[[folder:Characters from several series]]
* TheHero
* ManChild: At times.
* {{Otaku}}

* BlueOni: Next to him, almost any character becomes the Red Oni in comparison. Pretty fitting for the blue guy.
* TheSmartGuy: If you count only the main team and not his grandfather.

* TheChick
* EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses: V series.
* GenderFlip: The Akabon from the original games is a male Bomber.
* {{Tomboy}}: She's one tomboy indeed.
* {{Tsundere}}: Sometimes.

* JerkWithAHeartOfGold
* NoGuyWantsAnAmazon: When he finds some female bombers can turn into muscular creatures at will, he decides to not stay with them.
* PungeonMaster

* AloofAlly
* BadassCape: A black cape, of course.
* HeelFaceTurn: III series.
* TheStoic

!Doctor Graybon
* TheProfessor

* NiceHat: His beret.

[[folder:Characters appearing in the IV series only]]



* AccidentalMisnaming: Shirobon and the others frequently misname her as "Shuriken"
* FlungClothing: Purple has a trend to fling her little green dress to reveal clothes related to any skill she's claiming to have.
* TheMole: As Purple.
* MsFanservice

* TheStarscream

!Dark Prince/[[spoiler:Jack]]
* TheDragon
* KnightOfCerebus
* TarotMotifs

!Dark Koutei
* BigBad
* GiantEyeOfDoom

[[folder:Characters appearing in the V series only]]
* BadassMustache
* TheBrute: Not exactly dumb, but he's clearly the muscle of the Three Devil Musketeers.
* FlexingThoseNonBiceps: Frequently.
* MegaManning: his "Fire Scan"
* ScaryScorpions: His mecha is scorpion-like, and the scorpion jaws remain on the chest in robot mode.
* UnstoppableRage: After being abandoned by Dokudandy and Gestra to the mercy of a carnivorous B-Daron.
* VerbalTic: Ends every phrase with "manto"

* CampGay
* LeanAndMean
* VillainousCrush: On Kurobon.

* VerbalTic: Ends every phrase with "gesu"

* TheRival: to Kurobon.
* TheStarscream

!King Vader
* BigBad