A list of major and supporting characters on ''Series/BreakingBad''. There will be '''spoilers'''. '''Only spoilers for season 5 are [[{{Pun}} Walter Whited]] out.'''

''Breaking Bad'' shares many characters with ''Series/BetterCallSaul''. Tropes for when characters appear on that show should go on that [[Characters/BetterCallSaul Character Page]].

Due to length, the page has been split into subpages:


* [[Characters/BreakingBadWalterWhite Walter White]]
* [[Characters/BreakingBadJessePinkman Jesse Pinkman]]
* [[Characters/BreakingBadSaulGoodman Saul Goodman]]
* [[Characters/BreakingBadMikeEhrmantraut Mike Ehrmantraut]]
* [[Characters/BreakingBadGustavoFring Gustavo Fring]]
* [[Characters/BreakingBadWaltsFamily Walt's Family]][[note]]Skyler White, Walter White Jr, Holly White, Hank Schrader, Marie Schrader[[/note]]
* [[Characters/BreakingBadHeisenbergsEmpire Heisenberg's Empire]][[note]]Huell Babineaux, Patrick Kuby, Francesa, Badger, Skinny Pete, Combo, Declan[[/note]]
* [[Characters/BreakingBadDEAAndPolice DEA and Police]][[note]]Steven Gomez, George Merkert, SAC Ramey, Agent Vanco, Tim Roberts, Kalanchoe and Munn, Getz[[/note]]
* [[Characters/BreakingBadJuarezCartel Juarez Cartel]][[note]]Don Eladio Vuente, Juan Bolsa, The Dons, Gaff, Benicio Fuentes, Tortuga[[/note]]
* [[Characters/BreakingBadSalamancaFamily Salamanca Family]][[note]]Hector 'Tio' Salamanca, Tuco Salamanca, The Cousins (Leonel & Marco Salamanca), Joaquin Salamanca, Krazy 8, Emilio Koyama, No-Doze & Gonzo[[/note]]
* [[Characters/BreakingBadLosPollosHermanos Los Pollos Hermanos]][[note]] Tyrus Kitt, Victor, Gale Boetticher, Chris Mara, Dennis Markowski, The Rival Dealers, Tomás Cantillo, Dan Wachsberger, Duane Chow, Max Arciniega, Los Pollos Security Team[[/note]]
* [[Characters/BreakingBadMadrigalElectromotive Madrigal Electromotive]][[note]]Lydia Rodarte-Quayle, Peter Schuler, Ron Forenall[[/note]]
* [[Characters/BreakingBadAryanBrotherhood Aryan Brotherhood]][[note]]Jack Welker, Kenny, Frankie & Lester, Todd Alquist[[/note]]
* [[Characters/BreakingBadOtherCriminals Other Criminals]][[note]]Wendy, Spooge, Spooge's Lady, Ted Beneke, Lawson, Old Joe, Mr Gardiner, Jimmy In-'N-Out, Ed the Vacuum Cleaner Repair Guy[[/note]]
* [[Characters/BreakingBadOtherCivilians Other Civilians]][[note]]Gretchen Schwartz, Elliott Schwartz, Mrs Pinkman & Adam Pinkman, Jake Pinkman, Jane Margolis, Don Margolis, Andrea Cantillo, Brock Cantillo, Carmen Molina, Louis Corbett, Hugo Archuleta, Dr Delcavoli, Bogdan Wolynetz, Kaylee Ehrmantraut, Group Leader, Drew Sharp, Ken Wins, Kiira Rodarte-Quayle, Pamela[[/note]]