%%The majority of characters will be OriginalGeneration, and the ones that are from Madworld are specified as such. We don't need to add that.
!Playable Characters:

!!Jack Cayman


--> "Looks like gator bait!"

-->-- Voice actors: Creator/JojiNakata (JP), Creator/SteveBlum (EN)

The previous champion of Death Watch hailing from VideoGame/MadWorld, Jack Cayman is ex-military special forces, an expert in all forms of combat and an infamous [[BountyHunter Chaser]]. The Chaser Guild is a private organization that deals with cases regular police are not prepared to handle: Kidnappings, disappearances, and fugitive apprehension.

Nearly 75% of Jack's body has been retrofitted with cybernetic parts, including his right arm, eyes, and skeleton. Combined with an already superhuman strength and a vicious double bladed chainsaw mounted directly on his arm, Jack's fighting abilities are unmatched.

Once the heaviest of chain smokers, Jack quit after a request from his only daughter. One of the two protagonists in Story Mode, he's been hired by Jeannie Caxton to find her father Max despite having a serious grudge against him.

* AllBikersAreHellsAngels: Even more apparent this time around.
* AnimalMotifs: Crocodiles[=/=]Alligators. Jack's chainsaw weapon is called the Gator Tooth and Leo's boss battle against Jack is called "the Wiley Crocodile".
** MeaningfulName: Cayman alludes to the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caiman caiman]], a subspecies of alligator.
* AntiHero: He might be one of the main protagonists, but that doesn't mean he has any problems with killing people.
* ArtificialLimbs: His famous chainsaw-equipped right arm.
* BountyHunter: Technically a Chaser. A combination of a bounty hunter, private investigator, and assassin.
%%* CarpetOfVirility
* ChainedByFashion: Jack has chains hooked onto his belt and has a chain wrapped around his left wrist.
* ChainsawGood: Jack's Gator Tooth is a pair of chainsaw blades lined side by side.
* CharacterArc: If you take his characterization in Madworld as valid at all. In that game, Jack is an unapologetic, vicious, remorseless murderer. The end of the game (particularly "Soul", which seems to be sang from his point of view) imply that even ''he'' crossed the despair event horizon over how much of a CrapsackWorld he was in. In ''this'' game, Jack is in much the same condition, except he has a conscience that gradually grows much more apparent, even when he tries to put on the same show that he did in Death Watch. Over the course of the game, his choice to differentiate between justice and revenge and work with Leo shows that he's regained some measure of hope in the world.
* CharacterTics: During a few cutscenes (and as an idle animation), he pulls out a cigar and lighter, but just as he lights it up, he'll pause, shake his head, and then put them both away.
* {{Cyborg}}: Thanks to his right arm and cybernetic eyes.
* {{Deuteragonist}}: With Leo.
* GutturalGrowler: As may be obvious.
* HeelRealization: When Leo [[ArmorPiercingQuestion points out]] that [[spoiler:by killing Max, Jack will only be causing Jeannie to feel the pain he did when he lost Stela]].
* ImpossiblyCoolWeapon: A combination of a double chainsaw as long as he is tall and a PowerFist, which also sets his victims aflame.
* InfinityPlusOneSword: In the original ''Videogame/MadWorld'', the double-chainsaw (before being officially named Gator Tooth) was a special arm gained in a NewGamePlus.
* JackOfAllStats: No pun intended.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPUS2lOl8hQ "Sound The Alarm"]], obviously styled after ''Videogame/MadWorld's'' soundtrack (particularly the loud sax, and Ox on vocals, who did most of the songs in ''Videogame/MadWorld's'' soundtrack).
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Called "Deathwatcher Jack" because he personally attends each execution of all the criminals he catches.
* PlayingWithFire: When leveled up, Jack's double chainsaw sets his victims on fire.
* PowerFist: When not used as a chainsaw.
* PreMortemOneLiner: [[spoiler:To Max, but [[SubvertedTrope subverted]] when the Baron stops Jack from killing him.]]
--> '''Jack''': I'd ask you to say hi to [[spoiler:Stela]], but you're not going where she is!
* PunnyName: "Cayman" sounds like "caiman", a type of alligator. Given Jack's AnimalMotifs, this is certainly not a coincidence.
* ReusedCharacterDesign: Returning from ''Videogame/MadWorld'' and, *gasp* in '''color!'''
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Before and after the fight with [[spoiler:Max in his Black Side mission.]]
* RevengeBeforeReason: Somewhere along the road, [[spoiler:Jack forgoes any thoughts of bringing Max back alive and opts to kill him for causing Stela's death.]]
* SleevesAreForWimps: Had small ones in ''Videogame/MadWorld'', but here it looks like they were ripped out.
* SmokingIsCool: Subverted; he quit smoking sometime before the start of the game [[spoiler:in memory of his daughter]].
* WeaponOfChoice: '''GATOR TOOTH''': ''The only thing better than a chainsaw. Two Chainsaws''.
* WrestlerInAllOfUs: He has suplexes and powerbombs as his grapples.
* [[spoiler:[[YouKilledMyFather You Killed My Daughter]]: Towards Max, even though he's been hired by Jeannie to save him.]]

!!Leonhardt Victorion (Leo)


--> "Justice!"

-->-- Voice actors: Creator/HirokiTochi (JP), Jon Curry (EN)

Leo boasts a background in the Navy's Special Operations Command unit and is currently an agent of the Strike One task force, an elite detachment of the Milvallen Ministry of Justices's Bureau of Public Safety High Crimes Division.

Honest to a fault and with a deeply ingrained sense of justice, Leo operates according to his own convictions and beliefs. As a practitioner of the BPS' Cybrid Arts, he is widely considered to be the best on the force. The other of the two protagonists in Story Mode who works with Nikolai and Sasha in pursuit of a fugitive -- a man all three once called their mentor.

* AnimalMotifs: Lions. His name means "lion heart" or "courageous" and Jack's boss battle against him is titled "the Young Lion".
* ArtificialLimbs: All four of Leo's limbs are cybernetic.
* AwesomeMcCoolname: 'Leonhardt' as in "lionheart" to imply bravery and 'Victorion' as in...well, victory.
* {{Bishonen}}: Lampshaded with Jack calling him a pretty boy.
* CoolBike: To contrast [[AllBikersAreHellsAngels Jack's theme]], Leo is themed on futuristic concept bikes.
%%* {{Cyborg}}
* DanceBattler: Not to a massive extent, but a couple of his regular attacks are taken from capoeira.
%%* DeadpanSnarker
* TheDeterminator: Will do anything to get Max back to Milvallen alive, [[spoiler:including attacking and incapacitating Nikolai, who up till then was equally determined to have Max killed.]]
* {{Deuteragonist}}: With Jack.
%%* ElectronicEyes
%%* ForGreatJustice
* GenerationXerox: Leo's overall look and moveset all but mirror Maximillian, baring a few details.
** This is most evident in ther Killer Weapon atacks: Leo's charged heavy uses almost the exact same animation as Max's normal heavy, the main differences being that Leo does his faster and slices the opponent away at the end, while Max goes for more deliberate attacks and impales the victim before throwing them into the ground.
** Though this is justified since Leo was Maximillian's direct protege; he likely chose the same Cyber Arts model for that reason.
* GutturalGrowler: An odd example, given how his voice is almost always a normal tenor. But when raising his voice, he sounds gravelly without lowering in pitch, which makes him sound more aggressive or even feral at times.
* IdenticalStranger: Evidently is not the same Leo from ''Videogame/MadWorld'' and simply someone else with the same first name and a similar appearance.
** The devs might be aware of this, as the launch trailer shows Leo right after Jack, Baron, and Mathilda with the words ("Guess who's back") from the accompanying music spoken.
* IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight: He keeps up a constant stream of encouragement when fighting a deranged Maximillian. [[spoiler:Max's mental issues are so severe that it's questionable whether he can be held responsible for his actions, which is why Leo tries so hard. He'd just be beating up a mentally handicapped old man, otherwise.]]
%%* JackOfAllStats
%%* JusticeWillPrevail
* LaserBlade: The Positron Blades are small emitters that produce thin and deadly sharp blades.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfzwXgKxJGY "Testin' Me"]], representing Leo's doubts in the fucked up world of ''Anarchy Reigns'', about whether he should fight for the law or what is right.
* ShockAndAwe: Leveled up, Leo's blades electrocute his victims.
* ThouShaltNotKill: Even though BPS has ordered "shoot to kill" on Max, Leo wants to take his former mentor back alive for a trial [[spoiler:and to get him help for his mental condition.]]
* WeaponOfChoice: '''POSITRON BLADE''': ''Positively charged to ruin your day''.
* WolverineClaws: Positron blades emitted from his fingertips.
* YouFightLikeACow: Mocks Jack's outdated cybernetics and "tree whacker" in their fight.

!!The Blacker Baron


--> "We don't get ridiculed, we get rid of fools!"

-->-- Voice actors: Creator/WataruTakagi (JP) Arif S. Kinchen (EN)

That's right, pimps, playas, and pain purveyors, the Black Baron (stop starin') from ''Videogame/MadWorld'' is back too!

The Blacker Baron is a bounty hunter who specializes in bringing marks back dead. He has a long history with Jack and considers him to be his only rival. The cybernetic arms the Baron uses spontaneously generate flame, which he can control at will. His partner Mathilda teases him constantly.

The Baron uses a variety of punches based on boxing techniques, as well as illegal moves like headbutts -- something he seems to enjoy a little too much. Unrepentantly egocentric, he enjoys talking smack almost as much as he loves the ladies. The Baron has even been known to refer to himself as "your favorite pimp's favorite pimp's pimp."

* BadassLongcoat: The Baron's bright orange coat which lacks any sleeves.
* BattleCouple: With Mathilda during the story mode; the two are more or less inseparable.
* BerserkButton:
** Questioning the Baron's manhood. Amala [[GuileHero uses it to her advantage, though.]]
** More seriously, never hurt Mathilda.
* BountyHunter: Has the same job that Jack has. The Blacker Baron just kills his marks instead of bringing them to trial.
* BoxingBattler: The Baron mostly fights like a boxer, though he mixes in some illegal headbutts.
* ButtMonkey: ''Nobody'' takes him seriously.
* CatchPhrase: His trademark ''"Awwww Hell Naw!"'' is back from ''Videogame/MadWorld''.
* CharacterBlog: [[https://twitter.com/blackerbaron Here.]]
* DanceBattler: Works in break dancing and Michael Jackson dance moves in a few of his throws and specials.
* ElectronicEyes: Baron's eyes are cybernetic. He usually hides them behind his sunglasses.
* EverythingsSparklyWithJewelry
* FriendlyRivalry: With Jack, for a given value of "friendly" in that the two have worked together in the past, and that Baron merely annoys Jack. That said, Baron is close enough to know about [[spoiler:Stela]] and even ''empathize'' with Jack's situation.
* FurAndLoathing: His coat has white fur along the collar, he can also be very aggressive and makes a point of killing his bounty hunting marks.
* GoldMakesEverythingShiny: Golden fists and golden shoes for starters.
* GoldTooth: In ''Videogame/MadWorld'', the Black Baron's presumably gold (the game is in black and white) teeth spell out "DEATHWATCH". By the time this is first noticed, they are soon to be punched out of his mouth [[spoiler:if you do well enough in the boss battle]]. In ''Anarchy Reigns'', his teeth now say "Fuck You!".
* GratuitousEnglish: In the Japanese Dub, using words like "showtime" and "superstar".
* HardHead: The Baron is ridiculous in this regard. His approach to a ground pound is to jump up and just slam straight onto his dome.
* HiddenDepths: His leitmotif is all about celebrating TrueCompanions and mourning the ones that have been lost.
* JackOfAllStats
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He's brash, loud, and violent, but he's kind enough to respect someone losing their loved ones and he's pretty tender towards Mathilda, dropping everything when she's hurt. He also drops in just to say "Hi" to Jack out of simple courtesy, so it seems.
* LargeHam: Loud, bombastic, and almost always strives to be the center of attention.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIvx-fKFwVk The Days Of Old]], a snazzy number that screams Baron. Also continues the theme from ''Videogame/MadWorld'' of the Baron's themes having jazz-sampling beats.
* MakingASpectacleOfYourself: Come on, gold-and-silver frames with ''pink'' lenses!
* MoralityPet: ''Don't touch Mathilda''. Baron will drop everything to ensure she's alright.
* MythicalMotifs: Is referred to as "The Phoenix" by the game, and his gloves can be viewed as either phoenixes or fiery eagles.
** FridgeBrilliance for those who played ''VideoGame/MadWorld'', where he "died" multiple times, but came back to life every time.
* NiceHat: Traditional pimpin' hat with a rhinestone brim that is completely immune to the following: fire, freezing, electrocution, molten metal, and being crushed from the Baron's various attacks.
* OhNoYouDidnt: Word for Word [[spoiler:after Jack tries to recruit Mathilda away from him in Black Side.]]
* PimpDuds: A wide brimmed feather cap, long flowing cloak, fur trim, and large loud sunglasses to complete the look.
* PluckyComicRelief: His bombastic nature and banter with Jack are the largest source of comedy in Black Side.
* RapidFireFisticuffs: The Baron's 360 attack involves spinning in place and punching wildly. His Mutant Finisher involves keeping them in the air with several flaming punches before finishing them off with an uppercut.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: The Baron's eyes are cybernetic, and the pupils constantly give a red light. The take warning part comes when the glasses come off.
* ScaryBlackMan: Subverted in that he is one of the game's funniest characters (and seemingly the most well-adjusted). Played straight in multiplayer if you are fighting a very competent Baron player.
** Played straight, however, when the hat and [[GlassesPull Glasses come off]].
* SequelReset: Confirmed in a developer blog to be the same guy. How he keeps living is still not known.
** That said, he was killed well nigh a dozen times over in Madworld, coming back no worse for wear each time due to the RuleOfFun.
* {{Shoryuken}}, and he crashes down as a combo to this.
* ShoutOut: Much of his moveset is derived from the final battle against him in ''Videogame/MadWorld''. He retains almost every move he had, though many have all new applications (the giant projectile fist he fired at you in ''Videogame/MadWorld'' has been turned UpToEleven and now serves as his Mutant Execution technique). Some, however, are just like you remember them (the dashing straight he used to initiate a Power Struggle in ''Videogame/MadWorld'' is his charged heavy Killer Weapon attack, and his weak Killer Weapon combo string is the same sequence of one-two punches he used in ''Videogame/MadWorld'', with the spinning kick being replaced by a spinning punch). His stance when his Killer Weapon is active is the same fighting stance from ''Videogame/MadWorld'', and even his powerful tornado punch that knocked Jack into the audience is back -- albeit without the actual tornado this time -- and serves as the strongest single attack in the game.
** Further referencing his appearance in ''Videogame/MadWorld'', during the cutscene that follows Jack's first fight with Max (which already has a pretty heavy reference to ''Videogame/MadWorld''), the Baron [[spoiler:stops Jack from killing Max]], threatening to get serious. When he does, his hat and glasses come off, and his eyes are glowing. Anyone who's played ''Videogame/MadWorld'' likely heard [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome ''So Cold'']] cue up in their minds...
-->'''Blacker Baron''': C'mon, don't make me BEAT my cut outta you, muthafuckah!
** An unrelated one is his powerful hand-to-hand fire based fighting style, manifesting Eagles during powerful punches. [[VideoGame/FZero Sound]] [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros familiar?]].
** His eagle bracelets are the same ones that [[Music/WuTangClan Ghostface Killah]] are known for.
* SirSwearsALot: Wasn't shy about cussing back in the [[Videogame/MadWorld days of monochrome]], sure as hell ain't shy about it now.
* SleevesAreForWimps: His coat has no sleeves, fully exposing his muscular arms.
* ThisIsForEmphasisBitch: "I'm the Blacker Baron, bitch!"
* TokenMinority: [[LampshadeHanging And he knows it.]]
* TrickedOutGloves: They have a similar structure to boxing gloves (no individual fingers). We can't forget the gold, naturally.
* VerbalTic: "Motherfucker".
* WeaponOfChoice: '''SUPER SEXY FISTS OF FIRE''': ''Keep your pimp hand strong and your gear fresh to death''.
* YouKillItYouBoughtIt: He got the gloves from a [[NoodleIncident "pyromaniac sex freak"]] he and Jack worked together to kill.



--> "Uhuh! Ahahahaha!"

-->-- Voice actors: Mari Malta (JP) Masasa Moyo (EN)

Mathilda is always seen with her partner, the bounty hunter Blacker Baron, and never leaves his side.

She possesses strength that belies her svelte appearance, as almost her entire body has been replaced with cybernetic enhancements.

Mathilda's background is shrouded in mystery, as she is famously a woman of few words. Of course, she hardly has to tell people she likes it rough: the fact oozes out of her every (remaining) pore.

* AnimalMotifs: When not using the '''IRON MAIDEN''', it flops around like a cat's tail. She can also be rather coy and [[CatsAreMean sadistic]].
* AscendedExtra: Going from minor recurring [=NPC=] to playable character, she certainly qualifies.
* BatterUp: She'll wind up for a classic home run hit whenever the '''IRON MAIDEN''' is charged.
* BattleCouple: With Blacker Baron.
* CameraAbuse: When you pick her in multiplayer, the camera tries to get a closer look on Mathilda's backside. Mathilda smashes the camera in anger.
* CarryABigStick: The Iron Maiden can coil on itself to become a large spiked club for Mathilda to brutalize her victims with.
* CombatStilettos: Her feet are built as a pair of high heels. That doesn't slow her down in the slightest in a fight, she can even weaponize the heels with long energy spikes.
* CoolShades: Mathilda hides her purple eyes behind black sunglasses.
* CurtainsMatchTheWindows: Both her eyes and her bobbed hair are purple. The eyes are the result of them being cybernetic.
* {{Cyborg}}: To the point she clangs when hit by someone and sparks fly when impaled.
* {{Dominatrix}}: The way she digs her heel into things, and overall ruthless personality invoke this. The spikes do nothing to detract from it, either.
* FragileSpeedster: Sharing the "light" classification with all the other female characters, complete with greater speed and less health.
* GroinAttack: One of her combos ends with her kicking her target right in the nethers. There's a animation for every character reacting to this. Even the people who technically don't have bits to kick (looking at you, Bull and Douglas).
* TheHyena: A few exceptions, but next to everything out of her mouth is a laugh.
* MaleGaze: The camera really seems to like Mathilda's backside, and who can blame it?
* MusclesAreMeaningless: Just watch in disbelief as she effortlessly swings huge guys such as Jack around like they're made of styrofoam.
* [[PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy Pretty Fly For A White Gal]]: She speaks just like the Blacker Baron (i.e. ebonics) whenever she does speak.
* PurpleIsPowerful: Has a more brutal fighting style than the other "light" characters, and she has one of the more powerful Killer Weapons on the roster. That and most of her body is purple apart from her face and clothing.
* ReusedCharacterDesign: You may remember her as the woman who would show you how to play the [[Videogame/MadWorld Bloodbath Challenges]], using the Baron himself to exemplify.
* ShockAndAwe: Adds more sadistic fun with electrocution when Mathilda is leveled up.
* SomethingAboutARose: Her arms and legs are engraved with a rose design. You can take it a step further and consider her spiked bat as her thorns.
* SuddenlyVoiced: While she does have a voice actor, Mathilda very rarely speaks. She instead tends to giggle a lot.
** When she does talk... she's actually quite girly sounding.
* WeaponOfChoice: '''IRON MAIDEN''': ''Never let the crazy outweigh the hot'' (Alternately: ''Words are very unnecessary...they can only do harm.'')
* WhipItGood: When not used in club form, the Iron Maiden is a long spiked whip. Her Mutant Finisher involves using the whip form to tear off all of the mutant's limbs.
* WorfEffect: As the only (implicitly) non-human protagonist, she doesn't do as well in fights as the others in cutscenes. She apparently can't take a hit to save her life and ends up in the worst condition by the game's end.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Mathilda's hair is as vibrantly purple as the rest of her body.

!!Big Bull


--> "I was BORN horny!"

-->-- Voice actors: Kenichiro Matsuda (JP) Creator/RickDWasserman (EN)

Four years ago, Big Bull suffered a debilitating injury, and elected to have his brain transplanted into a cybernetic behemoth. Despite complete mechanization, Bull remains fully juiced with [[TestosteronePoisoning testosterone]]... and always ready to settle a dispute with his hooves.

Well-versed in Baijiquan, a style of kung-fu he studied while still fully human, Bull also makes use of a monolithic jet-propelled hammer. Of course, his most frightening asset in combat may be the ability to throw 1.5 tons of body weight around without breaking a (metaphorical) sweat.

* AmbiguouslyGay: During the first story mission of Black Side, he makes several jokes referring to Jack being his riding "cowboy" and he the "bull". Shortly after being defeated, Big Bull declares Jack a member of his gang. Not to mention the way he stares at Jack at the beginning of his campaign, blowing off steam from his mechanical snout and eyes lighting red, which he tends to do when excited.
* AnimalMotifs: Bulls, of course.
* BadassBaritone: The King of Altambra has a deep metallic voice.
* TheBerserker: Shown to fight vigorously and nonstop when excited, a bull's spirit in him, until he becomes completely incapacitated.
* BoisterousBruiser: Bull talks big and loves to throw down.
* BrooklynRage: He speaks with a notable Brooklyn accent.
* [[{{Buttmonkey}} Butt Bull]]: In Nikolai's trailer, the lights go off while he's reading, and Big Bull moves in for the kill, GlowingEyesOfDoom and all! Cue a grab from the BadassBookworm and Nikolai resumes his reading while Big Bull acts as his involuntary light bulb.
* CaptainErsatz: To anybody who's played ''Videogame/MadWorld'', Big Bull will easily recall [[MiniBoss "Big Bull" Crocker]] from that game. Whether this means Bull is a LegacyCharacter, SequelReset, or IdenticalStranger like the others, is unknown.
* TheCavalry: Shows an example of this multiple times on the Black Side of the campaign, helping Jack twice even when far from his home town, alongside Rin Rin.
* ChestInsignia: He has the word ''blind spot'' [死角] painted on his chest. The planetary symbol for ''Neptune'' [♆] is also on his forehead.
* {{Cyborg}}: That knows martial arts, no less. Seeing a giant bull robot doing Baijiquan is a odd spectacle.
* DefeatEqualsFriendship: After Jack beats him and his gang, Big Bull declares him a member of his gang and occasionally shows up to help him out.
* DropTheHammer: Big Bull's beloved Jet Hammer.
* AFatherToHisMen: Makes a point of looking out for his own. This includes Jack (to the latter's chagrin).
* GlowingMechanicalEyes: His eyes already have a faint red glow, but when excited they brighten intensely, such as when he fights Jack.
* ICanStillFight: Exclaims that it is "Bullshit, BULLSHIT!" that he can't keep fighting when his body breaks down. Pun... probably intended.
* JetPack: When not used as a weapon, the Jet Hammer sits on Bull's back and propels him up to running speeds.
* [[LargeHam Large Beef]]: When he gets excited. Which happens a lot in the midst of a fight.
--> ''' "NAILED YA!" '''
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_rj5hc3Mwk Over In A Flash]], a suitably tough song for the Bull. Worth noting that it mentions a nobody coming back to kick ass (fitting for a former mid-boss graduating to boss/player character), and is performed by Sick YG, another artist returning from ''Videogame/MadWorld's'' soundtrack.
* ALoadOfBull: His cybernetic body is specifically modeled after a minotaur.
* ManInTheMachine: The official site claims his brain is the only organic tissue he has left.
* MightyGlacier: As one of the "heavy" characters, he's slower, can't combo as well as smaller characters, can grab two enemies at once, and every hit he dishes out deals more damage than those smaller than him. And his Killer Weapon is seriously effective at hitting a crowd of enemies, be they player or {{Mook}}.
* NoSell: Some of his attacks appear to have super armor.
* PlayingWithFire: Leveled up, his hammer ignites enemies.
* PungeonMaster: Yeeaaaah. Expect a bull related pun every other sentence.
* RocketPoweredWeapon: Big Bull's Jet Hammer uses its thruster to increase the impact of his swing.
* ThisIsADrill [[BladeBelowTheShoulder Below the Shoulder]]: Kills {{Giant Mook}}s with a drill from his right arm. A ''Videogame/MadWorld'' Homage to be sure.
* TransformingMecha: Big Bull's random arm-horns may seem out of place at first (he extends them mainly during his 360 attack and while finishing off large enemies), but these have a purpose, as is revealed during Deathball: Big Bull's body can, effectively, transform into a giant bull head for the king of all bullrushes!
* WeaponOfChoice: '''JET HAMMER''': ''You're gonna get nailed''.



--> "Kirisute-gomen!"

-->-- Voice actors: Kazuhiro Nakaya (JP) Creator/YuriLowenthal (EN)

This enigmatic swordsman is a master of [[DualWielding dual-wielding]] katana and a skilled practitioner of Zero-Style Ninjutsu, a discipline employing beam kunai. He dons a pitch black, nanomachine-equipped suit to maximized his physical potential for grueling infiltration missions.

He has but one goal: to harvest the data needed for developing the drone army's latest weaponry. He is prepared to mow down hordes of twisted mutants and combat-enhanced cyborgs to achieve it.

His code name is Zero; in dark alleys, it is whispered he may be descended from a clan of ancient warriors once known as ninjas.

([[CaptainErsatz Totally not inspired by]] [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid Raiden.]] No sir. No way. Becomes ironic thanks to VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance, though...) And not to be confused for that [[Videogame/{{Borderlands 2}} other Zer0]]...

* AsianSpeekeeEngrish: To his credit, Zero's English is near perfect, but he still has shades of this in his speech...
** JapaneseRanguage: such as the old L=R issue, or making less of an R sound on syllables where there would be.
* CollapsibleHelmet: Of the flip-up faceplate variety.
* CyberNinja: Zero's ninja skills are all augmented by his high tech suit and weapons.
* DiagonalCut: His Mutant Finisher involves first cutting off a mutant's arms, then bisecting them which only takes effect after he sheaths his swords.
* DrivenToSuicide: [[spoiler: His last appearance in story mode seems to be this. Ashamed of his failed missions against Jack, an explosion goes off, implying Zero blew himself up]].
* DualWielding: Zero's Killer Weapons are a pair of katanas he uses together.
* EyeScream: Jams both katanas into a victim's eyes whenever he lands a Killer Weapon hit from above.
* JackOfAllStats
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOHC2DsEXrk "Demise"]], showing Zero's intensity and skill.
* MyHeroZero: Not really a Hero, though; he opposes Jack in story mode, and seems to be a neutral mercenary.
* NinjaRun: Does this by default, but will actually keep both his arms down when the "Sprinter" perk is picked. Presumably he's trying to cut down on wind resistance.
* PeekABangs: When his visor is up, Zero's black hair is shown to partly cover his eyes.
* PoweredArmor: Zero is a pure human. His suit is used on missions to augment his skills.
* TheSouthpaw: He's the only character that fights in a southpaw stance.
* SpinningPiledriver: His back grab is an Izuna drop.
* XanatosGambit: His very first appearance in story mode; [[spoiler:he was hired to kill Jack by the game's BigBad. If he succeeded, good. If he fails (which he does), he uses the data he collected during the fight for his next appearance, where he sics a [[HumongousMecha Cthulu]] on Jack!]]
* WeaponOfChoice: '''ONIMARU & JYUZUMARU''': ''A ninja's best friends''.
** [[EmpathicWeapon Empathic Weapons]]: Zero [[InformedAbility claims]] that "Demons live within these blades!"
** [[InstantRunes Instant Kanji]]
** KatanasAreJustBetter
** PoisonedWeapons: Leveled up, those katanas inflict a poison status on victims that slowly (albeit briefly) drains their health.
** StockNinjaWeaponry: Two swords and multiple kunai.
** YinYangBomb: Light and Dark energy radiates from his swords when in use.

!!Sasha Ivanoff


-->"So disappointing..."

-->-- Voice actors: Creator/YuuAsakawa (JP) Creator/KimMaiGuest (EN)

Sasha Ivanoff is a woman of icy intelligence, fast-tracked into the Milvallen Ministry of Justice's Bureau of Public Safety despite her youth. After a mere two years on the force, she joined the High Crimes Division and was later scouted by the elite Strike One detachment.

Remarkably multi-talented, Sasha serves the Bureau with both brilliant analytic skills and mastery of BPS combat techniques. When armed with her Snow Spikes and the latest BPS nanomachine-equipped suit, Sasha's combat potential can surpass even cyborgs and mutants.

* TheAce: She only spent two years on the BPS before being promoted to Strike One.
* AmbiguouslyGay: The way Sasha mocks the Blacker Baron, wondering why Mathilda would hang out with someone who wouldn't be able to satisfy her, makes it sound like Sasha'a implying that she would do a better job. She could just be winding up the Baron though.
* AnIcePerson
* {{Combos}}: More than the average character.
* {{Expy}}: Of VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}}, but with ice-themed powers instead of hair-themed powers.
%% * FragileSpeedster
* TheHeart: Seemingly the only character capable of ''self-sacrifice''. More than once she prevents fights from turning lethal.
* HeelRealization: In ''Black Fire, White Ice'', Jack points out that Sasha sounds like she lost faith in the system.
* IceQueen: She seems like it in the Black Side campaign, since she beats up Blacker Baron and Mathilda without ([[TheBattleDidntCount after you beat her in the actual fight]], [[GameplayAndStorySegregation argh!]]) breaking poise. However, in the White Side, it's clear that she is fairly compassionate and worries over Leo a bit, and she [[PerpetualSmiler always has a rather warm smile on her face]].
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypVii_9QDgQ "Here We Go"]], since it plays during her fight with Baron and Mathilda.
* MsFanservice
* PerpetualSmiler: She always has a faint smile, though it seems to be because she's vaguely cheerful rather than smug or condescending.
* TeamMom: Highly protective of her team, refuses to let them endanger the mission or themselves over personal issues.
* UndyingLoyalty: To Leo, as she's most concerned about his safety and joins him when he defects.
* WeaponOfChoice: '''SNOW SPIKES''': ''The Ice Queen's deadliest weapon''.
** AttackDrone
** KillItWithIce
** {{Nanomachines}}: The source of her ice powers, equipped in her suit.
** ThisIsADrill: Her aerial Killer Weapon attack resembles some horrid amalgamation of a drill and a blender. [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice Aimed right at the victim's chest]].

!!Nikolai Dmitri Bulygin


--> "What is corruption? It is envy of loser for winner, this is all."

-->-- Voice actors: Creator/RyuzaburoOtomo (JP), Zach [=McGowan=] (EN)

A former special ops operator and now a captain in the Bureau of Public Safety High Crimes Division under the Milvallen Ministry of Justice. He recently took command of the elite Strike One detachment, a team including Sasha and Leo.

The rule of law is paramount to this career enforcer; Nikolai dispenses great justice to those he deems to be criminals.

Equipped with a cutting-edge pair of cybernetic arms powered by the current that flows from the reactor on his back, the tremendous voltage generated allows Nikolai to unleash devastating electrical blows.

* BadassBookworm
* BrutalHonesty: When Leo asks if Nikolai thinks he's a liability, he confirms that he does indeed think that, and that he tried to get him off of the mission to find and detain Max for that reason. He also says that the reason him and Sasha are on the team is more or less to act as bait.
* TheCaptain: Is identified as possessing this rank during a cutscene in Jack's route.
* CulturedBadass: He seems to pass the time he has in between missions reading.
* {{Cyborg}}
* [[spoiler:DirtyCop: His idea of "justice" is basically [[MightMakesRight using his position of power to make the rules]].]]
* [[spoiler:DrunkWithPower]]
* FacePalmOfDoom: His aerial Killer Weapon attack. He knocks you to the ground and puts both hands against your face before turning on the ol' ShockAndAwe.
* [[spoiler:FinalBoss]]
* GratuitousRussian: Barks off a few untranslated lines to establish his Russianness, da.
* [[spoiler:HalfTheManHeUsedToBe: Courtesy of a finishing blow from Jack. And from the way the characters are talking about him afterwards, he's apparently ''still alive''.]]
* HuskyRusskie: Nikolai is the largest and most muscular member of Strike One, easily able to down Jack with one punch.
* JackOfAllStats
* KnightTemplar: Of the worst kind. To him, breaking the letter of the law is what warrants punishment, no matter the circumstances. He claims that it's because order must be upheld, [[UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans no matter the cost]]. [[spoiler:When push comes to shove, however, Nikolai punishes "criminals" simply because he believes that law and order exists to control people.]]
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrvHhBZ750s Venom]], a high-intensity song that fits right along with Nikolai's electrical powers.
** [[spoiler:And the final boss theme, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEmWfkFEVLU Find You]], as well, with lyrics that serve as an indeibtment of the system Nikolai supports.]]
* LightIsNotGood: He wears white and his electrical powers give off light, but he is the least moral out of Strike One due to his [[KnightTemplar views on justice]]. [[spoiler:He's also the final obstacle Jack and Leo face after they resolve their issues with Max, and is more or less what illuminates the stage [[TotalEclipseOfThePlot during a solar eclipse]].]]
* PsychoElectro
* [[spoiler:TheBadGuyWins: Averted.]]
* TheStoic
** NotSoStoic: [[spoiler:He ends up [[EvilLaugh losing it]] by the end.]]
* [[VerbalTic Verbal Tic, da?]]
* WeaponOfChoice: '''[[spoiler:SUPER]] TESLA BLITZ''': ''Get shocked in this battle of the currents!''
** ArtificialLimbs: Both of his arms. [[spoiler:Later his legs, too.]]
** [[spoiler:BeehiveBarrier]]
** [[spoiler:LaserBlade / FrickinLaserBeams]]
** [[spoiler:PowerFloats]]
** ShockAndAwe



--> "I have the powers of a god!"

-->-- Voice actors: Creator/TakumiYamazaki (JP) Sunil Malhotra (EN)

Once a ruthless mercenary, Durga lost nearly the entire right half of his body in battle. After augmenting his ruined flesh with cybernetic enhancements, he teamed up with a former comrade named Garuda. Together they eke out a living as bounty hunters.

To Durga, work is work: He will track and execute any target, be it man, woman, or child. Usually rude, psychotic, and violent, Durga becomes a cold and calculating killing machine in the midst of combat.

Possessing naturally superb musculature, as well as phenomenal agility, Durga fights with a preference for kicking techniques -- complemented by a customized cybernetic leg capable of transforming into a cannon.

* AGodAmI: "I have the powers of a ''God''!"
* AnimalMotifs: Tigers.
* ArrogantKungFuGuy: In the Japanese dub.
* AxCrazy: In the English dub.
* BilingualBonus: "Durga" is Bengali for "the Invincible." It's also one of the names of a goddess who rides a tiger.
** StealthPun: "I am '''Durga!/Invicible!'''"
* {{Cyborg}}
* [[ElectronicEyes Electronic Right Eye]]
* JackOfAllStats
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal: In the third story mission in White Side. Ouch.]]
* LaughingMad: In the English dub.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNRxNc2pC5I "Play My Ass Off"]], showing Durga's highly-competitive and boastful mindset fairly accurately.
* LetsGetDangerous: According to the bio, when in a fight, he's all business.
* PantheraAwesome
* PetTheDog: Despite his psychosis, Durga ''did'' save Garuda's life.
* PsychoForHire: Is a mercenary who, according to Leo's analysis, killed his former partner.
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: With Garuda.
* WeaponOfChoice: '''REVOLVER CANNON''': ''Tigers never leave their prey alive!''
** ArtificialLimbs: His right arm reloader, ''revolver-equipped right leg'', and tiger tail.
** ExtremityExtremist: He fights primarily with kicks, only using his mechanical right arm to reload the giant revolver built into his leg. The only time he actually punches is when he grapples a downed opponent.
** LegCannon
** PlayingWithFire: Leveled up, his shots ignite his victims.
** [[RevolversAreJustBetter Revolver Cannons Are Just Better]]



--> "[[TheVoiceless ...]]"

-->-- Voice actors: Chris Edgerly (EN)

Technically speaking, Garuda is a dead man. After being killed in action, his severed head was smuggled by fellow mercenary Durga to a cybernetics hospital. There, Garuda's memories were hastily copied onto a memory chip. For better or worse, the dead man was resurrected, his consciousness transferred into a mass-produced Gargoyle robot. Garuda's combat abilities are essentially identical to other AI-controlled Gargoyles, save for a pair of drill-equipped cybernetic arms customized for close-quarters combat.

However, he retains his human consciousness and memories, and now fights alongside Durga, his savior and one-time mercenary comrade in arms.

* AbnormalLimbRotationRange: Spins his torso 360 during parts of his combos.
* AceCustom: His body is a melee-centric variant of the Gargoyle drone.
* CoolBike: Not a bike really, but other players can ride on Garuda when in his vehicle alt.
* EmergencyTransformation: Durga saved Garuda's life by having his brain downloaded into a close-combat Gargoyle.
* {{Expy}}: If you look closely, you can see similarities with ''Madworld'' boss Baron Von Twirlenkiller.
* MeaningfulName: Garuda is named for a mythological bird from Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Bonus points for the fact that said bird serves as Vishnu's mount, just like Garuda can be ridden by other players. Additional bonus points because [[ThemeNaming his partner is also named after a Hindu divinity]].
* MightyGlacier: Slow, but get hit with his drills? Hope you like [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill being dead.]]
* NotQuiteFlight: Only when playable; in story mode, he's perfectly capable of flight, and even carrying another person while still flying.
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal: He and Durga die together in the third story mission from White Side.]]
* SyntheticVoiceActor: It was commonly believed that Garuda did not speak. He doesn't, but he does emit a deathly synthetic bellow when killed.
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: With Durga.
* TransformingMecha: A human-sized example, he turns into a jet upon reaching maximum running speed. Other team members can hitch a ride by hopping on when he transforms, and even shoot little shots out of Garuda's front.
* WeaponOfChoice: '''TORNADO DRILL''': ''[[AscendedMeme Hide your wife, hide your husband, they are drillin' everybody out here]]!''
** [[BladeBelowTheShoulder Drill Below The Shoulder]]
** KillItWithIce: Inexplicably, his drills will freeze unlucky victims when he's leveled up.
** ThisIsADrill

!!Edgar Oinkie


--> "All this fighting makes me hot!"

-->-- Voice actors: Taichi Setogawa (JP) Creator/YuriLowenthal (EN)

As a purveyor of black-market cybernetic parts, Edgar Oinkie lives some semblance of the high life. Once a legitimate scientist, Oinkie dared to inject himself with one of his own experiments. Affectionately dubbed "The Juice", the synthetic compound granted him the awesome physical strength of a mutant. Using his newfound powers to attack cyborgs around the city and strip them of their parts, Oinkie amassed vast sums of money fencing the stolen limbs. Putting his new cash flow to work, he expanded his sphere of influence, eventually becoming the underground, de facto ruler of Port Valenda. Oinkie is the worst type of "new money" -- rude, loud, uncouth, short tempered, violent, and gluttonous. Whether or not these personality traits are side effects of The Juice is open to debate.

* {{Acrofatic}}
* AnimalMotifs: His name and mask evoke pigs, but he transforms into a lizard-man. Go figure.
* BigEater: Good fucking lord... just look at the plate of bacon he's eating in the multiplayer lobby. And it's his seventh plate!
* BewareTheSillyOnes: At first glance, he's a fat, cowardly slob who makes a living off of taking things from others. He's also practiced enough karate to be able to hold his own, and with the help of The Juice, strike faster than most people can even perceive.
* CaptainErsatz: What if [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Bane]] transformed into Killer Croc and was fat?
* CowardlyBoss: In his first fight with Leo, he hangs back and throws an endless amount of shock traps while letting the minions punch him. After getting beat around by Leo, he eventually runs off and sics more of his mooks on him. [[BadBoss Leaves them to die in the exploding oil rig too]].
* DirtyCoward: One thing he's certainly good at is running from a fight.
* {{Expy}}: On that note, outside of a different Animal Motif and the whole "Juice" thing, he has a ''lot'' in common with Yee Fung from ''Videogame/MadWorld'', from his rotundity to his agile fighting style to his comically high voice.
* FatBastard
* FromNobodyToNightmare: Downplayed. He used to be a legitimate scientist, but is now a Cybrid Arts black marketer.
* GeniusBruiser: Synthesized a powerful mutagen, runs a black market cybernetics empire, and capable of holding his ground when backed into a corner.
* {{Hypocrite}}: He complains about being outnumbered in his fight with Leo and Nikolai. He himself had recently tried to fight them with his own gang ''and'' a Mutant he'd tamed.
* IHaveAFamily: After being defeated by Leo a second time, he whines about how he has to feed his [[KavorkaMan three wives]] and [[UpToEleven 18 kids]] somehow.
* JackOfAllStats: Below average range notwithstanding, Oinkie is a "medium" character.
* LargeHam
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B1B-Wll458 "Soon Enough"]], which declares Oinkie's desire to [[OnlyInItForTheMoney get filthy, stinking rich]].
* LightningBruiser: Uniquely, Oinkie is the only character that can dash while having his killer weapon active.
* MetronomicManMashing: Just grab someone from behind and enjoy the show.
* NouveauRiche: Attained this status from all his black market dealings. He is wealthy to the point he has heaps of gold bars and cash bags just lying around in his throne room in Port Valenda.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: Yes, Oinkie's more yellow than a canary circus. He was a scientist before the whole Juice thing, so the endless puns and rather bizarre appearance could just be a mind games strategy.
* ProfessorGuineaPig: As stated in his bio, his [[WeaponOfChoice Juice]] was a product of his own design that he tested on himself.
* PungeonMaster: Has a fondness for pig puns.
* SpinAttack: Has Yee Fung's rolling spin-dash attack.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Seems to be bacon. He uses the word a lot (particularly when running), and he's seen scarfing down a huge plate of the stuff in the multiplayer lobby.
* [[DiagonalCut Vertical Cut]]: He [[FinishingMove finishes]] [[GiantMook Giant Mooks]] by karate chopping them in half. It's a [[JustforPun perfect Pork Chop]].
* WeaponOfChoice: '''THE JUICE''': ''Creating extra bonds to make your arms strong''.
** PoisonedWeapons: When Oinkie is leveled up, the Juice has these effects on victims.
** ScaledUp: Briefly becomes one of the Mutants while the Juice is flowing.
** SuperSerum: With a neat spine-centered injection device.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: He runs from Leo and Nikolai after they defeat him in Hong Long, after which he never shows up in the story again.
* WithCatLikeTread: Most players can sneak up on other people with their relatively quiet running and take their target by surprise. Oinkie's habit of shouting "BACON!" while on the move ruins any attempt at such shenanigans.

!!Rin Rin


--> "You want to touch me? Come on!"

-->-- Voice actors: Creator/MiyukiSawashiro (JP), Creator/StephanieSheh (EN)

Rin Rin is the middle sister in a trio of sibling assassins trained since infancy. True professionals in the art of death, they are considered the deadliest in their clan.

Every inch a hardened killer, Rin Rin is nonetheless well-mannered and reliable, assuming the leadership role among her sisters (though some less charitable might use the term "babysitter").

Rin Rin employs ancient assassination techniques passed down through her clan's long history, and dons a reactor-powered, nanomachine-equipped suit to booster her physical ability. She fights with a pair of transformable fans known as Yanlong, or "Fire Dragons".

* TheCavalry: Shows an example of this on the Black Side of the campaign, helping Jack alongside Big Bull.
* CombatStilettos: Her shoes are actually a part of her feet, it seems, as the front comes off a bit, and it looks like her feet wouldn't fit in there. Same with the other sisters.
* DefeatEqualsFriendship: After Jack defeats her and spares her life, Rinrin states that [[IOweYouMyLife she now owes him]] and later comes to help him alongside Big Bull against Cthulhu.
* DragonLady: Notably less fanservicey compared to the last game. Her older sister seems to have taken the more sexy role this time.
%%* FragileSpeedster: Like the other playable women.
* GetBackHereBoss: Makes use of TeleportSpam during her fight with Jack.
* HornedHairdo: Has her hair done up in [[VideoGame/StreetFighterIV Juri-like]] horns.
* IOweYouMyLife: claims this after Jack defeats her but spares her life.
%%* KiAttacks
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuETuApX-WM "I Know U Want Me"]], a [[LyricalDissonance song with rather dark perverse lyrics despite its cheery melody,]] reflecting Rin Rin's profession as an assassin despite her exterior, but also hints at some {{Tsundere}}-ish tendencies.
%%* {{Nanomachines}}
* NeckSnap: Her back throw.
* SequelReset: Returning from ''Videogame/MadWorld'' (even though she was shown being eaten to death by an animatronic sumo wrestler).
* [[TattooedCrook Tattooed Assassin]]: She has a dragon on one of her legs, while her sisters have theirs on other parts of their bodies.
* TykeBomb: Raised from birth as an assassin like her sisters.
* WeaponOfChoice: '''YANLONG''': ''Fan her flames of battle and you'll be some dead guy''.
** BoomerangComeback: Her charged strong attack launches Yanlong like this, but the knockback the initial throw causes prevents the return from hitting enemies. [[TooDumbToLive Most of]] [[WhatAnIdiot the time.]]
** DualWielding
** KillItWithFire
** PaperFanOfDoom
* ZettaiRyouiki: On one leg.

!!Fei Rin


--> "Me? You want me?"

-->-- Voice actors: Creator/HitomiNabatame (JP), Creator/StephanieSheh (EN)

Fei Rin is the eldest sister in the trio of sibling assassins trained since infancy.

Making ample use of her feminine charms, Feirin specializes in male assassination; the number of hapless, would-be Lotharios who have fallen prey to her deadly wiles cannot even be guessed at. Despite this skill, Fei Rin is less than responsible and more than happy to leave "the boring stuff" to her younger sister Rin Rin.

She fights with a transformable lance known as Zilong, or "Purple Dragon."

* AnIcePerson: Her spear can also freeze people.
* BerserkButton: Really doesn't like the BPS.
* BuxomIsBetter: Is the oldest and the most developed of the sisters.
%%* CleavageWindow
* DanceBattler: Moreso than her sisters, as Fei has no qualms using her weapon for a pole dance as it's pinning a victim to the ground.
%%* DoubleWeapon
* DualBoss: Fights Leo with Ai Rin, though Leo also has Sasha on his side.
%% * FragileSpeedster
%%* TheGambler
* [[GogglesDoNothing Headphones Do Nothing]]
* GroinAttack: See the spear? She'll ram that through you for her heavy Killer Attacks.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaB-7wnj5Ag "It's All About Me",]] ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin, a boastful song just drowning in Fei Rin's [[TheFightingNarcissist vanity]]. Performed by Bandy Leggz, who did "You Don't Know Me" (the female boss theme) in ''Madworld''.
* MsFanservice: She implicates something along the lines of stripteasing and pole dancing to kill others.
* {{Nanomachines}}
* NeckSnap: Her back throw.
* PurpleIsPowerful
* [[TattooedCrook Tattooed Assassin]]: With a dragon on her arm.
* TykeBomb: Raised from birth as an assassin like her sisters.
* WeaponOfChoice: '''ZILONG''': ''Luck may be a lady... But you aren't getting lucky''.
** KillItWithIce
** [[LaserBlade Laser]] BladeOnAStick
** ProngsOfPoseidon
* TheVamp: Her specialty according to the bio.

!!Ai Rin


--> "Let's fight!"

-->-- Voice actors: Yurin (JP), Creator/StephanieSheh (EN)

Rin Rin's youngest sister in her family of assassins. Young Ai Rin still has a childlike air about her, squealing with girlish innocence as she cheerfully goes about her job -- murder.

She fights with a transformable nunchaku known as Huanglong, or "Yellow Dragon."

* BruceLeeClone: Another rare [[VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}} female example]]. Her default color scheme looks exactly like Creator/BruceLee's [[Film/GameOfDeath tracksuit]].
%%* CuteAndPsycho
* DisproportionateRetribution: Loses at a video game if picked in the multiplayer lobby, and proceeds to break the handheld in two over her knee.
%%* DualBoss
* EyePatchOfPower: She has one over her right eye.
%% * FragileSpeedster
%%* FunnyBruceLeeNoises
%%* GamerChick
* GenkiGirl: She's the most hyperactive out of all the three sisters.
* [[GratuitousForeignLanguage Gratuitous Chinese]]
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaB-7wnj5Ag "It's All About Me",]] shared with Fei Rin.
%%* MegaTwintails
%%* MiniDressOfPower
%%* {{Nanomachines}}
* NeckSnap: Her back throw.
* PantyShot: Whenever the camera zooms in on her as she does her taunt. Very prominent in Mad Survival.
* PerkyFemaleMinion
* [[PsychopathicManchild Psychopathic Womanchild]]: She is just ''giddy'' at the chance to rip Leo apart.
* SexyBacklessOutfit
* ShockAndAwe
* [[TattooedCrook Tattooed Assassin]]: Noticeably across her back.
* TykeBomb: Raised from birth as an assassin like her sisters.
* WeaponOfChoice: '''HUANGLONG''': ''Sugar and spice... Sliced and diced!''
** FightingWithChucks: '''LASER NUN-CHUCKS!'''
** SinisterScythe
** SwissArmyWeapon: Can split apart to form laser scythes.
* ZettaiRyouiki: The boots version. Grade A.

!!Douglas Williamsburg


--> "My foot, your ass!"

-->-- Voice actors: Creator/{{Mugihito}} (JP) Chris Edgerly (EN)

Douglas Williamsburg stood helplessly as his wife and child were eaten alive by mutants, suffering near mortal injuries himself in the process. Only by submitting to an almost complete cybernetic overhaul was he able to survive; all that remains of his original body is his head.

Douglas has made hunting mutants a personal crusade for decades, using a pair of tremendously powerful {{pile bunker}}s installed in his arms. He has no specific fighting style, preferring to leap into the fray on instinct and let his massive armament do the work. According to Douglas, the mutants deserve little else.

* BadassBeard: Can't even see the lower part of his face because of it.
* {{Cyborg}}: Part of him is mechanical.
* FireForgedFriends: With Leo. Initially picking a fight with him due to his status as a BPS agent, they later work together to fight off attacking mutants. Afterwards, Douglas lets Leo be on his way while asking him to kill any mutants on his way.
* InTheHood: For as long as he doesn't get hit, anyway.
* ItsPersonal: His old town was wiped out by mutants. Now he hates them with a passion, and the Bureau of Public Safety by extension for failing to do their job.
* MightyGlacier: Eeeeeeeyup.
* OldSoldier: Played up. His stats say he's ''180(?)''. They don't even ''know'' how old he is, only that he's still kicking ass. Even his cybernetics look archaic.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: In his own words:
-->''"I am making it my personal mission to eradicate every one of those cocksuckers."''
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1fuwUJnKFM "My Town, My City"]], A.K.A "Get off my lawn, the rap song", explains Douglas' attitude for his crusade against the mutants.
* ShoutOut: He looks and moves a lot like [[VideoGame/BlazBlue Iron Tager]].
* UnskilledButStrong: As the bio indicates. Of course, you don't need to be skilled when you are a behemoth of a cyborg.
* WeaponOfChoice: '''THE TWINS aka Romeo and Julio''': ''Sometimes you gotta have a pair to get ahead in life''.
** ThemeNaming: Obviously a reference to Creator/WilliamShakespeare
*** ThrowItIn: According to Platinum, the names were improvised by the VA himself.
** ArtificialLimbs
** PileBunker: Two of them on each arm. ''Anime/TheBigO'' would be proud.
** PlayingWithFire: They ignite poor, pitiful weaklings when Douglas is leveled up.

!!Maximillian Caxton


--> "Imposing your will... is a matter of strength."

-->-- Voice actors: Shinji Ogawa (JP) Robert Pine (EN)

Maximillian Caxton is a wanted man. In a former life, he led Nikolai, Leo, and Sasha as the commanding officer of the Bureau of Public Safety High Crimes Division's elite Strike One detachment. As the ultimate master of the Cybrid Arts, Max taught the Strike One agents everything they know, as his ability is such that a simultaneous three-way attack by his former students would present little threat.

Max carved the eight jagged scars running down the sides of his face with his own hands and in a mere handful of years has aged to the verge of unrecognizable. The apparent BigBad of ''Anarchy Reigns'', Max has set himself up in Altambra City, and is pursued by both Jack and Leo.

* AxCrazy: [[spoiler:Not normally. The ax craziness comes from his split personality.]]
* BadassDecay: An In-Universe example, Max has fallen a long way from his days as a BPS agent. He is still an incredibly dangerous individual seeing as during the Campaign mode he fights Leo, Sasha, and Nicolai at the same time, only to escape and fight Jack, Baron, and Matilda supposedly a short time after. [[spoiler:It is only near the end of the story mode that his mental and physical state have deteriorated enough for one of the protagonists to defeat him one on one.]]
* BadassLongcoat: [[SleevesAreForWimps A sleeveless version.]]
* BigBad: [[spoiler:Though as it turns out, he's not evil so much as he's dangerously unstable. He's more like TheHeavy: his actions drive the plot, but he's not the main antagonist.]]
* {{Cyborg}}
* EvilIsBigger: Towers over his fellow BPS agents. Particularly obvious when he and Leo are talking to each other.
* [[spoiler:FallenHero: He was disgraced after a botched rescue attempt led to the death of the six-year-old Stela, eventually turning towards drinking and drugs.]]
* GoodScarsEvilScars
* [[spoiler:ICannotSelfTerminate: If the player plays through White Side first, when Leo fights Max in Stage 4, Max is rapidly alternating between begging Leo to kill him, and trying to kill Leo himself.]]
* JackOfAllStats: He's fairly large, but in terms of gameplay is strictly average.
* LargeAndInCharge: He's built like a [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Space Marine]], and he used to be Nikolai's, Leo's, and Sasha's officer.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfzwXgKxJGY "Testin' Me"]], which emphasizes how much life and his choices have weighed him down and broken him. Shared with Leo, but with different interpretations.
* MadnessMakeover: A flashback shows him unscarred and clean-shaven with neatly-combed hair, an un-tattered jacket, and blue beams.
* [[spoiler:MyGodWhatHaveIDone: He's confronted in chapter four weeping over a drone he had demolished, rambling about him being a sacrifice to some case because everyone wanted a suspect.]]
* [[spoiler:MyGreatestFailure: His personal guilt and the public scandal that arose from his accidental killing of Stela marked the beginning of the end for his normal life, eventually turning him into what he is in the game. He notes at one point that he wasn't the one who actually killed her, but they were still under his command.]]
* PermaStubble [[BeardOfSorrow Of Sorrow]]
* RapidFireNo: If he is not the winner in a multiplayer game or if the timer runs out on Survival, he'll utter this.
* RedEyesTakeWarning
* [[spoiler:RedemptionEqualsLife]]
* SecretAIMoves: When fought as a boss in the Campaign, he uses [[StreetFighter Akuma's]] [[TeleportSpam Ashura Warp]] and can do the [[DangerousForbiddenTechnique Raging Demon]]. [[spoiler:Naturally, the latter kills you instantly if he touches you.]]
* ShellshockedVeteran
* [[spoiler:SplitPersonality: One minute he's a polite, yet depressed man who is quite sociable, the next he's a pissed-off, sociopathic murderer. This is a side effect of the drugs he took for his PTSD.]]
* WeaponOfChoice: '''POSITRON BLADE & TESLA BLITZ''': ''Two times the weapons, two times the '''pain'''.''
** ArtificialLimbs
** AttackDrone: Max's version of Tesla Blitz detaches from his shoulders before shocking enemies.
** ColorCodedForYourConvenience: Both the blades and the electricity are red, as opposed to Leo and Nikolai's blue. In a flashback, however, Max's beams used to be blue.
** EvilCounterpart: Contrasting him against Leo and Nikolai.
** [[LaserBlade Laser Blades]]
** ShockAndAwe: Electrocutes enemies when Max is leveled up.
** WolverineClaws: From his fingertips.
* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: Max is really messed up.



--> "''Bad'' boy..."

--> -- Voice actor: Hellena Taylor

She's too hot for just one game to handle! Platinum Games' favorite witch cameos in Anarchy Reigns, bringing all her charm and power as a DLC character.

* DanceBattler: With GunFu.
* DownloadableContent: Initially as a bonus for pre-orders or buyers of the game's first print.
%% * FragileSpeedster
%% * FullContactMagic
* GlassCannon: She has some of the most damaging attacks in the game, but has the smallest health bar of any character.
%%* GuestFighter
%%* TheGunslinger
%%* MsFanservice: But of course!
* NonDubbedGrunts: All of her lines are either taken directly or modified from the original game.
* PoisonedWeapons: Like Zero and Oinkie, made somewhat disturbing when one realizes [[FridgeHorror her hair is poisonous.]]
%%* PrehensileHair
* SpeedBlitz: Her frontal throw, with some assistance from [[BulletTime Witch Time]].
* WeaponOfChoice: '''WICKED WEAVE''': ''[[CallBack She's a f]]''♥♥♥''[[CallBack ing celebrity in this town, too.]]''
%%* UnexpectedCharacter


[[caption-width-right:350:[[labelnote:Click to see picture.]]http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Gargoyle_9510.png[[/labelnote]]]]


Unlocked after completing both Black Side and White Side campaigns of the main story.

[[spoiler:Gargoyles are anti-mutant robots mass-produced by the drone army. Equipped with a full complement of shoulder-mounted missiles, light yet strong composite plating rated to withstand mutant attack, and the ability to transform between humanoid, hovercraft, and flight modes, their cost per unit is incredibly high.]]

[[spoiler:The go-to weapons for a Gargoyle are its Plasma Arms, weapons which compresses plasma into a sphere for high-impact blows. These spheres can also be further charged, then launched a distance of several meters.]]

* [[spoiler:CyberCyclops]]
* [[spoiler:MacrossMissileMassacre]]: Used when executing mutant enemies.
* [[spoiler:Leitmotif]]: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DXYvrnS96Y "We All Soldiers"]], detailing [[spoiler:Gargoyle]]'s simple mindset: kick ass, take names, follow orders.
* [[spoiler:MechaMook]]
%% * [[spoiler:MightyGlacier]]
* [[spoiler:NotQuiteFlight]]: [[spoiler:Only when playable, same as Garuda.]]
* [[spoiler:PaletteSwap]]: [[spoiler:There's more differences than just color, but otherwise Garuda is of the same model as the Gargoyles. You could probably count Garuda as an AceCustom Gargoyle.]]
* [[spoiler:TransformingMecha]]: [[spoiler:Same as Garuda, but again the Gargoyles' jet forms look different.]]
* WeaponOfChoice: [[spoiler:Plasma Arms.]]
** [[spoiler:RayGun[=/=]EnergyBall]]: [[spoiler:The biggest difference between the Gargoyles and Garuda, weapon-wise; the Gargoyles can launch projectiles from their weapons, Garuda can't.]]
** [[spoiler:ShockAndAwe: Electrocutes enemies when leveled up.]]

!Story Mode and [=NPCs=]:


-->-- Voice actors: Kikuko Inoue (JP) Masasa Moyo (EN)

A long-time ally of Jack's and an information specialist second to none. Making frequent use of her data mining skills, she supplies Jack with essential intel during his missions.

Although at ease with the latest tech, Amala is also an ingenious retro hacker, capable of breaking the encryption of long-forgotten military satellites and putting them to surveillance use.

* BatmanGambit: Attacks the Baron's ego in order to get him to help Jack against Max.
* [[MrExposition Miss Exposition]]
* ReusedCharacterDesign: She was Jack's VoiceWithAnInternetConnection in ''Videogame/MadWorld'', and essentially serves the same purpose here.
* VoiceWithAnInternetConnection

!!!Jeannie Caxton

Max's daughter, who asks Jack to find her father for her.

* {{Meganekko}}

!!!Stela Fitzgerald

Jack Cayman's young daughter. [[spoiler:She was accidentally killed by Maximillian, or one of his troops, prior to the game during a botched hostage rescue operation. Her death forms the foundation that ties Jack, Max, and Leo together, and enables the plot of Anarchy Reigns to come to pass.]]

* [[spoiler:DeadToBeginWith]]
* [[spoiler:SacrificialLamb]]
* [[spoiler:TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth]]