''VideoGame/BlazBlue'', much like ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'', has plenty of {{Rummage Sale Reject}}s to go around. The characters are split up by the games the first appear in. Voice actors are listed as Japanese/English. Characters are listed by the games they appear in.

They may also contain '''unmarked spoilers'''. You may wish to finish all three (soon to be four) games' story modes before reading.

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'''Warning:''' Some arts that are linked here (Canon or Fanon) are maybe [[NotSafeForWork NSFW]]. Some also contain ''Spoilers''.

Due to length, has been split into subpages:

* Player Characters
** ''[[Characters/BlazBlueCalamityTrigger1 BlazBlue: CalamityTrigger]]'' 1 (Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, Noel Vermillion, Rachel Alucard, Taokaka, Iron Tager)
** ''[[Characters/BlazBlueCalamityTrigger2 BlazBlue: CalamityTrigger]]'' 2 (Litchi Faye-ling, Arakune, Bang Shishigami, Carl Clover & Nirvana, Hakumen, Nu-13)
** ''Characters/BlazBlueContinuumShift'' (Lambda-11, Tsubaki Yayoi, Hazama, Mu-12, Makoto Nanaya, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Platinum the Trinity, Relius Clover)
** ''[[Characters/BlazBlueChronoPhantasma BlazBlue: Chronophantasma]]'' (Izayoi, Amane Nishiki, Bullet, Azrael, Kagura Mutsuki, Kokonoe, Yuuki Terumi, Celica A. Mercury)
** ''[[Characters/BlazBlueCentralFiction BlazBlue: Central Fiction]]'' (Hibiki Kohaku, Naoto Kurogane, Nine the Phantom)
* [[Characters/BlazBlueNonPlayerCharacters Non-Playable Characters]]
* ''[[Characters/XBlazeCodeEmbryo XBlaze Code: Embryo]]''