinNaming
* TwinBanter

!!The Arrin-ken

Sentient, magical big cats, they were appointed by the Three Faced God to be the judges of the Kencyrath. After Gerridon's fall they withdrew into the wilderness to debate, and have been at it for several milennia now. Jame is one of the few people to have seen one since. It's unknown how many still exist; only two named ones have played roles in the story so far, but there may be more. They appear to have 'territories' where each one pretty much has the final say -- Immalai's is the mountains above Tai-Talstigon, and the Dark Judge's is the Riverland.

* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor -- Kencyr can formally call on the Arin-ken for "a Judgment" in disputes. It's extremely dangerous to do so, though, because the Arrin-ken will decide strictly the facts and honor, not taking anything else into account. And then they'll carry out their sentence, immediately.

!!!Immalai the Silent

Arrin-ken who dwells in the mountains above Tai-Tastigon. Jame met him early on in ''Dark of the Moon'', and he proved to be a great help to her.

* TheMentor-- to Jorin, actually, having taught him to hunt and otherwise provide for himself when Jame isn't around to do it for him.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure -- though he does not approve of all of Jame's actions, he proves willing to give her the chance to redeem herself completely and is willing to help her while she is in his territory.

!!!The Dark Judge

Arrin-ken who was tortured into madness by Gerridon's minions, and now burns with hate for just about everyone he can get within his claws, but ''especially'' the creatures of Perimal Darkling- and, by extension, Jame as well.

* BeingTorturedMakesYouEvil
* RevengeByProxy -- wants to kill Jame largely because she reminds him of Gerridon and the changers.
* TheFaceless -- literally, as [[AxCrazy Keral]]'s handiwork left him with something that isn't really a ''face'' by any but the most technical definition of the term.
* KnightTemplar -- seems to favor the "kill them and let the Three-Faced God sort them out'' brand of justice.

!!Perimal Darkling

The Kencyr that followed Gerridon in The Fall technically come from one of the above houses, but are easier considered separately. Perimal Darkling itself, while the BigBad, is less a character than a combination of TheCorruption, TheDarkSide, and EldritchAbomination on a cosmic scale, though it seems intelligent enough to have made a fairly involved DealWithTheDevil with Gerridon.

!!!Gerridon (The Master)

* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking -- hasn't been seen in action yet, but in ''Dark of the Moon'' Jame ''really'' didn't want to have to fight him, which says a lot about his abilities.
* DealWithTheDevil
* TheDragon -- he's not the ultimate evil, but Perimal Darkling itself is more of a primal force of chaos than a character. Gerridon's the human-scale bad guy, with many aspects of the BigBad.
** DragonWithAnAgenda -- He serves Perimal Darkling's goals, but rather than having any real ''desire'' to turn the universe into a chaotic, shadow-infested wasteland, he does so only because of the DealWithTheDevil he made to secure his immortality. Arguably, this makes him ''worse'' than Perimal Darkling, as it's to all appearances an EldritchAbomination that's just following its nature, while he ''chose'' to be evil.
* TheFaceless -- he conceals his face behind a mask of shadows during his rare on-page appearances
* ImmortalityImmorality -- Gerridon's betrayal of his people for the promise of eternal life is a classic version of this trope.
* RedRightHand -- Gerridon's right hand is artificial and made of silver; this is because Jame cut it off with a knife during AttemptedRape of the "forced marriage" variety.
* WifeHusbandry -- taking Jame in at age seven and bringing her up and training her so he can make her his replacement bride and immortality conduit.

!!!Jamethiel Dream-Weaver

* [[spoiler: AlasPoorVillain / RedemptionEqualsDeath -- When she faces Jame in the mountains, she is faced with a choice: keep dancing the Senetha and maintain her balance over the chasm, but also reap Jame's soul, or stop dancing and fall to her death, but let Jame go safely. She chooses to end the dance rather than destroy her daughter.]]
* IHaveManyNames -- some of which she passes on to Jame
* [[spoiler: LukeIAmYourFather -- or 'Jame, I am your Mother', as the case may be]]
* [[MyMasterRightOrWrong My Brother-Consort Right Or Wrong]]
* ObliviouslyEvil
* PowerIncontinence -- Once she started reaping souls, ''she literally couldn't stop''.
* {{Twincest}} -- with Gerridon


* HonorBeforeReason -- Tirandys decided to do his duty and follow his Lord, Gerridon, into damnation despite the evil Gerridon did, because his reading of the Kencyr code of honor said it was the only choice. He regrets this later, and works from within to bring his master down within the letter of obedience.
* TheMentor-- mostly in backstory, but as Jame's mentor, sensei and surrogate parent he fits this trope to a T, [[spoiler:including dying tragically in an ObiWanMoment at the end of book 2, ''Dark of the Moon'']].
* NobleDemon -- with emphasis on the "noble". His honor compells him to serve Gerridon, but he tries to do the right thing as much as possible with his master's ExactWords.


* AxCrazy
* TheBrute
* ColdBloodedTorture: Apparently a hobby of his -- the Dark Judge is an example of his handiwork, and Jame would have been if Tirandys hadn't protected her.
* MixAndMatchCritter: as a result of too much exposure to Perimal Darkling's power, he can't hold a single shape for long and generally looks like this.


!!Res aB'tyrr


Cook and housekeeper of the Res aB'tyrr.

* ParentalSubstitute -- to all the young people at the inn; Jame, Ghillie, Rothan, Taniscent, Kithra. Also to Tubain, in collusion with Abernia.


Owner and innkeeper of the Res aB'tyrr.

* SplitPersonality
* WholesomeCrossdresser


Tavern dancer. Destroys herself to maintain the illusion of youth and beauty.


Ambitious young lady from Skyrr, taken in by the inn after she is beaten and thrown out by the owner of the rival inn, the Skyrrman. Sets her sights on Rothan.


Young hostler at the inn.


Tubain's nephew and heir.

!!Thieves' Guild


Reputed the greatest thief in Tai-tastigon, but not very motivated by wealth or success. Still an active Master in the Guild, but mostly lives within the Maze, a labyrinth of his own design, and rarely leaves. Takes in Jame as an apprentice, but perceives her as a boy.

* BlindMistake / LeapOfFaith -- Penari no longer has very good eyesight, and carries an unshakably firm conviction that Tai-tastigon has not changed one whit since he has been hiding away in the Maze in its heart. Possibly because of the [[GodsNeedPrayerBadly strange mechanics of belief]] in Tai-tastigon, he is able to walk on buildings that are no longer actually there.
* MonumentalTheft -- Penari is the greatest thief in the Guild, and this causes Jame all sorts of trouble as everyone ''else'' at the Guild tries to get her to betray his secrets (though, ironically, his ''greatest'' secret (the LeapOfFaith ability) is of no possible use to anyone else). He uses the giant uncut diamond he stole in impossible circumstances, the Eye of Abarraden, as a paperweight.


Sirdan (ruler) of the Thieves' Guild. Penari's younger brother.


* CainAndAbel -- in the Abel role.
* ForcefulKiss -- of Jame before she attempts the Tower of Demons in ''God Stalk''.
* TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth -- as the trusting, honest, emotional character in a CrapsackWorld, it's pretty much fated.


Leader of the New Faction in the Thieves' Guild, and thus Theocandi's rival for the Sirdanate. Dally's older brother.

* CainAndAbel - as Cain.
* HolyHalo -- as a son of the New Pantheon's sun god, Dalis-sar, Men-dalis and his surroundings are bathed in a light golden glow. His mother was a temple prostitute; children conceived in that service are especially blessed by the deity in question.

!!!The Creeper

!The Merikit

The Merikit are a tribal people who live to the north of the Riverland. They have a long, fractious history with the Kencyr. The Merikit raid Kencyr livestock, while the Kencyr hunt them in turn -- taking grisly trophies in the case of House Caineron. Merikit tribesmen also wiped out the population of the northern keep of Kithorn, for which revenge was taken by the only survivor, Marc. Jame becomes accidentally involved in the Merikit society in ''Seeker's Mask'', culminating in her being accepted as part of the tribe by ''Bound in Blood''.

Tropes that apply to the Merikit in general include:

* BarbarianTribe -- Initially, they appear to be the dark version of this, but over time we've learned more about them and they are now, if anything, the nice version of this.
* NobleSavage -- there's a ''little'' of this in the depiction of the Merikit in ''Bound in Blood''.
* ProudWarriorRace -- definitely a lot of this in the Merikit makeup. In fact, it's largely the fact that both they and the Kencyr are this that has caused much bloodshed over the years.

!!!Gran Cyd

* DualWielding -- Gran Cyd fights with two long knives.
* FieryRedhead -- she has both the hair color and the temperament.
* TheHighQueen -- although a down-to-earth example, Gran Cyd is very impressive and regal indeed.
* LadyOfWar -- Gran Cyd is a "war-wyf" who leads her people in battle. The men do ''raiding'', but the women are in charge of ''war''.
* RapunzelHair -- her hair is long enough that the left-hand braided braids rest in a coil on the floor when she is sitting on her throne.
* RequisiteRoyalRegalia -- tunic and mantle of royal purple with silver decoration, lots of gold chains, and gilded sandals.
* SeatOfPower -- She sits on a nice golden throne.