[[caption-width-right:176:What do ya do with a B.A. in English?]]
* ADegreeInUseless: What he thinks of his B.A. in English.
--> '''Princeton''': '' Four years of college and plenty of knowledge have earned me this useless degree.''
* {{Adorkable}}
* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife: Hence, the aptly titled number 'Purpose.'
* TheHero
* MasterOfTheMixedMessage: During the song 'Mixtape' where Kate cannot figure out if he likes her or not.[[note]] He does.[[/note]]
* NaiveNewcomer: Gary tends to treat him as this for thinking life would be easy.
* NiceGuy
* PunnyName: A recent college graduate, and named for one of the most prestigious universities ever.

!!Kate Monster
[[caption-width-right:211:There's a fine, fine line between love... and a waste of time.]]
* {{Adorkable}}: Probably moreso than Princeton!
* BettyAndVeronica: The Betty to Lucy's Veronica.
* TheChick
* CuteMonsterGirl: Literally!
* CoolTeacher: Really wants to be this.
* {{Deuteragonist}}: She's Princeton's LoveInterest, and the play eventually culminates in her monsters' school opening.
* GenericCuteness
* GirlNextDoor
* PoliticallyMotivatedTeacher: Played positively, and seen entirely outside of the classroom, too. Kate fiercely opposes racism against Monsters, and her biggest dream is to someday open up a Monsters-only school.
* SpeciesSurname

[[caption-width-right:181:If you were gay, that'd be okay.]]
* {{Expy}}: Of [[Series/SesameStreet Ernie]].
* {{Heterosexual Life Partner|s}}: With Rod. Emphasis on the fact that "partner" is singular.
* HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday: Stated during the "If You Were Gay" number.
* [[SubvertedTrope Not-So]] FantasticRacism: Possibly. "Happiness at the misfortune of others? [[TakeThat That]] ''[[TakeThat is]]'' [[AllGermansAreNazis German]]."
* NotThatTheresAnythingWrongWithThat:
--> '''Nicky''': '' So what should it matter to me what you do in bed with guys?''
* {{Red Oni|BlueOni}}: To Rod's Blue Oni.
* ThoseTwoGuys: He played this role alongside Rod.

* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: He's blue. Even though he's a republican.
* BerserkButton: Being accused of being gay.
* ComingOutStory
* {{Expy}}: Of [[Series/SesameStreet Bert]].
* FieryRedhead: Subverted.
* GayConservative: He's a Republican investment banker. [[TransparentCloset Who just happens to enjoy Broadway Musicals of the 1940's.]]
* {{Gayngst}}
* GirlfriendInCanada: {{Trope Namer|s}}.
* [[RedOniBlueOni Blue Oni]]: To Nicky's Red Oni.
* TransparentCloset
* StraightGay: [[AllGaysLoveTheatre He is into musicals, though.]]

!!Trekkie Monster
* ADateWithRosiePalms
* BasementDweller
* CatchPhrase: "...for porn!"
* ChekhovsGun: [[spoiler: His savings help Kate build her school for monsters.]]
* [[spoiler:EleventhHourRanger: Considering the lateness at which he assists the group...]]
* {{Expy}}: Of [[Series/SesameStreet Cookie Monster]].
** With some [[Series/SesameStreet Oscar the Grouch]] thrown in as well, considering his personality.
* [[FieryRedhead Fiery Pinkhead]]
* Hikikomori: The School Edition of Avenue Q changes his porn-addiction to an anti-social shut-in obsessed with the internet and having thousands of online friends.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold
* LovableSexManiac: Although he's a solo performer.
* NonindicativeName: He's obsessed with porn, not ''Franchise/StarTrek''.
* SpeciesSurname
* TheInternetIsForPorn: ''[[TropeNamers Duh]]''.

!!Lucy the Slut
* [[spoiler:BackFromTheDead: With her virginity intact, too.]]
* BettyAndVeronica: The Veronica to Kate's Betty.
* BuxomIsBetter
* [[spoiler:GodIsGood: Apparently, He revived her as a chaste woman. It's all PlayedForLaughs.]]
* LaserGuidedKarma: After being the SpannerInTheWorks (see below) she ends up [[spoiler:being hit by the penny Kate drops off the Empire State Building and put in the hospital, eventually dying (temporarily)]]. Lampshaded by Kate, who first feels horrible [[spoiler:for having dropped the penny]], then once she realizes Lucy's spanner role: "I feel better now."
* MeaningfulName
* MsFanservice
* MyGirlIsASlut: Well, ''duh''.
* ReallyGetsAround
* SpannerInTheWorks: For Princeton and Kate's relationship [[spoiler:since she throws away the latter's note about meeting at the Empire State Building]].
* TheVamp: Especially to Princeton.

!!Mrs. Thistletwat
* [[CardCarryingVillain Card Carrying Bitch]]: She seems rather proud of being a "crabby old bitch".
--> "Crabby Old Bitches are the bedrock of this nation!"
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Well, she ''was'' willing to let Kate teach her own session...
* MeaningfulName: Thistle''twat''. She's a rather unlikeable person.
* SadistTeacher

!!The Bad Idea Bears
* BearsAreBadNews: Not large and threatening as most examples, but very destructive.
* {{Evil Mentor}}s: They suggest that Princeton gets drunk and then commits suicide. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
* ForTheEvulz
* [[spoiler:HeelFaithTurn: Subverted. They ''do'' find religion in the end (specifically the ChurchOfHappyology) but there's no indication that they're actually going to make a legitimate HeelFaceTurn.]]
* GenkiGirl: The yellow bear.
* GoodAngelBadAngel: '''Don't believe a word of it'''. They're both the closest thing the show has to {{Chaotic Evil}} characters, so they are practically two Bad Angels.
* [[JerkWithAHeartOfJerk Jerks With Hearts Of Jerk]]
* {{Manipulative Bastard}}s
* {{Poisonous Friend}}s
* RedOniBlueOni: In this partnership, the blue bear tends to come up with the suggestions while the yellow one tries to enforce them more enthusiastically.
* TertiarySexualCharacteristics: The guy is blue, the girl is yellow.
* ThoseTwoBadGuys
* {{Token Evil Teammate}}s



* DeadpanSnarker: Sometimes.
* HenpeckedHusband: He doesn't seem to mind, though.
* TheLancer
* NiceGuy
* OfficialCouple: With Christmas Eve.
* [[SoUnfunnyItsFunny So Unfunny He's Funny]]: More or less the entire point of his character. GET A JOB!

!!Christmas Eve
* InterchangeableAsianCultures: Averted. Being Japanese is ''why'' she can't get a job in a Korean deli (Chinese restaurant in the UK West End version).
* InnocentlyInsensitive: When Rod talks to her about [[IHaveThisFriend his friend]] who's gay, she says there's nothing wrong with it until Rod says the friend is also a conservative at which point she says they should just stay in the closet.
* JapaneseRanguage: Not extremely, but it's always there. Don't worry, though; Everyone's A Rittle Bit Lacist.
* TheObiWan: For Kate Monster, when it comes to relationship advice.
* OfficialCouple: With Brian.
* TheSmartGirl
* {{Tsundere}} Type A!

* TheBigGuy : Metaphorically.
* ButtMonkey: Very much. The song "It Sucks to be Me," the characters sing about how their lives are so much worse than everyone else's . . . until Gary pops in. Then everyone cheerfully agrees that he wins the MiseryPoker.
-->It sucks to be you!
-->You win!
-->It sucks to be you!
-->[[CrossesTheLineTwice I feel better now!]]
* {{Catchphrase}}: Deconstructed, as he's more or less grown resentful of it due to people [[PhraseCatcher always saying it to him]].
* CrosscastRole: It is a tradition to have Gary be played by a woman. Subverted in the UK version, where he's more often than not played by a man.
* DeadpanSnarker
* DeathByAdaptation: After [[RealLifeWritesThePlot the death of the real Gary Coleman]], some productions of the show end with Gary dying. It's usually played for BlackComedy.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold
* MrFixIt
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: A notable aversion.