'''The Battle Fever team'''

!!!'''[[color:red:Masao Den / Battle Japan]]'''

* BigBrotherInstinct: Towards Keiko.
* BladeOnAStick: What his Command Bat transforms into.
* GratuitousNinja: #44 reveals ninja once took care of him.
* TheLeader
* StandardizedLeader: To the point where even the writers didn't seem to know what to do with him.

!!!'''[[color:orange:Kensaku Shiraishi / Battle Cossack I]]'''

* TheBigGuy: Up until #33.
* ButNotTooForeign
* ForgottenFallenFriend: No mention is ever made of him again after Makoto takes over his job.
* KilledOffForReal
* TheLancer: For the first few episodes. The writers quickly change their mind, however, and he loses this position to Battle France (the fact that Yukio Ito was planning to leave the show also contributed to his demotion as sub-leader).
* SaiGuy: What his Command Bat transforms into.
* TheSmartGuy: See TheBigGuy.

!!!'''[[color:orange:Makoto Jin / Battle Cossack II]]'''

* AntiHeroSubstitute: In his first episode as a regular, he attempts to kill the "Dark Shogun", who is responsible for his brother's death, in cold blood. It turns out the Dark Shogun is an Egos Monster, but he didn't know that.
* TheBigGuy: Starting with #33.
* ButNotTooForeign
* ColdSniper
* TheQuietOne
* SaiGuy: Just like his predecessor.
* TheSmartGuy: See TheBigGuy.
* WhatTheHellHero: See AntiHeroSubstitute above.

!!!'''[[color:blue:Kyōsuke Shida / Battle France]]'''

* ButNotTooForeign
* CasanovaWannabe
* CoolSword: What his Command Bat transforms into.
* TheDandy
* GratuitousFrench: Well, what did you expect?
* KatanasAreJustBetter: Averted.
* TheLancer: Inherits this position after the first few episodes (the roll call order is even changed to reflect this). Indeed, his easygoing personality is a good foil to Japan's StraightMan tendencies.

!!!'''[[color:black:Shirō Akebono / Battle Kenya]]'''

* BigEater
* ButNotTooForeign
* KidAppealCharacter
* SpotlightStealingSquad: He gets a lot of focus in the second half of the show.
* WhipItGood: What his Command Bat transforms into.
* WildChild

!!!'''[[color:fuchsia:Diane Martin / Miss America I]]'''

* TheChick / TheSmurfettePrinciple: The original one.
* CommutingOnABus: Her role was greatly reduced after the first few episodes, until she was finally replaced.
* DyingMomentOfAwesome: She didn't die, but in her final episode, she manages to escape Salome and Dracula Monster with her sister ''after having been depleted of a good chunk of her blood''; it was pretty awesome.
* FauxActionGirl: Related to her CommutingOnABus above: she is supposed to be a secret agent, and yet she spends most of her time in the base doing nothing while the guys are out there investigating.
* KnifeNut: What her Command Bat transforms into.
* PutOnABus
* YouKilledMyFather: Her motive for joining Battle Fever was to avenge her father Bossner, who is killed by Egos in the first episode. It [[AbortedArc never went anywhere]].

!!!'''[[color:fuchsia:Maria Nagisa / Miss America II]]'''

* ActionGirl: Especially when compared to Diane.
* ButNotTooForeign
* TheChick / TheSmurfettePrinciple: The new one.
* ClearMyName: In one episode.
* HotTeacher: In one episode.
* ILetGwenStacyDie: She let a boy drown before her eyes when she was a child.
* KnifeNut: Just like her predecessor.
* MasterOfDisguise: Twice. The first time, however, [[SubvertedTrope Salome recognizes her]].
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute

'''Secondary characters'''

!!!'''General Tetsuzan Kurama'''
* DaChief

* TheChick: ''De facto'', until Maria comes.

* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: She disappears after 15 episodes.
* MasterOfDisguise

* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: For Midori.