Below is a list of characters in ''VideoGame/AceCombatAssaultHorizon''.

!! William Bishop, callsign "Warwolf 1"
->'''Voiced by''': Paul Mercier (English), Creator/HiroshiTsuchida (Japanese)

The primary PlayerCharacter of the game, Bishop is an renowned ace who is plagued by nightmares of his own death at the hands of a Russian plane with a "Sharkmouth" on its nose--the plane that he later discovers to belong to the Russian ace Andrei Markov. He is the leader of the Warwolf Squadron.

* TheAce: Both literally and in terms of personality.
** AcePilot: He's an Ace Combat protagonist so this comes naturally.
* CompositeCharacter: According to [[WordOfGod Jim DeFelice]], Bishop's characterization is inspired by an F-105 Vietnam War veteran he personally knew, as well as Lieutenant A.K. Waters (played by Bruce Willis) in ''Tears of the Sun''. His name, meanwhile, may be based on Canadian [=WW1=] ace [[ Billy Bishop]].
* ColonelBadass
* DreamingOfThingsToCome: "I saw my death in my dreams, many times. A nightmare I'll never forget."
* ForeseeingMyDeath: The very first mission. [[spoiler:Averted, though.]]
* HighAltitudeBattle: His specialty.
* ImprobableAimingSkills: In the [[spoiler:second Miami]] mission, when [[spoiler:Guts]] takes damage to his plane, his canopy won't open to allow him to eject, so Bishop uses his machine gun to shoot off the canopy of [[spoiler:Guts']] damaged and out of control plane.
** Bishop is also able to snipe an out of control [[spoiler:trinity missile seconds from impact with the White House]].
* LanternJawOfJustice: Bishop is well endowed in the chin department.
* NamedAfterSomebodyFamous: Though he was Canadian, not American, the famous UsefulNotes/WorldWarI flying ace "Billy" Bishop's full first name was "William."
* PokemonSpeak: Frequently acknowledges orders or events over the radio by simply saying "Warwolf." [[AluminumChristmasTrees Which is actually standard military radio discipline to convey that the intended recipient of the message has indeed received it.]]
* TheRival: To Markov.
* SkilledButNaive: His fighter pilot skills are top notch, but unlike Guts, he doesn't hold any suspicions towards [[spoiler:Illich, when the latter defects to Markov's side giving "mechanical problems" as an excuse.]]

!! José "Guts" Gutierrez, callsign "Warwolf 2"
%%->'''Voiced by''':

Bishop's loud-mouthed {{wingman}} who keeps causing him trouble, much to his own dismay.

* {{Expy}}: Fans of the series can discover the traits of both [[Characters/AceCombat5TheUnsungWar Chopper]] and [[Characters/AceCombatZeroTheBelkanWar PJ]] in him.
* GratuitousSpanish
* [[spoiler:HeroicSacrifice: Takes a missile from Akula meant for Bishop. Whilst he manages an unorthodox ejection, his fate is left hanging until the epilogue.]]
* LikeBrotherAndSister: WordOfGod is that this is his relationship with Rehl.
* TheLoad: Seems to view himself like this sometimes, especially in "Pipeline".
* [[spoiler:SacrificialLion: It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Guts is going to be the one who takes a hit.]]
* {{Wingman}}: To Bishop.

!! Janice Rehl, callsign "Spooky 1", later "Razor 1"
->'''Voiced by''': Creator/KariWahlgren (English), Creator/MieSonozaki (Japanese)

An experienced bomber pilot who has been assigned to pilot the Task Force 108 gunship ''Spooky'' against her wishes. Out of combat, she is a cheerful young woman who is [[OneOfTheBoys best of buds with Bishop and Guts]]. She later gets reassigned to proper bomber duty flying the B1 Lancer or B2 Spirit, hence the callsign change.

* DeathFromAbove: Her specialty.
* LikeBrotherAndSister: WordOfGod is that this is her relationship with Guts.
* MajorlyAwesome
* NumberTwo: Her co-pilot Finn in the bomber missions.
* PokemonSpeak: Same as Bishop above, occasionally answers with her callsign.
* TokenGirl: The only female character with spoken lines in the game and the first female PlayerCharacter in the entire series.

!! Pierre La Pointe
->'''Voiced by''': Creator/RichardDoyle (English), Creator/TomomichiNishimura (Japanese)

A French General in command of the entire Task Force 108.

* CheeseEatingSurrenderMonkeys: Averted. La Pointe is introduced as a solid, dependable guy and remains so for the duration.
* CoolOldGuy
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure
* TheBrigadier: Technically, a general.

!! Doug "D-Ray" Robinson, callsign "Shooter 1"
->'''Voiced by''': Creator/KenjiNomura (Japanese)

Phlegmatic commander of the "Shooter" Apache squadron and "Nomad" Blackhawk squadron.

* GunshipRescue: His specialty.
* NumberTwo: His co-pilot Jack.
* [[OneManArmy One Chopper Airforce]]: He and Jack fly on a solo mission in enemy-occupied Moscow... and succeed.
* SergeantRock: Technically, a Captain, but he fits the personality.

!! Magic
%%->'''Voiced by''':

The Warwolf Squadron's AWACS.

* VoiceWithAnInternetConnection

!! Kei Nagase
%%->'''Voiced by''':

The series LegacyCharacter returns as a cameo as well as having written a CharacterBlog.

* AcePilot: According to her blog she is part of the 19th Task Force ACES.
* CharacterBlog: Project Nagase is Kei in character describing the real life development and news of the game.
* {{Expy}}: Of Edge\Nagase in previous games.
* LadyNotAppearingInThisGame: The ACES portrayal of her is only seen as DLC. See...
* TheCameo: Seen during cutscenes throughout the game.

! Russians

!! Ivan Stagleishov, callsign "Big Bear 1"
->'''Voiced by''': Graham [=McTavish=] (English)

Commander of all Russian forces in the Task Force 108 (who don't belong to NATO and thus don't answer to La Pointe) and simultaneously the leader of the "Big Bear" squadron.

* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: Unlike his NATO counterpart, he personally leads a fighter squadron.
* BadassGrandpa: Despite his age, he personally leads the Big Bear Squadron.
* [[spoiler:FaceHeelTurn]]
* FourStarBadass

!! Sergei Illich, callsign "Red Moon 1"
->'''Voiced by''': Creator/YuriLowenthal (English)

Leader of the Russian "Red Moon" squadron and one of the few Russians to remain loyal to Task Force 108 after [[spoiler: Stagleishov's betrayal]].

* ChekhovsGunman: Introduced very early on, and he seems to be one of the few who gets on well with the Americans (unlike his boss).
* [[spoiler:TheDragon: To Markov late in the game.]]
* IOweYouMyLife: [[spoiler:Illich is ridiculously devoted to Markov as a result of him saving his life back when he served as his Wingman. So devoted, in fact, that he dutifully carries out Markov's orders to stall Bishop and effectively get himself killed, if not by Bishop then by the approaching hurricane. And he does it with good humor.]]
* GracefulLoser: He congratulates [[spoiler:Bishop]] on shooting him down.
* MajorlyAwesome
* [[spoiler:TheMole]]
* {{Wingman}}: Flown on Markov's wing before Markov went rogue. [[spoiler:Becomes his wingman again after the Moscow offensive.]]

!! Andrei "Akula" Markov, a.k.a. "Sharkmouth"
%%->'''Voiced by''':

The primary villain of the game, a Russian ace pilot decorated with the "Hero of Russian Federation" medal.

* AcePilot
* BrokenAce: [[spoiler:Comes pre-broken by the death of his wife.]]
* ColonelBadass
* CompositeCharacter: According to WordOfGod.
* DisproportionateRetribution: He wants to bomb America (using [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill Trinity warheads]], no less) because some American bomber crew accidentally dropped their stuff on his wife.
* TheDragon: To [[spoiler:General Stagleishov]].
** [[spoiler:TheStarscream:]] Markov kills [[spoiler:Stagleishov]] for trying to surrender and takes control over their organization.
* EvilCounterpart: To Bishop. The writers basically started with the idea of a flip-doppelganger and then built his personality, but for a time that's all he was.
* NoseArt: His distinct "Sharkmouth" paint-job.
* RedBaron
* RenegadeRussian: Markov is explicitly a ''former'' Russian Air Force pilot, with "good Russians" fighting at your side against him.
* TheRival: To William Bishop.
* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: [[spoiler: He lost his wife to a U.S. bombing run gone wrong, and now he seeks revenge against America. In the process, however, he also helps the attack on Moscow, meaning he would be willing to get back at anyone to fulfill his task.]]