* ArrangedMarriage: The norm among the Highborn. Marriage contracts are usually time-limited, or tell if children are allowed or not.
* BrotherSisterIncest: Incest is quite normalized and accepted in Kencyr culture. It dates back to a time before the Fall, when people were trying to breed Shanir. It's become significantly less popular since the Fall, because a {{twincest}}uous Shanir couple caused it, but not unheard of--half-siblings Pereden and Distan were still consorts, and no one batted an eye.
* CatFolk: More culturally than physically--although they do have some night vision.
* DreamLand: Every Kencyr has a soulscape which can be accessed during sleep, regular or ''dwar''. Shanir Healers work by determining the soulscape of the injured person and repairing damage to it.
* FantasyCounterpartCulture: The Kencyrath have a lot of Jewish inspiration, being monotheists in a polytheist world, and having a tough, unforgiving God who cares more about obedience than faith or love. They have Temples and Books of Law and quite a bit of the whole Kabbalah-like secret knowledge in the priesthood. They're wandering tribes who don't fit in where they live, far from their long-ago-lost homeland. On the other hand, their honor code, ritual suicide, and martial arts have Japanese inspiration, the cloistering and covering-up of Highborn women is rather reminiscent of Islam, and their God is a trinity of three gods, representing creation, preservation, and destruction, is much like {{UsefulNotes/Hinduism}}.
* FantasyContraception: Highborn women can control conception at will, the social structure frequently puts them in social situations where they must use this control as part of a marriage contract, either having a child or not, regardless of what they would prefer. Kendar women can do the same with other Kendar--but not with a Highborn lover, which results in a number of half-Kendar children with mixed blood. It's implied that a Highborn woman wouldn't be able to control it with a Kendar man either.
* HealingFactor: The Kencyr possess tremendous powers of regeneration, albeit requiring ''dwar'' sleep, a period of hibernation where one is insensate to the world. Broken bones, lost teeth, and terrible illnesses are all shaken off within days of ''dwar'' sleep. Without proper medical care, this will result in crooked bones and scarring from the body setting in place. This becomes a plot point in ''Seeker's Mask''.
* HeirClubForMen: Subverted--at first it looks like this, but Kencyr inheritance is actually rather different. Male heirs are the norm, to the point where most people ''believe'' it's law, but it's actually not--legally, women are perfectly acceptable heirs. Also, Kencyr inheritance doesn't follow the "eldest son" rule--lords can choose whatever relative they want for their heir, and given their long lifespans, grandsons and great-grandsons are more common choices than sons.
* HonorBeforeReason: They're obsessed with personal honor.
** MartyrdomCulture: The Kencyrath are more than half in love with death and dying with honor.
** {{Seppuku}}[=/=]HeroicSuicide: The Kencyrath have a tradition of suicide with a specialized suicide knife called the White Knife. It is a honorable death.
*** CyanidePill: The White Knife
** WillNotTellALie: One of the cornerstones of the Kencyr brand of honor. Calling someone a liar is a mortal insult, and if a Kencyr lies, even for a good cause, suicide or finding a quick death in battle are the only ways to redeem oneself. Of course, the less moral characters find ways to deceive without technically lying. Singers and diplomats are awarded the privilege of the Lawful Lie, however.
* MercyKill[=/=]ICannotSelfTerminate: After a battle, it is the duty of a high-ranking Kencyr officer to follow his empathic link to any Kendar he has bound, culling the fatally wounded. A Kencyr who could commit suicide themselves in such a situation would do so, but if they are unable to, they are assisted.
* NayTheist: The Kencyrath respect and to an extent revere their god, but ''like'' the thing? Not in a million years.
* NonindicativeName: Sister-kin aren't sisterly--they're lovers. Invoked, because it's top secret, and the women absolutely don't want men to know what's really going on.
* OurElvesAreBetter: The Kencyrath are never explicitly ''called'' elves, but they fit a lot of the normal qualities, especially the Highborn: an ancient race with long life, mystical powers, a special purpose, etc. (And some of them have the arrogance to match!)
** SpaceElves too, given their otherworldly origins.
* OurNudityIsDifferent: Highborn women constantly wear masks. The idea is that it conceals the lady's facial expressions--emotions are very personal after all. Highborn women going barefaced is ''really shocking''.
* PlanetLooters[=/=]InvadingRefugees: They have lived on a whole string of other worlds since their homeworld was lost to the Perimal Darkling. They're not awful to the native inhabitants--they're more like unwanted roommates than thieves--but the Merikit still aren't thrilled with them.
* ProudWarriorRace: The Kencyrath in general--the Kencyr nation as a whole survives on the earnings of its warriors as hired mercenaries.
* PsychicLink: The Kendar have a basic need to be bound to a Highborn. The link allows a Highborn to find and feel the health of the Kendar, but also makes the Kendar susceptible to the emotions of the Highborn. It is easily abused, and is by many Highborn.
* ServantRace: The Kendar. They weren't originally like this, but their god ''made'' them this way.
* WomensMysteries: The Highborn women deliberately cultivate mystery and outright subterfuge within the Women's World. It has "rings of secrecy", which young women are gradually told. ''As far as we know so far''--there absolutely could be more--the highest secret is sister-kinship, the traditional lesbian relationships of Highborn women, which are kept absolutely secret from men.

The Kencyrath have 9 main [[TheClan houses]], as well as some additional minor ones. Each clan is lead by a [[ThePatriarch lord]] and [[ApronMatron matriarch]]. The most senior randon in each house is also a house leader, serving as that house's representative on the Randon Council, and often their war-leader.
# [[Characters/ChroniclesOfTheKencyrathKnorth Knorth]] [[labelnote:(Highborn)]][-Jame, Torisen, Kindrie, Ganth, Greshan, Tieri, Gerraint, Kinzi, Aerulan, Anar, Ishtier-][[/labelnote]] [[labelnote:(Kendar)]][-Harn, Burr, Rowan, Brier, Vant, Niall, Winter, Marc, Bane-][[/labelnote]]
# [[Characters/ChroniclesOfTheKencyrathCaineron Caineron]] [[labelnote:(Highborn)]][-Caldane, Cattila, Grondin, Genjar, Tiggeri, Nusair, Gorbel, Kallystine, Lyra, Donkerri-][[/labelnote]] [[labelnote:(Kendar)]][-Sheth, Bear-][[/labelnote]]
# [[Characters/ChroniclesOfTheKencyrathArdeth Ardeth]] [[labelnote:(Highborn)]][-Adric, Adiraina, Pereden, Timmon, Distan, Aden-][[/labelnote]] [[labelnote:(Kendar)]][-Drie, Narsa-][[/labelnote]]
# [[Characters/ChroniclesOfTheKencyrathRandir Randir]] [[labelnote:(Highborn)]][-Rawneth, Kenan, Randiroc-][[/labelnote]] [[labelnote:(Kendar)]][-Shade, Simmel-][[/labelnote]]
# [[Characters/ChroniclesOfTheKencyrathJaran Jaran]] [[labelnote:(Highborn)]][-Kirien, Trishien, Jedrak, Kedan-][[/labelnote]]
# [[Characters/ChroniclesOfTheKencyrathBrandan Brandan]] [[labelnote:(Highborn)]][-Brant, Brenwyr-][[/labelnote]]
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# [[Characters/ChroniclesOfTheKencyrathComan Coman]] [[labelnote:(Highborn)]][-Demoth, Korey-][[/labelnote]]
# [[Characters/ChroniclesOfTheKencyrathEdirr Edirr]] [[labelnote:(Highborn)]][-Essien, Essiar-][[/labelnote]]

* [[Characters/ChroniclesOfTheKencyrathMinorHouses Minor Houses]] [[labelnote:(Houses)]][-Min-drear, Harth-][[/labelnote]]

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* [[Characters/ChroniclesOfTheKencyrathKothifir Kothifir]][[note]][[/note]]