->''"No one here is exactly what they appear."''
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The scope of the ''Series/BabylonFive'' universe was truly epic. Over the course of the series, the major characters evolved radically as the arc plot advanced. No summary can do more than scratch the surface of their complexities and their evolution--the only way to fully appreciate both is to watch the series.

Please note that this list contains heavy unmarked spoilers for the whole series.



* [[Characters/BabylonFiveEarthAlliance Earth Alliance]]
* [[Characters/BabylonFiveMinbariFederation Minbari Federation]]
* [[Characters/BabylonFiveCentauriRepublic Centauri Republic]]
* [[Characters/BabylonFiveNarnRegime Narn Regime]]
* [[Characters/BabylonFiveVorlonEmpire Vorlon Empire]]
* [[Characters/BabylonFiveTheShadows The Shadows]]
* [[Characters/BabylonFiveTheRangers Rangers]]
* [[Characters/BabylonFiveLeagueOfNonAlignedWorlds The League of Non-Aligned Worlds]]
* [[Characters/BabylonFiveTelepaths Telepaths]]
* [[Characters/BabylonFiveTechnomages Technomages]]
* [[Characters/BabylonFiveOthers Other Characters]]