Due to many liberties taken with the original material, this character page is distinct from that of ''Characters/{{Psycho}}''. '''BEWARE OF SPOILERS. TROPE NAMES ARE NOT WHITED OUT.'''

* [[Characters/BatesMotelBatesFamily The Bates-Calhoun Family]][[note]]Norman Bates, Mother, Norma Bates, Dylan Massett, Caleb Calhoun, Sam Bates, Frannie & Ray Calhoun[[/note]]
* [[Characters/BatesMotelWhitePineBay White Pine Bay Residents]][[note]]Alex Romero, Zach Shelby, Patty Lin, Emma Decody, Will Decody, Audrey Decody, Gregg Edwards, Julian Howe, Bradley Martin, Blaire Watson, Cody Brennan, Richard Slymore, Jodi Morgan, Zane Morgan, Gil Turner, Jerry Martin, Remo Wallace, Gunner Alexander, Ethan Chang, Chuck, Sid, Chick Hogan, Nick Ford, Bob Paris, Rebecca Hamilton, Marcus Young, Jimmy Brennan, Keith Summers, Madeline Loomis, James Finnegan, George Heldens, Christine Heldens, Peter, Rob Woodriff, Lee Berman, Maggie Summers[[/note]]
* [[Characters/BatesMotelVisitors White Pine Bay Visitors]][[note]]Jiao, Jake Abernathy/Joe Fioretti, Annika Johnson, Marion Crane, Sam Loomis[[/note]]