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[[folder:Marty [=McFly=]]]
!!Martin Seamus "Marty" [=McFly=]
[[caption-width-right:300:''"This is heavy!"'']]
->'''Played By:''' Creator/MichaelJFox
->'''Voiced in the Creator/TelltaleGames series by''': AJ [=LoCascio=]

* ActionSurvivor: Doc seems to have this impression of him, at least after the first movie. It should tell you something that, in ''Part II'', Doc's plans for Griff and 1955 basically boil down to "tell Marty what to do and let him handle it".
* {{Adorkable}}: Not on his father's levels, but he still has his moments. Like in ''Part III'' when he realizes that he's alone with a gun, and decides to start pointing it to his reflection and mimics Robert De Niro and Clint Eastwood. All while he's wearing pajamas.
* AntiHero: The Telltale game turns him into one, given all the morally-ambiguous things he ends up doing in order to set the timeline straight, including (but not limited to) nearly suffocating young!Doc to death, preventing one ([[BadFuture from a bad timeline]])!Doc to disappear from ''existence'', and so on.
* BerserkButton: "[[NobodyCallsMeChicken Nobody calls me chicken!]]" This ends up getting him into an accident the day he returns from 1885. (May also qualify as a NoodleIncident, since it didn't appear in the first movie. Though that may just be a coincidence, or alternate parenting from the "new", self-confident George, who took Marty's lessons a bit too much to heart when passing them on.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: He's very sweet and friendly, but he still has a hell of a right hook and won't hesitate to use it.
* BigBrotherInstinct: He forms one over his own father in 1955, protecting him whenever he needs help. [[spoiler: Thanks to that and CharacterDevelopment on George's part, the latter becomes a better, more assertive person.]]
* BookDumb: Seems to actually need the exposition Doc gives... but it seems to have been him that hooked that 1985 video recorder up to Doc's 1955 TV. Maybe Doc's been teaching him?
* BuffySpeak: In the Telltale game:
-->'''Marty:''' (looking at a bathysphere) It's some kind of... deep-sea diving thingy.
* BullyHunter: Granted, since he's grown up seeing Biff as his father's tormentor, it's not too big a surprise that he doesn't like bullies.
* ButtMonkey: At times. He always comes into conflicts out of his hands.
* TheCallKnowsWhereYouLive: In his case, RefusalOfTheCall means he disappears from existence or is stuck in the past, so he doesn't have much choice but to comply. Come ''Part III'', he finally has the opportunity to choose without being so railroaded by the plot, and he goes with... GuileHero.
* CatchPhrase:
** "Nobody calls me chicken!" Cue {{Trope Namer|s}}.
** "This is heavy!"
** "Holy SHIT!"
** ''(every time he tries to distract his enemies)'' "Hey, [[LookBehindYou what the hell is that]]?!" or "Hey, what's that?!"
** "Here goes nothing." (In the video game)
** He also tends to mutter [[SarcasmMode "perfect..."]] when things aren't going well for him.
** [[LetMeGetThisStraight "Wait a minute..."]]
* CharacterDevelopment:
** His self-confidence seems to have improved after the events of ''Part I''.
** In the first film, when he's a newbie to time travel, he's very naive and impulsive, and for the first half of the second film he remains the same. After an unsuspecting trip to the year 2015 goes horribly wrong and Marty accidentally gets his dad shot by Biff, he finally starts to take the dangers of time travel seriously and he grows significantly more cynical about the adventures in time he and Doc have by the third and final film.
-->'''Marty:''' Why do we always have to cut these things so damn close?!
** In ''Part III'', Marty finally overcomes his FatalFlaw[=/=]BerserkButton, [[spoiler:saving himself from getting killed by Buford Tannen]] and [[spoiler:saving himself from becoming a FutureLoser by never agreeing to the street race with Needles]].
* CharacterTics: His, erm... ''unusual'' sleeping position.
* ChekhovsSkill: Skateboarding, guitar shredding, and (later) arcade shooters.
* CombatPragmatist: Kind of necessary when facing guns and men twice your size (sometimes both at once).
* CompressedVice: Again, his dislike of being called a chicken. In the second movie, his parents reflect on how this was always his FatalFlaw. Would be normal if it weren't for the fact that he isn't shown to have this trait in the first movie; he has a quick temper and some {{Determinator}} aspects, but no one calls him out on anything directly. [[FridgeBrilliance Although the fact that he takes a sip from the liquor after Lorraine tells him he's being a square might be a subtle sign of it.]]
* CoolBoard: Apparently to make up for the fact that he doesn't have a car, originally. Due to this, and how skateboarding wasn't quite as popular in 1985, we never see him doing any tricks on it.
* CoolLoser: Supposedly. The only person we see treating him this way in the original timeline is Strickland, though.
* CrueltyIsTheOnlyOption: In the game, [[spoiler: to save the future, Marty pretty much obliterates Emmett's life in the span of two minutes.]]
* DeadGuyJunior: "Seamus" is the name of one of his ancestors, who he meets in ''Part III''.
* DeadpanSnarker: At times. But not to the highest levels of snarkiness.
* {{Determinator}}: Particularly in ''Part II'', and especially during his second time in 1955. Dude just will not quit in trying to get the Almanac back.
* DorkKnight: To the extent that a high schooler could be reasonably expected to be, anyway.
* {{Fanservice}}: A split-second shot of him in purple Calvin Klein underwear. Plus in the third movie, you get a nice shot of his butt. (WordOfGod said there was much squeeing from girls at every screening they went to at the latter.)
* FatalFlaw: Calling him Chicken is always used against him. Again, see BerserkButton.
* FishOutOfTemporalWater: Takes an ''unusually'' long time to get fully acclimated to being in 1955. [[FridgeBrilliance Perhaps because his father wasn't a novelist in his original upbringing?]]
* {{Flanderization}}: Into TheDitz in ''WesternAnimation/BackToTheFuture TheAnimatedSeries''.
* FragileSpeedster: Necessary considering that [=McFly=] men are just not too built by nature. He combines this with CombatPragmatist to outsmart the various villains (e.g., incarnations of Biff, his relatives, and his cronies) that he encounters throughout his adventures. If he ever allows himself to be drawn into a fight due to [[HairTriggerTemper calling a chicken]], he tends to go down after a really good punch or two.
* FutureBadass: If the [[spoiler:ending to the Telltale game can be trusted]].
* FutureLoser: ''Part II'' reveals that Future Marty gave up guitaring and ended up a lowly {{salaryman}}, stuck working for his high school enemy ([[TurnOutLikeHisFather à la George]]). [[spoiler:Luckily in ''Part III'', Marty manages to avert the event that led to this timeline, with the implication that he has a better future.]]
* GoLookAtTheDistraction: It's a RunningGag in the 2010 game for Marty to quickly distract someone by pointing behind them and shouting, "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!"
* GuileHero: He uses his wits as much as his physical ability to solve his problems.
* TheGunslinger: Thanks to [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_Gunman an arcade light gun game]], he is an accomplished QuickDraw artist. Though, he does refuse to kill Buford so as not to mess up the timeline.
* HairTriggerTemper: Lampshaded by being called a "hothead" by many throughout the trilogy. This is especially true if you call him a chicken, which will make hell break loose and cause him to try to punch you out. He seems to have grown out of this by the game, however, after his CharacterDevelopment in the third movie.
* HardHead: It's something of a RunningGag that Marty loses consciousness this way.
* TheHero: The noblest character in the entire series, so this was expected.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Doc. In the first film, Doc sacrifices himself to save Marty from the Libyans, and Marty returns the favor by ensuring that he gets the news of his impending death. Throughout the entire trilogy, they're by each others' sides, protecting each other and providing the fandom with many crowning moments of heartwarming.
* HiddenDepths: He's a lot smarter than he seems.
* HighSchoolHustler: {{Downplayed|Trope}}. He's not really a trickster as usually seen in this trope, but he's no less lucky and helpful. Played straighter in the early drafts for the movie, however.
* IKnowMortalKombat: Learned how to sharpshoot from playing [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_Gunman an arcade game]].
* IndyPloy: Marty proves himself quite capable at coming up with ways to get himself out of a bind.
** In ''Part I'', when Biff and his cronies tried to run Marty into the back of a manure truck, Marty leaped off of his skateboard and ran through Biff's car.
** He managed to stop a temporal paradox that could destroy all of space-time with a few well-placed sandbags to the head of Biff's goons in ''Part II'':
** Unable to avoid a gunfight, he uses the door of a conveniently-placed stove as a bulletproof vest in ''Part III''.
** Also from ''Part III'', after seeing Clara about to fall from the train with Doc barely hanging on, Marty slipped Doc the hoverboard to help catch her.
* INeedAFreakingDrink: He seems to have this reaction to "parking" with his [[ParentalIncest future mother]] - [[HypocriticalHumor right after he takes the liquor bottle off of her]], he takes a swig of it himself (leading to the SpitTake described below).
* IncorruptiblePurePureness: Downplayed. Marty seems to be the most noble character in the entire series and usually goes out of his way to do what's right.
* InnocentBlueEyes: Not really innocent, per se - but his big blue eyes do give off the vibe of "Flabbergasted FishOutOfTemporalWater".
* IntergenerationalFriendship:
** With Doc throughout the trilogy. It's clear that they've been friends for some time by the beginning of the first film.
** With his parents in ''Part I'', and his great-great-grandparents in ''Part III'', although they're all his age or close to it at the time that these friendships form.
* KidFromTheFuture: In ''Part I''. Technically a "Great-Great-Grandkid from the Future" in ''Part III''.
* LookBehindYou: Not only does Marty love this, but it almost always works!
* LoserSonOfLoserDad: In the first film, Strickland sneers that Marty comes from a long line of SLACKERS. (Which is unfair, as he's clearly more outgoing than George ever was in the original timeline.)
* LoveAtFirstSight: Says that this happened with him and Jennifer when Doc scoffs at the idea.
* NiceGuy: There's never once a moment where he does anything mean-spirited in the series.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero:
** In ''Part II'', it's his plan to use the almanac that older Biff overhears and goes back in time to tell his 50's self. Leading into the conflict for the rest of the film.
** In the game, [[spoiler:his plan to get Kid Tannen arrested, and his interactions with Edna Strickland and young Emmett makes them fall in love with each other. This little error throws the timeline into jeopardy and prevents the events of the movies from ever happening, creating the Alt!1986 Citizen Brown timeline.]]
* NobodyCallsMeChicken: His FatalFlaw in the second and third movies. Calling him chicken or otherwise suggesting he's a coward causes him, in various timelines, to challenge a gang of bullies, his clearly corrupt friend from high school, and a known Wild West outlaw. In Lone Pine 2015, this is shown to have ruined his life by getting into a car accident that broke Marty's hand and got him sued by the other driver. Thankfully, after some self-reflection, Marty gets over it.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname[=/=]InSeriesNickname: His actual name is Martin, but everyone calls him Marty.
* OnlySaneMan: More or less the voice of reason to everybody else's craziness.
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent: For a skateboarding rockstar wannabe, he's surprisingly down to earth.
* TheParagon: The first movie has him inspire others in the 50s to do what's right. All except Biff and his bully gang of course.
* PintSizedPowerhouse: He's only 5'4", but is able to knock out the 6'3" Biff and Buford with a few punches.
* PlayingCyrano: Gives his father George love advice to win Lorraine's heart.
* {{Pride}}: The proper name for his FatalFlaw. He feels he can't back down from a challenge when called "chicken", but as the series goes on this turns out to have serious [[spoiler: and by ''Part III'', near-fatal]] consequences. [[spoiler: Eventually he learns to overcome it after some sound advice from his ancestors. Which inadvertently saves his future in the process.]]
* RedOniBlueOni: The red to Doc's and George's blue.
* ScarsAreForever: In the game, [[spoiler:when trying to prove to his parents that he really is their son in an alternate timeline [[note]](as the Marty in ''that'' timeline has been run out of town)[[/note]]]] it's revealed that he has a scar on his left knee that he got in a skateboarding accident when he was twelve.
* SpitTake:
** After confiscating Lorraine's liquor bottle, he sees her lighting a cigarette - [[HypocriticalHumor just as he takes a swig...]]
** A RealLife example happened in a [[http://youtu.be/dR_wNXvcZ9g?t=2m9s blooper]] of the same scene - as a prank, the prop bottle was replaced with an identical one with real alcohol in it, causing Michael J. Fox to spray it all over himself and hilarity to ensue.
* SupportingProtagonist: WordOfGod views him as this in the first and third movies, with George and Lorraine getting the most development in ''Part I'', and Doc getting it in ''Part III''.
* ThisIsWrongOnSoManyLevels: Marty often reacts like this when stuff happens with his young mother [[spoiler: and grandmother too in the game, for similar reasons.]]
* TragicHero: Narrowly subverted; his FatalFlaw nearly causes him to [[spoiler: break his hand and ruin his rock star dreams in a race with Needles]] or [[spoiler: get shot by Buford]], [[spoiler: but he learns to overcome those flaws and therefore doesn't fall into tragedy.]]
* TrueCompanions: [[OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent Marty]] and [[ReluctantMadScientist Doc]] have a [[OddFriendship very strange]] but very strong bond. They are separated by interests and [[IntergenerationalFriendship age]], but they would [[HeroicSacrifice sacrifice themselves]] for each other without a second thought. That's during the films. It gets more flagrant after the video game. This trope being more flagrant in the video game could be justified by the fact that Marty befriended a ''teenage'' Emmett Brown in 1931 like he did in 1955 with his parents and in 1885 with his great-great-grandparents.
* UndyingLoyalty: Shows this towards anyone he cares about:
** No matter how much his parents' actions in both the past and present annoy or upset him, he will ''never'' let anyone get away with hurting George or Lorraine in the long run.
** Shows this towards Doc as well. In the first movie, he tried everything he could think of to make sure that Doc found out about his death in the future, and in the third movie, he refused to go straight home to the future once he found out that Doc was killed in 1885, insisting on going back to rescue him despite Doc's explicit directions to the contrary and saving Doc repeatedly from Buford once he got there.
* TheWatson: Marty is bright and has several useful skills, but when it comes to time travel, Doc has to explain everything.
* WhatTheHellHero: Gets called out on by Doc for trying to bring back a Sports Almanac listing all the winners from 1950-2000 in the sequel so he can win money and become a billionaire.
* YoungGun: Subversion in ''Part III''. He's not as good at it at first.

[[folder:Doc Brown]]
!!Dr. Emmett Lathrop "Doc" Brown
[[caption-width-right:300:''"GREAT SCOTT!"'']]
->'''Played By:''' Creator/ChristopherLloyd
->'''Younger Version Voiced in the Creator/TelltaleGames series by''': Creator/JamesArnoldTaylor

* AbsentMindedProfessor: He has the look, but Doc is otherwise fairly on the ball.
* AdaptationalBadass: The video game has him ''punch out'' Beauregard Tannen in a [[OneHitKill One-Hit KO]].
* {{Adorkable}}: Especially in ''Part III'', when he sees Clara at the dance.
* AgeLift: Christopher Lloyd was only 46 when he filmed the role for the 71-year old Doc Brown. Probably done on purpose so when Marty goes back to 1955 and meets the 41 year old Doc Brown they look the same, except for aging make-up in 1985, which was dropped in the other parts as Doc underwent a rejuvenating process. [[TooMuchInformation They also replaced his spleen and colon.]]
* BadassLongcoat: He wears a long coat in ''Part III'' and also does some rather impressive things.
* BigGood: He has only good intentions with time-traveling, wants to set the timeline's right so no one suffers, and is genuinely helpful to Marty in all three movies and sees him as a close friend.
* BunglingInventor: Strictly speaking, the time machines are the only inventions of his that work[[note]]That we see, that is. The time machine is his only invention seen in 1985, and he seems to be a lot more bungling in 1955, but in that 30-year time period, it's possible he was a lot more accomplished[[/note]]. He is apparently a gifted scientist otherwise, enough that he works as a freelance science troubleshooter.
* BunnyEarsLawyer: He may be eccentric but he's also on par with his scientific heroes in terms of intelligence.
* CantHoldHisLiquor: All it takes is a single shot of whiskey, and he's out like a light.
* CatchPhrase: ''"Great SCOTT!!"''
* CelibateEccentricGenius: He finds the idea of LoveAtFirstSight ridiculous... until he meets Clara in the third film.
* CharacterDevelopment: Goes from believing at the start of the trilogy that "no man should know too much about his destiny" to saying that "the future hasn't been written yet. No one's has. Your future is whatever you make it!" at the end.
* CharacterTics: He often makes grandiose hand gestures while talking. Creator/ChristopherLloyd said he based his portrayal of Doc, in part, on conductor Leopold Stokowski, i.e. Doc is conducting the world.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: He is famous for his quirky and eccentric personality.
* CoolOldGuy: The guy's built a TimeMachine out of a rather poor car, for starters.
* DeadpanSnarker: It's rare, but he has his moments.
-->(''Marty points out his father, who has a "kick me" sign on his back'')
-->'''Doc:''' Maybe you were adopted?
* {{Deuteragonist}}: For the entire series, Doc is the second-most important character. However, he gets far more focus in ''Part III'', to the point that he's the main character of the third movie.
* EinsteinHair: How ''did'' he get his hair to stick out like that? The game expands on this. During the 1931 Hill Valley Science Expo. Young Emmett is driving his flying rocket powered car, which explodes violently. When Emmett exits the expo, his hairs became like his movie counterpart, as a result of the explosion (which he didn't have before). He comments that after that incident, he got banned from the expo for at least 50 years.
* FanOfThePast: Doc is a fan of the Old West, and gets to live in it by the time ''Part III'' rolls around.
* ForScience: His interest in time travel is completely selfless: he speaks in the first movie of its use for historians and scientists. However, he soon recognizes the problems time travel ''will'' cause in unscrupulous hands, and has no problem ordering Marty to destroy the time machine.
* FriendlessBackground: At the time of the films, he has only Marty and his pet dogs, because no one in Hill Valley wants to come near "crazy old man Brown."
** Subverted in 1885, where as the town blacksmith he seems to be well-liked by the town, where he's on a first-name basis with the saloonkeeper and the mayor.
* GadgeteerGenius: He's quite adept at adapting technology to the limitations of the time period he's in.
* GentlemanAdventurer: Has shades of this. (Though he had the foresight to try ''not'' to alter historical events.)
* GoingNative: Fits right in with 1885 California.
* HawaiianShirtedTourist: Played with. Doc is rarely seen without a tacky luau shirt, and he ''is'' a tourist. Makes sense since he's allergic to synthetic fabrics and real Hawaiian shirts are made out of cotton.
* HerrDoktor: Played with. Doc has no Germanic accent or notable behaviors, but he mentions that his parents were the 'von Brauns' until they moved to America.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With Marty. In the first film, Doc sacrifices himself to save Marty from the Libyans, and Marty returns the favor by ensuring that he gets the news of his impending death. Throughout the entire trilogy, they're by each others' sides, protecting each other and providing the fandom with many crowning moments of heartwarming.
* HotBlooded: Even more so when he's 17. The present Doc admits that he's nowhere near the bravery his past self was.
* IfMyCalculationsAreCorrect: When Doc's baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit.
* IndyPloy: More subtly than Marty, but Doc can be surprisingly pragmatic when he needs to be.
* IntergenerationalFriendship: It's a credit to the actors that we, as viewers, don't question why a skater punk and some old guy would hang out together. But just in case you insist in explanations:
** The [[AllThereInTheManual original script]] had a line by Marty explaining that Doc hired him to clean his garage. Marty, being a music aficionado, was impressed with Doc's vintage record collection. The rest is history.
** The screenwriter decided it wasn't necessary to explain how they first met. Doc is a local pariah and a weirdo, and Marty is clearly a rebel. It's inevitable that Marty would snoop around Doc's garage at some point.
** [[WordOfGod Bob Gale himself]] finally gave [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments a rather heartwarming]] explanation [[http://mentalfloss.com/article/28526/back-future-co-creator-bob-gale-explains-how-marty-and-doc-became-friends over on Mental Floss.]]
** Another explanation could be drawn from the movie - that their friendship is a StableTimeLoop. Marty and Doc are friends because Marty helped him in the fifties (and in the game, saved him in the thirties) so Doc knew who he was in the eighties and became friends with him, thus leading to him once again do all of those things.
* LargeHam: What would you expect from Creator/ChristopherLloyd?
* LiteralMinded: This comes up a couple of times in the first movie, where he takes Marty's use of slang[[note]]"This is heavy[[/note]] at face value in 1955. (In context, this takes place in an era when nuclear war between superpowers was starting to look more likely. It's not the stretch it would be now to have worried that we'd be slingin' around bombs to the point of affecting ''Earth's gravity''.)
* LoveAtFirstSight: Though skeptical of it, it comes true when he meets Clara, which is reciprocated. Becomes a bit of a problem when he and Marty need to get [[TitleDrop back to the future]].
* MadScientist: He ''is'' a bit eccentric and goofy, but Doc has kindly intentions.
* MayDecemberRomance: Played with. Historically speaking, Clara was around 60 years older than him, but biologically speaking, Doc was about 30 years older than her when they first meet.
* MeaningfulName: His first name is "Time", pronounced backwards. His ambition is to travel in time.
* MisunderstoodLonerWithAHeartOfGold:
** He has the rumors of being a "crazy old man", and Marty was even warned not to go near him, but did so anyway and befriended him, according to WordOfGod. His main purpose with time-traveling is to help mankind with their problems; he refuses to alter it for personal gain, [[WhatTheHellHero which he calls out on Marty for trying to do in the sequel]].
* MysteriousMiddleInitial: What exactly the ''L'' stands for isn't stated until the animated series, when an EvilFormerFriend of his refers to him as "Emmett Lathrop Brown."
* OlderThanTheyLook: He's nearly one hundred years old in the game, yet still looks like a man in his sixties. {{Justified|Trope}} by the fact that he took advantage of future medicine to rejuvenate himself and increase his lifespan. [[TooMuchInformation They also replaced his spleen and colon.]]
* OmnidisciplinaryScientist: Aside from inventing a time machine with an onboard nuclear reactor, he's also managed to build a working refrigerator (well, it can produce ice, anyway) using 1885 components[[note]]working refrigeration units actually existed at the time - the truly impressive thing here is that he did it with parts you could find in a podunk hamlet like Hill Valley[[/note]], and a second time machine that runs solely on steam power (again, using components available around 1885). Also, when he meets Clara and lets slip that he's a scientist, he mentions that he's a student of all sciences.
* OnlyFriend: Marty is all Doc has except for his dogs. Doc is a decent and loyal man who happens to have the reputation of being a MadScientist. Marty feels out of place himself, but nonetheless knows enough about making friends to have the fellow members of his garage band.
* TheProfessor: In the original draft, he'd been called "Professor Brown" before it was recommended that he'd be called "Dr. Brown" or "Doc". This new nickname became so iconic that during the filming of ''Film/TheFrighteners'' years after BTTF, Creator/MichaelJFox kept calling the Judge character "Doc".
* RedOniBlueOni: The blue to Marty's red.
* SdrawkcabName: His first two names. His first name Emmett is "time" pronounced backwards, and his middle name Lathrop is "porhtal", as in "time portal".
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: Especially in the [[WesternAnimation/BackToTheFuture animated series]]. In the DVD commentary, it's lampshaded that Doc will use a bigger word when he could easily use a smaller word, such as calling a dance "A rhythmic ceremonial ritual" even though the word "dance" was clearly written.
* SophisticatedAsHell: "IfMyCalculationsAreCorrect, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, [[PrecisionFStrike you're gonna see some serious shit.]]"
* SymbolMotifClothing: He's wearing a shirt decorated with locomotive trains in ''Part II''. The same shirt becomes his bandanna in ''Part III''.
* TookALevelInBadass: His first appearance in ''Part III'' involves him rescuing Marty from being hanged by shooting the rope holding him up, then proceeds to get Buford and his goons to run off.
* TrueCompanions: [[RidiculouslyAverageGuy Marty]] and [[ReluctantMadScientist Doc]] have a [[OddFriendship very strange]] but very strong bond. They are separated by interests and [[IntergenerationalFriendship age]], but they would [[HeroicSacrifice sacrifice themselves]] for each other without a second thought. That's during the films. It gets more flagrant after the video game.
* TheVonTropeFamily: In ''Part III'' Doc explains that his family use to be the "Von Brauns". He goes on to explain his father changed it to Brown because of UsefulNotes/WorldWarI.
* WordOfDante:[[invoked]] Bob Gale guesses that Doc was involved with the Manhattan Project, but became an outcast and spent the remainder of his life trying to invent something beneficial for humanity. Hence the portable nuclear reactor which he sank his entire fortune into. This would also explain his cynical predictions for the future in 1955 ("Of course! Because of all the fallout from the atomic wars!") Became (semi-) canon on the IDW Publishing BTTF comics (written by Gale).

[[folder:Lorraine Baines-[=McFly=]]]
!!Lorraine Baines-[=McFly=]
[[caption-width-right:245:''"You're safe and sound now, back in good old 1955."'']]
->'''Played By:''' Creator/LeaThompson
* TheAlcoholic: In all the bad timelines, she becomes a heavy drinker to cope with her horrors.
* AllWomenAreLustful: Goes to almost StalkerWithACrush levels in the first film when she grows a lustful interest in Marty.
* BrokenBird: The Lorraine of 1985-A is a shattered woman, trapped in an abusive/loveless marriage to Biff, staying with him only so that her children can live in relative comfort.
* FanDisservice: 1985-A, where Biff made her get plastic surgery, has her wear lots of makeup, and dresses her up in expensive clothing. While other movies might play the {{Fanservice}} straight, the context behind it is what makes it unappealing, and only serves to show how horrible her life in 1985-A is.
* FormerTeenRebel: "Rebel" might be pushing it a bit, but she's clearly a little rougher in 1955 than the nice girl image would have you believe.
* GagBoobs: Biff-A made Lorraine-A get some by 1985-A; she doesn't enjoy them.
* GuessWhoImMarrying: Biff in 1985-A. Much to Marty's horror. Subverted in that the marriage was obviously forced, and Biff is abusive to the [=McFlys=].
* HappilyMarried: To George. Disappointed with him in the original 1985, but clearly their relationship is in better shape after Marty 'fixes' things.
* HighSchoolSweethearts: With George, even in the unalerted timeline where their marriage is rocky.
* IWasQuiteALooker: Very much. She's somewhat plain and a bit drunk and prudish at the start of the first film, so Marty is shocked by Lorraine's real attractiveness when he meets her in 1955. She ages much more gracefully in the "improved" 1985 that Marty returns to in the first film.
-->'''Lorraine:''' My name's Lorraine, Lorraine Baines.
-->'''Marty:''' Yeah... but you're ho... you're so h... you're so... thin!
* LadyDrunk: In the original 1985. Even more so in 1985-A. [[spoiler: And in the Citizen Brown timeline in the game.]]
* MsFanservice: At least in 1955 during her rebellious days as wild girl.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: The 1985-A Lorraine was modeled after various female televangelists from TheEighties, particularly Tammy Faye Meissner (aka Bakker).
* NoDoubtTheYearsHaveChangedMe: The difference between the Lorraine of 1973-A and 1985-A is downright jarring.
* ParentalIncest: Has a crush on Marty in the first film - much to his horror. Becomes a major problem.
* PlayingGertrude: Lea Thompson is just nine days older than Creator/MichaelJFox, and still portrays his fully-grown mother in the 1985 timelines. Though it does make perfect sense, as for most of the first film (intended as a one-shot story at the time) she's the same age as Marty. Stranger is that she's actually three years younger than Wendy Jo Sperber, who plays her teenage daughter in the film series, and four years younger than Marc [=McClure=], who plays her older son.
* SeeminglyWholesomeFiftiesGirl: Played this trope straight to a tee in her youth. At 17, she drinks, smokes, and "parks" with boys casually. In the original, unaltered 1985, she [[BlatantLies falsely]] insists to her kids that she was a genuinely wholesome 50's girl.

[[folder:George [=McFly=]]]
!!George Douglas [=McFly=]
[[caption-width-right:350:''"I'm writing this down, this is good stuff!"'']]
->'''Played By:''' Creator/CrispinGlover (''Back to the Future''), Jeffrey Weissman (''Back to the Future Part II'' and ''III'')

* {{Adorkable}}: A nerd who is more comfortable watching or writing sci-fi than he is with social interaction and who takes notes on what to say to the girl he likes. As he introduces himself to Lorraine as her "density", she seems amused by it. This probably would've succeeded if Biff hadn't shown up.
* BadassBookworm: What he becomes after his confrontation with Biff.
* BerserkButton: In issue 3 of [[ComicBook/BackToTheFuture the comic book]], 1958!George hates it when you call what he writes "sci-fi," which he equates with "cheap junk." He writes "science fiction."
* BewareTheNiceOnes: After decking his lifelong tormentor, George becomes one that you do ''not'' want to mess with.
* ChivalrousPervert: Earlier on in the movie, in 1955, he's spying on Lorraine through the window as she undresses (Marty: "He's a Peeping Tom!"). However, his fire is lit if you try to touch Lorraine inappropriately. It drove him to overcome his insecurities and stand up to the person who has bullied him his whole life by punching him out, saving Lorraine from AttemptedRape in the process. After he has saved her, he asks if she's okay, and helps her up to her feet. His chivalry is what makes him win her heart. When Marty returns to the "corrected" 1985, George's follow-up to Marty's incredulous observation that Lorraine is "thin" is to pinch her butt, showing he's ultimately still this trope.
* EatingLunchAlone: George sits by himself at the cafeteria during lunch in 1955, writing ideas for his stories.
* ExtremeDoormat: He is often pushed around by Biff until he TookALevelInBadass towards the end of the first film.
* FakeShemp: In the sequels, especially ''Part II''.
* FlashbackWithTheOtherDarrin: It may not be particularly noticeable most of the time due to clever camera work and tech, but the shots with George in ''Part II'' that aren't stock footage are played by Jeffrey Weissman.
* KickTheSonOfABitch: Beats up his bully Biff in a single punch.
* HappilyMarried: He and Lorraine are very happy together after Marty fixes the time stream.
* HollywoodNerd: To the nth degree, before time got altered, at which he veers into NerdsAreSexy.
* KickMePrank: George is the victim of a kind cruel prank when some of Biff's friends tape a sheet of paper with the words "KICK ME" on it on his back.
* MostWritersAreWriters: He writes a little sci-fi stories and makes it big in the good timeline.
* NerdsAreSexy: Even after the big 1955 makeover, he's still a bit of a nerd (he did, after all, write and publish what appears to be a pretty hardcore sci-fi novel). However, unlike before, he's an attractive and self-confident nerd rather than a stereotypical HollywoodNerd.
** Even before, Lorraine admitted that George was plenty cute, but his spinelessness and lack of self-confidence turned her off.
* ThePeepingTom: In 1955 and the Citizen Brown timeline of the game.
* PlayingGertrude: Glover is three years younger than Creator/MichaelJFox. Justified for the same reason this trope is listed in Lorraine's list.
* TheSouthpaw: An early draft had George discover he could punch very strongly with his left hand. The final film has George's desire to protect Lorraine cause him to unleash his inner strength, but close observers might notice he knocked out Biff by punching him with his left hand.
* TookALevelInBadass: Marty basically helps him rise to this point. As soon as Lorraine is shoved to the ground by drunken Biff, the fire is lit.
* [[YouLeaveHimAlone You Leave Her Alone]]: Enforced by Marty, who comes up with a plan to get George on Lorraine's good side. When it turns out to be Biff instead, George still doesn't back down.

[[folder:Biff Tannen]]
!!Biff Howard Tannen
[[caption-width-right:350:''"What are you looking at, butthead?!"'']]
->'''Played By:''' Creator/ThomasFWilson

* ArchEnemy: To the [=McFly=] Family in general, but mostly Marty in the first and second movies.
* BarbaricBully: Big (lampshaded), dumb (says certain things grammatically incorrect, although he's smarter than his grandson), and ObviouslyEvil (attempts to rape Lorraine in their high school years, as well as his old self going back in time to turn the present-85 into a hellhole), three out of three.
* BerserkButton: He really hates manure. When Marty told him in 1985-A he heard about the manure incident in 1955 he seemed more angry about being reminded of it than confused of how Marty found out.
* BigBad: In ''Part II''. His alteration of the timeline turns Hill Valley into a dystopia, --with him at the top-- that should be [[SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong set right]]. He's also a major antagonist in ''Part I'', but in this film, his bullying and jerkassery is only half the challenge Marty is faced with.
* BigStupidDoodooHead: His favorite insult is the supremely juvenile "butthead" well into his old age.
* BitchInSheepsClothing:
** The new "nicer" Biff that appears at the end of the first ''Back to the Future'' is pretty much an act given that he returns to being a massive {{Jerkass}} when he's an old man (in context, he seems ''really'' bitter about how Marty Sr. turned out). It's unknown if he's still this way in ''Part III'' after the timeline's fixed.
** The Biff of 1985-A cultivates a philanthropist image in his rise to power.
* BookDumb: He's not good at school, but as shown in Part II, he's very good with cars.
* TheBully: Biff to George, and to Marty, and to Lorraine. In fact, he likes to push around everyone.
* TheCaligula: In 1985-A, his building is labeled with a gigantic likeness of him with giant neon letters that say "BIFF'S." He also spends most of his time yelling at people, and literally getting away with murder by buying out the corrupt police force. And the only reason he's as powerful as he is was because his future self literally handed him an almanac that allowed him to win at gambling at any sporting event he wants.
* CannotTellAJoke: Biff is constantly, err, [[{{Pun}} biffing]] his attempts at wordplay with lines like "Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here"[[note]]It's "leave", you idiot! "Make like a tree, and leave!" You sound like a damn fool when you say it wrong![[/note]] and "That's as funny as a screen door on a battleship."[[note]]"Screen door on a submarine, you dork..."[[/note]] Presumably everyone is too afraid of him to correct him. He is [[LampshadeHanging berated]] for this by his [[IHatePastMe older self]] in the second movie.
* CantGetAwayWithNuthin: In the altered 1985, where he's rather submissive to George, he can't get away with putting on only one coat of wax on any cars.
* CatchPhrase:
** "Hello! Hello! Anybody home?! Hey, think, [=McFly=], think!"
** "Butthead!"
** "Hey [=McFly=]!"
** "How about you make like a tree and get out of here?"
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: In 1985-A, as the founder of Biffco. He apparently has a head for business, as he's basically a small business owner in the 'fixed' 1985 timeline and is George's supervisor at some sort of office business in the 'starting' 1985 timeline, meaning he's this trope in both of the 'bad' 1985 timelines seen in the films (though he's a mere grownup bully in the 'starting' timeline instead of a crime boss).
* EvilIsPetty:
** Exhibit A -- Stealing a ball from some neighborhood kids and [[ThrewMyBikeOnTheRoof hurling it onto a nearby roof]]. And then he strolls away cackling to himself.
** In the alternate present, we see a headline describing George's murder; Biff, the actual gunman, crows that the police would never arrest him. The article explains that George was headed for a meeting to protest the environmental policies of Biffco.
* EvilLaugh: ''Icing on the cake.''
* {{Expy}} : WordOfGod says 1985-A Biff is based on UsefulNotes/DonaldTrump.
* FakeUltimateHero: In 1985-A, thanks to Grey's Sports Almanac.
* FreudianExcuse: His [[TheUnseen grandmother]] sounds like a case. In the Telltale game, his father is revealed to be a notorious bootlegger.
* FutureLoser: The altered timeline had him waxing cars, most often for the [=McFly=] family, in contrast to his supervisor job in the original timeline. Seems to be aware that he's this by 2015.
* IHatePastMe: The elderly Biff is quite embarrassed about how dimwitted the younger Biff is.
-->'''Old Biff:''' It's '''LEAVE'''!! You ''idiot!'' 'Make like a tree and ''leave''.' You sound like a damned FOOL when you say it wrong!
* [[IHaveYourWife I Have Your Children]]: The gist of his blackmail on Lorraine in 1985-A. If she tries to leave, he'll cancel Linda's credit cards and stop covering her debts, have Dave's probation revoked, and get Marty (plus Linda and Dave, if he feels like it) jailed.
* InTheBlood: Descended from an outlaw, he's pretty much more of the same. No word about how his son turned out, but his grandson Griff's at least as bad as he ever was if not more. And in the game, it's revealed that his father was a notorious bootlegger.
* {{Jerkass}}: He's has a callous personality up until George stands up for himself, anyway. And he seems more bitter than jerkass in 2015 - given the opportunity to go back in time, he opts to make himself rich rather than do anything to the [=McFly=] family. [[spoiler:While he does make himself rich, he turns the town into a hellhole and evidently gets himself killed years before 2015.]]
* JerkJock: 1955!Biff is a textbook example.
* KnightOfCerebus: Once he gets his hand on the Grey's Sports Almanac in ''Part II,'' he becomes a DomesticAbuser (toward's Marty's mother, no less) and CorruptCorporateExecutive, and is decidedly much more frightening and dangerous than he was before, and thanks to him, Hill Valley is overrun with crime.
* LargeHam
* {{Malaproper}}:
** In ''Part II:''
--->'''Young Biff:''' ''[to old Biff]'' Now why don't you make like a tree and get outta here?!\\
'''Old Biff:''' (''[[[DopeSlap slaps young Biff]]]'') It's "LEAVE", you idiot! "Make like a tree and LEAVE". [[IHatePastMe You sound like a damned FOOL when you say it wrong!]]
** Also in ''Part II'':
--->'''Biff:''' That's about as funny as a screen door on a battleship.\\
'''Marty''': ''(hiding in Biff's car)'' That's a screen door on a ''submarine'', you '''dork'''.
** And in ''Part III'', we find out that it runs in the family:
--->'''Buford:''' I'll hunt you and shoot you down like a duck!\\
'''Buford's Henchman:''' It's "dog", Buford, "shoot him down like a dog".
* ManChild: As an adult in the original timeline, he acts ''exactly'' like his teenage bully self from 1955, having no reason to ever mature. In ''Part II'', [[spoiler:this crosses over to PsychopathicManchild in 1985-A when he's still just as bratty and immature, but now has the wealth and power to get everything he wants. The original Biff would likely never actually kill anyone, 1985-A Biff has no such misgivings.]]
* MurderTheHypotenuse: [[spoiler:In 1985-A, he kills George [=McFly=].]]
* NeverMyFault: He totals the [=McFly=] car while illegally drinking behind the wheel, and blames George for it because the latter never told him it had a blind spot.[[note]]It's common knowledge that all cars have blind spots[[/note]]
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: WordOfGod says the 1985-A version of Biff was inspired by UsefulNotes/DonaldTrump. The portrait in Biff's office was even based on one of Trump.
* NotAMorningPerson: Biff is implied to be this. Whenever George offers to go to Biff's home with the reports for Biff to copy and pass them as his own, Biff tells George not to show up too soon for this very reason.
* OlderAndWiser: 2015!Biff. He formulates a surprisingly effective plan to make his past self rich, ''after'' listening to Doc talking about the risks of meeting an alternate self, and even figures out how to make the time machine work. [[spoiler:The plan, however, firmly wipes out his OlderAndWiser trait by having his 1985-A self retain a childish temper and ultimately die well before 2015, thereby erasing old Biff from existence until Marty sets things right.]]
* OurFounder: Has a wax statue of himself standing in 1985-A's museum.
* OutdatedOutfit: In 1985-A, he and his gang seem to fit in more with the TheSeventies than TheEighties.
* ReformedBully: Biff is a subverted example in the best timeline of the trilogy. He never becomes a great guy, but years of being under George's thumb have made him give up his meanest habits. However, him calling Marty "butthead" before he recognized him in the third film, and the behavior of his older self in the second might cast doubt on whether he's reformed or just scared of George.
* {{Retgone}}: A deleted scene from ''Part II'' shows Old Biff fading away when he returns to 2015. [[spoiler:1985-A Lorraine apparently shot him some time in the mid-90s.]]
* TheSociopath: He's pretty much the most monstrous character in the series; he has little to no inhibitions and he would do terrible things if he thought he could get away with them. In the first film, he harasses his classmates, tries to straight up murder 'Calvin Klein' with his car (in public no less) and later tries to rape Lorraine. In the second film, in the alternate timeline he murders George, abuses George's family for twelve years, and once again tries to murder 'Calvin Klein' with his car (and enjoys it even more this time).
* SchoolyardBullyAllGrownUp: In the original timeline, he's still at it, holding power over George. In 1985-A, he has power over Hill Valley, as well as California itself. The fixed timeline subverts this, to the point that George apparently trusts him to do a good job... eventually.
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney: In 1985-A.
-->'''Biff:''' Kid, I ''own'' the police.
* VillainousBreakdown: After the second time he crashes into a manure truck. He screams about how he hates manure and looks like he's about to ''cry''.
* VillainousCrush: For Lorraine. Taken to disturbing levels in the second film, and this is after the AttemptedRape which is still in play in 1955-A.
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: In 1985-A, he's even got his own museum dedicated to his life story.
* VileVillainSaccharineShow: Downplayed in ''Part I'', in which his only two not PlayedForLaughs KickTheDog acts were trying to run over Marty with his car and attempting to rape Lorraine, nearly breaking George's arm when he stands up to him. Played straight in ''Part II'' in 1985-A, when he becomes a CorruptCorporateExecutive who is an DomesticAbuser, turned Hill Valley into ''Hell'' Valley and [[spoiler:murdered George [=McFly=] in cold blood]]. Even for a science fiction adventure comedy trilogy it is, Biff in this alternate timeline had become the darkest antagonist of the series.
* WouldHitAGirl: In the first film, he pushes Lorraine to the ground, and in the alternate 1985 of Part II, he abuses her along with Marty, among other things making her get breast implants.
* YouKilledMyFather: [[spoiler: He killed George, Marty's father, in 1985-A]].

[[folder:Jennifer Parker]]
!!Jennifer Jane Parker
[[caption-width-right:289:''"Marty, you're acting like you haven't seen me in a week!"'']]
->'''Played By:''' Claudia Wells (''Back to the Future''), Elisabeth Shue (''Back to the Future Part II'' and ''III'')

* AdaptationalBadass: The video game has her as a teen rebel who likes to disrupt a brutal regime oppressing Hill Valley.
* AgentMulder: At the start of the second movie, when she learns that the [=DeLorean=] is a time machine, she doesn't question it once (although she ''does'' sound pretty freaked out when she asks if they're in 2015).
* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: [[spoiler: In the alternate!1986]] in the Telltale game, [[spoiler:she's dating an ugly, stupid tool rather than Marty - just because he plays electric guitar in a band (the Marty in the alternate timeline is apparently a grade-A nerd who plays the ukulele rather than guitar). This trope is how the real Marty wins her back, along with showing off his guitar talents]].
* TheCheerleader: Averted. It's implied in ''Part II'' that she may have been a cheerleader in high school (a maroon and white school jacket can be seen in the closet she's hiding in in 2015, with the name "Jennifer" and an emblem consisting of a megaphone over the "HV" letters), but she's a GirlNextDoor type, and doesn't seem like an AlphaBitch or TheDitz as is usually seen in this trope. This is a possible ActorAllusion - in ''Film/TheKarateKid'', Elisabeth Shue's character, Ali, is a cheerleader.
* TheChick: You get the feeling that there's more to her, but the plot of ''Part II'' forces her into this role.
* ChildhoodFriendRomance: According to [[ComicBook/BackToTheFuture the comic book]], she and Marty knew each other in fourth grade, fell out of contact for a few years, then reconnected and fell in LoveAtFirstSight in 1984.
* DeadpanSnarker: In the game. [[spoiler:Well, the punk-rock delinquent version of herself, anyway.]]
* EightiesHair: Especially with her first actress. [[spoiler:In alternate 1986, this becomes DelinquentHair.]]
* FlashbackWithTheOtherDarrin: It's even the page image!
* GoodGirlGoneBad: In the game, [[spoiler:she's a [[TookALevelInJerkass bitchy]], [[DeadpanSnarker sarcastic]], delinquent rocker in the alternate-1986; this is implied to be [[LaResistance a form of rebellion]] against Citizen Brown's rule.]]
* GuestStarPartyMember: Her most significant role was in the second film. Which involved her running around her future home in a controlled panic. The Bobs have noted that if they'd intended on making a sequel, they would not have had Jennifer go to the future with Marty and Doc as they had no idea what to do with her.
* HiddenDepths: The "Continuum Conundrum" arc in [[ComicBook/BackToTheFuture the comic]] shows Jennifer taking a more active role in the plot than she did in the movies, and consequently displays sides of her that we didn't previously see.
** For instance, she shows some remarkable sci-fi savvy, mentioning how she wishes that Doc had a "time phone" or similar, and she even theorizes that the version of [[spoiler:Doc]] that they've encountered might somehow be from the original (Twin Pines) timeline, or even an AlternateUniverse. She says this comes from reading George's sci-fi novels.
** The comics show that she's also quite organized and clever in her thinking, such as when she gains the trust of Goldie Wilson, Jr. in order to get the location of Doc's secret lab. She also chastises Marty for relying too heavily on {{Indy Ploy}}s rather than coming up with an organized game plan, and is able to get him to focus on the task at hand.
* HighSchoolSweethearts: Is this with Marty, and we see that they're married with kids in 2015. But the original timeline isn't very happy, though maybe not to the extent of George and Lorraine in ''their'' original timeline - they appear to actually be HappilyMarried. Lorraine even says that she thinks that she married her son out of pity (and this is to her own ''granddaughter'')! [[spoiler:Fortunately, it's heavily implied that her and Marty's future becomes much better/happier after Marty prevents the incident that ruined his life from happening thanks to his CharacterDevelopment.]]
* InSeriesNickname: Is called "Jen" a couple of times by Marty in ''Part III'' and in the game.
** In the [[ComicBook/BackToTheFuture comic]], Needles attempts to flirt with her and calls her "Jenny". She isn't impressed.
* TheLoad: Bob Zemeckis and Bob Gale never had a character development in mind for her, stating that had they planned to make a sequel to the original film, they would not have put her in the car at the end. Sure enough, less than five minutes into ''Part II'', she's sedated and pretty much spends the rest of the series that way. Her actresses aren't even given top billing in the film credits, even though those who play even smaller roles are.
* LockedOutOfTheLoop: It's quite clear that she has absolutely NO idea what's going on when she climbs into the [=DeLorean=] with Marty. Catches up fast, though.
* LoveAtFirstSight: With Marty, according to him when explaining that the trope is possible to Doc.
* SatelliteLoveInterest: She appeared very little in the first movie and apparently existed only so that Marty would have someone to spill exposition on in the opening scenes. Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale tried to write her out of the sequels, but the way they ended the first movie made that difficult; she did get some development in the second and third movies.
* SecretKeeper: She becomes this once Marty tells her about (and shows her what's left of) Doc's time machine.
* StaticCharacter: Through no fault of her own, she comes off as this.
* {{Xenafication}}: The video game has Jennifer as more awesome character than she was in the films by making her a street punk disrupting the Citizen Brown regime.

[[folder:Clara Clayton]]
!!Clara Clayton
->'''Played By:''' Creator/MarySteenburgen

* BornInTheWrongCentury: In the "Clara's Story" section of [[ComicBook/BackToTheFuture the comic book]], Clara muses about how she and Emmett are like this, with Emmett fitting in better in the past, and her own desire to leave the past and visit (or live in) the future.
* DamselInDistress: Doc saves her from falling in the ravine and later from falling off the train.
* LoveAtFirstSight: Becomes rather flustered when she first lays eyes on Doc after [[RescueRomance he saves her life]].
* {{Love Interest|s}}: She becomes Doc Brown's love interest after they fall in love at first sight.
* GeekyTurnOn: "You've read Creator/JulesVerne?", "I ''adore'' Creator/JulesVerne!" Doc's science background also intrigued her.
* PluckyGirl: She's crazily determined enough to climb all the way to the train's engine room, despite all the explosions.
* {{Schoolmarm}}: She is Hill Valley's new schoolteacher in 1885. She still dresses like this even in the present.
* WomanScorned: When she believes [[CassandraTruth Doc is toying with her]], she calls him out, slaps him, and slams the door in his face.
* WrenchWench: At the end of one comics story, Clara is seen adjusting the armature of the Jules Verne train with a wrench, and other stories imply that she had some hand in assisting Doc with the train's construction.

[[folder: Jules Brown]]
!!Jules Eratosthenes Brown

* AscendedExtra: His only appearance in the original films is a brief, non-speaking appearance at the end of the third film. However, he becomes a main character in the animated series.
* FreeRangeChildren: He (and his brother) frequently take the [=DeLorean=] and gallivant [[ExaggeratedTrope around the time stream]]. Sometimes it's {{zigzagged|Trope}} when Marty is along on a particular adventure.
* IJustWantToHaveFriends: "The Money Tree" has Jules growing tired of being an outcast due to his high IQ and inventing the tree of the title to get attention.
* KidFromTheFuture: He and Verne meet past versions of their parents in multiple episodes.
* NamedAfterSomeoneFamous: His first name is, of course, a reference to Jules Verne.
* NotSoAboveItAll: As demonstrated by "[[Recap/BackToTheFutureTheAnimatedSeriesS1E12Retired Retired]]"; Jules may be a Child Prodigy, but as proven by his cheerfulness as he and his brother are setting up their tricks at the beginning, he still enjoys childish pranks.
* SesquipedalianLoquaciousness: In the animated series, he's even more prone to using long words than [[TheProfessor his father.]]
* SiblingRivalry: His and Verne's fights kick off a lot of the episodes.

[[folder: Verne Brown]]
!!Verne Newton Brown

* AscendedExtra: His only appearance in the original films is a brief, non-speaking appearance at the end of the third film. However, he becomes a main character in the animated series.
* BlackSheep: Verne does not have the same scientific interests or intelligence as his father, though he does have the blond hair (and a bit more common sense). His brother Jules likes to tell him he was adopted. [[SubvertedTrope However]], it's mostly Verne that feels this way (encouraged by his brother); Doc and Clara love him every bit as much as Jules.
* EmbarrassingFirstName: In "A Verne By Any Other Name", after being bullied about his name, Verne went back in time to convince the real Jules Verne to change his name; failing at that, he travelled back to his own birth to convince his parents to name him something else.
* {{Expy}}: He wears a coonskin cap like one of Lorraine's younger brothers from the first movie.
* FreeRangeChildren: He (and his brother) frequently take the [=DeLorean=] and gallivant [[ExaggeratedTrope around the time stream]]. Sometimes it's {{zigzagged|Trope}} when Marty is along on a particular adventure.
* KidFromTheFuture: He and Jules meet past versions of their parents in multiple episodes.
* NamedAfterSomeoneFamous: His first name is, of course, a reference to Jules Verne. It becomes a plot point in one episode, in which teasing makes him perceive it as an EmbarrassingFirstName.
* SiblingRivalry: His and Jules's fights kick off a lot of the episodes.

[[folder:Vice Principal Strickland]]
!!Vice Principal Gerald Strickland
[[caption-width-right:350: "Slacker!"]]
->'''Played By:''' James Tolkan

* BaldOfEvil: "Jesus, didn't that guy ''ever'' have hair?" (Nope.)
* {{Catchphrase}}: "Slacker!"
* DeanBitterman: Even in the 50s he was against his students' wild side.
* EmbarrassingOldPhoto: In the game, Marty finds an old photo of him as a child -- dressed like a girl -- in Strickland's sister's apartment.
* HairTodayGoneTomorrow: Averted. He's down to the last few dregs of his hair in 1955 and completely bald in 1985. Played for laughs with his grandfather who had extremely long hair. He's shown to have a full mane of blonde hair in 1946 in "Biff to the Future".
* INeedAFreakingDrink: In 1955 at least he kept a bottle of liquor concealed in his office.
* {{Jerkass}}: He is hardly a pleasent fellow.
* MeaningfulName: Strickland. He's really strict.
* TookALevelInBadass: In 1985-A. He became a shotgun-wielding survivalist because of the collapsing of civilization in Hill Valley.
-->'''"[[ShotgunsAreJustBetter EAT LEAD]], [[{{Catchphrase}} SLACKERS]]!!'''"

[[folder:Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen]]
!!Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen
->'''Played By:''' Creator/ThomasFWilson

* BadassMustache: He was shown with a BeardOfEvil in the 1985-A Biff's Museum video in ''Part II'', because it was an early makeup test. WordOfGod said if they had the time, they would've switched that image with one featuring his final appearance.
* BerserkButton: Calling him by his nickname "Mad Dog" has apparently been Buford's for a long time as the moment Marty says it in the Palace Saloon, [[MassOhCrap every single person in the saloon either silently runs away or makes themselves scarce]].
* BigBad: The main antagonist of the third film.
* ChekhovsGunman: He's first mentioned in the video playing in Biff's Museum in 1985-A.
* DisproportionateRetribution: Originally, he shoots Doc in the back over a matter of 80 dollars, involving a horse that threw a shoe (which Buford shot) and the bottle of whiskey that broke as a result. He also shot a newspaper editor who printed an unfavorable story about him in 1884, which made everyone stop keeping track of his kills.
* TheDreaded: He ''terrifies'' the people of 1885 Hill Valley. So much so that the newspapers stopped keeping track of all his kills after he'd shot an editor who printed an unfavorable story about him.
* EvilHasABadSenseOfHumor: He thinks hanging Marty and later shooting him are funny.
* {{Expy}}: Of [[Film/TheManWhoShotLibertyValance Liberty Valance]]. This was deliberate on Wilson's part, right down to calling Marty "dude".
* HairTriggerTemper: One of the reasons he's nicknamed "Mad Dog", and a major reason why everyone is scared of him.
* InTheBack: How Buford kills Doc in the original timeline. In a deleted scene, Buford does the same thing to Marshal Strickland when the marshal tries to stop him as he heads into town to duel with Marty.
* IdenticalGrandson: A bit tricky to pin down the usual features of a Tannen through that mustache, but he has 'em.
* {{Jerkass}}: Well, he's a Tannen. What else would you expect at this point?
* {{Malaproper}}: "I'll hunt you and shoot you down like a duck." "It's dog, Buford."
* MeanCharacterNiceActor: Again, he's played by Thomas F. Wilson, so Biff's character traits are seen with Buford.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: "Mad Dog" Tannen...you think this is a bad guy?
* NeverMyFault: [[InTheBlood Just like his descendant]]. Buford shot his $75 horse dead, but blamed Doc for it because the latter fitted the animal with a shoe that was thrown off. And which Buford didn't pay him for.
* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: "He once bragged that he'd killed 12 men, not including Indians or Chinamen."
** He also doesn't seem to like Irishmen, if telling Seamus never to come to the saloon is anything to go by. Thus beginning the [=McFly=]-Tannen feud.
* WouldHitAGirl: And did it to Clara, which roused Doc's ire considerably.

[[folder: Seamus [=McFly=]]]
!!Seamus [=McFly=]
-->'''Played by:''' Michael J. Fox

* ActuallyPrettyFunny: Despite his aversion to violence, he clearly enjoyed watching Marty kick Buford's ass. And gets a chuckle out of Buford's nosedive into the manure.
* EurekaMoment: Oddly enough, Marty exclaiming that Buford was "an asshole" was one for Seamus. He realized that "Clint" finally understood he didn't have to fight everyone who goaded him into it.
* NiceGuy: He decided to help Marty, a stranger he barely even knows.
* {{Pacifist}}: He hates fighting.
* PapaWolf: Despite his wife's objection, Seamus has a strange feeling that he should help Marty, not knowing that the young man is actually his descendant. He also repeatedly tries to convince Marty not to fight Buford.
* StealthMentor: Seamus is able to change Marty for the better, preventing him from taking reckless actions just because someone calls him a coward [[spoiler:such being goaded into a drag race by Needles]].
* StrongFamilyResemblance: He strongly resembles Marty, due to both being played by Fox.

[[folder: Needles]]
!!Douglas J. Needles
-->'''Played by:''' Michael "Flea" Balzary

* AdaptationalVillainy: Needles, whose deeds in the movies included the card scam in 2015 and the car race in 1985, is much more antagonistic in [[ComicBook/BackToTheFuture the comic book]], threatening to beat up Marty on multiple occasions and attempting to steal equipment from Doc's lab.
* CasanovaWannabe: Needles tries "flirting" with Jennifer (in front of his own girlfriend, no less) in the comics. It fails, naturally.
* CelebrityParadox: According to the comics, he's a big fan of Music/RedHotChiliPeppers. Needles' actor in the movies is Michael "Flea" Balzary, who is RHCP's bassist.
* KarmaHoudini: It isn't clear whether he was punished for his illegal scan in ''Part II''.
* LastNameBasis: He is only referred to as "Needles."
* SmallRoleBigImpact: He doesn't have a lot of screen time, but his goading Marty into a drag race was responsible for wrecking his life in one of the timelines.

!The 2010 Game

[[folder:Edna Strickland]]
!!Edna Strickland
Sister of Gerald Strickland. A CrazyCatLady Marty meets in Episode 1. Because Marty interacts with her and young Emmett in 1931 they both fall in love, this little mistake throws the timeline into jeopardy and prevents the events of the movie from ever happening.

* AdaptationalVillainy: She is much more ruthless in the comic book adaption of the game. Not only she considers her action an act of God, [[spoiler:she also has no qualm in killing people]].
* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: [[spoiler: In the game finale, with Kid Tannen, of all people.]]
* BigBad: The main antagonist of the game.
* CatchPhrase:
** "It's a fact, look it up."
** "Hooligans!"
* CrazyCatLady: The original 1986!Edna and [[spoiler: Crazy, Old 1931!Edna]].
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: By the time Episode 5 rolls around, Marty exclaims, "Jeez, that lady was always a loon!"
* DisproportionateRetribution: Just because she has a fear of dogs, Edna calls dogs a pest and has all dogs in Hill Valley impounded in 1986C.
* EpicFail: [[spoiler: While in 1876, Edna tried to burn down Hill Valley's saloon since her grandfather wouldn't do anything about it. ...this ended up burning down ALL of Hill Valley.]]
* EvilOldFolks: Taken UpToEleven in Ep. 3 to 5 when she becomes a dictator.
* FromNobodyToNightmare: Whenever Edna gets a drop of power, there are always serious consequences.
* GrandmaWhatMassiveHotnessYouHave: [[spoiler: She aged considerably better in the timeline where she married Emmett.]]
* [[GrumpyOldMan Grumpy Old Woman]]: She's never happy in her old age. [[spoiler: At least until her defeat and reformation.]]
* HeWhoFightsMonsters: She starts to see the error of her ways when she discovers that she was breaking the law herself.
* HollywoodToneDeaf: However, her song [[spoiler: is quite effective when it was sang by others.]]
* {{Hypocrite}}: When encountered in 1986 at the beginning of the first episode, she chides Marty not to romanticize the past. She actually does just that relative to ''her own'' past, loving 1876 for how "pure" it is before Beauregard Tannen shows up. Also, see "StrawHypocrite" below.
* InsaneTrollLogic: [[spoiler: As Mary Pickford, she claims that Doc and Marty trick her into using the [=DeLorean=] and sending her back to 1876, leading her to destroy Hill Valley and puts full blame on them when she regains her memories]].
* KnightTemplar: Her views of justice are... ''Petty'', to say the least.
* LethallyStupid: [[spoiler: She once burned down the entire town of Hill Valley in her protests.]]
* LoveRedeems: [[spoiler: Hooking up with Kid Tannen results in both of them mellowing out a ''lot''.]]
* LovingAShadow: After Marty talks with young Edna about the nature of her relationship with Emmett, it becomes apparent that she loves what his scientific genius can do for her causes than Emmett as a person.
* MoralGuardians: InUniverse. She forces her views on what's right and wrong on everybody.
* NeverMyFault: [[spoiler: In 1931A, after remembering that she burnt Hill Valley, she puts full blame on Doc and Marty]].
* NotSoHarmlessVillain: As the second half of the game reveals, she's capable of pretty nasty stuff.
* ObliviouslyEvil: She fails to see that she is no different to the "hooligans" that she hated so much. [[spoiler: When she confessed to burning down the speakeasy, she admits that she enjoy watching the building burn but take no consideration that there maybe people in there]]. Her comic book counterpart is even worst.
* PromotedToParent: [[spoiler: Becomes Biff's stepmother.]]
* PyroManiac: [[spoiler:Burning down buildings is her go-to method of fighting against vice and corruption, and her Crazy!1931 incarnation shows that she absolutely ''revels'' in it.]]
* PuppyDogEyes: Young Edna lays this trope on Young Emmett, provoking a hilarious attempt at a [[TheUnsmile smile]].
* RedHerringShirt: She intially seems to be a side character, but eventually becomes the main antagonist.
* ShadowDictator: Citizen Edna, who rules Hill Valley with an iron fist.
* StrawHypocrite: Yells at other people for breaking the law, but [[spoiler: broke the law herself by lighting buildings on fire.]]
* VillainousBSOD: [[spoiler:In the timeline where she inadvertently destroys Hill Valley and becomes [[TheHermit a hermit]] known as "Scary Mary".]]
* WellIntentionedExtremist: More extreme than well-intentioned.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: [[spoiler:Terrified of dogs, at least until the ending.]]

[[folder:"First Citizen" Brown]]
!!Emmett Lathrop "First Citizen" Brown
An alternate Emmett Brown created by Marty's errors in the game. As different from the original Doc as you can get. Considering who First Citizen Brown is, he embodies similar tropes, but to avoid redundancy, the following are either exclusive to First Citizen Brown or ones significantly changed from Doc.

* AdaptationalHeroism: He is much more sympathetic in the comic book adaption of the game.
* AlasPoorVillain: [[spoiler: Asks Marty for forgiveness before fading away from existence.]]
* AntiVillain: He actually has no idea that he's evil.
* AbsentMindedProfessor: Less than the original Doc Brown. Thanks to or because of Edna's influence on him.
* BigBrotherIsWatching: In Episode 3, "Big Brother" is Citizen Brown. [[spoiler:Though it's really Citizen Edna who pulls the strings.]]
* DecoyLeader: He thinks that he's in charge, but Edna's TheWomanBehindTheMan.
* FaceHeelTurn: See WhatTheHellHero below.
* HeroicBSOD: See his MyGodWhatHaveIDone entry below.
* InkSuitActor: The hairstyle design changes reflect Christopher Lloyd's real-life baldness.
* MakeWrongWhatOnceWentRight: But from his own perspective, it's [[SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong the opposite.]] [[spoiler:After he learns that Edna is miserable in the normal timeline, and thanks to his remaining love for her, he sabotages Marty's work convincing his past self to enter the science expo to ensure that he will be together with Edna in the future.]]
* ManInWhite: Wears a white lad coat while sitting on his throne.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Once he realized his wife Edna used him and his science to try to turn Hill Valley citizens into mindless robots.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Unlike Edna, he hears out Marty's case before branding him as a troublemaker for Citizen Plus.
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: [[spoiler: Dies saving Marty from Edna's car assault.]]
* RefusalOfTheCall: Never became the scientist Doc Brown became, instead ruling Hill Valley with an iron fist. [[spoiler:But it's Citizen Edna who pulls the strings.]]
* ScienceIsBad: He blames his science for turning [[spoiler:Edna]] so corrupt in the future. He's wrong, of course, but he's unlikely to listen to reason...
* WellIntentionedExtremist: He wanted to change the world, but he went at it in the wrong way.
* WhatTheHellHero: Calls out Marty on this, because Marty fixing the timeline equals him and his life being erased from existence. He [[TakeAThirdOption takes a third option]].

[[folder:Kid Tannen]]
!!Irving "Kid" Tannen
Biff Tannen's father and a famous mob boss in 1931's Hill Valley. The owner of the Speakeasy that was blown the same year.

* BreakTheHaughty: [[spoiler: His time in prison reduced him to a kind old man married to Edna.]]
* DiscOneFinalBoss: He's kinda like the BigBad in episode 1 and 2, but his role is limited to cameos in the other episodes.
* FauxAffablyEvil: Puts on a charming social front, but cracks jokes about the people he's killed.
* {{Jerkass}}: He's a Tannen, what would you expect?
* LikeFatherLikeSon: He's pretty much Biff as a gangster.
* LoveRedeems: [[spoiler: He reforms from his evil ways in the end of Ep. 5. See Edna's entry for more.]]
* {{Malaproper}}: "Make like a tree and die, rat!"
* OppositesAttract: [[spoiler: With Edna Strickland.]] He's a womanizing trouble maker while she's a HeroicWannabe trying to bring order.

[[folder:Trixie Trotter]]
!!Trixie Trotter [[spoiler:Real name Sylvia Miskin]]
Kid Tannen's singer and girlfriend.

* CanadaEh: She's from Manitoba. [[spoiler:One of the reasons she marries Arthur [=McFly=] is so that she can gain American citizenship so she can get her job back.]]
* TheChanteuse: She serves as the loung singer at Kid's speakeasy.
* DumbBlonde: Though less than she initially seems, she's certainly no genius.
* {{Gainaxing}}: If your proclivities lead you to be [[MyEyesAreUpHere mammarily distracted]], you might notice some slight... inertia.
* GoodBadGirl: [[spoiler:We realize who she is at the end of episode 5...]]
* GrandmaWhatMassiveHotnessYouHave:[[spoiler: She's Marty's paternal grandmother and she's [[BuxomIsBetter quite]] [[EveryoneLovesBlondes a]] [[HartmanHips stunner]].]]
* HeelFaceTurn: Thanks to Marty who managed to trick Trixie into thinking Arthur was killed by Kid Tannen.
* LukeIAmYourFather:[[spoiler: She's Marty's paternal grandmother, "Grandma Sylvia".]]
* MysteriousPast: What [=CueBall=] knows about Trixie but never really tells.

[[folder:Arthur [=McFly=]]]
!!Arthur [=McFly=]
Marty's grandfather and George's father. Almost George's spitting image.

* {{Adorkable}}: At this point, it seems to run in the whole family.
* AllThereInTheManual: The novel says that Arthur went to UsefulNotes/WorldWarI but was discharged for fraudulent enlistment because he lied about his age before he got the chance to see combat. Arthur returned home without even firing a single shot and became a laughing stock. This event destroyed his self-confidence.
* DatingCatwoman: He has a crush on the gangster's girl Trixie Trotter.
* ExtremeDoormat: Like George, his future son, but overall, his life is less miserable than George's was.
* GenerationXerox: He looks exactly like George.
* HappilyMarried: [[spoiler:To Trixie Trotter, who becomes Sylvia [=McFly=].]]
* PunchClockVillain: Was this for Kid Tannen due to death threats against his life.
* SexyMentor: For Trixie. [[spoiler: Enough to even get married with.]]